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Sophia Bush: Why I Almost Went to Afghanistan

Sophia Bush: Why I Almost Went to Afghanistan

Sophia Bush opens up about planning a trip to Afghanistan in a blog post for Marie Claire.

The 28-year-old One Tree Hill star and her journalist friend, Karen Day, organized the week-long trip to visit troops and also meet with local ladies fighting for women’s rights in the region – but then Osama Bin Laden was killed.

“As threat levels in Afghanistan skyrocketed, my plans to travel there hit a wall. One military worker explained it to me this way, ‘A 20-something brunette girl whose last name is Bush probably shouldn’t be heading into Kabul right now. If they think you’re the former President’s daughter, you’d make quite a target for them,’” she wrote. “The sentiment was unanimous: I should not travel into Afghanistan until the dust settles.

“So, Karen and I hatched a new plan. She was still going – she had been there many times before and wouldn’t raise any suspicions by going back. And her passport doesn’t bear an unfortunate political surname, the way mine does. (For the record, my dad is from Canada, and I am in no way related to President Bush.),” she added.

By using Skype with Karen, Sophia will still “blog away, as planned. I’d just be doing it from the comfort of my office. So much for the combat boots.”

Read Sophia‘s full blog at!

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  • amber

    adore her. my friends a LA stylist, she has a blogspot called Fash Boulevard and she’s always posting about her and other celebrity fashion.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    I like Sophia and all, but I could post thousands of articles about stuff I did not do too! Alright I’ll admit it, the story was pretty funny.

  • JC

    I almost walked on the moon but some stuff came up. I almost did it though. For now I’m just going to blog about what it must be like to walk on the moon and you can read all about how I almost did it.

  • JC

    “As threat levels in Afghanistan skyrocketed, my plans to travel there hit a wall.” That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. At what point was it safe to be an American trouncing around Afghanistan in the last 10 years with or without the name Bush? They’ll leave the next pretty girl alone. Her name isn’t Bush. What a ditz.

  • Mlef

    All that because she almost…
    I guess, if he really went in Afghanistan, she would consider herself as the new

  • DJTube

    she is perfect +1

  • Mlef

    I almost won to the lottery today…too bad I was going to give 75% to poor people.

  • Mlef


    You trash Cate Blanchett in another post, and this one is perfect ?

    From Where the hell your culture come

  • JC

    She’s going to get to Afghanistan, walk up to the Taliban, and ask them where the mall is.

  • Jordan

    Almost doesn’t count, she’s such a try hard

  • lola

    I dont see the point in her post? I could give you thousands of things I could have done, but never did them lol.

  • mina

    stop bashin her! She just explains why she doesn’t went to Afghanistan and additionally with the death of bin Laden, its preferable! She said for her fans who were wondering
    It could save an orphanage, that the haters find fault
    If what you say is not more beautiful than silence then shut up

  • Kelly

    Enough Said.

  • marion

    au lieu d’ouvrir vos gueules pour la critiquer, essayer de faire le quart de ce qu’elle fait pour aider les bonnes causes!
    Elle a essayé d’y aller mais elle peut pas en quoi c’est sa faute! C’est mieux d’essayer que de critiquer caché derrière son ordinateur, ça c’est si facile à faire!
    Mais ça c’est bien une mentalité d’américain

