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Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Marrying in Fall?

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney Marrying in Fall?

Amal Alamuddin is business chic while out and about on Monday (May 19) in London, England.

Last week, the 36-year-old lawyer was pretty in purple while grabbing lunch with a business associate.

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It was recently reported that Amal and her fiancee George Clooney are getting married this fall.

“He’d marry her today if he could, but he wants to give her a dream wedding,” a close source shared to Us Weekly.

The source added, “It is her first, and he wants it to be his last!”

In case you didn’t know, George was last married to Talia Balsam in 1989, but the couple divorced in 1993.

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  • Arrow 12

    Look everyone it’s the bearded lady….

  • Al’s Marmot

    Another fake girlfriend avaricious fameho. WTF kind of necklace is that, must be from the voodoo collection. Nice cubic zirconia from Sears, retail less than sixty dollars. This fake girlfriend contract was planned since last summer:
    Clooney is neither dating nor engaged to Alamuddin, in fact he can’t stand her.

  • Hmmmm

    This whirlwind romance seems really weird. Why is Clooney suddenly in so much of a rush to get married? Unless I am otherwise informed, he seems to hardly know this woman. I am sure she’s very nice, but why all the rush. Something is off. You know what they say…marry in haste, repent at leisure.

  • Glad

    @Hmmmm: they dated years ago, and have remained friends apparently.. So theyre not really strangers as you may think.

  • John

    @Arrow 12: #1 and 2 obviously the same person..Even if George didnt propose to Amal, Im pretty sure your chances with him are 1 in 6 billion. So whats the point of being envious and jealous? You’ll find a man someday-hopefully.

  • Amy Lee Christian

    Come fall she will realize the truth when she catches him in Jake G’s arms

  • Rose

    This engagement is a joke. They won’t make it to the fall.


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    This days Madame Aladin a
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  • Al’s Marmot

    @John: We are not the same person. I know it’s your standard line of attack as a publicity hack, to insult anyone daring to post the truth, and I’m posting the truth. Sounds to me like maybe you are jealous of me. Sick and tired of the publicity hacks trying to intimidate people including Clooney himself into accepting these fake girlfriends.
    @Rose, “This engagement is a joke” no it’s not a JOKE, it is FAKE.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Rose: The “engagement” does not exist, at all, therefore there is nothing to make it or not to the fall.

  • Butthurt much?

    This seems more “progressive“ agenda than love. He should have married Stacy.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Butthurt much?: Why would he have married Stacy? She was a fake girlfriend, too, and Clooney didn’t like her either.

  • Band Aid

    Monuments Men was a huge embarrassment but now we’ve all forgotten about it, exactly according to Clooney’s PR’s plan ya’ll

  • Lay Lady Lay

    @Band Aid: I haven’t seen MM to comment, but everyone says so. Made its money through aggressive marketing push and A-list cast. Immortalised on celluloid. Never to be forgotten… For the mess George Clooney delivered.

    His “relationships” may be forgotten, but his work remains. Generations to study. If he concentrated on his craft instead of selling his fake p public image, then perhaps he wouldn’t have to numb out his pathetic superficiality with alcohol.
    He thinks that as Argo won an Oscar through promotion, his scripted public image is working. Pathetic man. Argo winning had nothing to do with one of several producers with zero creative input.

  • …sigh…

    @Glad: no they didn’t, PR TROLL. Which of the geriatric PR crones are you, party-animal not! Or Joanna aka Mary Fisher (whose faculties have diminished so much she’s a liability to his PR network)???
    Masculine featured Amal Alamuddin was selected for Clooney from a shortlist last summer. He didn’t actually meet her until fall last year.

  • Newsflash!

    She defends criminals….murderers….alleged rapists.
    For retainers. Anal Alamuddin the feral-faced Islamic Arab lawyer.
    Latest instalment of George Clooney’s fake life.
    What next???

    Amal Alamuddin defending relatives in Lebanon in flourishing drug trade from Syrian war?

  • Lola

    George Clooney’s one true love for 20 years is Waldo Sanchez.
    His companion, confidante, lover… Soulmate.
    He accompanies him everywhere
    With Prop 8 you’d think he might have married him, but his minders won’t allow it. Not much has changed since Rock Hudson’s times.

  • Lola

    Waldo Sanchez & George Clooney take a romantic walk in Valencia filming Tomorrowland earlier this year.

    They’re always exchanging texts & emails when apart.

    Waldo Sanchez & George Clooney leaving LouLou nightclub in London last May after an intimate night out. (Nb: the hired escort Monika Jakisic was used as a ruse … & paid)
    Waldo is in the background. As a real partner, his name isn’t often in the credits of George’s real life publicity. Oh, he’s credited in every GC film. After all, love hides in George’s hair…LOL..LOL…wink…
    Yes, the manly Arab lawyer with the Jimmy Durante nose is another ruse.

  • 5 minute break

    Overkill corny publicity.
    Lame looking couple with zero chemistry.
    Selected partners by his PR team of tall butterface women who tower over him rendering him a short feeble little man. Women young enough to be his daughters. All women told to lose weight to sell illusion of fashionable size O appropriation. This one has a degree, so the theme includes marriage… Cleaning up his bogus sleaze factor image.
    Throw in some humanitarian work and voila:
    The ugly version of a Hollywood power couple. Alpha male & Alpha Arab she-male.

