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Anderson Cooper: Post-Hurricane Walk with Ben Maisani

Anderson Cooper: Post-Hurricane Walk with Ben Maisani

Anderson Cooper braves the post-hurricane weather for a morning stroll through Manhattan on Tuesday (October 30) in New York City.

The 45-year-old news anchor was joined by his longtime love Ben Maisani.

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The day before, Anderson covered the latest on Hurricane Sandy for his CNN show, Anderson Cooper 360, live from Asbury Park, New Jersey.

“Wow, water coming up fast along coast in Asbury Park. All of a sudden it’s everywhere. Boardwalk is covered and its moving down block,” he tweeted.

It was recently announced that Anderson‘s daytime talk show, Anderson Live!, would be canceled after two seasons.

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Credit: Doug Meszler; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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    The results on Google go past page 30!!!!!! It is really true!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peapo

    Nice looking couple.

  • meetoo

    I’d recognize AC even with his glasses and baseball cap. A long-time couple who stay under the radar most of the time.

  • laly

    they both looks good

  • arlo

    What’s going on with ben? he’s been looking sick for the past year.

  • meetoo

    @arlo: He does look sick, but not in the BAD way! Ben is hot.

  • Joe

    I know they are taking in the damage from the hurricane, but they do not happy together. Ben looks like he is contemplating making a run for it.

  • Joe

    How did I omit the word “look”? Ugh. This comment section needs an edit button for my dumb butt (and cursing without moderator approval would be nice).

  • Cheater

    How could he take back a man who cheated on him so openly and so brazenly? Embarassing!!!

  • Tim

    Have they gotten married yet? They’ve been together at LEAST 4 years. Looks like Ben REALLY loves getting his photo taken on the street (yes, sarcasm).

  • jess

    I thought Ben was caught with his tongue down some guys throat?

  • Yoco

    @Cheater: Maybe they have an open relationship. As long as it works for them….

  • Octoberfest

    I hope I look that hip and spry when I’m their age!

  • Mark

    @Cheater: There was no cheating. Those photos of Ben with that guy were OLD, that’s why Anderson barely raised an eyebrow and the whole “controversy” died instantly.

  • C.A.

    Heard at the bar that Ben is back using drugs, which explains why he looks sickly. He was hooked on meth and was forced into rehab or AC was going to leave him.

    It’s also been said he has AIDS.

    What ever the case he is looking pretty horrid these days. That gaunt face screams tweaker big time so I definitely can see why people say he is back on drugs.

  • Ashley

    I can’t believe he is still with him. I guess he stood by his man but he could do so much better.

  • meetoo

    @C.A.: Sounds like total BULLSHIT to me.

  • C.A.

    I have lived in New York all of my life and have heard many things about these two. Many of the things I have heard are not good. I refuse to argue with a little underling who doesn’t live here and yet thinks he/she has to protect someone’s honor that they don’t even know,.

    I can state unequivocally that what I said here in my earlier comment has been talked about not only at Ben’s bar but many other places.

    Deal with that or not but you can’t call out others and try to silence them just because they speak the truth that you refuse to hear. Ben has had a drug problem for years. That is very common knowledge. And AIDS in the gay community is a normal occurrence, unfortunately. I’m not saying anything about these two that hasn’t been said before.

  • Mark

    @C.A.: Stop the LIES and stop pretending you have inside info when you probably don’t even live in New York to begin with. You don’t know a THING about Ben or anyone else in Anderson’s circle. You’re just living in your mother’s basement typing up CRAP.

  • rich

    ben looks like he’s got some gray hair now

  • Tyler

    @C.A.: It’s only been said before by YOU and by a few crazy haters. You obviously are completely ignorant of the effects of meth if you think people with years of meth addiction look like Maisani. He’s about 40 years old, he’s doesn’t have plastic surgery or botox, this year he’s been through a lot of stress due to humiliation, and his town is hurricane wrecked. Of course he looks a bit peaked. He does not bear the marks of a meth addict.

    You are just a hater and a bigot. AIDS is not “normal” in the gay community. Some people have it just like in the straight community, but that’s it.

  • will

    Perhaps Ben will give Anderson a job at his gay bar since his show has been canceled.

  • Jake

    There seems to be a handful of people, maybe even only one or two individuals who stalk every articles on Anderson that has a comment sections and post the same nasty rumours about him and/or Ben. Always the same stuff: “Anderson is the NY city s**t, they are drug addicts, have HIV, bla bla bla. Anderson parties all the time, he’s drinking, doing drugs. A friend of a friend, who as no reason to lie did this and that with Anderson [insert random explicit description], jadda jadda.”

    Yet for some reason there is never anyone coming out who personally has had an experience with Anderson and the two look healthy and like they are going strong. Lets face it, no one who is close to Anderson, whom he calls a friend and would trust enough to tell anything personal would post this on the internet. Certain people are just repeating rumours and that is that. They know nothing about him nor Ben.

    So far everything we know is consistent with what Anderson shares about himself. That he works a lot, doesn’t like to go to parties a lot (when has he ever been someone reported to constantly pop up at parties and other social occasions? Right, never.), is kind of socially arkward, doesn’t drink (he had something on Letterman and his own show and was drunk after one glass), doesn’t smoke and yes, doesn’t seem to sleep around (two longterm boyfriends in the past 10 years is all we know of and have seen him with).