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Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt is greeted by a mob of fans at LAX Airport on Friday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 48-year-old actor flashed a smile for onlookers as an escort led the way through the airport.

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“It was a bit of a blur because New Orleans will do that to you,” Brad said to Ellen DeGeneres on her show (via People) about his first trip to the city in the 90s. “I fell in love with the place. The people. The music. It’s in the air.”

Brad recently hosted a fundraising event for his charity the Make It Right foundation in the Big Easy.

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  • lylian

    Ticky works with Paul Rudd, Jason Bateman, Justin Theroux — good guys all but third or fourth level tiers in HW
    Briseis, you are being much too kind to put Gigolo in the same class as Paul and Jason. Paul and Jason have starred in various capacities. Justin Theroux is just a gigolo and there’s a song about that which goes like this:
    Just a gigolo
    everywhere I go
    people know the part
    I’m playing

  • lylian

    actually I think many of the JP fans like Jennifer Lawerance. The only fools that would have a problem with her are you HAGS.
    why in the world would the Jolie-Pitt fans have anything negative to say about JL. YOU are an idiot. I hope Jennifer has much success with Hunger Games. I plan on seeing it. And I love her in Winter’s Bone. I think the JPs said the same
    Grow the hell up. There is no competition. Only the one you and the rags need to create because nobody cares or believes in the Jennifer A triangle anymore. I guess they had to find another Jennifer.
    Of course there’s no competition between Angelina and any of the new crop of Ms Next Angelina Jolie. LOL!
    ONLY fans of SS would think that because SS is still in competition with 20 something year olds and 30 something year olds for rom com roles.

  • juju

    guest @ 03/25/2012 at 8:06 am

    u reading it wrong
    7 years of
    brad following angelinas ass everywhere
    always touching grabing caressing kissing and humping her
    taking cooking nd french classes w/ her
    saying they should be doing everything together
    r just brads away of showing how much
    he hates nd wants to leave her
    unless of course she gets pregnant
    because 6 kids r not enough
    he needs another kid to make him stay
    how long hasn’t angelina been pregnant?
    4 years
    nd he still hasn’t left?
    he probably do it tomorrow

  • Hollywood life

    Angelina Jolie Furious That Brad Pitt Is Caught Texting ‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence — New Report
    Angie is so jealous that Brad has been texting the 21-year-old actress and she told Brad to ‘stop drooling’ over her — do you agree with Angelina?

    Brad Pitt has yet another Jennifer in his life but this time it’s Jennifer Lawrence. A new report in Star claims that Brad became infatuated with Jennifer after seeing an advanced screening of The Hunger Games.

    “Brad hasn’t stopped talking about how gorgeous, poised and talented Jennifer is,” an insider tells Star. “Brad is determined to find a project to collaborate on.”

    But the one person that can’t stand listening to Brad’s new obsession is his partner and mother of his six kids, Angelina Jolie!

    “She warned him to act his age and stop drooling over a girl young enough to be his daughter. She even hit him with the jab, ‘which Jennifer are you talking about?’”

    But the big meltdown took place when Angie caught Brad texting Jennifer! They reportedly exchanged contact information at the Academy Awards.

    “Angie absolutely freaked out,” the source says. Angie left Brad and jetted off to Amsterdam for three days and even forbade Brad from going to the LA premiere!

  • tish

    Mmmumm Love me some Brad such a lucky Angie ..

    But Brad on the other hand has him the most beautiful sexiest women in the world so together passing the 7 yr. mark and still talking love , babies and one day getting married . They make the greatest couple on the planet.

    Once a Jolie Pitt Fan always A Jolie Pitt Fan

    Forever and a day..

  • juju

    awww i see or resident crazy stupid
    envy jealous fat troll
    continues w/ her sunday
    angelina nd brad googling
    she just dif up another crapy tabloid article
    the s h i t that feeds
    her non existing brain
    this is will just be another day
    as all the other in the last 7 years
    googling for tabloid articles
    making up her own crapy storis
    nd posting them in here nd all over online
    w/ her xxxxxx names nd personalities
    poor thing
    shes just a waste of space nd oxygen
    enjoy ur sunday all

  • daral

    @Hollywood life:

    bring us some E! online, or, perhaps some in-touch weekly too to complete the set.
    maybe some grazia and now magazine fron the u.k, or a german Bs~*tter too.

    go on, bring all the trashy sources u can find, we still won’t believe you, we deal in reallity, like 7 years strong, not tab ficiton.

  • busted

    If we were interested in what any of the other gossip sites were saying we would go to those sites. That whole Brad and Jennifer L story got no traction. Because no one believe it. just like all the other Brad and ???? fill in the blank.

