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Big Apple Brad On Business

Though Brad Pitt's publicist shot down British press reports this week that the star and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston had settled the division of their marital estate, the couple have slashed the asking price of their former Beverly Hills home together, from $28 million down to $24.95 million, reports the Wall Street Journal.The newspaper says Pitt and Aniston will share the proceeds from the sale.
New York, NY :: Brad Pitt, 42, left his family in France this past Wednesday night to attend to some business back in the states.  Angelina Jolie, 30, and their two children, Maddox and Zahara, were on holiday in Europe the last few weeks.  More pictures in the gallery!
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc01
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc02
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc03
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc04
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc05
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc06
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc07
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc08
brad pitt new york city brad-pitt-nyc09
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Thanks JJ! I don't care what anyone says - he is still HOT! I loved that picture of him carrying a sleeping Maddox - too cute! Luv BAMZ+1

yes I agree he is hot and I think people often forget he is 42 not 20 like many hollywood hunks, so there's that too... He looks yummy!

I loved they way they worded the article:

"Brad Pitt, 42, left his family in France."


"Angelina Jolie, 30, and their two children,

Even the paparazzo are starting to see them as a family. I like that. Brad looks so happy! AND HOT!! (I agree).

He probably didn't realize how much he'd miss them, but I'm sure he does now.

Oh Jeesh he looks bad. Getting fat in the face! He always morphs into who ever his girlfriend/wife is. So they can be twins. Doesn't say much for Jolie. He looked the best when he was with Jennifer, he ex-wife. Admit it it's true.

Unflattering pics but he has to make sure he gets all the attention he needs. Don't believe . Read:

Oh my look the troll is back!!!

tsts just go way...you're too much!!! LOL!!!!

Man, I have never seen him look so bad. Ever since he has been with Angelina he looks like crap. And all they freaking wear is black...He looks awful and I pray to God they do not last. They both did a shitty thing....

hey tsts! r u dr? fucked off!! @*&#$%cker!!

FUCK OFF. Jesus, I was just giving my opinion...Get a fucking life Sam....and you know what. SHIT ON YOUR FACE TOO...You are really sad....

Oh come on you guys write a novel about how good looking he is when you KNOW he's looking like the cheating dog he is! It's showing on his face. Yep! What has that witch done to him?

You trolls have short memories. Brad didn't always look good when he was with Jennifer. You think he suddenly had this scruffy or grungy look? Check out his fan sites with archives of even his premieres (when he was supposed to be scrubbed up) out with Jennifer and he didn't always look hot. Even when he wasn't growing out that Rip Van Winkle beard for Foutainhead, he sometimes wore his hair long or kept a lot of facial hair.

His best in my mind was when he was in MAMS with the set costumer fitting him into those styish, sharp fitting clothes, and he was well-groomed.

As for his disregard for what he wears, I say more power to him that he's lost any pretensions about the clothes making the man (though that may sound contradictory of how I think he looks, bottom line, appearance is secondary to the character of a person to me). The fact that he's worth millions and not care a whit adds more of an appeal of being grounded and down-to-earth.

That London hotel article is pure pot-stirring, making a mountain out of a molehill. Those restaurant patrons would still be carping about the delays and crowding the paparazzis would have caused even if Brad and Angie left at any other exit. Get serious. Regardless of any exit, their car would have to be driven in the streets around that hotel. Unless there was some underground access, both of them would have still had to exit into a public access street where the paparazzis would have ran over to get to them. The paps were no doubt camping by the hotel ready for them regardless of whichever exit they took.

Sounds more like annoyed patrons bitching than a legit investigation of Brad and Angie seeking publicity.

the lying cheat is fugly.......... KARMA! LOLOlolololololololoolollollloololol

Tstst, and the rest of the trolls even at his worst Brad will still look better than VV.Brad still looks hot,the dark hair does make him look a bit washed out,but even with that you can see he is a good looking man.I don't understand why you people keep going on on about how he looks?The man will dye his hair back whenever he finishs his reshoots.This is perfect example of how the chins fans are shallow.That all you have at the moment pick on how Brad looks,give me a break.

Like Jennifer's karma of her film flops and her being with a man not only with a reputation of digging one night stands but basically a jerk. Both of them are drowing themselves in booze and smoking. Karma is biting Jennifer in the arse.

Looks like Brad is doing might fine himself.

he is looking a bit puffy in the face. he is still HOT!! he will ALWAYS BE HOT!!!he has been getting, all that good lovin, from angie!! is this the first time, they have been seperated since, the pregnancy announcement? hope he makes a sideline trip, to visit his folks.. i bet the kids, miss their daddy, so does, their mom.................rica, where is the next chapter?!!!!!!!!!!

nope, sorry jenn is finally free to have fun.....yeehah!

nope! sorry, BUT jenn is finally free to have fun.....yeehah!

I'm picking on how he looks cause he looks like a cheating dog! And he better hurry up and dye that hair back.... god. He looks terrible with dark hair and sideburns. I don't care what he wears either but he needs to lay off the french food. Too many croissants. mawhaaaaaaaaa

Alright Cindy2!! You go girl!!!
I second that!!!

To: tsts and your little troll mates, Poppy and Jaime

Were does it say that because you're worth millions that there is a set way to act, dress, look or raise your kids? Brad and Angelina are entitled to wear what ever they want. They prefer comfortable to nonstop chic. I applaud them. When you are carting around children you rarely dress in Versace or Armani. We know that they own these types of outfits, because we've seen them wear them; usually in conjunction with work.

Why are they not allowed to dress as they please when not working. Do you wear your work attire at home or out to the park to play with the kids?

The fact that they don't feel the need to primp and preen before stepping foot outside their door tells you that they are confident and self assured. Would you be happy if all they did look sharp, shop, left the kids behind with the nanny, or pampered themselves constantly? No because then you’d be complaining about how selfish and self-serving they were. So why not just stop it? No matter what these two do or look like you will just HAVE to find something to b*tch about. So why not take your b*tch-like opinion to a forum that is conducive to such callous thoughts. Because come on if we went to the site you’re a fan of. You and all your overzealous little troll-like swarm mates would jump all over us, but with a lot less class.

'Life' is not all about looks. ‘Work' may be sometimes.

The difference is, Brad and Angelina know the difference and know what actually counts.

Bamz fans ingore the trolls.They are upset because they know the chin has lost out.If they really thought she was better off without Brad they wouldn't be trolling every site and posting vulgar and vile comments about Bamz,it's eating them up.when I see pictures of the chin on sites I have no desire to spend the day writing posts about how fugly she is ,and mind you I do think that she is fugly,I pass her pictures because I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT HER.So all this shows is that these people can't let go and move on.Why don't you Ja fan's go to her web site and talk about her and VV.

There are PLENTY of men in their 40s and older who look much more handsome than this.

Sometimes people will purposely look worse bcause they are sick and tired of the stares, harassment or in a celebritiy's case, the stalkarazzi.

I don't think celebrities, of all people, should care what people think of their looks (except for professional reasons), but atleast try to look somewhat nice. Brad looks horrible as he gets older. But these photos of him are the worst. He's got some fat under the chin (which alot of people have, I know), and wrinkles around the eyes (which is normal, but get some restylane for that), and so forth. But Brad is really losing his sex appeal. He is so unnattractive.

I mean, maybe the guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy should give him some tips on taking care of his face and skin and style. Ugh! He looks AWFUL!!!! What does Angelina SEE in him?

Living in California I see PLENTY of celebrities without looking well groomed and no makeup, including older celebrity guys like Brad, and they look GREAT. So Brad, come on, you are losin it.

I am convinced that there are individuals who naturally look for the worst or what is wrong about anything and anyone. You know, the glass half full or half empty. That inclination can be re-inforced to one degree or another by environment.

I think some of you forget that we getg so used to seeing pictures of "stars" that are so air-brushed that when we see real photos we automatically want to photoshop them. Just so a photo or J-lo as is and then saw a photo from the dolce show and it looks like a different person.
Have some of you considered that perhaps Brad's hair has gotten darker with age and he just would rather not do anything? I am sure that he and Jen had a deluxe tanning machine. something that is not a priority for Angie ...A tan goes a lonnng way towards making one look better.

I think you all need to read Cindy2 previous post... Why should he dress up? To attract who?
In studies done. it has been shown that men dress to impress women as women are more label savy (as a rule) and women dress to impress other women. When you have nothing to prove or no one to impress an individual dresses for comfort.
Some of you might want to consider this thought..perhaps what brought Brad and Angie together is that they were able to look at each other in a way no one had done before... Not for what their eyes told them but for what their heart told them about each other. Doesn't everyone want to find someone who loves for the right reasons? Not the movie star the tabloids feature and write about but the essence of the person you are. With enough money one can buy outward beauty... But who you are as an individual is all about to you. Brad and Angie are both decent people who have learned that there is more to life than fame and fortune and themselves. A life without purpose is not a life fully lived.

ignore the haters please! lets just go back to luvin the family! ignore them and they'll go away, kinda like we hope manniston will!

LOU, what the hell is your PROBLEM?? People reserve the right to criticize ALL THEY DAMN WELL PLEASE.

If you have a PROBLEM with it, go take some sedative to CALM YOURSELF DOWN!

What an idiot!

It's a frickin blog. People have the right to say whatever they want. If you have problem with it, then create your own blog.

These nasty fans are definitely going to ruin Brad and Angelina's reputation, not their critics.

Talk about psycho. We're criticzing celebrities , not other people. So, don't go around insulting people you don't know. We're fans just as much as you are. Celebrities talk about their lives in public, so people WILL comment! GET OVER IT!

Brad and Angelina don't give two cents about people like you.

why are you guys even acknowledging the posts of those who you accuse of being trolls? why are you allowing them to bait you? ignore them, and they will either continue even though ignored, or they'll move on because they're being ignored. just shine them on, don't give them your time.

LOU, what the hell is your PROBLEM?? People reserve the right to criticize ALL THEY DAMN WELL PLEASE.

If you have a PROBLEM with it, go take some sedative to CALM YOURSELF DOWN!

What an idiot!

It's a frickin blog. People have the right to say whatever they want. If you have problem with it, then create your own blog.

These nasty fans are definitely going to ruin Brad and Angelina's reputation, not their critics.

Talk about psycho. We're criticzing celebrities , not other people. So, don't go around insulting people you don't know. We're fans just as much as you are. Celebrities talk about their lives in public, so people WILL comment! GET OVER IT!

Brad and Angelina don't give two cents about people like you.

Elena's another psycho. This is not a FAN site! This is a BLOG!

God Elana! I've missed your mind lol. I'm not here much anymore, and I happened to pop in and I see your name and decided to say hello. Hope is well. Take care...

Brad is not loosing it! You all haters just say that cause you can't stand it he's getting so much publicity and your "stars" get nothing compared to him. He's going to look washed out
cause there are so many camera flashes snapping at him all at once.....how can anyone even see with all that flashing going
on? Did you ever stop to think maybe he's doing it on purpose so people will get sick of photographing them cause their
fashion and attire is NOT supporting any big fashion designers or corporate sponsors? Give me break...what Angelina sees is a man who doesn't give a rats A$$ about "face & skin and fashion" Thank God hollywood still has some "REAL" people who care more about real issues than sufficing judgemental nobody fans like most of you trolls and haters. You make such fools out of yourselves in a public forum. Sahllow objectivity in it's highest form.
BRAD ROCKS. He is sexy and handsome and is aging beautifully. Like him so much better now as the person who
has meaning and substance in his life vs. abusing substances like JA & her poor key chain VV.

Brad is not loosing it! You all haters just say that cause you can't stand it he's getting so much publicity and your "stars" get nothing compared to him. He's going to look washed out
cause there are so many camera flashes snapping at him all at once.....how can anyone even see with all that flashing going
on? Did you ever stop to think maybe he's doing it on purpose so people will get sick of photographing them cause their
fashion and attire is NOT supporting any big fashion designers or corporate sponsors? Give me break...what Angelina sees is a man who doesn't give a rats A$$ about "face & skin and fashion" Thank God hollywood still has some "REAL" people who care more about real issues than sufficing judgemental nobody fans like most of you trolls and haters. You make such fools out of yourselves in a public forum. Sahllow objectivity in it's highest form.
BRAD ROCKS. He is sexy and handsome and is aging beautifully. Like him so much better now as the person who
has meaning and substance in his life vs. abusing substances like JA & her poor key chain VV.

Not bad after a 8 hour flight, jet lag, traveling to different cities the past month and keeping a romance going with the love of his life and mother of his children. I know I looked jacked up when I arrive in Paris (usually it's early in the morning from NYC) LOL!

Brad is now a FAMILY man. That means lots of sleep deprivation. I'ts about having good looking days and some bad ones. It's all about putting yourself second and family first. Go ahead Brad handle your business.

Elena loved your post.I was just thinking where is Elena.Good to hear from you,I hope everything is well in your life.

welcome haters and lovers!!! here we go again!!!...as lou said, bamz+1 supporters, leave the haters alone, just keep lovin the bamz+1 family...if d call us trolls for loving this family. thank u very much!! these untrolls are so unhappy and so envious, and so jealous, so why pay attention to them...just ignore them and enjoy watching the expanding family of bamz!!! cheers!!!

This site is beginning to look like PerezHilton.
We started this thread with how nice some of us feel Brad looks and in came the negative opinions. You know what that's fine but do you have to get so nasty and mean about it?

I agree with Mija288, Cindy2 and Elena, just ignore the nasty post and continue the positive vibe that beagan the thread.

"Thanks JJ! I don't care what anyone says - he is still HOT! I loved that picture of him carrying a sleeping Maddox - too cute! Luv BAMZ+1
KAS | February 24, 2006 11:30 AM

yes I agree he is hot and I think people often forget he is 42 not 20 like many hollywood hunks, so there's that too... He looks yummy!
grace | February 24, 2006 11:38 AM

I loved they way they worded the article:

"Brad Pitt, 42, left his family in France."


