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Jonathan Groff Says His Nieces 'Didn't Blink' Watching 'Frozen 2' at Premiere!

Jonathan Groff paid a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday (November 20) and dished all about Frozen 2!

The 34-year-old actor talked about his experience of bringing his two nieces to the Los Angeles premiere of Frozen 2: “So my nieces are two and a half and four and a half. They’re totally in the Frozen zone,” he said. “Both of them didn’t blink through the entire movie. They were in awe. They were so into it.”

Jonathan Groff also talked about performing “Let It Go” with Idina Menzel at a London gay bar, and spitting on David Fincher while performing in Little Shop of Horrors.

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Adam Driver Reveals He & Noah Baumbach Considered Making a Film Version of Musical 'Company'!

Adam Driver appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night (November 20) to talk all about his anticipated new film, Marriage Story!

In the film, the 35-year-old actor sings “Being Alive” from the musical Company, and revealed to Seth that at one point he and writer-director Noah Baumbach considered doing a film version of the musical, before Marriage Story came to light.

“At one point we thought about doing a movie of Company,” Adam said. “If you know the musical, it seems like maybe it lends itself to a film. It’s kind of abstract.”

Adam goes on to say that Baumbach put “Being Alive” into Marriage Story all on his own: “Where he puts it in, I don’t want to give anything away, I thought was just a beautiful piece of writing,” he said. “And similar to great musical theatre, it’s not just a song for the sake of it. Hopefully you learn something about the character. By the end he’s transformed into something else.”

Adam Driver also talked about his only line in a production of Oklahoma, researching his role for Amazon’s political drama The Report, and choosing his audition pieces for Juilliard.

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Seth Meyers Reveals the One Thing Rihanna Does Not Do Well

Seth Meyers made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday (November 18), and he dished about Rihanna!

Earlier this year, over the summer, Seth and Rihanna went day drinking together for a segment on his show, Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“She’s the nicest person in the world,” Seth said about the superstar.

“Is there one thing that she doesn’t do well?” Jimmy asked Seth.

“She, at one point, took my phone and took a bunch of pictures while we were day drinking. And then, when I went through them and looked at them, I’m like, ‘Rihanna‘s bad at taking pictures,’” Seth said. We then got to see some of the photos Rihanna took while day drinking together!

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John Cena Reveals He's Scaling Back on Wrestling to Focus on Acting - Watch!

John Cena is talking about his career ambitions.

The 42-year-old wrestler and actor made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night (November 7).

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During his appearance, John talked about his current relationship with the WWE, playing a smokejumper in Playing with Fire and growing up with four brothers just as big as he is.

He also spoke about his disastrous time as a limo driver in Boston and his charity efforts for first responders and veterans. Plus, he talked about his nieces and tells his side of the story of “chopping” Sean Casey.

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John Cena Is Scaling Back on Wrestling to Focus on Acting

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Jenny Slate Performs Hilarious Improvised Bridal March Song on 'Late Night' - Watch Here!

Jenny Slate paid a visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers last night (November 6) and dished all about her recent engagement and her new book, “Little Weirds.”

The 36-year-old actress and comedian told Seth that her artist boyfriend Ben Shattuck popped the question during a recent “romantic” trip to France.

Jenny also explained why “Susan” is her favorite name and analyzes Seth‘s name. To close it out, Seth challenged Jenny to perform an improvised bridal march song with just a few details given by him.

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Mariska Hargitay Recalls Being Fired From 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie'!

Mariska Hargitay stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday night (October 21), and opened up about the time she was fired from 1995′s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie!

The 55-year-old Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star recalled being cast to play Queen Dulcea in the hit film being shot in Australia.

“I was so excited because I was going to Australia to play this queen. I get there, hair, makeup, prosthetic pieces, walking around like that feeling pretty good,” Mariska recalled. “I was there for November, and then December and then we were getting closer to Christmas and they had me on hold a lot and finally from Dec. 21, I said, ‘Hey guys, this is great, but you kept me on hold too long.’ It’s Christmas! I think that’s only fair.”

Mariska flew home for the holidays and when she called the team back in the new year, she didn’t receive the most welcome response: “They’re like, ‘Sweetie, you’re good, don’t worry about it.’ And they fired me!,” she said, jokingly adding, “I watch my P’s and Q’s on SVU now.”

Mariska Hargitay was replaced by actress Gabrielle Fitzpatrick in the role.

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