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Brad Pitt & Pax: Motorcycle Grocery Guys!

Brad Pitt & Pax: Motorcycle Grocery Guys!

Brad Pitt and his son, Pax, go out to pick up groceries at Gelson’s on Saturday (December 31) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 48-year-old actor and his 8-year-old son rode in on Brad‘s new sidecar motorcycle!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Brad and his sweetheart, Angelina Jolie, recently stepped out together to celebrate Jonah Hill‘s 28th birthday – Jonah starred opposite Brad in Moneyball!

“They danced a little bit,” a source told Us Weekly. “Angelina had a glass of wine in her hand.”

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt and Pax making a grocery run…

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brad pitt pax grocery run 01
brad pitt pax grocery run 02
brad pitt pax grocery run 03
brad pitt pax grocery run 04
brad pitt pax grocery run 05
brad pitt pax grocery run 06
brad pitt pax grocery run 07
brad pitt pax grocery run 08
brad pitt pax grocery run 09
brad pitt pax grocery run 10
brad pitt pax grocery run 11
brad pitt pax grocery run 12
brad pitt pax grocery run 13
brad pitt pax grocery run 14
brad pitt pax grocery run 15
brad pitt pax grocery run 16
brad pitt pax grocery run 17
brad pitt pax grocery run 18
brad pitt pax grocery run 19
brad pitt pax grocery run 20
brad pitt pax grocery run 21

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  • sam

    omgosh i also wanted a side car!

  • sam


  • Jaye

    carryover from last thread

    Hello Fellow JP Fans.
    To: Passing Through @ 01/03/2012 at 12:02 am

    I’ve been reading your posts. Besides being funny as h*ell, you must have a heck of a reference library. I don’t know how you keep it all organized.
    As for Poo I wonder sometimes just how much money she has. I keep hearing 110 million, but I’ve heard that for a few years. I don’t know if she had investments; if she does, she could have lost a chunk of it like a lot of other people. She has to spending money to keep up her lifestyle and I really can’tt believe that she was making 10 or 8 million per film in recent years, if ever. Ok, possibly they were stupid enough to pay her that much at one time, however, with the ensemble roles, I can’t imagine she made that much.
    Anywho, I’m cracking up thinking one day we’ll read. Jennifer Aniston owes 6 million in back taxes lol. One can only dream.

    Update on my Romantic story.

    I’ve put in about 8 hours of writing culminating in 69 pages of typed text. Without an outline or any idea where I’m going with the story, I think the pace is ok. The time includes some editing and re-wording. It’s really fun, more fun than I thought. Of course, the naughty bits were extra enjoyable lmao. Oh yeah, this thing might be too hot to show anyone. I don’t know how good it is, but although I’m writing it, it’s caused me to break out in a sweat. Sheesh!
    Ok, I’m just kidding, uh, maybe lol. Still not working from an outline, but I do have some events that will fuel the dramatic interest in the story. It’s all in my head at this point and that’s a very very cluttered place. It may make it out and down to the page intact, it might not.

  • noelle

    why do u guys always have to bring Jen up? its ancient history…move on already!

  • Jaye

    Pax must be in heaven. Not only spending time with Dad, but getting to ride in that cool sidecar. I love how Pitt and Jolie always find time to give individual attention to their kids. I can’t believe anyone works harder than making it work than these two. With all they have to do, it goes to show you that, you can make time for anything that you truly want.

  • teri

    Super cool dad, happy to see Pax and Brad out for a spin.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Pax is so cute. Glad to see Pax have some bonding time with Daddy.

    Too cute. Pax is checking out the receipt to make sure he is not being over charged.

  • Dc

    Great pictures! I haven’t seen any pics of the JP for a couple of weeks so this a treat. Thank JJ.

  • busted

    Aww finally a new thread.. we burned the other one up.. Zee’s birthday is on Sunday.. I hope we get a thread for that day too. but doubt it.

    anyway the bike is super cool .Would love to ride in a sidecar. must be loads of fun.


    Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Celebrate Jonah Hill’s 28th Birthday

    Happy birthday from Brangelina!

    Jonah Hill’s 28th birthday party at La Descarga in Hollywood was quite the star-studded affair. A source tells Us Weekly that Hill’s Moneyball costar Brad Pitt came out for the bash, as did Angelina Jolie and Zooey Deschanel.

    Pitt, 48, and Jolie, 36, stayed for about two hours at the fete. “They danced a little bit,” adds the source. “Angelina had a glass of wine in her hand.”

    The couple — who let Hill live in their New Orleans home for four months while he was filming 21 Jump Street — left around 12:30 a.m., right before the dance party got crazy.

