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Lin-Manuel Miranda Goes Private on Twitter After 'Hamilton' Debuts on Disney+

Lin-Manuel Miranda has locked his Twitter account and he’s now private on the social media app.

The 40-year-old actor and composer, who is the star and creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, went private on Twitter sometime on late Friday night (July 3).

The filmed version of Hamilton debuted on Disney+ that day and Lin participated in a live-tweeting party with fans and the rest of the cast from 7pm EST until 10pm EST. Shortly after the tweeting party ended, he locked his account. (Check out an interesting detail about the show that he revealed during the Twitter party)

Lin signed off for the night by saying, “Thank you for tonight. I’m so grateful you just have the whole thing now. With this extraordinary company and crew. It’s yours.”

There’s a lot of speculation happening right now over the reason for Lin going private, but one topic that seems to be trending is how Hamilton is about a group of men that were slave owners. There are some people calling the show racist for glorifying these people in history.

Also, an audio clip is spreading around from when Lin-Manuel provided the voice for the an audio-book and said the N-word as part of the lines.

Read what some fans are saying about Lin locking his account:

UPDATE: Lin has gone public on Twitter again.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Wife Vanessa Nadal Does This When He Kisses Someone in 'Hamilton'

Vanessa Nadal is poking fun at husband Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s love life in Hamilton.

The wife of the 40-year-old composer shared just how she reacts when Lin, as the title character, kisses someone in the hip-hop musical.

While live tweeting with the original cast tonight (July 3), Vanessa admitted that she actually boos the scenes.

“I always boo when Lin kisses someone else on stage, and people sitting around me look at me like I’m a crazy person,” she wrote.

Vanessa then added that her and Lin‘s oldest child, Sebastian, reminded her that she actually forgot to boo at one of them.

“‘you missed the fourth kiss,’ reports Sebastian. He’s counting. Thanks, kid,” she wrote.

Vanessa and Lin have been married since 2010 and share two children together, Sebastian, 5, and Francisco, 2.

If you didn’t see, find out what first inspired Lin to write a hip-hop musical based on Alexander Hamilton.

Here's What Inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda To Write A Musical About Alexander Hamilton

Lin-Manuel Miranda is opening up about just how the idea of a hip-hop musical of Hamilton came to him.

In several interviews, the 40-year-old composer revealed that he was about to go on vacation when he randomly picked up a biography on the founding father.

“I was just browsing the biography section. It could have been Truman,” he told 60 Minutes. “I got to the part where a hurricane destroys St. Croix, where Hamilton is living. And he writes a poem about the carnage and this poem gets him off the island.”

“That is part and parcel with the hip-hop narrative: writing your way out of your circumstances, writing the future you want to see for yourself…This is a guy who wrote at 14, ‘I wish there was a war.’ It doesn’t get more hip-hop than that.”

Lin added in another interview with Vogue that after reading that part of the book, he “Googled ‘Alexander Hamilton hip-hop musical’ and totally expected to see that someone had already written it. But no. So I got to work.”

After wrapping up his vacation, it actually took Lin a full year more to write the musical’s first song, “My Shot”.

“Every couplet needed to be the best couplet I ever wrote,” he recalled to 60 Minutes. “That’s how seriously I was taking it.”

Hamilton also didn’t start out as a straight musical show either. The plan was for it to be just a mixtape.

“I always had an eye toward the stage for the story of Hamilton’s life, but I began with the idea of a concept album, the way Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar were albums before they were musicals,” he shared with Hollywood Reporter. “And I built this score by dream casting my favorite artists…”

Lin adds, “It was easier to think of it as a hip-hop album, because then I could really just pack the lyrics. [But] I only know how to write musicals.”

If you missed it, see what star Phillipa Soo shared about the meaning behind the gasp at the end of the show.

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Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda Explains Why Some Actors Play Two Roles (aka Double Casting)

Lin-Manuel Miranda is opening up about the decision to have some actors in Hamilton play two different characters.

Four actors play dual roles in the musical: Tony winner Daveed Diggs takes on the roles of Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson, Anthony Ramos plays John Laurens / Philip Hamilton, Jasmine Cephas Jones plays Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds, and Okieriete Onaodowan plays Hercules Mulligan / James Madison.

