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Paul Wesley Confirms 'Vampire Diaries' Shocker Is Real!

Paul Wesley Confirms 'Vampire Diaries' Shocker Is Real!


It was a shocking episode this evening on The Vampire Diaries and one of the major characters was killed off the show.

Paul Wesley‘s character Stefan had his heart ripped out by Tyler, while he was possessed by a traveler named Julian. OMG Stefan is dead!

While being killed on the show doesn’t always mean that a character is for sure dead, Paul seems to have confirmed his character’s demise.

“Stefan is done-zo. Sorry guys,” Paul tweeted after the shocking episode aired.

WHAT DID YOU THINK about tonight’s big death on The Vampire Diaries?

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  • Amy

    LOL. Paul is a troll. You can tell he’s wanted off TVD for awhile now from his interviews. He probably asked JP for this.

  • IMO

    This explains why they’re pushing the Elena and Damon being soul mates and sh*t so much when they act like f*ckbuddies. I figured Paul wanted out.

  • Umm

    Whether you’re a Delena or Stelena fan, they need both guys to balance each other and the show out. I’m sorry but I hope the get some witchy power and bring him back because without Stefan there’s no storyline because, let’s face it, everything has been about him and Elena being doppelgangers…we’ll just be staring at Elena and Damon staring at each other for an hour, Bonnie cringing from people walking through her and Caroline planning parties or whateverthef*ck she does when she’s not solving mysteries with Stefan. Even if Paul wants out, I hope he doesn’t go out. This is major fail, it’s like killing Elena off. The show can’t survive without the main three. If Nina, Ian or Paul ever leave for good then the show tanks. Bottom line. In fact, I think the show is tanking as it is so I feel a series finale coming on for either season 6 or 7.

  • Umm

    @IMO: The Elena and Damon thing always feels so forced and fake. In the real world (and I know this isn’t the real world) Elena would be a low down dirty ho for even acting on her feelings to hook up with her boyfriends brother let alone go back to the original brother and then back to the other. You can’t trust a girl who’s that fickle with her feelings either. But in TVD fantasy world, I mean she’s still kinda gross lol, but did they ever really resolve if her thing with Damon was a sired thing? Her relationship with Stefan felt more real. I know there are Nina/Ian fans who support Delena as a result but I think that’s the worst couple to ever be created on this show…well..unless they make Stefan/Caroline happen. I still don’t think Stefan is gone for good.

  • Jay

    Lets ignore the fact that Stefan is the main character and the one telling the story….

  • Jay

    In addition this would be the most disappointing end to a major character. Are they serious? I don’t care of Paul wanted out they could have written it better.

    I don’t believe it because this feels so incomplete.

  • ME

    Too bad they killed off the wrong character. Why don’t they kill off Elena????? Everyone always either dies or is badly hurt in some way because of her….

  • IMO

    @Umm: I never had a problem with Elena and Demon (because it’s a show) until they started trying to show them as being ‘In Love’. It is so forced because they only ever had the sexual chemistry, which they lost this season.

  • Amy


    Season 6 is the last season for sure. I think it’s obvious Paul hasn’t been happy on TVD for awhile now. He complains about the writing. He doesn’t want Stefan to have shirtless scenes because he’s a serious actor. (lol… he was on a teen show on The CW) Let him go try doing some indie movies or whatever. He reminds me of Penn from GG. His attitude stinks.

  • FAIL

    @ME: YES and then she plays the victim. The fact is that whether you dislike Elena, if you dislike Stefan or dislike Damon the thing is that THEY are the show. This is the story of the three of them, mainly the brothers and then Elena has the thing between them. The rest of the characters, while they may have their own fans, they are add-ons to make the story flow. They don’t carry the show (meaning Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, ect.). If they did they would put more focus on all of their families/history. TVD is about Stefan, Damon and Elena…without one of them, any one of them, this show is severely doomed. This reminds me of One Tree Hill…a show about brothers and girl between them and their doomed father/son relationships that turned into a bunch of friends being friends with lame storylines that got even worse when two of the original three left. Once you remove the core of the show there isn’t a show. Even if you hate Stefan, he needs to be there for you to hate him. That’s how a show works.

  • LOL

    Um.. I’m sure theyre bring him back soon. Like, I’m not even paying mind to his death. LOL

  • FAIL

    @Amy: There’s one or two of them in every show. Chad and Sophia wanted out to make movies (but Soph stuck it out to the end), Penn wanted out to make movies (same as Sophia), Misha Barton wanted out to make movies…it’s like they don’t know how a long running teen drama works.

