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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Dance for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'!

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Dance for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson share a sweet dance while filming a scene for their film Fifty Shades of Grey on Thursday (December 19) in Vancouver, Canada.

The two co-stars were surrounded by crew members as well as their director Sam Taylor-Wood for the day on set.

Looks like Jamie is back at work after news broke that he and his wife Amelia Warner welcomed a baby daughter late last month! No word yet on the bundle of joy’s name. We can’t wait to find out deets!

Fifty Shades of Grey will be released in theaters on February 15, 2015. Mark your calendars!

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  • SaadGKhan

    Indeed ugliest girl in films, look at those old eyes . . . maybe the director herself like B*** a young guy … she cast a young looking guy in front that old B****

  • Sayer

    Oh dear. Will this work?

  • leah

    he’s HOT . No one can deny that . He’ll make a fine CG

  • soy

    @SaadGKhan: you can’t base that on some candid on set pictures, hollywood lights and cameras work magic.

  • Lydia

    I don’t remember this scene from the book?

  • haha

    isn’t christian grey suppose to be super hot and attractive.. this guy isn’t attractive at all, including the girl!

  • martha

    Dakota has such saggy eyes. I don’t understand why, she is so young.

  • ardnaskela

    Look nice still… Is she not too tall in comparison to him? Should he not be towering over her? They should put him into some hidden heels perhaps.

  • redwine11

    What ?? Jamie Dornan is HOT! Have you seen him act? Hes wonderful

  • SNL

    @Lydia: Same thoughts …..this movie is going to ruin the book

  • Ridiculous

    I find it utterly ridiculous that out of every actor and not, these actors were the one’s chosen! Couldn’t they have an open audition to find people of some resemblance to the characters she REPEATEDLY spoke about in every page of every chapter of the books? It’s clearly evident, that the marshmallow of the literature world, will become the marshmallow of the cinema world. The “run over by a bicycle scene” didn’t have a dancing scene. What the hell is the director doing? We should’ve known novice Sam Taylor would with the actors she cast.

  • Just Saying

    he is no walking wet dream >>>>>he;s good looking but Christan was hot and had a sexy vibe this guy does not

  • Emma

    What the hell is happening there, is this Sound of Music??

  • Eni

    all of you are stupid or are made? They’re joke, are not dancing in the movie, see the videos

  • b

    Didn’t the book talk about how her hair would cascade down over her breasts and down her back? This hair is so awful. And why doesn’t he have copper hair? I’m not expecting much, as the book was god awful crap and I don’t plan on seeing the movie (maybe when I get it free from the library) but I hate with a passion when movies based on books are so far from the actual book. Why even use the book as a starting off point. Just write a different story and call it a day.

  • sharp

    Somehow all the glamour has been taken out of the books. I’ve never read them but I know enough about the setting. This is meant to be glamorous, sexual, mysterious, all of that. They look like two average 20 somethings in a TV movie.

  • Horrible

    were are his grey eyes??? cooper hair??????? Anastassia hair is NOT like that , damn didn’t anyone read the book??? they better put some contacts and dye his hair and FIX her hair and put LOTS of makeup or simply cast someone who somewhat looks like the characters. OH and just a shout out to directors and Hollywood STOP DOING FILMS BASE ON BOOKS/NOVELS, ETC, AND COME UP WITH YOUR OWN SHIT!!!!!!!DON’T TAKE BOOKS IDEAS BECAUSE ALL YOU DO IS RUIN THEM !!!!!!

  • Roxanne

    I wonder how the director plans of shooting the sex/kinky f^ckery scenes without it looking like a pornn or soft porn movie

  • wheres video?

    does anyone have the link to the video of them dancing?? thanks

  • mrs.robinson

    If her mom wasn’t Melanie Griffith she wouldn’t have gotten the role.

  • CBD

    @mrs.robinson: Mrs. Robinson is correct

  • Loreto

    @SaadGKhan: There’s no need to be so rude.

  • pol

    guys hold girls’ hand when dancing, right?
    here, she’s holding his hand, which makes him look feminine and NOT in control! not much for the ‘control freak’ he supposed to be…

  • Not Cool

    @pol: hahahahahhhhhhaa ROFL true

  • SaadGKhan

    @soy: I have seen all of their shooting pictures and in not a single one she looked even nice. such a wrong choice.

  • redwine11

    I say just give the movie a chance. Movie’s are never the same as the book. Jamie Dornan is smoldering in every part I have ever seen him in. I think he’s a great choice.

  • Bella

    The first impression is what counts. If you had seen the movie before reading the book you’d think the other way round (that the movie is way better than the book). Too bad for Dakota and Jamie.

  • Rainn

    It’s amazing how people can hate so much on something they haven’t seen yet. Does it really matter if the film doesn’t follow every exact detail of the book?!

    I personally am happy with the casting choice, they have really grown on me as Ana and Christan and I look forward to the film

  • esmeralda

    i think the movie is going to be better thank the book..
    Jamie will be an awesome grey,he is the only relevant in the book…

  • esmeralda

    the actress is a bads choice,she is beautiful but anna has a long hair its her thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee

    Just FYI, they are NOT shooting a scene, this is them just goofing off screen, no there is no dance scene during the ‘bike’ set. And they are both fine as CG and AS. And even if you dont agree….its done. Stop bitching ….they are both unknown actors, whether it does well in theatres or whether it flops you’ll be seeing alot of these 2 in the future….DEAL WITH IT. (And also.. are there seriously people who dont find Jamie Dornan hott as fvxck?!? Are you guys blind!?)