  • Melissa

    Wow…….people on this site are REALLY stupid.
    Perhaps if you dimwits bothered reading her ENTIRE blog post on Marie Claire(which is pretty easy to do seeing as how Jared provided a link to it in the article under Sophia’s picture) you’d have a better understanding as to why this article was posted.
    Sophia has been planning to go to Afghanistan for months now and had even gotten everything together to go with one of her journalist friends. She was going to help provide more information on the way women are so brutally treated in that part of the world and the way many women are killed for no reason, or for stupid reasons such as “Honor Killings.”
    She and her journalist friend were supposed to go this summer and it had been in the works since earlier this year. However, once Bin Laden was captured a few weeks ago, the threat level has risen far higher than anyone imagined. Especially for Americans. And although Sophia’s not related to George Bush by any means, her last name is still Bush which definitely would’ve made militant groups there think she was in fact related to him. And seeing as how that part of the world despises George Bush, it definitely wouldn’t have gone down that well.
    This was an extremely important trip because they were both going there to report on what was happening to women there and Marie Claire was supposed to post and print their findings and interviews with these women in their magazine, which is huge seeing as how Marie Claire is such a well-recognized and extremely popular magazine.
    But with the whole Bin Laden thing, Sophia is no longer going while her journalist friend is, which means she will still be writing about it while corresponding with her friend, just not from Afghanistan.
    It’s a good thing she’s not going anymore. Because after the capture of Bin Laden, there are bombings in Pakistan and surrounding areas every other day to avenge his death.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @mina: “she just explains why she doesn’t went…” wow, just wow.

    @marion: je ne suis pas américain.

  • JC


    Right. The atrocities that occur in Afghanistan aren’t well documented. We need an actress from a show on the CW to go over there and expose the truth.

  • oh dear

    “Melissa” is the same Sophia Bush lunatic who changes her name and posts over and over. You are probably just as insane as the relentless bashers. All of you, grow up and stop throwing insults at each other. Sophia’s efforts were noble but this was never going to be the easiest effort to coordinate. It’s risy so she had to put her safety first.

  • Tara

    You people wanna know why Sophia wrote this blog???
    To answer people’s questions who were asking her on twitter every single day when she was going to Afghanistan. This is why she wrote the blog. Is it her problem that Jared decided to post it on his site? NO.
    Which isn’t a big deal especially seeing as how Jared posts a handful of useless things about celebrities on here every day. So what if he posted this? Its a fact that Sophia is one of the most popular celebs on Just Jared. Especially when you see how her articles always generate a lot of hits. So don’t blame the guy for wanting to post as much about her as he can.
    And FYI, when hundreds of thousands of fans tweet you and Marie Claire about the whole Afghanistan thing, its only natural that they’d respond to it.
    And I’m glad she did because now although we know, she is no longer going, at least she’ll still be writing about it through the woman who is indeed going. And its a great thing because seeing as how Sophia has such a massive following, it’d get the word out to even more people.

  • prairiegirl


  • Melissa

    Get a f*cking life. Damn, for a hater, you sure seem to be obsessed with her.
    @oh dear:
    Uhhhhh. No sweetheart, that’s something the bashers do. Not the fans. Why would I feel the need to change my name over and over again when its well known that there arecountless fans who love and are protective of Sophia. We all know the bashers enjoy changing their name every few seconds, but its not something I have the time for. So think again before you call someone who you don’t even know a “lunatic” because I have a few select choice words for you as well.

  • Rachel

    I Love you Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JC


    I don’t even know who she is. It just struck me funny that some two bit actress is looking to be an activist and raise her political profile by “almost” doing something dangerous like this. Please cite an example where good intentions raised awareness for something and I’ll shut up.

  • prairiegirl

    Silly beard

  • Sophia Bush is Amazing

    Sophia Bush ROCKS!!!
    I love this woman!!!

  • normal.

    Oh man…..she’s trying sooo hard to prove she’s more than just ‘an actress’… previous interviews she comes across as so self-righteous!! enough! I dont see the big deal in SB…..beautiful, probably smart, probably a lovely person (i wouldnt know and can only assume) but 9 yrs or whatever on OTH, all she can do is turn on the water works in every ep….NOT acting after the first few times!!!! Quit acting and do pursue something more meaningful that contributes to society, instead of blogging about ‘almost’ doing so….

  • Mlef

    The terrorists never tried to kill George Bush himself, or Barack Obama or any other politics who went to Aghanistan to see troups…

    But you can be sure, God knows, they will never miss Sophia Bush.

