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Jennifer Aniston is a Wedge Woman

Jennifer Aniston is a Wedge Woman

Jennifer Aniston straps on some summer wedges and visits a friend in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Next month, the 39-year-old actress will participate in an hour-long “Stand Up To Cancer” telethon, which will air live and commercial-free on ABC, CBS and NBC on Sept. 5.

Christina Applegate, who announced this past weekend she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, will also participate in the telethon.

10+ pictures inside of wedge woman Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston wedges 02
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jennifer aniston wedges 05
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  • Stefanie

    awww yay Jen! love her! beautiful woman!!!

  • jlow

    God, i would kill for her body, even at age 23 much less 39. I think it’s funny how you always put her age. It just reminds me that I won’t look like her, at any age.

  • Rayando el Sol

    A brush is your friend.

  • Stefanie

    oh and as others would say.. let the hating begin!
    Jen rocks!!!

  • Besane

    Hate? No, just sigh, pity and despise.

  • frances

    she has a great body and she is beautiful!

  • lol

    I hate those clothes material that underline so sharply the b-utt cheeks, b-utt crack, let alone the nipple like a second skin ! I think it’s tacky for women her age.

    I remembered seeing the same on Halle’s when she got back from Hollyday with Gabriel….it’s disgusting when you appear to not have your panties (hopefully wearing a tong) on with those type of clothes at that age !

  • Claude

    Lovely woman! She is a true Lady, not a husband’s thief!!!!!

  • Maiara

    Jen is sooo amazing…. Love her!!!!

  • elina

    Look at that cellulite around the knees in that one . Hope she finds some deeper life purpose as she grows older. There’s nothing sadder than to watch these “celebrities” act 25 at 40 years old and up. They become caricatures rather than living, growing human beings.

  • McQueen

    I like that color of dress on her

  • Sarah

    she’s beautiful love her <3

  • Shrink

    I agree with you Jlow. She really has an amazing figure. I remember looking a her photos of the beach scene she was filming with Owen Wilson and I was stunned. She, IMO seems to look better as she gets older. I understand lots of people comment on her breasts, but I think it is her legs, butt and abs that are the best features in her body,

  • the shiznack

    WOODEN TIT be nice if Jen wore a bra

  • nina

    Jen hag is still alive. She looks so sad. She must have cried so hard yesterday. you know, Brad’s beautiful twins.

  • the shiznack

    WOODEN T!T be nice if Jen wore a bra

    jc Jared


    “Wedge woman”. ,hahaha, Nice one Jared. More like wedgie woman in her bikini snaps !

  • elina

    Poor Jenny…..all washed up and wooden. May she find peace!

  • well…

    She’s lost weight since hooking up with Mayer

  • Orange Clockwork

    Hmm, being a tired and haggard-looking mother with 6 children around the same age or being single, without children and sleeping with a hot musician…

    Hmm, such a difficult decision.

  • hehehehehehe

    The bad news for Jennifer Aniston is that they are everywhere. Beautiful photos of the angelic family of 8 are captivating the world – even her permanently erect nipples are powerless against the Pitts

  • pj

    VERY unusual–to see Jen with hair that’s not ironed straight! I really like the hint of curl there, it’s a nice change.

  • sus

    she look very hot nice body love her

  • emf

    You’ve got to feel for her. The fact of what she threw away will probably haunt her the rest of her days. Hope she finds a nice man to spend the remainder of her life with.

    Looks like she’s going through the mid-life crisis about now. A tough time for her with those People pics all around. Hope she can turn the bitterness into good-will. Blessings on her.

  • terissa

    I really pity her you know good and well she’s kicking herself everyday. Why would they let her be one of the one’s to SUTC? I mean she’s a very heavy smoker-pot included and tans at every chance kinda like she’s inviting Cancer at every chance and smacking the people who have it that don’t smoke. She needs to clean herself up before it’s to late. It’s a shame she doesn’t set a better example. She’s reminding me more and more like Tara Reed and as selfish and greedy as Helmesly and her little dog who inherited millions upon her death.

  • kidi

    ONE telethon? Big whoop.

  • OH SNAP!


  • Mary

    Look what happens when her hair dresser does not blow dries her hair for her -a mess!

  • palim

    whats that?she’s so not pretty.where is her lil toyboy?

  • sad thing

    It is a shame that the only thing her fans can say about her is great body (which is not so great, she should be in shape she is rich and have nothing else to do and it is her job to be thin), great hair (again access to go every week to the salon who wouldn’t be able to keep their hair up), and I can see her being my best friend (but yet you never hardly ever see her acknowledging her fans by taking photos with them or signing autographs, but she makes sure she get those photos in the tabloids (top selling magazine face you know) so you guys can continue to believe she really cares about you, her fans).

