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'Wonder Woman 1984' Pushed Back Again to End of 2020

Warner Bros. has announced that fans will have to wait a little bit longer to see Wonder Woman 1984.

The movie was originally supposed to be released in theaters on June 5, then was pushed back to August 14, and then again to October 2.

Now, the movie will be hitting theaters on December 25 for Christmas.

Director Patty Jenkins said, “First and foremost let me say how much Gal [Gadot] and I love all our devoted Wonder Woman fans around the world, and your excitement for WW84 couldn’t make us happier or more eager for you to see the movie. Because I know how important it is to bring this movie to you on a big screen when all of us can share the experience together, I’m hopeful you won’t mind waiting just a little bit longer. With the new date on Christmas Day, we can’t wait to spend the holidays with you!”

Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group chairman Toby Emmerich said, “Patty is an exceptional filmmaker and with Wonder Woman 1984 she has delivered an incredibly dynamic film that moviegoers of all ages around the world will absolutely love. We’re very proud of the film and look forward to bringing it to audiences for the holidays.”

Watch the awesome new trailer that dropped a couple weeks ago!

gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 01.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 02.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 03.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 04.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 05.

New 'Wonder Woman 1984' Trailer Reveals Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah!

The brand new trailer for the upcoming DC Universe movie Wonder Woman 1984 has arrived and it features the most extended look yet of Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah!

The trailer made its debut during a DC Fandome panel in which the main cast members – Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen – made an appearance alongside director Patty Jenkins.

The movie is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 2 after being delayed due to the pandemic.

The official synopsis for the sequel is a very brief one: “Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing two all-new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah.”

During the panel, Patty said, “We all worked so hard to bring something that would be a big visual spectacular. So we’re going to stick it out — we believe in putting it in the cinema. I can’t wait for the movie to come out soon!“

The trailer for another one of Gal‘s movies was released just three days ago.

gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 01.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 02.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 03.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 04.
gal gadot wonder woman 1984 new trailer 05.

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Kristen Wiig Gets Candid About 'Isolating' IVF Experience & Fertility Struggles

Kristen Wiig is opening up about her motherhood journey.

The Saturday Night Live actress and comedian, who welcomed twins via surrogate earlier this year, opened up to InStyle about her experience in a new interview.

Here’s what the 46-year-old Wonder Woman 1984 star had to say…

On the isolation of IVF: “As private as I am and as sacred as this all is, what helped me was reading about other women who went through it and talking to those who have gone through IVF and fertility stuff. It can be the most isolating experience. But I’m trying to find that space where I can keep my privacy and also be there for someone else who may be going through’s hard not to personalize it when you get a negative result. You go through so much self-deprecation, and you feel like your partner may be seeing you in a different way and all this other stuff we make up in our heads. But when I did talk about it, every time I said that I was going through IVF, I would meet someone who was either going through it, about to go through it, or had a friend who just did it. It’s like this underground community that’s talked about but not talked about.”

On living a quiet life in between performing at the Oscars: “Well, I live underground. [laughs] It’s not a conscious choice to be secretive. I just want to exist in real life with my family, my friends, and my dogs. Work is work. With the Oscars, Maya [Rudolph] and I were like, ‘F–k it, let’s write something super crazy, and, hopefully, we won’t embarrass ourselves.’ The longer I’m in this business, the less I care what people think.”

On living in the uncomfortable: “The moment I feel like I’ve really got something figured out, it’s time for me to do something else. Living in that uncomfortable, unsteady, nervous place helps me creatively. But as far as knowing that I wasn’t making a mistake in trying to do this for a living, that was at the Groundlings. I felt like my instinct was right. But with any project, you’re taking a chance. I just go with my gut.”

Kristen recently spoke about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Here’s what she said!

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Gal Gadot & Kristen Wiig Say 'Wonder Woman 1984' Isn't Really a Sequel: 'It's Totally On Its Own'

Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig are opening up about how Wonder Woman 1984 really isn’t a sequel to the first Wonder Woman film at all.

The two stars spoke to Total Film magazine and revealed all the reasons why the movie should be considered a stand alone movie.

“In the first movie, we really explored the journey of the coming-of-age, of how Diana Prince became Wonder Woman, and owned her full strengths and powers,” Gal shared. “She was fresh, she was green, she was a fish out of water, she was young…er!”

She continues, “We don’t pick up the story where we left it last, because it was 66 years ago. So she’s been living for over six decades by herself, in man’s world, serving mankind and doing good.”