  • راعي الإبل

    Infidel bichtes! I spit on all of you! But she not yet defensing Abu Hanmza Al-Mazri. He very pride of she & she family. Baria good freind.
    Rude people occidentals. شرموطة

  • l’illusione farsesco

    Another “smart” outfit the PR network provided in her allowance for this photo-op. No need to criticise this woman’s appearance even though she signed up for this publicity. For fame & fortune. It’s Clooney who allows public deception for years, with a dose of 1-quarter truths: 3-quarter lies.

  • …sigh…

    In his drunken soliloquy. Compares his betrothed to Conchita Wurst…
    Daily Fail:
    Nack Clooce, newcastle, United Kingdom, 11 hours ago
    Is it a fantastic date for them? Is it for what? To all world memorize it? ¿GC and AA married a day after 09/11¿. Everybody knows: the first rendezvous was before that¿ Other thing, she is so ¿beautiful¿ that it is almost difficult to compare between her and Conchita¿very ¿beautiful¿ indeed.

  • rob

    But he has to marry her now he will look even more of an idiot. Plus can you imagine what will happen to him if he embarrass this well known Arab family. They will destroy him. He isn’t just marrying her but the whole middle east it will be an insult if he doesn’t marry her, there is no looking back since he put a ring on it.

  • Lol @ Al’s Marmot

    ..thinking she knows Clooney personally. Hilarious

  • Nina

    they’re the type of pseudo-intellectual couples who drink wine and lattés, discuss books that they didn’t read, wear cardigans at home, wear reading glasses that they don’t need, travel to “african” countries without knowing the difference between algeria and mali and pat each other on the back for being deep and better than everyone else. Ugh.

  • are you serious?

    @BandAid#13….MM was a huge embarrassment? Really?

    Total Lifetime Grosses

    Domestic: $78,031,620 50.3%
    + Foreign: $76,952,415 49.7%

    = Worldwide: $154,984,035

    Budget was set for 70,000 and it came in under at 65,000; so not bad at all. It was never destined to be a big blockbuster…we are talking another WWII film, so are you seriously believing it could do any better? It did more than good in this declining climate at the movie theaters and with much bigger budget films flopping all over the place.

    This wasn’t an “action film” and still they will make back their investment, times 3, when all the DVD sales are in. That’s a pretty nice payday for all concerned!

  • jon m’shulla

    I wonder if she is a lesbian or a f*a*g* hag or just a beard?

  • Newsflash!

    Yes, Monuments Men was so badly directed it was RIDICULED by the most influential critics the world over.
    SUCH A MESS that SONY delayed its release till after the Holidays Season & well away from Academy Award nominations.
    Just because the PR morons learnt to post Box Office results, they think that if it made some money, it’s good.
    Just like George Clooney’s fake relationships.
    PHENDON PAPAMICHAEL who was cinematographer even criticised the lack of tone. The film was all over the place. Nothing could give it merit it was due. Always to be remembered because of an unfocused director.
    It made money because of a great cast.
    Gee, wonder why??!!!

    Then he thought by screening it at the White House in a not-so-private event, with a human rights barrister of a name-dropping Muslim editor mother, would save his face from world embarrassment.
    A mess like the fabrication of GEORGE CLOONEY’s private life.
    The result of an unhappy man who in his own words, is a “billboard poster boy for hired hooookers.” (Whether wannabe models, wrestlers, Berlusconi velinas/ prostitutes, ambitious/ morally corrupt lawyers, or Las Vegas cocktail waitresses/ escorts….


  • thorn in my side

    @Newsflash!: Phedon Papamichael said it need more time. It just didn’t fully transpire. Could have been so much more. He should know. His muted palette was less obscure than George Clooney’s drunken haze. :O

  • J/K
  • Arrow 12

    John – I am not #2 Al’s Marmot and I have a man. I’m not interested in dating a man that is not into women. You however sound very interested in Mr. Clooney. You’re definitely his type.

  • Al’s Marmot

    @Lay Lady Lay: Argo didn’t even actually win anything. The CIA had M. Obama hand over the award. It was totally fixed.

  • Midnight Sonata

    I see a side show for publicity going on.
    Still selling a similar image of ordinary looking women, in fashion overkill; emotional tonality by aiming to relate to the masses. But now the script includes matrimony.

    Like so many fake relationships/ marriages in celebrity world, GC’s are a source for derision. Most think he’s bisexual/ gay like Tom Cruise or Rock Hudson.

    I wonder if he’s happy. I guess his minders would have to ensure that, in order for him to continue being a marketable commodity. Otherwise his brand will suffer.
    Yes, HIS brand will be crisis.

  • stupid clooney

    @ Arrow 12

    Conchita is more beautiful than Clooney’s PR girlfriend. And ten times better at singing than Clooney is at directing or acting. Also brave and not afraid to come out as gay!

    Clooney is talentless, stupid and a pathetic joke!

  • Arrow 12

    @stupid clooney: You have this right on the money. You would think with everyone coming out he would just get it over with. I think I would respect him more if he did.

  • Nina

    And if he does marry her, when the truth comes out about her and her family, he will offend Hollywood and all the Jews who have helped him become who he is!

  • Nina

    Is she anorexic? She needs a nose job..and a stylist! She’s your typical criminal attorney who is looking for fame or notoriety, now that she landed it with Clooney maybe she can stop defending scumbags! Very disappointed at George Clooney, he underestimates the public’s intelligence, his PR machine is promoting her big time!