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Brad Pitt: Cadillac Spokesman in China?

Brad Pitt: Cadillac Spokesman in China?

Brad Pitt may have just scored his latest endorsement deal with Cadillac for print and television spots to air in China!

The 49-year-old actor is reportedly set to film the first commercial for the brand in Los Angeles next week, according to E! News.

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Brad recently joined the social networking website Sina Weibo in China and has already sent out a tweet from his verified account.

“It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming …” Brad wrote on his account, possibly referring to the Cadillac gig???

We can’t wait to see the new advertisements – if this news is true!!!

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  • Magzz

    It’s gonna bomb just like the chanel ad

  • Passing Through

    A Caddy commercial? Hmmm…wonder if Fincher is directing?

  • henna

    Sounds excellent! I hope Cadillac is paying him very well. Angelina and Brad are international stars and are famous not only for their movies but also their love for the world. Good call, Cadillac.

  • henna

    Chanel isn’t complaining and it got more attention than they could ever dream possible. Just because you can’t buy it doesn’t mean it didn’t sell well.

  • plez

    LOL at Jared using the same picture. Anyway as I posted on the last thread I hope this will mean more car sales in China. Also if true it must mean Brad is no longer banned in China and he and Angelina can travel there.

  • vacations?

    looks like the tarded 2nd string is running this site

  • Passing Through

    # 600 CLINIQUA @ 01/11/2013 at 11:24 am
    Doe-Eyed Girl reeks of earnestness about her “craft”. It’s pretentious and nauseating. And that’s on her good days. As soon as she opens her yap and starts blathering about technique and being “in the moment” I keep expecting Jon Lovitz to pop out behind her and say, “NOW THAT’S ACTING!” Plus, she’s a hypocrite. What happened to all the charity work she used to do with the boyfriend who was convicted of fraud? Turns out she was only doing it because it HIS interest. So he may have been a crook…but he was a benevolent crook. LOL. I haven’t seen any stories about her going to Latin America for UNICEF since before he went to jail. Instead we get oblique BIs from Lamey that she’s sleeping with a married man and got dumped as soon as his wife showed up and ugly-cried her way to an engagement\wedding to a guy who’s apparently Squiggy’s bro – cuz his ass doesn’t seem to have a job either…

  • groundcontrol

    $3 million for a days work. Not bad, Brad. Not bad.
    Brad still has it and they all know it.

  • Phool

    Brad Pitt may have just scored his latest endorsement deal with
    Cadillac well……. Cadillac knows a good deal & best person to represent them they have class.

  • groundcontrol

    PT, email with updates for you.

  • Lol

    all it does this man fails just like that movie Killing them softly which really sucks..

  • groundcontrol

    Males are the target audience and they don’t care if Brad looks his age or has some wrinkles. LOL! They care that he is still an icon of the cool male.
    So who will direct? You know Ridley and Tony Scott started out as commerical directors. Ridley could be interesting.

  • Phool

    You can spot a mile off where the fake Weibo (China) details came from ,so the reality was This deal with Cadillac happened ,then which changed into brad announcement going to China.Wow and jared give the fake Weibo news a rest as you know its fake so why keep repeating it.
    I hope they get a good Director for it needs to be edgy like Brad

  • Phool

    China & Chinease would lap it up big time you go Brad, may be thats where he went to France to sign the deal or maybe filim the ad who knows.

  • Right………

    LOL, of course it bombed sweetie, that’s why, with Brad, the perfume sales got a huge boost.

  • Pong Li

    me rike old man Bradree
    me want tu buy beeg gas guzzla and porrute air

  • Phool

    Ssshhii_baby @ 01/11/2013 at 11:28 am (froem prevuois thread)
    Shi You need to do major Sucking up To Lisa ok after that underhanded Ticky compliment you gave to her lol, but throw in the Sophia Lorene comment to her then she will be putty in your hands there’s no doubt of that. Talking about Sophia Loraine remember Angie in “The Tourist” she channelled the old school hollywood glamour of Sophia didn’t she ? and she looked smocking Hot Hot Hot. Well my bad Angie ALWAYS looks smocking hot even without make up on her UN Tours she still exuberates that classic purity of beauty doesn’t she .

  • Phool

    while Porgie is still promoting Coffee

  • Fleetwood Brougham

    Poor brad needs money.

  • Pong Li

    Beeg phan of his mindress virent movies

  • Shreya

    We are in January and it has already been raining with good JP news. Well done Brad – I have a feeling this is your year.

  • fyi

    Cadillac is the most popular American car in China.

