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Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds to Theories About Eliza's Gasp at the End of 'Hamilton'

There are so many theories out there about the final moment in the musical Hamilton, which is now streaming on Disney+, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is sharing his thoughts on all the interpretations.

In the final song of the show, Eliza Schuyler Hamilton (Phillipa Soo) joins the rest of the cast to sing “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.” She sings about wanting to keep her husband Alexander Hamilton’s legacy alive after his death. In the final moments of the show, Hamilton leads Eliza to the edge of the stage, she looks out into the audience, and then lets out a gasp as the lights fade away.

A fan on TikTok named Mallory Ellis explained her theory and said, “There are some debates about what this scene is about at the end. People don’t know understand what the ending means.” She then points at Lin on stage next to Phillipa in the final scene.

“So when he goes behind her, he’s no longer Alexander, he’s Lin. He takes Eliza’s hand, he lets her know it’s okay to go. That’s Lin, he’s playing himself. He’s guiding her to the top of the stage. She breaks the fourth wall. She sees that he told her story. BOOM. That’s why I cry guys,” she added.

Lin responded to Mallory‘s video on Twitter.

“It’s a lovely notion, (thank you @malloryannellis) but it breaks down the moment I’m not playing the role (how I wish you could see @JMunozActor or @JonRua, who also played Ham that first year!) The Gasp is The Gasp is The Gasp. I love all the interpretations. ❤️,” he said.

Lin told Wired, “I think it’s different for each Eliza. It’s heart-stopping, isn’t it? It traverses time in some way. Whether that thing she’s seeing is Hamilton, whether that thing she’s seeing is heaven, whether that thing she’s seeing is the world now. I think those are all valid and all fair. I do think she is seeing across a span of time in that moment.”

Make sure to also check out what Phillipa has said about the gasp!


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Beyonce Saw 'Hamilton' Live But Lin-Manuel Miranda Didn't Perform For Her - Find Out Why!

Lin Manuel Miranda has a “sad Beyonce story” because the night she came to see Hamilton after it opened on Broadway in New York City…he was sick!

“I’ll tell you my sad Beyonce story, which is that the night Beyoncé and Jay Z came to Hamilton I had a 104 degree fever and I could not get to the theater to perform in the show.It was my first time being sick. It was my first time calling out,” Lin-Manuel told Zane Lowe on Apple Music. “And at noon they said, ‘Beyonce‘s coming tonight.’ And I was like, ‘Pull the IV out, I can do it.’ My wife was like you, ‘You have to stay home.’”

After Beyonce saw Hamilton, an interaction she had with one of the cast members actually went viral!

Hamilton is now available to stream on Disney+.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds to Criticism of 'Hamilton' Glorifying Slave Owners

With the massive success of the Hamilton movie this weekend, there has also been a renewed conversation about the show and how it portrays history.

Some people on social media have accused Lin-Manuel Miranda of glorifying slave owners. Even though Alexander Hamilton despised slavery, he has been accused of being complicit as he had several friends who owned slaves, including George Washington.

Lin took to Twitter on Monday (July 6) and responded to a thread that debated the critiques the show is facing.

Tracy Clayton tweeted, “hamilton is a flawed play about flawed people written by an imperfect person that gave my flawed and imperfect little life a big boost when i needed it most, so again i know im biased, but i do appreciate the change this illustrates & will be following the convo’s evolution.”

Lin responded and said that “all the criticisms are valid” and explained why he didn’t include slavery in the show.

“Appreciate you so much, @brokeymcpoverty. All the criticisms are valid. The sheer tonnage of complexities & failings of these people I couldn’t get. Or wrestled with but cut. I took 6 years and fit as much as I could in a 2.5 hour musical. Did my best. It’s all fair game,” he said.

Here is what Lin had to say about what inspired him to write a musical about Hamilton.

'Hamilton' Is Not Eligible at the Oscars, But Other Awards Are Still Possible

The filmed version of the Broadway musical Hamilton will not be nominated for any awards at the 2021 Oscars, because the film is not eligible.

Variety has confirmed with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that “recorded stage productions are not eligible for consideration.”

The Hamilton movie was originally supposed to be released in theaters in October 2021, but Disney decided to put the film on Disney+ to give fans some amazing content while movie theaters are shut down due to the pandemic.

