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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Boston Common Park Stroll!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: Boston Common Park Stroll!

Bradley Cooper is all bundled up while taking a stroll with his new rumored girlfriend Suki Waterhouse in Boston Common Park on Monday (March 18) in Boston, Mass.

Last week, the 38-year-old actor was shirtless while sporting hair rollers on the set of his new film Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project, also starring Amy Adams.

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It was recently announced that House of LiesDawn Olivieri and Newsroom‘s Thomas Matthews have both signed onto the project with Dawn playing Bradley‘s wife in the flick.

FYI: Bradley is wearing Red Wing Heritage boots.

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  • hah

    absolutely funny!

  • Vanessa

    I hope they’re not a thing. I think everyone secretly wants him and Jen to date right?

  • marissa

    Gahhhh. NOOOOO. Really Bradley? You can’t say you could be Jen Lawrence’s father and then date a girl 2 years younger?

  • Olive

    Yikes, I hope this isn’t true. Him and Jenn are way cuter together… Just saying.

  • Lauren

    He really gets around.

  • Tess

    AHHHH NO FRICKEN WAY!! I Live in Boston, now I’m going to have to be that creepy person who circles around in the park hour after hour to get to meet him. Haha! But I don’t know who this girl is, but he seems nice so as long as he’s happy :) I want Jennifer Lawrence to go out with Sam Claflin. Psh, don’t even care that they’re costars I just think they’d get along good :)

  • Sweetness

    Noooo Brad, don’t be another idiot like Leo. Dating models..Not original. You need to be with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s smart and funny and way more sexy. She’s the perfect match for you…A model wants more exposure. You are going down a notch. Even Zoe Saldana is a better than this choice!

  • shelly


    That might be a bit difficult considering that Sam Claflin is engaged to Laura Haddock.

    As for Jennifer, they are not a couple. Both have denied it several times and Bradley even joked he’s old enough to be her father.

  • Lizzy

    So disappointed when I saw this. Brad and Jen look way cuter in my opinion.

    Now I’m trying my best not to hate Suki.

  • A

    @Lizzy: He’s gay you idiots! And she’s his beard.

  • all

    another beard for Bradley.

  • http://naejosephine josephine

    come on bradley!! Jen much better than her!!

  • J.H

    I can’t imagine Mummy Cooper approving of this possible relationship!

  • funny witch

    So Cooper follows Leo DiCaprios dating playbook now – ordering barely adult foreign models… Gross.

  • Mike

    yes bradley joked about being old enough to be her father. but this girl here is even two years younger than jennifer.

    also: so much for the people “they are merely sharing a cab.”

  • TRR

    This definitely a down grade from Zoe. lol

    He’s always dated women around his age. He hangs out with Leo, and is now with someone barely out of their teens.

  • Arsen

    Daddy issues lol

  • Theresa Aberle

    I definately feel that Bradley was hitting on Jennifer Lawrence but she had the common sense to turn him down. His way of saving face was stating that he woudn’t date her as she could literally be his daughter. Personally, I think there is something off about a guy who is 38 chasing a girl of 20. Either she is his new beard or an on demand booty call.

  • Juicy Lucy

    What’s really funny is the press starts up about he and Suki dating and his popularity according to imdb falls 7%. I don’t have problems with a guy of 38 dating a woman in her mid to late 20′s but there is something very creepy about a guy wanting to date a girl barely out of her teens. Howard Stern is going to have a field day with this and Gloria must be fuming. I wonder when Bradley will introduce Suki to his mother. I’m sure Gloria will have a great time taking her granddaughter to the mall and the movies.

  • Megan

    When I read this I was really disappointed. Not because I find Bradley attractive in any way way but because I thought that he was better than this. I read an interview with him in GQ where he was speaking about his father’s death & how it had put things in life into perspective & he came across as thoughtful and intelligent.

    And now he’s dating some dim-witted, vacuous fame-hungary model? It doesn’t make sense particularly regarding the large age gap which in the past he has made such a big deal out of. This girl is only famous for dating one rock star after another & hanging out with It girls/socialites. He should know better…

  • Jen

    This girl isn’t even old enough to drink a glass of wine at dinner with him! He is spending way too much time with Leo. They’re both going to be old and gray with no marital prospects.

  • Cate

    Both Bradley and Jennifer have made it very clear that they are not romantically interested in each other so I don’t know why people are still thinking there is any chance of them getting together.

    Why is everyone insulting Suki Waterhouse? What has she done besides date Bradley that people are making such rude comments about her? Genuine question.

  • Yeppers

    He dates the homelist chicks. why? He could catch some of the most beautiful women in the world, and he dates girls that look like this. I never really thought he was that attractive either. He has beautiful eyes.

  • Lakas

    i love his glasses. can somebody tell me what brand/model they are?

  • la

    I really dont get this. If this is his new girlfriend why would he set himself up with such a young girl as it makes him look pathetic and goes against the image he has tried to create for himself. Instead of looking sophisticated, educated, tasteful and a genuine actor he seems like a Humbert Humbert chasing young girls. I’m starting to wonder if the actresses he ‘dates’ are merely a cover up for his taste in young girls especially as he was pictured with Tereza Kacerova on the set of The Words and in Cannes when he was suppose to be seeing Zoe, she was 18 at the time. He did say Lolita was his faviourite book!

