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Shailene Woodley: Mary Jane Watson in 'Spider-Man 2'!

Shailene Woodley: Mary Jane Watson in 'Spider-Man 2'!

Shailene Woodley has reportedly been offered the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man sequel, according to THR!

The 20-year-old actress, if the reports are true, would play the red-headed love interest of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, confirmed to be played once again by returning hero Andrew Garfield.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Shailene Woodley

Emma Stone is also set to return in the role of Gwen Stacy.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man sequel??

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  • seeaaaa


  • Ariane

    ermmmm… what ?? compared to emma stone this is what i call cat piss

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love her… <3

  • Yoki

    She isn’t bad looking. I think she would play a great Mary Jane. She had that all american look. I think she would do a good job now that she gained some weight.

  • Luke

    I’m totally ok with this, I really liked her in the George Clooney’s movie…

  • Tereza

    @SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    SPREAD THE MESSAGE is right people!!!!!

  • Anil

    Too young I guess

  • Heidi


  • Trudi

    NO!!!! What??? She is a B category actress…and cannot hold a candle to Emma Stone. Plus, I am sorry to say, she is not pretty in the Mary Jane way. She does not look all American WASP.

    They need a strong young actress to put up against Emma…like Evan Rachel Wood or Kristen Stewart.

  • Osc

    @Trudi: ‘STRONG young actress? Kristen Stewart? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Shailene Woodley is a GREAT, GREAT ACTRESS but I’m not sure if she’s right for the part!

  • Yoki

    I think it’s better to get an “unknown” than to get someone no one like. I don’t know why you think Kristen Stewart is a good actress. About 70 percent of average americans don’t believe this woman can even act. Emma Stone has that strange lisp I can’t get over.

  • rachel

    really. she is a tv actress. they can not pay enough money for A list actresses for this movie.

  • Ashley

    @SPREAD THE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    Woaaah i’v noticed so much of that in Asian people! that all makes so much sense!

  • Straight

    I thought she was exceptional in The Descendants. She doesn’t look that attractive in photos but she’s very pretty when she’s “moving” in video.

  • Tiffany

    Shailene is a great actress…hence why she was nominated for an Oscar for her movie with George Clooney. Emma Stone is also a great actress. Why do people always try to pit females against each other? They can both be great actresses, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

  • Ola

    I don’t think so :/ I got used to Kirsten Dunst, I like her as Mary Jane and I can’t imagine anyone else in this role :)

  • Jordy

    No! She cannot hold up against Emma’s character. They need to cast someone a little more intimidating I feel. Jessica Chastain maybe… or Dakota Fanning with red hair. I just feel like this casting choice is so boring and only looked upon for her success in a film that mostly fared that way because of George Clooney.

  • Kristy

    I agree Tiffany. The internet is so ridiculous now. In order to praise an actress they have to put another down. Emma Stone was perfect a Gwen Stacy and I’m sure Shailene Woodley would be a good MJ. She’s a little young but it will be interesting to see how she pulls the part off.

  • Arie

    She’s a good actress and close to high school age but Andrew is 29 and Emma will be 24, she doesn’t seem like a good fit. Somehow, If Andrew were in his early twenties it would be a better casting decision. Emma seems older, so the age difference between her and Andrew isn’t as strange? Idk…

  • kingkayski

    Kristen Stewart will be perfect for Mary Jane role,only her can pull it off,plus,it’s way past time to make MJ a little bit prettier.

  • Dani


    What the hell are you talking about? Kristen is not right for ANY ROLE out there! She ruins everything!

    “only her can pull it off..” WTF? You’re pathetic, definitely!

  • Krli

    To be honest…she is like nothing next to Stone.

    But for me there is anyway only one MJ. And thats not Shailene Woodley.

  • lena

    She’s might be eating her words if she takes this role. She’s the one who said: “I’d rather be in a two-minute scene in a phenomenal Meryl Streep movie than the lead of an action-hero film.” I think she’s an okay actress, but she should probably stick to indies.

  • Hera

    Interesting. I don’t know how I feel about this. We will have to wait and see.

