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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals 'Don't Look Up' On-Set Incidents, Addresses Rumors About 'American Hustle' Wardrobe, 'Mother' Rib Injury, Kissing Liam Hemsworth & More in 'Hot Ones' Interview

Jennifer Lawrence is braving the Hot Ones challenge!

The 32-year-old No Hard Feelings actress sat down with Sean Evans to take on the challenge of eating increasingly spicy wings while answering burning questions about her career.

During her appearance, Jennifer talked about what convinced her to work again so soon, what really went down behind-the-scenes on some of her biggest films, and much more.

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10 Biggest Things We Learned From Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Hot Ones' Interview

Jake Gyllenhaal is braving the heat!

The 42-year-old The Covenant actor made an appearance on Hot Ones with Sean Evans, eating his way through spicy wings while answering questions about his career.

Along the way on the deeply amusing episode, Jake pushed past the heat to discuss some of his most memorable roles, shared his thoughts on his career, and revealed some highlights and lows from his work.

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All the Best & Funniest Celebrity Moments on 'Hot Ones,' Ranked!

Hot Ones is becoming one of the most popular talk shows for celebrities to spill their true thoughts while feasting on spicy wings.

It’s hard to choose the very best moments from the juicy interviews, especially since the show premiered all the way back in 2015.

Taking a look back throughout the last 20 seasons, there are some particularly memorable moments that stand out – all for hilarious, endearing and/or deeply strange reasons.

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Viola Davis Reveals the Science of Choosing an Audition Monologue While Eating Spicy Wings on 'Hot Ones' & It's Going Viral

Fans are raving about Viola DavisHot Ones appearance.

The 57-year-old How to Get Away With Murder alum made an appearance on the Sean Evans-hosted show, where celebrities are asked in-depth questions while eating progressively spicier wings along the way.

One question in particular is going viral from Viola‘s appearance, as social media users are praising both the thoughtful question from Sean and Viola‘s insightful answer.

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Khloe Kardashian Reveals the Best Way to Flirt With Her (While Eating Spicy Chicken Wings)

Khloe Kardashian is taking on the heat!

The 37-year-old Kardashians reality TV star sat down for Hot Ones with Sean Evans, where she answered some burning questions – and ate some even more hot chicken wings.

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Quavo Can't Handle the Heat on 'Hot Ones' - Watch Here!

Quavo is taking on some seriously spicy wings!

The 29-year-old rapper appeared on Sean Evans‘ show Hot Ones on Thursday (June 10) and talked about Migos‘ origins and his upcoming movie with Robert De Niro.

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J Balvin Reveals He Almost Had An Entirely Different Stage Name on 'Hot Ones'

J Balvin has opened up about the unique stage name he almost took in the latest episode of Hot Ones.

The 35-year-old Colombian singer revealed that a friend once told him he needed a “spicy” stage name for his music career.

The moment came as he was about to take his first bite of a pepper called the Scotch Bonnet, which was the name his friend suggested.

“Speaking of Scotch Bonnet, you know that was supposed to be my artist name? Yeah, that’s funny,” he mentioned before the bite. “When I was looking for my name, I had a friend, his name is Fat Al and he’s a rapper. And he was like, ‘You should have a spicy name like Scotch Bonnet.’”

He continued, “This was the first time I actually see what he was talking about. Now let’s taste it!” After his bite, he added, “Now, we’re on another level.”

The singer’s real name is José Álvaro Osorio Balvin.

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