    Read more:

  • Jessika

    Is Brad in overalls omg…Pax is cute.
    Father and Son.

  • Falling Water

    Is that story true? Did Angelina Jolie buy him land with a waterfall so he could build his dream home? That is like the most romantic gift imaginable, knowing how much he loves the Falling Water house. I remember his first visit to the house was when she made it happen for him, as a birthday gift.
    Ahh, love…… *happy sighs*

  • Jess

    Better late as never. lol
    This was posted on forums on Jan 1st.

    cool pantes Brad as always, sty;e icon!
    Paxy is adorable.

    look, it’s 7 YRS that Brad legally separated, time to let go..BOTH sides!

    I truly wish her no ill will even though she was a sneak for 6 yrs.
    But..get preggy or not at 43 & live happily forever with plugs guy.

  • d

    I like how Brad let Pax “keep the change” (pics where he is holding the dollars and the receipt). My dad used to do that and we’d try like heck to make the amount just pennies into the last bill pulled out to pay. Way to go Pax!

  • Rose

    Pax and dad are adorable. By this weekend we should be getting some great pictures on this thread of our favorite couple.
    I have say that fans of Jolie Pitt thread here at JJ have not wished bad on SS. We make comments because some haters would come on the thread of Angie and Brad to say terrible things about them, or if SS say something that needs to be addressed. SS fans will come here and have said things that I would not repeat. When this happens, the fans will reply. So please ask the haters to stay away and we will not have to reply to the hate postings.
    @Jennipoo, please keep writing, I know you will succeed because you are good and smart.

  • annon

    2011 Producers Guild Nominees

    Producer: Thomas Langmann

    Producers: Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Clayton Townsend

    Producers: Jim Burke, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor

    Producers: Ceán Chaffin, Scott Rudin

    Producers: Michael Barnathan, Chris Columbus, Brunson Green

    Producers: Graham King, Martin Scorsese

    Producers: George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Brian Oliver

    Producers: Letty Aronson, Stephen Tenenbaum

    Producers: Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, Brad PittM

    Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg

    The Producers Guild of America Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures:

    Producers: Peter Jackson, Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg

    CARS 2
    Producer: Denise Ream

    Producer: Melissa Cobb

    Producers: Joe M. Aguilar, Latifa Ouaou

    Producers: John B. Carls, Gore Verbinski

  • who

    Pax and his dad, two peas in a pod. So cute.

    What a cool bike!

  • @PG Nominees

    Bummer. I was hoping for TOL to be nominated. I hate George Clooney. I don’t know why Ides of March was nominated! It should have been TOL or Drive!!

  • Cuties

    Awww.. Pax is a little cutie just like his daddy.

  • Cuties

    LOL @ this picture

    It looks like Pax is saying “Look daddy, we’re being followed”.

  • Yoco

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: Angie mentioned Pax likes to cook maybe he is picking up a few items for dinner(smile). Its funny that these pics were on Dec 31 st because on Dec 31, 2007 there were pics of Brad and Pax on a 4 x 4 in NOLA on the MIR site. Pics are in JJ archives titled “Pitt and Pax’s New Years Eve Ride.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Yoco @ 01/03/2012 at 1:10 pm

    Maybe little bro was picking up some ingredients to bake big sis Z a birthday cake…LOL!!!

  • kRISS

    Who cares?
    Go away , live your life

  • Rose

    @Jaye: I also asked myself why SS fortune continues to be 110mil all these years. Her salary continues to be around 8-10 mil per movie. You know she has a lot of people on her payroll, so what gives. Another thing I always wonder why she is always in the best body category. I’ve seen lots of women in HW with better body than hers, and women who are older than she is. Her PR guru send out these press releases about her fab body and the rags laps it up, and some of the mainstream also bought into this lie.

  • an oldie

    It looks like Pax paid for the grocery, and that he knows how to handle money. Good on Brad and Angelina for teaching their kids about it. One more proof that they are down to earth, unlike what the tabs say about them.

  • Jaye

    noelle @ 01/03/2012 at 12:00 pm
    Can’t speak for everyone, but i talk about Aniston because I want to and this is a fee and open site. . I’m not obsessed with her, but you have to admit she’s done and does enough things to make her an object of ridicule. Someone once wrote, that if you don’t remember the past, you are doom to repeat it. Who the h*ell wants to repeat Aniston? Well, Mayer did, but he just wanted to stick it in her caw so that everyone understood it was he who was dumping her.
    Ok, cheap shot. However, not everyone who talks about her is stuck in the past. She exists NOW and does stupid things NOW. So, if you’re the protector of her image, you have your job cut out for you.
    Gee, I feel a Jennipoo poem coming on. :-) Have a nice day!
    Rose @ 01/03/2012 at 12:45 pm

    Thanks for the support. It’s nothing earth shattering, but it’s a fun read, IMO.