Actor James Whitmore earned a Best Actor nomination at the 1976 Oscars for his performance in a recording of the one-man stage play Give ‘em Hell, Harry, but rules were changed in 1997 to make these types of performances ineligible.

The cast and crew of Hamilton has already been awarded plenty of prizes. The show won 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, as well as a Grammy Award and a Pulitzer Prize.

The Hamilton movie still has a shot at being nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded) category. The “the principal host for variety series and the principal host/performer for variety specials are eligible to be entered with the program categories. Secondary performers are not eligible.” This means that Lin-Manuel Miranda will likely be eligible alongside the producers in this category.

The film will also be eligible in some crafts field, like directing, music direction, and more.

Will an actual movie adaptation of Hamilton ever be made? Here is what Lin had to say about that!

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Reveals Why He Doesn't Plan on Making 'Hamilton' Into a Movie

Now that the stage version of Hamilton has hit Disney+, fans are wondering if they Broadway show will ever be turned into a movie. However, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

According to Lin-Manuel Miranda, he doesn’t have any plans on making a movie version of Hamilton.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lin-Manuel Miranda

During an interview with Variety a few months ago, the 40-year-old Tony winner revealed that he’s not convinced that Hamilton will be taking the same path as his other Broadway show In The Heights, which first started off on Broadway and now has been turned into a movie.

“I don’t love a lot of movie musicals based on shows because it’s hard to stick the landing,” Lin shared. “I’m very proud of [director] Jon Chu’s version of In the Heights.”

“It is a different animal than the stage production. As long as I think of those as different things, it’s exciting. I don’t know what a cinematic version of Hamilton looks like. If I had, I’d have written it as a movie.”

The filmed stage version of Hamilton‘s director Tommy Kail agreed with Lin.

“I don’t know what the narrative feature of Hamilton looks like either,” Tommy admitted. “But my sense is that – and Lin might have struck on the key to it for me – when you are making an adaptation of a musical that is a movie, it shouldn’t necessarily try to be the stage play. It needs to be free from that, because you’ll fail.”

Tommy continued: “I’m going to make something that lives alongside that, just like it lives alongside a high school production, a college production, and the original Broadway production, and all of the revivals of it.”

Find out what part of Hamilton has a lot of people talking about!

This 'Hamilton' Cast Member Is Issuing a 'Gentle Reminder' to Those Watching Disney+ Production

One of the members of the original cast of Hamilton, Javier Muñoz, is issuing a gentle reminder that the Disney+ version of the musical does not actually include the full original cast.

“A gentle reminder that Hamilton on Disney+ is not the original cast. It is the original production. Both Betsy Struxness and Emmy Raver Lampman are absent as they’d already left the show. These are 2 brilliant artists who poured their hearts into creating their tracks,” Javier tweeted out to fans who were citing the version as the full original cast.

Emmy Raver Lampman was part of the ensemble but left the show to star in the Spongebob Squarepants musical in Chicago. Betsy understudied the role of Angelica Schuyler but left the production in March of 2016. This version of Hamilton was filmed in June of 2016.

Javier was part of the original cast, but played the alternate for the role of Alexander Hamilton. In the Disney+ filmed version, Lin-Manuel Miranda portrays the role.

See the full cast list for the Disney+ Hamilton if you missed it!

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Goes Private on Twitter After 'Hamilton' Debuts on Disney+

Lin-Manuel Miranda has locked his Twitter account and he’s now private on the social media app.

The 40-year-old actor and composer, who is the star and creator of the Broadway musical Hamilton, went private on Twitter sometime on late Friday night (July 3).

The filmed version of Hamilton debuted on Disney+ that day and Lin participated in a live-tweeting party with fans and the rest of the cast from 7pm EST until 10pm EST. Shortly after the tweeting party ended, he locked his account. (Check out an interesting detail about the show that he revealed during the Twitter party)

Lin signed off for the night by saying, “Thank you for tonight. I’m so grateful you just have the whole thing now. With this extraordinary company and crew. It’s yours.”

There’s a lot of speculation happening right now over the reason for Lin going private, but one topic that seems to be trending is how Hamilton is about a group of men that were slave owners. There are some people calling the show racist for glorifying these people in history.

Also, an audio clip is spreading around from when Lin-Manuel provided the voice for the an audio-book and said the N-word as part of the lines.

Read what some fans are saying about Lin locking his account:

UPDATE: Lin has gone public on Twitter again.

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