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Anderson Cooper Reveals Ex Benjamin Maisani Is Still Living With Him As They Co-Parent His Son Wyatt

Anderson Cooper is opening up about co-parenting with his ex, Benjamin Maisani.

The 53-year-old newscaster spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about their living situation and why he wanted Benjamin to be part of son, Wyatt‘s life.

“We actually still live in the same house because we get along really well,” he shared. “It works out. It was interesting because he wasn’t really sure he wanted to have a kid, which was one of the reasons we probably broke up. But then he came around on the idea, and now he is just such a great parent.”

Anderson did shut down any speculation that he and Benjamin would reunite romantically, saying, “No. It’s not going to happen.”

However, he’s still weighing the options of giving Wyatt a sibling.

“I don’t know. Yes, I would love to. I think it would be great for him to have a sibling,” Anderson mused, but “I’m not sure I could handle another.”

Wyatt, he says, is “really such an easy kid. He’s still sleeping, like, 12 and a half hours every night, he eats his sweet peas and his mushed little cauliflower. He’s such a happy little chappy. It’s such a joy.”

Previously, Anderson revealed the reason why he wanted Benjamin to co-parent with him.

'Jeopardy' - Next Group of Guest Hosts Revealed!

The next batch of Jeopardy guest hosts have been revealed.

Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, Savannah Guthrie and Dr. Sanjay Gupta are the next celebrities to host the long-running competition show, Variety reported Wednesday (February 3).

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With each appearance, a donation will be made to a charity of the guest host’s choice that equals the winnings of the contestants on their respective episodes.

“We look forward to each guest host bringing their unique abilities to the show and to our contestants winning a lot of money that we can match for charity,” said Jeopardy‘s Mike Richards.

Ken Jennings is currently the guest host following the death of beloved host Alex Trebek. Katie Couric, Aaron Rodgers, Bill Whitaker and Mayim Bialik will also guest host.

The ratings for Alex Trebek‘s final episode have just been revealed.

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Anderson Cooper Talks About When He Accepted Being Gay

Anderson Cooper has been openly gay for years, but he’s now opening up about when he finally accepted to himself that he was gay.

The 53-year-old CNN anchor spoke to viewers during the Full Circle event that aired on Monday night (January 11).

Anderson said that he knew “something was up” when he was only seven-years-old.

“I mean, I was probably, I don’t know, 7, when I kind of realized — I’m not sure I knew the word ‘gay’ at the time, but I realized something was up. Something was different,” Anderson said (via People).

Anderson came out to some people while in high school, but it wasn’t until college that he fully embraced his sexuality.

“I think I really, truly accepted it — and not just accepted it, but fully embraced it and you know, came around to really loving the fact that I was gay — would probably be right after college,” he said. “You know, I kind of struggled in my teenage years, certainly, but even a little in college… a lot of the things I wanted to do at the time, you couldn’t be gay.”

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Anderson Cooper Wishes He Became a Dad Sooner

Anderson Cooper is reflecting on fatherhood.

The 53-year-old news anchor called into SiriusXM’s Quarantined with Bruce and spoke to Bruce Bozzi about hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve show with Andy Cohen.

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During the chat, Anderson Cooper spoke about why he always hated the holiday prior to hosting the show for CNN.

“My dad died a couple of days after New Year’s Eve, January 5th in 1978. And so I remember that New Year’s Eve distinctly, cause he was in the hospital and it was so like terrifying and it was just, it would kind of ruin New Year’s Eve for me from then on, it was sort of became this night of like terror basically, and like sadness. And so I actually I’ve hated New Year’s Eve always until I, you know, CNN needed somebody one year. I don’t know how many, 15, however many years ago it was 20 years ago or something. And I volunteered cause I like, it’s such a bad night to go out in New York generally, you know, like you couldn’t find a cab traditionally or the lines at a coat check of a club would be really long. And so I just started working it and I actually found out I love being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.”

He also talked about his love of fatherhood and how he wishes he had a child sooner.

“I don’t think I would have made the decision if I didn’t feel I was really ready. And I definitely have, yeah, I just feel like this is absolutely what I should be doing. And I mean, I wish I had done it sooner and it’s just, it’s extraordinary to me, sort of the amount of, I mean, I’ve been, been able to spend the whole, days. I mean, all my time with him really, you know, during this pandemic and it’s just, it’s been amazing. And I can’t, I’ve never like woken up early in the morning. I now like bolt out of bed at 7:00 without an alarm clock or 6:30. And I want to be there when he wakes up at 8:45 and I love, I mean, I just love every aspect of it and it’s just truly the greatest thing ever. And I sort of just feel like I, what was I doing before?”

Anderson Cooper‘s son Wyatt recently made an adorable virtual appearance. Watch it here!

Andy Cohen Reveals He Had Sex on an Airplane

Andy Cohen is a member of the mile high club, he revealed on the latest episode of Watch What Happens Live.

The episode featured guests Anderson Cooper, who is one of Andy‘s BFFs, and The Flight Attendant actress Kaley Cuoco.

“Have either of you ever joined the mile high club?” Andy asked before adding, “I’m in it.”

“Are you?!” Anderson asked. “When?!”

“On a commercial flight to France,” Andy said before adding “just don’t worry about it.” He then added that it was not with a flight attendant.

Some other major name celebs, like Zac Efron and Jennifer Lopez, revealed some crazy places they have had sex.

Anderson Cooper's Son Wyatt Makes Cute Virtual Appearance During CNN Heroes 2020 - Watch!

Anderson Cooper‘s son is too cute for words!

On Sunday night (December 13), the 53-year-old news anchor hosted the 2020 CNN Heroes with longtime friend Kelly Ripa.

During the broadcast, Anderson‘s 7-month-old son Wyatt made a cute virtual appearance!

“There’s Wyatt!” Kelly said, while a clip of Anderson‘s son, wearing a CNN Heroes onesie, smiling baby played in the background. “The most beautiful baby ever.”

“He is gorgeous and perfect and I love watching you become a dad,” Kelly continued. “It’s been my favorite thing this year.”

Anderson surprised fans when he announced that he quietly welcomed son Wyatt back in April.

Make sure you check out what Anderson Cooper said about raising Wyatt with his ex-partner Benjamin Maisani.

Anderson Cooper Regrets Calling Trump an 'Obese Turtle' - Find Out Why

Anderson Cooper is speaking out to explain why he now regrets calling Donald Trump an “obese turtle” while live on CNN this week.

The 53-year-old CNN anchor reacted to Trump‘s wild speech on Thursday by saying, “That is the President of the United States. That is the most powerful man in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back, flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over.”

The comment was brought up on Saturday (November 7) while Anderson interviewed former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang about the news of Biden‘s victory.

Yang said, “I’m happy to say, it seems like Trump is going to be, in your words, an obese turtle on his back, just flailing around, Anderson.”

Anderson responded by saying, “By the way I should say, I regret using those words because that’s not the person I really wanna be. It was in the moment, and I regret it.”

You can watch the original clip below.