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The Bachelorette's Peter Kraus Reportedly 'Enraged' the Show's Higher-Ups

Any fans hoping to see Peter Kraus as the next star of The Bachelor should make sure not to get their hopes up.

The reality star broke up with Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette after he told her he couldn’t commit to proposing if she gave him the final rose. She then left him and picked Bryan Abasolo as her winner the next day.

Mike Fleiss, the creator of the Bachelor Nation franchise, sent out a cryptic, but not-so-cryptic, tweet on Thursday (August 17) that basically made it seem like Peter has no chance of continuing on the show.

Now, sources have spoken out about how Peter “enraged” the higher-ups working on the show because he essentially was the perfect guy, but wouldn’t commit to the show’s ideal fairytale ending.

Peter is every Bachelor producer’s worst nightmare: the perfect guy who cannot be coerced into proposing at the end,” an insider told People. “The fact that no one could talk Peter into buckling under and just giving her the ring — and that he wouldn’t play along — absolutely enraged the higher-ups at the show. Including Fleiss, definitely. He is totally on their s— list forever, and there is no way they will reward him with a shot at The Bachelor. No way.”

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Peter Kraus as 'The Bachelor'? Show's Creator Sends a Strong Message in New Tweet

It doesn’t look like Peter Kraus will be the next Bachelor, according to a tweet from the show’s creator Mike Fleiss.

“Do we really want a Bachelor who isn’t ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about…,” Mike tweeted.

While the tweet doesn’t mention Peter by name, it certainly seems to point to him. Peter couldn’t commit to proposing to Rachel Lindsay on her season of The Bachelorette and it ended with them breaking things off before the final rose ceremony.

Dean Unglert Reveals Why He Thinks Rachel Lindsay Doesn't Want Peter Kraus to Be 'The Bachelor'

Rachel Lindsay and her new fiance Bryan Abasolo recently revealed that they want Alex to be the next Bachelor, even though many fans want to see her runner up Peter Kraus take the spotlight.

Now, Dean Unglert, one of her rejected contestants, is explaining why he thinks Rachel doesn’t want Peter as the next Bachelor.

“You look at it objectively and it seems like Peter’s got the whole package. I think that she was just so emotionally attached to Peter and maybe things didn’t necessarily end up the way either of them wanted it to,” Dean, 25, said on Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins‘ podcast.

“[Rachel] isn’t ready to see [Peter] thrust back into the spotlight like that…Obviously we have no idea what’s going through Rachel’s head, but it makes sense from a viewer’s perspective,” he continued. “I’ve had my jealous moments as well, so it’s really hard to say. But she was so close to both Bryan and Peter and Eric [Bigger] obviously too. I definitely understand that she doesn’t want to relive any of their romantic moments within an entire season.”

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Eric Bigger Thinks Rachel Lindsay Picked Her 'Rebound' Bryan Abasolo

Eric Bigger doesn’t think Bryan Abasolo was Rachel Lindsay‘s pick on The Bachelorette and that it was really Peter Kraus.

“Honestly, from watching the show last night for the first time, I don’t think she picked the right man in that moment,” Eric said during Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti‘s podcast, The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast. “Prior to seeing the show, I always thought Bryan was the guy for her once I left.”

“I love him … but I felt bad for him. It seemed like he was a rebound. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looked like in my eyes and maybe the feelings they had for each other is different from what I see. But man, it was tough,” Eric continued.

Eric was in the final three of the competition but was sent home after the Fantasy Suite dates.


Would Peter Kraus Be 'The Bachelor'? Here's His Answer

Would Peter Kraus consider becoming The Bachelor if ABC went to him for the job?

Michael Strahan interviewed Peter on Good Morning America on Wednesday (August 9) and asked the question many want to know.

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“If you’re asked, will you be the next Bachelor?” Michael asked.

“I’d have to think a lot about it,” Peter said, to huge cheers from the crowd. “The people have spoken!” Michael responded, as audience members were screaming “yes!”

Peter Kraus on 'Bachelorette' Breakup: 'She Made the Right Decision'

Peter Kraus, the runner up on The Bachelorette, is opening up about what happened between him and Rachel in that very dramatic breakup prior to the rose ceremony.

“Relationships are all about sacrifice,” the 31-year-old runner up from Wisconsin told People. “She and I had been having a conversation/borderline argument for about three hours. I knew it was not going to end the way that I wanted. I knew the only way to keep her was to give her what it was that she was looking for. I decided that I would sacrifice my beliefs in order to prove to her that I was in love with her.”

“It was too little, too late. She knew that it wasn’t where my heart was at the time. I think we probably would’ve resented each other for it if she had agreed. I do think she made the right decision [by choosing Bryan] in the end,” Peter continued.

Rachel Lindsay Responds to Fan Claiming She Settled with 'Bachelorette' Choice

Rachel Lindsay and her fiance Bryan Abasolo made an appearance together on several morning shows on Tuesday (August 8) in New York City after The Bachelorette finale.

During an interview on Live with Kelly & Ryan, Rachel responded to a letter from a Bachelorette fan who thought Rachel settled for Bryan as opposed to picking Peter.

Rachel was clearly in love with Peter. Bryan was runner up. She chose him because he was willing to give her a ring…she should have chosen true love over a ring,” the letter, which was read aloud to Rachel by Ryan Seacrest, said.

“It’s so funny to me, I’ve never been one to settle or to be desperate for anything…that’s why I was 32 and still single. So like, when people say things like that, like Bryan was runner up, I’m like ‘no,’ I think you can clearly see that I have a lot of love for Bryan. I never would have just chosen a ring,” Rachel said in response.

Ryan also asked about Peter, who said he reached out to Rachel after their dramatic breakup. “That was a closed chapter for me. My focus was Bryan, I chose Bryan for a reason. Peter had his chance.”

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