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Hailee Steinfeld & Douglas Booth: 'Romeo & Juliet' Trailer!

Hailee Steinfeld & Douglas Booth: 'Romeo & Juliet' Trailer!

Check out Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth in the new trailer for their upcoming film Romeo and Juliet!

The 16-year-old actress, who plays Juliet, and 20-year-old actor, who plays Romeo, are part of a star studded cast which includes Ed Westwick, Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Christian Cooke, and more!

Romeo and Juliet is based on the William Shakespeare play about two star crossed lovers whose feuding families get in the way of their love.

No US release date has been set – we hope soon!!!

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  • scarlett

    “Romeo and Juliet is based off of the Williams Shakespeare play” Who writes these things? Not English.

  • Ella

    Sorry but this guy will never compare to Leo Dicaprio as Romeo.

  • KissThis

    Another remake? Urgh…. Why can’t Hollywood come up with new ideas? R&J has now been remade like 7 times!

  • awkward

    Give us Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio back. They were the ones.

  • Cate

    This looks very mediocre. There’s no point making yet another adaptation of this play if they are not going to try and add some sort of originality to it. Might as well just stick with the perfect Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 Romeo and Juliet or watch the Baz Luhrman’s inspired version.

  • nomeka

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  • Jen

    I can’t wait to watch it. Mostly for Ed Westwick

  • Anna

    Douglas Booth and Ed Westwick?! Okay. I must see Romeo & Juliet!

  • Natasha

    I am not against remakes – if someone thinks that they can re-intepret material in a new and interesting then fair enough. But it seems utterly pointless and extremely lazy to simply to simply copy the concept of someone else’s film & even recast actors that resemble the original cast.

  • KissThis

    @Jen: Are you my cousin? lol. She loves Ed Westwick.

  • LOL

    I don’t think they are trying to compete with the Dicaprio/Danes version.
    It looks more to me to be heavily inspired by Franco Zefferrelli 1968 one
    I hope the music is as beautiful.

  • co

    wrong choice for Juliet.

  • Darren

    Are you kidding? that was the worst one. leo and claire looked stupid dressed in modern day clothes( well 90s style back then) talking in shakespeare speech. both were miscast. they only got the parts because they were popular teen stars back then.

  • Darren

    And I agree with someone who said it seems more based off the 1968 one, not 1996! Leo DiCaprio was not a good Romeo! Neither was Claire Danes a good Juliet.

  • riz-tes

    This guy kinda look like Elijah Wood. Anyone else sees this?

  • girlycry

    She looks nothing like Juliette. She doesnt have the pale skin they had at that time. She looks kind of asian.

  • emma
  • olivia

    Why shouldn’t there be a new version? There’s no need to even compare it to Baz Luhrmanns film, they’re completely different takes on the story. And it’s been nearly 17 years since that film. Romeo and Juliet is done in the theatre repeatedly, the RSC practically do a production a year. Hell, there’ll be two big, publicised productions later this year in New York alone.
    The casting is great, much closer to the character ages than most productions. And let’s not forget this is set in Italy, why wouldn’t she have slightly olive skin and dark hair?

  • Chandler02

    If there hasn’t been a R&J film with this style made since 1968…then yes, I think it is fine if they make a new one. That was 45 years ago, folks.

  • Jes

    Sir Ben Kingsley said DiCaprio was the best Romeo ever. People who thinks he wasn’t good for the part don’t know anything. He even won the Silver bear at Berlin as best actor. And he wasn’t famous teen star at the time. He was doing just small indipendent movies and he was chosen because of his acting skills (and of course beauty). I actually don’t like the Baz’s version, but Leo wasn’t miscast and he was great.

  • Ana

    I like that it’s a classical interpretation-very similar to the zeffirelli version. I disliked the Luhrman version greatly-the acting wasn’t that great(less for a few people) and the “modern” style just looks old and cheesy now.

  • ann

    Hailey’s cute, but in my opinion, the most beautiful Juliet will always be Olivia de Hussey.

  • ann

    Yikes, phone typos — I meant Hailee and OIivia Hussey, but y’all know what I meant.

  • Kay

    why nobody is commenting that they spoiled the end in the trailer? Way to kill a movie.

  • just no

    the movie looks beautiful but the cast just looks wrong for the part

  • SAKI

    Yes, her mom is Fillipino and Afro-American and her dad is white/Jewish.

  • .

    What would have been interesting to see is India (Eisley?) play Juliet, just like her mother, Olivia…she’s a spitting image. I’ve only seen her on the Secret Life of the American Teenager when it first aired, but I know she’s in Maleficient playing the younger version to Angelina’s queen, but you just know who she must be the daughter of just by looking at her.

    However, playing your parents’ roles does have the collateral of ending up in their shadow.

  • Lisa

    I’m really interested in seeing this. There are a few adaptations but I love seeing the different interpretations besides I love Ed Westwick.

  • Beautyisintheeye

    Another Romeo & Juliet rendition? How many are there going to be?! Seriously?

  • b

    It seems thereĀ“s no more ideas in Hollywood.

  • Jen

    Calm down lol this is William Shakespeare ,there are always going to be remakes and plays,tons of them, of his works.So stop being mean & give a chance to the movie.

  • L

    This looks bad.

  • Marianne


    The story has been out since like the 1600s. Im pretty sure everyone is familiar with the end at this point.

  • a

    Im sorry. i love hailee. but just no.