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John Mayer Gets Paid By Paparazzi -- But Not Much!

John Mayer Gets Paid By Paparazzi -- But Not Much!

John Mayer dropped by Samy’s Camera store in Los Angeles yesterday and apparently was paid off by paparazzi “for a good shot.”

In the video below, you can see a photographer drop off a mere $10 on the counter and Mayer quickly stuffs the money into his pocket.

“I know my value,” ten-dollars-richer Mayer joked. “I know what I’m worth!”

If John Mayer gets paid $10 for a good shot, how much do you think Jennifer Aniston gets paid?? Watch the vid below!!

John Mayer Gets Paid By Paparazzi — But Not Much!
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Credit: Danielle/Matei/Dean; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • bet

    I think i am the first one

    I love this man. I love his music, but now i love him because he date my best girl. and he is funny guy, he do not take himself seriously. that is compleletly different person that the rest of hollywood.

  • Shar

    So , this must be proof that their relationship is FAKE!!!!!!!

  • jen fan

    Oh too funny. Doesn’t take himself seriously at all does he. Seems like he is lots of fun.

  • duna

    Give me a break, look at him laughing at his own joke! He’s worth his nickname: DOUCHEBAG, and he’s worth his current 40 year old girlfriend.

  • ha ha ha

    so now it’s him who is supposed to get paid by paps this time, while most of the time it’s Jennifer Aniston’s PR who pay them to sell her ass pics to tabs? ha ha ha very funny indeed.

    I quite like John Mayer though, I just wonder within how many time he will dump that fraud girl.

  • oh snap!

    i bet, jenifer gets paid $1 for all her ugly horse face shots

  • ha ha ha

    Funny! So douchebag.

  • George

    Funny guy! You gotta appreciate his humor.

  • jade

    …..don’t quite get why the big deal over this guy; mediocre singer, nothing great to look at, and kinda looks like a wussbag who likes to wear women’s underwear….IMO

  • dee

    love this guy!!!! What a great sense of humor he has, he can laugh at himself…. love it.

  • Cindy

    I’m a big fan, anything about him is worth watching. He’s a great musician. His music is awesome!

  • Babycakes

    What a tall drink of water he is… 6′ 3” and handsome too, lucky Jen!

  • Nina

    love that he can laugh at himself. I DIG that about him. seen him in concert, and he puts on quite a show. great, great, super great

  • douchebag:

    Disgusting , i can´t really tell if he´s a man .

  • fres


  • bet


    Did’nt you here the news , He is the man man, that make jen happy.

  • Clair

    Worthless douche bag.

  • Laura

    Jen is one lucky bitch! lol Her man is effing hot!
    what a hot pair they make!

  • Mark

    This douche bag is looking for media attention in Hollywood. Which explains why he is with Jennifer Aniston. He does not have a soul he just use people to get where he needs to get. Jennifer is the new Jessica Simpson.

  • jen fan

    to ha, ha, ha: I would be more worried about Jolie right now, who just had her picture taken of her naked breasts off of her balcony. How much to you think she was paid? Paps are terrible in the way they follow these people! It is clear Mayer was joking with the paps here. Quit trying to justify your hate for people and begin to think that Jennifer in a bikini is a money shot and so is Angelina’s breasts for that matter. Brad stated that paps are always trying to get at Angie’s V for a shot. Cut it out!

  • Mark

    I also forgot to say I believe he alert the media every time he moves.
    His true value in Hollywood is 10 bucks but he pays PR people to hype up his value. Thats why we have all these he is great post.
    Trying to brain wash the media. Sorry he and Jen are douche bags.
    With her ignoring her sick mother.

  • jade

    #9-is not me!

    I like John and Jennifer together. I would never have said what #9 said.

    I have had this name for over 3 years. Can you use a capital J?

  • onmyown

    This was so rehearsed. I don’t like to use the word douche bag, but Mayer may be close to it. As to Aniston – yea – I’d used the word trillion times.

