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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: Tokyo Twosome!

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: Tokyo Twosome!

Henry Cavill keeps it comfy in flip flops as he arrives from a flight at Narita International Airport on Sunday (March 24) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 29-year-old actor was joined by his girlfriend Gina Carano.

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“Hope to the hopeless. ;)” she recently tweeted.

The month before, Henry and Gina hit the red carpet at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, Calif.

Henry‘s highly-anticipated film Man of Steel is set to be released June 14th!

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Credit: Jun Sato; Photos: Getty
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  • KT

    Love Henry! Hope one day he can be open and happy instead of these set ups for studios.

  • Sara

    Flip flops? Really? Vomit

  • britz

    he is so HOT!

  • scarlett

    You maybe hot Henry but your taste in women leaves something to be desired, and flip flops with jeans and a jumper, dude, NO! Get it together you’ve got a massive movie coming out!

  • Jenny

    With women who may have thought he was smarter it gets more vulgar and disgusting ordinary

  • Maggie

    As breaking balls with these because give entity are two nobodies

  • starsh

    Shallow idiots. Maybe he finds her lovely? maybe he cares about her personality? You will All find out what life is really about – if you are lucky. Appearances mean Nothing.

  • Beard

    Not fooling anyone.

  • Nick

    Idiot haters,
    You are just jealous because Henry isn`t going with a blond, blue eyed, fake titty, botox, spray tane American Barbie doll.
    At least the guy has taste in real women! And Gina Carano is a beautiful lady!

  • expert

    They are fake, this will be apparent when they split after the movie comes out.

  • Ale


    Sorry, what personality are you talking about??? Gina is a total idiot with no education!! She has spent her life fighting in cages like animals and being drunk every night. Google her name and the word drunk and will see what trash she is. She didn’t even know to pronounce the word “masochist” in her red carpet interview for Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.
    Henry please pick someone with a brain at least!!!

  • cali

    I can’t believe how ridiculous some are. Who cares if he is wearing flip flops? most people like to be comfortable when they are flying. I would rather see someone like him, in flip flops and jeans, than someone like Posh or Kim K, trying so hard to be all high fashion with ridiculous spike heels and over the top clothing for an international flight.

  • Ale


    Why every idiot who defends Gina Carano thinks that those who make critics to her or Henry dating her is because the people want to see him date brainless beautiful girls??? Maybe because you have Carano’s brain than!!
    As a fan of Henry I would love to see her with a girl who’s lovely, intelligent, classy and beautiful inside. I appreciate a lot Eddie Redmayne’s girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe, she’s a normal good looking girl, not coming from show biz, very simple, lovely, sophisticated and a very intelligent, she works like executive. They’re too cute. If Henry would date someone like her I’m sure nobody would have said something, but Carano is total trash!!

  • Ale

    I meant :I would love to see *HIM* with a girl who’s lovely, intelligent, classy and beautiful inside. (Sorry typing error)

  • valentine

    I remember how in love I was in Henry in The Tudors and now he seems so plain.
    I’m still looking forward to new superman.

  • Nick

    The point is, it is Henrys choice to be with whom he wants.
    If he finds her beautiful and is content with that, who are we to call her trashy and stupid. We don`t even know these people.

  • Pt

    I like men wearing flip flops! lol Sexy feet!

  • ha ha

    what’s the problem with his flip flops? Why everybody say nasty things about it? He is OK. Looks much better than Pattison or Bale.

  • Awe

    A lot of people in LA wear flip flops I do’nt get what the problem is? lol

  • sweety

    @Sara: What’s the matter dbag? He can use flip flops @ssh0le.

  • Portia

    They set him up with girls, you’d think they could find him a stylist too?

  • Elle

    Oh Good God. Are we going to have to put up with these two idiots the entire promotion for Man of Steel?

    She is not in the freaking Superman movie so what the hell is she doing with him on the promotional tour for it? I’d like to see ACTUAL ACTORS from the movie. Not this wannabe try-hard.

    seriously. I don’t care who he dates but get this tacky woman out of the promotion for Man of Steel.

  • Emma


    wow, you sound so sweet…

  • Billie

    They dont seem in love with each other

  • rach

    It’s publicly known Gina’s had a boob job, so why would anyone think they’d like to see him with someone more fake?! I don’t think the fans have a problem with dating, by enlarge, but he hasn’t had a good run of women, and this time, I think the issue is that she’s a wannabe who’s clearly hitched herself to someone who’s on their way up.
    And why must every young actor in Hollywood who’s unmarried with kids, always be labelled gay? I’m sure there are some actors who haven’t come out and so what if that’s the case, and maybe Henry is one, but I’m so sick of people calling all these actors are gay. Henry, Bradley Cooper, etc, etc etc. Yawn it’s boring, unoriginal and childish.