"Angelina Jolie, 30, and their two children,

Even the paparazzo are starting to see them as a family. I like that. Brad looks so happy! AND HOT!! (I agree).

He probably didn't realize how much he'd miss them, but I'm sure he does now.

OMG please..............10 hours flying, jet lag, 6 hours of difference between paris and New York....the man looks very good but tired.

Not surprising that Aniston is not smart enough to see she is being used as a freak show at the Oscars. Everyone knows why they asked her to present, and no its not because of her acting talent or her contribution to the arts or anyone for that matter. She's being used because people want to gawk and whisper - God you'd think she'd have figured at least that out.....buy hey - she let Brad go and we all know how a stupid that was....

all jens rabid dog fans are like jen the fugly chin!!!plssssssss pity me vince...fuck my ass to ease my constipation and painnnn ooh!! that's so nice....ewww whats dat??? it's ur penis or testes...so much small!! u need to do yoga and running to keep fit vince...ican't feel IT..just ur ball!! u bitch...who do u think u r?? just a has been and nobody cares about u w/o my buddy bradley...im' just w/ u chin as a favor for bradley...and he's right for living your toomuch chin and fugly ass....ur chin hurts my balls when u suck my pen*$%...so don't complain about mine..bitch!!

So you're saying that other celebrities and normal people don't have families, no sleep, and jet lag? So what? You can still keep yourself looking a little better or avoid looking so horrible.

all jens rabid dog fans are like jen the fugly chin!!!plssssssss pity me vince...fuck my ass to ease my constipation and painnnn ooh!! that's so nice....ewww whats dat??? it's ur penis or testes...so much small!! u need to do yoga and running to keep fit vince...ican't feel IT..just ur ball!! u bitch...who do u think u r?? just a has been and nobody cares about u w/o my buddy bradley...im' just w/ u chin as a favor for bradley...and he's right for living your toomuch chin and fugly ass....ur chin hurts my balls when u suck my pen*$%...so don't complain about mine..bitch!!

Horsewrangler,I agree I like Brad better now to.The superficial crap is gone.The man is 42 years old now not 30,and he still looks damm good.Being a family man has made him even sexier.

sorry bamz+1 supporters...i don't want to make this site like perezhilton but oooh i just want to strangle these hypocrites fugly jens..if d want nasty comments...i'll give them nasty but i will control myself!! i apologize to bamz+1 supporters and lovers but never to the fugly chins fanatics!!


THANK YOU sam for proving my point!

hey trolls. he looks always better then Jen.A.
now and forever. without him she looks just normal.

Oh Sam you are so well spoken, so obviously well educated. We need more people with your brains in the world. God - unbelievable.

The way someone looks is a matter of opinion.
I'd rather see Brad looking more he-man than girly man. Angelina is well known not to give a hoot about how someone looks. We all know that. That must be a relief to Brad. There are more important things to take care of first.

Brad can and will dress up and do all the metrosexual things that up & coming men in Hollywood do. But only hen the occasion calls for it and on his terms, he's already established.

The black hair was for reshoots of Jessie James which I think just wrapped. Photos show his natural color growing out.

DAMN, BRAD LOOKS UGLY! The cheating bastard needs to die his hair back to blonde and get back with Jen A. when he looked so much better and happier.

Gee Sam...... don't need to go that far. Everybody has a right to an opinion but that's taking it to the gutter of the human mind in a click. Really not necessary. Not everyone posting
about Brads look necessarily have to be Jen fans either. What's the war about anyway. Who's celeb is better in a divorce that is well over? Most people don't really care about that anymore.
I agree with horsewrangler, there are lots of lights falshing in Brads face casting shadows. I am not a hater of any "side". If Jen and VV are happy partying and doing the Hollywood thing then so be it. The divorce is over so can we move on?
The Pitt-Jolie family are beautiful and refreshing. Thanks JJ for the pics.


beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder...I think brad actually looks BETTER as he gets older. I thought he was just another pretty faced new boy toy celeb when he started out...now as he ages, he has more maturity and the few wrinkles he has now gives him character...i don't know...take what you want from this post...but he looks pretty good to me...though a little heavier..am i right or was that just a bad shot?

Beautifully said Jade.

I liked both JA and AJ but ever since Jen did Oprah and Larry King I have lost respect for her...she is so needy and whiny. Her only goal is for everyone to boo hoo along with her. No thanks. Brad and Anj. are so wonderful to watch - Jen will very soon have no one to whine to not to mention no more movie roles - Hollywood can't afford to keep losing money with her.

beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder...I think brad actually looks BETTER as he gets older. I thought he was just another pretty faced new boy toy celeb when he started out...now as he ages, he has more maturity and the few wrinkles he has now gives him character...i don't know...take what you want from this post...but he looks pretty good to me...though a little heavier..am i right or was that just a bad shot?

BRAD IS A HUNK OF MAN AND POWER! HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. LOVE HIm LOVE HIM LOVE HIM. It doesn't matter who he is with. He is his own man and not afraid to live it. He is who he is regardless of what woman he is having a relationship with. They benefit more having him then he benefits being with them. Jolie is a much better suited for him personally though. Jen fans why are you so mad Jen is with Vince Vaughn? Don't you think he's sexy and cute? Do you think she made a bad choice and have to take it out on Brad cause you know he is so much HOTTER than him? What's up with you all? And Sam you need to get laid or something.

close up: looks very tired...jet lag...but beautiful...the hat is terrible.


I agree, Tandem - bad shot. I like him better now. He is much beefier than he was in Themla and Louise - WAY better looking as he gets older.

close up: looks very tired...jet lag...but beautiful...the hat is terrible.

.............brad needs to sleep 8 hours

What does it matter how Brad looks or that he is wearing the same style clothes most of the time.
What does matter is he wanted kids, and he has 3. He wanted a partner who believes in and understand his causes. By all appearances the man is on top of the world. In the most recent pictures, Brad has a genuine smile on his face, not a plastic/practiced smile.
He could look like Magu for all I care as long as he is happy, and doing what he thinks is best for him. No matter how many times, certain people want to post hateful comments. He is still a multimillionaire. Has a kind hearted woman, who happens to be quite sexy, and 2 of the cutest kids.

Hate on, Hate on.

why jenn fans are so obsessed with brad and him aspect? worry about jenn and vince...

I think he's wearing the hat because his hair is growing out and you can see his light roots growing in.

He's looks ugly?! I hadn't noticed! He just looks like a cool Dad to me.

Keeping perspective, he was spending time earlier in the day with his son while Angelina was doing a photo shoot. Then he hops on a trans-Atlantic flight. I don't think he's looking his best in these photos, but he looks good. I really don't think he's going to lose that hat any time soon as he may be allowing his natural hair color to grow out.

If Aniston gets a standing ovation at the Oscars I am going to UPCHUCK!!! No talent - fat thighs - no Brad - gee what else could a girl wish for?

I think he's wearing the hat because his hair is growing out and you can see his light roots growing in.......uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmwhy brad does not dye the hair already?

The fact is you people can’t get over the fact that people actually have criticisms of Brad and Angelina. So, you wanna call us “haters” or “Jen A” fans.

Did it ever occur to you, that there are actually alot of people out there who do not hate these people, and that they are just voicing their opinions on what is normally an unacceptable situation or what is APPARENT?

You want to make up excuses for it, so you say we “hate” or that we care more about the other person.

You are so blindsighted and immature.

If you have a problem with people criticizing celebs you don’t even know, then go create your own fan site. This is a blog.

I prefer his hair dark - do you think the curtain matches the bedspread????

I think you're right Anonymous. He looovvves that hat! Haha! That's cool. I also agree that he's keeping it more real with his looks for several reasons; 1)Paps are dogging their every move and they want to discourage them 2)Kids require their attention more 3)I don't think Angelina cares much and bottom line 4)His priorities have changed. He still looks Hot to me, more like a man, less like a pretty boy. I think someone said previously a man holding a baby is sexy to me. Me too!

I prefer his hair dark - do you think the curtain matches the bedspread????

Anonymous and Anon. Hmmm. Same person?

Anonymous and Anon. Hmmm. Same person?................no

Nope - I'm anonymous but not anon, Lily. I can swear that on beautiful Madd'd head.

JC, Yes you are entitled to your opinions. But, you should know by now that the majority of posters here are BAMZ supporters. You and I both know that if we were to go to JA supported site like 'femalefirst' and criticized JA that we would be slammed against the wall. Don't act surprised when you and other haters get slammed here. And yes, your criticisms ARE the same as hating when ALL the comments you ever have are always negative. So don't BS me.

I'm sorry but these new pics of Brad are just awful.

It's funny how Anon all of a sudden shows up when I do, since he/she was on my case before on another blog. So, I wouldn't be surprised if he or she is hiding as one of the others on this blog... watching... watching away. Poor losers. So pathetic. How dumb.

It's funny how Anon all of a sudden shows up when I do, since he/she was on my case before on another blog. So, I wouldn't be surprised if he or she is hiding as one of the others on this blog... watching... watching away. Poor losers. So pathetic. How dumb.

Ah now you're telling on yourself. That means you make a habit of spreading your 'JOY' around? And it was me because 'anon' was used? Boy are you paranoid. I would if I could but I don't have time! HaHa!

I love how Brad is showing his package with his tight ass jeans...yummy. He is so sexy now since he drop kicked Aniston out of his life...and how do we know this because "big mouth" told on herself. What a fool! I would never, ever put myself in the weak position when Brad set her up in a strong light. I would've been lying though my teeth but i'd would have said..."You know it just didn't work out and we tried very hard but we grew apart. I know he wish me well, like I do him because when you love someone even when it doesn't work out...you still need to celebrate that. Our goals change and that's life... No matter what happened I was Mrs. Jennifer Pitt and that an experience I glad to have...blah, blah, blah

That called keeping your power and killing with class, grace and kindness. She would had have them under her thumb forever. Now people thing Jen is a lying needy bitch who didn't want a family and can't do anything but whine because she has no talent.

Also, I find it fascinating that most rabid Jen fans wont buy a ticket to her crappy movies or help her fansites...so come on over and help make BAMZ international star because your interest in them helps too....hehehehe

Well, if you slam us then we'll slam you!


I'll start off by saying that BAMZ sucks!
Maddox looked like a FREAK in his makeup & mohawk. Angelina must be wearing some BOTOX since her face looks frozen with the same mean look all the time.
And Brad is just ugly.
And poor Zahara, she'll take after her mother as another whore. Let's hope Brad doesn't turn into Woody Allen, like with Mia Farrow's kids, since Angelina is sure to adopt some asian girl in there for Brad to screw.


Anonymous | February 24, 2006 02:47 PM you're hilarious!! I agree. I fear that JA will get a standing ovation or some kind of extra long applause at the oscars.....if so, they need to do the same for BAMZ...talk about scrutiny.

"Well, if you slam us then we'll slam you!

LET THE WAR BEGIN." Big Yawn. Boring.

Crybaby, I do believe you are right! I do think they find us more interesting than Aniston and what was his name? Welcome Aboard BAMZ newbies! Everything you say will be taken to mean that you really like it over here, since well, you are here!

I feel bad for Brad and Angelina that their fans have to reduce Brangelina to be hated. You're the only ones ruining their reputation by saying those things and insulting both other critics and fans and Jen A. You're the ones who are making others hate Brangelina.

In fact, I wonder if this isn't some sort of a publicity stunt to make Brangelina look worse and make Jen A. look even more innocent.

Cause you nasty fans make Brangelina look even meaner.

I haven't slam anyone writing a post here. I'm just giving out facts that the haters of BAMZ are helping them too because you are on an BAMZ story and it show interest on this couple. The more hits on their stories help them. Now compare the Aniston stories most people don't give a crap and there is less hits. Which mean she is not that popular anymore....With all the crappy movies and "pity parties" she gave, it has turned people off her. And help BAMZ...I think Brad and Angie are soulmates and their family is so cute. I just love them and wish them well...I notice that more people are falling in love with them too and want to see Pitt's dreams of having a family come true too.

Since I don't care for Aniston, I wont do anything to help her cause including posting on her fansite or on any site the feature her story because I don't want to help her cause by how many hits it got....So I welcome the haters because their hits helps BAMZ...keep up the good works by helping the BAMZ cause with increasing the hits.

crybabyAniston | February 24, 2006 03:29 PM

'Also, I find it fascinating that most rabid Jen fans wont buy a ticket to her crappy movies or help her fansites...so come on over and help make BAMZ international star because your interest in them helps too....hehehehe

crybabyaniston: That was great! I never really thought about that. HAHAHA!

Hey thanks, yeah. If she gets a standing ovation I will lose respect for all involved. What the hell has Aniston done lately: that has meaning? except perhaps HER NAILS?????

I was never a fan of Jen's before. But now I am.

Crybaby, You are on the money! I never bother going to JA sites and stating my opinions. A waste of time and good hits!

Wow, Brangelina fans suck.

Lou and company, let me hope your Friday hasn't been ruined an inch by some of the mean-spirited posts above...

Let me wish you a happy weekend and whatever weather you get tomorrow, don't forget Jared's up 24/7 to bring the next BAMZ news (and lovely photos, of course)! Thanks, JJ!

This isn't a Brangelina fan site. This a blog with plenty of other celebrity blogs on it. So, we can say what we want about the awful pair. Sorry. But you have to put up with it. Turning away people who disagree with their relationship isn't going to help. And if you want to get personal and insult people, then it's more success for Jen.

Keep it up. You're doing Jen's fans a favor. Maybe you're falling for what they want you to do.

I personally don't have a problem with it. I think the more you post mean things about Jen and her fans or non-fans, the more people will realize what an ugly pair Brangelina is.