  • Jo

    I can’t believe there are people stupid enough to believe this. Stefan’s not permanently dead and Paul isn’t leaving.

  • Rude

    @Jo: You could make your comment and express your thoughts/opinions without calling people (people you don’t know btw) rude names. Can anyone say anything anymore without being mean for the sake of being mean?

  • Jo

    @Rude: You know what, you’re right. It was a mean way of putting it, there was no need for it and I apologize. I actually hate how nasty the comments on TVD and TVD cast articles usually are on this site, so I should’ve known better. Truly, I’m sorry.

    On topic, Stefan’s still not permanently dead, Paul still isn’t leaving and this is still a publicity tactic. Also, this last episode made me cave and admit that I totally ship Steroline after all. Her reaction to his death!!!

  • http://Kiwi098976 Mazy

    How dare they killed stefan he is the main three and why in the world would he wanna quit. I say we never watch the how and see what the network thinks cuz this is just dumb i dont understand why this is happening. We have supported this show since day one and now this!! This is an outrage!! Paul wesley u have hurt ur fans and the show!! I hope ur happy!!!

  • http://Kiwi098976 Mazy

    Im am so angry at this choice that i am declaring to boycott the vampire diaries till they put stefan back cuz i will not stand for this crap!!
    Paul i hope u realize that u have so many loving fans that are being hurt by this and i hope u can explain why this is wat it is becuz u are leaving a trail of tears with this decision. We love u but this is not the nest choice the CW has made or JP.

  • TVDer in the South

    Trust me, Paul is not leavng the show. It was supposed to be a jaw dropper to lead into the finale. Look beyond it folks, he isn’t going anywhere. Last year, it was reported, I believe by Ian or Plec, that the main 3 have at least a couple more years because their contracts were renewed in Season 5. Yes, technically he can’t come “back to life” but you know that they have created some storyline that will have him sitll in the show. As “Fail” stated, the show is about the relationship between the 3 of them. Plec has always said it is a story about the love and bond between the two brothers first and foremost. To be fair to Damon and Elena, the writers really haven’t given them decent screne time together to just be a couple. They have too many storylines they are trying to intermix and their relationship almost became a side note. Remember the chemistry they had in seasons prior because they actually had time to have a conversation or spend time together. They gave Stelena plenty of those couple moments, thus the fact it looks good. As much as I love the show, I know that Season 6 or maybe, Season 7, will be the end of TVD. Bummer, but at least it has managed to go on this far.

  • Rude

    @Jo: I really appreciate the fact that you apologized because most people would continue to run with that they said and somehow justify it. Thanks for doing that. I also completely agree. I think it’s a “shock factor” and he’ll be back, but the majority of people commenting here are also just talking about how bad for the show it would be to kill him off. I don’t think anyone actually believes he’s dead, it’s more of a “what was the point of that?” reaction. Ya know? There isn’t a show without him and that’s why it wouldn’t be believable that they killed him off.

  • Rude

    @TVDer in the South: I agree with nearly everything you said. But I also feel like they will somehow figure out how to bring Stefan “back to life”. Enough fan rage will help them think of something.

  • connie

    Damon ruined the show for me. Elana and DAmon are awful together. He is so fruity looking and can not act! Paul will do well off that garbage show.

  • Welp

    @connie: You may have been rude in the delivery, but you’re right about Damon. He acts very flamboyant…but…aren’t vampires supposed to?

  • Amber

    Oh please. There is no way this is going to stick

  • sarah

    Paul Wesley has been the ONLY reason why me and my friends have watched this show since the first episode. Since they’ve made it the Delena/Damon show the ratings have gone downhill, fast. Julie and Caroline’s obsession with Ian has ruined the show. They had Ian in all scenes and when he wasn’t in scenes they were talking about him. Poor Paul hardly had any great scenes/episodes. He was put on the back burner. We definitely WON’T be back for TVD’s. Season 4 and 5 have been boring. Good bye, FOREVER. PS Cannot wait to see where the very talented Paul Wesley goes next because WE WILL FOLLOW.

  • http://Facebook Maddie

    I have LOVED TVD since it started and was always a Stefan & Elena fan, but the past season or two Stefan has just changed. Weather that’s due to him wanting to be off the show or what, idk. But I do know Elena, Stefan and Damon make TVD. It wouldn’t be a show without them. Stefan and Damon are brothers and need each other. Elena is their true love and she needs them too. The show won’t be the same without their love triangle and without Stefan. Bonnie needs to find a way to bring him back!

  • wtf

    Paul Wesley is the only good male actor they’ve got on the show. What a waste.