  • ana

    shailene can definitely hold her own as an actress, did you guys suddenly forget about her oscar nomination??? she doesnt look super young right next to emma, they look about the same age and theyre both the same height (5’6″). and to whoever says theres only one MJ and thats kirsten dunst, everybody felt she was completely miscast back in the day for that role because she wasnt the gorgeous model mary jane was made out to be in the comics and she made her look like a whiny bitch in the movies. i think shailene can pull it off and if anything, give MJ a stronger personality.

  • Manoush

    Stone wasn’t that great in the first movie. The movie was also blah

  • anna

    I like her but I think they should have done it the other way round..she looks way more like a high school student and I can’t picture her with red hair…I don’t think it will look good though, and no one can do red hair better than emma!

  • Chris

    Better her than Emma fake Stone.

  • lena

    and by the way, she was never nominated for an oscar… she was nominated for a golden globe.

  • Sharice

    I always felt that Elena Satine would be a good choice for Mary Jane Watson.

  • a

    i don’t know, she is a good actress and everything but i just don’t see her as mary jane, plus i really don’t want gwen to get killed! i want to keep emma stone :D i just love the chemistry between andrew and emma. I THINK I JUST DON’T WANT EMMA TO LEAVE, THAT’S ALL

  • DarkseidNow

    Not sure this will work. The character of MJ is a woman and a supermodel. Shailene, while pretty and a good actress is still very girlish.

  • kingkayski

    That’s your personal opinion abnd personal hatred toward Kristen,it got nothing to do with Kristens performance as an actor,she would be good as MJ ,like i said ,it’s time to make MJ prettier,a long legged Kristen would be good for that role.

  • Trev

    Whatever. I’m honestly more interested in the Gwen Stacy storyline and to see how they re-tell her tragedy in the comics.

  • Lady Gumm

    She’s not a fresh face and it’s so young to make the role. It’s good but not for the play.

  • jd

    not who I imagined for it, but I might come to like it.
    though I definitely don’t think she’s a great actress yet – honestly, imo her performance in the Descendants wasn’t worthy of an Oscar nom & her acting in that TV show is just horrendous – but I think she has a lot of potential.
    besides, how often do blockbuster movies have great actors anyways?

  • viv

    It would weird me out if she’s cast. I always thought she and Andrew Garfield looked alike. They could play brother and sister in a movie.

  • Nicole

    NO! I ain’t gonna watch TAS-M 2 anymore if Emma will not be there :((

    Emma can be a perfect Mary Jane. She can go back to b the famous red-haired girl! She can be both Gwen and MJ!!!

  • K

    OMG NO

  • elle

    Being a huge fan of Marvel I find that Shalien Woodley is SOOO not MJ! She’s too plain to play her! Mary Jane is supposed to be this beautiful girl but Shalien is ugly compared to Emma!.If Shaliene is in this film I won’t even watch it!

  • Jack

    Why not choose an actress who can convincingly be competition for Emma Stone’s, Gwen Stacy character in this love triangle.They are going instead with a more homely plain version of Mary Jane Watson.Basically, the anti-super model hot Mary Jane Watson, who has Peter Parker slack jawed at how hot she is, after her aunt introduces him to her for their blind date that had Peter Parker fearing that she might not be so attractive at all.

    Instead she was attractive to the point of him stammering his words, asking her aunt as he gazed upon Mary ; “Is That Mary Jane?!!” That was the Mary Jane Watson I was wishing for on the big screen.The babe who made guys go crazy over her as they do Emma Watson.

  • Jack

    She’s an adult for one thing.So I don’t understand the issue with age here.Once you hit 18 and up, you can basically be with whom ever you want or even fight in the war.

    You got a granpa Hugh Hefner marrying a woman who could probably be his daughter or grand-daughter but she’s an adult in her 20′s who made that choice to marry him.

    But it is your opinion, even if I don’t understand your problem with this actress who is 20 working with other’s in her age bracket.

  • Jack

    lol.Dakota Fanning? No.Instant fail.Get someone as hot of hotter than Emma Watson but not someone who can beat her in a ‘Who looks like they are 15 years old contest.

  • Rizzy

    Not anymore! Her scenes were cut from the movie! I think it’s a sign. If she was really good they would’ve kept at least one scene with her.

  • Justin

    She is not that good looking Mary Jane was HOT!! I don’t see it.