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Sarah Jessica Parker & 'Sex & the City' Co-Stars Will Make Over $1 Million Per Episode

We now know how much money Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon will be making in their return to Sex and the City for a revival at HBO Max.

According to Variety, the three stars – who will all also executive produce – will make over $1 million per episode for the 10 new episodes. The publication notes that streaming services have paid out over $1 million per episode to stars like Nicole Kidman, Jeff Bridges, Sir Patrick Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, and Kerry Washington.

The revival series is reportedly titled “And Just Like That…,” and it will follow Carrie Bradshaw (Parker), Charlotte York (Davis) and Miranda Hobbes (Nixon) “as they navigate love and friendship in their 50s.”

Some other major television star salaries were recently revealed and there’s a lot of money on this list.

'Sex And The City' Revival Coming To HBO Max - See The Teaser!

It’s official, a Sex And The City revival is coming to HBO Max!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will reprise their roles as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, with Michael Patrick King executive producing the new chapter, which is titled And Just Like That…

While no other plot details were revealed, fans know that Kim Cattrall‘s Samantha will not return. Here’s why…

Rumors about the revival started just before the Christmas holiday.

Set in New York City, the original show centered on the four women as they navigated love and life, confiding in each other every step of the way.

It spawned two films and a prequel spinoff on The CW.

Check out the first teaser that Sarah shared on her Instagram!

“I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now?” Sarah mused in the caption.

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'Sex & the City' Revival Reportedly in the Works Without Kim Cattrall's Samantha

A Sex and the City limited series revival is reportedly in the works at HBO Max!

The network is apparently close to a deal with original stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon to reprise their roles as Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, respectively. Kim Cattrall would not be returning as Samantha. Page Six was first to report this news.

It would be of no surprise if Kim did not join the series. If you don’t know, in 2017, Kim revealed that she was never friends with her co-stars and the relationships felt “toxic.” Then, months later in early 2018, Kim‘s brother suddenly passed away and Sarah Jessica wrote a comment on Kim‘s Instagram post, expressing her condolences and seemingly, mending their broken relationship. Later on, Kim suddenly lashed out at SJP for “exploiting” her family’s tragedy. Kim was rumored to be the reason why a third Sex and the City movie never came to fruition.

The show ran for six seasons on HBO and they also made two movies.

Labor of Love's Kristy Katzmann Is Looking for a Different Kind of Love on Her Show!

There’s a brand new dating series launching on television tonight – Fox’s Labor of Love!

The new series is hosted by Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis and will follow 41-year-old career woman Kristy Katzmann on her search to find the father of her children.

This new show is going to be different than other dating competition series like The Bachelor, Love Island, Love Is Blind, and more as the end goal is not just an engagement or a marriage… the hope is that they’ll have kids together!

“Like so many women in America today, she is ready to have a child and start a family, but has yet to meet the potential father of her children. Kristy will be matched with 15 sexy, sophisticated and like-minded men, who are ready to let their paternal sides shine,” Fox said in the official description of the show.

“Each week, the aspiring fathers-to-be will be faced with challenges that will put their parenting and partnership skills to the test. If they prove worthy, they will advance to the next week, and for those who don’t, Kristy will let them know that she does not see herself starting a family with them. After eight weeks of intuitive and hilarious challenges, breathtakingly romantic dates and some heartwarming, yet borderline awkward gestures from the men, mother-to-be Kristy, with the help of Kristin as a sounding board, will decide if she has found the man with whom she’d like to settle down and start a family or if she’d rather continue on the path to motherhood on her own.”

Labor of Love airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Fox!

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RuPaul & 'AJ & The Queen' Cast Celebrate Netflix Season One Premiere!

RuPaul happily hits the red carpet with his little co-star Izzy G. while attending the season one premiere of their new Netflix series AJ & The Queen held at the Egyptian Theatre on Thursday (January 9) in Hollywood.

The drag queen superstar and Izzy were joined at the event by Sex and the City‘s Kristin Davis, Whitney Cummings, Ross Mathews, Michelle Visage, Este Haim, Kalen Allen, Gigi Gorgeous, Tatiana Maslany and Jonathan Bennett as they all came out to show their support.

Also in attendance were the other stars of the series Michael-Leon Wooley, Tia Carrere, Katerina Tannenbaum, Matthew Wilkas, showrunner Michael Patrick King and drag queens Shangela, Ginger Minj, Eureka, Mayhem Miller, Mariah Balenciaga, Valentina, Ongina, Monique Heart, Pandora Boxx, Trinity The Tuck, Latrice Royale and Jaymes Mansfield.

Season one of AJ & The Queen is available on Netflix now!

FYI: Katerina is wearing a Valentino dress and Piaget jewelry.

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'Sex & the City' Stars Point Out 'Little Women' Similarity!

Cynthia Nixon noticed that the new Little Women movie shares an almost identical shot to a scene in Sex and the City!

The 53-year-old Sex and the City actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (January 7) to point her discovery out to fans.

“Saw #Little Women this weekend,” she captioned the two photos. “Loved it.”

She added, “Seemed familiar somehow….@SJP @iamkristindavis @kimcattrall @minordetailsNYC.”

The photos show Cynthia walking arm-in-arm with her co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall. Below it, Little Women‘s Eliza Scanlen, Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, and Florence Pugh can be seen in the same pose with similar hairstyles and outfits!

SJP commented, “Who did this? @cynthiaenixon is this your clever work???? I haven’t seen yet. My daughter’s saw it this weekend and loved it! Xxx.”

Little Women is in theaters now.

See the photos here!

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Sarah Jessica Parker Grills Kristin Davis About 'Sex & The City' Trivia - Watch!

Sarah Jessica Parker is testing Kristin Davis‘ memory!

The Sex & The City co-stars had a reunion over the phone during Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Monday (November 11).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristin Davis

During her appearance, Kristin was quizzed in a game called “Sex and the Gritty” and SJP asked a question!

When asked by Andy which co-star resembled their character in real life, Kristin said Cynthia Nixon, who starred as lawyer Miranda Hobbs. And as far as the most memorable storyline, she remembered her least favorite scene.

Finally, “There was this one time with this guy I was having sex with had to shout ‘B-tch!’ Wh—re!’ in my face. I really, really hated it. I hated it so much!”

She also revealed who Carrie should have ended up with in her opinion.

“I do think she was meant for Big,” Kristin said.

As a surprise, Sarah called in with a final question: “This is a real brain-teaser. I’m going to focus it on food because that’s basically what we talked about all the time. I want you to get in your time machine and I want you to go back to Morocco on the set of Sex and the City 2. I’m going to ask you, what did we eat every day at 11:30 a.m.?”

“The sandwiches! We would go and get the tomato sandwich from crafts, but we have to walk a really long way,” Kristin said excitedly – and she was right!

Watch her appearance inside…

FYI: Kristin is wearing an A.L.C. jumpsuit.