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Ashley Judd's Mom Naomi Judd Gives Update on Her Condition After Leg-Shattering Accident

Naomi Judd is sharing an update on her daughter Ashley Judd‘s condition after she was injured in an accident in Africa.

The 52-year-old Double Jeopardy actress revealed last month that her leg was shattered during a trip through the forests in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“It was very serious — she could’ve died,” Naomi said during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “She’s surviving. She’s very courageous. She can’t get out of bed [yet].”

Last week, Naomi appeared on Watch What Happens Live and said that it was “really hard to see” Ashley going through this difficult time.

“She lives next door, so I’m gonna go up and take her stitches out when we’re done,” Naomi said on WWHL. “I used to be a nurse before I became a singer.”

Ashley recently shared some scary details about what happened during the accident.

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Ashley Judd Gets Candid About 'Drowning in Trauma' While Recovering After Accident

Ashley Judd is having a hard recovery.

The 52-year-old actress updated followers about her condition after shattering her leg in the Democratic Republic of Congo in February.

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“I do not understand why what has happened has happened. I do understand I have been loved and helped enormously. I understand nights are a savage agony,” she wrote.

“It took stamina, focus, and humility to consult with some experts around the country, whom I also deeply thank (especially SMc)…I loved the sweet spirit of the janitor who cleaned my room, my bright-spot-of-the-day-gal from nutrition, and always, my consummate and tender nurses,” she went on to say.

“Now, I am in the bosom of a stream of friends and family, too numerous to mention, who have caught me in their prodigious arms from this precipitous fall. They do for me what I cannot do for myself – prepare meals, shampoo my hair, and they also offer the deep spiritual direction and consolation of trying to begin to craft an arc of meaning and purpose. They also offer and meet my need for quiet. I am lost and they are my shepherd’s staff.”

“To all who have gone before me and walk beside me with physical therapy, I had no idea. Thank you. I am only at beginning and the combination of drowning in trauma and addressing the physical body is a lot. Yet you have done it, and so will I. Haltingly, imperfectly, and under the brave eye of Truthseeker, my dear cousin’s @sagermosaics epic art work she says I inspired. (Could that possibly be true?) Thank you, all here and everywhere, for the goodwill, and may we ever be mindful of the needs of others,” she concluded.

Find out more about her frightening accident. We are wishing the best to Ashley Judd in her continued recovery!

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Ashley Judd Asks Sister Wynonna to Do This for Her As She Recovers After Scary Accident

Wynonna Judd is here to help!

During a new interview, the 56-year-old country singer revealed how she’s helping younger sister Ashley Judd as she recovers after shattering her leg in Africa.

“I was looking up how to wash hair for someone who’s lying down in bed because she texted me, ‘Can you wash my hair?’” Wynonna shared with Page Six.

“Therein lies the job of a big sister right there,” Wynonna said with a laugh. “She said, ‘I have a request. Can you wash my hair?’ I said, ‘Sure,’ so I’m looking up ways to wash someone’s hair lying down.”

Last month, Ashley, 52, shattered her leg in four places during a trip through the forest in Congo. After a grueling mission to safety, Ashley had to undergo surgery to save her leg.

Also in the interview, Wynonna said that she was finally able to see Ashley “the other day” for the first time since the accident and that she is “still processing” what happened.

Wynonna also admitted that she burst into tears when she saw Ashley, and called her sister’s recovery “a miracle.”

Ashley Judd's Leg 'Had No Pulse' After Scary Accident in African Jungle

Ashley Judd is revealing the extent of her injuries.

The 52-year-old actress revealed that she made it out of the jungle in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after tripping over a fallen tree to visit endangered monkeys, and she was in terrible condition.

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“I want to give my deepest and most vulnerable thanks to Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, for making split second decisions upon my arrival. I arrived to them from DRC in terrible shape and my leg had no pulse. I desperately needed a blood transfusion. Their sisters (nurses) are exemplary, technically top notch, and they cared for the trauma in my body as well as my soul with equal proficiency,” she wrote.

“Pictured here, once I was stable, is carefree laughter and mirth. Dr Greef, pictured, was super at stabilizing my leg with the external fixator until the massive soft tissue damage and swelling went down so that I could have the Big Operation. What he did was significant and I am forever in his debt. It must be noted I was being cared for during the Covid B.1.351 strain that is plaguing RSA. Sunninghill is world class and a wonder. Thank you to my trauma surgeon, anesthesiologist, head of nursing, hospital management – everyone,” she continued.

“My beloved Dad, who had gotten the text no parent ever wants: ‘emergency, can’t answer questions, please come now,’ had indeed, because he is vaccinated, been able to come to South Africa. He has been my rock, companion, resource, helped me listen to so many doctors, critical support system, and kind, loving presence as I have wept and wept. We then made the 22 hour – 4 flights – to America thanks to unbelievably efficient disaster travel insurance on an Air Ambulance. In an American hospital, I had to continue to wait for the tissue damage and swelling to reduce. Eventually I was qualified to have the 8-hour surgery to repair the bones, decompress the hemorrhaging nerve and pick the shards of bones out of the nerve. I am now recovering from surgery,” she wrote.

“I’m very thankful to all of the experts, including that expert pictured, my Pop, who is rubbing my foot to remind my foot while it still cannot move that it is connected to my body. I am up and around already. Thank you for your care and kind words. Let us always remember those without insurance. Let us remember those who do not have choices. Let us remember those who are lonely and afraid.”

