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Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: Lunch with Matilda!

Michelle Williams & Jason Segel: Lunch with Matilda!

Michelle Williams and boyfriend Jason Segel take her daughter Matilda out for a healthy lunch on Sunday (July 15) in Brooklyn, New York.

The happy trio dined on salad and veggies before going for a walk post-meal.

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Michelle, who recently returned from a trip to 2012 Comic-Con, said during her Oz the Great and Powerful panel that she would do a Dawson’s Creek reunion!

“I would very happily do a reunion show, I don’t know what it would be,” Michelle said. “My character died in the end, so there are certain limitations for me. It’s either I come back as a ghost or I’m shot through a lot of gauzy, hazy light as my nineteen-year-old self.”

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  • mia

    Cutie Pie Matilda seems to be not so happy about veggies and sald..Love the three of them

  • den

    She’s so much like Heath, however I wish I didn’t have to see her at all, these paps stop at nothing to get photos of CHILDREN.

  • Media Cure

    I don’t understand why Jason wants Michelle. If she won that oscar Michelle would not be with him. This relationship got started by her because she wanted something to back up the continued press on Michelle Williams if the oscar was lost. Jason is not swift. He does not understand her strategy but she most likely does like him and Jason gives her a sense of security.

  • raspberry

    Matilda is adorable.

  • African Girl

    @Media Cure:
    What are you talking about??!!
    You make no sense.

  • jaspisgirl

    i think they are cute together and all of them look very happy and relaxed and that is all that is important!!!!!!!!

  • Chiara

    He´s too good for her

  • lola

    @Media Cure: nothing about what you said was right or even made sense.

  • Media Cure

    @African Girl:
    You are an ignorant fan of hers who has no common sense for the obvious reason as to why they are dating. Your quick ignorant comments prove it.

  • jaspisgirl

    ok please share your thoughts with us stupid human beings media Cure!!!!!!!! why are they dating?????

  • annagotohim

    @jaspisgirl: because of the crazy reason he stated on his first comment that nobody understood but him…

  • Anon

    Never thought I’d see Heath Ledger’s daughter and Jason Segel in the same picture.

  • jjjj

    Why do photos of celebrity kids need to be posted online!!

  • jaspisgirl

    yeah good i tried really i did but this does not make any sense!!!!!!! so if it is not to much to ask,could he say it in simpler words for me!!!!!!

  • hmmm

    matilda looks exactly like her dad she’s so cute

  • jaspisgirl

    @jjj money????? business??????? and no mercy?????

  • DanaJ

    When two people are together – they are together because they are in love. That’s the biggest thrill ans the most exiting thing on earth. It’s way bigger then the fame, money and success. Doesn’t matter how famous these people are – they function just like the rest of us, humane beings. Some of you here, folks, will understand it one day, when you grow up.))

  • ivankaranka

    love these two together! been a fan of heath since 10 Things, and it breaks my heart yet makes me really happy to see pictures like these!

  • jaspisgirl

    @DanaJ i agree every other reason would be a waste of precious time and time is limited on earth and i believe both of them could exist without the other one and that’s why they want to be together and they look good together end of it!!!!!

  • sayuri

    I love him!

  • Heath is a loser druggie

    Everyday people are going to come up to her and say you look just
    Like your drug addict dad who died of a overdose! Who never got
    To see him when he came home from England! Why do you have to say
    This ! Every time Michelle shows up! Time to MOVE ON! She deserves
    Her own life with out loser Heath who could not finish his last movie!

    Give it up! On Heath! Yes and we have to have Her and Katie Holmrs
    Should get together!

  • Hailee

    @Media Cure: Oh my. You are a jealous little thing, aren’t you, sweetie?

  • r&b mom

    @Media Cure:

    Is English your first language?

  • Lou\\\
  • LG

    @Media Cure: Girl, you might be living in a delusional celebrity world and might not even see the different between a great and bad actress. What you wrote makes absolutely no sense. This woman does not need any man to be relevant and praised whatsoever. I’m European and I think she is an amazing actress and so do a lot of people here. Everybody where I live now (France) likes her. But, I don’t know who he is but he may be very cool.

  • Eve

    I agree. Media Cure doesn’t deserve a response. ;)

  • reba

    Poor kid. She shouldn’t be subjected to that at such a young age.

  • John

    @Media Cure:
    It is Justin Bieber sent you here? lol**

  • Kilem

    Sweet kid!
    What is up Jason with white socks & sneakers? hehe.