  • Phool

    Three Million Worth Every Dollar:

    Brad Pitt the Killing Them Softly star is still a hot commodity on the product endorsement circuit.E! News has exclusively learned that the much-parodied Chanel No. 5 spokesman has agreed to endorse Cadillac in print ads and TV commercials that will air in China.
    Pitt, who a source says will earn $3 million for his promo work, will shoot a spot for the car campaign next week in Los Angeles. Cadillac had no comment on the hiring, and Pitt’s reps have yet to respond to calls to comment.
    But lest one think this is just a high-paying job for a random automotive product, E! News has been told Pitt has long kept a Cadillac Escalade in his fleet of vehicles.
    Hmm, maybe Pitt’s new gig had something to do with him joining Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, earlier this week. Not to mention his first and only tweet so far.”It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming…,” he wrote cryptically. Well, not so cryptically, after all.

  • Phool

    Thorncombe village shop’s Brad Pitt tweet gets tongues wagging
    The community-run Thorncombe village shop found itself the centre of media attention on Friday when it posted about a visit from Brad Pitt on its Facebook and Twitter pages.Phil Gordon, volunteer and member of the village shop committee posted about the visit from the world famous actor on Thursday night.
    He said: “Can’t believe it, who would have thought that Brad Pitt would drop in on us at the shop tonight – Got totally lost in the area so we served him a coffee and chatted for a while.”But all was not as it seemed; volunteer Amy Ralph came clean when the shop became inundated with calls from the media.
    She posted: “Oops – Sorry to the press, national and international, who have been contacting me – Brad Pitt was Phil’s idea of a joke! I guess we know now how to get peoples attention, but sorry if we’ve got anyone over-excited for nothing.”Brad, if you’re reading this though, you’re always welcome!”Mr Gordon said a man who was the spitting image of Mr Pitt had actually come into the shop on Thursday, prompting the online joke.

  • Phool

    Brad Pitt helps Hampshire film industry bring in £3m
    By Amy Taylor
    January 11, 2013
    THE film industry brought in an extra £3 million to Hampshire’s
    economy after crews filmed at several locations in the county, including some Bafta-nominated productions.Film Hampshire, a successful programme aimed at boosting tourism and attracting filming opportunities, is part of Hampshire County Council’s economic development office and works to research and find scenic locations for enquiring film crews.
    The county has a range of opportunities for film, broadcasting and advertising companies, with more than 350 locations that include 40 country houses, 25 parks and forests, excellent transport links, an abundance of historical connections and plenty of local experts to help out from various sources.
    Ray Ellis, member for economic development and rural affairs at Hampshire County Council, said: “I’m encouraged that we attracted £3m to Hampshire last year from the film industry. “Among Hampshire’s great attractions are its outstanding historic buildings and stunning landscapes, which are in much demand.
    “These figures for 2012 underline the important work that the council’s Film Hampshire is doing to strengthen our economy, as not only do production crews bring an immediate boost to hotels and restaurants but films, adverts and TV programmes showcase our beautiful countryside, which in turn encourages more tourists to visit and stay.
    “The tourism sector plays a vital role in the local economy by generating well over £2bn every year from visitors to Hampshire and it employs more than 60,000 people.” He added: “An example of how the county council works with production companies is Tom Hooper’s latest film adaptation of Les Misérables, parts of which were filmed in Hampshire locations, including Winchester College and Portsmouth Naval Base.”
    Other big-budget productions included the latest James Bond film, Skyfall, nominated for eight Baftas including Outstanding British Film; World War Z, which saw Brad Pitt filming in Aldershot’s Heron Wood; and Tom Cruise’s All You Need is Kill. The additional £3m tops off a successful year of entertainment revenue for the county, with an extra £50m brought in by the Olympic Games last summer through business contracts and torch relay events.

  • umm

    Clooney sells coffee and Tequila, Brad sells Chanel and Cadillac.Brad gets better endorsements.

  • Phool

    Ang Lee Now Reading Script For ‘Cleopatra’ With Angelina Jolie, Says “It Just Feels Right To Me”
    One could make the case that Ang Lee is a somewhat underappreciated director, simply because his film choices make him a bit of a chameleon. Where other filmmakers tend to stake their claim to a particular milieu, and don’t deviate from it too much, Lee has tried it all. From a gay romance, a Civil War-era western, a Woodstock-set comedy, a churning ’70s-set domestic drama, an erotic espionage tale and more, to an epic open-sea adventure in this year’s Oscar-contending “Life Of Pi,” Lee’s career has been marked by variety, and a willingness to challenge himself. And that’s not about to change.

