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Zoe Kravitz Opens Up About Her Marriage To Karl Glusman

Zoe Kravitz’s marriage to Karl Glusman is making her a wiser woman.

The 31-year-old actress spoke to Variety recently and revealed that since tying the knot with Karl in 2019 in Paris, she’s “[making] less bad choices — I would like to think.”

Zoe continues, “You know, life is an ongoing struggle, so of course, there’s always work to be done. But there’s that first step where it’s like, I’m an adult.”

She and Karl wed in Paris with a star-studded guest list in summer of last year. You can see all the images from her ceremony here…

If you missed it, Zoe also opened up about how she’s worried about going back to set and suiting back up as Catwoman for The Batman.

Zoe Kravitz Dishes on Playing Catwoman & Explains Why Robert Pattinson is 'Perfect' to Play Batman!

Zoe Kravitz is dishing on The Batman!

During an interview with on Variety and iHeart podcast “The Big Ticket,” the 31-year-old actress revealed what it was like when she first saw herself wearing the Catwoman costume.

“It’s cool, man. It’s cool,” Zoe shared. “I can’t say it wasn’t cool, but I’ve been really trying to not think too much about just what that character means to everybody else. Just because it can be distracting in the wrong way, especially when you’re trying to become someone else.”

Zoe went on to share what it was like when news first broke that she will be playing Selena Kyle aka Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson as Batman.

“When the announcement came out that I had gotten this role, my phone rang more than it has ever,” Zoe continued. “More than my birthday, more than my wedding, more than anything. So I felt that immediate pressure…The script is phenomenal. The story’s really strong. I feel very clear on who Selena is and what she wants, and I’m trying to stay more focused on that.”

Zoe then explained why she thinks Rob is “perfect” actor to play the Caped Crusader.

“He started out as this kind of teen pop sensation, and then I think we all kind of saw through his work that there was a lot more going on,” Zoe said. “He’s a really interesting artist, and that is very much Batman in a way. We have the illusion of Bruce Wayne, and then we have Batman in the shadows that has a lot more complicated things going on.”

“So just in that, I think he’s perfect for this role. He can relate in that way, and he looks good in the suit, man. He looks good in the suit. That’s a good jaw line,” Zoe explained. “But he’s just a great actor and he brings so much to everything he does. I think that it’s a really hard role because people are expecting a lot. Also it’s restricting in a lot of ways. You’re wearing the suit, and you can’t see their eyes, and you can only move in a certain way. So you have to get really creative in terms of how can you portray a multidimensional character? He’s way up for the challenge and has really interesting ideas already. I think he’s perfect, perfect casting.”

During another interview, Zoe revealed why she’s a little nervous about returning to set of The Batman.

The movie is currently set for release on ‎October 1, 2021.

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Dakota Fanning Stars in 'Viena & The Fantomes' - Watch the Trailer!

Dakota Fanning is on a journey!

The 26-year-old actress plays Viena in the upcoming Viena & The Fantomes, which is available at home, on digital and On Demand on June 30.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dakota Fanning

Here’s a plot summary: “Viena, a beautiful, young roadie, travels with the Fantomes, an edgy post-punk band, as they tour through America in the 1980s. What starts out as a wild ride of concerts and parties quickly descends into an alcohol and drug induced haze. Viena finds herself trapped in a dangerous love triangle between a good natured roadie and an unbalanced band member, as she is forced to find her own means of survival-no matter the cost.”

The film also co-stars Zoë Kravitz, Evan Rachel Wood and Caleb Landry Jones.

The upcoming season of Dakota‘s TV series, The Alienist, also just got a new trailer…

Watch the trailer…

viena poster

Zoe Kravitz Reveals Her Concerns Regarding Catwoman Once 'Batman' Is Filming Again

Zoe Kravitz is revealing her concerns about how hair, makeup and costuming will move forward on film sets amid the Coronavirus pandemic. She stars as Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie, but she expressed that she needs help and won’t be able to social distance and successfully get in and out of her costume.

The 31-year-old actress told Variety, “You have people just touching your face, touching your body all day long. I need help getting into the catsuit. I can’t do it on my own. I was probably touched more than any job, just because of the clothes and the combat and all of that.”

About when they may film again, she added she’s “hoping to wake up every day to an email or a phone call saying, ‘We’re ready to go.’ I’m in touch with everybody, and everyone’s ready to go when it’s safe. But no, we have no idea.”

Robert Pattinson, who is playing Batman, spoke about how he’s surviving quarantine recently.

The movie is currently set for release on ‎October 1, 2021.

Zoe Kravitz Gets Really 'Offended' By This Question About Her Personal Life

Zoe Kravitz is opening up about a question that really offends her.

“A lot of people ask the question, ‘When are you gonna have a baby?’ or say things like, ‘When’s the baby?’ and I really get offended by people assuming that’s something that I have to do because society says so,” the 31-year-old actress said while making an appearance on Dax Shepard‘s “Armchair Expert” podcast. ”Right now, I’m certainly not in a place where I think I’m able to do that just because of work. Also, man, I don’t know, I like my free time.”

Zoe and her husband Karl Glusman got married in 2019. Zoe has been super busy lately – even in quarantine!

Here's How Zoe Kravitz Is Still Training To Play Catwoman During Quarantine

Zoe Kravitz is keeping on with her training to play Catwoman in the upcoming movie, The Batman, during quarantine.

The 31-year-old actress spoke to Vanity Fair about what she’s been doing during quarantine and her activities include staying in touch with her trainer David Higgins.

“It’s not like the studio called and said, ‘Don’t get fat, b****,’ but I had been training now for maybe four or five months and the first couple weeks that I self-quarantined, I remember texting the director, I texted Matt [Reeves] and I was like, ‘We might have to make the cat suit a few sizes bigger when this is over.’”

Zoe adds that she “quickly decided to get my s*** together and I’ve been working out virtually with my trainer David Higgins five days a week.”

“It’s actually been really great because it’s been giving me some kind of structure because I do it at the same time and it also makes the weekends feel like a weekend because I don’t workout on the weekends and it gives me just, oh, it’s a different kind of a day,” she continued. “It’s actually been really great just for my mental health.”

Zoe also mentioned that even though she’s training, she’s still eating whatever she wants.

“…Kind of foods, kind of the only thing that I have, food and wine bringing me joy right now. So I’m definitely eating whatever the f*** I want. But yeah, try to stay in decent shape so I don’t have to start from scratch.”

The Batman, which was expected to hit theaters in June 2021, will now be out on October 1, 2021.

Zoe Kravitz Responds to Fan Asking If She Lightened Her Skin

Zoe Kravitz is responding to a fan who is wondering if she has lightened her skin.

It started when the 31-year-old actress posted a photo with her dog while self-isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A fan posted the following comment, writing, “Am I wrong or she is looking so white in this picture, please don’t tell me you are getting ready of your melanin, you are so beautiful with your natural color.”

Well, Zoe responded. See the photo in question below and check out Zoe’s response in the gallery of this post.

zoe kravitz responds skin lightening question 01
zoe kravitz responds skin lightening question 02