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Brad Pitt: 'Night to Make It Right' on March 10!

Brad Pitt: 'Night to Make It Right' on March 10!

Brad Pitt waves as he visits a home in the Lower Ninth Ward on Friday (March 9) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Make It Right, the 48-year-old actor’s charity, helped rebuild the home that Brad dropped by.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Brad Pitt

Earlier in the week, Brad was spotted going for a ride on his motorcycle – and his little ones took the family’s pet pooch for a walk around the neighborhood. So cute!

Brad and Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting “A Night to Make It Right” TOMORROW (March 10) – the benefit gala will raise funds for the completion of 150 homes for families.

FYI: Brad is wearing Dolce&Gabbana.

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brad pitt make it right house visit 02
brad pitt make it right house visit 03
brad pitt make it right house visit 04
brad pitt make it right house visit 05

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  • hmm

    what is that on his chin??

  • steve

    Why are the paps in New Orleans? He must’ve called them to let them know he is there!

  • Alice

    I am so proud of Brad. I hope the gala will be very successful.

  • a lurker

    Angie is very proud of Brad. In other video, Angie said Dr. Abdi is a good friend of Jane Goodall.

  • from JJB


    Brad Pitt to Host Star-Studded New Orleans Charity Gala for Make It Right

    by Marissa on March 9, 2012 10:00am

    Brad Pitt has been working tirelessly to help New Orleans get back on its feet after Hurricane Katrina, and he’s currently scheduled to throw a star-studded charity gala in the Big Easy on March 10 to benefit his Make it Right foundation. He’ll cohost the soiree with Ellen DeGeneres, and Snoop Dogg, Sheryl Crow and Rihanna have been confirmed to perform. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse is part of the chef team that will prepare the evening’s New Orleans-themed menu.

    Confirmed guests, who E! News reports are also Host Committee members, include Sean Penn, Spike Lee, Kevin Spacey, Randy Jackson and Drew Brees.

    Even the afterparty has some serious star power: Aziz Ansari will host it, with performances from Kanye West and Seal.

    We hope Brad Pitt’s Make it Right fundraiser is a smashing success!

  • from JJB

    Angelina Jolie: I don’t know anyone who does not hate Joseph Kony
    Angelina Jolie expresses her support for a viral video which calls for the arrest of Joseph Kony, the fugitive leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army militia group in Uganda.

    The video swept across the internet this week, attracting a wave of support on social media as well as a skeptical backlash against the charity responsible for producing it, Invisible Children.

    By Thursday, the YouTube video had been viewed almost 60 million times, while Kony had become the number one trending topic worldwide on Twitter.

    At an event to mark International Womens’ Day in New York, actress and humanitarian activist Angelina Jolie added her voice to those supporting the movement, stating, “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hate Kony.”

    She added: “I’ve been to Uganda and Congo and been to the International Criminal Court myself and spoken with the chief prosecutor about the case and he’s the one that we all want to see in jail so I think it’s great that more people are talking about it.”

    “He’s an extraordinarily horrible human being who, you know…his time has come and it’s lovely to see that young people are raising up as well.”…ot-hate-Joseph-Kony.html

    Video at link

  • Tree

    PT, your one article on ticky is driving the hens nuts. They are posting more than the usual. Lol!

    And Brad is so damn hot! That Jacket!? Ahhh! Thanks god for creating this man.

  • Rose

    @Premalee: Hope you had a great week. Looking forward to see lots of info and photos tomorrow. I can remember when Brad started this project by having house parties in NY looking for sponsors. I remembered him taking an Helicopter from NYC to go to the Hamptons to talk about his plans that is now known as MIR.
    Now look how far his idea has come. Now families are living in beautiful homes and having a community they are proud to be a part of. Now Brad is saying he is taking this model community and take it global. God bless the Jolie Pitts’.

  • Carly

    I wish I was in New Orleans, I would def attend the gala. $150 / ticket. I’d buy it.

  • Not Pitt

    Ellen is a friend of Jen, I hope that her invited to the gala
    The world ends if the beautiful Jen attends guest

    It isn’t life wonderful?We must propose a lady leg as nobel prize in peace

  • Liz

    ^^ What’s nearing the end is Jen’s pathetic “acting” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) career. Hey did ya’ll know the movie bomb Wanderlust has not even reached $14 million at the box office? No wonder Chin and her break dancing hipster poseur boyfriend hasn’t been seen since their shameless promo tour? That’s really funny!