  • al

    Some of you are ridiculous. This movie is going to ruin the books? The books were HORRIBLY written! If anything, this movie could improve the quality.

    And to all of you b*tching about her – did you ever think no one else wanted this role? It was not sought after at all. Glad they could at least find someone who would accept it.

    As for him, he is extremely good looking.

  • Carla

    That is the worse Anastasia! Noooo! Why her? Because her parents are actors? Geez!!

  • reeven

    Morbid people will make this movie a success, unfortunately

  • Em

    Love both of them! Jamie even stopped by to meet with fans after they wrapped up filming. How sweet of him. I think he’ll do just fine as CG.

  • Nikki

    Neither fit the part in my opinion, but whatever. Idiots will still flock to the theater to see this pile of crap. It’s not going to meet anyone’s expectations.

  • Frejmikbrew

    Are people really not done bitching about this casting yet? They’re playing these roles, so move on. You don’t like the casting, you don’t have to go see the film, though I suspect all these people who bitch and moan will be some of the first in line when’s it’s released. I don’t know what people think they can judge from pap pictures, we haven’t even seen any official on set stills or footage. At least curb the endless bile spewing until then. They at least deserve a chance.

  • p

    LMAO!!! you people are ridiculous … seriously all of you need to stop , you have no clue on how a movie gets made or how they write a script from a book in turn it into a movie . i don’t know how many times it has been explained . You can not translate a book word for word onto the screen not only it will be a long ass movie it will also be boring as hell . Never read the books won’t read them any time soon but i may watch the movie out of curiosity , the guy looks really cool . also i want to see all of those “mommy porn readers ” in the audience and see their reaction , it’s always entertaining to watch ..LOL.. Just like @frejmikbrew said get over it you haven’t seen anything on this movie so stop complaining ….. sheeesh … really next time why don’t you go ahead and cast and make the next movie from your favorite book yourselves since you all think you know how it’s done ..LOL!!!

  • Opinions

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is possible to honor the books correctly while being brought to the big screen; beautifully showcased by the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films. The characters were carefully chosen to honor the resemblance and spirit of the literary characters. There is no need to know the specifics of how details work in the industry to understand a mediocre film from a great film. As for Fifty, the uproar is not about the events depicted correctly on screen, as much as the miscast actors bringing the characters to life. The author put so much emphasis on her characters descriptions, so the least she could’ve done was to help cast actors who resemble the characters.That’s what makes them so beloved by fans of all ages. None the less, the film is already in production, and none of the greedy professionals involved with this project cared, nor do they care what the paying fans think. It’s the directors’ vision, and she is killing it with miscasting actors who look nothing like CG or AS. I’m not even mentioning the secondary characters with the exception of Taylor, Ray, and Ana’s mother. No wonder Charlie declined his offer and no other serious actor wanted the roles. That should’ve spoken volumes months ago.

  • Lya Legion

    @Lydia: loll i was thinking the same thing!!

  • larascott

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  • Isa

    Jamie is perfect for Christian Grey!
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • no artistry

    true, many people are scratching their heads over the laughable casting. but, you cant expect anything better from two egomaniacs male producers who know nothing about what women want and gred is the only reason they’re doing this. non, NON of their previous movies have anyhting to do with this type f material. thr his wn admission, dana egomaniac brunetti said he follows whats’trending’ on twitter then tries to ‘get there first’. NOTHING about this movie says artistry. NOTHING! starting from the producers to the dimented director who so obviously hired someone whom is identical to HER looks to play anna all the way down the line to the hiring of WTF rita ora.(lest not forget dakota wnted the role prior to even reading the book!) it is incredibly OBVIOUS sam taylor johnson trying so hard to make this movie ‘edgy’ that shes COMPLETELY negated the reason why most people liked the books to begin with! pathetic!!!!!!

  • GloriaS

    I read the book and they both look exactly how I`ve pictured them…. can`t wait to see this movie!!!!!

  • Lulu

    He is hot!!!!!!

  • Derin

    I know they are goofing around, but the way Jamie is looking at Dakota… Oooo myyyy

  • jennifer

    i don’t know why everyone hate dakota so much!, anastasia in the books is not a beautiful woman is pretty but not that much so i don’t undestand why keep saying that dakota is too ugliest for the part. i think the cast is great and i hope that the movie is better that the book.

  • Wow

    @p: Thanks for schooling all of us with your extended experience. But personally when a movie cannot get the hair, which Anna seemingly describes in the book ALL.THE.TIME, even remotely correct, I think that gives fans the right to most definitely vent their frustrations and question how accurate the movie will be.

  • val5

    The poor Amelia is the next Michael Angarano…..

  • LA

    I’d say everyone needs to chill out over the casting. Watch Ben & Kate or any of Dakota’s interviews on YouTube. She’s very down to earth, much like her character Ana. Give her a chance. I, for one will definitely watch the movie when it comes out.