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Ryan Reynolds' Daughter James Wants to Be an Actor!

Ryan Reynolds is opening up about his daughter James in a new interview!

The 43-year-old 6 Underground actor talked about his and wife Blake Lively‘s daughter’s career aspirations during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (December 12) in New York City.

“She wants to be an actor,” Ryan said. “I’m fine if she wants to be an actor. Go ahead. You know, in school, do after school stuff like that. That’s all fine. Right now it’s every day is like a recital, she’s singing songs, she’s doing little plays at home, but being a child actor in movies and stuff, that’s a whole other ball of wax. I tried to explain to her, that’s a huge burden on your nervous system. Having to process all of that attention and information. Also, you develop all of these unhealthy coping mechanisms.”

He jokingly added, “I was like, what’s cheaper and easier is let’s skip showbiz and enroll you right into cocaine. Because showbiz is not good for kids! I feel like we should know this by now.”

Ryan also revealed that James, who is almost five, is “obsessed” with Jimmy!

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Ryan Reynolds' Youngest Daughter Inez Relates More to Villains, He Says!

Ryan Reynolds stops by Good Morning America on Thursday (May 2) in New York City to discuss his new movie Detective Pikachu.

While on the morning show, Ryan spoke about his two daughters with Blake Lively, James, 4, and Inez, 2.

“My daughter James is losing her mind over [Detective Pikachu]….She’s never been interested in a movie I’ve done ever,” Ryan explained. “She’s four, and then my daughter Ines is two…and she tends to relate more to villains. We took our kids to the Nutcracker and there’s a moment in the beginning where the kid takes the toy and smashes it to the ground and everyone gasps in the audience.”

Ryan continued, “My daughter was just like [slow clap]….She just loves villains! I’m surprised she’s not selling hand-rolled cigarettes in her pre-school.”

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Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Adorably React to Hearing Daughter James' Song at Taylor Swift Show! (VIDEO)

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds are the proudest parents ever!

While attending close friend Taylor Swift‘s reputation Tour show on Saturday night (July 28) in Foxborough, Mass, the pair totally freaked out when they heard daughter 3-year-old James‘ voice when the singer introduced the song “Gorgeous.”

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After the 28-year-old entertainer dropped the song, tons of fans started speculating that it was little James‘ voice that kicks off the track before Taylor officially confirmed it.

Also joining Blake and Ryan at Taylor‘s show was Gigi Hadid – who can be seen in the video hugging Blake.

You can watch Blake and Ryan‘s reaction here!

Ryan Reynolds' Father's Day Tweet Is Too Funny

Ryan Reynolds is known for his unbelievable tweets about being a dad, and his Father’s Day 2018 tweet might be his best yet.

The 41-year-old Deadpool 2 star has two kids, Inez, 1, and James, 3, with wife Blake Lively.

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On Father’s Day 2018, Ryan tweeted to his followers, “Having matching donor organs in case anything happens to me is a true blessing. #HappyFathersDay.”

And if you’re loving Ryan‘s tweets, here’s a bunch of hilarious ones about life as a parent.

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Blake Lively's Daughter Had a Hilarious Reaction to This Outfit!

Blake Lively made the sidewalk her runway while stepping out in this sweater dress look this week and she just revealed her daughter’s reaction to the outfit!

“True story: As the elevator closed my daughter yelled after me, ‘Oh no mama, you forgot your pants!’” the 30-year-old actress wrote on Instagram.

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Blake is likely referring to her three-year-old daughter James as her one-year-old daughter Ines is definitely too young to voice that opinion!

Make sure to see more photos of Blake looking fierce in the outfit!

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Ryan Reynolds Shares Christmas Convo with Daughter James

You can always count on Ryan Reynolds to share funny stories about his kids and he gave us one on Christmas Day!

While the 41-year-old actor didn’t name which daughter he is referring to in the tweet, we’re going to assume it’s James as his one-year-old daughter Ines is a little too young to be having a conversation.

“Daughter: Santa comes down the chimney?… Me: Yup… Daughter: You left the fire burning all night… Me: Yup. (Silence. Slight breeze. A crow circles in the distance.),” Ryan captioned the below Instagram photo of a fire place.

You can see photos of Ryan and wife Blake Lively with their daughter James at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in our photo gallery!

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Taylor Swift Confirms Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Daughter James is the Baby Voice in 'Gorgeous'!

Taylor Swift has confirmed the identity of the baby voice on her new song “Gorgeous”!

After tons of speculation by her fans, the 27-year-old confirmed in the reputation album booklet that the voice belong to good friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds‘ 2-year-old daughter James!

and Blake have become close friends in recent years and both of the parents liked the Instagram teaser of the song.

James is credited on the track with a very simple “Baby intro voice by James Reynolds.”

Listen to Taylor‘s new album here!