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Michael Jackson's Estate Shuts Down Wade Robson's Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Michael Jackson's Estate Shuts Down Wade Robson's Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Michael Jackson‘s estate successfully beat Wade Robson‘s sexual abuse lawsuit.

The court found that the 35-year-old choreographer filed his complaint four years too late, failing to meet legal requirements for an exception to the time limit. Wade has indicated that he will appeal the court’s decision, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The California judge ruled on Tuesday (December 19) that the companies controlled by Michael‘s estate are not liable for the allegations of childhood sexual abuse.

Wade first sued in 2013, claiming he was abused for nearly a decade, and that his companies facilitated the behavior.

“The Estate of Michael Jackson believes the court made the correct decision in dismissing Wade Robson‘s claim against it. In my opinion Mr. Robson‘s allegations, made twenty plus years after they supposedly occurred and years after Mr. Robson testified twice under oath – including in front of a jury – that Michael Jackson had never done anything wrong to him were always about the money rather than a search for the truth,” said Howard Weitzman, the attorney representing Michael’s estate, on Wednesday (December 20) to THR.

“I respect but disagree with the Court’s ruling and will be challenging it through the appellate courts. I am determined to see this case through to a determination on the factual merits by a jury of 12,” Wade told THR in a statement through his attorney.

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  • j b

    Even in death Michael Jackson is getting away with being a pedophile.

  • BP

    haha OK…. every single charge, every single fictitious victim was debunked and every case just blown up
    Even in death it was proved how not to buy all those Robson’s lies and dirty tricks, or anybodys with fake claims.

  • BP

    But there is one BIG FAT FACT that Robson also worked with Jermaine Jackson on his MJ Tribute book?
    Oh and it was Robson who wrote a dedication to Jackson in the MJ Estate’s luxury photo book “The Michael Jackson Opus”, and worked with the Estate in the early planning stage of the Cirque du Soleil tribute shows.

    But later in the early stages of his case against the MJ Estate he claimed he was unaware of the MJ Estate’s existence and so the statue of limitations should not apply. Well the judge saw straight through that one.

    I guess the published work and interviews on Youtube in which he mentioned the MJ Estate and executors by name gave it away.
    It was only after the job of creative director for the Cirque du Soleil show was given to Jamie King instead of him that he suddenly discovered his “suppressed” memories.

    Oh except when the whole world pointed out that the probability of his memories being suppressed was at zero (due to his police interviews, court appearances and defense of Jackson in interviews over the years) that he went on TV to declare that the memories hadn’t been suppressed but that he just didn’t understand he had been abused.

    This was to get around the fact that he had defended Jackson in court and said he HAD NOT been abused.
    He didnt want his allegations to be an admission of committing perjury during the ’05 trial!
    So, he expected the judge to believe that while testifying in court as a 20something man he didn’t understand that what he alleged happened was abuse.
    He also claimed in his legal paperwork that Jackson had been threatening him on the phone to keep the abuse to himself.
    Wow so many contradictions in one case!!

  • FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    “Appeal” my black ass lol

  • Madelyn

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  • BP

    Oh, do such ridiculous waste of time for appealing.
    It was really ridiculously desperate how Robson’s lawyer consistently makes statements designed to appeal to the tabloid crowd.
    He said ““If someone’s trying to search for the truth, why not let the lawsuit proceed?”
    Well guess what, the decision to proceed or not was NOT for the MJ Estate to make. It was up to the judge to decide and he wasn’t buying the allegation at all.
    Robson’s initial allegations against Jackson himself were previously dismissed by the judge and his old lawyers dropped his case, so Robson recruited Finaldi whose firm specializes in obtaining settlements from organisations when allegations of abuse are made.
    It appears he likes to use the press against the defendant to try to force a settlement but this time it failed. the MJ Estate cannot and will not settle any case – it would be suicidal from a business point of view. In any case, the case would only stand up in court if it could be proven that Jackson was somehow controlled by his companies, but they were HIS companies. he was in charge.
    Finaldi should have known that all along because that’s how the law works and it’s his specialty! Anyway, there was never any evidence that any member of staff enabled or facilitated any abuse, nor was it proven that any abuse occurred. In fact it was shown that it was Robson’s own family that pushed and pushed to connect with Jackson in the USA years after he had met robson in Australia.
    It was Robson’s mother who pushed Jackson to sponsor the work Visa.
    It was Robson’s own mother who replied to him in an email confirming that at least some of the allegations being made by Robson in this case were false.
    Yet he filed the claims anyway.
    Robson and his lawyers kept changing their accounts to work around the counter-evidence being presented by the Jackson lawyers. that’s never the sign of a good or credible case. I’m not surprised the case was dismissed.
    Of course the press will likely focus on the ‘technicality’ behind why this was dismissed but in any case the credibility was never there to begin with.
    It´s been ridiculously bizarre this lawsuit even got this far.
    The case was from the very beginning fishy and faint, zero evidence, no relevance, too many inconsistencies, fake claims, bs stories and repeated lies.
    They were just hoping for a payday. Won´t happen. The judge saw the LIES.
    It´s over, definitely.
    People who dare to care already knew this nut was a liar. That was why he was NOT getting any attention from REAL journalists or media outlets or even radio stations; only the usual tabloid trash talked about this clown.
    This was the same man who strongly defended Michael in 1993 and 2005, the same man who did a tribute with Michael´s sister Janet in 2009 and in 2013 he was going to say he had been abused by Michael Jackson 25-29 years ago. Yeah… This was all about the money to force the Estate into a quick settlement to make it go away.
    Robson knows MJ was not a molester and he is still pushing this case and feeding the tabloid media so he could hit the jackpot. He gives a new meaning for money is the root of all evil for sure.
    His deliriums of grandeur were so big in 2013 that he thought he’d get the attention Chandler and Arvizo had and the estate would run to settle but the most attention he got was the Matt Lauer interview (yeah, that Lauer!!!) and he looked baffled and in disbelief.
    It would be insane if the Judge let this case go to trial.

  • Pearl Jr

    This was just another extortion attempt that failed and this case should have been decided in the first year of this fraudulent claim.

    Furthermore Michael Jackson is not dead- it is a PROVEN FACT that nothing checks out that Michael Joe Jackson is dead–it’s just an elaborate hoax at every level in his “death” saga.

    Learn all the facts, see the proof, analyze the clues in a 254 minute 3 Documentary investigative report.

    Want a promo code to watch all 3 Documentaries, which are 100% factual, contact:

    Pearl Jr
    Elbow Grease Productions
    818 749 8317

    5632 Van Nuys Blvd #195
    Sherman Oaks CA 91401