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Russell Crowe Helps to Pay for Aspiring Actor to Go to Drama School

Russell Crowe is doing something wonderful.

The 56-year-old Academy Award winner contributed to an aspiring actor’s dreams of going to drama school with a donation.

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Harry Pritchard created a GoFundMe page, explaining that after three years of auditioning, he was accepted to the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, but was unable to afford the school.

“I hate to use a cliche, but all I could think when the letter came through was ‘dream come true.’ But, there is a major hurdle in the way – paying for it,” he wrote.

“I come from a low income family who cannot afford to support me with the fees. The school offers only one bursary to cover the tuition for the year but I missed out as I didn’t receive my place until after it had been awarded. I have been saving every penny over the past year, but it’s barely even enough to cover my living costs.”

The total cost of the course is £13,799 (approximately $18,430).

He has since raised over £14,000, including a donation by Russell for £2,741.

“Congratulations Harry. Looking forward to hear of your success. Thank you to everyone who got involved and gave this young bloke a lift and a helping hand, you are all lovely and brilliant,” he wrote on social media.

“I can’t put into words how grateful I am for everything you all have put into this. It really has changed my life. I am so excited to start at LAMDA in October and begin my training,” he wrote, going on to encourage people who still wished to donate to give to other young actors in need,” the young actor wrote in an update to his GoFundMe.

Russell recently opened up about a possible Gladiator sequel.

Russell Crowe Talks About A Possible 'Gladiator' Sequel Pointing Out That He Possibly Wouldn't Be In It

Russell Crowe is opening up about the much-talked about sequel to Gladiator.

During a new interview, the subject of a sequel to the popular 2000 film was brought up again, after being talked about for years.

“I can tell you those conversations have been going on since the last day of shooting,” he told E!. “The last one and there’s been a lot of different ideas of approaching things.”

But, Russell admits, he might not even be in the movie at all because he keeps “being like this sort of party pooper when I say, I just wanted to remind you I died in the first one.”

Connie Neilsen, who starred in the film with Russell as Lucilla, spoke to Entertainment Weekly that she is up for the project if it develops into one.

“I think it’s a question of COVID and can we get back to work. But I would be interested in doing [the film], for sure. I mean, it’s obviously a wonderful project, so of course I would be interested.”

Russell‘s new movie, Unhinged, is expected to be released later this month.

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Russell Crowe Got Jared Kushner's Help Playing Roger Ailes After Meeting at This Celeb's Birthday Party

Russell Crowe played the role of Roger Ailes, the former exec at Fox News, in The Loudest Voice, which aired last year, and now we’re learning how he prepared for the role.

“I remember when you were preparing for Roger Ailes, you were compiling all the information about him. How did you do that?,” Russell was asked by Nicole Kidman in a conversation with Variety.

He responded, “Well, that’s a funny thing. Because you tend to take advantage of situations that come up. You were in New York for Hugh [Jackman]’s birthday party, right?”

After Nicole responded that she was there, Russell added, “And Ivanka [Trump] came in. So that gave me the opportunity to have a very long conversation with Ivanka’s husband [Jared Kushner]. And he had a very direct relationship with Roger over their presidential campaign. Phone calls every Sunday. So it gave me that contemporary insight that the book could not give me.”

Nicole said, “I had no idea you met [Jared Kushner] at that party,” and Russell added, “Nobody else was talking to him.”

Did you know that this celebrity married into the Kushner family?

Russell Crowe's 'Unhinged' Moved to Late July Amid Pandemic

Unhinged is on the move again…

Solstice Studios announced this afternoon that the Russell Crowe starring movie will be moving back to a late July release amid fears that the pandemic will have another spike.

The film was set to be the first movie back in theaters as they prepare to reopen, however, as fears loom of the coronavirus having another spike, the studio decided to delay the premiere just a few more weeks.

Here’s the official Unhinged summary: After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman becomes the target of his rage.

In a recent interview, Russell opened up about Unhinged being the first major movie back in theaters.