Remember President Bush election? People said some pretty nasty things back and forth against Bush, and to people's surprise, Bush won. Kerry's voters managed to piss off alot of people and Bush ended up winning just because of the nasty words that Kerry's voters reiterated to the public.

You're the ones who are making it nasty.

JC wrote: Did it ever occur to you, that there are actually alot of people out there who do not hate these people, and that they are just voicing their opinions on what is normally an unacceptable situation or what is APPARENT?
Well, here's the problem: NO ONE (not even you) knows what happened between Brad and Jennifer. No one. That said, why get so worked up over something you don't have a definitive answer for? You (and the tabloids) can insinuate all you want; it still isn't fact. The only facts I care about are 1) Brad is with Angelina; 2) Brad is the father of those children; 3) Brad and Angelina are going to have a baby together; and 4) these two are committed to raising their children together. They are a family.

BTW: I'm posted as Anonymous 2:41. I forgot to put my name on the post. Sorry for the confusion.

JC wrote: Did it ever occur to you, that there are actually alot of people out there who do not hate these people, and that they are just voicing their opinions on what is normally an unacceptable situation or what is APPARENT?
Well, here's the problem: NO ONE (not even you) knows what happened between Brad and Jennifer. No one. That said, why get so worked up over something you don't have a definitive answer for? You (and the tabloids) can insinuate all you want; it still isn't fact. The only facts I care about are 1) Brad is with Angelina; 2) Brad is the father of those children; 3) Brad and Angelina are going to have a baby together; and 4) these two are committed to raising their children together. They are a family.

BTW: I'm posted as Anonymous 2:41. I forgot to put my name on the post. Sorry for the confusion.

You know, the Hollywood standard, for being as thin as you possibly can, not only applies to women but to men as well. To me Brad looks good here, beefier but not an ounce of fat. However, if you compare it to earlier pictures of him you can tell that his face is a little fuller. Looking closer you can see where he may have been a little bit too thin back then. He looks a bit more healthier, weight wise, now. Also, I heard that he may have stopped smoking. Smoking keeps your weight down a bit also.

"Remember President Bush election? People said some pretty nasty things back and forth against Bush, and to people's surprise, Bush won. Kerry's voters managed to piss off alot of people and Bush ended up winning just because of the nasty words that Kerry's voters reiterated to the public. "


Well I know "Anonymous" means you forgot to put your name or you can still type "Anonymous" as your name. I just don;t think it's a coincedence that "Anon" happens to start posting following "JC" in this blog (which he/she did in the other blog) and that he/she was already here, but chose to change or use their name here when they saw me.

Brangelina fans are crazy.

Brad doesn't look as good as he once did??? I didn't know he was supposed to. I think it's called AGING!! Perhaps he has much more important things to worry about, like his CHILDREN!!! No wonder plastic surgery is on the rise.

My mother was once a very beautiful woman who was very critical of others. She is now 63 year old woman with wrinkles and fat and she is a very nasty, bitter old woman. She completely isolates herself. Welcome to your future haters!!

Brad looks good. I'm not as old as Brad but I'm getting there. I have had to put on weight in the past couple years to get people to quit complaining I look gaunt. I don't have any wrinkles yet but if I was thinner I'm sure I would. I don't think he looks fat at all. He looks fine. California is a totally different culture onto itself. Some stars leave intentionally just so they can let their hair down so to speak and be able to live like the rest of do.

Elena [February 24, 2006 01:21 PM]....Good point. I am totally at a place in my life with myself that I very much want to find someone who I love and who loves me for the right reasons. Someone that appreciates my values and desires and wants them to be a part of a shared life they are looking for. It's my opinion Brad and Angelina hooked up because they got to know each other and realized they both want to be a family and share the same path together.

As an aside and off topic: I hope JA does better at the Oscars than she did on the hurricane katrina relief show. She didn't come off very polished but of course that was not a rehearsed program. So I'm sure she won't seem as nervous or be tripping over the words the teleprompter is feeding her.

LOL. Jennifer cheated on Brad WAY before he met AJ and he is too much of a man to make her look like crap. It is all going to come out in the end. Promise

You can call it "dumb" all you want but everyone knows thats what happened. Even Kerry voters admitted publicly that their nasty comments against Bush contributed to Kerry's downfall. It made Kerry look bad and Bush look better. It's just unprofessional, and in the tradition of politics, you just don't get nasty like that.

And same goes for blogs like these wear one man's war of words can contribute to his downfall.

This fan is crazy too: LET THE WAR BEGIN.

I'll start off by saying that BAMZ sucks!
Maddox looked like a FREAK in his makeup & mohawk. Angelina must be wearing some BOTOX since her face looks frozen with the same mean look all the time.
And Brad is just ugly.
And poor Zahara, she'll take after her mother as another whore. Let's hope Brad doesn't turn into Woody Allen, like with Mia Farrow's kids, since Angelina is sure to adopt some asian girl in there for Brad to screw.

OK - who did Miss Aniston-can't-live-without-a-tan-or-her-hairdresser, cheat with when married to Bradelicious? I have never heard this one before.

"It's just unprofessional, and in the tradition of politics, you just don't get nasty like that."

???? professionalism among the likes of Karl Rove, et al.?

nasty like Swift Boaters is foul in the "tradition of politics"?

come on Nelly, Bush won in the end because of the magic of the electoral votes (that's in 2004 because 2000 was a different kind of dark art LOL)

I shouldn't have said dumb. I should have just said, naive. Sorry Nelly.

I think JC is c.l.k. 4:32s mother!!!!!!!!! hahaha



Face it, there are people who think what Brangelina did was outright COWARDLY and you can't accept it.

And you're saying that other celebs don't age GRACEFULLY. Brad certainly doesn't and AJ has way more wrinkles than Jen and Jen's older.

that hat really travels.
and i think i see mr. pitt clutching the legendary notebook of european artists and intellectuals.
i find that amusing.


Anonymous 4:51, you may be right!! Heehee...

I think JC is c.l.k. 4:32s mother!!!!!!!!! hahaha

^ I'm sorry but Jen who? If you are talking about Aniston then that lady looks older than Brad himself who is 6 years older.





NYC - only the strong survive

People I cannot sit here in silence and let this Hateration continue.
I will have to eat crow for some of these comments!
Went to the beach yesterday and completelt detoxed,crappy day today here in TPA it is about to pour any minute now.
Now to the matter at hand,in my rant two days ago as to that nagging feeling if they cheated or not,here is what I realised.
I was completely looking at it from,the wrong angle,because I idenify with that part of Angie that can be wild,possibly a little flirt,sexy momma with the two lovers she meets in hotels for non commital sex. I completely forgot to look at Brad.
Now Bradley based on his past actions in his relatioships DOES NOT CHEAT. He, as a matter of fact had his heart broken twice.
Gweneth Paltrow who comes across,as so lady like,cheated,it was rumoured it was with Harvey
Weinstien (talk about a nasty looking man)
She admitted in her interview,can't remember if it was with Diane or Barbara,that she cheated and was in pain over the break up for a long time.
Bradley, I noe realise beyond the shadow of a doubt is
1) A man that was raised well
2) Comes from a very stable God Fearing Mid-Western family.
3)Is(I believe) a little boy at heart,it is evident in his smile and interaction with Maddox.
4)Apparentl when he loves,he loves deeply,which I believe is a quality found in most men that were raised like him.
I now feel 100% that he did not cheat,as much as he might have wanted to,because it is simply not who he is.
I now realise,they fell in love,just simply fell in love.
Oh life it is not fair,and it is messy,but you can't make your heart feel what it won't.
Did Brad love Jennifer at one point, Yes he most certainly did,but we grow up,we grow,we become different people. So at some point he stopped loving her.
If all he wanted,was wild sex,LA is crawling with women younger and just as beautiful as Angie,a piece of ass comes a penny no make that half a penny a dozen in LA. I know I go there a lot.
I now see,that because Brad is some what a softie with the women he is involved with, Ms Aniston took him for a push over.
Her oh I will get pregnant when I feel like it attitude blew up in her face.
She has now lost the best man she has ever had,will ever have and that my new found FRIENDS is no fault of Angelina's.
In the deluded vision of her fans,nonfans/Jolie haters, they had an oh so perfect marriage,but you know it is kinda like that Jude Law line in that movie Alfie. You go to a museum and you are looking at a beautiful statue of aphrodite,just beautiful,until you get closer and start to see all the cracks,and suddenly it is not so beautiful after all.

Yes this is a Blog not a Fansite and I do welcome
the differences in opinionit keeps the dialouge colourful.
Stating your difference in a peaceful,literate manner I honestly believed is appreciated her

What's up Lou,Rica,African Girl and all the Bamz loving chicas out there. MISS ANGE IS BACK!

I personally don't have a problem with it. I think the more you post mean things about Jen and her fans or non-fans, the more people will realize what an ugly pair Brangelina is.
Nelly | February 24, 2006 04:03 PM

Really?Ever since Brad hooked up with Angelina the public was very supportive of Jen and that translated in a huge Box Office success for her movies and a huge support for her new relationship. Oh wait? That wasn't dumb Maniston. The movie that made gangbusters was Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The relationship that is getting everywhere accepted despite of how started isn't Jen's. It's Brad & Angelina's. Where did poor Jen failed?She did everything in her power to gain public support! She whined and screamed at the ocean, and burnt her wedding dress and threw pity parties, she even had sex with that douchebag Vince so people WOULD believe that she's STRONG y'all!Alas, the poor wounded bird got a huge backlash for her constant whining which translated in 2 major flops and a general EWWWWWWW for her new relationship! Poor poor Jen! Cry for your sweetheart America! She needs you as her life is becoming less and less relevant and the only way she can have people care is to attach her name to her ex husband and his gorgeous girlfriend. Pity her!I definetely am.


Mr and mrs Smith? The movie that everybody said was Angelina's worst acting debut ever? The one where movie critics kept saying that the only acting she could do was make that same face she always does in all her movies?

Mr and mrs Smith had the worst acting ever. It was horrible. The only reason they made it big with that movie and dvd is because of their scandalous relationship and the ONLY reason.



Angelina looks too old for her age. She looks more like she's 40 than 30. Even without the wrinkles. I guess all that smoking she did before, lugging around those kids, flying airplanes and stealing other people's men isn't working for her.

ANGE, Beautiful post. Thoughtful, Intelligent and Well Said. I give you PROPS. Brad is a sweetie! I know we'll disagree in the future, and I look forward to it. LOL!!!

dont you know that aniston and weatherspoon father is jay leno!

dont you know that aniston and weatherspoon father is jay leno!

Whats up ange. I agree with you 100% my big problem with some of the things people have said, is about these peoples kids you dont attack peoples kids. Never seen so many grown a** people say stupid sh** towards someone kid. I know half of the people saying that have kids themselves or a brother or a sister. I applaud educational debats but dont bring peoples kids into it is just wrong.

Ange,I'm speechless.That was AMAZING,thank you for that piece of brilliance.

ange ur back and firing!! all those nasty comments just ignore them...d don't know what d r doing and saying!! just keep loving bamz+1 family!! cheers...and thanks much for jared for sharing his blog...u rock jared!!!

Ange...you hit the bulleye....beautiful, thoughtful and sweetest post. Have a wonderful week-end everyone.

It's "brilliance" all right? Brilliance of a rock!

GOOD GOD, what has happened to both Angie and Brad?? They've become Hollywood's lamest old couple. We've been paying attention to Brangelina now for probably over half a year now, and the only juicy detail we have is that she's pregnant??? Who couldn't see that coming from a mile away, honestly?? This shit is getting old. I mean something needs to happen.

Angelina... what the hell caused you to make a complete 180? From telling fans you fucked Billy Bob in a limo on the way to an awards ceremony you've now become so conservative and restricted. I mean I know you're this goodwill ambassador, but that's not why we loved you. We loved you cause you didn't give a fuck what people thought about what you said. All the talk about sex, drugs and your lesbian fetishes turned us on and away from the dull celebritites. I mean come on it's been like 6 months now, give us something. Tell us you like it raw dog and from behind. Tell us you like it from in your ass to your mouth. Tell us how you like to suck Brad off on the can. For GOD sakes, tell us you like to be spanked, whipped, or pissed on, but atleast give us something. I mean come on you haven't even kissed in public... you make me sick. All this time about expressing how you believe people in relationships should be expressing their feelings about each other publicly, and also about how you could never forgive yourself if you had a child through natural birth... you're the biggest hypocrite out of anyone. Ugh.. anyway..

Brad... you need to lose the hat. I mean at least get a new one or wash it. Shave your head like it was for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, go on a diet, eat healthy, take some diet pills and get some color on your skin. Pasty white is not in. I know looks don't matter in your relationship, but it absolutely does for your career. Also, you really need some new clothes. Wearing the same pants, shoes and hat is not good hygiene. There are other colors besides black or shades of black and gray. I mean Geez, i would hate to take a walk through your house of darkness and despair. "FEAR THE LIGHT AND ANYTHING COLORFUL" is probably the theme of the house.

As for comments about the kids.. Christ, it's like a freaking zoo. You got imports from all over the world! Let's hope these kids don't turn out to be rapists, pedophiles, and druggies on E's True Hollywood Story. I mean being adopted is one thing, but having no biological attachments to the sexiest MILF on the planet during puberty is going to create some problems. Oh it's going to be bad when friends from school show them their mom fucking in movies, and they develop an Oedipus complex for their "mother." I mean technically they wouldn't even be in the wrong for masturbating to her movies or even fantasizing about fucking her themselves. One could even push it further if they wanted to.. they have no biological attachments to their siblings. So think of the incest that's going to go on with them living a sheltered life like they're living now. And dont think it's going to change. Brad and Ang wouldn't dare let their kids out of their sight for the off chance someone kidnaps them for ransom. OHH most definitely this is going to shape up to be one FUCKED UP FAMILY!!!

