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Mark Ruffalo Uses the 'Avengers' Filter to See Which Superhero He Really Is

Mark Ruffalo used the Instagram filter to choose which Avengers superhero he really is, and the result was amazing!

The 52-year-old actor has starred as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the Marvel movies for years, and when he used the filter, he got The Hulk!

He celebrated with the room of people he was in when he found out the fun news.

“Which #Avenger am I? You won’t believe the SHOCKING result,” Mark captioned the video that he uploaded to his Instagram account.

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James Cameron Thinks It's a 'Certainty' That 'Avatar' Will Beat 'Avengers' Box Office Record

James Cameron has faith in the Avatar franchise.

The 65-year-old filmmaker reflected on the film’s success a decade later, as well as Marvel‘s Avengers: Endgame just beating its box office record at $2.79 billion in 2019.

He believes that the film will restore its place at the top as part of a re-release, as well as the movie’s sequel, planned for December 17, 2021.

“I think it’s a certainty. But let’s give Endgame their moment and let’s celebrate that people are going to the movie theater,” he said to USA Today.

“I don’t want to sound snarky after I took the high road (by offering congratulations), but they beat us by one quarter of a percent. I did the math in my head while driving in this morning. I think accountants call that a rounding error.”

He went on to praise Marvel’s ability to get people to theaters.

“I saw it as a really good sign. I was really concerned with all the new streaming services and the different ways people can consume movies right now that the theatergoing experience might have been eroded to the point that a new Avatar film – even if it were better than the first one, and better received – could never achieve the same box-office levels. Now at least we know such a thing is still possible at the movie theater,” he said of the Avengers success.

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Karen Gillan Reveals Which 'Avengers: Endgame' Scene Was Improvised

Karen Gillan is dishing on which Avengers: Endgame scene she improvised!

The 32-year-old Jumanji: The Next Level actress – who played two different Nebulas in Avengers: Endgame – opened up about the filming experience in a recent interview with THR.

“The way we differentiated them was by calling them ‘good Nebula’ and ‘bad Nebula,’” Karen said, revealing that she didn’t have the full script while shooting. “I had a lot of time travel questions coming from a time travel background. The directors really kept me on track. I just found out whatever I needed to know for each scene.”

She also spilled on who was victorious in an early scene during which Nebula and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark/Iron Man play a game of paper football.

“Well, I think it was me because that scene was improvised,” Karen laughed. “And I won.”

Karen Gillan recently stepped out for her Jumanji: The Next Level co-star Kevin Hart‘s Hand and Footprint Ceremony in Hollywood. See all of the pics here!

You Can See Katherine Langford's Deleted Scene as Morgan Stark in 'Avengers: Endgame' on Disney+ Now

If you have Disney+, you can watch Katherine Langford‘s deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame right now!

The 23-year-old actress played Morgan Stark, the adult daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, in the final movie. However, her scene was ultimately cut from the film.

Katherine‘s scene is on Disney+, in the film’s “Extras”, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo open up about the scene.

“This is originally what happened after Tony snapped his fingers,” Joe says in the deleted scene’s commentary. “We sent him to what we would call ‘The Way Station’ to mirror what happened with Thanos with his daughter in Infinity War.”

Anthony adds, “The idea is that this moment, that act forces you to confront or reconcile something that is unresolved in yourself and your soul.”

These 13 'Avengers: Endgame' Stars Are Getting Awards Campaigns from Disney

Disney is hoping that Avengers: Endgame will get some nominations at the 2020 Oscars and the list of actors that will get awards campaigns has been revealed.

13 of the lead actors (out of nearly 50 major Marvel stars who appeared in the film) are getting For Your Consideration placement.

It was widely expected that Robert Downey Jr. would be campaigned in the Leading Actor category, but he will be placed in the Supporting Actor category with the rest of the guys. There are eight actors up for Best Supporting Actor and five actresses up for Best Supporting Actress. The list includes several previous Oscar winners and nominees!

Click through the slideshow to find out who is getting awards campaigns…

'Avengers: Endgame' Oscars 2020 Campaign Has Launched & There Are a Few Names Notably Missing!

Disney has started to launch their campaigns for their 2019 films that are eligible for the 2020 Academy Awards.

There’s a newly launched webpage that highlights what categories movies are being submitted in, and surprisingly, none of the actors in Avengers: Endgame are listed.

Many believed Robert Downey, Jr. would at least be given nomination consideration due to the global response to Iron Man’s story line in the film. It’s important to note that more names could be added to this list at a later date.

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