During the live-tweeting party for the Hamilton movie, Lin said, “I realized early that characters that were important early in his life fade away while others appear later. The double casting was so that we’d be INSTANTLY invested. ‘Jefferson? Hey that’s Daveed!’ Same w Laurens/Phil.”

In the first song, when Anthony sings, “Me I died for him,” he is referring to both of his characters. Both John Laurens and Philip Hamilton died while defending Hamilton’s honor.

Daveed sings in the song, “We fought with him.” His characters Lafayette and Jefferson both fought with Hamilton in different ways. Lafayette was one of Hamilton’s close friends and fought alongside him in the Revolutionary War. Jefferson and Hamilton were enemies and fought against each other for years during the birth of America.

Did you know that two of the actors mentioned in this post are actually engaged in real life?!

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'Hamilton' Soundtrack - Stream & Download the Full Broadway Cast Album!

Now that the Hamilton film is on Disney+, fans will definitely be looking for the soundtrack!

The original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton features composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony-winning actors Leslie Odom Jr., Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Daveed Diggs, as well as the rest of the incredible original cast.

The Grammy-winning album has sold over 6,000,000 units since its release in 2015 and it holds the title for the best-selling Broadway cast album of all time.

Clocking in at 2 hours and 22 minutes in length, the album features nearly every spoken or sung line in the show. There’s just one scene that’s not featured on the album and you can learn more about why right here!

The album is available to stream on Spotify below, or you can download it now on iTunes.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Names His Favorite 'Hamilton' Moment From the Disney+ Production!

Lin-Manuel Miranda was asked about his favorite moment from Disney+‘s filmed version of his musical Hamilton, which is premiering on the streaming service on Friday (July 3).

“The way [director Thomas Kail] has framed Hamilton’s final monologue I find incredibly moving. It’s something I could never experience inside the thing,” Lin-Manuel said to Playbill about his character Alexander Hamilton’s final monologue.

Thomas, meanwhile, said, “This company was once in a lifetime. When you’re making theatre it will eventually disappear…this felt like an opportunity to try to capture the feeling of what it was like to be in the Richard Rodgers [Theatre] in June 2016.” This filmed version was filmed in June of 2016, if you didn’t know!

If the name Thomas Kail sounds familiar, it’s because he’s been in the news a bit lately! He He recently married Michelle Williams and they just welcomed a child together!

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The 'Hamilton' Album Is Missing One Scene & Here's Why Lin-Manuel Miranda Excluded It

The Broadway musical Hamilton is almost completely sung-through, so the cast album features nearly every moment in the show… except one scene.

The show’s creator and original star Lin-Manuel Miranda said that he made a conscious decision to exclude “the only scene in our show” from the cast album.

“It’s the scene in Hamilton that goes between ‘Dear Theodosia’ and ‘Non Stop.’ I made a decision not to record this scene on the album, for two reasons 1) It really is more of a scene than a song, the only SCENE in our show, and I think its impact is at its fullest in production form. 2) As someone who grew up ONLY listening to cast albums (we ain’t have money for a lot of Broadway shows, like most people) those withheld moments were REVELATIONS to me when I finally experienced them onstage, years later. Hamilton is sung through, and I wanted to have at least ONE revelation in store for you. I stand by the decision, and I think the album is better for it,” Lin-Manuel wrote on Tumblr four years ago.

SPOILER ALERT: In the scene, Hamilton receives a letter and finds out that his friend John Laurens was killed in a gunfight against British troops retreating from South Carolina, The war was already over. Hamilton’s wife Eliza reads the letter from Laurens’ father while Laurens sings a reprise of “The Story of Tonight.” At the end of the scene, Hamilton recites the famous line, “I have so much work to do.”

In his explanation, Lin added, “I know, I know. ‘But what about people who won’t get the chance to see it…’ I know. ‘And Laurens is already so underrepresented in history…’ I KNOW. THAT’S WHY HE’S SO PROMINENT IN THE SHOW. So here’s where we meet in the middle. The missing scene is above. Please understand that the reason I left this scene off the album is precisely BECAUSE I value it (and Laurens) so much.”

Don’t worry… the scene is of course featured in the Hamilton movie being released on Disney+ this weekend.

You can read the scene right here.

Lin-Manuel recently explained why Hamilton on Disney+ is going to be censored.

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