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Kate Gosselin: More Ferry Fun!

Kate Gosselin: More Ferry Fun!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin affectionately cradles a female friend’s baby while waiting to catch a ferry at Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Thursday (June 4).

The 33-year-old reality TV mom was accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Neilds and her three 5-year-old sons, Aaden, Collin and Joel. Yesterday, Kate took her three youngest daughters on their own ferry ride. It looks like she got in time with the boys and girls separately!

Kate and the sextuplets have been vacationing in North Carolina without papa Jon Gosselin, who has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady.

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93 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: More Ferry Fun!”

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  1. 76
    Laurad2qq3 Says:

    I never thought that Jon & Kate + 8 should have been on TV,
    Those kids didnt realize what was going on and now they are missing out on so much of the things a chilld needs in the growing up process. They should both, Jon & Kate grow up, at times I think the 8 children act more mature than their loving parents who dont seem to love them at all, except for the money this show brings in.
    nd how could she go off with her bodyguard and her 6 little ones and leave the twins at home….This would have to have hurt them …..You dont see them do “FAMILY” things as a group except that stupid reality show on TV, Kate loves attention, whether its good or bad, nd she sure gets her share, Yes I agree that she is hard on Jon and that he takes alot from her, but that did not give him the right to cheat oon her unless she and the bodyguard where messing around too…..There were ways they could have handled that situation without going to bars and seeing another woman like he did, Like I said if he had proof she was doing it first maybe then what he did would make sense. But I dont think either of these people can say they are thinking of the kids, or the things going on now would have never taken place. Now we have 8 kids that will be marked in some way or another as they grow older. I feel sorry for the kids who now the twins could be wondering if they have done something wrong. I feel they used fertility drugs and got twins, I dont think I would have tried again with fertility drugs. yes i never had that problem but when mulitples seem high using those drugs to help one get pregnant, I think there should be a limit of times they can use them….and you rarely hearing of only one baby being born with fertility drugs, or at least I havent. I could be wrong and no doubt am. And to think now that nayda Suleman will be allowed to do this to 14 more kids. Although this show is being done in Britain doesn’t make it right. I just can’t see a mom of 14 and parents of 8 can intentionally hurt children who didnt ask to be brought into an already trouble world and now will have to face all of this at such an early age. My heart breaks for these kids to be used for the selfishness of there parents.

  2. 77
    amanda boswell Says:

    @dfgfdg: i think they are great parents, however the media has done its damange its the reality tv curse look at hulk hogan etc these shows are nuthing but trouble just stop watching and it will all goaway me and my girls use to watch the show 2 times a day a now i will not let her watch because at only 3 she can sense tenson i can only imagin wat their kids are feeling its soooo sad

  3. 78
    sherry Says:

    Sorry, but no amount of pr by Kate’s team will ever “soften ” her image. Kate is a rock solid, nasty BI_CH!!!! Seeing pictures of her prancing around the beach while still screeching, is just wild. The TLC people will never be able to put a positive spin on Kate no matter how many blogs they read. Kate is a money grubbing fameho. Good luck to Jon and kids!!

  4. 79
    rachel Says:

    i wonder if she knows that 99.9 of everyone who knows who she is is nothing but disgusted by her, and feel sorry for her poor husband. it sickens me to watch that show. if she is “toning her bitchiness down” on the camera, i SHUDDER to think of what she is like off the camera. that woman really disgusts me and i dont even know her. anyone who would or could use their children like that for fame, attention and money, and let it all go to her head instead of thanking god everyday for her good fortune and luck and praying for continued good luck is NOT deserving of ANY type of fame. and i was reading about all the freebies she gets and how she abuses it and takes too much advantage of it, but she thinks she is entitled and deserves it. what GOES THROUGH this woman’s mind? she won’t be a celebrity for too much longer. people will forget her. there is NOTHING special about this woman. just a disgusting, greedy attention loving *****.

  5. 80
    rachel Says:

    look at the nasty face she is making in the top, left picture. PRICELSS. ******!