  • what?

    does anyone know how tall brad pitt is?
    the internet says 180cm…but i highly doubt that.
    i mean just from these pics for example..he doesn´t appear 180–more 176cm.
    kelly brooke also said she was suprised how short brad pitt is.

    i am not a troll or something–you can thumb me down(i am sure you will—because everything that is not worshipping pitt and jolie over here gets thumbed down)

    but i ask this question because i can imagine some of you have met brad pitt or angelina jolie…so someone who has met them…do you know how tall he is?
    i am not obsessed..just curious..that´s all.
    because i like pitt..i do for over 15 years..just in recent he seems sometimes really tall(at award shows) and sometimes rather not so tall—that is really weird.
    just look at his trousers?..hmm.”.the curious case of bradley pitt”

  • annon

    A Night To Make It Right, at 1:20 you can see Brad and then pregnant Angie were clapping.

  • JP Fan

    wow in those ticky and paid bf new pics the paid bf is walking like 5 feet in front of her..if Brad did this to Angie the trolls would be going batshiit crazy..paid bf really DOES NOT seem like a gentlemen at all

  • Britney

    Brad looks sexy.

  • umm

    I thought it was $1000 per ticket.

  • serious kick ass

    you crazy Brad Pitt is tall atleast 5 11″ or 6 feet he looks taller than George Coloney and also taller than Jolie who is 5 7″ and wearing 6 inches heels.

  • Nina

    Since Brad will start filming late August, I feel he is going to grow his hair really long.

  • cute

    Brad and Angelina looked so cute.

  • thelookoflove1365

    As usual the trolls and haters, and X’s freakfans are the first to post on a new JP thread, yet they claimed to hate the JPs. Yeah, we know it and you know it too, you trolls are owned by the JPS and its fanbase. LOL! Enjoy the thread. Lots more will be coming.
    We know, X is in hiding and is too embarassed to face the world cuz Wonderbomb dropped a big bomb…even her rented gigolo, social famewhore of a bf is in hiding too. Prolly busy toking, drinking, & crying.

  • geez

    What is with troll’s obsession with Brad/Angie’s height/weight? Before was Angie’s weight and height, now is Brad’s height. Get a freakin life. Brad and Angelina are taller than your idol Maniston and her paid escort.

  • what?

    @serious kick ass:

    well,first of all…thanks for answering…
    no i am not was just an observation over the last years–the thing with celebrities is that they ALWAYS seem taller or make themselves taller than they really are.
    imo brad wears lifts here and there..that is probably the reason why he appears to be 183cm sometimes and sometimes he appears 177cm…
    i asked on this board..because i imagine that a lot of fans are here..and i wanted to know from people WHO HAVE ACTUALLY MET THEM..maybe at a premier or something,what their opinion is.
    that is all
    as i said..i am a FAN for many,many years..and i will be a FAN in the future.
    and btw..there is NOTHING wrong in being 175cm as a husband is 177cm and he is simply perfect.
    so sorry ladies..i didn´t want to be offensive i just hoped to get a proper answer from someone who has met brad pitt.
    i didn´t have the honor to meet him and i will probably never have since i live in austria.

  • oreally?

    Now he’s just down right trying to make himself ugly now isn’t he?

  • jp fan

    I am very excited for Brad’s charity gala tomorrow. Brad rocks

  • what?


    well since you relate to my post.
    i can just tell you to stfu.
    i am not a troll and i am not obsessed with his height/weight.
    i was just being curious…i think it is horrible what is happening over here..everybody who has a question or a slight critic(although i didn´t say anything negative)–gets thumbed down or labeled a troll.

    wtf is wrong with you?
    not everybody is a troll on this board…i am not and i don´t like to get treated with such disrispect-
    if i can´t ask a simple question over here where you,the so called “fans” are…where am i supposed to ask?
    and everyone who is a fan of a person wants to know everything about the persion…you want to know what kind of person the actor or actress that you admire is..and of course also random things like :how tall is the person,what kind of music does the person like etc etc.
    that is not obsession it is curiosity..and you can´t tell me you are not interested in brad pitt the person…that is very hipocrate from your part.
    ps sorry for my english..


    Logan Butler ‏ @loganb93

    I can’t believe I just met Ellen and brad Pitt… #Nola is officially the best city ever!/loganb93/status/178250940451790849/photo/1


    Crazzy world! Angie explains about mondial crisis of women,Brad helps one destroyed city and three kids to take a dog for poopo,and many people talking against about they?Leave they alone,please!Have many sick person here…Jared! Stop this!I ts Only bullying!


