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Gossip Girl Set to Spinoff

Gossip Girl Set to Spinoff

Producers of Gossip Girl are planning a spinoff series set at a girls boarding school by either giving co-star Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey her own series or by introducing a new character in the fall who is then spun off and given a new series.

Taylor, 14, plays a character who is a self-esteem challenged outsider and struggles to fit in. Any spinoff would likely draw on Taylor‘s character Jenny Humphrey in the Gossip Girl book series for inspiration, according to the Hollywood Reporter. In the books, a series of public embarrassments (such as appearing in a teen magazine wearing next to nothing) results in Humphrey having to either repeat ninth grade or find a new school.

It is not yet clear whether the spinoff would be picked up for the fall season considering the CW already has Gossip Girl and 90210 in production, as well as One Tree Hill.

In 2000, Taylor, starred in her breakthrough performance in Ron Howard‘s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as Cindy Lou Who opposite Jim Carrey.

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  • PP


    click here!!thanks:))

  • Teresita

    Wow I don’t think anyone would watch a spin-off with just Jenny. In the book you feel sorry for her because she is always trying to be like Serena. In the TV show, you hate her because she’s just a rude b!tch!

  • V

    whoa, she’s only 14?

  • kenza

    when it come out in France ?

  • hello

    with gossip girl ratings already low, they’re not gonna pick up this piece of shlt.

  • Erin

    ugh a spinoff.
    gossip girl is just fine the way it is, don’t pull out any of the characters.
    Jenny is my favorite, although she has been a bitch lately, but if they take her out i a) wont watch the new show b) wont watch gossip girl either.
    I mean I am a fan of the books where Jenny goes to Waverly Academy,
    but first after what happened, and Jenny returning to normal,I don’t see a nude scandal in a magazine happening.

  • lauren

    omg, no way. jenny is annoying enough as is on gossip girl, and shes usually barely even in the episodes

  • Hayley -x

    I like the Gossip Girl books better :D

  • tony

    WTF? This is a horrible idea. Go back to the drawing board, or, just a thought, leave it the way it is. GG’s ratings haven’t been AMAZING thus far, just yet, so why try and add something?? Such a joke. Especiallu picking the most boring character from the show, Jenny is such a little brat. If it was a Blair show on the other hand, I’d tune in for sure.

  • the real gossip girl


  • Tiffany

    Why would they consider a Gossip Girl spin off when the original show isn’t even doing well? I think they’re starting to believe all the fake hype they’ve paid for. If GG manages to get people to watch in a big way during the second season THEN they can consider something like this, but honestly, I doubt GG has more than one season left anyway.

  • Jo

    They shouldnt do that , bad idea =(

  • sdf

    doesnt make sense. there’s only been 1 season of it. and if they do it, why would they give it to jenny?? she’s the most boring character, and most annoying too. i think they should give it to nate.

  • beth

    theres a spin off series of books called it girl starring jenny at a boarding school. so maybe theyre just making that into a tv series?

  • hmm…

    because there is whole series of books based on jenny humphrie going to a new school. Plus a new series might do better because you would get a different cast and a completly different storyline.

  • emma

    do u think that maybe the producers have decided that gossip girl probably wont last longer than next season.. so theyre planning the spinoff for the end of next season? i like jenny on gossip girl but with the way the timelines going, by the third season the older kids would be going off to college.. it would make sense for them to have a spinoff. its like theyve prepared the show to only last 2 seasons. i like taylor and jenny and would love it if they used her in the spinoff.. i think if they do it they should also cast willa holland.

  • nicki

    Yeah, I think they’re following ‘It girl’. That book isn’t as good as Gossip Girl though because nobody likes Jenny in Gossip Girl so giving her own book(or in this case series) doesn’t allow you to warm up to any character or like have a favourite.

  • jessica

    cindy lou i used to love you!!

  • gaby

    exacly, i soo agree with nicki

    she’s going to attend Waverly

  • michelle

    I love Taylor! Besides Ed Westwick, she’s my favorite from the cast! I would definitely watch her spinoff. Her character does have a series of books out there called the It-Girl series and that could be what they’re referring to. Those books are REALLY good too and everyone should read them!