Brad fell in love for AJ's lips! And I'm not talkin about the ones on her face. He just wanted to bang her.

oh.. this guy??? r u really a guy or gay?? drs nothing wrong if ur gay, but making nasty comments about the kids for being of different color is a reflection of ur self...r u a racist?? and i hope that god won't punish u and ur family for using his name in vain!! ur attitude and mentality of superiority is so vulgar!! if u don't like bamz+1 don't make comments that will bite ur ass later!!

AJ | February 24, 2006 07:47 PM

yes brad bang ange and now she is having a baby!! r u jealous bcoz it was not u??

Please ignore these fools. They post because they want a reaction from us. Please don't give them the time and energy. just pass over they comments and go to the next one. Love you Brad, I don't care want anyone says you look hot, then again you will always be hot in my book...

WELL SAID ANGE!!! Welcome Back.

And for those who have a different outlook of these ppl (Brad and Angie), there is nothing wrong with a difference of opinion but is it too much to ask that it isn't done in a such trashy way?

I believe AJ is a hypocrite. She publicly shows affection for BillyBob and not Brad. Why? Because she has kids? If that was the case, then why was she having sex scenes with Ethan Hawke? And whats up with her doing this complete 180 and starting to adopt kids of all nationalities? Is that going to help the world? If so, she has a long ways to go!

Then if that isn't enough, instead of finding a man of her own, she has to go steal the husband of Jennifer Aniston (as if that weren't PREDICTABLE enough since she's done it with practically every male co-star).

Her cheating isn't what really bothers people. It was how she went about doing it. So quickly and coldly and with no regard for the other woman. It's one thing that she did it in her past relationships, but then she goes even furthur this past year. You think actresses are on Angelina's side for what she did? No, they're on Jen's side. Because they know that it could have been THEIR man that she could've been taking on any acting set with AJ for ANY reason, citing any particular problem in their marriage as the cause for it.

Every marriage has problems, but you don't use that as grounds to flirt with some other woman's man. And you know she didn't just sit by on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. She did more than that to allow Brad to want her.

And as far as Jen crying on TV about her relationship. WHERE? I never once saw her whine or cry a bit. Uma Thurman talked more about her break up on Oprah than Jen did (and lemme tell you that was one long boring show on Uma's problems).

If I could feel good about Brangelina, I would. But I can't. I just feel something's wrong with it.

If Brad was an all american hearted guy, then he wouldn't have left Jen like that.

And regarding Jen not wanting kids. So, Jen should have babies in order to keep Brad? Brad was not understanding to her. She may have had some reason, personal reasons for postponing. And I'm not talkin about gaining weight! Because obviously as we see with Angelina, that doesn't have to be an issue.

Why would any woman just drop and have a baby with someone?

Angelina, we love you. But what you did this past year really irritates us. Talk about SHADY.

This Guy sounds to me that you know first hand the results of growing up in a fucked up family.
AJ I have news for you he has been banging her now for almost a year.

I have a close friend from my job,who is chinese and in the years I knew her she always talked lovinly about her parents,and how close she was to her bother and sister. Well surprise,surprise when I went to her wedding last year her parents are white,and her siblings are their bilogical children,she is adopted. She has stated that she has no desire to seek out her bilogical parents because this was mom and dad,and they raised her well and lovingly and also gave her one hell of a wedding. Some people just have that great capacity to love a child any child. Anyone can reproduce,shit rats do it,but it takes special people to be good parents.
The proof of the good parenting in these two is evident,in that Mommy or Daddy worn out look,I know all you mothers out there know what I'm talking about,and also very evident in Brads dirty jeans that day in the park. Children growing in up our culture the way it is, already stands a 50/50 chance of being fucked up. Celebrity Parents or not.

Brad looks fine and happy. thanks for the pics JJ. As for the haters, damn u guys sound so bitter and angry, take a prozac and calm down, JA has her millions to keep her happy, why not do her a favor and focus ur energy on buying some tickets to see one of her movies, she could use ur support where her career is concerned, lol...that'll help her much more than ur complaining about last years old news.

wow has Brad ever personally done something to you really hostile people, you don't even know him, leave him alone and worry about your own problems, when I see a picture, story about someone I'm not interested in, I simply don't click on it, so you must be interested in some way, just relax, he is just an actor being a Dad and a lover so chill, please!

jiggy, i haven't read this much assumption, conjecture, presumption, hearsay, urban legend, rumour and just good old fashioned twisting of the truth till it stands so straight that even the devil forgot how crooked it really is "all week".

wow has Brad ever personally done something to you really hostile people, you don't even know him, leave him alone and worry about your own life and loves. When I see a picture, or a story about someone I'm not interested in, I simply don't click on it, so you must be interested in some way, just relax, he is just an actor being a Dad and a lover , please relax.

Anonymous | February 24, 2006 08:47 PM

Yes, he "allowed" Jennifer Aniston to divorce him. That seems to be never remembered, and always forgotten.......she filed for divorce.

This Guy,when you love someone deeply enough,there are parts of yourself that you give up to meet that person half way. I supect his parents are conservative,so it's her way of saying I love your son enough to change some of that for him. He gave up smoking for her. At some point she had to grow up,she is now the mother of two children and another one on the way. That part of her has now been restricted to their bedroom. So when you miss the old Angie,just put Tomb Raider in your dvd or something.

Jiggy when you enter into a marriage,you have a legal and moral obligation to your spouse.
If you entered into that marriage,knowing your husband wants kids,lots of kids.Then it is your moral obligation to give him kids,if fertility was the problem they had enough money to see the best doctors,science has made a lot of progress in that dept.
Don't tell your husband we will start when friends wrap,and turn around and sign on for two more seasons,that is fraud. Yes if she loved him enough,she would have given him those babies,this is the man who said he wanted lots of little jennifers. It is beginning to look like it was she who actually checked out of her marriage.

To JIGGY: I think you're describing Angelina of 5 years ago. As a living, breathing human being, she's entitled to change, evolve, make different choices from where she was 5 years ago. That's one of the essence of being human. We are rational yet we have emotions. We learn to adapt to our environment, our society, the people around us, the situation we are in. Please note that Angelina is a mom now and a pregnant one at that. She have two kids under 5 and another one on the way and a partner. They made a conscious decision to build a family together, be a family and give their children and future ones a nurturing environment so they too can contribute something positive to society. Aside from that she's also a UN Ambassador of Goodwill. She's hobnobbing w/ policy makers in the Hill and have discussions w/ Head of States regarding children's issues and other causes they are supporting. Shouldn't you consider the fact that its inappropriate for her to still be the same Angelina that you are describing. Its quite unfair of you to take that against her right to change for the better. Although you have the right to an opinion and you have the free will to discuss that in a blog but that very right is also fenced by other people's rights or free will. Angelina has that right to change and many sees that she's changed for the better and she deserves that freedom to be different from what she was of BBT days just like you and me who have the right and choice to change their minds, their views. Hey even paradigms shift.

So, I'm saying I don't agree with your contention that she is being hypocritical. There is a difference between hypocracy and change or evolving and growing up and being mature. I think you are just seeing a different Angie than what she was of the past. She is not as open as she was of this relationship, because she choose not to. I read an anterview she made in 2004 and she said she won't be as open as was after BBT. I think it was Allure IRRC. Hence, I respect that decision she's made. If she wants to keep it to herself and not be as open, so be it. Its her right and free will.

For all Brad and Angie's detractors..try to read infor on www.alertnet.org. Fans of Angie and Brad...it just proves our point why we love this couple so much. More power to the them. Peace!

I don't mind opposing views and if it really makes you feel better and happy to bash Brad and Angelina or any othe celebrity then that's your choice. But you should know when to draw the line and there should be a conscious effort to leave the children out of it - i.e. if you have an ounce of compassion in you and you stll consider yourself as a rational human being.

about Brad looking grundgy with dark hair - he can look ok if it's done right, but he still does look much better & normal in his natural colors.

Sorry! I am still unfamiliar with posting the link of article that I wanted you guys to read. I guess just look under NEWSDESK..and filter info by looking under UNHCR and the date is Feb.23, 2006. If someone else can post this as a link, I'd appreciate it.

just me.....here you go.


It's easy to throw money at something and then take credit. Rich people do it all the time. No big deal.



I've never cared for Jennifer. And I never liked Friends. I thought the jokes were too predictable and cliched with not only one dumb character but two. Nevertheless, I wouldn't spend one second of my time at any Jennifer site whether for her or against. Nor would I waste my time in a pro-Jennifer leaning site just to post my indifference about her. Isn't the purpose of our lives is to indulge in our interests and likes?

Getting back to Brad's appearance, I love it more that he doesn't give a rat's ass. When he has to "perform" for premieres or press junkets, he scrubs up nicely. Mind you, Brad never did anything for me when he was younger. Yup, that meant during his days with Jennifer. There was no character to him. But now, I find him more appealing with the depth he has acquired in the last year. I'll take a John Cusack witty, smart, but not great looking man to any superficial, empty supermodel man. (Halle Berry, you can do better!!)

When I have to dress up for work or special events, I dress to the nines so much that I get constant compliments of my fashion sense. I'm told I'm a fashion horse or a fashion plate. I get "wows" with some of my outfits. But when I don't have to dress up, I don't wear any makeup and I dress extremely casual - Gap-like. And I wear the same clothes in my casual time since I don't have to appear well-dressed for anyone. That's what I'm most comfortable in and I'm practical with my down time.

But with the haters they expect celebrities to be always "on" for them even as they say from the other side of their mouths that Brad and Angie are so consumed with publicity. Sure. Brad and Angie would really move to another country with the most restrictive paparazzi laws to attract even more attention of which they were already impossibly getting.

Notice how in London the paps were practically on top of them wherever they went. But in Paris, we don't see those paparazzi crowds. And for the most part, they get to enjoy their time out in the public without too much nuisance. Though we get our daily fix of pictures of BAMZ, I'm absolutely certain that 90% of their time is completely unrecorded by the paparazzis. In Berlin, they were able to go to the museum, theatre and other places without any parazzi pictures. Considering we get only pictures of one setting every few days, I'm certain more of their days are to themselves. If they were still living in Malibu, the paparazzis would be camping out by their house around-the-clock.

The only reason George Bush won was the terrorism fear his Karl Rove fed the public. Those sheeps bought it hook, line and sinker just like that whole WMD lie, which I never bought. The public didn't think Kerry would be strong against terrorism as Bush. It's not anything else.

I think there is something wrong with Jolie, I mean she seems like she is trying to CONTROL BRAD. FREE BRAD. I mean she has to move to Paris, Brad can't talk to Jen, and Jen can't get flowers from Brad's MOM. Jolie has to get PREGNANT before the divorce is final.
Jolie is a VERY insecure jealous person. She is manipulating Brad and the media for her positive PR spin on the breakup of Brad's marriage. How pathetic.

Why not just do the right thing?

First Ange, good to see you back contributing your thoughts.

On Brad's aversion to cheating, everybody who knows him says he is monogamous and would never cheat. Even Courtney alluded to it. Why would he be so forthcoming and honest about his attraction to Angie with Jennifer if he were to cheat on the side? A cheating man would be lying through his teeth.

Here's just one example of many where his friends have said Brad is a faithful man:

[i]He's faithful ... and hot

One of Brad Pitt's closest buds told E!'s Ted Casablanca there's no way Brad would cheat on wife Jennifer Aniston with his "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie because Brad's been cheated on before and knows how much it hurts. "Trust me ... [Brad] is really one of the most moral people I know,"[/i]

I read somewhere when Jennifer had said Brad was honest. And they had always laid everything on the table. Why would Brad revert to lying when he and Jennifer had an agreement that their love may not last? I think he was always upfront with Jennifer.

The haters who go after the children just shows how sick haters are. I'm beyond appalled when they go there. It's more of watching a disaster at work with the haters.

I've said it before I don't have problem with critics since I have reservations too (not many) and I think a little criticism can spark good debates. But when haters resort to distortions in every way, the haters become intolerably tedious.

I'm not crazy about Brad's dark hair. I don't care for his wearing the baseball cap nearly every day. But hey, Brad isn't dressing for me! If I were his girlfriend, I would hate to hem him in. I advocate individuality.

"It's easy to throw money at something and then take credit. Rich people do it all the time."

Apparently not since wealthy people on average give only 1% of their income, according to Business Week.

To all Angelina haters:

She grew up to be a better person. What she did years ago is in the past. So quit bringing up old stuff and grow up as well.
She takes her job as a good will ambassador seriously, and she loves children. This is obviously why Brad fell in love with her. Someone so generous and giving of herself, and have the same goals he has.
I don't see Jenifer doing anything for the poor or oppress. If anything, the lastest news about her is either shopping or gambling in Las Vegas. She's not giving you anything either. At least Angie donates a lot of her salary to help the needy.
It is also a documented fact, that men are more attracted to nurturing, strong and independent women. Jen appears more narcissistic and clingy.
And all of us grow older, so quit critizing Brad getting older. So what. No doubt he is aware of it, and it won't be long he'll quit show biz and pursue other business venture, and possibly something where he and Angie expose themselves to the masses, unless it's charity or goodwill work. So your bad mouthing only show envy and resentment.

whynot, where in the world are you geting this stuff? i'd love to see your sources. just list where you read each thing, and when because you seem to be the only one aware of any of it, and not to call you a lier, and to give you the benefit of the doubt, i'd like you to direct the rest of us to the web location, or offline publication your information was culled from. thanks in advance.

Sure Brad may be alittle tired. He has two kids and a baby on the way. He is an active father who paticipates and cares about his babies. He also has a young and very beautiful lady..you bet he is tired. He probably can't keep his hands off of her when they are alone.

dear anonymous,

i wouldnt expect much from some posters.
they know everything, even about critisism towards they beloved ang and brad is not allowed at all.
postings are so boring and onesided.
in their world there is no diversity nor openess for critics.