“Outside of seeing family and friends that people hadn’t seen, the No. 1 thing they wanted to do was go to the cinema. The type of movie that they wanted to see.. I would have assumed comedy, I would have assumed love story, but the top genre on the list was thriller,” he shared.

Russell added, “In a way I think it’s a little bit of perverse human self-preservation. We want to go back to that place we’re familiar with, in that safe room where all the crazy stuff just happens on the screen. Not actually in our lives.”

Unhinged will be in theaters on July 31.

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Russell Crowe Reveals the Original 'Gladiator' Script Was 'So Bad'

Russell Crowe was nervous to take on his iconic role in Gladiator – because it was “so bad” at first.

The 56-year-old actor, who starred in the 2000 Academy Award-winning film, spoke to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday (June 25) about the experience.

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Gladiator was a unique experience because the script that they had was so bad,” he revealed.

“The producer didn’t know I’d actually already been able to get a copy, but the thing he said was, ‘I don’t want to send you the document we have because you won’t respond to it.’”

“‘But I want to encourage you to have a meeting with Ridley Scott and here’s the thing that I want you to think about: it’s 180 AD, you’re a roman general and you’re being directed by Ridley Scott. Just think about that,’” he continued.

He went on to talk about the “unbelievable” legacy of the movie.

“Twenty years later people still talk about. That doesn’t happen with every movie.”

He recently shared a touching story about a cat he rescued for his mom.

Watch Russell Crowe discuss his experience…

Russell Crowe Pays Tribute To A Cat He Rescued For His Mom With Touching Story on Twitter

Russell Crowe shared a touching story about a cat he once rescued and gave to his mom for companionship.

“At one . Zen,” the 56-year-old Gladiator actor started off his story. “Underneath the swirl of sounds I heard something out of place. Was that a meow? I started to look around me . I heard it again. I took a few steps of the track into the rain forest. Thick with ferns and vines . One more step and then I saw it. A kitten…”

Russell went on, forming the story like an epic.

“I stopped at a good vantage point to look back down the track, have a sip of water , and steel myself for the next section which I knew was the harshest.
Looking back down the track and out through the trees to the valley. Sweat pouring out of me. Bellbirds and cockatoos calling.”

“A tale in a few tweets. Goes better with tea,” he told his followers as he continued his story. “In early 2003 my mum started agitating for a cat. We have a place in the bush, we get visited by all manner of native birds. I was against the idea. Domestic cats being the notorious enemy of bird life.”

Russell goes on, explaining that he found the kitten abandoned on a lone dirt road devoid of any vehicles around. He hints that someone had discarded the kitten and drove away.

“We flew down the hill in a tight group and arrived back at my farm together where I presented my mother with this tiny baby kitten. She was floored. So happy,” he adds of his mother’s reaction.

She had named the cat Cinders, an ode to his own role in Cinderella Man.

“The point of the story… that kitten, called Cinders ( Cinderella Man ) died yesterday. She had never grown to be fully trusting of humans, but, she loved my mum and my mum loved her,” Russell wrote. “Fairly aggressive with dogs and others, but she never scratched me. I took that as gratitude.”

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Russell Crowe to Play Mobster in Upcoming Thriller 'American Son'

Russell Crowe has landed a new movie role!

The 56-year-old Oscar winner will be starring as a mobster in the upcoming thriller American Son, Variety reports.

Andrew “Rapman” Onwubolu
will be directing the film from a screenplay by Dennis Lehane.

Here’s the synopsis: “American Son centers around a man, who after falling under the control of a ruthless mobster (Crowe) while in prison, builds a multiracial crime syndicate, takes down his mentor, and earns a place for his crew alongside the Italian and Russian mafias.”

American Son is based on the acclaimed French film A Prophet, which followed an Arab man who is sent to a French prison, where he becomes a mafia leader.

If you missed it, it was recently announced that Russell‘s upcoming movie Unhinged is set to be the first movie released in theaters amid the ongoing pandemic. Find out its release date here.