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Hit Songs That the Artists Now Regret

Everyone has their special fuzzy memories of their favorite smashes over the years – but now and then, the artists themselves don’t exactly feel the same way about their own music.

Over time, plenty of different pop stars and singer-songwriters have spoken out following the smash success of their songs to reveal that, for one reason or another, they feel awkward, embarrassed or even ashamed about certain songs.

In some cases, it comes down to the lyrical content. And in others, it’s all due to the song’s complete over-saturation of the market. Regardless, these stars have enough distance between the song’s release and now to reflect on the choices they made.

We’ve gathered together some of the biggest hits from the likes of everyone from Taylor Swift to Radiohead, and how the artists really feel about the songs. Some of these are bound to surprise you!

Be sure to check out the most controversial and banned music videos of all time as well.

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Nicki Minaj Agrees to Pay Tracy Chapman $450,000 in Copyright Suit Settlement

Nicki Minaj is settling a dispute.

The Queen rapper was sued by Tracy Chapman for illicitly using “Baby Can I Hold You,” and it cost her $450,000, according to THR on Friday (January 8).

Nicki will be paying Tracy that amount over her copyright infringement claim for “Sorry,” which contained Tracy‘s 1988 song “Baby Can I Hold You.”

Documents became public in California federal court confirming the offer was accepted. And as a result, the two will not go to trial later this year. Tracy won the case and $450,000, as well as not being held responsible for costs had a jury decided her claims weren’t worth that amount.

She first filed the case back in 2018 after Nicki allegedly leaked the song to Funkmaster Flex, resulting in the song hitting the Internet.

Nicki and her reps sought a license to the song according to the court documents.

“One of the clearance specialists put on the task is said to have known that Chapman was on the ‘do not sample list’— an unwritten list of artists that were well-known for not allowing samples of their works. Minaj‘s team made efforts anyway, but Chapman rejected a request. Minaj persisted, but the song only got out through leak,” the outlet reported.

U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips concluded Nicki had a fair use right to use the song in the studio to enable musical experimentation: “A ruling uprooting these common practices would limit creativity and stifle innovation within the music industry,” the judge previously said while setting up a trial to explore the facts of the leak, which will now no longer move forward.

Nicki Minaj is among the many artists who have some of the most controversial videos of all time – find out who else is on the list.

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Most Controversial & Banned Music Videos of All Time

The music icons of our day love to push boundaries and challenge the public – with their sound, their style, and of course, their controversial music videos.

Some of our favorite pop entertainers, rappers and rock stars have made music videos that have tested the limits of what is acceptable on network television – and, in some cases, they’ve even benefitted from the allure and added curiosity of having their music videos banned from networks.

From flashing ample amounts of skin, to violence and gore, to inciting outrage with controversial political views, to potentially even causing harm from flashing visual elements, there’ve been all different reasons why music videos from top stars were not allowed to see light of day. (And sometimes, the stars go on to regret their biggest hits.)

We’ve gathered up some of the most controversial, banned music videos over the years. Are there any music videos from your favorite artists that also sparked a ton of controversy? Sound off in the comments!

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Nicki Minaj Shares Adorable First Photos of Her Son, Reveals What She Almost Named Him

Nicki Minaj has finally shared the first photos of her baby boy!

The 38-year-old rapper and her husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their first child into the world on September 30 and we’re finally getting a peek at his adorable pics.

Nicki still hasn’t revealed her son’s name, but she referred to him with the nickname Papa Bear in the Instagram post.

“#PapaBear thank you so very much for choosing me to be your mama 🎀🦄🙏 Wishing you guys a happy & prosperous New Year. Thank you for your love & support throughout this journey. It’s meant so much to me. Becoming a mom is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever taken on. Sending love to all the superhero mothers out there. Big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time,” Nicki said in the post.

Nicki also talked about what she almost named her son!

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Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Giving Birth to Her Son

Nicki Minaj is opening up to her fans!

In honor of her son turning three-months-old on Wednesday (December 30), the 38-year-old rapper shared her birthing story with fans on Instagram.

“I was butt naked,” Nicki recalled. “Just got out the shower & I asked him [husband Kenneth Petty] to rub my back. As soon as I started scooting over to him in the bed I just felt the water start coming out. I was weirdly calm & I quietly said ‘omg, I’m about to be in labor.”

Nicki said she was calm throughout her labor, but did admit that Kenneth was very scared.

“I was laughing at him,” Nicki joked.

Nicki revealed that she was in labor “all night” and had a natural birth with epidurals.

“I pushed for 2 1/2 hours,” Nicki explained. “Only [because] first the epidural didn’t wear off enough for me to feel myself pushing. Once I was able to feel the pain I pushed him out.”

Nicki then talked about breastfeeding, saying that her son had no problem “latching on,” but did admit it can be “painful” for her.

“But breastfeeding is very painful,” Nicki confessed. “Pumping is too. Women make this stuff look way too easy. Moms [are] really superheroes.”

Nicki has not yet revealed her son’s name.

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Drew Sidora Says Nicki Minaj Critiqued Her Post-Baby Body During an Audition

The Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Drew Sidora revealed an experience she allegedly had with rapper Nicki Minaj.

During an appearance on Kandi Burruss‘ YouTube series Speak on It, Drew, 35, explained that she was auditioning to play Nicki in an ABC Family sitcom based on the rapper’s life.

Nicki apparently told Drew, “Girl, you don’t look how you looked in TLC,” which was a reference to how Drew looked in 2013 when she played TLC’s T-Boz in CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

“So, I was up for an ABC family series, a Nicki Minaj pilot. And Nicki herself said that. She said I don’t look how I looked when I played T-Boz,” Drew recalled. “I was like, ‘Nicki!’ It was like, all these ABC execs around but I had gone through about five rounds. And she really, really liked me.”

“And then she said that in front of all of these [executives],” she said. “It is was it is. I was like, ‘Look, I just had a baby.’ I think at the time my baby was like 3 months old, I was literally still breastfeeding.” Drew was not offended by the remarks and took it as “constructive criticism.”

“What I took away was, ‘Girl, get your life together. Get back in the gym. You can’t keep blaming it on the baby and get to work.’” Like, yes, I had a baby, let’s not body shame, but it did give me that motivation. So I turned it into lemonade like let’s get in the gym and really get my career back. So, I’ve been on a journey of weight loss and just getting back to good health,” Drew added.

Nicki has not commented on this story at this time. She did recently, however, call out this organization.

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Nicki Minaj Shares Audio Message Featuring 2-Month-Old Son's Voice - Listen Now!

Nicki Minaj is giving another rare glimpse into life as a mom!

The 37-year-old rapper took to her Twitter on Friday (November 27) to share a sweet voice message featuring her two-month-old son’s voice.

Nicki‘s son can be heard cooing in the recording, before Nicki says, “Say hi to the Barbz, papa bear. Say hi.”

“Whatcha doin’? Say something,” Nicki says as her son makes another noise. “Aww, you said hi to the Barbz? Good boy.”

Nicki gave birth to her first child with husband Kenneth Petty back on September 30th. She later revealed that she had boy, while raving about motherhood.

A few weeks ago, Nicki explained why she hasn’t hired a nanny yet to help out.

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