  • QQQQ

    Her salary is NOT $8 – 10M per movie. If a movie’s budget like HB is supposedly $35 do you really think they are gonna give one person $8M plus she wasn’t even the main star of that movie. She might have gotten close to that for JGWI and M&M but the budget for her movies are never high. Brad certainly didn’t make that on Moneyball and he is a tripple A-lister.
    It’s like Clooney, the supposed budget is always $20 – 30M; there’s no way he is getting $8-10M per movie and I have never heard of him getting back end points. He might get producer $ though. All those Forbes lists are just bogus.

  • Lara

    Awww what a fab way for father and son to get around. I want to have a go, such fun!

  • Love B&A

    Great Brad the Dad and Pax pictures. Love them!

    Angelina Jolie moves from actress to director

    By Steven Rea, Jan 3, 2012

    Angelina Jolie at the premiere of her directorial debut “In the Land of Blood and Honey” in New York Dec 5, 2011.

    NEW YORK — Angelina Jolie is dressed in elegant black, her arms bare, the Roman-numeral tattoos.

    It is a quiet Sunday, the week before the Hollywood Foreign Press Association selected “In the Land of Blood and Honey” as one of its five Golden Globe contenders in the foreign-language category.

    And Jolie, holding court at the Waldorf Astoria, is here to talk about said film.

    It’s her first screenplay. It’s her first time as a director. And it’s hard stuff: Set in Sarajevo during the grim, early-1990s conflict that was the Bosnian war, “In the Land of Blood and Honey” is in Serbo-Croatian, with subtitles. It is about a Serb police officer, Danijel (Goran Kostic), and a Muslim artist, Ajla (Zana Marjanovic), who meet before the violence starts and who take to each other as men and women often do.

    And then the bombs go off, the bullets fly, the atrocities mount. He becomes an officer in the army, and she becomes a captive — one of the many Muslim women rounded up, stripped of their possessions, and then stripped of their clothes and raped.

    “My idea was that these people meet before the war, and we see the possibilities of their relationship,” Jolie explains. “If the war didn’t break out, they might have been married today with kids — who knows? There were a lot of couples of mixed backgrounds, of different cultures and religions, before the conflict. …

    “And so, for them, they didn’t want to go into this darkness, they didn’t want to be a part of this war, they didn’t want to be captor and captive … but they’re forced into that, and then there’s an element of survival, and then there are the questions: Are they going to somehow save each other? Or help each other? Or go against each other?”

    Jolie, 36 now, was a teenager, a Hollywood brat, when the former Yugoslavia erupted in violence in 1992, triggering devastating campaigns of “ethnic cleansing” and carnage. It wasn’t until 1995 that NATO forces, led by the United States, intervened. The fighting had claimed an estimated 100,000 lives. Millions had been displaced from their homes.

    “I was 17 when war broke out, and I was busy being a 17-year-old,” Jolie says, acknowledging that she was barely aware of what was transpiring in Eastern Europe.

    But toward the end of the conflict, in 1995, “I remember being conscious of when America got involved, when it started to be more in our headlines,” she says. “But I didn’t even fully understand it then, and I haven’t really fully understood it growing up. …

    “That was one of the reasons I wanted to make this film. This film could have been about any war … but I particularly chose this conflict because it was one that was so recent, and so horrible, and is just not really understood.”

    Jolie, cited by Forbes magazine as Hollywood’s highest-paid actress in 2011, is a longtime champion of humanitarian causes. She is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and has seen things firsthand, in Africa, in Asia, that have shaken her, profoundly, and inspired her, too.

    And the actress and her movie-star partner, Brad Pitt, have been actively involved in philanthropic projects in the US and abroad.

    “I didn’t make this film because I wanted to be a director,” Jolie explains. “I never wanted to be a director. I never wanted to be a writer. I always wished I could write — I love writers — but when I sat down to do it, it was an experiment. Having seen a lot and thought a lot about intervention, and lack of intervention, and violence against women, and what war does to people — people in refugee camps, or in post-conflict situations — well, I wanted to do something, so that was the impetus to write.

    continued at link.

