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Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out in Cannes After Night of Partying

Leonardo DiCaprio Steps Out in Cannes After Night of Partying

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a plaid shirt while stepping off of a yacht following a cocktail party on Wednesday afternoon (May 21) in Cannes, France.

The 39-year-old actor was seen just a couple days earlier enjoying a party during the 2014 Cannes Film Festival where he flirted the night away with some beautiful girls.

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Leo was seen mingling with the gals despite the fact that his girlfriend Toni Garrn, who he has been rumored to have split from, is also in attendance at the festival.

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  • #1

    So will this thread be as angry as the last one?

  • courtey

    I wonder what that hat smells like on the inside…

  • also…

    What? He split from Toni? I haven`t heard that!

  • Life of Leo

    “who he has been rumored to have split from”

    Isnt rumored anymore that Leo have officially moved in with her? LOL

  • Leokas’s assistant

    The real Leokas has been unavailable ever since Leo abandoned him for Cannes so I will be here to sprinkle around some Leokas comments

  • Leokas’s assistant

    Lover boy looks a bit solemn without Lukas *sigh*

  • Brave Doormat

    Toni is being comforted by Irmelin and Dave.

  • Rumors

    Rumored to have split..?? Since when? I just saw on another blog Toni was with him & his mom on a yacht today

  • OhCanada

    I love his movies. Brilliant actor. CREEPY human being.

  • Leo in Cannes
  • #1

    @Leokas’s assistant:
    Ikr look how sad he looks staring at the ground with a sense of regret. Lukas always makes him happier </3

  • Rumors

    Wish other blogs would post more about the rumors of a break up.. but no instead we get “oh so important” posts like whether or not Kim F*cking Kardashian ever finished that ice cream cone? Spoiler alert.. yes it went straight to her asss

  • #1


  • JJ got the goods!?!

    Did JJ get some new info that only he knows about?!?!”Rumored split?” Or maybe they’re still on shaky ground?!?!

  • also…

    @Rumors: LMAO!

  • poor leo

    Looks like his plan to get rid of Toni flirting with any model available in Cannesdidnt work.

    Here some tips for Leo.

  • F*ck Jared

    @JJ got the goods!?!:
    Man I wish it were true but this is such a low rate gossip site compared to others that I don’t buy it.

  • @12

    @Rumors: JJ just made up this rumor.

  • haha

    Even gossips sites are pushing them to break up! LOL

  • F*ck Jared

    However if it true and Jared FINALLY has some good tea for once..

  • Mother’s Rules

    He cant dump Toni because of his mom.

  • prediction

    I give them 2 weeks!

  • @Leokas

    Well obviously you need to buy a leash. Any doggie will run away looking for attention. Girls love cute puppies that get all excited and run to them to be pet. Sorry but doggies do that and you ain’t taming that one. Good Luck.

  • @20

    @F*ck Jared: LMAO

  • also…

    @Mother`s Rules: He can`t dump Toni because of his mom? Why? He can go out and publicly humiliate her but not dump her? Funny rules his mom has!

  • ####


    Yeah and at this point I’m not believing it either. I guess Jared didn’t see the pic of Toni with Leo’s mom and boyfriend taken today on the same yacht that Leo was on! LOL

  • Mumsy

    @also…: His mom is f.cukn evil, typical mom who shelters their kid and thinks their precious boy is too good for everyone. It doesn’t help that Leo is put on a pedestal either.

  • Miss Schadenfreude

    They are under strict contract and Toni threatened his family and Pr to tell the interesting stories about all of them.

  • beth

    @JJ got the goods!?!: I think Just Jared moderators read the threads of the celebrities that attract a lot of comments (DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper) and then create new threads based on our conversations because I swear we started that rumour lol.

  • Leokas

    @Leokas’s assistant: I am NEVER UNAVAILABLE for Leo! I am always here for him. Its just time for us to take a break! Our love has been growing stronger but Leo is scared to commit, he is scared what ppl will say. He is not ready to give up the Playboy image, but I know he will do the right thing. He will choose me, he will give up this life for a life with me. He will be a good faithful husband and a wonderful father to Leokas Haas Dicaprio Jr. Love conquers all. Leokas 4 life <3

  • Newcomer

    I can see Dave I think on the 3rd pic but no Toni. Maybe she is hidden or she left with a different boat. So his publicists didn’t say anything about the other night but there are no pics of them together (yet?) to “make a statement” (like to say “look we are still together”) either.

