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FBI Investigating 'Unlawful' Celebrity Nude Photos Scandal

FBI Investigating 'Unlawful' Celebrity Nude Photos Scandal

The FBI is reportedly getting involved following the news that Jennifer Lawrence and many other A-list stars have become the latest victims of nude photo leaks.

“The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter,” a spokesperson for the FBI said in a statement (via TMZ). “Any further comment would be inappropriate at this time.”

Several celebrities including Jennifer, Kate Upton, and others have responded to the leak already and Kirsten Dunst even took a jab at Apple in a tweet.

This story is still developing…

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  • LOL

    Although this was a horrible incident. It kind of proved what we’ve always known, actors sleep around a lot.

  • boo

    meanwhile in africa sick children are dying, but instead jlaw nudes are on their top list. get over urself.

  • LOL

    Also… Jennifer Lawrence slept with someone from the cast/crew of Hunger Games.

  • Verity

    While the hacking and posting of private pictures via iPhone, Samsung and the other devices (Apple was not the only one) is an invasion of privacy, let this be a wake up call to those thinking that digital media is private. If you are going to use a digital service, know that NOTHING is private and deleted pictures don’t just “vanish” off the grid. If the FBI and CIA can be hacked so can you.

  • Sienna

    I really hope those BJ videos aren’t of Jen. It does look like her though. So embarrassing :/

  • Reality

    @LOL these pictures do not prove they sleep around at all, it proves that young women take naked selfies for themselves (a little vain) and for their partners in privacy but some hacker stole that privacy. Also the Jennifer specific post of yours it does not prove she slept around to get movies, she took pictures on a couch and automatically you assume things, they were stolen from her account so it was probably her bf or friend who took them. Must be nice to post anonymous condemning things with no retribution. They took nudies, whats the big deal.

    @Sienna the BJ videos and photos have been proven false by the same guys who stole the pictures on 4chan and AnonIB, the BJ vids are Jessica Brown Findlay and the supposed photos were posted months before of a random girl. Its just bikinis, boobs, and frontal shots and the original hacker said he has a video of her shaking her boobs while dancing. Invasion of her privacy was horrible but I don’t think she should be ashamed of the pictures as they are playboy types of pictures.

  • Johnny


    You obviously read just jared so you care enough about celebs. There were over 100 celeb ladies who were hacked, that is a big enough problem for the FBI to investigate. Its not like these women asked the FBI to investigate, they all said they would go to the authorities and it probably got escalated from there to the FBI. The FBI should investigate because what if sensitive material from say army generals, white house staff, congressmen, etc get stolen based off what these hackers did. I don’t understand why people are blaming and now hating the women who were hacked, it was not their fault it was icloud and the hacker. Some nasty person broke their expectation of privacy.

  • B.

    It’s not the first time something like this happened… I don’t remember such a movement because of that in the past? FBI? Really? C’mon!

  • guest


  • take


    The FBI is involved because it is a crime.

  • guest

    narcissistic trollops, that’s what you get

  • Tiana

    The FBI is investigating who leaked all those nudes but Darren Wilson is free & cops are breaking the law. lol ok. But this isn’t about race right okay! Ummmmm!

  • guest


    Yes it is about race. An unarmed black youth can be gunned down, and there has to be protests in the streets to get the police to investigate.
    But a bunch of loose women can get their naked pics swiped, and the authorities are right on it.

  • take


    I see what you mean. I know hacking is a crime, but gunning down unarmed youth is WAY MORE SERIOUS.

  • sheigh

    Such a waste of time, money and spittle!
    But we are in Usa, land of Hollywood stars and guns!
    Damn it!

  • Cammie

    The hackers are completely and should be punished, but I don’t understand people still taking Nude pics knowing Hackers are out there.

  • Right

    The violators should be brought to justice but it does go yo show you these pretty young actresses are the most conceited ppl on the planet.

  • lol

    If these were “common” people, the FBI would tell them to eat sh*t. But since it’s celebs, everyone’s jumping to catch the perps. These celebs are morons to take these photos to begin with, and I have no sympathy for them. Sorry, J-Law.

  • You’re an idiot

    @guest: STFU, you racist. Yes, honey, it goes BOTH WAYS.

  • Surprise!!

    @LOL: She’s also hooked up with Hemsworth, too, people. She went and told everyone about it, too.

  • Ha!!!

    @Sienna: I do hope it is!!!

  • janna lu

    Just in case you were off planet when the Edward Snowden NSA Scandal came to light, there is really no such thing as 100% secure file storage if its connected to the internet. Especially if you use any third party storage… I store EVERYTHING on a portable hard drive… and dis-connect it when I am not using it.. You can get a terabyte portable hard drive for around $150.00, I never have to worry about losing anything or anyone stealing my files…and I don’t pay a monthly fee..

