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Stephen Amell Shows Off His Hot Body in St. Barts with Wife Cassandra Jean

Stephen Amell is putting his fit body on display while in St. Barts!

The 39-year-old Arrow actor was seen going shirtless in just a pair of tiny swim trunks while hitting the beach with his family on Monday (December 14) in St. Barts.

Stephen was joined by his wife Cassandra Jean and their seven-year-old daughter Mavi (not pictured).

Just a few days before the sighting, Stephen shared a photo on Instagram that showed him and Mavi jumping into a pool that had an amazing view of the ocean. “She’ll catch me,” he captioned the cute photo.

A couple months ago, Stephen suffered an injury while working on his upcoming TV series.

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Stephen Amell Goes Shirtless While Stringing Lights on a Tree With Daughter Mavi

Stephen Amell is getting a little help.

The 39-year-old Arrow star posted a shot of himself looking fit shirtless setting up a tiny tree with lights alongside he and wife Cassandra Jean‘s adorable 7-year-old daughter Mavi on Sunday (December 6).

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“She’d catch me,” he sweetly captioned the post, which finds his daughter helpfully hanging onto him from behind as he steps onto a step ladder to string the lights on the tree.

He’s clearly on the mend: back in October, the star suffered a back injury on the set of his Starz show Heels, and a rep for the show released a statement about what happened.

That back injury came just a few days after Stephen revealed he battled coronavirus and had to take a leave from the show due to that diagnosis.

Stephen Amell Suffers Back Injury Performing Stunt on 'Heels' Set

Stephen Amell has suffered a back injury on the set of his Starz show Heels, and a rep for the show has released a statement about what happened.

“While performing a stunt on the set of Heels this week, Stephen Amell sustained an injury to his back,” a rep for Starz confirms (via TV Line). “Following a medical evaluation, he is now resting and recovering at home in anticipation of his return to set. Production continues as Stephen recuperates.”

Stephen was apparently attempting a “thoroughly rehearsed stunt” when the injury happened and was given immediate medical attention. A stunt coordinator was also present.

This back injury came just a few days after Stephen revealed he battled Coronavirus and had to take a leave from the show due to that diagnosis.

Stephen Amell Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis & His Biggest Anxiety Over It

Stephen Amell revealed that he contracted COVID-19 and is describing the physical and mental aspects of going through the diagnosis.

“I’m a retired superhero, but take one last thing from me,” he said on Michael Rosenbaum‘s Inside of You podcast. “If I’ve had any anxiety, I know that we speak about this sometimes on the pod and, obviously you know, I had a panic attack on your podcast. Take it from a guy whose only sense of anxiety and panic has been the concept of contracting COVID.”

He added that he “never worried about the lethal aspect” of the virus, but, “My anxiety came from the idea that I would be letting hundreds of people down.” Stephen was filming the Starz show Heels at the time of his diagnosis.

“I didn’t have anxiety about the fact that I would give it to other people, which again I possibly did, which is unsettling in and of itself. But you have to understand that because of this anxiety, I have actively, actively, actively tried to avoid contracting this virus. And guess what? I f–king got it anyway, so be smart. If you’re being smart, stay smart. And if you’re not, you’re just dragging this s–t on longer for everybody else.”

“I woke up and it was the strangest thing. My f–king right ear was plugged and I was hot and cold,” he said. His symptoms also included dizziness, loss of appetite, and losing 15 pounds in three weeks.

“…when I got the positive test, for me it became holy f–k. I just destroyed this show because I’m No. 1 on on the call sheet and I work every day more or less… I’m in my head going, ‘S–t, they’re going to have to shut down the production. We’re not yet done with the first block of two episodes. Did I just ruin this?’” he added.

“I’m incredibly fortunate that if I have to go into isolation, I have a job waiting for me on the other side,” he continued. “Again, thank you very much to Starz for being so supportive and what they did over the past three weeks, the show shut down for one day. What they were able to do is mind boggling, quite frankly. It just goes to show that they were prepared for it, but not everyone has the luxury of taking two weeks off. In fact, most people don’t. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and times are tough for a lot of people.”

If you missed it, a few months back, Stephen responded to being called “racist.”

Stephen Amell Praises Grant Gustin's Response to 'Flash' Co-star's Offensive Tweets

Stephen Amell is speaking out with praise for The Flash star Grant Gustin after the actor spoke out against the offensive tweets of co-star Hartley Sawyer.

In case you missed the news, Hartley was fired from the hit CW series after several racist, sexist, and homophobic tweets of his resurfaced.

The show’s executive producer and showrunner Eric Wallace wrote a lengthy statement in which he said the tweets made him “mad as hell.” Grant reshared that statement on his Instagram account and added, “I don’t have much to add because Eric’s thoughts are stated so eloquently and powerfully. I will say I was shocked, saddened and angry when I saw the tweets. Words matter.”

Stephen tweeted out a screencap of the post and said, “Grant is one of the most thoughtful guys I know. He listens… and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Proud to have worked with him.” He later added, “Also… I’m aware that the showrunner wrote this. I’m supporting my friend. That’s it.”

Just last week, Stephen faced some accusations and he responded on Twitter.

Stephen Amell Responds to Being Called Out for 'Racist Ways'

Stephen Amell has responded after he was called a racist by author Tee Franklin.

The 39-year-old Arrow actor was supposed to have The Flash‘s Grant Gustin on his podcast on Monday (June 1), but Grant decided to cancel out of respect for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Someone tweeted a clip from the podcast and wrote, “Not Grant Gustin telling Stephen Amell I’m not going to be a part of your podcast while you gain ad revenue during the #BlackLivesMatter movement…”

Tee responded to the tweet and said, “F–k @StephenAmell he’s been showing us his racist ass ways for quite awhile now. AND his wife. Also Grant Gustin ain’t absolved, cuz he DEFINITELY didn’t support & speak out for Candace [Patton]. 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Tee, she is a comic book writer for Image Comics and she was the first Black woman to be hired by the company. She also created the hashtag #BlackComicsMonth.

Stephen replied to Tee and said, “You totally nailed me. Hope that makes you feel better. I just followed you… so if you need something or you want to help me better understand, hit me up and we can chat!”

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Stephen Amell Mourns Death of His Dog Louis: 'He Was My Best Friend'

Stephen Amell is mourning the loss of his dog Louis.

The 38-year-old Arrow actor took to his Instagram account on Friday (April 3) to share a note about his beloved pet of 14 years.

“We had to say goodbye to Louis The Dog today. He lived 14 really good years. I can honestly say that for a stretch of time when things in my life weren’t great, he was my best friend. He was my guy and I’m going to miss him. RIP Lou,” he captioned the photo.

Pictured in the image were Stephen, his wife Cassandra Jean, their daughter Maverick, and of course, Louis.