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Cate Blanchett, Zendaya, Leslie Odom Jr & Many More Score First Time Emmy Nominations

The full list of 2020 Emmy Award nominations were just released this morning and a ton of them are first time nominees!

Among the first time nominees are Cate Blanchett, Taika Waititi and Octavia Spencer, who have already won Oscars; as well as Zendaya, Leslie Odom, Jr. and many others.

The show is currently set to take place on Sunday, September 20 at 8pm ET on ABC, with Jimmy Kimmel hosting.

However, it’s still unclear just how the show will take place, whether it be a virtual program or a socially distanced one.

If you missed it, you can see the breakdown of nominations by network and just which star broke a major record!

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Vivica A. Fox Wants Zendaya to Play Her Daughter in Third 'Kill Bill' Movie

Vivica A. Fox wants her Kill Bill character avenged!

During a new interview, the 55-year-old actress dished on the possibility of a third installment in the Kill Bill franchise and she wants Zendaya to star in the movie as her daughter.

Vivica played Vernita Green in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 back in 2003, who was brutally murdered by Uma Thurman‘s character The Bride.

For years director Quentin Tarantino has been hinting at a Kill Bill: Vol. 3, saying that the film would follow Vernita’s daughter Nikki on a journey to avenge her mother’s death.

“The star will be Vernita Green’s daughter, Nikki,” Quentin shared with Entertainment Weekly back in 2004. “I’ve already got the whole mythology: Sofie Fatale [Julie Dreyfus] will get all of Bill’s money. She’ll raise Nikki, who’ll take on the Bride. Nikki deserves her revenge every bit as much as the Bride deserved hers.”

Vivica has now started a campaign to get Quentin to cast the 23-year-old actress as the grown-up version of Nikki in the possible third movie. Ambrosia Kelley originally played young Nikki.

“So I went, Zendaya! How hot would that be? And that would probably green light this project,” Vivica told NME. “Her and Uma are both very tall, and it would just be kick-butt, and I love her.”

“Hopefully now we can put that out, like ‘Tarantino, cast Zendaya!’ And spark his interest to put it on the fast track,” Vivica added.

If you missed it, Zendaya quietly filmed an entire movie during quarantine!

Zendaya & 'Tenet's John David Washington Quietly Filmed A Movie During Quarantine

Zendaya pulled off a huge feat during quarantine – she filmed and wrapped a full movie alongside Tenet star John David Washington.

The two stars quietly shot the movie in Carmel, California, from June 17 to July 2, Deadline reports.

Zendaya re-teamed with her Euphoria creator Sam Levinson to create and film the secret project, which is titled Malcolm & Marie.

The movie was filmed at “the Caterpillar House, an environmentally-conscious glass architectural marvel” and boasts more than 33 acres of land. During the shoot, cast and crew were all sure to practice social distancing.

No more than 12 people were allowed on set at any given time. The team also worked with worked with doctors, lawyers, WGA, DGA, and SAG to meet the requirements necessary to go into production.

Zendaya and John David will also serve as executive producers on the project, and it apparently has a number of social and pandemic themes.

Stay tuned for more information on the movie!

If you missed it, Zendaya was one of the many asked to join The Academy. See the full list here…

Zendaya, Awkwafina & More Celebrities Invited to Join Academy

Zendaya, Awkwafina, and more stars were among the celebrities invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

According to THR, of the 819 people invited, “45 percent went to women, 36 percent to people of color and 49 percent to people based outside of the United States.”

Academy President David Rubin said, “The Academy is delighted to welcome these distinguished fellow travelers in the motion picture arts and sciences. We have always embraced extraordinary talent that reflects the rich variety of our global film community, and never more so than now.”

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Zendaya Explains Why Filming 'Spider-Man' Was Very Different Than 'Euphoria'

Zendaya is opening up about working on her projects Spider-Man and Euphoria.

The 23-year-old actress plays MJ in the movies Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home. She also stars as Rue in the HBO series Euphoria, which has one season streaming now.

Zendaya was interviewed by Pose actress MJ Rodriguez for a new feature in Variety.

“We got to travel so much for that last movie. I spent most of my time in London, and when you wake up at three in the morning, I’m literally running outside the Tower of London before it opens. I get to run from these killer drones that nobody can see, because they’re not there yet,” she said.

“It’s massive. It’s very different from Euphoria, where it’s close and you have more time. Whereas on something like Spider-Man, it’s such a huge thing. And there’s so many secrets, and half of the script you can’t even read because there’s too many spoilers for, at the time, Endgame and all these other things,” Zendaya continued. “It’s like, you don’t really know what you’re doing. It’s just so big that you’re like, ‘I’m just going to figure it out as I go.’ And me swinging around, we did a real swing, but they didn’t end up using it. We ended up really just being carried maybe two feet off the ground.”

Spider-Man was one of the first movies that I did outside of Disney Channel. And yeah, I didn’t have much to do in the first movie, but I was so just excited to be doing the movie at all,” Zendaya said about her role. “And I was lucky because they already kind of wanted to re-create the character and turn her into a new version of what I think maybe the original Mary Jane character represented, and just do it in our own way in this Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

“I kind of came into it and there was already on the page a smart, quick, sharp young girl who comes off a bit quirky or offbeat. I have a lot of fun doing it. I like being able to do comedy and things that aren’t so heavy,” she added.

See which rapper decided to shoot his shot with Zendaya on social media the other day.

Tyga Shoots His Shot with Zendaya After Dropping New Song

Tyga seemingly has his eyes set on Zendaya!

The 30-year-old rapper tried to shoot his shot with the Euphoria actress while promoting his new song “Vacation” on social media.

When Tyga posted a clip from the song’s music video on his Instagram account, he captioned the post, Tag someone you wanna take on vacation! @zendaya?”

Tyga later removed Zendaya‘s name from the caption, but people had already screencapped the post and many fans commented on the post.

“Lmao did he really tag Zendaya?😂💀,” one fan said. Another said, “did he just tag zendaya, is he shooting his shot.” Another fan wrote, “Tyga leave zendaya ALONE😩😂.”

Tyga probably doesn’t have a chance with Zendaya right now as she is already dating someone… and it’s a hot actor she has worked with!

'Dune' Is Heading to Europe for Additional Shooting in August

Dune is getting more material.

The highly anticipated Denis Villeneuve project, which co-stars Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Oscar Isaac, is heading to Hungary to film additional content this summer, Deadline reported on Thursday (June 18).

The film, which is slated to be released on December 18, is not planning for a delay in release schedule.

“I understand that the extra shooting will not cause a delay and it will still release on that date. On a pic of this scale and ambition, shooting additional footage is pretty much par for the course and isn’t an indication of anything problematic with the existing material, which we hear is sizing up to be epic,” the report reads.

“The team are planning to head back to Budapest, Hungary, where the movie shot in 2019 at Origo Film Studios. Filming has also taken part in Jordan and Norway, and initially wrapped back in July last year.”

Oscar Isaac confirmed the news in an interview on the same day.

“We’re going to do some additional shooting in mid August…they’re saying in Budapest in Hungary. I saw some things cut together and it just looks amazing. Denis [Villeneuve] is a real artist and it will be exciting to see it come together. It’s kind of wild that we’re doing some additional shooting a few months before it’s supposed to come out, but that happened with Star Wars as well,” he said.

Get your first look at Timothee Chalamet in the movie…