    @from JJB:

    Fist of all, thanks ‘lovethejoliepitts’ for bringing back an oldie but goodie. Lol. Second) why in the fck can’t Jared delete these batshite crazy obsessed cat ladies…and their trollish screennames- they are losing their minds because theyve been hit with the hardcore realization that Maniston is a fat tick in brangelina’s assss, proof positive is when Angelina’s leg can explode twitter and get 50,000 followers, of course that means a no talent fugly bish like her, whose clamped on to said leg for the last 7 years is also going to garner interest. Hell, even that production asst on brads zombie movie is famous….you trolls are finally waking up…Maniston is as much of a no talent nobody as her rent a date baldy boyfriend without the JPs…and she can thank Brange for the shame fame she has now….she didn’t deserve it, she’s just in their space.
    Thirdly, PLEASE READ: this article re the kony 2012 stuff….I need to caution you guys, first of all the people that started it , might not be as compassionate and concerned as they make out…i hope I’m wrong…but ive been reading some things on jezebel and huffpo (not the best sources i know) that cast a skeptical eye on this group….sure, they’re bringing attention thru social media, and that’s always good…but several sites are questioning their motivation and want to know what they’re doing with the 5 mil they’ve raked in…no, they didn’t promise they had to do anything with it..but they implied they would. I wasn’t too concerned until I read that one or both founders hail from liberty university (yeah, look it up, the one Jerry Falwell started….heave)…they’ve been targeting the celeb crowd and so far gotten Oprah, Rihanna and bieber and many others to tweet support…and lately I’ve read this article re Angie. Who was asked about it on the carpet at the Women in the World conf. But here’s the deal: While this piece in the telegraph is being touted that Angelina is supporting the movement, the FACTS ARE: Angelina didn’t say boo about ‘supporting their movement,’ namely, because it was HER movement FIRST. IT’S WHAT SHE DOES.Angelina has been on this case FOR YEARS. LOOK it up…in 2009, she attended a warlords trial re child soldiers, in 2011, same thing, she’s been talking about her loathing of this guy and his ilk in the congo and rwanda, and educating people forever. So, I say all this to say: she was very specific, READ WHAT SHE SAID…she said…’I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hate kony….(goes into more detail about what he’s been up to, separate and apart from this campaign, THEN SAID…)it’s great that young people are rising up about this.’ don’t get it twisted, she was not joining these guys campaign, she’s already BEEN campaigning for years ON HER OWN….I’m just very wary of people lumping her name in with this group in case they turn out to be out to make a profit or scheisters…..let Oprah take that kick to the head, with her tweeting and hash tagging.. Angie has a full plate and has already been breaking her asss for years about this. She doesn’t need any liberty univ students to try and appropriate her issues.


    Crazzy world!Three kids take a dog for poopo ans pipi,Angie explains about women in dangerous of the world,Brad helps one destroyed city with your inviteds,and many sick people are against?What´s wrong?Your mad and bad comments not cares!Leave this post! Jared,you are a responsable for this…it´s bullying! It´s perverse!No cool!

  • what?


    well..there is something as the freedom of speech and thank god there is.
    even if people over here say horrible or nasty things..i think we should all be thankfull that we live in countries that allow us to say what we want to say.
    my grandfather was in prison because he was a lawyer and said things against communism..(in romania) my parents had fled to austria where we as kids lived in a refugee house.
    so thank god there is freedom of speech!!!
    you should think twice before you post such bs..there still are too many countries that don´t have this china for example.
    imo i hate the concept of justjared–this THUMB UP THUMB DOWN.
    it disgusts me..if someone writes something racist,sexist etc etc…justjared should take the comment out.
    but don´t thumb someone down because of their opinion!!

    look at my posts..i got thumbed down..?why?what did i do wrong?

    most of the posters over here are americans i don´t understand how important discussions and even critic is..i understand..i wish there would be more democracy over here.
    more respect and not just either BLIND HARDCORE WORSHIP OR HARDCORE HATING.
    what is that?you can love angelina and brad and STILL criticize them if something was not good what they did and you can admire them for doing the great work they do.
    and all of that without hate or being tooo hardcore fanatic

  • dawne

    I heard one woman on CNN this aft. talking about kony and gave one ‘scenario’ … order to terrorize the women, they would take a baby and use a ‘mortar and pestle’ type device and ‘grind’ the baby to death. This monster makes Hitler look soft core. I don’t care whose ‘behind’ the call to arms re this pos’ as long as there is one.

  • v

    I totally understand what u feel, its a crime to ask any innocent question here. You get abused , thumbed down and called a troll. happened to me too.
    I visit this site and the JoliePitt thread coz I love them , I’m a big fan , but some of the so-called fans here are scary, boderline obsessive, and so delusional they are mean too.
    The drama of AJ+BP+JA is kept alive by such people , sometimes I find it funny how both set of “fans” are.
    Along with the pic of BP AJ +6 that is what keeps me entertained, the obsessive comments.

  • annon

    Brad Pitt Continues To Prove Why He’s So Awesome
    Posted on March 9th, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Brad Pitt is continuing his efforts to help rebuild New Orleans following the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. The A-list actor spent his Friday visiting families living in the Lower 9th Ward, one of the areas hit hardest by the natural disaster.

    Pitt stopped by one home that his Make It Right Foundation rebuilt back in 2007, talking with the family now residing in the property and posing for pictures.

    This weekend the actor will host a fundraiser for the his organization featuring Kanye West, Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, and Snoop Dogg.

