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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez's Baby Boy's Name Revealed!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez's Baby Boy's Name Revealed!

Halle Berry gave birth to her first child with husband Olivier Martinez over the weekend and now their baby boy’s name has been revealed via TMZ.

The 47-year-old actress and the 47-year-old actor named their baby boy Maceo Robert Martinez.

The meaning of Maceo is “Gift of God” and the name was supposedly popular during the medieval ages – in the 9th through the 14th century. The name is Spanish in origin and the current version of the name is Matteo or Matthew.

Maceo‘s middle name is for Olivier‘s dad Robert.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez’s baby boy’s name?

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  • Diliana von Bork

    I don’t know what I think about it. This is the first time that I see this name. I think it’s a little strange.

  • TheMuffinman

    Not sure exactly how to pronounce it but when i say it a few ways i like the sound of it.

  • Ashley

    You say it like…. Ma-Say-Oh. Cute. :)

  • Kasia

    Should’ve been Simba

  • just saying

    why don’t her baby have a afro American name like Nahla what going on here ?

  • LA2222

    @just saying: Have you never heard about Maceo Parker, (ultra mega) famous jazzman (who happens to be BLACK american…)

  • just saying

    @LA2222 The meaning of the name Maceo is ‘a gift from God’. The name has a Spanish origin, the origin of the name Maceo is Spanish

  • just saying

    @ LA2222 the point am making Is Halle made it her business to give Nahla a part of her culture which is afro American.

  • pika

    @just saying: the child is more european than african so she is probably gonna give it more of a european name. halle berry is mixed race and her kids are only a quarter black, it just so happens that they took more of her complexion and features because it appears to be more dominant in this case.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Maceo is a beautiful name, for a beautiful boy. Congratulations Halle and Olivier, can’t what to see the baby. I read in people that Oliver never left his wifes side as she brought there son into the world. He is a good man and father. This family is fantastic.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying, come on give it a rest at least for once.. Hate on another day. Be happy for the baby, he’s rich.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat shut up her first child father did the same and prince of England stay by his wife side also big deal.

  • Tonya31701

    Why is it that people (mostly us black people) always trying to stir up an argument regarding something so stupid as a name being of African origin. WTF does this have to do with anythiing. Clearly, the babies dad is Spanish you idiot and the mom is MIXED (not just black!). She can name the baby after a bacteria….it’s her f’ing baby..get over it. Geez morons

  • Tonya31701

    @just saying, you can’t be that stupid in real life. If you just don’t have anything to do, I suggest you read your bible


    @ pika Halle is the one that said Nahla is black and that she believed in the one drop so leave the person alone Halle is the one that said it.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Tonya31701 Oh, @just saying really can be that stupid, trust me. She’s mean, mean, mean, little baby come in the world and she has nothing good to say.

  • just saying

    @Tonya31701 you so didn’t called me stupid in real life you needed to check your fact you fool and go read your bible. Halle called her daughter black with Gabriel so if you so want’s to get in to this fight let get down .

  • huggybear

    All you people needed to stop fighting over Halle she not worth it god bless that poor family their going to needed it

  • Love The Shoes

    @Kasia: Why would your heart feel the need to be that ugly? Is it because no one can see you online?

  • Kasia

    @Love The Shoes: You’re the one with the ugly heart attacking an innocent Lion King fan

  • http://@JFreixeiro joaquin


    Nice one Tonya, what a great observation!
    Why get race in the middle of everything?
    I’m of mixed race, African with white European, and my name reflects BOTH my parents choice as catholic, nothing more, and yet it does not make my mother or myself less proud of our black origins!

    Live and let live indeed.

  • Ha

    I oddly like the name “Maceo” …’s pretty cool and original.. in a good way! Yeah I love it actually… I might copy it someday haha

  • Hector

    TONYA is a dumb lying TROLL and she is not BLACK she is an ugly ghetto PuertoRican. Stay out of it it has nothing to do with you this baby is not PuertoRican his father is French, his culture is French and Olivier is French. The baby has an ancient Spanish name so what you fool.

  • Hector


  • Courtney

    Olivier is part Spanish hence why they chose Maceo as their sons first name and his middle name is after his paternal grandfather which it’s pretty standard to carry on a family name with a child. Nell Newman for example is named after her two grandmothers Eleanor is her maternal grandmothers name while Theresa is her paternal grandmothers name. it’s none of the public’s business what celebrities name their children

  • a nice, normal name

    Thank you Halle and Olivier! Thank you for being sane in choosing your son’s name.

  • meMeME

    Ohhhhhhh I love it Halle, very uncommon I love names like that not every tom, dick and harry has it

  • Connie Falconerie

    @meMeME: #27

    Ohhhhhhh I love it Halle, very uncommon I love names like that not every tom, **** and harry has it
    It is common in Spain, AND other Spanish speaking countries.

  • Connie Falconerie

    @just saying: #8
    @ LA2222 the point am making Is Halle made it her business to give Nahla a part of her culture which is afro American.
    Olivier is half Spanish, so they gave the child a Spanish first name. There is nothing wrong with that..

  • mg

    Very Cute name but God I hope he doesn’t look like the father. What an smug, ugly looking man.

  • Nikki

    I like the name, however I feel bad for the little guy. This woman should not have offspring!

  • Clara

    The Spanish version of Matthew es Mateo. I’m from Spain and it’s the first time I see that name. In fact, San Mateo is the patron of Oviedo and Logroño. Maybe Maceo was an ancient version of the name, but it sounds to me more as Macerio (Macey) than Mateo. So if they wanted a Spanish name, they should have chosen Mateo

  • Clara

    @Connie Falconerie: No, it isn’t. You will hardly find a boy named Maceo in Spain. Mateo, yes, especially in the North

  • mia
  • Nahla & Gabe etal
  • Macy

    Olivier is French and stated in People that he will remain French while his son will be American.

  • British Latin American

    Nahla is not even a black African name.

  • Linda beaudry

    I must reserve judgement on what I think of the name until I find out how it’s pronounced.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Nikki: A little late to say she shouldn’t have children. That little boy is so lucky to have a good and beautiful mother and a father who is a real handsome man, no vanity at all, all male, can even fight.

  • Truth

    If halle berry really évén belle es in god . Halle berry is à liar halle berry does not believe in good. Halle berrys sources say halle is à wicken halle berry believe d’ in witchcraft

  • Truth

    I am told halle berry belleves in witchcraft. In the film industry the practice of witchcraft is practiced. And the word is from reliable sources is that halle berry does not believe in god, the word is halle berry does believe in witchcraft, the word is that is why halle tricked 2 m’en into having à baby with her and both men do not have halle berry in their heads

  • nunya

    nahla is not black, nahla is actually arabic

    @just saying:

  • Ssolomon

    What’s wrong with you people? The question is: Do you like this baby’s name? Why so much mean hateful comments…why so much race or ethnic rants?

    I think Maceo Robert is a fine name for an adorable child. God bless him.