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Brad Pitt Covers 'The Hollywood Reporter' with Chiwetel Ejiofor!

Brad Pitt Covers 'The Hollywood Reporter' with Chiwetel Ejiofor!

Brad Pitt is handsome while posing on the cover of the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, out on newsstands tomorrow (October 2)!

The 49-year-old actor is joined on the cover by his 12 Years a Slave co-star Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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“Game on, f–ckers,” Brad told the magazine about his production company Plan B‘s mantra.

Brad is currently filming his upcoming flick Fury with Shia LaBeouf in London, while his fiancee Angelina Jolie and their kids are in Sydney, Australia, where she will direct Unbroken.

In case you forgot, 12 Years a Slave will hit select theaters in the U.S. on Friday, October 18!

Bigger pic inside…

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239 Responses to “Brad Pitt Covers 'The Hollywood Reporter' with Chiwetel Ejiofor!”

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  1. 126
    her life, his life Says:

    why isn’t jolie with brad? after showing off his gay scarf and her indifference in their arranged leaked ‘surveillance footage’ why is he without her for days on end, what the hell is she doing at a circus like a sideshow with her waxy long face, receding hairline, baggysaggy fishnets, her flippers in redbottoms and no engagement ring on her claw? why do the kids have to be separated from each other? did the ugly photos of him sucking on a smoke turn off her diseased ovaries and anger her lonely walleyed stony fake nipples? despite their efforts and her shuffling of boring bands (tmz doesn’t have to ask her this time: ‘No!’ it’s not a wedding ring), the hand off of the kids by the co-parenting fakes has not gone unnoticed by the media. “his children”, “her children”. her life, his life.

  2. 127
    tweet Says:

    Natalie Clarke ‏@nat_lovepr now

    Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are filming at Shepperton Film Studios – I wonder if they need an assistant for the afternoon?! I am available!

  3. 128
    Photoshop Skills Says:

    I’d like to hire the person who transformed Brad’s bloated wrinkled face.
    Nice Work.

  4. 129
    troll meltdown Says:

    Ahhhh- as predicted, the troll pain keeps increasing with each JP kiss, every touch, every baby, every home, every single picture. Same old same old for nearly ten years. Troll screams and lies, screams and lies and wastes THOUSANDS of hours- day after day, night after night for years on end…result? Epic failure- JPs still in love, have many babies, homes & charities and incredibly successful careers. Try crying & lying for another 10 years and see if it works- hilarious!

  5. 130
    Kim Says:

    @Hollie: How pathetic the trolls lives must be to spend so much time studying the lives of a couple they hate.

  6. 131
    QQQQ Says:

    Susan @ 10/02/2013 at 8:39 am
    The ONLY woman he has ever had chemistry in a movie or real life is J-Lo. I think the movie was Out of Sight. And that was donkey yrs ago. LOL!

  7. 132
    fiesta Says:

    Will be seeing TYAS opening weekend- very psyched for another JP success. Ot- saw this & thought of fat tick, though I think she paid for the whole ring bc we all know tiny stolen troll boy is without income for most of the past sev years (besides his fat tick or Heidi B allowances).

    [A]n increasing number of heterosexual couples are splitting the cost of an engagement ring. Female respondents reported putting money down on their own ring to help out a less financially stable partner, paying for a ring with a joint account, or, in a few cases, agreeing to contribute in exchange for a larger rock.

  8. 133
    Love Story Says:

    The greatest Love story of all times… Wishing you both and your family all the love and happiness in the world… What a handsome beautiful couple … Gorgeous family … They are both so lucky to have found each other..

  9. 134
    Cassi Says:

    I guess we aren’t getting new pics since Brad is filming in the studios today.