  • olivia

    I can’t take any woman who ever had cornrows seriously.

  • Elle

    Why is this woman appearing with him at a freaking promo for Man of Steel? Is she that desperate to get noticed?

    If Henry Cavill is going to promote Man of Steel he should be doing it with his ACTUAL CO-STAR, Amy Adams. Leave the trashy gf at home, please.

  • sally

    Henry Cavill is a looker, but his acting is very mediocre.

  • Nancy E. McVey

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  • replay

    I thought that she is lesbian, I remember her pictures on which she and another girl are kissing and touching …

  • Ambar

    I join it says Sally although we agree that everything around is so strating with the catfish goes ahead

  • g

    All good Henry but there must be stomach or be an asshole to rope to hold such a whale

  • britz

    @starsh: totally agree. the critics choice awards….their debut as a couple…you could sooooo tell they we’re smitten with each other. there are some very jealous people out there. i for one think gina rocks! a beautiful woman for a truly beautiful man! good for you Henry!!

  • britz

    @Elle: are you sure this tokyo appearance is for man of steel? gina has a movie coming out also…….

    they are dating!!!! get over yourselves. ofcourse he is going to travel with her, take her to award shows. get a grip you jealous bunch!!

  • amanda

    @Elle….they’re in an airport you crazy person….he doesn’t promote the movie in an airport…..when he goes to his promotional event it’s not like she’ll be answering questions about the movie….lighten up

  • fanfan

    He can just arrives here and wear a beautiful suit… He was just in an airport…

    But I reproach him to be with this Gina something…
    I don’t think she’s cute!! Not at all!
    He should have a better girlfriend!

    Then, yeah, it’s his choice..unfortunately…
    She’s so ugly… And he is so beautiful…

  • britz
  • Sara

    @britz it’s for mos. it’s on a Japan website.

    Of course fangirls are jealous. Why else would they be bashing her all the time, a complete stranger. Henry can’t be single forever, ladies. You don’t get to pick who he dates. Lol. Get over it. No one here knows her, she attended university of Reno… so no she isn’t dumb just cuz she chose a different career path from yours. Clearly, Henry doesn’t care. He likes his woman tough, not dainty.

  • Ambar

    Ugly? you fall short is a mutant spawn androgynous beardless no brains

  • rozco

    @Sara: amen! let the man be!

  • connie

    I see Gray!!!! Wow

  • Yeah..

    I don’t get the hype about this guy. I don’t think he’s drop dead gorgeous. In good shape, yes, and has an accent. Other than that, I don’t see the hype.

  • Suit > Tux

    People stop being so childish !
    Not everyone here who dislikes them as a couple is secretly coveting Henry for themselves. I just didn’t fancy him as one of those guys who likes fake silicone boobs and don’t even get me started on the tacky shit she says in some interviews.

  • giovanna

    That decline of this type shown with this rat horrible unbearable insufferable obiously it is more moron that seems

  • NenyaGal

    I like you Henry, I really do, but you have the WORST taste in women. Oh My god, it’s hilarious how bad he chooses all the time, lol

    This woman is so trashy. But smart, she caught someone who’s on his way up.

  • Camden


    Thank you! Exactly.
    I believe all the malicious comments directed towards Gina, or Henry’s “bad taste” stems from peoples jealousy.
    I personally find it incredibly refreshing that he’s going out with a ‘real’ woman (whatever that means) . Not that Gina’s even that. She’s a stunning woman, successful in her own right and could run circles around the rest of us.

    I think these two make and awesom couple, I hope they go the distance :-)

  • marianna


    ¿? I am not “blond, blue eyed, fake titty, botox, spray tane American Barbie doll”!!!!!!!!! but Gina is so trashy, that’s a very wierd couple!

  • marianna


    I’m with you sister! lol

  • Elle

    I think it’s so weird that the people who come out to defend Gina always feel the need to insult other women in the process.

    All women are “real” women. Gina is no more “real” or special than any other woman. What is with this woman shaming crap that always comes about from her fans? It’s so off-putting.

    I’m not jealous of Gina. Crazy as it may seem, I wouldn’t want to look like her nor would I ever want to be a professional fighter. I would hate to make a living like that. I Respect her right to do it but not for me, dude. I just don’t care to see her with him every time he leaves the house. I’m his fan. Not hers. I’m also a Superman fan and I don’t want or need to this woman who has nothing to do with the movie tagging along for every press event.

  • Elle

    Also, seriously with the “real” women crap. That’s total crap.

    Gina Carano has had noticeable plastic surgery. She’s had more than one nose job and she has a boob job. She’s no more natural or real than any other woman in Hollywood. Being a larger woman doesn’t make her more “real.” She’s had plastic surgery. Her boobs and nose are both fake. Get over it people.