    What have she done that is important for others??? And I don’t mean volunteering to rally for someone else to put up money or making an appearance, or giving a signed photo or t-shirt. I mean does she actually support a real cause??? I mean with all her millions you think she would be dedicating herself & her money to a real cause. She don’t have any children, she not married it is just a selfish life for her at the ripe old age of 40.

    It is a contradiction for her to support cancer when she sun bathes & smokes constantly and have for years. How can she be a supporter to cure cancer when she herself is a walking future cancer patient. Didn’t her mom have cancer or something??? Well, she can’t use her as her reason for being on the show because she hates her mother and don’t speak to anyone else in her family. Therefore her being on this cancer marathon is making her out to be nothing but a be PHONY AND A LIAR!!

  • Leo

    She looks like the Lion King

  • emf

    Her face does look puffy, probably from crying her heart out.

    Wish she could drop her pride and wish the Joli-Pitt family well. It would heal her and this crazy division between their separate fan bases. Jenny has been through many years of psychotherapy you’d think she would make such a move knowing the closure it could bring… and the peace it would grant her.

  • wtf

    What’s up with her messy hair? She is so fug. She looks miserable.

  • Jill

    $110 million and she can’t buy a comb?

  • Ashley

    I read the headline, saw the first photo of her ginormous butt . . . and thought you meant “Wedgie Woman”.

  • gds

    There is nothing lady-like about her look or movements. Sex maybe, lady never!

  • elina

    If I were her , I’d never live down that mistake. It must eat at her.

    In the photos you can see she’s keeping a stiff upper lip but the anger bleeds through . Probably anger mixed with regret and hurt. I wouldn’t want to be her even with her $100 million.

  • terissa

    Tara Reed and Jen could be sisters!

  • kidi

    It’s so odd seeing her sometimes. It’s like–Oh, you? You’re still around? Could you please move aside so I can reach that People with the Jolie-Pitt twins on it? Thanks. What was your name again?

  • ane

    she is wery ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jill

    kidi @ 08/05/2008 at 7:24 pm
    It’s so odd seeing her sometimes. It’s like–Oh, you? You’re still around? Could you please move aside so I can reach that People with the Jolie-Pitt twins on it? Thanks. What was your name again?

    Oh man, that was cold. ROTFLMBAO!!

  • jolie’s flat butt chicken legs

    Damn!!! Look at that ass and legs! She is soooooo fine.

  • Nicole

    # 20 Orange clock work

    Take of your orange colored glasses and stop looking at the clock..
    your IDOL the she man the one is looking HAGGARD and has been looking HAGGARD and ageing for weeks now..
    By being single ,pee and poo by a hot man MANISTON should look
    glowing happy and radiant non ?? no kids and all… ?
    But why is she looking so wash up and desperate with that clingy dress on.. she man looking so desperate .. looking for attentions.

  • Jen fan

    You people are a freaking joke. If you hate her why are you posting? And to all of you who think 40 is old. NEWS FLASH–you to will be 40 someday. Do you plan on giving up living, giving up loving, giving up laughing? If you think 40 is the end; I feel very sorry for you. Grow up folks.

  • Marieme

    I agree with #30 – prepare for the same old boring comments on her clothes, body and hair. Total yawns-ville. And she is a crappy daughter. Whatever her mother did or didn’t provide in her childhood she needs to get over. Where’s all the spirituality she talks about? She ought to be forgiving of her mother and supporting her. As far as I heard her mom lives in a dumpy apartment in North Hollywood and is very ill. Nice daughter.

  • Jen fan

    You people are a freaking joke. If you hate her why are you posting? And those of you who think 40 is being an old had–NEWS FLASH– you too will be 40 someday. Do you plan on giving up life, love, and happiness when you turn 40. I feel so sorry for you morons, you are in for a rude awakening.

  • Megan fox rocks

    jen is so beautiful , haters go f u c k ur self

  • To: Jen Fan

    I don’t think people think 40 is old. They are just pointing out the fact that she is of age but yet still trying to pass off like she some 20 something year old girl. She is not. She has not shown any signs of maturing into a real woman and that is why people attach old to 40 when speaking about her. Mariah Carey is the same way.

    All women should be having a great life at 40 and not trying to stay in the past because the past will eventual break you when you can’t move forward.

  • I think…

    Mariah Carey has a better body, longer shapely legs and looks younger and fresher.

    But both have flat wide, with long flat b-uttcheecks which is not flattering with skimpy dresses. They definitely don’t have the perfect S-shaped feminine curvaceous booty.

  • mona

    Clockwork..Miss Jolie is 33 & JA is 40.

    why bring Ms. Jolie always into the mix?
    JA has had 3 b/f’s since…she is finally happy.
    I wish JA the best….urinating guy? hmm..
    I wish a better class foe her. jmo