    Can’t believe Anuston will let her mother go to an indigent medical center to get medical attention because Mom has no money. Her daughter worth at least 50 – 100 million, but Anus wont help Mom get a health insurance.

    And Anus wants to be known as Americas’ Sweetheart, and the Sweet Girl Next Door.

    She spent her monies buying houses for her friends, but wouldnt lift a finger to her her indigent Mom.

    She spent millions for surgical procedure to her nose, boobs, lips and eyes just to be pretty, but ignore her ailing Mother.

    Now, that I called a douche bag ? Does any one knows why she hates her mother ?

  • Mark

    Jen fan ha, ha, ha: I would be more worried about a women that ignored her Mother in her time of need. Why do you think Jen will not help her sick Mother? Why will Jen not help her Mother get insurance?
    Why was John and Jen splashing around at the pool Mother’s day instead of visiting her Mother? Serious issuses I would be concern about. If I was John.

  • Mark

    Yeah is seems John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston has alot in common.
    Douche bags attracted to each other.

  • gianna

    Well, I love this guy! He knows how to play with the paps AND spend his money!! LOL

    *diggin’ the mouse-blouse*

  • http://justjared.buzznet Debra

    To #20,

    What does Angelina have to do with this thread. She has no connection to John Mayer. Also several haters are trying to continue to bring up that photo of her topless. No one cares. She is plastic. What you say about her that is negative,or what you and TMZ try to create bad impressions of her will not work..Put that story away, it has no lets.

  • mmm


  • give it up jenho

    question is how much did huvane or jenho paid john mayer

  • give it up jenho

    Wonder how long bet is gonna cheer john on. I hope you keep on cheering even after jenho got dumped. You were the same with with orlando bloom till after he ran fast as he can.

  • tears again

    Why did you go, Johnny? When did you come? If only I had known you were here….
    depressed now…. again…..still……

  • Ali

    One thing that stands out as I read this is media brain washing I see PR or Jen folks trying to make John out to be bigger than life and he has never been that. We all see it.
    Insecurities are showing because Mayer is scared she will dump him because he is no popular enough. So look at him fake.
    This is a hilarious monkey show. Two people in a publicity stunt still trying to make it look real.


    The paps just bought his ass!!!

    What a loser. Hahahahaa..

  • ummm

    Minka, Johnny’s ex is now saying that Johnny ‘s ultimate dreamgirl is…Angelina Jolie. That he said that to her over and over again, dreaming and fantasizing about Jolie. he would dump in the minute anyone he is daing for Jolie.

    Aniston is probably the most stupid girl that Hollywood has ever breed.

    She has no self respect to go with a man who probably fantasize about Jolie when he is doing her. And her gullibale fans are even more stupider to cheer for a fraudulent love story with a man who is currently CHEATING on their idole…emotionnaly speaking.

  • Kara

    I think shes just really desperate and have ran out at the age of almost 40. She is grabbing at anything she can get to show the world she got a man. Sadly she don’t. This guy use to do his fans. You can bet when things get old between them, he’ll go back to doing his fans. I remember he was overly thrilled about Angelina to.
    I remember he did that interview with RS and talking about when Brad looking up to God, God says to Brad I have nothing left for you ( meaning Angelina is the ultimate women the best in the world ) John must think alot about Brad and Angelina.
    He befriends Perez whom he uses to climb the ladder, while Perez continues to put Jen down. I remember the John and Jessica threads Perez posted. They tore Jessica Simpson to pieces and lifted John up. John knew it and did nothing about it. Jen is about to do some major reaping with this douche bag. Just sit back and wait.

  • dj

    When and where did Minka Kelly say that John told her his ultimate woman is Angelina Jolie? I can’t imagine she would ever say that.

  • Gabor

    I’m sorry..I see Mayer as in the closet…
    The Tom Cruise closet.

  • sue

    I believe he has talent but I just don’t understand why the “PLAY” with Aniston, it’s simply not working for both of them..