  • Mlef


    Moi non plus, je ne suis pas americain…so shut the F up…:)

  • Melissa

    You’re kidding right????
    I know you know who she is because I’ve seen you post in her threads as well threads of other OTH actors/actresses on JJ with YOUR name……..unless there is another moron on JJ running around calling themselves “JC” while feeling the need to bash people for no apparent reason.
    And I find it laughable that you want me to give you a list of instances where good intentions raised awareness for something. Are you serious?? Because there are endless examples through out history.

  • Katie

    Well when a military lieutenant himself calls you up and tells you that you’re a “high profile target,” that goes to show that its defnitely NOT a good idea to go. I’m happy she’s not going because its too dangerous.

  • JC

    Cite one. Just one.

  • Katie

    Well when a military lieutenant himself calls you up and tells you that you’re a “high profile target,” that goes to show that its defnitely NOT a good idea to go. I’m happy she’s not going because its too dangerous

  • Nat

    Holy……..already soooooooo many comments. No wonder Jared LOVES posting about Sophia!!
    We can thank JC in his/her part seeing as how someone pointed out earlier that he/she seems a little too “obsessed.” LOL

  • Cool

    Umm, to the person who said that Sophia should do try doing more meaningful things to contribute to society, well maybe you should consider following her on twitter because those who do will be the first ones to tell you that she does A LOT. Other celebrities have even praised her on twitter for her efforts so that alone is saying a lot.

  • Mlef

    I guess Jessica Simpson is naturally protected from terrorists attacks and bullet…

    Or maybe terrorists loves The

  • Kevin

    Dear Sophia Bush,
    Will you please have my baby?

  • Get Real

    Simpsons last name isn’t “Bush.” And when George Bush went, he was protected like crazy and his work didn’t require walking around the streets and neighborhoods of Afghanistan by himself while meeting with women from all over the country to talk about how horribly they were being treated by their own people, particularly the men.

  • Mlef

    @Get Real:

    She was just afraid, we are all sometimes.
    Accept it, and get over it.

    This “I almost” is funny because it’s a big lie, that’s all.

  • hokiegirl

    Love her!!!! :)

  • Special K

    Is she still banging her puppy dog aka Austin Nichols?!

  • Get Real

    I know we’re all afraid sometimes. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t get afraid. And it was never “I almost.” It was suppossed to happen and to further prove it, Marie Claire was on board since day 1. And this is a magazine and a company that that doesn’t have time to play games. Accept it.

  • :-)


  • Amy.Rose

    LOL @ Soapy Bush trying to get attention because she will be unemployed soon

  • Wouldn’t You Like to Know

    Awww, you poor delusional hater. If you only knew that there are actually people in Hollywood waiting for Sophia to wrap up OTH so they can work with her. Don’t worry about how I know this, lets just say being in the biz and knowing people in the biz always ensures that you know the rumblings within tinsletown way before the media finds out.

  • Amy.Rose

    @Wouldn’t You Like to Know: Oh OK. If you are so in the know, can you tell the world if her fake boyfriend has a job lined up after that crap show gets canned?

  • j

    If Sophia was in such high demand with people waiting in line to work with her I doubt she would have signed on again for another season of One Tree Hill.

  • lisa

    high demand? Lololololol yeah that’s why she signed on for another season of a sinking ship, past its expiry date show.

    She’s so fake and only wants attention.

  • Wouldn’t You Like to Know

    Yes, he does. There are a few things he’s looking to do and has been working on something for a while now which he’ll fully get into once OTH wraps up.
    She signed on for another reason, because after filming the finale, she, along with the other actors, really liked the place each of their characters were in by the finale’s end and decided to do one more season with 13 episodes to wrap up the show for good.

  • j

    I’m sorry I don’t buy that people are knocking down Sophia Bush’s door to work with her.

  • Amy.Rose

    @j: Exactly. Why would she hang around a decaying show in its death knell if she had ALL these GREAT HW people just waiting with bated breath for her to finish up. I think #44 is a deluded fangurl blowing smoke out her oversized