    Brad is a 48 year old man with a woman he is deeply in love with and the father of 6 children. He is not sniffing after a young woman who has a boyfriend by the way. And even if she didn’t he is not losing the best thing that ever happened to him. Angelina Jolie

    I guess you fools think because he left Jennifer A that anyone can turn his head. Thing is Brad Pitt I’m sure get hit on all the time. Never turned and eye to anyone. But when Angie came in his view, well the man was lost. He found what he should have had in the beginning It was not Jennifer A and not Jennifer L.

    But you dumb hags keep dreaming. at some point you need to wake up. Brad and Angie are in it for the long haul. Time to move on Nobody believes these stories anymore. too many years of the same dumb shit over and over. The tabs should have paced themselves. they “blew their load” 3 years ago. People are tired of the fake cheating and Angie is jealous stories. Now the rags look pathetic. going to the JP well to try and sell magazines. LOL it is laughable. There desperation to keep stories going about these 2 people. The public is not biting. Only the HAGs purchase this crap. Hoping for that story that says that Brad and Angie are breaking up. Well it is going on 8 years. Look at how much of your lives you have wasted. Gosh that must suck when you actually think about. 8 years waiting for 2 people you don’t know to break up

    That is sad very sad. but is serves you right losers.

  • icon

    Based on all the good things JenniferLawrence has said about Angie, she’d be the first one to point out how talented and kind Angie is, how many amazing projects and directors has worked with/ on and how she lives a full life outside of acting. Angie herself has a VERY consistent and truly admirable track record of appreciating and acknowledging the work of others, unlike those in Hollywood who diminish, lie about, or snub their peers. JL seems like she looks to be more like Angie than the nasty types that creep about lying and being arrogant to get ahead.

  • nina

    @Tina: If he is arriving in LA he must be coming from the Big Easy where he held the charity gig for NOLA-Make it Right? Loved up Brad!

  • http://compute Susan

    Kaiser from CB would like to be an Empress, but she is a mud raker, always seeing things that only she can see.
    Did Angie pull those high profile things out of her ass, they were already plan, she is the only mother in Hollywood that can’t take her children out, unless it is to improve her image
    What kaiser would’ve like, if Angie had stayed in, then it would be she is to embarass to show her face.
    The way the idiots carried on, you would thing that Angie strip on the red carpet.
    After all the atrocities, Angie has heard about and seen, do you really think she cares what haters are saying about her. Once her family is healthy and happy, and she is able to help others, life in the J-Ps home is Marvelous.
    ” ” Pitbull, I’m sexy and I know it, you can’t touch me girl(Angie) the brown MM wiggle, wiggle.

  • No Huff Post for Ms. Jolie

    LOL I don’t belive Angelina Jolie gave Huffington Post an interview Nope not for a min.
    Besides her words do not line up with the oscar night. Angie speaks intelligently when not even close to her the dress and her posing with her leg out which everyone knows except the haters she stole the show . Angie gives smart quotes and this is not a quote re: her posing on Oscar night. Huffington Post must be loooking for hitS really bad to put something this stupid in.. I didn’t realise they are such a joke. Can’t be bothered going oover there b/c it’s just plaiin dumb De Dumb Dum!

    Watch we will find out it has something to do with what Angie said 4 or 5 yrs ago about something totally NOT to Huffington Post..
    Angie wouldn’t give HP a quote Nevah.

    Brad looks so swept away with prolly hundreds of flashes going off in these pics., he’s pretty good natured about it, It would be different if his children were with him and Angie..

    Bless the Jolie Pitt’s what a wonderful life they live.

  • guest

    There are always women falling over Brad all the time. Even Howard Stern said at Brad Grey ‘s wedding last spring that his wife Beth was going ga ga about seeing Brad Pitt.

  • dawne

    I will never know why, after fighting for the ERA in 50 states and losing, women still want to cut down empowered women……… a feminist I champion any woman who is able to succeed to Angie’s level despite her gender.

    Woman, sadly, defeat their own purposes……….wrapped up in who married whom and whom divorced whom……..about a vein in someone’s hands or whatever……looking at the personal and physical over the ‘deeds’ and ‘accomplishments’ and ‘bravery’ and ‘ground breaking’ …

    I can only conclude we deserve to be still trying to throw marshmellows at the glass ceilings…………we are truly only sabotaging our efforts for world dominance………….sounds lofty but unless and until woman start leading politically the world will continue to go to hell in a handbasket…… many female despots are there?

    So keep it up hens. Keep stepping on your own feet. Or maybe you are too damn submissive in your ‘real’ life when you are not blogging hate about a renaissance woman trying to pave the way to a better life for women, children, refugees etc….even creating more opp for women in HW.

    I know, it’s more important what the size of her arms are. I get it. Y’all are stopping progress in order to vent your own twisted perceptions of female leaders. You’re just too stupid to realize your tunnel vision only hurts you in the end. Try to think bigger……….like your idol, think thoughts. Brad left her because she can’t think beyond her naracisstic interests of fame and personal glory. No wonder she has fans like you.