  10. 135
    The never ending story Says:

    @the ring:
    jo the cover of People does not speak about the wedding of brangelina; (
    Don’t spliiiiiiiiiit your A$$ wider just jet joy b Angie ..,just wait for Brad and Angie announcing their wedding … People will speak about your chinni chin chin Women child will speak to People … Brad and Angie stole my thunder again… I supposed to wed my Gnome … why .. Why … Waaaaa waaaa… now I have to canceled my wedding … Waaaaa waaaaaa…. Oh wait … I will get married to my Gnome now…. Waaaaa waaaaaa

  11. 136
    Passing Through Says:

    # 65 CLINIQUA @ 10/02/2013 at 1:14 am
    Angelina in top 10 of 100 sexiest actresses:
    Maniston is nowhere in even the top 20, and I got tired of clicking so wasnt checking 21-100. Bahahaa.
    I’m not surprised Ticky’s not in the top 20…but… it’s a little hard to take Empire seriously when Angie is #9 and Hermione Granger is #1. Emma Watson looks like she’s about 12 in the photo they chose and about a sexy as dirty tube socks. Empire is a British pub so choosing a British actress makes sense…but couldn’t they have chosen a Brit who’s actually sexy? I think Rachel Weisz was #34 but she’d get my vote over Hermoine any day of the week.
    Even funnier is their list of Sexiest Male Movie Stars – cumberbatch #1? Puh-leeze. I wouldn’t even put him and his waxy forehead on the list. And Brad’s #19? Please. Just stop, Empire. That’s beyond ridic. Saw a photo of Brad next to Cumberbatch at TIFF and LMAO at all the Cumberwhatever fans creaming themselves. Brad brings the sexy without even trying. I did laugh at Leo being #31 and Porgie being #33 though. I hate Porgie but I’d put him before Leo – See: Summer shirtless pix. BLEH! The good news for uber buff Daniel Craig is that even though he was #24 – he beat Beer Belly Leo. Overall both lists suck. How do get Cumberbatch at #1…and Clive Owen doesn’t make the list…but tv actor Jensen Ackles made the “sexiest movie stars” list? That’s just all kinds of wrong.

  12. 137
    Bea Says:

    Aw…the poor waddling widdle trolls.

    Another day of them looking into their cracked mirrors and crying at the old, sad, fat, lonely face staring back at them.

    They really should take ticky’s photo off their mirrors.

  13. 138
    The never ending story Says:

    @her life, his life: while you .. Tmz… Morons .. Crossed eye Lainey .. FatF@ck .. and all the old ugly fat cows having theirs mouth split in half… The Jolie~Pitt sails through the sunset .. Every.. Single .. Time… With $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  14. 139
    Passing Through Says:

    # 100 Wonderbust @ 10/02/2013 at 8:08 am
    And Brad’s on the cover of THR mag telling HW “Game on, fvckers!” while Ticky is still pimping PR Baby #3,724,296 and looking for work at the same time. Of course the trolls are coming unglued. Instead they should be having an Enchantment Circle to celebrate Squiggy getting a job that lasts more than 1 week. Wonder if he’ll by chicken feed with his first paycheck instead fo blowing it on more syphillis tongues..

  15. 140
    well Says:

    Yeah, lists are always pretty stupid and we know that the PRless JPs are never one to care if they are on a list or not. It is AWESOME when PR addicts like fat tick who have paid millions of dollars to get on these hinky lists so many times can’t even get on any more. Time to buy another dirtbag award.

  16. 141
    groundcontrol Says:

    Most women have small and discreet engagement rings. Those rings can be worn places you wouldn’t normally wear bigger and flashier diamonds such as to work or out and about.
    I have seen too many too big diamond engagement rings in the past decade and quite frankly they look out of place in everyday wear such as to the office or when women are in sports get ups. I think those showy rings are best reserved for more limited wearing except, of course, where the woman wants to show off her engagement ring. That desire to show off and proudly wear your ring wears off after a while and practicality and common sense takes over. If they can afford a second, more subtle engagement ring that seems to make the most sense.
    Not that any of this matters to people intent on inventing their own scenarios of gloom and doom. But, hey, che sara, sara.