  • http://JustJared markie

    Bradley, what happened to J-Law. She is older and better looking and I think you missed out on dating a talented and beautiful actress

  • TRR


    This guy is just a man ho. He really gets around. The women we see him with are only few. I’m sure he’s with a plethora, on the down low.
    Whether he has a girlfriend or not-doesn’t matter. He doesn’t strike me as monogamous. In fact, I hear he cheats.

    As far as those young girls. Wouldn’t surprise me. Seems like an equal opportunist. There’s no common theme with the women he’s with. What he dates/sexes varies. So yeah, it’s not out of the realm he likes the kiddies too.

  • Natasha

    Let’s be realistic here, this isn’t going to last. He’s using her for sex & she’s using him to help further her (non-existent) career. She has garnered a reputation in the UK as some fame-hungary party girl. She’s pretty but by no means is she model material. And because she dated a couple of rock stars she decided to start her own hilariously-bad singing career. The only reason anyone knows her is because she hangs around with Georgia Jagger & Cara Delvingne!

  • uhhuh

    Beard, Lolita beard…. shame on you Bradley.

  • la

    Im not saying he likes Kiddies just young women

  • kt1124

    Uh oh..Wonder how his mom would react around this suki kid LOL

  • jess

    He clearly couldn’t handle someone like Saldana who is articulate, intelligent, mature and classy. Why do guys always go for the easy option? Shame on you Bradley.

  • Louise

    Bradley needs an age appropriate girlfriend. These older men with younger women gives me the willies!!!!

  • Dani

    People keep saying Bradley cheats, but there has been no evidence of that. Blind items don’t count.

  • JT

    Why must he date “women of his age “? It is not like he is bound by laws to date only women of his own age. He can always date much younger women. Absolutely nothing wrong about that.

  • James A. Martin

    just as Beverly implied I’m impressed that a student able to earn $5261 in 1 month on the computer. did you look at this webpage…

  • Tess

    Oh….. I didn’t know Sam Claflin was even going out with anyone :( That sucks, but I’m not worried for Jen, or Bradley. If Bradley wants to hang with this chick let him, I don’t think its going anywhere but it’s not illegal or anything so I say leave him be. I seriously am going to find him in Boston though haha :D

  • blunt talker

    Bradley is just having fun I don’t think this really serious. He’s just checking out the inventory of women around the world. There”s nothing wrong with looking and talking to women young or old if you are single. The possible problem with women who get to the age of 35 or older is the baggage that may come out especially in the movie business. If the woman is in the movie business and has had a successful career in hollywood, then things may come out about her. The tabloids would pounce on her past history in hollywood before you can bat an eye. Dating someone younger sometimes can help avoid future tabloid stories. I’ve seen some stories about his last ex-girlfriend over the last 3 years that imply some awful habits that can become embarrassing. The people in the movie business know the secrets of their famous stars, so little stories continue to ooze out to the public. This is how I view some of these older man/younger woman relationships.

  • Nic

    Fabulous. Mr. “I Won’t Date Jenn Cuz I Could be Her Daddy” is dating a chick who looks like she could be a mouseketeer. He should’ve just said “Jenn and I aren’t dating” and left it there instead of getting on a high-horse and looking like a hypocrite.

  • just a thought

    This shows Jennifer Lawrence turned down his advances.

  • geraldine

    He hung out with Gerard Butler recently and GB is 43 and his gf is 25 and a Romanian lingerie model. The serial modelizing must have worn off on him in Miami.

  • TRR

    @blunt talker: What??

  • TRR


    I agree. He’s obviously has been influenced by Leo & others.

  • JT

    @TRR: don’t blame Leo or Gerard butler. He is a grown man. And if he doesn’t want to settle down yet, nothing wrong for him

  • TRR


    I’m not blaming them. Just saying that sometimes the crowd you keep/hang with, will sometimes change your perspective. Likes/Dislikes. Or you do things to fit in. This can apply to anyone. Age is irrelevant.
    Obviously some influence is there. He went from dating/hooking up with woman in his age range to interest in early 20 somethings. Just like his buddies.

  • Juicy Lucy

    So now I’m left to wonder if JE caught Brad in bed with a young girl as opposed to Victor Garber.

  • http://P WTF

    Oh dear very, very disappointing. I thought he had more integrity. Seems like Mr Cooper is just another bold faced hypocrite. Any man with one iota of integrity would never say he wouldn’t date a 22 year old girl because she’s young enough to be his daughter then start stepping out with a 20 year old. That’s absolutely appalling. Lost all respect for the “man”. Well, I suppose he is just an actor. So much for him saying acting is a noble art. He just confirmed what most people think of the profession – a feckless pass time for self indulgent, amoral people. Shame on you Bradley Cooper. Shame on you. You’ve really let your public down.

  • Benjamin Adey

    I’m starting to wonder if the actresses he ‘dates’ are merely a cover up for his taste in young girls especially

  • Austin Jeffcott

    His way of saving face was stating that he woudn’t date her as she could literally be his daughter. Personally

  • Mtreds Sesx