    Shame on all of you. I hope to god you are not raising daughters. Hope the shallow, dumb and mean dies off with you.

  • icon

    No, there are pictures of the whole family- all 8 of them leaving NOLA together. If Brad and/ or any other JP has been back to NOLA since, it wasn’t this trip. Brad is clearly coming from somewhere international (those pictures were taken at the LAX international terminal)- most here and on the megas think that it is France since there were tweets that he was in France a couple of days ago ( of course tweets are always reliable) and he has a fresh-looking shopping bag from a known French store.

  • soi

    Love to the Jolie-Pitts and their awesome family.

  • African Girl

    Hiya …unfortunately, getting JJ pre 2006 is gonna be an arduous task. Firstly, it was a blogspot back then, then after Jared moved to a real website, the site crashed…this was at the height of the JP frenzy, right after Shiloh was born and everything was lost. :(. Ask PT though, maybe there is way to get it…you know archived stuff or something.
    Thinking of this and seeing Jared’s BD bash kinda puts it in persepctive how far JJ and Jared has come, doesn’t it?

  • anustin

    lolz…look at january jones eating her own placenta! DOG!

  • anustin

    whats next!! Maniston eating her own CALLUS?im hoping.

  • Etta

    Does anyone know the almost exact quote as Huffington Post is claiming Angelina made? About them surrounding themselves with people who don’t talk about the media or somethin like that.
    I think HP copied and pasted their ‘interview’ from there.

  • dawne


    The really big callouses are on her brain and la*ia…………so she might have to be a contortionist………..but considering the sex*ual antics of the Sad Spook, along with her yoga, that may still be possible.

  • dawne

    I should have said ‘gymnastics’ not antics……..much more accurate.

  • who


    Get a life and don’t worry about Brad’s.

  • dawne


    what in hell are trying to say……….good god are you always such an illiterate troll? Why are trolls so uneducated……….that’s rhetorical btw………….well, I guess if they had a developed brain they wouldn’t be trolls………..silly me.

  • anustin

    those pix @ NOLA leaving ….just dropping off the kids and anjie.brad went to france.u know…preparing for the wedding.dont mind my azz,faniston.

  • dawne


    we know the inmates at prisons and mental hospitals are given computer access as a treat.

  • Oliver

    What are you talking about??, are you talking about Brad of being on denial of what??, because to be honest, looking from the outside… Brad’s life is looking very good with Angelina and their Children!!!
    Jennifer Aniston’s life in the other hand… doesn’t look very good (yeah, with a loser boyfriend and her movies NOT doing any money in the box office), so maybe… It’s the Aniston’s fans who are in denial, don’t you think??!!

  • alw

    i agree with you Dawne, average woman miss the point about strong intelligant women who is trying to bring us in the era we are in and farther into the future. they should listen to her interviews with Charlie Rose,she states “no matter how many people come against me,if i think i’m right to fight the cause,i will.

  • gracie

    This is old news, Everytime Brad and Angie have no movie to promote, these lying mags make up more outlandish lies to keep them in the news. It’s funny cos anyone with brain will know by now how these filty mags operate but trolls are suckers for pain. Just cos you trolls are too dumb and slow to catch on, wishing and hoping for a break-up or the lies to come true, is not going to make it happen. 7yrs going on 8 and you fug losers are still bitter jealous miserble b!!tches who can’t differenciate fiction from reality. You’re all blind and your minds clouded and while you light your candles praying and waiting for harm to come to Angie, you’re suffering pain instead and to your little envious souls, Angie keeps rising, her relationship with Brad keeps growing and there is nothing any of you can do about it. Haha.

  • anustin

    Etta @ 03/25/2012 at 11:55 am +5

    Does anyone know the almost exact quote as Huffington Post is claiming Angelina made? About them surrounding themselves with people who don’t talk about the media or somethin like that.
    I think HP copied and pasted their ‘interview’ from there.

    co sign.

  • who


    Yes DL, I have a life. But again, get your own life and don’t worry about everyone else.

  • Not sure but..

    @anustin: @Etta

    I think the quote came from Vanity Fair or Marie Claire or one of Angie’s interviews during ITLOBAH promotions

  • anustin

    for sure its a copy and paste.then add some BS to get a lot of hatred.posters on that site never wash der faces/vaj.u know.

