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Mindy Kaling Is Still Getting Paid From 'The Office'

Mindy Kaling has revealed that she’s still receiving money from starring The Office.

The 42-year-old actress and producer opened in a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week that nearly a decade after the show went off the air, she’s still receiving paychecks from re-runs of the show.

“The checks are still pretty good, they’re pretty good,” Mindy shared, before joking that she only became rich “five years ago.”

She added that the checks aren’t “buy a house good. But they’re like, help pay for your kid’s education good.”

Mindy didn’t only star on the long running NBC show as Kelly Kapoor, she was also a writer on the program, too.

She also recalled one of her pet peeves of the set – the temperature!

“We used to keep The Office set very cold,” Mindy shared. “It was, like, 60 degrees and I remember not being able to do anything about that. It’s just a little cold.”

Just recently, Mindy got an apology from Stephen Colbert. See what happened here!

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HBO Paid James Gandolfini To Not Take A Role In A Hit NBC Comedy Show

James Gandolfini was so close to signing on to star in The Office, after Steve Carell left the show.

The late actor’s Sopranos co-stars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa opened up about the opportunity that James had to star in a new role as the Dunder Mifflin boss in the series, and why he passed on it.

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Melora Hardin Gives a Nod To 'The Office' On New Episode of 'The Bold Type'

Melora Hardin is showing off a funny little Easter egg to one of her past roles!

The actress is featured in a new clip from her current show The Bold Type, where she is seen holding a mug from the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, which of course is from The Office.

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Jenna Fischer Revealed New Details About Jim & Pam's Engagement Scene From 'The Office'

It turns out that Jim and Pam’s engagement scene on The Office was the single most expensive scene in the entire series.

Jenna Fischer opened up about what went into the surprise engagement sequence that took place in the season five premiere during the latest episode of her podcast with Angela Kinsey.

“So first of all, I just want you guys to know that [showrunner] Greg [Daniels] spoke with us about this. He said that he really wanted Jim’s proposal to Pam to be in the season premiere,” Jenna started off about the scene that fans were surprised by. “He thought, No. 1, that would be unexpected. You usually end seasons with proposals. So he thought this would be a real shock.”

She added that the showrunner “wanted to throw people off by having it in a very ordinary location. He wanted it to feel special, but he also wanted it to feel like Jim made the decision without a whole lot of planning.”

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Marcus York, Who Played Billy Merchant on 'The Office,' Has Died at 55

The Office actor Marcus York has sadly passed away at the age of 55.

The actor was best known for playing Billy Merchant in several episodes of The Office, most memorably in the second season’s 14th episode. In that episode, Billy was brought in for a disability-awareness meeting. Marcus has been a paraplegic since 1988.

TMZ reports that he died last week in Ohio at the Miami Valley Hospital.

The outlet said, “His death came quickly after the illness surfaced, but the exact cause of death has not been disclosed.”

Some of Marcus‘ other acting appearances include CSI: New York and Fighting Words. TMZ reports that he most recently was working as an inventor and had secured two patents for his inventions.

We’re sending our thoughts and condolences to Marcus‘ loved ones during this difficult time.

'The Office' Actress Kat Ahn Just Called Out The Show's Anti-Asian Jokes

One of The Office‘s most memorable episodes is getting put on blast after one of the guest stars called out the Anti-Asian jokes featured on it.

Kat Ahn, who starred as one of the Asian waitresses in “A Benihana Christmas”, told Washington Post that her appearance was only used as a joke.

The episode focuses on Michael Scott (Steve Carell) going to the restaurant and in it, ends up using a permanent marker on one of two Asian waitresses he brings back to his office Christmas party so that he can tell them apart.

While at first excited about the role on the popular NBC series, Kat was quickly deflated when she realized she was part of an Anti-Asian joke.

“You’re told to shut up and be grateful. Actors have no power until they become a star,” she was told.

In addition, Kat also revealed that the appearance followed her into her personal life as another co-worker once attempted to draw on her arm with a sharpie as a callback to the episode.

Series regulars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey recently addressed that episode on their podcast, Office Ladies, and admitted that the jokes made them cringe.

The Office is currently streaming on Peacock now.

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