“This story is a story of its own. I mean, the only thing that we share in both stories is probably, you know, the fact that it’s Diana Prince and also Steve Trevor. But other than that, it’s a whole new world, and the era is different, and Diana is different, and the story is new.”

Kristen, who plays villain Cheetah, agreed.

“It really doesn’t feel like a sequel in that… everything’s different,” she says. “The posters, the music, everything…obviously the posters are different! I meant, like the style! A lot of time, with the sequel, you want to show the connection to the first one. And this one…”

Gal adds, “It’s totally of its own. It’s true. I feel, in the first movie, a big thing that we played off was the naiveté of Diana. And she’s not naive anymore. She’s been around. She’s wiser. She’s more mature. We meet a very much evolved character in this one.”

Just recently, the release date for Wonder Woman 1984 changed again. See when you’ll be able to see it here…

Kristen Wiig & Fiance Avi Rothman Welcome Twins Via Surrogate!

Surprise! Kristen Wiig is a mom!

The 46-year-old actress and fiance Avi Rothman welcomed twins earlier this year via surrogate, a source shared with People.

As of right now, no other details about the babies have been disclosed.

Kristen and Avi have been very quietly dating since 2016. It was reported back in August 2019 that the two were engaged.

Back in May, Kristen returned to host the Mother’s Day episode of Saturday Night Live, where she hinted at becoming a mother, by thanking her mom Laurie Johnston, for “preparing me to be a mom myself.”

Avi is a writer, actor, producer and director who trained at the Groundlings theater in Los Angeles – where Kristen also studied.

Congrats to the new parents!

Gal Gadot Opens Up About Kristen Wiig & Chris Pine's Involvement in 'Wonder Woman 1984'

Gal Gadot is talking Wonder Woman!

The 35-year-old Israeli actress opened up about her hit movie, and the upcoming sequel, in an interview with Parade.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gal Gadot

Warning – potential spoilers ahead!

“We’re going to continue to explore. You know, the last movie was the coming-of-age story of Diana and how she became Wonder Woman. Now she’s been around for a few decades, helping make the world a better place. But she’s also struggled. She’s very lonely and doesn’t want to engage with people because she doesn’t want to be hurt by losing them again. And then something crazy happens and she has to deal with that. I can’t tell you more without giving away spoilers,” she revealed of Wonder Woman 1984.

“With a second movie, I just feel we took it to the next level. It’s so ambitious and so complicated to shoot. There are multiple storylines. We prepped it for six months and shot it for almost eight months. We gave everything we had to bring with the best story we could bring. I’m very proud of the result because it’s so close to my heart and I’m excited for you to watch it. You just saw the trailer. That’s just a glimpse!”

She also talked about Kristen Wiig joining the film franchise.

“I’m so happy Kristen said yes to this. She became a very close friend of mine. She’s so talented, so smart and she really has the range. Yes, Barbara is a character that starts off vulnerable and insecure. Then she transitions into someone dark and menacing. Diana sees many things in Barbara that she would like to have, and Barbara feels the same about Diana. Honestly, she’s my favorite villain. She’s so bad-ass and sexy and funny and sophisticated,” she revealed.

She was also asked about Chris Pine‘s involvement, who died in the first movie.

“Ooh, I can’t say much about that,” she said at first.

“He is there. Look, Chris Pine has been an integral part of the franchise. We were so sad that his character died. I’m so happy [director] Patty Jenkins and [co-screenwriter] Geoff Johns were able to find a way to bring him back in the story and bring him back in such a clever way. We never would have done it if it didn’t fit the story.”

If you missed it, watch the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.

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Kristen Wiig Steps Out After Sparking Pregnancy Rumors

Kristen Wiig wears a mask while stepping out for a walk with fiance Avi Rothman on Monday morning (May 11) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old Bridesmaids actress, who was also joined by her dog on the walk, has been the subject of pregnancy rumors ever since her surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Kristen appeared on the Mother’s Day episode and opened up about how she appreciates her mom more this year than in the past 45 years of her life.

“I don’t know if I truly appreciated my mom the first 45 years of my life. But this year I’m feeling especially grateful for her advice, her love. I’m so thankful for all the things she’s taught me, like preparing me to be a mom myself,” Kristen said.

That final line has fans thinking that Kristen might be expecting a baby. Make sure to watch the appearance now!

Click through the gallery for the latest photos of Kristen Wiig… More Here! »

kristen wiig steps out after pregnancy rumors 01
kristen wiig steps out after pregnancy rumors 02
kristen wiig steps out after pregnancy rumors 03
kristen wiig steps out after pregnancy rumors 04
kristen wiig steps out after pregnancy rumors 05