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Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: Third Film Collaboration in the Works?

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper: Third Film Collaboration in the Works?

Jennifer Lawrence has been tapped to star opposite Bradley Cooper in the upcoming untitled David O. Russell flick, formerly known as American Bullsh*t, according to Deadline!

This will be the third film that the 22-year-old actress and 38-year-old actor star in together: the smash hit Silver Linings Playbook being the first, and Serena, which is set to be released this September.

Here’s a synopsis of the flick: An FBI sting operation in the 1970s called Abscam leads to the conviction of United States Congressmen.

Also starring in the film are Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner, and comedian Louis C.K.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see another Jennifer Lawrence – Bradley Cooper – David O. Russell collaboration???

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  • ella

    yes!!! she should do it no matter how big/small the part.

  • JMHO

    I hope she won’t be playing his love interest in these two upcoming films. The only reason it kind of worked in Silver Linings is because Jennifer is mature beyond her years.

  • peter

    @ella: yeah i agree yes it is good for her to be among true talent like christian Bale my favorite actor by far thats give her more experience i cant wait to see this movie the cast sound amazing



  • Yes!

    Hell yes! Yes! Yes! Chemistry and quality Explosion!

  • clara

    @JMHO: well in serena she will be bradley wife but in this movie I do not know

  • Meadow

    Not only does she play Bradley’s wife in Serena, but they have 3 pretty intense sex scenes…if the script that has leaked is any indication.

  • Louise

    she’s set to play Christian Bale’s wife.

  • Lara


  • GOOD

    David O Russell has said that he cast her as Tiffany in SLP because she has an “ageless quality.” whatever her age was supposed to be. She’ll be fine in this, too, people. I expect greatness with this cast.

  • Ehsan

    Is he bangin’ her yet?

  • daisy

    and then we’ll get rumours they are dating…

  • ella

    @Ehsan: well she is single and also him so why not good for them but im sure he will bangin you first just wait OMG YOUR MIND SO DIRTY as your name

  • kristen

    @Reba: i think this movie will be released in 2014 or maybe after i dont think its close and serena so different from SLP ITS VERY DARK MOVIE

  • sillyme

    I don’t like them together on the screen. I don’t think they’re believable as an onscreen couple.

  • Frame

    Actually it was already confirmed, so no need for question mark on the title. I couldn’t be more delighted than seeing these two on-screen again. They have an amazing collaboration and I won’t even mention their chemistry in SLP. In this new movie Jen is going to play the wife of Bale’s character as I read, so this time Brad and Jen won’t play lovers.

  • talia

    hope this is not true, jennifer is talented but bradley cooper’s performance in SLP is overshadowed by her’s and personally I found his performance better than her’s in the film.

  • jenny

    i think jennifer have more scene with christian bale than bradley, the lead role for bale and amy adams not bradley all the article didnt give us all the details about movie

  • andro

    she looks more mature and its movie acting not like they will marry soon so who cares for the age difference its not problem for me i prefer older guy for this role than little boyz well we will see here also in HG with guys in the same age little different its nice to be versatile sometimes

  • Sammy


  • ace11

    The question is if they haven’t done it yet

    When will it happen?

  • info

    jennifer Lawrence will play Christian Bale wife, she just share one or two scenes with Bradley Cooper in the whole movie. Christian Bale is one year older than Bradley in real life. Get used to it, JL is the “it” actress right now, every male actor from 20 to 45 wants to play against her.

  • Isis Lara

    No… dullsville!! Jennifer should work with someone closer to her age and mix it up. Why are they casting her with guys old enough to be her dad?

  • jinx

    She is gonna play bale wife???? that is hard to picture. I know she and bradley worked well but i dont think that will be the case.

  • Dayanara

    I think they look lovely together. She’s a lot prettier than his last supposedly girlfriend.

  • Hunty

    Bale is the husband, lawrence his wife, Cooper and Adam will be a married couple too and Amy will be Bale`s mistress. In theory, Jennifer would work much better as the mistress and Amy as the wife but i doubt David would make them swich the roles because Adams is the lead. It’s so backward for Hollywood, the guy cheating on the young, hot wife with the 40-year-old but we should wait and see. Its a great esemble!

  • Kristen Friedland

    I am thrilled! If you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, please visit this fan page:

  • Lola

    I wish these THG fans/freaks would stop this bullshit posting! These negative comments are either coming from Josh/Jennifer or Liam/Jennifer shippers! Grow up people! It’s a freaking movie they’re doing, they’re not getting married or sth…even if what is it to you? That’s right NOTHING, it ain’t nobody’s business but theirs!
    If an Academy Award winning director wants you in his movie to star alongside Oscar winning/ nominated people you say YES! Especially if it’s the same one who got you your second nomination! She would play Robert De Niro’s wife if that’s what a director asks of her!

  • Czarina

    If these two hook up they’ll literally be the new Brad & Jen

  • veira joness

    shes a stiff

  • veira joness

    She’s a big stiff
    horse face
    big behind

  • offtheproperty

    #31, sounds like you are describing JLO.

  • RK

    The scandal is that Weinberg’s behavior had caused his wife Marie’s death. He was involved with the first project in 1982 and the current one. When I learned that Russell and Ellison wanted to cast another actress I guessed it would be for Marie, because they have to try and explain the damning clips now posted online.

  • Yeti

    Jennifer has no morals.

  • jj

    Katniss and Batman!!! lol

  • Shira

    So why exactly wouldn’t it work again???
    She plays his wife next.

  • Shira

    I fail to see your logic. Yes, I thought Bradley was better than her in SLP, kinda hard not to be when the movie’s pretty much centered around him, and I think he has shitty luck being nominated against DDL and Hugh Jackman. However, I loved their chemistry and friendship and can’t wait to see so much more from them, why would I ever want them to not act together just because Jennifer “overshadowed” him???

  • Shira

    If anything, I think it’s nice that for a change, the man cheats on his wife with someone older than her.

  • Sweetness

    Well done Miss Lawrence! Her career is on FIRE!!! An actress does not get approved to star opposite of Christian Bale unless they can bring their A-game…Obviously she is highly in demand.
    Great news!

  • andro

    nice its the seconde movie with amy adams and christiane bale after the fighter nice cast

  • emma

    if they told me to be on the same movie with Christian Bale just for 10 secondes i will be happy its big opportunity for every young actress

  • John Sun

    More excited to see Amy Adams!!!!!

  • bea

    Both of the females roles are supporting in the script, Bale and Cooper are the leading roles in this movie

  • Hayden Ballow
  • Jesse

    Ew he’s so much older than her. She’s barely out of her teens and he’s almost into his 40s! YIKES

  • Dave Chapman

    It’s Jennifer that can make the relation work all her counter part has to do is open minded and say what you are thinking no bull and bingo it will work. It’s been fun following her from her sitcom with Bill onward. I’m an old fan, 65, lol.

  • Amy

    I like this. It reminds me of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart or Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. If two actors have good chemistry together why not cast them in multiple films? Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are great onscreen together too.

  • anna

    This is good news ))

  • Kelly

    NOTE: she is not playing opposite Bradley, she’s playing opposite Christian Bale, and she is NOT the leas of the movie, Amy Adams is the female lead.

  • talia

    @Shira: what I meant is that she will get all the attention from being in the film while everyone else is pretty much ignored and nobody talks about anyone else’s performance