No matter what anyone says, Brad is not the bad guy here. How quickly we forget December 2004 and Brad's tearful admission that he has kids and family on the brain to Diane Sawyer. Jump ahead to New Year's 2005 and how Brad and Jen went on a two week vacation before announcing their split.


This is not something a guy who is cheating on his wife does. Holding her and kissing her on the beach while they are both obviously sad. This is something that someone who loves their wife does, who has done everything to convince her that he wants to start a family, he's 40, it's time. This is sadness on Jen's part because she knows she is going to lose him because they are not on the same page. She's focusing on her career. They probably used that trip to decide once and for all to separate. After two months - SHE was the one who filed for divorce not him. If he was in a hurry to be with Angie wouldn't HE have filed? He has never been a guy to sleep around, he's always been a one woman man. He probably made a connection with Angelina and when he realized that things were not going to work out with Jen he decided to make his dreams a reality with someone who WAS on the same page as him. Not to say that Angie has the best track record, but she has appeared in many films that she has actually not stolen or hooked up in a relationship with her leading man. People do change, and right now seeing them together makes me so happy. It makes me happy that the most beautiful man in the world is finally going to procreate and leave some offspring for future generations to enjoy. They will have the most beautiful children. I hope they have more. A woman who is so obviously devoted to her children, let alone the children of the world - well she can't be that bad can she? She left Billy Bob because he didn't want to be a part of her adopting Maddox, that saddened her a great deal if everyone remembers correctly.

Now she has found her soulmate and the fact that Brad is getting wrapped up in her passions show just what a committed caring partner he is. He's adopting her kids for goodness sakes! Does a scumbag who is heartless and cold do that? I don't think so.

So ignore all the BAMZ haters.

Brad is still gorgeous no matter what both on the inside and out. He is a human being who has good days and bad days just like the rest of us and is a real enough person to go on with his life not caring what the heck he looks like.

I love you Brad! xoxoxo

see, just what i ment.

relax, diversity wont kil you.

sorry for the double post but I just read some more posts and had to comment on jiggy's post about Angie's PDAs with Billy Bob and why she won't with Brad.

It's out of respect for JEN that they are not hanging all over each other in public. Any one can see that? They are not hiding the fact that they are together, but they are not making a spectacle of the fact that they are together and happy either so Jen doesn't have to see the photos plastered all over the place.

Again- that's just why Brad is a good guy. He doesn't want to hurt her, but he is living his life and moving on.


Just by doing searches on the internet. You can google your star's name, if you know what latest mag they've appeared in (ie Vogue) you can search there.
Just today I went to Vogue.com and pulled up previous interviews...of course it was AJ and JA. I wanted to compare and see for myself who has been laying the BS on thick, who has been saying the samething, etc.
So start that way, maybe you can find out what you're looking for like that. I think sometimes they may also go to places like eonline, et.tv.yahoo.com, insider.tv.yahoo.com and other places like that too...that's how I catch up on my stuff...but definitely go to vogue.com, vanityfair.com to get the interviews and also pittcenter.com has alot of interviews regarding BP and I know for sure http://angiejolie.free.fr/eng/ vi...videotvshow.htm has most of AJ interviews....
that's if you're looking for AJ's interviews.


Anonymous, if you are referring to my posted link as "my gossipy site sources" then you need to look at that link. I just used it to reference the US Weekly Magazine cover that I was refering to which showed Brad and Jen on the beach during their final vacation together.

The main place I go for my news is JustJared.com - YOU ROCK JARED!

This is for Katie....I am sad that people like you exist in this world....I know Angie and Brad are rich but to be able to share that is a wealth on its own..look at the Jen A's, Paris H. and other superficial stars who could care less. Even Oprah flaunts it when she helps out(whole hour segment of her shows) but I do extend an admiration for her actions. I wish you can have it in yourself to even help out in your own community. Have you ?

"Jiggy when you enter into a marriage,you have a legal and moral obligation to your spouse.
If you entered into that marriage,knowing your husband wants kids,lots of kids.Then it is your moral obligation to give him kids,if fertility was the problem they had enough money to see the best doctors,science has made a lot of progress in that dept.
Don't tell your husband we will start when friends wrap,and turn around and sign on for two more seasons,that is fraud. Yes if she loved him enough,she would have given him those babies,this is the man who said he wanted lots of little jennifers. It is beginning to look like it was she who actually checked out of her marriage."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Nobody has a moral obligation to provide their partner with children if they don't want to have children. Having a child you don't want just to hang onto your spouse is a terrible reason to bring a new life into the world.

I would agree that you do have a moral obligation to be honest with your spouse once you make up your mind one way or the other. Because if one person in the marriage definitely wants children and the other definitely doesn't, that marriage probably won't last. But no woman is obligated to "give" her husband babies if she's not ready to be a mom; women don't sign over control of their ovaries when they sign a marriage license.

Yeah, if a couple split because the woman wants kids and the man doesn't, it's easier for the woman to subsequently have a child/children as a single parent, because most women can bake their own. All it takes is nine months and a donation of genetic material, either through artificial insemination or the old-fashioned way. But that's not to say men are totally reliant on their wives if they want kids. These days men can adopt as single parents too, there's surrogacy, or they can meet someone else and have children with her.

Look, I have no idea what went on in BP/JA's marriage (possibly because I've never met them). But no woman is obligated to reproduce just because her husband wants her to. And it's not unheard of for someone who thought they'd be okay with having kids "in a few years" to realize when that time comes that actually no, they don't want to. So it's not necessarily a question of going into a marriage under false pretenses. Could be a discovery that person makes later on, when their spouse is saying, "Okay, it's been a few years. Now let's have a baby."

I don't know if any of this is what happened in that marriage, but I do know that the reasons a marriage ends are not usually cut-and-dried. And it's not fair to say a woman must have children because that's what her husband wants.

Has anyone ever thought Jennifer Aniston may comment on here, she admitted being addicted to it at one time . Angelina may put her comments in here also, I am sure she has a laptop...lol

Hey Becky, you're not the only one who has thought that about Jennifer. She has admitted to being a gossip junky - alas with picking up People. But you know full well it doesn't stop there. Then there was gossip about Brad and Jennifer's driver weekly pickup of all the rags on Wednesday or Tuesday when they come out at the newsstand.

I can imagine insecure Jennifer needing to read up on all the gossip about her, Brad and Angelina.

I wouldn't put it past her posse to post on the boards to shore her up. She has a pitbull publicist trying his best to salvage her image from the self-pitying whiner.

With Angelina, I doubt it since she has quite a handful on her plate. Two toddlers and a baby on the way. Plus, she's said she doesn't read gossip. She has better things to read as with world issues. Remember it was Newsweek Maddox walked with in his arm and not National Enquirer. LOL.

Also another thing, Jennifer has or used to have her own MySpace blog, which was legit. For her to have a MySpace page, she must have been an internet junkie.

Mija and Lou , I like you; do have a life which is more than I can say for a lot of these posters. I figure the hyena pack will be moving on to try to sabotage another web site before long and there will be more comments that I want and are worth reading.

I gave up trying to read all the comments and just read the ones from those I know have something to say that not only shows intelligence but wisdom. Specially when so many of the hate posts are the same ones I have read before just cut and pasted from blog to blog etc.

Have you all noticed that so many of these hate comments are written by the same person. We all have communication patterns that can be identified. I have started reading one comment and recognized the writer but when I got to the name, it is either different or the anon. There is one person that post so many comments that I hope they are on Jen's payroll because it seems she has made this a full time job.

But you all, I am sure that Jared makes more money the more hits he gets and you know in Hollywood, there is no such thing as bad publicity. What these haters don't understand is that they are helping Brad and Angelina be more bankable.

We do not waste our time going to Jennifer's sites to bad mouth her just as we do not go to her movies. But you the haters not only spend more time and energy on these sites that support this couple but you will be the first in line to see their movies just so that you can "hate" on them some more. I am sure that there is someone in Hollywood looking at the number of posts on anything to do with BAMZ+1 and adding $$$$ to the Brad and Angie's fee per movie. On their behalf ..Thank you! Of course the reverse is true. It is probably why you are not seeing much about Jen and Vince ... You spend more time looking at blogs like this one and little or no time supporting your patron saint'.s So, as BA stock is going up; Jen's is falling....All thanks to YOU.

Ps. Margot but is fair for a woman to lead a man to believe she wants kids as bad as he does just so he marries her and then changes the rules? Jen has too much negative baggage from her relationship with her own mother to want to be a mother right now... I don't see her really wanting a kid right now or for a long time. I hope she doesn't have one just to prove something... That child will be even more emotionally neglected than her marriage.


Thank you Elena and all of the Bamz supports on this site.I myself sifted through the posts and Bamz lovers I am so proud of the way you intelligently stated your opinions and didn't allow yourself to be pulled into the gutter.I agree with Elena that Brad and Angie are more bankable,these two people have had to put up with alot of crap in the past year and they handled it wonderfully.I feel they deserve the happiness they have and then some.I wish Jen happiness as well and hope her fans can learn to LET GO.Hate is a heavy burden to carry and I just can't understand why some of you want to carry it.

Stop fighting like this.Brad,Angelina and Jennifer don't know you.All your fighting won't change a thing.They are people who are also celebrities,they don't belong to you,they are not YOUR celebrities.I f find it real funny how people comment on how bad they think Brad looks.LOL I wonder what you or your husbands or boyfriends look like.I doubt they look half as good as Brad.

you jennifer shits go get a life... i mean he looks bad in a pic, atleast he has the potential to look better... it's his choice to look this way... unlike chinnifer... too bad she was born with that chin... i'll admit brad looks bad in that pic... if you shits admit that aniston is just plain fugly all together... Karma??? Right, thats why they had a blockbuster hit and are so happy together as a family... sorry but bad Karma can only be seen with Maniston... movie flops, and being so damn sad... it's f***ing obvious, Vanity Fair, Oprah!!! I think it is KARMA!!!

creativegirl | February 25, 2006 06:41 AM

Really like your post(s), but I do disagree that the lack of PDA's has anything to do with deference to JA's feelings. There should be no obligation on their part to do that for her, anymore than her them. The lack of PDA's is in my opinion about keeping that intimacy that belongs to them "between them". They don't owe us anymore than they owe his ex wife, and I for one find it refreshing that they're working out their life together on their on terms, and not shelling out what they think the public wants to see.

Just look at each of their past relationships, and then compare them to this one in terms of public display of effection, publicly spoken words of devotion and love etc. Naysayers like to suggest that since he and JA split, Brad looks disinterested, bored, and anything else negative they can drum up. They say since Angelina has been with him she has lost her fire, is fridged and anything more negative they can add there.

My question to them regarding Brad and all his ex's, and Angelina and hers: "did all the PDAs, the public words of love, the never letting a gesture pass that wasn't reported to the press somehow someway, the inviting us into their bed's in a manner of speaking everytime they goo goo eyed each other, or patted an ass as they walked the red carpet, let alone the back of a limo. Did any of those things make Angelina & Brad look at where they were, who they were with and say.......this is the shit, and I NEVER want to be anywhere else cause I'm damn happy?"

Yep, at those times they probably did say that, but time moved on, they both changed, they found one another, and it's their's, it doesn't belong to anyone but them. It's a new day, and this is going to be as private as they can get it, it's about love & family, and not about getting to the top rung anymore, and as lovely as it is to get a glimpse of a kiss, or hands clutching each other, it's not owed, and I don't need it to believe they're the real deal. jpf

Amoureuse you are right about we shouldn't fight... But reality is that this triangle brings out all insecurities , conflicts and distrust that we woman have against each other.

A woman who defines her value by having a man or who the man is in her life reacts as a victim when he moves on. But a woman who defines her value by her own personal worth might be sad but knows that she wants to be with someone who complements her life rather than with someone who complicate it and understand that she by her choices, is the navigator of her life.

I think we all need to think about this... we woman have all, for the most part, been raised to think of each other as "the competition" . Maybe it is a part of the direction of our general society... the lack of accountability. It is so much easier to always blame the other woman and call her a skank etc. than it to accept our own culpability...

When we are young we all think that outward beauty is essential for the one we choose to love... But there comes a time when what matters most is if they are the first to jump up when the baby cries in the middle of the night. No one is as beautiful to a woman's eyes as the man/woman in her life taking care of their child.

The only person whose opinion he cares about right now is the person who we see look at him with so much love in her eyes....

Ps. I nrglected to include the conflict that we woman have within ourselves and with society about career vs. motherhood. Specially when we are not so lucky as to have the assets to hire help.

Elena: Shut the fuck up with your thesis paper on your insecurities. Call your therapist.

Angelina is gorgeous and wonderful. Only women who are truly confident in themselves can be her fan. Whereas Chinnifer is so ugly, some women prefer to side with her because she is absolutely no threat. She is a dog!!! Period.

Chinnifer is a Certified Dog | February 26, 2006 01:01 AM

Not that Elena needs me or anyone to come to her defense, and not that she needs defending, but Chinnifer etc, you don't seen to be aware that Elena is a Jolie-Pitt supporter. Regardless of that, your infantile rant was seriously uncalled for, and childish. This board has turned into a junior high detention annex and as sad as it is to say, I wouldn't blame JJ if he shut it down. jpf

Anonymous 2.25.06 6:49 pm

You're just like the media...taking everything out on context...you failed to say why i referenced those articles, websites, and mag...it not a source but something to read and compare...and if you look at an interview from a website...it was actually either BP, JA, or AJ talking...I could call you a name but I won't go that far.

So next time you want to laugh about where I reference something or why tell the whole darn story.

Man you people are $%#@&. I was just trying to help a CONFUSED MINA who didn't and still can't comprehend how someone can fall out of love with someone.

I try to see the good in people...but some of you are truly evil and mean hearted.