    TMZ spoke about the night and called him King of Punany if I understand the word well. What does it mean?

    To the one who wanted to see Toni with the beautiful Spanish model Jon Kortajarena, they are currently together at the Cavalli boat party:

    There are plenty of celebs (Sharon Stone, Kylie Minogue, Justin Bieber, Rosie HW, Irina Shayk…) so maybe Leo is also there but there is also the Robin Thicke/1Oak/Gotha party tonight. I don’t know when it starts though.

  • Jesse

    Could anyone please explain me what does it have in common to be sucessful, rich and famous with f### every moving woman around? I don’t understand it. Is he some kind of primitive animal or what? What about some morality or just not being a human pig? Women are not a one night stuff. And honestly, what kind of woman let him treat her like a who#e? I would never let him humiliate me like he does to his girlfriends.

  • #1

    Missed you! You bring well needed humor to these threads please dont leave! Btw WTF is up with you and your underage girlfriend???

  • Miss Schadenfreude
  • The real Leo

    Yall need to face the fact that Leo, Toni and everyone else in Hollywerid are like this, there is no coming back once you enter it. They don’t care about love and relationships and a happy life, all they care about is money, fame, status, sex and power, and they would go great lengths to maintain it such as PR relationships, contracts, etc…. I have on sympathy for Leo or Toni, they deserve each other. People in the real world should never have to deal with men and women like Leo and Toni if they want a happy life. Leo has been lost ever since he got into Hollywood, and that was long long time ago. Leo is not that sweet boy from Growing pains.

  • also…

    @####: I don’t know where he got that but Jared said toni was in attendance while he was hanging out with gals and they split. What he wrote makes sense even with the boat picture but who knows where he got that?

  • Newcomer

    @Leokas: LMFAO! Poor Lukas, alone in LA! Well not alone, he has Vinny, but without his Leo. Last year, they were scouting the clubs together.

  • Amy

    @Newcomer JJ is a celeb friendly site so it’s interesting that Leo’s PR didn’t give them pics of Leo and Toni together.

  • also…

    @Newconer: it’s pretty late over there already ( 2 am ) so even the 1OAK party must have started. I’m counting on you for sightings!

  • LOL

    @Amy: Too soon for photo ops? LOL

  • Newcomer

    @also…: I think he means that Leo was mingling with girls in the club, not at this cocktail party, and that Toni is in attendance at the festival (even if we know thanks to Dave that she was also there at the cocktail party). I am wondering how paps didn’t get pics of her if they have some of Leo and she was there. Or they will be published later, but even if he couldn’t buy them, I guess Jared would have at least seen them if they exist and he wouldn’t have said that they were rumoured to have split.

  • Leokas

    @#1: Don’t worry, I’m not doing anything with her, I’m trying to make Leo jealous so he could come back to me.@Newcomer: Please all the Leokas lovers pls pray that Leo comes to his senses and that he will stop his partying, and playboy image and settle down with me in a lil cottage in Canada. He is beginning the stray from me, I can’t deal with him any longer….. Leokas 4 life <3

  • Newcomer

    @also…: I will try to find them. I guess if he is at the Cavalli party with her, even if he didn’t pose for the photographers unlike others, there will be pap pics. But sorry to repeat myself but do you know what “Punany” means (TMZ video)?

  • Newcomer

    @Leokas: We will keep our fingers crossed!

    I just thought that Bieber is at the Cavalli party but will probably go to Gotha later so I guess there are already people at Gotha but Robin is probably performing later (3 or 4 am).

  • #1
  • Punany

    it meaans PPPPuuuu$$$$$yyyy LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO

  • #1

    Its Indian slang for p*ssy

  • Newcomer

    @Punany and #1: OK, thanks! I thought it was something like that but I wasn’t sure.

  • Research

    They havent split they were spotted together today

  • Newcomer

    OK girls, Mr #killingit has arrived in Cannes and he is at Gotha with Robin Thicke:

    I guess Leo is there as well then and not at Cavalli’s boat party. Maybe Toni will join Gotha later.

    He has already posted plenty of pics of a yacht, restaurant… He ate at La Petite Maison in Nice tonight so Leo was probably also there. Even if Dave posted that pic, with all the sightings that we got of them yesterday and today, it doesn’t seem like they are spending a lot of time together.