  • Cris

    Paul’s right about the writing. Whoever is writing the show now must be a total idiot. The show is just confusing, they killed off most of the best actors and characters. I get the feeling someone is intentionally trying to tank it. Anyhow Stefan is my favorite so I guess we’ll see what they do with it all. Paul would be foolish to leave such a highly rated show. And as handsome as he is he’s really not the most believable actor. But he is so sexy.

  • Joe

    They’ll find a spell to bring them all back from limbo or whatever. I mean really, can we ever do without whiny Bonnie? The guy inhabiting Tyler will somehow be forced to give them the spell and presto everyone is back on payroll. Let the good times roll.

  • h8e TVD

    Thank you! Paul Wesley seems like better things are more suited for him than some crappy teen drama surrounding Nina’s balloon headed ass face and Ian’s balding narcissistic self!

  • sarah

    @Maddie: Stefan hasn’t changed. The writers favorite is Damon and only Damon. Look at all the actors on the show. There parts got smaller and smaller because of Julie and Caroline’s crush on Ian.

  • susan

    the show did not listen to most of the time because it has become boring and predictable and actor Ian always has the same expression on her face in fact some actors are mediocre.

  • virgo02

    I said the same thing after i went through 5 minutes of balling my eyes out! lol. Why couldn’t they just kill Elena? Stefan was the true HERO of the show and he didn’t deserve to die.

  • virgo02

    @h8e TVD:
    LOL @ Nina’s balloon headed ass face >:)

  • Chloe

    If hes really dead, Im not watching TVD anymore.

  • talia

    First all the originals left now Stefan(paul wesley), I won’t be watching the next season

  • talia

    Further to my comment,if he is not really dead I might still watch the show

  • pamcullen

    Totally agreed!! I am not a big fan of Stefan, but if he is dead, who am i going to hate now? He is as important in the show as Damon and Elena, even it is not a love triangle, Stefan needs to be there to help them form themselves.
    I think he isn’t really kill off the show, he is going to resurrect for sure, as everyone else in the show.

  • flip

    @Umm: whats gonna happen is if he really wanted to be off the show they’ll bring him back in some one else body

  • neha

    Nah….Paul isnt going anywhere. Its just to shock the viewers that’s all. He’ll be back. He’s one of the main leads after all. He’s gonna be fine.

  • Love

    I have to say, I hate Stefan and Caroline. They don’t look good AT ALL!! I have been with Stefan and Elena the whole time and still wish they get back together. It was suck a shock for me. I cried so bad and then was angry that Caroline was there yelling like an idiot. At least Elena would have ran to find Bonnie or someone to help(weather it failed or not). I am sick of Liv and I want Enzo back. Just hope they get it right. I really thought Damon was going to die. For one, he does in the books. And two, he is a pansy now and no drama with him besides being moppy an annoying over Elena and him breaking up. I detest them together and Agee they are the worst couple. Right next to Stefan and Caroline if they ever dated.

  • Jo

    @Rude: No problem, thank you for accepting my apology.

  • rrrrr

    I Didn’t care that he got written out of the show! he wasn’t happy with it. so why give him a role that he no longer wants to do!! how ever i didn’t care. i suffered a lot more when Clair Holt (Rebekah) left the originals lol! but for some odd reason i feel like they’re bringing him back .. it doesn’t seem real to me. watch he’ll be back next ep!

  • Cari

    @Umm: Agree with all of this!

  • stella

    Stefan is the only reason I put up with that show. If Stefan is permanently göne, I will never watch that show again.

  • http://N/a Kiera

    What the actual fact??!!!!!! Season 1 vampire diaries was the best in my opinion.Stefan is the lead male until they pushed that delena crap like what?can you blame Paul for wanting out the writing and character story lines are dragging and off point,Julie plec think it must be cute that it turned out to this!

  • LaCroix

    I stopped watching after season 1 to be honest.. Without Stefan, the show will not make it.

  • Brenda

    Call the fat lady this show is over…..It has been stale and poorly written for the last 2 years. The End.

  • Jeanne

    How is this crap still on? Guess there will always be 12 year olds to watch…

  • http://@sandra853 Crazy

    @sarah: what are you talking about?! Paul Wesley had great story lines–do you remember him playing Silas?! The bus stop scene is my favorite non- Damon scene of all-time! I love Damon and Stefan, and I think they both get the same amount of screen time. And I’m sure this will all get worked out, that’s why its called a tv show, for entertainment. :)

  • Nanabell

    “Shocking episode”? Seriously? LOL We all knew about Stefan’s death. Julie Plec and Caroline Dries have to try harder to make TVD more unpredictable.