Find out more about what happened.

Ashley Judd Shares Photos from 'Grueling 55-Hour' Rescue After Leg Injury in Africa

Ashley Judd is detailing her very scary accident in Africa that shattered her leg to pieces.

The 52-year-old actress took to her Instagram on Tuesday (February 16) to share photos from the “grueling 55-hour” rescue mission that saved her life after she shattered in leg during a trip through the forests in Congo.

“Friends. Without my Congolese brothers and sisters, my internal bleeding would have likely killed me, and I would have lost my leg,” Ashley wrote. “I wake up weeping in gratitude, deeply moved by each person who contributed something life giving and spirit salving during my grueling 55 hour odyssey. Here are some of their stories. Dieumerci stretched out his leg and put it under my grossly misshapen left leg to try to keep it still.”

Ashley went on to detail how the Congolese people were able to help save her life.

“It was broken in four places and had nerve damage. Dieumerci (‘Thanks be to God’) remained seated, without fidgeting or flinching, for 5 hours on the rain forest floor. He was with me in my primal pain. He was my witness. Papa Jean: it took 5 hours, but eventually he found me, wretched and wild on the ground, and calmly assessed my broken leg,” Ashley continued. “He told me what he had to do. I bit a stick. I held onto Maud. And Papa Jean, with certainty began to manipulate and adjust my broken bones back into something like a position I could be transported in, while I screamed and writhed. How he did that so methodically while I was like an animal is beyond me. He saved me. & he had to do this twice!”

She added, “The six men who carefully moved me into the hammock with as little jostling as possible, who then walked for 3 hours over rough terrain carrying me out. Heros [sic]. Didier and Maradona: Didier drove the motorbike. I sat facing backwards, his back my backrest. When I would begin to slump, to pass out, he would call to me to re-set my position to lean on him. Maradona rode on the very back of the motorbike, i faced him. He held my broken leg under the heel and I held the shattered top part together with my two hands.”

“Together we did this for 6 hours on an irregular, rutted and pocked dirt road that has gullies for rain run off during the rainy season. Maradona was the only person to come forward to volunteer for this task. We have a nice friendship, discussing the pros and cons of polygamy and monogamy,” Ashley concluded. “I show two pictures, one in his hat and one in mine, which he dearly covets! The women! My sisters who held me. They blessed me.”

Our thoughts are with Ashley as she recovers from this horrific accident.

Ashley Judd Shatters Her Leg In Freak Accident During Her Trip To Africa

Ashley Judd is currently recooperating after an accident which shattered her leg to pieces in Africa.

The 52-year-old actress had been traveling the continent and when in the Congo she had
tripped over a fallen tree during an excursion in the country, which she didn’t see because of a faulty head lamp.

Ashley opened up about the accident and the differences in privilege in an interview with New York TimesNicholas Kristof over Instagram. She was speaking from her bed in an ICU Trauma Unit in South Africa.

She spoke about the Congo which she has a deep love for, but “is not, unfortunately, equipped to deal with massive catastrophic injuries like I have had, and the difference between a Congolese person and me is disaster insurance that allowed me 55 hours after my accident to get to an operating table in South Africa.

Ashley went into detail about her accident, revealing that she “started with five hours of lying on the forest floor” with one of her colleagues until she was able to be evacuated.

“With his leg under my badly misshapen leg, biting my stick,” she added. “Howling like a wild animal.”

Ashley then had her bones reset, before she described “going into shock” and “passing out” due to the pain.

Ashley also said that a group of Congolese brothers had to carry her in a hammock, through the rainforest to make it back to their camp. From there, she was taken by motorcycle for six hours to get to her next destination, with one person driving and one behind her holding her up.

“I’m in a lot of love. I’m in a lot of compassion and I’m in a lot of gratitude,” she says. “I thank everyone for their thoughts and their prayers and their support.”

Ashley was in the news last year, as she was named as one of the silence breakers in the lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein. See what happened here…

Ashley Judd Wins Appeal in Harvey Weinstein Lawsuit

Ashley Judd is moving forward.

An appeals court ruled Wednesday (July 29) that the 52-year-old actress can pursue a sexual harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein, Variety reported.

The three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the lower court, which had previously thrown out the claim that he held power over her career when he invited her to his room at the Peninsula Hotel in the mid-1990s.

“(T)heir relationship consisted of an inherent power imbalance wherein Weinstein was uniquely situated to exercise coercion or leverage over Judd by virtue of his professional position and influence as a top producer in Hollywood. Therefore, the district court erred when it dismissed Judd’s sexual harassment claim,” wrote Judge Mary H. Murguia.

Ashley sued Harvey back in April of 2018, alleging he lured her into his hotel room, and tried to make her watch him shower and give him a massage. She also sued for defamation and retaliation when she rebuffed his advances, alleging she was blacklisted from the film industry.

“That is, by virtue of his professional position and influence as a top producer in Hollywood, Weinstein was uniquely situated to exercise coercive power or leverage over Judd, who was a young actor at the beginning of her career at the time of the alleged harassment. Moreover, given Weinstein’s highly influential and ‘unavoidable’ presence in the film industry, the relationship was one that would have been difficult to terminate ‘without tangible hardship’ to Judd, whose livelihood as an actor depended on being cast for roles,” the judge also wrote.

The case will now go back to the lower court and proceed on all claims.

Singer Sia recently revealed she had to step in regarding Harvey Weinstein for this reason…