I am new to blogs and responding to them, only recently getting into it, and realizing why it is so popular--it is like turning on a television talk show and always having the topic they are discussing be your favorite. Brad and Angelina's love story has been a guilty pleasure for me, yet no one else I know can be bothered! I mean, who can you turn to for news if your friends and family all say "Who's that?" if you mention Maddox? Jared is the answer, 24 hours a day! So to those of you who have more experience than I do, how long does it take before you don't get shocked any more by the horrible language of the creepy, creepy posters, and you know who I mean. Are these people just like everyone else on the outside, and only like perverts in anonymity? Truly frightening to think they could live next door or work with you. Safe to say they probably possess zero charisma, a gift Brad has enjoyed all his glorious life. At this point he is a standard by which you can judge male beauty, male behavior, male strength. Love him madly! He is the icon of the future living among us, one day to join Elvis, Frank, Bogart, and Dean as men we can never forget. And most likely the same thing applies to Angelina Jolie--a Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor of the future. Come home BAMZ!

addictedtoBAMZ+1 | February 26, 2006 01:58 AM

"long does it take before you don't get shocked any more by the horrible language of the creepy, creepy posters, and you know who I mean. Are these people just like everyone else on the outside, and only like perverts in anonymity? Truly frightening to think they could live next door or work with you"

LOL!! Great post, and the above? I don't think I'll ever get use to it, and I've been wondering more and more if the guy next door....the really nice guy...is possibly the same one who cussed me out on the Popsugar blog last night.

btw, welcome.

addictedtoBAMZ+1 | February 26, 2006 01:58 AM
Btw...again...Brad the dad touched back down in France a couple of hours, and so who know's when he'll/they'll be back this way.

while his girlfriend and children are liking the way he looks it's enough for him cuz you know it's angelina jolie!!!!!!!for me he's so so so charming and cute above all sexy like ever waw she is just so lucky

me again,

you can keep your thoughts to yourself.
it looks like you are confused cause you are taking things you are taking things out of context.

i am not confused, i had asked you a simple question how a grown man can rush into a new partnership so quickly and you guys think he is a committed guy.

but i dont want to go on with this, your comments are borng and onesided.

and if you want to say the words, go on, i already know you are shallow.

just as shallow as your soucres.
MAKES ME LAUGH, vanity fair and vogue as a source.
be reasonable and just say you are a gossiper.

i feel sorry for you


I don't care how many pictures the media shows of the "happy family" - she is, was and always will be a, home-wrecking whore! And she uses her kids to show the world what a "good person" she is. Give me a break!!! And him - well, he's just an idiot!!

JJ thanks for the pics!!! luv it..

daphane kicklighter
plz stop making thigs complicitated .they are just enjoying their lives together they like each other so we shouldnt care about if she is using her...faire des remarques aussi cruelles ne manent à rien.

Talk about someone using - Isn't JA using the media as a venue to whine about her "pity parties". Too bad she's not smart enough to see how she is so obviously being used as a freak show to gawk and whisper about. Now there's an idiot for you!

Without Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston is just average
looking. He made her look prettier than she really
is. Angelina is a true beauty ...she and Brad are georgeous together...the haters know it and that is why they are so vicious. Brad Pitt is where he wants to be.

Oh yes and I agree with "ditto" post of2/25/06
about " insecure Jennifer needing to read the gossip".

It makes me laugh all the people with the hater comments (but also creeped out by all the vicious, scary, weirdos in the blog world).

People fall in and out of love all the time! And to hate people and wish them badly (Brad and AJ), just because you like his ex more is just silly! Who cares how much you loved Brad with Jennifer?! Obviously people are different to live with and their relationship was their own, BOTH Brad and Jennifer knew their relationship was not working and ended it. They were probably unhappy LONG before Angelina...marriages are often broken before the final break happens.

The fact Brads's moved on...that happens! We ALL move on from things, that's life! We ALL hope to find someone better suited to our needs and usual do. Often when older (like Brad), we know what those needs are more. Jennifer will also find her love-needs better met with someone else. Be it with Vince or whoever. It all works out in the end for everybody. Been there, lived that, as most of us have...relationships end and new ones start, get over it. Love BAMZ, glad they are happy.

I have to say ..the man looks really old.......and maybe it is the dark hair or the one hat and pair of boots he owns........ Angelina can wear the same thing all the time but she looks good .....Brad does not smile...I can recall seeing him on tv and mags and he was always wearing a big grin...I am sorry but he just does not look like a man in love...I am not sure why he is this way ...but u cant live you life hiding and a try to keep it a lie without looking worse for wear now can u ... and if he is tired now....baby watch out.........cause he is about to have more children to look after ...I think he and ange just went a bit too fast .......in this relationship.......and I am not a ange hater or a Brad hater ...I am just saying this is how I see it and I can tell from the comments I am not alone on this bit of observation...

Bad at his worse looks far hotter than Jen and her best.

Why would he be smiling when he's being followed by the paparazzi,and the comment of him moving to fast with his relationship with Angelina,they started shooting the movie in Jan 2004 finished late fall 2004 did reshoots March 2005.Thats almost a year and a half plenty of time to get to know someone.This is Feb 2006 they have had over 2 years.Laura you may want to look closer because Brad is smiling on alot of the pictures on this site and others.You are seeing what you want to see.


He looks healthy and happy thanks for the pics.. LOVE feeling IS HAPPIER THAN HATE feeling .



LOL! Can you imagine what those two do behind thd doors? They better not ever make a sex video. Someone will steal it and sell it. And it'll be a bigger seller than even Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Sorry for going there, but I know that even in MAMS the test audience wanted more loving and less fighting in the scenes.

I think Brad is trying not to flaunt his feelings for Angie to spare Jennifer from going apeshit. The girl can barely keep it together as she is bawling her eyes out.



Angelina looks too old for her age. She looks more like she's 40 than 30. Even without the wrinkles. I guess all that smoking she did before, lugging around those kids, flying airplanes and stealing other people's men isn't working for her.

Yuck! Talk about wrinkles! | February 24, 2006 06:13 PM ,

I agree that AJ has some quite obvious wrinkles around her eyes, but as u know, people who laughs a lot tend to develop those. AJ is now a mother and she seems to be genuinely happy in her role as a mom, smiling and laughing a lot in some of her pictures with maddox. Plus, as her role of UNHCR, she travels to places that i most certainly sure is not friendly for ur skin, like africa's hot climate, but nevertheless, she does what she must do, regardless of the fact that it will add some more wrinkles to her face. Would u prefer a woman who is more obessessed with her skin condition instead of helping people in need???? Myeself, i can't say that i have been actively involved in any social work, but i admire people who do. They seen more insjustice, bad things and horrible conditions than most people, if they are as passionate in their cause of AJ, they will surely also develop some wrinkles caused by stress or emotions.

Bottom line, yes, i can see the wrinkles in AJ's face, but to me, it made her more beautiful and more humane, as it shows that she is experiencing life instead of trying to stop mother nature and being obsessed by her looks. If she's that kind of person, she will not be AJ that many people loves.

In my opinion, Angelina is GORGEOUS!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Anybody who knows anything about skin aging knows that women begin to develop wrinkles in their skin in their late 20s.

I've seen Jessica Simpson gaining fine wrinkles already. I've seen young Sasha Cohen have little lines around her eyes.

It's nothing! Angelina is still about the most gorgeous woman in the world. She's constantly at the top of most beautiful people lists.

She is beautiful indeed, with or without the cosmetics.


I love your commnet.
I also thought how great AJ's smile is.
When she smile, whole of her face smiles.
you know what I mean?
She does not care if she makes winkles when she smiles.


great post. like people with many points

pitt is old news. he`ll be no further headline anymore with ang in the future.
look how ugly he turned. hís same old boots, hat and faces.

i dont respect his work and acts anmore, since he needs a woman to define his looks and moves. maddox has more personality than this 40 ear old man.

brad was better with jen than this manipulative ang

Brad Pitt has never looked more manly than this in his life... He looks much better with dark hair and colors. It suits his character and age much more... Still yummy and they fit perfectly. It is a great couple...

i have ever seen such as a pair they look like they are born to be together so in love their so lucky..je l'éspere pour moi

I agree anonymous. He looks more like a man and not some "object". He likes this look or he wouldn't have it. He’s on vacation from work. How many of you even get dressed on the weekends when you have nothing to do? You shower (at least I hope you do) grab some house cloths and you relax; you go out in the yard, hang out with the boys or girls. You may run to the store…whatever you’re not dressed to the nines. Why should Brad be any different. He’s an actor that’s his JOB not his life.

And to those who seem to think he won't last long. I hate to be the one to break this to you but:

1. Pitt has already said "Acting is a young man's game. I don't think I'll be doing this much longer. My mind is on other things now." He never planned to act into his dotage. He’s producing more now and making a hell of a lot of money doing it. (Willie Wonka and Troy both blockbuster 200+ million and still counting)

2. He has never liked being defined by his looks which is why he takes a hiatus from the "Golden Boy" look every so often. This is NOT the first time Brad has gone off and done the wild thing with his looks.

3. Brad Pitt is a legend now, just like (God forbid) Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Cher, Bono, and yes even Angelina is on her way to becoming one. Bradley will be around for a hell of a long time, whether he acts or not.

4. At 42 Brad Pitt looks younger then quite a few men in Hollywood a good 5-10 years younger than he is. So please stop the age BS. We all know that when it comes time to shoot the new Ocean's 13 he'll look as golden and young as ever. And as “old” and “horrible” as some of you claim he looks you, I and everyone here knows that you would probably p*ss your pants if he ever walked up to you and said “hello!”

5. Brad Pitt can look anyway he wants to because it's his body, his hair, and his LIFE. Not to mention when you are one of Hollywood's most powerful men, you are not only a commodity but what you do in your down time is accepted as "personal choice". Get it?

You have nothing but harsh things to say about him and Angelina, but would you be able to stand the same critique of your own life? Or how about Jennifer? Would she be able to even touch 1...just one of the points I made? No she wouldn't.

Find her board...or if you aren't a supposed Jen fan then find a disrespect Brad or Brangelina site to spew your nonsense on. I'm more than sure there's one out there.

Just GOOGLE it!

i totally agree with RICA

merci safa,

safa | February 27, 2006 10:00 AM
je l'éspere pour moi

et moi aussi

Rica,Well said.I agree with you as well.

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!! He looks like he smells!

Rica...where's the fanfic?

Brad didn't wait very long. That's how some men are. They think with there dick. I FEEL SORRY FOR ANGIE AND HER TATTOS....ICK.... SHE RUINED A BEAUTIFUL BODY. I still think Jennifer Aniston is not playing with a full deck, how could you let this wonderful man get away?....hmmmmmm. I am confused.

brad good looking with ange, what a kind of dream is that...?
he wears the same stuff all the time, he is rich, get clothes, put down the glasses. you look wasted all the time.

jennifer tmes were better, he had the je ne sais quoi

Hey 'me again'

What's up girl!!!

You know I actually did write something but it's not hot...it's just the beginning of sorts. I believe someone asked me to start at the beginning so I did. But it's the very begining with Simon, Akiva and the whole getting Angie to do it after Nichole dropped out.

I liked the part in "Interview With A Vampire" when Brad Pitt's character tells Antonio's character that as tempting as his invitation is that he stay and be Antonio's companion, that he was afraid that I MUST DECLINE!!!" So, all of you ladies.....Jennifer Aniston included....be ready to be tossed aside. Mr. Pitt is spoken for. And don't you forget it.

Rica | February 27, 2006 11:16 AM

I didn't see the fic on this post...I'll just wait until you do the whole saga

Brad and Angelina are both beautiful people. I believe they make a better pair than when with Jennifer.




Choosing the perfect Mrs. Smith...

July 2003

Apologizing to his family, Hollywood director Doug Liman answered his cell phone,. “This better be good, I’m in the middle of great Chinese dinner with my family.”

“Hi Doug. It’s Brad.” Brad Pitt’s smooth dulcet voice floated over the line. “I’m sorry to interrupt your dinner. If you want you can give me a call back later on.”

“No…no, now’s fine.” He stood and motioned to his dinner companions. Walking over to the entrance. “So what’s up?”

“Well, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to pass on ‘Mr. and Mrs.” Brad apologized.

“Ahhh…don’t tell me that. Come on Brad…”

Brad broke in. “Look Si, with Nichole dropping out and the issues with the script, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Simon knew he wouldn’t be able to change Brad’s mind, so he thanked Brad for calling and rejoined his family; the joy of the evening gone. He’d figure something out. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ would happen and with Brad Pitt.


(Portions of this conversation are actual quotes from ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Issue #823)

So we’ve lost Nicole.” Akiva announced.

Doug Liman winced at the news. “Yeah and now Brad’s pulled out. But with the right costar he’ll most likely come back aboard.”

Screenwriter, Simon Kinberg looked as though he would cry. “What Nichole and Brad? Why?” He could see all his hard work circling the drain and it hurt.

Lucas Foster, also an executive producer for the film, cleared his throat before taking over. “It seems that Ms. Kidman’s ‘Stepford Wives’ shoot is going to run into our start date. Apparently they just started shooting and they are running ten weeks behind schedule. She had no choice but to bow out. Brad feels like fate is working against us. ”

Doug held his hand up stopping Brad’s response. “Well we do have a few other options.” He began tossing out names. There’s the ex factor, Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Simon shook his head. “Look that’s a great idea but Brad’s human and even if he were game for it, it’s wrong of us to put him in a situation where he’s going to have to relive the demons of a past relationship. That’s just a little bit toomad-scientist.”

Doug saw his point and continued the name game. “Okay, how about Cate Blanchett? She definitely has the look. Remember the photo ad she did as a spy?”

“Not available, she’s working on ‘The Aviator’” Akiva answered.

“Catherine Zeta-Jones?”