    At the end of last summer, it was reported that David Fincher had exited the long-developing “Cleopatra,” that has Angelina Jolie attached to star. At the time, it was noted that Sony was already looking at other potential directors, with Ang Lee on their list of names. And it looks like they’ve been successful not only in tracking him down, but spurring his interest.

    “I’m about to read the script,” Lee said to The Hollywood Reporter. “It just feels right to me after all the other types of films I’ve done. What does it have in common with any of them? They’re all totally different! That’s what makes this perfect.”

    Based on Stacy Schiff‘s “Cleopatra: A Life,” the adaptation has a script by Brian Helgeland, and it’s told from a distinctly female perspective, delving into the many facets of the historical figure as warrior, strategist, politician and seductress. The project has been toyed with by more than a few big-name helmers — James Cameron and Paul Greengrass also took a look in past — but nothing has stuck yet for Sony, Jolie or producer Scott Rudin. Could Lee unlock this project? We’d definitely be interested to see him take this on.

  • um

    It’s gonna be a hit just like the Chanel ads. Chanel Number 5 sold more units this year than last year. Everytime I went to Sephora during the Christmas holidays, people kept wanting to grab the tester to ask the sales people for it cuz there were none left on the shelf.

  • Li Quang Gi

    Brad too old for cadirracs must be astigmatism
    can’t wait to see his brainwashing nwo WWZ movie

  • briseis

    Hmmm, I guess no matter how Brad is dissed by trolls and haters, he is still on the high end of being advertising spokesperson. Chanel, now Cadillac … easy day’s work for a few million dollars. Good going, Brad.

  • groundcontrol

    Tamssinn @ 01/10/2013 at 11:29 pm olololol… so Jared listened to my recommendation and disabled the voting system that loons cheat so much. . .
    Poor sad delusional fool. Wrong as usual.

  • Phool

    ‘I’m shutting your butt down’: Quentin Tarantino’s bizarre TV rant at Krishnan Guru-Murthy after refusing to answer questions over movie violence

    Read more:

  • Another Joke

    Can’t wait to see Mr. Mumbles blow this one too.

  • Lucian

    Brad is so hot in demand now.

  • Phool

    Chanel and Cadillac $7Million & $3 million for two days work Not bad Brad not bad at all

  • Elizabeth


    Hoooray for Brad….

    I also bought channel everything for JP family….
    do you remember the name/brand of the I believe soap he endorsed awhile back???

  • Cassi

    Wonder who will direct the commercial. They usually hire famous directors.

  • Dr. Mark Levin

    After World War Z is viewed by the masses it will become apparent to those that are awake why Brad Pitt is a traitor to his country and democracy.

  • groundcontrol

    @Dr. Mark Levin:
    LOL. How twee!!!

  • Truth

    Bwhahahaha I toldya that fool is broke. How many commercials is this now? 3or 4 for 3 or 4 different products. Lmao his movie career is in the dumps and he lost a chit load n WwZ hahahhaahahahhaah

    And this most hilarious thing is Chinese tweeter and his old as hell photo.

    China doesn’t know I look like this now – Brad Pitt

  • Truth

    # 35 Phool @ 01/11/2013 at 1:03 pm
    Chanel and Cadillac $7Million & $3 million for two days work Not bad Brad not bad at all
    @reply | flag this

    His price severly dropped from chanel, eh? . Robert pattinson got 10 million for one perfume ad.

  • Teri

    Love this fine man and his family?

  • Okay?

    Brad Pitt means money in Mandarin and in English.

  • lol

    Stupid troll, rob’s 10 million deal for three year, means each year only $3 million.

  • mi ring

    Django Unchained came close to swiping the top spot last weekend and has since been in first place during the week. It should lead all holdovers and its Oscar nominations will help give the Tarantino picture a shot in the arm. Grosses might dip by 30% to about $14M pushing the cume to $129M making it the director’s top-grossing film ever.


  • a lurker

    Brad has been doing commercials for decades mainly overseas before. Chanel is the only one worldwide so American see it. Chanel is not his first commercial. He is very smart, keep money coming from everywhere.

  • real facts

    Pattinson is doing a series of ad for Dior. Thus a number of days of work. Brad did one commercial shoot (one day of work) and Chanel cut it into different commercials and print ad. The Cadillac ad will just be in China not worldwide. Brad has always done about 3 commercials. So nothing has change except for the Chanel commercial being in the US. But he got paid very well for it

  • stinky brad

    Poor guy, has been reduced to shilling perfume and make ends meet. oh i forgot he has 10 kids with his babymama promise of the future ring laughing cow at the oscars

  • umm

    Ticky sells dumbwater, Brad sells Chanel and Cadillac. see the difference. hahaha.