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Zac & Vanessa: Hoodie Hideout!

Zac & Vanessa: Hoodie Hideout!

After attending the wedding of Zefron‘s manager (Jason Barrett) in Hawaii, Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens hide underneath their hoodies as they return home to Los Angeles via LAX airport on Monday. (If this scene looks familiar, the couple did the same thing at Best Buy.)

Because Zac and director Kenny Ortega delivered a $42 million opening weekend for High School Musical 3, Zac and Kenny may start working together again on Footloose as early as next spring.

According to Variety, Zac is almost set in a deal that will pay him a mid-seven-figure salary. Mr. Efron is working his way up to leading man pay-outs!

10+ pictures inside of Zac and Vanessa‘s hoodie hideout…

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zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 01
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 02
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 03
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 04
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 05
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 06
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 07
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 08
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 09
zac efron vanessa hudgens hoodies 10

Credit: Whittle/Kaminski; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • bee

    guess they’re gettin ready for the Mexico leg of the promo tour..

    i’m glad they got to have a little mini vacation thanks to the wedding..
    they looked at ease

    thanks Jared.

  • ilovebali

    1st!!!! they look sooo cute together

  • tonblan

    They re both posing for the paps. Fake relationship. She deserves better than this fake boy

  • http://deleted yets

    wish them the best in everything
    We love Zanessa!!!

  • Zanessa

    totally awesome, quite some zanessa moments now (: They look really good together (:

  • emilie

    she’s really pretty:)

  • http://deleted mhay

    We Love Zanessa!!!!!!!!

  • t

    i seriously cant get enough of these two. they are both gorgeous and talented. congratulations to both of them for all of their success and i cant wait to see footloose!

  • Naomi

    Just in time before I head off to work!

    How gorgeous and refreshed are they looking? Love them so much!

    I agree Bee, great that they got some rest before heading to Mexico. They deserved it.

    And congrats to them and the rest of the cast for delivering a worldwide box office #1 movie.

    To be young, successful and in love…winning combo!

  • lilix

    awww they’re so cuuute!
    Ils sont trop chouuuuuuuuu! (French translation!)

  • ashcraft

    these two look horrible without their makeup on
    has zac came out of the closet yet?

  • Naomi

    I guess this pictures will draw out the closet fans who can’t stay away, desperately trying to convince themselves that this is not real so they can feel better about themselves.

    Oh well, I’ll check in from work, hopefully, they would have increased our comment count. They can’t just come and look at the pictures, they’ve got to contribute something to the post.

    Can’t wait for promo pics from Mexico!

  • inbal

    Zac is the cutest!!
    love you zac!!!!!!!!!

  • Lcee


  • Michaela

    Aww they are soo cute!

    love em both!


  • zacandvanessa

    aw this is really cute.. and will people stop saying there fake.. if they were fake they would be doing all this and going on vacatiom together… and they would of broken up by now cuz hsm is done.. and do u really think they would pretend to be going out for 3 years wen they would of acually been dating someone they really loved? didnt think so.. and plus even people on set say there not just flirting.. there in love!

  • hsmfan

    they’re so perfect!!! nothing to describe their love for each other!!

    zanessa all the wayy!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessa75

    this is cute.. there not fake.. that is the dumbest thing to say in the whole entire world

  • hsm3rules

    ther just to cute! we all love them!!
    I LOVE ZAC EFRON.. i think he is perfect.. hope they get married

  • nicoleeee

    I AM IN LOVE WITH ZAC EFRON! he is so cute! and gorgous!! i love vanessa to they just ment to be

  • rosielee9

    I think that these have to be one of the best set of photo’s of them arriving home why you may ask well becuase they are openly smiling and walking together and the look on Zac’s face say it all as to how he feels about Vanessa.

    Obvioulsy they will look tired they’ve been to a wedding and the will be off again to finish promoting hsm but what IS’NT tired is the looks of love.

    Glad they got away and having seen the photo’s on the net they looked as if they enjoyed themselves a very real and happy couple.

  • Amy

    Aw i love this. I love the way he keeps smiling at her its so cute. I wish them luck.

