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7 Actors Who Almost Played Michael Scott in 'The Office' Instead of Steve Carell (2 Turned Down the Role!)

Steve Carell‘s Michael Scott is one of the most iconic roles in modern television.

However, the 60-year-old comedian wasn’t the only pick to play the role of the boss on The Office. In fact, several stars nearly beat him to the opportunity.

The show would go on to become a huge success, spanning nine seasons since its debut in March of 2005 on NBC.

Over the years, as revealed in podcasts, interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary, we’ve come to learn that there were several actors who nearly took on the role of Michael Scott before Steve ultimately got the job.

According to Andy Greene‘s The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, at least 35 actors were at least considered for the role – and two even were offered the job, but ultimately declined. Can you even imagine how different the sitcom might have been?

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The Richest 'The Office' Cast Members, Ranked From Lowest to Highest (There's a Tie for No. 1!)

The Office is one of the most beloved modern sitcoms.

The critically hailed mockumentary TV series follows the work lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and aired from March of 2005 to May of 2013 across nine seasons, based on the BBC series of the same name co-created by Ricky Gervais.

The Office went on to win several awards as a show and among the cast members, including a Peabody Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe Award and four Primetime Emmy Awards, and is frequently ranked as one of the best TV shows of all time.

Many of the stars of the show have gone on to achieve more incredible things in the entertainment industry, and have also amassed a significant fortune.

We’ve rounded up the cast of The Office, and ranked them according to estimated net worth from lowest to highest – and you might be surprised!

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Rainn Wilson Changes His Name for a Surprising Reason

Rainn Wilson is making a big change.

The 56-year-old The Office star has changed his name, and it all has to do with climate change.

He made the announcement in a video on Twitter on Wednesday (November 9), which timed with the United Nations climate change conference COP27 in Egypt happening this week.

Rainn‘s new full name is…Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson.

He changed his name using a website called Arctic Risk Name Generator which encourages visitors to become an “Arctic name changer.”

“This is not a joke,” he said, although it’s unclear whether he’s filed the legal paperwork required to make a change to his government name. His name remains @RainnWilson on social media. (FYI: his original name is Rainn Percival Dietrich Wilson.)

“With the help of my scientist friends at Arctic Basecamp, I’ve changed my name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson. This is not a joke, I’m as serious as the melting Arctic, which amplifies global risks including extreme weather events around the globe,” he said in the clip.

“I’m hoping this name change brings attention to this growing… er, melting issue. We need world leaders at COP27 to take notice and take action. The Arctic is melting at millions of litres per second, yet this problem can’t seem to make a name for itself, so it’s up to us to make a name for it,” he continued.

“Go to and create a name that will bring attention to this problem. Then – and this is the important part – change your social media profile or display name to match your new ArcticRisk name. And if enough of us do this, then maybe COP27 will be where our world leaders sit up and notice Arctic risks and introduce a solution.”

Watch his announcement…

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Couple Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale Are Going To Play Exes In New Movie 'Inappropriate Behavior'

Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have another collaboration in the works!

The 43-year-old Neighbors and 52-year-old Sing 2 actors are together in real life and have collaborated over the years on the likes of Spy, Annie , Adult Beginners and Seriously Red. However, they are set to play exes in their new project Inappropriate Behavior, according to Variety.

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rose byrne bobby cannavale new movie 01
rose byrne bobby cannavale new movie 02
rose byrne bobby cannavale new movie 03
rose byrne bobby cannavale new movie 04
rose byrne bobby cannavale new movie 05

The Office's Rainn Wilson Says He Doesn't Know Who Taylor Swift Is, She Responds!

Taylor Swift used a GIF featuring fan favorite The Office character Dwight Schrute, and the actor who played Dwight on the show, Rainn Wilson, responded directly to the superstar singer in an unexpected way!

It all started when Taylor reacted to a positive article written about her and her new album Evermore.

Well, when Rainn saw that Taylor used a GIF of his The Office character, he responded by writing, “I do not know who this is. Inventor of the Swiffer?” Fans are unclear if Rainn is joking or if he actually doesn’t know who Taylor Swift is…which seems unlikely as she’s one of the most famous singers in the world!

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John Krasinski & 'The Office' Co-Stars Recreate Show's Wedding Dance for Newlywed Fans - Watch!

John Krasinski gave two fans one of the best wedding surprises ever!

On the latest episode of his YouTube series Some Good News, John and reunited with his The Office co-stars to surprise a newly married couple, who held their wedding virtually with John serving the officiant.

The Office
stars making an appearance during the show included Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, BJ Novak, Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, Brian Baumgartner, Ed Helms, Phyllis Smith, Oscar Nunez, and Creed Bratton.

The group then recreated the epic dance scene from Jim (Krasinski) and Pam’s (Fischer) wedding, where they danced to “Forever” by Chris Brown from their homes.

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Jonas Brothers & Billie Eilish Perform on John Krasinski's Virtual Prom for High School Grads

The Jonas Brothers were looking sharp for John Krasinski‘s virtual prom tonight!

The 40-year-old Quiet Place star and host of Some Good News threw a virtual party, where he was the DJ, and invited some big celeb performers for the event, thrown in honor of the high school grads who are unable to attend their own due to school closings.

While John tried his best to DJ, he admitted that he had no clue how to – before bringing in Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas for a performance of “Sucker”, plus Chance the Rapper, and his Office co-star Rainn Wilson.

Later on, Billie Eilish joined the party and performed “bad guy” with brother Finneas and revealed her own prom experience.

“[I've] never really been to prom. I’ve been to homeschool prom which isn’t really prom,” she said.

While the live stream isn’t available anymore, stay tuned when the episode is published this weekend!