  • to etta

    the HP is as bad as ITW or AH, lamey, or any other lying rag when it comes to the JPs. They take pains to not report positive JP news and repeatedly say/print any negative lie about the JPs they can. I don’t like to give such stories/media attention or even any clicks, but the HP “interview” is just a short paragraph with quotes saying how Angie doesn’t pay attention to stories about her- WHICH SHE HAS SAID IN MANY INTERVIEWS over many years. The awkwardness of the words they quote/cite seem to point to a cut & paste and/or a couple of foreign translations from 1 or 2 languages then back to English again. It is ridiculous how sometimes these “journalists” are so anxious for a “news” story that they take some google translation that has wrong gender pronouns, etc. then slap some quotes on it and act like it was an “exclusive interview”. Not only is the context totally lost, the meaning/intent/nuance/sarcasm/irony of the words can be the opposite of what was actually said. Of course, those who are so grossly obsessed with lying about the JPs can do the exact same thing- all in English.

  • daral

    @to etta:

    great post.
    ITA with everyone who doubts these quotes are real.

    i thought huffpo was above cut and paste, yet i forget the today show, MSN, cnn et all all reported news of the world stories as gospel.

    nothing surprises me about tabloid media these days, disgusting fact checking, playing dumb, apeing lies.

    angelina won’t have chance even to say she never talked to HP, because there are no red carpets, or even charity events for someone to ask (likejerry p from extra for example)

    very sly of HP to do this, knowing angelina won’t come out and deny it as she has no interest in it.

  • Addictive Physically


    I hate to burst the bubble on this but the Hungarian word for addictive is: “addiktív” and it is not in the article. I don’t think the translator has this part exactly correct.

  • Jess

    I don’t see what’s a big deal if Angie talked to Huffinton, she was asked the question, she answered that her Oscar pose didn’t bother her since she didn’t pay attention to it. I see no wrong she answered the question.

  • A Reminder

    In the Land of Blood and Honey Blue-ray and DVD will be out on March 27.

  • anustin

    lol that is not soo anjie.period.

  • anustin

    thanks for the reminder.i’ll be first in line.

  • Passing Through

    # 142 POOR TROLL @ 03/25/2012 at 1:24 am
    I love that interview from Aniko! Great find Nora and thanks to Bev! I so love this!

    Angie: I never really thought of the concept because when I met him, Maddox & I were living just the two of us and but I didn’t feel I had a family yet.Then Brad showed up in our lives. With his wonderful personality and he brought so much sunshine into our lives, childhood memories, playfulness and humor like he was born to be a Dad. A Natural.He can take out the best and the most of each minute.He sparkles. Brad taught me to see, hear and enjoy every second. He couln’t have given me any more then this and I think this is why I fell madly in love. I knew very little about him but by little by little it I came to know him.I realized he has the most amazing humor, he stands firmly on the ground with both feet, he is a fantastic man who is also extremely attractive and addictive physically. He sees the outside world as he wants to and all I know he is my best friend and the best father to our children.
    I don’t really have anything to say about this quote from Angie…just thought I’d rub the trolls fug mugs in it…BBBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Bambi

    Later on today Brad is going to go for a ride on one of his custom-built motorcycles. He’ll ride up into The Hills and bring my chocolates. I’ll open some champagne and then we’ll go for a quick spin, if you know what I mean.

  • anon

    Denial, please tell me you are not a product of an American or any other English speaking educational system. And if you are, please tell me your comments are really just an attempt at rap verse.

  • truth

    The only spinning going on is in your head. Brad only spins with Angie and he is proud of it.

  • trolls are dullards


    You got to get a new tag line. It’s gone way past its due date, if you know what I mean.

  • marie

    Brad looks like a very happy, contented husband and father.

  • gracie
  • busted


    Yeah you should use one of your other names or find a new one. the whole Bambi thing was what almost a year ago. It failed then and it fails now. Just shows that you are probably an older person being paid to blog. Anyone under the age of 25 could not find that funny in any way shape or form. Just shows that there are a lot of unemployed people out there trying to make a bit of coin. Even if it makes them look like a fool.

    hope you are getting paid more than a couple of pennies a post.

  • Passing Through

    # 146 ? @ 03/25/2012 at 2:54 am
    By accident,I found old just jared page from 2006. Does anyone know how to find the pages from 2005?
    All you have to do is click on Brad and/or Angie’s pix on the right, go to the bottom of the page and scroll through the pages – all 166 of them for Angie; 164 for Brad. If you want to take a shortcut and go right to the end – which is Feb 17, 2006 -
    As far as accessing pages from 2005 – the last time I checked those pages were inaccessible. Jared’s site started out at Blogspot and there used to be a way to access cached internet pages for Blogspot (now renamed Blogger) but when they upgraded a year or two ago they either deleted those pages or stopped allowing webcrawlers access to them. The only way the 2005 pages would still be available is if Jared uploaded them to his current database – and I doubt he’d do that because he’s got more important things to do these days than cater to J-P fans who put his site on the map. For God’s sakes…the man just had a big b-day party with a ton of Z-lister guests. He’s obviously over us…besides…

  • anustin

    bambi-lat!!! i know what u mean……pathetic!!! who the fck open the correction!