  • vid

    how cute, love the pics :)

  • Jaye

    Rose @ 01/03/2012 at 1:37 pm
    You get what you pay for, right?
    They can’t say that she’s a great actress or that she’s pulled down another critically acclaimed or award worthy performance, can they? Stars need to stay in the news to be relevant, people have short memories. Some do it with talent, interesting lifestyles or notable charitable works. Some, like Aniston, pay for some inconsequential nonsense to be printed in tabloids or the so called legitimate magazines. She may not pay them directly, but it’s done as part of her PR strategy, with her money. .
    Aniston doesn’t have any current prospects for a new film or any other type of work, so shortly she’s going to start campaigning Wanderbust to death. Her alternate plan is to go to whatever events that her handlers can get her invited to and get every photo op she can manufacture with Stars who ARE working. In additions, have tabloids rehash and stroke her ego with talk of her great body. It’s all that she has going for herself, such as it is. She must be sweating bullets lol.

  • Jaye

    QQQQ @ 01/03/2012 at 1:52 pm
    I totally agree. Yet, you continue to have those figures quoted in regard to Aniston all the time. Saying it, no matter how much, doesn’t make it true.

  • kRISS

    In the Land of Blood and Honey

    Domestic Total as of Jan. 2, 2012: $52,200 (Estimate)
    Widest Release: 3 theaters
    In Release: 11 days / 1.6 weeks

    ha ha ha
    THAT IS HUGE PR and fake
    But with 15 mln for pr now Jolie says she is director with ONE MOVIE IN 3 THEATERS

  • LOL

    Ok Bet/kRISS, your idiocy always gave it away. Its 2012 for fu.ckin sakes. Give it a rest dum dum. You will be thumbed down and your post will disappear. Its really pathetic. No one here gives a CRAP what you nuts will say. Get lost loser.

  • Dakota

    Brad is dressed like he has been working on his bikes. I would not be surprised if he does a lot of the mechanical upkeep on his bikes. Brad & Pax seem to be a lot alike. Confident!

  • Passing Through

    LMAO at the new VF cover with Porgie, Matt Damon and Daniel Craig as “Hollywood’s Leading Men”. Guess Brad turned Greydon Carter down…again. Sales are flagging and I really don’t think Porgie, Damon and Craig are going to help matters much. The next time Greydon decides to throw someone under the bus he needs to be more careful about backing a losing hand. Then he went and pissed Brad off by using the underwear photo. Now Carter can’t get Brad to do a cover unless Bono asks him to and he hasn’t had Ticky back on his cover because she has nothing interesting to say even though her magazines covers sell. That’s the most hilarious thing of all – a VF Ticky cover would sell more copies than this Craig/Damon/Porgie cover…but Ticky is so vapid and boring that Carter can’t bring himself to publish an interview with her. So now he has to get 3 leading instead of Brad Pitt. Ya gotta love it…

  • Rose

    @LOL, let dum dum keeping waiting for Brad to run run back to dum dum., aka SS .

  • kRISS

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Ok Bet/kRISS, your idiocy always gave it away. Its 2012 for fu.ckin sakes. Give it a rest dum dum. You will be thumbed down and your post will disappear. Its really pathetic. No one here gives a CRAP what you nuts will say.”

    Only those who are tumbing me down, isnt it?

  • Yoco

    Angie Highest paid actress in the world, Oscar winner, Sexy man, 6 beautiful kids,First Theatrical film she wrote, directed , co produced and partially financed nominated for Golden Globe Award. Winner of the PGA’s 2012 Stanley Kramer Award. Angie saw an issue (The Bosnian War) that she was passionate about and used her money and celebrity to highlight this issue. Proud to be a fan of a celeb who is also an humanitarian and activist. A celeb who uses her money to finance projects that are important to her. Film will be opening Fri in the Bay Area. There are also screening in Chicago,Philly and Seatle on 1/4.Slow but steady wins the race

  • pittstain&dableachedwig

    Pittstain is wearing a forever lazy with da flap in da back. Jajaj what a complete tool box. I see he bleached his wiglet or is dat a new piece. Just like Ben afflecks flappy wiglet jajajaj

  • Rose

    @Passing Through: #37, IMO, those three together does not make one Brad Pitt. That’s a ugly VF cover.