“No, I don’t think that she’s quite what we’re looking for.” Akiva answered again. “She’s gorgeous…but I just can’t see her in that role.”

“I agree with Akiva. Besides isn’t she working with Brad on ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ ? That’d just be cinematic suicide.” Lucas shuddered.

Simon agreed as well. “Yeah, I mean that would be over kill. Besides we don’t know what type of chemistry they will have.”

“It’s Brad Pitt. Most women have chemistry with him.” Lucas countered.

“Or for him.” Akiva muttered.

Simon skipped two names and pulled the last one. “How about Angelina Jolie?”

Silence filled the room as the men mulled over the last choice. Akiva was the first to respond. “Hmmm…now that would be something. What’s she working on now? I know she’s busy, she’s always busy.”

Doug smiled. “She’s finishing ‘Alexander’, after that she’s free.”

“I don’t know…this doesn’t seem to be her type of movie. She likes the darker roles.” Lucas tossed in. “You sure we can get her?”

Doug smiled. “We can ask.”

Simon almost crowed with excitement. Angelina Jolie…wow! Who better to costar with Hollywood’s hottest leading man, then it’s hottest leading lady?”

“Let’s hope she’s up for the challenge.” Lucas murmured.

Akiva laughed. “Angelina’s always up for a challenge.”


August 2003

“Brad, how are you?” The voice of Akiva Goldsman, one of the executive producers for ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith, sounded over the line.

“Fine Akiva, thanks and you?” Brad finished purchasing the latest ‘Architectural Digest’ and walked out of the book store.

“Fine thanks.” Akiva moved on quickly. “Brad, we need to meet with you. Can you make a long lunch today?”

Moving on to his Confederate F124 Hellcat, Brad agreed. “Sure, my schedules pretty clear, what time?” Brad asked, a bit curious but not worried.

“How’s one-thirty sound?”

“That’s fine. I’ll see you then.” Brad ended the call, put his helmet on and drove toward the home he shared with his wife Jennifer.


“Brad, we have some good news regarding ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We have a candidate for Jane. “ Doug offered. “Our choices were narrowed down to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie.”

Brad’s listened intently. “And?”

“Well Cate is busy and we just thought that you and Catherine in another movie back to back would be overkill. So we decided to offer the role to Angelina.” Doug watched Brad’s expression for some sign of agreement.

Brad nodded slowly. “Angelina…hmmm…she’s good. Has she accepted?”

“We’re still waiting. She’s not sure that she can do justice. I told her to give you a call.” Doug offered. “I thought…you know, that maybe you could kind of talk her into it. That is if you agree with our choice.”

Brad laughed. “Oh I agree and if she’s willing to do it. I’ll definitely sign back on.”

Akive smiled. “Good she’ll be calling with in the next day or two. The quicker we can get this settled, the sooner we can get started. We are already behind schedule.”

“That’s fine with me. I’ll help her out as much as I can.” Brad added. Smiling he thought, ‘Angelina Jolie’ hmmm…nice choice.


“Hi Brad?” The husky voice spoke quietly over the line. “It’s Angelina, how are you?”

“Hi, I’m fine and you?” Brad responded. The woman definitely had a voice.
“Fine…umm…Akiva and Doug told me you’d help me out with an opinion about te material.” Her thoughts similar to his, she’d always found his voice sexy.

Not wanting to disturb the movie he, Jennifer, Courtney were watching, Brad moved outside to the pool patio. “Did you get a chance to read through the script?”

“Yes, I like the script, it’s pretty funny, but I’m not big on comedy.” Angelina sat down on her sofa, grabbed the script, and began leafing through it.

“Come on. I’ve seen your work. I think that you can pull it off.” For whatever reason, he couldn’t explain, he wanted her on this film. “You’ve conquered more genres a film then I can count. I know you can do this. It’s more of a dark comedy anyway.”

Her sultry laugh engulfed him in velvet. “I do know dark, It’s just the comedy part that I’m uncomfortable with.”

“In my honest opinion Angelina, I really believe you can do this.” Brad urged her on, “I doubt you’ve ever backed down from a challenge in your life. Why start now?”

Angelina thought it over for a moment. Brad waited almost anxiously. “Alright. I accept. Let’s hope it’s not a mistake.”

Brad breathed a silent sigh of relief. “I have nothing but positive feelings about this.”

“Hmmm…yeah sure. Thanks for the input. I guess I’ll see you at the read through.” Angelina ended the call in true Angelina fashion. “Oh and Bradley, please don’t call me Angelina, the name’s Angie.”

Laughing softly Brad answered. “Alright, see you at the read through, Angie.”

this is sooooooooooo good. keep it coming!!!!!

we want the nc-17 stuff!!!!!!!!

Thank you Kerchy for you and 'Me again' and anyone else interested I certainly will.

Thank you again.

thanks rica. you rocks

Looooving it! More please.

ricaaaaaaaa.....pls...some more,,,...more please...i love u rica....i really love romance novel....and ur fanfic with my favorite stars makes my ideal fantasy!!!

thanks so much rica!!! lol

gawd girl, that's steamy and you haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Rica girl, its great keep up and maybe next year you might get an Oscar
don't leave us hanging...


To me Angie is beautiful even with a couple of wrinkles. I'd like to see a close up pic of you with a huge smile on your face. what does your skin look like? As a matter of fact i've never even seen pics of Jennifer aniston close ups. after all her tanning and cig smoking, things can't looks too good on that leathery face. Jennfier has a really deep line across her forehead that not even all that Botox she gets can fill.

you know what you are genious rica that's funny did u invent that yourself cuz it's huge what imagination




Meet the Smiths…

(Some quotes are from Entertainment Weekly issue 823 and Vanity Fair issue)

January 2004
Filming begins

“Hey Angie!” Brad flagged Angelina down.

Angelina waved back, waiting for Brad and his companion to reach her. “Hi!”

Brad made the introductions. “Jen this is Angelina…Angie.” Brad smile excitedly at Angelina. “Angie this is my wife Jennifer.”

Angelina offered Jennifer her hand. “Hi, how are you?”

Jennifer smiled in return. “I’m fine. How are you?”

“Fine, thank you.”

“You know, Brad is looking forward to this movie, he’s very excited to be working with you.” Jennifer added.

“Me too. I called him for his opinion and ended up letting him talk me into it. Let’s hope it works out.” Angelina offered.

Jennifer agreed. “I hope you enjoy working with him?”

“I’m sure I will. He seems like quite a character.” Angelina rolled her eyes skyward and threw her head back, her laughter filling the air, the husky peals ensnaring Brad on the spot. “I’ll see you inside Bradley. It was nice meeting you Jennifer.”

“You too.” Jennifer waited until Angelina was out of earshot, before turning to Brad, her smile gone. “You didn’t mention that she’d called you. When was this?”

Brad’s exasperated sigh filled the air. “Come on Jen, It was a long time ago. Doug and Akiva told me to try and convince her to do the movie. That’s all.” Brad glanced around. He hated it when she made a scene. “Besides you were there the day she called. You, me, Courtney and David were watching Pirates of the Caribbean, when she called. I got up and left the room.”

“No you left the house.” Jen insisted.

“Yeah I did! So I wouldn’t disturb the movie.” Brad threw his hands up and lowered his voice to a low growl. “It was a five-minute phone call, not a dinner date gone over.”

“Why didn’t you mention it?” Jennifer asked, sticking to the subject.

“You saw me get up and leave. Why didn’t you just ask me who it was? Did you even care?” Brad was reaching his tolerance level. “Look…we can’t talk about this now. I have to go to work and so do you. I’ll see you later.” He turned and walked away, leaving an angry Jennifer in his wake.


Doug sat back and watched his two stars. He just couldn’t believe that he had two of Hollywood’s biggest stars sitting in front him. “So Brad…Angelina, any thoughts on the script?”

Brad spoke up first. “Yeah, I have an issue with the scene where Jane grab’s the golfing trophy and is about to club him over the head with it and he says…” Brad glanced at Angelina, who picked up where he left off.

“No! Don’t, I’m only the custodian of that for the year!” Angie nodded. “Yeah, I think that’s just a bit too goofy for these two. They’re assassins and the over all tone is a bit serious…not so slap stick.”

Brad laughed, glancing at Angie he continued. “Good word choice.”

“Thank you…” The low ring of Angelina’s cell phone interrupted the jovial air of the room. “I’m sorry.” Angie apologized and left the room.

Akiva glanced at Simon. “Did Angie sign off on her Amenities Ryder?”

Simon nodded, leafing through papers, until he found what he was looking for. “Yes she okayed everything. She really just wanted to make sure that Maddox will be okay. One part-time nanny, trailer equipped for her son. She’ll be bringing him to the set with her everyday. Other than that she didn’t really ask for much.”

“Are we supplying?” Akiva asked. He like low maintenance stars and Brad and Angie were two of the lowest maintenance he’d met; considering their caliber and status. He liked that. So he wanted to make sure that they were happy.

“Yeah.” Simon confirmed just as Angelina returned to the room.

Angelina returned to the room. “Sorry about that. Maddox is home from school. If I don’t pick him up he makes Holly call me so that he can speak to me and tell me about his day.”

Brad leaned forward his attention caught at the mention of Angelina’s son. “How old is your son?”

“Maddox is two and a half. He’ll be three in August. He’s my little man.” A sweet and gentle smile lit Angelina’s face as she spoke.

Brad watched the glow and couldn’t help but think of how beautiful Angelina truly was; inside and out. Do you have a picture of him?”

“Do I?” Angelina reached for purse and pulled a slim wallet from its side pocket. Flipping it open to the picture section, she showed off her colorful photos with pride.

Brad looked through the pictures. He smiled whimsically at the small laughing child. His favorite photo, one of Maddox and Angelina caught in an Eskimo kiss. The look of love between both mother and child somehow soothed him. This was what he wanted…what he’d yearned for over the past four years. He wanted that to be him in the photo. Sighing he handed the wallet back to Angelina. “He’s beautiful.”

Taking the wallet, Angelina noticed the look of longing on Brad’s face. “Thank you.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say. So she busied herself with putting the wallet away.

Brad shook off the feeling of old regret. “He must be a handful…yeah?”

“Oh yeah. Lately he’s been going through his super hero phase.” Leaning in closer to Brad she whispered loudly. “He thinks he’s Superman or Batman…or Spiderman. Either one will do these days.” Angelina shook her and snorted. “Yesterday I caught him trying to fly off the back of the couch with one of the bath towels tied around his neck.”

Brad laughed, living vicariously through Angie’s words. He could just picture the scene. That’s great…that’s great!”

Doug broke into the conversation. “So where were we?”

Simon answered. “The golfing trophy debacle.”



Sorry forgot to add my name to the post.
It's a bit short but I'll make up for it next time. I'm trying to go in chronological order so the sex won't arrive until I repaste the 4/19 diani fic. But there will be a some steamy moments...just not the hot sex of Diani.

Thanks for the feed back...glad you like it.

rica....it's such a suspense...girl...you make my day....truly...you're so good and you should have your work publish!!

Brava Rica! In my line of work I meet people from all walks of life,you need to do something with all this talent. I am going to forward my e-mail address to Jared to somehow forward to you. I travel a lot for work,What State/City do you live in? Such a shame to see that go to waste. Have you ever thought about doing the writing competion Marie Claire does annually. Don't forget BrokeBack Moyntain was a short story that appeared in the New Yorker a few years back. Rica I would love to meet you if you don't mind.

Hey JOY!!!! I'm glad you like it!!!
Anonymous 1:30 I'm currently in Orlando, but I'm relocating to Las Vegas in a few weeks. I also visit Chicago, (my hometown) a lot. so if you're around any of those places I'd love to meet up.

You I've never really thought about entering a writing competition. I just write for my own gratification and sometimes others (Like my friends here at BAMZworld)

I just love your fanfic. Please update soon


Rica, you're a very talented writer. I can't wait for the next FanFic. Thank you so much!

rica, you are the best. Love from germany

Rica I don't know why my 1:30 post came up anon anyway I am in Chicago alot,I also live between NY and Tampa gosh you are right next door.Rica I am going to ask Jared to pass on my e-mail to you. PS I am also in Las Vegas quite often also that should give you on idea what my line of work is. Angela.


We've probably past each other and didn't know it!!! LOL

Line of Work...Stewardess????
Please give your info to Jared, I'll give mine. I'll see in one of these cities!

Lovin the fan fics rica, keep them coming! You're really talented

you hit the nail sister,but I also have a home based business.Are you in the same profession,that would be too funny.

rica! you've done it again!!! thank you, girl! KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks girl...it was good as always. Can't wait for the steamy scenes.

Hey, I will give my infomration to JJ as well to pass along to you. I couldn't think of a way to give you my information without the crazy JA fans contacting me pretending to be you...gland Ange thought of it.

One question, which post/time/date was the hot steamy sex fanfic...was it on this one or another...I can't seem to find it. Let me know.

i heart rica's fanflics..gosh i remember the diani beach ones...so hawt! very entertaining lol

February 28, 2006 -- LOOK for Brad Pitt to become a U.N. goodwill ambassador, just like his woman, Angelina Jolie. A spy overheard Brad with two European men as they quaffed Pilsner Urquell beer at the World Bar in Trump World Tower the other night and yakked about an upcoming event at the U.N. across the street. While pregnant Jolie is in Paris with kids Maddox and Sahara, lonely Pitt chatted for an hour with the diplomats before leaving in a limo with a police escort. The star caught the U.N. bug last month when Jolie dragged him to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. U.N. chief Kofi Annan must figure two stars are better than one for fund-raising.

from Page Six

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How are we today?

Hey, 'Me Again' the posts are on:

(Brad: No Jen split deal)

Alfajari / Diani

Diani --The Kiss
Rica | February 22, 2006 04:29 PM
Rica | February 22, 2006 04:33 PM

Alfajari--The 1st night
Rica | February 23, 2006 12:08 PM

There were a few posts from me and Ange so

Thanks...I'll go and check it out.