  6. 81
    as Says:

    Are you kidding me people. You are slamming a woman who is trying to raise eight kids all from the same man that she is also married to. A man that has PROBABLY cheated on her and if you watch the show is a complete moron. Your gripe is that she is too hard on him. That’s it, really! Then there is Angelina and Brad who have now admitted to having an affair while he was married, yet somehow everyone has embraced their relationship. I don’t get it.

  7. 82
    Ruth M. Cornish Says:

    @Roxanne: Look in the mirror my dear

  8. 83
    Ruth M. Cornish Says:

    I agree with the one that doesnt lke Kate’s hairdo, but if she’s comfortable with it that’s all that matters. The majority of people that write in are critis.izing Kate. Could you take care of a set of twins and sextuplets, I know it would get to me. Why dont people judge not lest ye be judged.
    I do think that Mady does need help, that part gets to me, but maybe she is getting it..It seems that people are turning Jon and Kate on, and then do nothing but critisize them. Why turn it on? My prayers are with them all.

  9. 84
    Ruth M. Cornish Says:

    Where’s the one I just wrote?

  10. 85
    Ruth M. Cornish Says:


  11. 86
    Crystal2009 Says:

    @k.g.: Hi. I agree with you 100%. Kate is a great person and an awsome mom. Just ignore the rudes comments that people are leaving. I think things will things will get better for the Gosselin family. People just need to learn that if they have nothing positive to type then nobody really wants to read their negativity .

  12. 87
    Crystal2009 Says:

    Kate is a great person and an awsome mom. Alot of the crap that you read in magazines are just rumours. When people see Jon or Kate out on the streets trying to live a normal life, people take their pictures unexpectedly and they basically make up a story and then submit it to a magazine company. Heres a hint: dont beleive every little thing you read in a magazine especially if the pictures look like they were taken by surprise by someone.Jon and Kate may have made some mistakes but doesnt every parent make mistakes. I think Jon and Kate have both learned from their past. For Jon and Kate, I hope they stay together that way they will be keeping their promise to their kids. They had a second wedding in Hawai to show their kids that they will be together forever and if Jon and Kate get a divorce, then that would be breaking a huge promise to their kids.

  13. 88
    sasha Says:

    @Crystal2009: I have not formed my negative opinion about Kate Gosselin from what I have seen or read in a mag or on the internet. I have watched their show from the very beginning and seen and heard with my own two eyes and ears the way this shrew treated her husband and children. No man could ever put up with that kind of abuse I don’t care who he is(and that means you too Steve). I wish him the best of luck. Oh yeah she’s nice to you now but I remember a popular song by Hall and Oates, “Maneater”, thats Kate. And people need to stop defending her because she is a mother of multiples, she has boat loads of help now and she still can’t handle the stress of taking care of her children. The woman is a bully and in need of psychiatric help.

  14. 89
    Kathleen Says:

    I think ist horrid that all of you would judge a person that you don’t even know. I for one think she is a great mom and understand the frustration of having a relationship that is well what it is. It’s no ones business most of all.

  15. 90
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    She’s not even paying attention to the baby…she’s only concerned about talking about herself.

  16. 91
    Michelle Says:

    As I read all these comment and how rude they are (especially about Kate) I think sadly does anyone out there believe in “what GOD has joined together let no one seperate” It’s in GOD HOLY WORd for all those who think it’s o’kay to end a marriage because maybe people are human and make mistakes, however NO ONE desserves to be cheated on!. It’s sad, Jon is no “victim” here because he should have been grown up enough to speak up and not jump in bed with someone. He will “reap what he sows” As far as Kate, prayfully she will learn from this and grow into a better, stronger women! She too was wrong for how she may have treated her husband, his behavior now is unexcuseable. His children will see and know all his actions someday and it will hit him hard in the gutt when one of those beautiful children question him. God is still into miracles and I am still praying for one for this family. If God can move mountians then he can heal broken hearts and marriages. My prayers are with you Gosslins.

  17. 92
    cindyCC Says:

    Kate has made sunglasses so popular that S4 sold out of their Whynot sunglasses that she wears. Now you have to sign up to be on ther waiting list just to be elgible to buy them.

  18. 93
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    Gorgeous as always!

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