  • Pittstain&daspearwiglet

    Kirissy is p’od off becuz she just realize Pittstain is not wearing a forever lazy but he wearing a giant onesie and he probably has adult pampers on under just like one of da bodyguards says about him jajajaj he luv dem diapers ewww. Lol he fan want to say he works on motorcycles when he barely knows how to ride dem. Lettuce hope he dont fall over again but diz time wit a kid on da side. Jajaj Tom cruise and every other actor rides becuz they think it gives dem a cool image. Real cool in da onesie and pampers,pittstain jajaj

  • annon
  • kRISS

    In the Land of Blood and Honey

    Domestic Total as of Jan. 2, 2012: $52,200 (Estimate)
    Distributor: FilmDistrict Release Date: December 23, 2011
    Genre: Drama Runtime: 2 hrs. 7 min.
    MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: N/A
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $52,200
    Domestic Summary
    Opening Weekend: $18,854
    (3 theaters, $6,285 average)
    % of Total Gross: 36.1%
    > View All Weekends
    Widest Release: 3 theaters
    In Release: 11 days / 1.6 weeks
    these are the facts
    if you have troubles to cope with them, it is worse for you

  • Ony 2 mil less guys. BFD

    What do Angelia Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston have in common? They top Forbes’ annual list of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses.

    In the money mag’s 2011 list, both Jolie and Parker are tied for the No. 1 spot, with each bringing in $30 million between May 2010 and May 2011.

    Jolie’s blockbusters ‘Salt’ and ‘The Tourist’ helped her bring in the cash, while SJP’s ‘Sex and the City’ residual checks and $18 million perfume lines are keeping her comfortable these days.

    Trailing not too far behind Hollywood’s leading ladies comes Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, each banking a cool $28 million in the last year to tie for third place.

    The ‘Horrible Bosses’ star had ‘The Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Just Go With It’ to keep her afloat this year, while Witherspoon’s ‘How Do You Know?’ and upcoming film projects have allowed her to keep her high price tag.

    Rounding out fifth place is Hollywood favorite Julia Roberts. Though ‘Larry Crowne’ just flopped at the box office, last summer’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ helped her earn $20 million — tying the spot with ‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart.

    Noticeably missing from the this year’s Top 5 is Sandra Bullock, who dropped from the top spot in 2010 to baring making the Top 10, bringing only $15 million in the last year.

  • Ony 2 mil less guys. BFD

    According to Forbes, you guys are FOS thinking she’s #1. In fact, FOS, she ain’t #1.

    F O R B E S R U L E S when it comes to who makes what.

  • LOL

    Bet, you are so boring. Its getting tedious reading your garbage. You are always making a mockery of yourself, not that I blame you. I know you are an id.iot in real life but please spare us. Its really lame. YAWN.

  • LOL

    I guess talking about Jennipoo the Fraud irks the hen. LOL. Keep on talking Ticky you guys. Keep exposing the FRAUD C-lister. LOL

  • D. Bawld

    who is that ugly old jewish lady on three wheels?

  • Passing Through

    I’m playing catch up from the last thread so I’m just going to lump all of these comments together…
    # 1215 Hera @ 01/03/2012 at 3:41 am
    Brad did say that they were together by the end of Feb 2005. Sorry if you missed it, but he did say it – and they were together then. Or do you really think it was a coininkydink that he traveled to LV for a photo shoot on Oscar Sunday and Angie and Mad were in LV there, too? If you do think that’s a coinkydink then I’ve got a bring in Brooklyn that I’ll sell you really, really cheap.
    # 1219 Rose @ 01/03/2012 at 7:18 am
    Hehehehehehehe. Brad flat out lied to Diane Sawyer’s face. Good for him. Nosy heifer. He and Angie were already in the process of adopting Z when he did that interview.
    # 1222 Lurking @ 01/03/2012 at 8:30 am
    What Inarritu said Brad told him was that he regretted hurting Ticky but “Angie…she makes it impossible…” meaning he was crazy about Angie and he was sorry Ticky was hurt by that, but tough noogies
    # 1224 juju @ 01/03/2012 at 8:52 am
    Juju – Thanks. That’s one of the things I was referring to.
    # 1226 Observer2 @ 01/03/2012 at 9:53 am
    # 1228 Observer2 @ 01/03/2012 at 10:3
    Thanks for posting that. I’m at work and didn’t have the quote handy and was too lazy to search for it.
    # 1227 busted @ 01/03/2012 at 10:21 am
    # 1229 Lurking @ 01/03/2012 at 10:35 am
    Busted & Lurking – See my comment to Hera. There’s a dozen or more high-end hotels in LV…but Brad and Angie just happened to end up at the same one on the same weekend? Now pull my other leg…
    # 1232 juju @ 01/03/2012 at 10:51 am
    Anyone who doubts they were together by ShoWest needs their pulse checked. In every photo of them standing side-by-side trying to act non-chalant and distance is like foreplay. You can see the little sparks of electricity jumping between them.
    # 1235 briseis @ 01/03/2012 at 11:19 am
    I remember those articles. I’m still surprised the stage didn’t burst into flames.