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'Glee' Series Finale Recap - How Did It All End?

'Glee' Series Finale Recap - How Did It All End?

After six seasons, the Glee series finale has aired and the show is officially over.

The first hour of the episode was a look back to 2009 and how the New Directions was formed in the first place. It featured some amazing flashback moments, including an incredible tribute to Cory Monteith and the pilot episode.

WATCH: Lea Michele‘s final performance ever on Glee

The second hour starts with us finding out if the New Directions win at the 2015 National Show Choir Championships. Throughout the hour we learn the fate of all the main characters and are treated to a bunch of great musical numbers.

Click inside for the full recap of Glee’s series finale…

Glee Series Finale – Quick Recap

-Mercedes goes on tour as Beyonce’s opening act and doesn’t get back together with Sam
-Sam becomes the new director of the New Directions
-McKinley High becomes a performing arts high school and Will is named principal
-Rachel wins a Tony Award and is married to Jesse St. James
-Kurt and Blaine are having a baby… and Rachel is their surrogate
-Tina and Artie are back together
-Sue is the Vice President of the United States, serving under President Jeb Bush
-The McKinley High theater is renamed to the Finn Hudson Auditorium

Glee Series Finale – FULL Recap

The first hour of the episode is a look back at the characters in 2009 before the New Directions started. We see Will (Matthew Morrison) tell his wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) that he is going to start the glee club. Kurt is seen walking around and being bullied. He goes to the guidance counselor’s office to look at an “ending it all” pamphlet and Emma (Jayma Mays) calls his dad (Mike O’Malley) in for a meeting to tell him that his son is depressed. Burt confronts Kurt and tells him to join a sports team.

Kurt sits with Rachel (Lea Michele) at lunch and they end up talking about the glee club starting up again. Rachel has already reserved the auditorium for the next day and they sing “Popular” from Wicked together. Kurt suggests they audition together, but Rachel is very opposed to the idea and says they must audition alone. Later in the day, Kurt meets Mercedes (Amber Riley) and tells her that he’s heard about how she’s amazing in her church choir. He asks her to help him be like her.

Kurt auditions for the glee club and opens up to his dad that he’s finally excited to go to school after becoming a part of the club. He contemplates telling his father that he’s gay, but doesn’t do it.

After the commercial break, focus turns to Mercedes as she decides to sign up for the glee club. She meets Rachel and they talk about singing, which leads Rachel to decide to go see Mercedes sing at church. She sings the song “I’m His Child” by Zella Jackson Prince. Afterwards, Rachel tells her she is going to be a big R&B star (implying that Mercedes won’t be competition for her) and a rivalry is born between them.

Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Artie (Kevin McHale) are the new focus of the episode. Tina is back with her old stutter and when we’re brought into Artie’s mind, he professes his love for Tina. They sit at lunch with two bullies, who throw pasta over Rachel and Kurt’s heads, and then dare the pair to join the glee club as the next stage of their plot.

We are next treated to Tina auditioning for the glee club with Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed a Girl” while Artie watches on in awe from the wings. Artie auditions next by singing “Pony” by Genuwine. The New Directions then kicks off with just five of them – Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, and Tina. They start by assigning roles for their first song – “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat” and there is immediately a power struggle for who will get the solos.

Terri tells Will that she has a bad feeling about the glee club and says she has a feeling it’s going to take away from their time together. She asks if it’s worth it and he says nothing could take her away from him as she is the love of his life.

Rachel tells Mr. Schuester that he should tell the club that she’s the star and right after she says it she gets slushied. Later, she is given the solo on “You’re the One That I Want” and Mercedes throws a fit. We then see Mercedes at church and crying over not getting the solo. She is contemplating quitting, but a woman gives her great advice to keep going and that she and Rachel will probably become friends one day.

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) has a meeting with Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba) and she says she has a bad feeling about the glee club, but Figgins says it is basically a joke. During a faculty basketball game, Sue asks Will what his intentions with the glee club are. She says fostering unrealistic dreams in the arts is not a good thing, but he says it’s important and that Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) has signed up.

Rachel is seen worrying about Mr. Schuester leaving the glee club as his wife is pregnant. She goes to talk to Terri to ask her to reconsider guilting her husband into leaving his job to become an accountant.

Kurt and Mercedes go out for coffee together and talk about Finn being a bad thing for the glee club. While there, we see Blaine (Darren Criss) talking about coming out as gay. The next day, there is an emergency glee club meeting to discuss whether Finn should be in the club. While talking about evil people at the school, they reminisce about times he showed true humanity among all the bullies. They vote in favor of keeping him in the club and Rachel says they should be proud of who they let in in the future.

Sue congratulates Will on his new job as an accountant and tells him she is his first client. After she walks away he hears the glee club rehearsing in the auditorium. The scene cuts to the original “Don’t Stop Believin’” performance from the pilot with Cory Monteith included. TEARS!

The next hour starts with Will getting ready for the present day New Directions’ award ceremony at the National Show Choir Championships and he reminisces about his old show choir prepping him back in high school. Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine all wait in the wings for the announcement and… the New Directions with the championships!

Will meets with the superintendent and is told that McKinley High School will now become a high school for the performing arts and it’s all because of him. He is made the principal of the school. It cuts to three months later and Emma is getting Will ready for his first day in charge. All of the alumni are in attendance on the first day of school and Will says that there will be several glee clubs at the school now. He will not coach any of them though. He sings “Teach Your Children” by Crosby Stills, Nash & Young in dedication to all the alumni, who are all in tears by the end of the song.

Now that McKinley is a performing arts high school, Sam (Chord Overstreet) needs a new job and Blaine asks him to move to New York City to be with everyone else. He says now and it is revealed that he is the new director of the New Directions.