    Hell, I don’t even really use my “smart phone”. My old dumb-one is good enough for me and its cheaper. It’s a waste of money just like so many other things in America like student loans (get a cheap education!), expensive car insurance (my $25/month policy from Insurance Panda is good enough for me), and fast food (who wants to pay $10 for a Chipotle burrito?!?).

    Also – One way to completely ensure there are no nude photos of yourself that could wind up in an embarrassing situations is to NOT take them. Seems pretty logical to me…

  • ish

    “high profile individuals” oh LOL, speaks alot about who the FBI cares more about. it also speaks volumes on how twitter would shut down any tweets of links that show the nudes yet they won’t take down tweets and graphic, gory images of ISIS being a-holes. america is doing a really shi**y job by prioritizing the wrong things.

  • Elisa

    even though i think that the fbi investigating who leaked these pictures is a good thing, i can’t help but wonder if the same would happen if 20 “non-famous” woman had their naked pictures leaked

  • popo

    @Elisa: people who are not celebs do not get this kind of help from the law.

  • JD

    so let me get this straight. with all the bad things happening right now, the FBI wants to focus on this? welcome to america, land of the dumb.

  • James

    as someone who knows a little about computers I have to laugh at this. this group of hackers will never be caught no matter how much money the celebrities throw at the authorities, or really anybody. These celebrities don’t know how the internet works, anonymity, proxies, anything. Good luck, idiots!

  • spoiledcelebs

    Yeah let’s spend all our money and resources on some celebrities tatas and butts because they can’t keep their clothes one. Meanwhile there is women with real problems, where is the fbi ?

  • sadworld


    Actually this has happened a bunch of times to non-famous men and women but no fbi gives a damn, only celebrities lives count apparently. Jennifer lawrence is worth 40 million so she can hide behind bodyguards and feel protected meanwhile a non-famous 20 year old doesn’t have that added protection and no one cares. Suddenly a famous chick can’t keep her clothes on and everyone cares lol. This world is a joke.

  • asdf


    Um you answered your own question, she is worth 40 million so she can pay her lawyers who contact the authorities who go to the FBI… money talks always been that way. We regular folks put these celebs on pedestals which caused these hackers to target them. I don’t blame her one bit, she has the money so if she wants to spend it suing the person who did this to her then so be it.

  • Fbilol

    I do believe there should be some kind of punishment, consequence for this type of harassment, attack on women but interestingly enough the ones who would need the most support is a woman living a normal life (non-celebrity) yet she is least likely it to get it.
    The truth is that these attacks have been happening for a long time, yet go mostly ignored. It is unfortunate that it takes an A-list celeb hacking for the FBI and Apple to give a damn, when in return this same A-list celeb is not vulnerable to the danger a non famous woman is. It’s actually very sad how much value we place on the life of a celeb vs the life of a non-celeb.
    A celebrity is not vulnerable like a non-celeb woman is, a celeb can hide behind her millions, bodyguards, mansions, security systems. A non-famous woman cannot do that.
    This type of scandal can only raise the popularity of a celeb which equals more money. In the meantime the non-celebrity woman is in great danger of stalking (with no security guards) job loss, shame, social stigma.

    I do believe that there should be some kind of law for this issue but it should benefit the most vulnerable members of society and shouldn’t have taken an A-list actress for people to finally show concern or human decency.

    A celeb is someone who deliberately puts themselves out there to be seen by the public. Non-famous women don’t do that or need that kind of attention thus need more laws and protection for this kind of harassment.

    Every week Kate Upton is in a tiny bikini barely covering her privates and nipples. Mary, the teacher down the street was too trusting and let her then bf take naked pictures of her, after she dumps him, he posts them all over the web. She could lose her job.

    Jennifer Lawrence often appears in lingerie in men’s magazines. Amber showed her boobs on some web cam to a guy she trusted and now her screenshots are all over the web. She’s studying to become a nurse, not a celeb, yet some ahole betrayed her and now she has to deal with the fact that her family or strangers might see her boobs online.

    Much different realities.

    Yes women should learn to not be so trusting or dumb, but its not their fault that there is bad people in this world, bad people who deceive you and pretend they are good.

  • Lena

    I’m floored at the comments and moved….I was so disgusted at the preferential treatment JLaw got for her supposed stalking case where that kid never got near her…so I heard….And people were mad at me for questioning the fairness. I’m so happy so many people get how gross it is for the FBI to be jumping like this. Not the investigation. But, the public PR statement. Does the FBI want to be famous? Sarcasm intended. Why does THIS case get public statements??? You don’t hear ordinary citizens getting press statements from the FBI do you? Like this? It’s sad….all because they’re actors? And Famous?? Amazing….

  • Lena



  • CLG

    The FBI? LOL the photos are all over the internet now even in torrent :

  • rambo

    I think just drilling a lie photomontage photos

  • yoursmine

    Most of the women hacked are hardly even known by anyone, sounds like a major pr stunt gone wrong because people still don’t know them just know their boobs,

  • geral

    Absurd headline. Use this one instead:
    Animating Contest Of Freedom.