  • Oh my stars

    Now that’s what you call a photo op. He called the papz to hang out at that ladies house.

    Pitt had to hold a fundraiser because ain’t nobody trying to give him their hard earned money. He’s only able to trick his fans and fellow attention seeking celebs to give him $$$$ . The guy has like 100 million of his own that he’s hoarding. LoLLol

  • another miss

    while the lying media was busy lying over & over about the JPs, they missed yet another split- kind of odd they seem to be fighting over a car as part of the settlement-

    The temporary order says, “The parties shall cooperate with one another in using the Range Rover…” and the ex-couple are also ordered not to say anything “vulgar, profane, obscene or indecent” to each other. Dennis and Kimberly tied the knot in 2004.

  • Dc

    Great person he is. Love you brad! Tomorrow is going to a success.

  • lizzie

    Brad is 5’11 he has always been 5’11 he does not wear lifts …my cousin is friends with a former actor who was a stand in in a movie Brad did with Ricky Schroeder many years ago. The friend said he and Brad both had on track shoes and were the same height and he was 5’11.

  • Oh my stars

    @lizzie: even Lainey says brad wears lifts.


    aniston IS A WH@RE.
    aniston’s fans are DIRTY WHO*RES , TOO.

  • what?


    now thank you…that is what i wanted..a proper answer.

    thank you lizzie…that means i was wrong…it is probably his posture that makes his height looking different at times and not lifts.
    thank you for answering!

  • Shiloh Ellen twins

    I wonder if Ellen met Shiloh Jolie. brads ashamed of the family he has with angelina. Angelina won’t be at his fundraiser.

  • alana

    lol lainey knows NOTHING! She is a joke.

  • busted

    @Oh my stars:

    You really need to stop quoting Lameass as the truth and the all knowing. She knows squat. NOTHING at all about the JPs.

    And boy that two trolls a changing names and talking to each other as if there are several. That is beyond sick.

    but hey when you don’t have much of a life.. well enough said.


    Angela Roe ‏ @AngelaRoe_
    Brad Pitt & Ellen Degeneres was in the ninth ward today!

  • lol

    Not that I give a fcuk what lainey says but since it was brought up, I remember a couple years ago, when I still read her..her saying how Brad was one of the few movie stars who was actually tall..unlike Cruise.

  • google hangout?

    Thanks, bdj for this info! If I understand correctly, if we go to that link, we can watch real time the event tomorrow- has any one done one of these google hangout live events before? Do we need to register or something or just go to the link?? I recall that Pres Obama had one a little while back…

    bdj @ 03/09/2012 at 3:14 pm

    On Saturday, March 10, we’ll be working with Brad Pitt’s foundation, Make It Right, to help the organization engage with supporters globally during their NOEW charity event. At 8:00pm ET the Make It Right Google+ Page will host a live hangout with Brad Pitt and special guests Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson and Aziz Ansari. Following the hangout, real time updates from the evening will be posted exclusively on the Google+ page, and visitors can view photos, ask questions of celebrity guests and watch videos from the evening.

  • dawne

    @Shiloh Ellen twins:

    Listen you sewer sucking slime………isn’t there a local nazi group looking for new members? You’ve already got the shaved head and a wallet hangin’ off a chain on your belt…….complimenting your wifebeater tank….you now the one you washed last year.

  • Passing Through

    # 58 Tree @ 03/09/2012 at 4:39 pm
    PT, your one article on ticky is driving the hens nuts. They are posting more than the usual. Lol!
    I think word of my little project has spread to FF and IUC. The poor dears have nothing to combat it with, so they go back to what they know – trolling and spamming trying to annoy us. Instead they just look as desperate as their idol. It’s not like they can call bullshite on me because all anybody has to do is Google any of the projects on that list and find the same info I found. It’s not my fault their idol sucks and Angie’s just signed on to do another $100MIL movie. Whoa is the Sad Fattened Spooky Tick hen. But, they should take comfort in the fact that Ticky has her own personal Tiny Break Dancer. Nothing says sex-ay quite like a middle-aged man gettin’ his b-boy on by spinning on his back like a dying beetle while dressed like Elvis Costello circa 1979 and wearing gold-trimmed black Nikes…on national tv don’tcha know. If he’s ever on Ellen again I’m hoping he brings his robot, funky chicken, electric boogaloo and pop ‘n’ lock stylings to living rooms across America… Don’t even front…y’all know you’d watch that shite just like I would…ammunition…ammunition…ammunition…

  • dawne

    IGNORE the name-changing troll. Its useless responding to the loon troll because she is a paid troll. No matter what you say, she will keep on saying vile things because she is getting paid to do that. Just remember that we can thumb it down more than she can thumb it up or thumb down JP fans here. Meaning there is only one or two name-changing paid troll here.