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Josh Gad Shares One of the Last Texts He Got From Chadwick Boseman Before His Death

Josh Gad is remembering his friend Chadwick Boseman by sharing the last text he got from the actor.

“Breaking my twitter silence to share some beauty,” Josh shared with his followers on Twitter, just shortly after it was announced that Chadwick passed away.

He adds, “This was one of my final texts from the brilliant & once-in-lifetime talent,
@chadwickboseman – take this in & celebrate life. He knew how precious every moment was. Tonight the Heavens received one of its most powerful angels.”

The text starts out complaining a bit about the constant rain California had earlier in the summer.

“I urge you to go outside and take a DEEP breath,” Chadwick wrote. “Nothing how fresh the air is right now, after our skies have had a 3 week break from the usual relentless barrage of fumes from bumper to bumper LA commuters, and no today’s rain has given the City of Angels a long overdo and much-needed shower.”

“Inhale and exhale the moment, and thank God for the unique beauties and wonders of this day.”

See Josh‘s tweet below for Chadwick‘s full text:

If you didn’t see, Chadwick had just signed on for a new project a week before his death. See what it was here…

The Title For 'Beauty & The Beast' Spinoff Centered on Gaston & Le Fou Was Just Revealed!

Shortly after achieving his EGOT status, composer Alan Menken revealed the official title to the upcoming spinoff from Beauty and The Beast.

Alan is on board for the six episode show that will air on Disney+ and bring back Luke Evans and Josh Gad as Gaston and Le Fou.

“We feel so lucky to have this talented group of people creating a story about two much loved and much hated characters, but that’s the excitement. There are a lot of questions about, where we will start? What we will tell? !ho are these people? When you visit them, where will they be? So, it’s going to be a really fun experience. Me and Josh are literally vibrating with excitement to shoot it,” Luke recently said about the show, all while not giving away anything else.

“You’ll just have to wait and see. That’s all I’m going to say,” Luke said when asked about if the show will change people’s minds about Gaston.

Alan confirmed the show will be called The Little Town.

The “little town” phrase comes up in the film’s opening song, “Belle”.

If you missed it, see which award Alan earned this month to get that EGOT status!

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Josh Gad Reveals 'The Book of Mormon' Was Filmed with the Original Broadway Cast

Josh Gad has some good news for fans of Broadway who might want to see more shows at home, just like Hamilton.

The Tony-nominated actor has revealed that The Book of Mormon was filmed with the original Broadway cast, though he has never watched the footage.

“A lot of people are asking me and yes, there is a tape that exists somewhere of the original cast of #BookOfMormon – we shot it in the last few months I was there but I have never seen it,” Josh said.

While Hamilton was filmed with the intention of making a film for theatrical release, it’s not known if The Book of Mormon was shot with the same intent. Most Broadway shows are shot for archival purposes and many recordings are available to be viewed at the New York Public Library.

The original Broadway cast of The Book Mormon featured Josh, Andrew Rannells, and Tony winner Nikki M. James. The show took home nine Tony Awards in 2011 and it has been a smash hit for nearly a decade now.

Josh Gad Reveals Which Celebrity Made Him Forget His Lines During 'Book of Mormon' on Broadway!

Josh Gad is revealing who threw him off!

The 39-year-old Frozen star joined Zane Lowe for Apple Music’s first episode of a new interview series, Songs For Life on Sunday (June 28).

During their conversation, Josh revealed the celebrity that famously threw him off on stage during Book of Mormon on Broadway.

“I have not ever officially [confirmed] that, but, god, I got nothing to lose now. It was the lead actor on a show called EntourageAdrian [Grenier]. And I was, let’s say, really f–kin’ pissed off. So Adrian, the next time you’re out there in a dark theater with a bunch of people onstage performing for you, I would ask for a little bit more respect. And I promise to show you the same respect when I watch you on a stage. All joking aside, I hope you’re doing well, Adrian! I still love you, I still love you very much.”

He also admitted his daughters wished he voiced this Disney star instead…

Click inside to hear him explain…More Here! »

Josh Gad's Daughters Wish He Was The Voice Of This Other Disney Character Instead Of Olaf

Josh Gad has voiced a lot of animated characters, but Frozen‘s Olaf might be the most recognizable and loved – but that’s not the case for his daughters anymore.

The 39-year-old actor was a guest on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, and revealed that his young daughters, Ava and Isabella, are over him being Olaf.

“My girls really wish Moana is their father,” he joked during the video chat. “They are somewhat over Olaf at this point.”

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“I have to remind them that Olaf pays for their school, the roof over their head and those quesadillas they love eating,” Josh added. “So Olaf isn’t going anywhere soon if they want to keep eating and drinking!”

Earlier this month, Josh shared footage from him recording the brand new Frozen song, “I Am With You”.

If you missed it, you can also see which famous cast Josh just got back together for his Reunited Apart series.

'Lord of the Rings' Stars Have a Virtual Reunion - Watch! (Video)

The Lord of the Rings stars are reuniting!

As part of Josh Gad‘s Reunited Apart, costars Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd and Sir Ian McKellen came together for a great cause while catching up.

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Together, the cast happily recalled stories from the set of the film franchise, with lots of laughter and memories.

The stream was in support of No Kid Hungry.

“We all know the implications of COVID-19 are far reaching, but we may not realize how school closures and economic stressors are significantly increasing childhood hunger rates in the U.S. The problem is two-fold as new financial strains make it harder for families to provide meals for their kids and food access programs that previously provided in-school meals need to quickly shift the way they operate. To help address this crisis, we humbly ask you to support No Kid Hungry, a national campaign focused on ending childhood hunger in America,” Josh wrote.

This Lord of the Rings star revealed that she almost had a secret second role…

Josh Gad Shares Footage & Emotional Note About New Song 'I Am With You' From Frozen's Olaf - Watch (Video)

Josh Gad is opening up about the making of “I Am With You” for Disney‘s At Home With Olaf emotional short amid quarantine.

The 39-year-old Frozen actor posted a behind-the-scenes video on his Instagram on Wednesday (May 13) along with an explanation.

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“Over a month ago, I got a call from @alittlejelee that Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who wrote the music to both #Frozen films wrote a song about spiritually being together while all of us remain far apart. They sent the song and I immediately cried (of course),” he wrote.

“The video which can now be seen on my page or the @disney social pages is similarly bringing people to tears and reminding everyone that we are all together right now even though we are separated by great distances. I decided to shoot a video of myself singing the song the day I recorded it. Hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at me singing #IAmWithYou which is the final #AtHomeWithOlaf short.”

If you didn’t know, Disney just set a date for a partial opening.

Watch Josh Gad record, as well as the final song inside…More Here! »