  • 8v

    Awww…they both look positively glowing and well rested. I guess the mini vacation did them good. And again the fake argument is getting old. If and if they were paid by Disney to “fake” this relationship, they sure do a good job at it attached at the hip all the time. FYI, HSM3 has already made money….they don’t need to pretend anymore. Maybe its just time for some to admit that these 2 are indeed the real deal.

  • nicoleeee


    if you think about it.. they could of broken up by now and stuff like that and people have said that there in love and if they werent acually dating he didnt have to take her to all these places and buy he a car!

  • Kitty

    I love them! Vanessa is soooo beautiful and Zac is a hottie!

  • hockey4life

    agree with #16 and 24

    you people are soooooo true


  • justin!


  • hsmfan

    vanessa is so beautiful at the fourth pic. without any make-up on… : ) so that’s why zac really did fall in love with her, cause she doesn’t wear a lot of make up on public… and zac said in one of his interviews; he likes women who’s a natural beauty, and not covering wearing a lot of make-ups…

  • iwannafuckzacefron

    i love you zac efron you are like the most hottest guy in the world.. vanessa is lucky!

  • lovezac

    i wanna FUCK zac efron!!!

    i would love to do that!
    i love you.. i love zanessa there just to cute together!

  • lick zac efrons dick!!!!

    gotta love zac efron and vanessa hudgens soon to be zac efron and vanessa EFRON!

    aww that owuld be to cute!

  • Eric

    Shes Hott!

  • grow up i love zac efron

    ok enough with the FAKE things about them.. hsm is TOTALLY DONE! they dont need to fake it anymore.. disney wouldnt be paying them to pretend to date anymore.. so i think that is just stupid to think there faking it..
    1. he takes her everywhere and bought her a new car you really think they would want to waste 3 years of ther life dating someone they dont want to wen they could of been dating someone they do want to?
    3.if they were faking it he doesnt need to take her everywhere he goes
    so just think about that ok!

  • Mandy

    I love how she is holding onto his arm covering her face in one picture and he is smiling. Thats a really cute picture and the other where he is looking slightly back at her smiling big. She is Natural Beauty i swear i’d kill to look like her. anything she does or wears she still manges to look AMAZING

  • Michael Kyle

    Dude you can tell her loves her. A man can’t hide it. You can see it when he looks at her. Hes a lucky son of a gun too! He better not let her go shes a keeper. So shut up about the faking it. Like i said a man can’t fake chemistry like that.

  • emma-australia

    Lol at Vanessa hiding behind Zac! Freakin paps…never leave them alone. Although they do bring us our photos. Gotta be happy about that.

  • anna

    go zanessa!!
    for ever

  • Lily

    Thanks Jared!

    Zanessa <3

  • Tricia


  • petrella


    she’s perfect 24/24 and 7/7

  • sam


  • magalie

    omg they look so cute together!

  • fu g ly

    Always the same just posing for the paps. This wannabes!
    Her hair is nasty and he looks like a woman.

  • babYg

    i love Z&V!!!

  • Lilly[;

    Aww They Are Super Cute Together! love ‘em :) And Haters Shuddup, Cause This is love[; If you don't think so then you obviously don't know what love is XD

    I've Seen Hsm3! Its So awesome! :D It made Me Cry Though especially the ending cause I didn't want Hsm to end :(
    But I'm Alright now...I Guess =P

    But anyway Thanks for posting Jared! X]

    Zanessa Forever!<3

  • laura

    They are so cute together. They looked at ease in Hawaii.

  • Lilly[;

    And Mandy #34, Omg I Totally Agree! I love That Picture too ! =] And Yeah V’s Really Beautiful And Zac is Hot! So Yeah Perfect Couple<3 haha =D

  • nathalia

    zanessa, seem to be very good, looks relaxation
    I love this couple
    zanessa perfect

  • http://justjared jemma

    not looking the best but they are cute but not forever.

  • Angelika in Poland

    I`M FROM POLAND IN Nowy Sącz
    you`re grat THE BEST