Mercedes invites the other alumni into the auditorium and reveals she is the new opening act for Beyonce‘s world tour. She thanks her friends for making her believe that anything is possible. With everything on her schedule, she says she won’t see her friends for a long while and says goodbye to them by singing “Someday We’ll Be Together” by Diana Ross.

Kurt and Blaine meet with Sue and thank her for getting them back together. She thanks them for teaching her things about herself that she never would have discovered if she hadn’t met them. Sue goes to meet with Becky (Lauren Potter) and they have the most adorable running to each other moment ever. She apologizes to Becky for treating her like an unpaid intern when she should have been treated like a paid intern. Sue then says she has someone else to say goodbye to… Will. They do a duet of the Abba song “Winner Takes It All.”

Five years later, Sue Sylvester is the Vice President of the United States of America and she says she will be running for president in 2024. Becky is part of her secret service.

Kurt and Blaine are seen five years later as a power couple in the arts and visiting the Harvey Milk school to meet with young kids. They encourage the kids to be themselves and sing them “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees.

Rachel sings her final song of the series, “This Time,” a ballad written by Darren Criss. She sings it on the stage of the McKinley auditorium.

Five years later, we see Artie, Tina, Mercedes, Blaine, and Kurt meeting up together in NYC at Rachel’s apartment. Artie and Tina are a couple and Artie has written a movie that made it into Slamdance. Rachel is pregnant and we find out she is a surrogate for Kurt and Blaine. We also hear that Sam has a new girlfriend back at home.

Rachel is married to Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) and she is attending the Tony Awards as a nominee. Jesse is a former winner and gives Rachel advice on what to say when she wins… and she does win! She dedicates the award to Will, who she says is the person responsible for getting her on the stage. We see him watching at home with Emma, Sue, Sam, and a bunch of his own children.

Vice President Sue makes a visit to McKinley and in the audience of the auditorium we see Will, Kurt’s dad, Finn’s mom, Figgins, Emma, Sheldon (Dot Marie Jones), Terri, and Sam. She gives an emotional speech about the glee club and rededicates the theater as the Finn Hudson Auditorium. The New Directions, along with Will, perform “I Lived” by OneRepublic. Almost all of the past members are seen making appearances!

“See the world not as it is, but as it should be.”

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  • Rene C. Toyer

    So Glee 2hr finale…hmmmm… As a faithful Glee watcher over the pass 6 years (6 seasons) I have seen Glee go from the Greatest New Show on tv breaking all idealistic views of what teens should be and empowering the talented misfits… to kind of losing it’s way between New York and Ohio…then finding themselves again in Ohio… Fighting many controversial issues along the way, like Coming Out, Gay Marriage, Transsexualism/Transgender, Religious Conflict towards LGBT, Teenage Pregnancy, Gay Parents, Single Parents, Latino Parents, Divorce, Being Homeless, Lost of a Mother, Lost of a Father, Lost of a Friend/Lover/Brother/Son who actually died in real life… Glee has been through it all with hundreds of impeccable renditions of past and present hits, that both educated it’s audience while entertaining them!

    Glee is without a single doubt one of the Greatest Tv Series that has ever been shown on your television and just about 60% of you have never even bothered to watch it! Glee came out around the same time I was trying to find myself…and it helped me understand and accept so many things as it has done for many others around the world… A lot of people typecast Glee as garbage because it is based on Music but some of the most Ground Breaking Motion Pictures of all time are Musicals. Glee helped to remind us of this! As Glee ended it’s 6 year evolutionary journey tonight they took us to how it first began, and where it ended…with a finale ending riddled with positive futures for our Favourite Characters…And having a final music score with every cast member from every season of Glee on Stage for a one last Horah, which brought tears immediately to me eyes reminding me of how I spent nights binge watching episode after episode of kids in the Choir Room…dreaming and then eventually having their dreams come true! :’( the only person that was missing was Cory Monteith… RIP <3 however somehow I still felt his presence as they immortalized his memory by naming the iconic McKinley High Auditorium the Finn Hudson Auditorium…

    So today we say Good Bye to a place that displayed some of the best raw talent I have ever seen…hoping for a bright future for each cast member because they are all so talented! …also hoping for a bright future for our world with Glee as an example smile emoticon cry emoticon

    At least the many Glee Covers will live on …♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Almost all but who? Matt? I’m sure he wasn’t there … Shame they did him like that

  • Thom

    Matt was there. They were missing Marley and Rory.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    😤😤😤I missed Matt??!????!!!!! Da mn it! Inwas too mad that he wasn’t included in the other Finn’s death episode, so figured he wouldn’t appear. But I’ll definitely watch it online just to see him.

  • Gina

    I don’t care how it ended, just that it did.

  • Season 1 Viewer

    I hate Glee but the Jeb Bush thing did make me laugh

  • Season 1 Viewer

    I hate Glee but the Jeb Bush thing did make me laugh


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  • Lucy

    All I must point out here is, Artie and Tina are not right for each other, I don’t see their reuniting through general happenstance as serious or lasting and give them maybe until after the (deserved) hype on Artie’s project blows over, if even that long considering Tina’s track record on superficiality, though admittedly, she seems to have matured in that respect since she screwed over Artie’s body image, I still just, regardless, there are more factors against them: Plain and simple, they’re not meant to last because their relationship is neither ultimately productive nor healthy, so to emphasise, I can’t see it going much longer, that is if they haven’t broken up (this time for good) already.

  • Sumayah Medlin

    He was actually in both episodes, “2009″ and “Dreams Come True”