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Nick Carter Responds to Melissa Schuman's Rape Accusations

Nick Carter Responds to Melissa Schuman's Rape Accusations

Nick Carter has released a statement in response to rape accusations made against him by former Dream singer Melissa Schuman.

Melissa says that Nick forced her to have sex with him when she was 18 and still a virgin.

“I am shocked and saddened by Ms. Schuman‘s accusations. Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual. We went on to record a song and perform together, and I was always respectful and supportive of Melissa both personally and professionally,” Nick said in a statement to People.

After the incident, Melissa says she signed with Nick‘s manager and she ended up recording a duet with the singer.

“This is the first that I am hearing about these accusations, nearly two decades later. It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm,” Nick added.

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  • Jocie Lyn

    Unreal, is she for real? Just because you were pressured to do something and did it does not mean you can call RAPE, what a whore. And yet you continued to follow him around to multiple rooms? You could have threatened to leave or call the police at any moment. You said someone even knocked on the door. But you still didn’t say anything if you were really getting raped? omg what a dumb ****. And then u continue to perform and record a duet with him. Nothing but a whore looking for her 15m

  • Lori Toth

    You cant say!! First you werent there, now put yourself in a position of a young unexperoenced 18year old.
    Not to mention she was prob so scares. Once she told him to stop. He shouldve stopped. This is not his first accusation. Its funny if a man came out saying he was sexually assaulted- we would all believe him because God forbid men would never come out and embarrass themselves like that.
    Some women lie, but a lot are telling the truth. Why she a whore. If u want to assume shes lying – call her a liar. But why a whore?!?
    Ive been in a similar situation. But i got lucky… something happened and i ran and ran fast. The guy was older then me and i was about the same age. I kept saying no. And had no idea he LOCKED the door. I never came forward because u blame yourself thinking u couldve done something. But u freeze. U get scared. U think by saying NO a hundred times theyd leave u alone.
    Mine didnt go that far because thankfully something happened. But its scary. U feel so alone.
    Why would she come forward now anyways. Shes fine in her own life and career.
    And if she was lying… then she still shouldnt be shamed. Because not one of us truly know the truth.
    Nick Carter (&& yes he was my fav backstreet boy), had power and age over her. THat alone intimidates a young female.

    Listen. I use to be that girl who thought every woman was lying when she screamed rape or domestic violence. But life happened- some of those things happened. AND i learned that its not all black and white- these type of purpotrators pick u when u are most vulnerable and have a lot to loss.
    I do sometimes catch myself calling a victim a liar. But i try not to. Because as crazy as their story may sound. Well truth is crazier then fiction.
    A rapest isnt always fat, hairy and gf-less. Its sometimes the captain of the footbal

  • Lori Toth

    Sorry – my keys were sticky. Ignore all those ridic spelling mistakes. 😢

  • John Black

    it will only give her 5 mts

  • Utope

    I believe her!

  • ShellBell

    Even if you go through with it, if you have been pressurized into doing it, it’s still rape because it isn’t something the person would have done if given a choice.

  • Rock Howard

    For after 15 years!?? Then suddenly she cries for RAPE? Lol I think she making money for this issue..

  • Legendary Trolly

    Thats the point, she was given the choice. No such thing as “pressurized” I pressured bitches all the time. Never forced, or drugged anyone. After we smashed the first time, we kept smashing.

  • Latasha

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  • BritsFirst

    Stil a virgin at 18?

  • BritsFirst

    You weren’t there either, but it doesn’t stop you saying she was “probably so scared”.

    Your “experience” has no relevance here. Seperate accusations, both with no witnesses and both out out of time. Your post is full of supposition.
    Try again.

  • NavyCorpsman42

    I believe him.

  • Andrew Tan

    So now every Hollywood male celebrity rape women…

    This is all the stories I read recently.

  • OriginalRussianBot

    There’s a woman named Kaya on Twitter, not sure who she is, but dated him at the time and calls him “evil” and believes this woman. IDK. It sounds like Nick may be a troubled man. He was, after all, sacrificed to Lou Perlman when he was a child. He could be really messed up.
    I just remembered she’s a former Pussycat Doll who says that group was a front for prostitution.

  • Will

    So many virgin angry trolls on this board, is that because other boards have closed down so you’ve been reduced to trolling gossip sites. LOL

  • Eleanor Abernathy

    Does it rub anyone else the wrong way when women say “I bet she was so scared that she couldn’t do anything!” (or something along those lines)? It’s basically like saying women are weak and helpless. It falls into being a victim.

  • Turdz

    I still believe her more, but I’m not entirly sold on the story.
    Nick Carters past involves drugabuse and a bad temper with previous girlfriends in his younger years. Who knows what happened between the two of them back then.

    Even though I believe her more, I don’t consider him guilty of anything since nothing has been proven. It’s horrible if it did happen though!

  • FrancoportugayΒ©

    The only fault of Nick Carter is that he has never made it appear that he is still with his companion since 1998 and that he has nothing to do with women like the one that are good only to take advantage of the situations to make a maximum of money and buzz.

  • pikatchumenfume

    LOL It must not be obvious to a pure homosexual like him, to be accused of having raped a girl …
    The companion to Nick must suffer well with this story, especially since they are in a relationship since November 1998.