  • jill

    @jjjj: #13

    Photos of celeb kids have always been made public even before the internet.

  • jill

    That child wants a hamburger, pizza or fries, not veggies. I am not saying it is good for her. Just saying that’s what kids like.

  • Illegal Prescriptions

    @Heath is a loser druggie:
    You are the most VILE and heartless ALIEN on the planet. You are not human. Heath Ledger was not a drug addict you piece of trash. How dare you be so mean to someone that died because of the DELIBERATE DELAY by that MASSEUSE and MARY KATE OLSEN to call 911 over prescription medication overdose. Do some research you lazy piece of trash. Research OXYCONTIN and VICODIN the prescription medications that ended his life!

  • Media Cure

    If you believe that this ugly boyish actress is talented and remotely attractive than you need some serious help. MICHELLE LOST THAT OSCAR FOR A REASON because she is a terrible actress and there is nothing shining from within her. Talented and beautiful movie stars are made of what comes from the inside and Michelle does not have that. You are being manipulated by a phony outer layer of hers that has NOTHING to do with the REAL Michelle.

  • Sole Custody

    @r&b mom:
    Why don’t you ask the LG that question because she is LACKING in the english department. Her post is that of someone who is in desperate need of a better life because to be inspired by an actress like this one with such an obnoxious track record is pathetic. Apparently nobody here has any clue as to Michelle’s threat for sole custody that drove Heath Ledger to suffer a true lapse in judgement when it came to the safe use of prescription medications. Her constant hammering of lawyers abused him and all of it was because Heath Ledger found some happiness with Gemma Ward.

  • Media Cure

    Please find some help. You are a very mentally sick person.

  • Anons

    @Illegal Prescriptions: I’m not condoning what the that poster said, but HL was a drug addict. Prescription or not, he died of a drug overdose.

  • pickles

    I just hope Jason Segel realizes a lot of Heath’s fans are watching to see how thingsgo. We love Matilda and we want her to be happy. She’s a sweetheart. I hope Michelle keeps a close eye to see how things are going. I’m sure Jason is probably a really good guy, but little kids are so open and trusting, Idon’t want to think that anyone would mistreat Matilda. Maybe I’d feel better if he had some kids of his own. It’s got to be hard for him to come into a ready made family situation. Especially with Michelle & Matilda being so close.

  • Alina

    @Media Cure: HA! You are rambling on (and on and on and on) with your jealousy of Michelle Williams, and you are calling other people mentally ill? Your obsession with some actress who has never heard of you, and who, if she knew you could care less about you, borders on pathological!

  • Lies u tell

    $100 for anyone who can make sense of anything media cure i saying lmao

  • Alicia

    @Lies u tell: Love your comment! I think we should be relieved we don’t understand Media Cure – what a wack job!

  • Love The Shoes

    People talk about Shiloh looking like a boy simply based on haircut and attire. Matilda looks just like her dad as a boy but in a dress. She’s a cute kid but all this “oh she’s a doll” crap is crap. She’s a little girl who looks exactly like her father and she is not pretty but merely adorabe in that her person seems to be a pleasant child.

  • madmax

    the hat Matilda is wearing looks like something her dad would have worn. not sure it was his but it was his style

  • Kacie

    @Media Cure: Take your meds. I think you’ll feel better.

  • MrsKutcher

    picking a guy like jason segel shows how smart this woman is….she takes somebody who treats her and her kid good and is a nice guy and i dont know what some people say i find him handsome he is no george clooney or ryan reynolds typ but he has something that makes him very attractive to woman

  • Jess

    Matilda is gorgeous, and she look so exactly as her dad!
    I’m glad to see that Michelle is happy. She deserves that. :)

  • lou

    perfect couple!

  • LG

    @Sole Custody: Obviously, English is not my mother language and not even my second one. But, I guess it is the only one you are able to communicate in. It is ridiculous to try to blame this woman for HL’s death. You are the one who needs a better life if you have so much time to spend speculating about actor’s personal issues. I like this woman’s work. Period!

  • Effy

    Matilda looks more like Heath each and everytime. I love this trio! I wish them all the best, especially Michelle, she seems so lovely.

  • Kate

    Is it just me, or is Matilda tall for a six-year-old? Michelle and Jason look great together.

  • Monnie

    Matilda is starting to remind me of Chaz Bono when he was a little girl.