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Rob Gronkowski Addresses Former Teammate Aaron Hernandez's Murder Conviction for First Time

Rob Gronkowski is speaking out for the first time about the murder conviction of his former teammate Aaron Hernandez, who was arrested in 2013 for murder.

The football players were teammates on the New England Patriots from 2010 to 2013.

Aaron was arrested for murdering his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend Odin Lloyd. He was also charged in connection with two fatal drive-by shootings. He was convicted of Lloyd‘s murder and acquitted in the double homicide. He was sentenced to life in prison, but was found dead in his prison cell just days later after hanging himself at the age of 27.

Rob addressed the situation during an episode of the 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt podcast.

Aaron was a great player,” Rob said. “He was a great football player. But, I mean, I get questions like that all the time about him and everything. And with everything going on, I was definitely shook when I heard that, when I heard everything about it. Because being his teammate and everything and you just, you really don’t see that.”

He added, “You’re not really looking into players like ‘that’s who they are’ or ‘that’s what they’re doing.’ But just overall, I just try to keep it simple and light. He was a great football player but that does not mean anything.”

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Rob Gronkowski Bares Buff Shirtless Body While Celebrating Super Bowl 2021 Win

Rob Gronkowski is in celebration mode!

The 31-year-old pro football player showed off his super buff bod while going shirtless during the 2021 Super Bowl victory boat parade on Wednesday afternoon (February 10) in Tampa, Florida.

Joining Rob aboard the boat was his longtime girlfriend Camille Kosetk, who sported his Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey for the victory parade.

During the parade, Rob was spotted showing off his dance moves while the boat played music.

Rob and the Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday (February 7) to win the 2021 Super Bowl.

Rob has now won four Super Bowls – one with the Buccaneers and three with the New England Patriots.

If you missed it, find out how many people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl this past weekend.

Check out the shirtless pics of Rob Gronkowski inside!More Here! »

rob gronkowski bares shirtless body celebrating super bowl 01
rob gronkowski bares shirtless body celebrating super bowl 02
rob gronkowski bares shirtless body celebrating super bowl 03
rob gronkowski bares shirtless body celebrating super bowl 04
rob gronkowski bares shirtless body celebrating super bowl 05

New England Patriots React to Former Players Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski Winning Super Bowl 2021

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are Super Bowl champions again, but not with their former team, the New England Patriots!

The former Patriots stars are now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they won Super Bowl LV on Sunday night (February 7) at their home stadium in Tampa, Fla.

The Patriots reacted to the Buccaneers’ win right after the game ended.

“Congratulations to the greatest of all time,” the team tweeted. They added, “And Gronk, be careful with that trophy…”

You might remember that Gronkowski accidentally dented the Lombardi trophy back in 2019 while practicing his batting stance with the trophy. The incident happened during the Red Sox’s opening day in 2019.

Read what Tom’s wife Gisele Bundchen was tweeting during the game while watching live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

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tom brady rob gronkowski patriots react 03
tom brady rob gronkowski patriots react 04
tom brady rob gronkowski patriots react 05

Who Is Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend? Meet Camille Kostek!

Rob Gronkowski has been dating his girlfriend Camille Kostek for years, and we’re getting to know her a little better as he prepares to play in the 2021 Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The 28-year-old model met Rob when they were both stationed in the New England area. She was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots and Rob was their star tight end. It’s unclear exactly when their relationship started, but they’ve been linked consistently ever since around 2015. The first photos we have of the couple together are from back in 2016.

After Camille left the Patriots cheerleaders, she modeled for Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, New Balance and more. She has a large social media following on Instagram, with over 800,000 followers. She also made Maxim‘s Hot 100 list of Sexiest Women in the World in 2019.

Rob Gronkowski & Camille Kostek photo

In an interview last year, they sat down for an interview together and were asked if it’s taboo to sleep together before a big game.

“Well, then night before games, he would have curfew,” Camille said. “So he didn’t get to sleep there.”

“Sometimes we did it, sometimes no,” Rob added. When asked if he thought it impacted his play in the game, he said, “No, I don’t think so.”

Camille chimed in, “If anything, I feel like if we have hooked up before a game, he would be more loose and ready to go, less tense.”

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who is rob gronkowskis girlfriend meet camille kostek 02
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Rob Gronkowski's Girlfriend Camille Kostek Finally Reveals When They Started Dating!

Rob Gronkowski‘s girlfriend, model Camille Kostek, is speaking out about how they first met when she was a New England Patriots cheerleader and he was their star tight end. They’ve been linked for years but have never publicly told the story of how they first started dating!

“It was November, 2013 and we were at a Goodwill event. It was right before Thanksgiving. So we were filling turkey baskets for families who are less fortunate. And yeah so Rob [Gronkowski] and I, you know, I feel like with dating apps these days and people sliding in the DMS and stuff, I’m so happy that like, with my love story, we met in person at a charity event. I feel like it’s very rare these days to meet at the library and the grocery store or wherever else, especially in this COVID world where you can even see half your face out. So I feel like it’s made dating a lot harder,” Camille, 28, said on SiriusXM’s This Is Happening with Mark Zito and Ryan Sampson.

Rob wrote his phone number down and had a teammate give it to her at the event. At the time, Camille was a cheerleader for the Patriots, and was worried she’d be breaking a rule by pursuing anything with a player.

“I was like, ‘Oh no, no, no, I can’t take this. I can’t take his number.’ And then he was like, ‘just take it,’ and I was like, ‘okay,’ and I put it in my pocket. And I, I never spoke about it again. I didn’t make it locker room talk. I never spoke about it. You know, some of my captains now are probably like, ‘girl, what?’ So, and then I just, I sat on it for a couple of days and then I FaceTimed him,” Camille explained.

She expressed she was worried this was some sort of trap to get her in trouble for contacting a player. When she called him for the first time, she thought it might be a fellow cheerleader getting her in trouble! However, it was obviously Rob.

“And I was like, ‘hello.’ And he was like, ‘who is this? You called me.’ And I was like, ‘um who’s this?’ And I could tell it was his voice. And he like peeked his head over. And he had just gotten back from a Texans game. So he had like a suit on and everything. And he was like, ‘hello?’ And I was like, ‘it’s Camille.’ And he was like beaming. ‘He was like, Oh my God, I never thought you’d call me.’ And then little did we know 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’m here as his girlfriend almost eight years later. It’s kind of crazy,” Camille said.

She was then asked if there might be an engagement ring in their future! She responded, “I’m hoping that he’s smart enough to ask my friends or my sisters [for ring advice]. For me right now we’re focusing on the big [Super Bowl] ring.”

The couple once revealed if they hook up before his games or not!

Rob will be playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2021 Super Bowl!

who is rob gronkowskis girlfriend meet camille kostek 01
who is rob gronkowskis girlfriend meet camille kostek 02
who is rob gronkowskis girlfriend meet camille kostek 03
who is rob gronkowskis girlfriend meet camille kostek 04
who is rob gronkowskis girlfriend meet camille kostek 05

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