  17. 142
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    Oh snap! Mia Farrow just threw down in a VF interview and said that her son Ronan may not be Woody Allen’s kid. His father MAY be Frank Sinatra and that she and Frank “never really broke up”. he says Ronan’s never had a paternity test to determine his father so nobody knows for sure. Frank’s daughter Nancy (These Boots Are Made For Walking) says the family accepts the boy as his. I saw a pic of the kid and he DOES have Frnak’s blue eyes and looks a bit like Sinatra when he was younger. So why all the drama when Woody turned out to be a scumbag pedo who cheated on her with her own daughter when she was already cheating with her ex-husband…other than that whole pedo thing? Good ole Mia Farrow. She always was a bit off her rocker. Mia’s adopted daughter who Woody supposedly molested says she’s cared spitless of him and another adopted son has Photoshopped Woody out of all the family photos and videos. LOL! That’s one fvcked up family…but now I’m going to have to read the whole VF article…

  18. 143
    AWHODAT! Says:

    Is Brad’s THR interview online anywhere?

  19. 144
    well Says:

    gc- I agree- it’s like when more thought and effort is put into a giant wedding than the relationship itself. It seems that these fancy, budget-busting displays are essential to their self-worth or something. Puzzling, but they can spend however they want. Yes, more often than not, without a solid foundation of shared values, doom matter how big the ring or expensive the dress.

  20. 145
    tweet Says:

    Strawberry Spritzer ‏@sis02ejf 44m

    Friend at work was all of a flutter today! Saw #BradPitt this morning & he said good morning! #Swoon

  21. 146
    tweet Says:

    Jake Hamilton ‏@JakesTakes 37m
    London-bound today to talk with the stars of the Ridley Scott / Cormac McCarthy thriller, THE COUNSELOR!

  22. 147
    Passing Through Says:

    # 108 Susan @ 10/02/2013 at 8:39 am
    I saw that story. Porgie dated her before. This is what he sometimes does when he doesn’t need a new piece of Oscar arm candy for awards season. He produced A:OC but Weinstein’s distributing so he doesn’t need to be all over the place pushing it like he did Argo. Ten years ago he was back and forth with Krista Allen & Lisa Snowden. I guess they’ve both put a padlock on it or are in other relationships so now he’s booty calling another old hookup. I call it Lazy P***y Shopping when he can’t be bothered to find a new skagette-for-hire because he’s in the middle of making a movie.

  23. 148
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: Hi PT, I totally agree with you about that ridiculous Empire sexiest male and female list.

  24. 149
    Lylian Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Oh dear God! Poor boy! and as for Mia Farrow – well, what can anyone say?
    About Mia and Soon Yi – well, there may have been something like a electra complex. If you have a mother like Mia – well, can you be anything but – ??
    As for Woody and Soon Yi, well, the reality is, they’ve been together since at least 1992 and married since 1997. They’ve out lasted many marriages and relationships. And Woody has been very productive during this time and quite a few of his movies have been well reviewed. I assuming he’s reasonably happy – sufficient at least to be productive.
    I mean, if the relationship between Woody and Soon Yi is really as dysfunctional as Mia makes it out to be – you’d think it would have run its course by now or Woody would have stopped being as productive as he has been since 1992.
    I guess as long as they really have never seen each other as father daughter, then, well, live and let live, especially after all this time ….

  25. 150
    Passing Through Says:

    # 111 Susan @ 10/02/2013 at 8:47 am
    I think Seal got tired of Heidi being a ball-busting beeyotch. Plus, he’s an elitist and a control freak so I think they mutually worked each other’s last nerve. You should have seen his Piers Morgan interview after they split. I was LMAO at what a snob he is and he’s got a corn cob shoved up his ass. Hence him saying Heidi was “fornicating with the help” with a little sniff as only the British can and make it sound condescending and beneath contemp. You’d think he was a member of the royal family instead of an orphan who bounced from one foster home to the next after his mother died because his father was a deadbeat.

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