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Angelina Jolie Takes the Twins Shopping With Grandma

Angelina Jolie Takes the Twins Shopping With Grandma

Angelina Jolie enjoys a day out with her 3-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, on Monday (February 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress went shopping at a clothing store and was joined by partner Brad Pitt‘s mom, Jane.

Angelina recently shared that she and Brad may be ready to make another movie together after 2005′s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

“We’re talking about it. We have an idea,” she told E! Online on the red carpet at the Oscars.

FYI: Angelina is wearing an ivory silk blouse by Stella McCartney.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and the twins shopping with their grandma…

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angelina jolie twins shopping 02
angelina jolie twins shopping 03
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  • Sean

    At least she covered those toothpick arms this time.

  • Pinkrose

    This lady has got it together when it comes to the different hats she wears and she does each job so well. From star on the red carpet she does miss a beat to be caring mom to her childreen.

  • Curious George

    Wow the twins are so big now. them holding hands is just well look at them.

  • Annie

    Awwww so cute pics, love Jolie-Pitts they all are so so cut.

  • Paige

    SO happy to see new pics of the twins. Knox looks like angie but i still can’t figure out who Vivi looks like

  • lolita

    not a big fan of Angie but WOW those kids are beatiful, they look so cute

  • cute

    awwwwwwwww look at little vivienne!!!

  • Rose

    What a beautiful family. The twins are growing up fast and so beautiful and handsome. Angle, that’s what it’s all about, family.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Cuteness overload. Look at Viv’s big small. Beautiful kids. Love Knox’s leather jacket.

    One of the haters said we’ll never seen Jane & Angie out again after what happened last night. Tada!!!

  • Sass

    Yay, finally Vivienne is smiling. Think she’s getting over her paparazzi fear. The twins are beautiful. I love how they’re holding hands.

  • Jubilee

    Gorgeous family.

  • Sonia

    Viv was so happy! Love it! So happy to see Angie and the twins bond with Mrs. Pitt!

  • woman spanish

    Lovely family, children are precious!

  • Jessica

    Knox is going to be a very pretty boy (more so than Brad Pitt was when he was young)…look at those lips! There’s no mistaking who his mother is.

    Both twins look like Shiloh (Vivienne does when she smiles) more than either parents though…and imo, Shiloh has the potential to grow up better looking than Brad and Angie, cause she seems to have a great balance of both their genes.

  • Saffron

    Omg…so cute! Knox has Brad’s swagger for sure & Vivienne has Angie’s softness & beauty.

  • reeven



    Omg, soooooo adorable. Jared finally splurged on some pics. Lololol. Look at the one where Vivi is laughing it up in Mommy’s arms. Soooooo gorgeous!!! I think Vivi teases Knox, he was looking po’d, and she was looking so happy at his tears, I said in the other thread, I think she’s happy she’s going for clothes and he, like most boys, doesn’t want any part of it. Mom and grandmom are yukking it up behind them. I think the twins are talking trash, hahahahaha.

  • ellie’

    Thank you for covering up your whole body today…LMAO still..What a joke..That woman is on heroin..or some kinda of drug..Miss Classy NOT!!!!

  • Sayer

    That “leg thrust” at the Oscars was hilarious.

    Why did she do it?

  • Damage Control

    SOOOOOOO predictable!!
    Bring the cute twins to calm down a little all the leg mockery. Oh and bring Brad’s mother too! LOL

  • Danny

    Oh , so cute, the twins are getting so big.

  • tish

    The. twins are adorable can’t believe they will be 4 this yr..I hope i am right lol at least i thought they were turning 4 correct me if i am wrong. Anyway where did the yrs go? Mama and papa must get such a big kick out of them. Grandmama and Papa probablly try to spoil them to pieces. They really are so sweet, very goodlooking children. Little hearthrobs for sure , wait till they get older.:)

  • Supernova

    Cute, cute, cute! Best pic twins holding hands!

  • Danny

    @Damage Control:

    Shut the F**k up

  • Justi

    The twins are adorable. Vivi looks like Brad.Knox is a mini Angelina


    I think viv is happy cuz she knows mom and dad are finally done with all those damn red carpets. She looks overjoyed. I’ve never seen viv smile that huge. She’s usually a baby diva, lololol I still think she won on where they get to go or something. Viv is precious. Knox’s hair color is amazing. Lol

  • cee

    That leg out on any body else but Angie would be ridiculous. But on Angie it looks Hot hot hot and the audience appreciated it esp her man Brad. Oh the twins are so adorable. Knox looks like sucha a little dude and Viv is so cute in her frilly dress and sparkly shoes. Angie is a great Mom and a terrific person.