  • randi

    there is no way they are going to pick this up…why even bother writing a script. GG will be lucky to make it through a full season. And with the CW tanking as a network and having money issues how do they think they are going to fund this little project??

  • Hannah

    there doing this because of the “it girl” book series.
    jenny does go to a boarding school in that series.
    thats probably what they’re basing it off of

  • ~m~

    I love the It girl books! Although i don’t think they should do this right away because she doesn’t leave for a while yet.

  • hello

    I would love that. Love Jenny, she is a great character

  • hello

    I love love Jennys character. Def watch the spinoff :D

  • jenn

    I would be so angry if they did this and I’d completely stop watching Gossip Girl. I have been rooting for Jenny and Nate, so if they sent her away, they’d run it. They’d just lose more viewers and they don’t need that.

  • http://vanashbrenique amy

    OMG! why have a spinoff so soon? Gossip Girl just started airing 2 seasons ago =/
    but I deff would watch the spinoff! Jenny is awesomee! :D
    loveee gossip girl! <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • black won’t happen. Too many people hate the guts of little Jenny to support her own spinoff.

  • morgan

    i don’t think it would be a good series. i agree with #2 in saying i don’t think many people would watch just her. i also agree with #28, the first season of gossip girl just came out, why have a spinoff so soon? especially since in the books, gossip girl and the it girl, everyone is at college besides jenny, so why have both gossip girl and the it girl tv series running at the same time. one other comment, i don’t know why taylor momsen plays jenny. yes, she is a good actress, but in the books jenny humphrey is so self concience because she has an irregular body which taylor momsen is far from having.

  • tiny
  • Aliann

    I think that they should do one more season with the whole gossip girl cast.Then in the second season they can show the fans what jenny did to make herself have to or want to go to boarding school.That way the fans get the idea and wont be lost if they didn’t read the book and that way it still makes scence for those who have read the book.Also some fans want to see how life went and goes when the gossip girl cast comes back from vacation.I think that whether or not they do a spin off with taylor momsen that it should just still be on the gossip girl show on the cw and maybe when they do the it girl spin off they could still show parts in newyork with the other cast,so there for the cw should make the gossip girl or the it girl spin off still on the cw and in the gossip girl show,because there’s still a gossip girl charater and that way people still can watch gossip girl and the it girl at the same time without being lost or without it cutting into there time,and maybe they can do it this way start gossip girl for now on on mondays starting at 7:00pm-9:00pm,that way they can show fans how life is going in newyork with the rest of the charaters and they can do that for an hour,then they could do the it girl spin off with jenny for an hour and show fans how she’s going. Also if your worried about how the cw cant start gossip girl at 7 thats dumb because thats 70 show plays on more then 3 different channels and people can watch them on the other channels and if your worried about 2 an a half men that plays on another channel to. Thank you and if you agree to what i say then please comment back and if you dont then comment back and tell why. P.S this gives us more gossip girl time!!!!

  • nikki

    just so everyone knows, there actually was a “spinoff” of sorts written in the original book series where jenny goes off to boarding school, so this isnt like coming out of nowhere.

  • Kimberly Anne

    They shouldn’t do a spinoff because there are already enough teens drama shows coming this fall or coming back this fall. The producer should just stick to Gossip Girl because I wouldn’t watch a spinoff with Jenny in it. I already hate her from the show.

  • marissa


  • linda


  • arnold414

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  • ines

    i think they should do by the book,jenny is good she is young and attractive for her age,a don’t know way u people so jealous on jenny .Because she is good actress.Get a life people,live jenny alone.

  • ines

    OK people just because you all jealous on her,don’t mean that people would not watch her on show.You all would to,way you blog on her site if you not interested.So go do something useful.

  • ines

    i do agree whit you Alainn

  • Alma

    Yes.I would definitely watch it,because of the books The it girl.Someone sad that she don’t have body,she is a 14 years old her body will change in couple of years,she is child for god sakes,she still growing.And for dose who are jealous on her,she is beautiful.I honestly don’t know way people pouting her down.It maybe won’t happen whit her,but spin of will happen.Because smallville is canceled so they need a some show,what they think is gonna work.But honestly I would like to see oc spin off.