  • ellie’

    Jolie better get out there with those beautiful twins and Mrs Pitt..She needs everyone to move on and we are not,,.Shes the one that put her right leg in !!!.so funny..

  • Saffron

    Omg…so cute! Knox has Brad’s swagger for sure & Vivienne has Angie’s beauty.

  • I called it!

    @Sayer: Honestly, I think it was a family joke. It seem like she was laughing the entire time and it was so not like her. She’s Angelina Jolie she can stick her leg out all she wants and have the whole world talking about her rather than the Oscar winners! LMAO

  • Lara

    Awww Viv and Knox are adorable beyond words. Holding hands and just look at Viv’s beautiful smile, what gorgeous children. Angie and Jane are lovely.

  • photo op user

    DAMAGE CONTROL, that was quick

  • Yep

    @Damage Control:

    LOL, you’re right.
    People don’t forget the fiasco leg just because you are pimpimg the twins and Jane Pitt.

  • Anne

    Knox looks so much like Angie! He’s the cutest

  • plez
  • WAlterBisho[

    It’s actually the first time I see ViVi smiling and when she does she looks soooo much like Brad. I mean although their biological kids have plumpy lips strangely enough Brad’s genes are stronger as all kids look more like him.
    And Knox is a little dude.

  • Anne

    Danny-you are soo crazy. Knox and Vivienne are Angie’s kids,Get out, you Maniston fan

  • So sad

    So now Jolie calls the paps?

  • tsuj deraj

    @Damage Control:

    u the same person as this though? that why u angry?

    “”Mocking Jolie @ 02/27/2012 at 3:48 pm

    After last night fiasco, we will never going to see Brad’s parents and Angelina together again, for sure. So embarrassing

    who ever posted this must feel like an utter tool,
    claiming angie would not be seen with jane pitt, yet a few hours later we have these pix.

    time to retire mocking jolie name, will not see it for at least 5 days, the troll cheeks are red.

  • Ridunculous

    @ellie’: what does that have to do with anything? Are you mad because Angelina’s right leg upstaged the oscars? Bruno , borat, or whatever the dictator is calling himself must be p’od because nobody cares about lil Kim’s ashes falling over seacrust head. Now along with her leg the gossip world will be taking about her babies because they are adorable. And look at how happy the little momma girl is in her momma arms. Don’t be mad cause your fave could never cause a ruckus with her right leg. Chil please.

    Btw, Jane pitt seems to love Angelina.

  • Arwenka

    Knox looks just like Angelina but the girls look more Brad. beautiful mom and children

  • Passing Through

    Whoa! Cuteness overload! Vivienne looks like she’s having such a good time and Knox is so chill. I can’t believe they’re already 3 1/2. Time sure flies when the trolls and hens are in pain…

  • So sad


    The truth hurts, right??? Ahahahahahaha
    Oh and you shut the f**k up, you idiot!


  • tsuj deraj

    damage control what?
    looking slightly goofy and awkard with a leg seen?

    not like angelina got her nips out.
    even angelina fans are having fun with the leg pose, it’s become “the jolie”, to flash a lil bit of leg to the camera.

    it’s harmless fun, like tebowing.

  • Danny


    What the h e l l are you talking about?

  • busted

    What damage control does Angie need.

    do the fool not read the threads on this site or others. Week after wee there are dumb stories and lies printed about this woman. If Angie gave a ratsass we would be seeing her and the kids every single day.

    the troll once again are celebrating and jumping up and down. Well enjoy the moment that is not a moment. You do this all the time and then have egg on your faces.

    Well Angie and the kids are super cute. and Love that the Pitts are in town for a time to enjoy their son and his family.

  • Keepin it Real

    PPL are sooo delusional if they think this woman is healthy looking, as think as she is. This is horrible all these praises she receives for looking great and she is a walking skeleton. This is what ppl want to emulate? No thank you!!! I’m not knocking her family or husband or what she has done in her career or the wonderful mom she appears to be. But physically she looks horrible!!! Not healthy..and ppl are crazy to think otherwise..

  • Jonny

    Where is “The Leg” ?

  • soopx1

    Just Adorable.Such a Lovely Family.Thanks Everyone for all the Great Comments about this Beautiful Gracious Lady.

  • bizzy bee

    While the blabber mouths are blabbing, Angie is out with her mother in law and beautiful children. Viv has such a big, beautiful smile! And the lil dude is the man , givings the paps the eye that says “don’t you dare come closer.” LOL!

    I love Jane Pitt, seems like a wonderful mother in law.