This BAMZ thing is getting CRAZY. All post for BAMZ are 400+ except this one...this is crazy. We don't have hardly any intelligent poster anymore...just these well you ladies know what I'm talking about.

Thanks Rica for the information and get your creative juices going...or do you have to "Work" today?

hey rica, hope you can add another entry today,were all hanging on to the next chapter!!!!!

RATED PG 13 NO SEX!!!!! But a little steamy in places!!

Fighting the attraction…

“To dodging bullets.” Jane held her shot glass of Tequila up.

“To dodging bullets.” John tapped his shot glass into hers. Tossing the fiery liquid down before slamming the glass onto the table.

Jane stood slowly, a seductive smile gracing her full, luscious lips. Holding her glass in one hand she leaned in giving her companion a glimpse of her plump breast as she moved past him. “So it speaks, but does it dance?” Her husky voice was like a sirens song leading him to his doom.

As the tribal tones of “Mondo Bong” filled the air of the Cantina, John watched her glide all the way to the dirt covered dance floor, John finally inched his way over to her. Watching him as intently as a predator does its prey, Jane finished her drink, tossed the shot glass in a close can fire, wipe the moisture from her mouth and held her arms high above her head; her hips swaying seductively. Finally reaching out with one hand, luring him, drawing him into the dance.

He grasped her hand and drew her into his arms. The momentum brought Jane flat against John’s chest. Raising her arms, she wrapped them slowly around his neck. John lowered his hand casually caressing her waist as he lightly pressed her hips forward into the cradle of his. He began leading her into seduction’s dance; the floral smell of her hair, his lips against her soft neck, whispers in her ear, the feel of her curved bottom arousing his over sensitized groin. One turn and his lips danced dangerously close to her full slightly parted lips…waiting.

“Cut!!!!” Doug Liman shouted. “Angie, Brad…that was great. We’ll keep this last take.” Pointing to the table they’d left he barked instructions. “We’re going to shoot the kiss, so stay in character guys.”

Brad took hold of Angie’s hand and led her over to the table. Sitting down, he pulled her onto his lap. “You’re a pretty good dancer.”

Angie laughed. “Thanks…I try. All those years of pole dancing are paying off.”

Brad enjoyed hearing her laugh. This moment wasn’t sexual, it was sweet. Something he hadn’t experienced in a long time. If only they’d known the furor a photo of this moment would cause. They would know soon enough.

Angie was analyzing her own feelings. She liked Brad…she really liked him…he was…sweet.


April 2004
Other Obligations

“So what are you going to do for the next couple of months?” Brad asked Angelina. They were hanging out with the cast and crew at one of the local bars. He watched Angelina take her shot, she was good. He had to up his A-game, if he wanted to win this match.

Angelina straightened from the pool table watching the balls disappear. Smiling and cocking an eyebrow. She could taste victory. “I have UN obligations. Mad and I are off to Lebanon and Afghanistan.”

“Really? What’s the situation over there?” Brad’s interest was peaked. They’d spoken several times about their individual humanitarian efforts. He knew he had a ways to go before he reached her level of dedication. But he was willing to make the journey. He’d been speaking to Bono about the One campaign and the DATA organization and what he could do after Mr. and Mrs. Smith finished shooting.

“Refugees…disenfranchised and dying to survive.” Angelina began to explain her agenda through the UNHCR and what they all hoped to accomplish.

Brad listened intently. “Wow! And I’m just going to make a movie.” He watched her smile widen. “Watch this.” Brad performed a pool trick that ended with all the balls finding their way to the same hole.

Angelina was amazed and that was no small feat, she was rarely surprised these days. “How did you do that?”

Setting the balls up again; Brad moved around to her side. “Here, hold the pole.” He had to make adjustments because Angelina was left-handed. Wrapping his arms around her he began to show her how to execute the shot. “Pull back just a bit…” He leaned in and caught a whiff of her perfume. His fingers moved up the pool stick to lie directly on top of Angelina’s; caressing lightly. He had to stop…he knew it. Resting his face against the top of her head, he murmured. “This is getting dangerous.”

Angelina leaned back for a moment before extricating herself slowly. Turning around to stare directly into Brad’s eyes she answered. ““No…it’s wrong and we need to stop it here…now.” Looking around she found her jacket. “I need to get home. Thanks for the game and the trick.” She grabbed her purse and left the bar.

“My treat.” Brad answered, watching her go.


May 2004
Premiere of Troy

She promised him she would attend the premiere and so she did. Entering unnoticed through a side door she found a seat in the back, the left corner. She watched him glance surreptitiously around; knowing he was looking for her. She watched his eyes light upon her. He waved a bit. Smiling, she sent him an answering wave.

Brad finally saw her. She was sitting in the back by herself. He hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until he released it at the sight of her. He knew she’d only come because he’d asked her. Friends…that’s what they called themselves, but friends was much to simple a word to describe what was growing between them. It wasn’t sexual…it was comfort…understanding…acceptance. But the tabloids were having a field day and all they needed was just a peek at Angelina here and all hell would break loose.

The lights dimmed and the movie began. Angelina watched as a naked Brad filled the screen. “Hmmm…Jen you’re a lucky girl. I hope you appreciate what you have.”

Once the movie ended, Brad looked back to find Angelina gone; as if she had never been there. He had to return to the ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ shoot on Monday, so seeing her was out. God his days were getting long and his nights longer.

He missed her and Maddox, he’d gotten use to seeing them everyday and now he was finding himself lonely without them.

“You have a wife Bradley, concentrate on her. “His inner voice instructed, but was he listening?


August 2004
Shooting resumes

“Braddy!” Catching sight of Brad entering the set, Maddox broke away from his mother, running as fast as his little three year old legs could carry him.

Brad had just enough time to drop his bag, before the toddler launched himself into Brad’s arms. He’d bonded with Maddox and become close friends with the child’s mother. He’d missed them…both of them. Swooping Maddox into the air, Brad laughed aloud. God why couldn’t he have this at home? “Hey Mad! How are you? Good?”

“Un huh. I missed you. You went away and I didn’t see you...for a long time.” Maddox pouted.

Brad jostled the child around, eliciting the manic bout of giggling that always left both he and Angie in amused tears “Remember I had to go finish another movie.” He smiled at Angelina as she joined them. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself. How was the shoot?” Angelina reached over to caressed her son’s back.

“Great! We’re done. No more re-shoots.” Returning his attention to the bouncing toddler in his arms. “Did someone have a birthday? I can’t remember the name of the bot.”

“Me!” The child bobbed up and down.

Pretending not to hear the child, Brad continued. “Who’s three years old?”

“Me!” The child laughed.

“So that’s why there’s a big gift in my trailer!” Brad laughed, hugging the boy close.

Maddox looked over at his mother. “Mommy can I get my gift?”

Angelina smiled indulgently, her love for the child evident in every line of her face. “Yes you can ‘get’ your gift.” Leaning forward she kissed Maddox on the forehead, not realizing how close she was to Brad until she glanced up from the kiss. Their lips a mere inch or so apart. “Welcome back.”

“I’m glad to be back. I missed you and Mad.” He stared at her for what seemed minutes, but was only seconds.

Clearing her throat she stepped away. “Why don’t we go and see what Brad bought you.”

She knew that sooner or later, they were going to have to talk and that’s what she feared the most.


Brava Rica !

I was watching MAMS (for the 100th time) last night and wondered...

Was the reshoot the Bogotá scene? They seem very comfortable there. Also most mags show that picture trying to prove the affair...but if that's a reshoot then they were together at that time right? If so, that would explain why they were holding hands when the director called "CUT"

Can someone let me know if that was the reshoot or not...thanks ladies

hey "Me Again'

Those were actual reshoots. They brought them (Brad and Angie) back because they wanted to add more romance into the movie.

I always thought that they were just in character, I in no way thought that these two were just boldly holding hands in front of God knows how many people, but never off of set? Hmmmm....makes you think doesn't it.

Rica! Rica! Rica!
just keep up...


Well then that's why the chemistry was so right for that particular scene. They’re both like they want each other but trying to hold back. And this reshoot was in March or April and was it around the time Brad moved out of the house? Now what about the ending scene when they were very relaxed with each other and the therapist...was that a reshoot as well?

Did you see the size of the shoes in the ending scene w/therapist….man!

Thanks Rica for the fic and information. I guess our next installment will be tomorrow mid-day right?

Midday tomorrow it is!!!
Thank you!!!

You know 'Me Again' I believe the reshoots were done in late January and February. Brad and Jen sepearted in January. And Brad seemed to be a lot more relaxed around that time (February). Yes, they had originally shot the scene but decided to reshoot because the movie's original ending was the two of them in Italy and there was actually a baby. But Doug Liman said that he didn't like that ending it semed a bit too final, so they reshot the office scene as the the ending but leaving the door open. According to Akiva Goldsman, the deleted scenes for the Italian shoot, the baby scenes and extended love scene, extended dance scene, extended store fight scene, and the Bogata dance scene and 'morning after' scenes (both extended) were supposed to be on the DVD. I Guess we were ROBBED!!!

I also read that the love scene was a little to intense and with all the publicity regarding the "so called affair" they took that scene out. They didn't want that to keep the JA fans and others away...so it was left out. I will try to find th article...but you and the rest of the regulars I don't feel a need to prove my every word.

Great idea on your part to keep posting the fics here where no one really visits anymore...not as many haters here.

Did JJ give you my email address? It may come a time where you won't be able to send the fic on JJ's site and you can just email it to us girls directly...if it's okay with them...it's okay with me.

oooooh, you guys are simply naughty!!! I couln't turn away. Thankyou for the pleasure. Is the word enthralling appropriate?

hi girls!!!I've been reading this post for quite sometime now but I never really bothered to make a comment. I simply enjoy your views. But my goodness RICA, luv, you made this really interesting. I absolutely adore this family. Thanks JJ and Rica, I am a big fan. Till tom then

That's cool too!

I'm wondering when Jared will just stop all commenting now that we have some...boisterous...posters. So I will be glad to email the fic to you all when that happens. Jared hasn't passed on anything yet, though. But I sent him an email about the fics and whether they bothered him and he still hasn't responded, so he may be bogged down with work and hasn't really had time to go through his emails.

We'll figure something out. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. Thanks!

Emailed you, Rica!

Hey Rica! Jared said he would send you my e-mail address so I can keep up with the fanfics :)

I'm trying to get everything together so I can read it from the beginning so I have to go back to the Jen/Brad Split: No Deal thread.

I missed some good posts on BAMZ Paris yesterday. Got hit with the flu :(

Cool fanfic rica. when are you doing another one? Cant wait to see were you go with these stories next.

Hey I got the email addresses! Thanks Jared!
I hope you are feeling better Dolphingirl.

Thanks, Raqchel, I usually post one a day in the afternoon. I post on this particular thread because there's less traffic.

rica, thank you! this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. i know, i keep saying the same thing, KEEP IT COMING!!!!

IS it just me or have alot of crazzies started commenting on the site. I dont even post much but I have been checking the site out for about 3 months. what happened to the better days when their were just a few crazy people saying stupid stuff. Now half of what these people are posting is just mean.

Last week marked the beginning of all this madness. It's like someone put them all on a Coach Bus and drove them over to this site and forgot to pick them up at the end of the day.

Let's just hope their on vacation from their own raunchy sites and will leave soon. Hey I know, if we stand still, shut out the lights and pretend we're not home, maybe they'll go away.

It's not just you Raqchel. I haven't been on here that long but I've seen a serious rise in meanspiritedness and vulgarity recently. If we leave and that's all that is left what is won? I'd rather just ignore it.

Thanks Rica. I'm still letting the flu run it's course. It's been warm here in the midwest the past two days but I have the chills and no energy. I need to stay in bed but I've slept so much now I'm not tired. Just drained.

Where are you from dolphingirl? Ilived in the Midwest for 32 years.

Uhhhh...it sounds like the flu. I had it a few weeks back and it kept me weak and tired for two weeks. Get a lot of rest. That's all you can really do until it runs its course. Fluids!!!

JJ please forward my e-mail address to Rica as well....hook on the fanfic, it's fantastic, thank you Rica for the fanfic.

Its keeps getting better and better each time.
Thanks for the fanfic. Is it ok, if I post your story on one the brangelina boards? I promise to give you full credit. If its not ok, I understand. I just want others to enjoy this great read.

JJ please forward my email to Rica as well the fan fics are great.

Hey Lola,

Please feel free to post it. Its for entertainment and fun and as long as it has readers and no one becomes offended or offensive I'm cool. So go for it!

And thank you Nancy. You guys are gonna make me blush...(shuffles her feet. looking bashful)!!!


You girls have a great evening. Same place 2morrow!!!!

Nancy...not to get all in your business...but

I posted a question several days ago regarding your relationship with BP...I can't remember if you're the one who was married to a friend of the family or not...but I wanted to ask you, because if you are the person I think I directed my question and I hope you're not pulling my leg, Is Mr. Pitt actually that nice in person or is he REALLY just a good actor?

Some interviews or articles I've read he made the statement "I'm just a f*&^)%^* actor..." and it seemed like he was really a A-hole...so I just wanted to know if he is as kind as you...i think it was you...said he was. I know his fellow actors say he is...but people do tend to NOT TELL THE TRUTH in hollywood...

I'm just trying to figure out why he would stay in a relationship so long if he wasn't happy? Did he really enjoy the spotlight and attention that much? Is this the real thing for him?


You did get my information...right?

Can anyone tell me where that other site Rica told us where we could fine more FanFics. Was it laineygossip.com? If so, I don't see any fanfics there...will i need to become a member first?

rica you are great, its fabulous ....JJ post my email address to rica

me agein here you go http://www.laineygossip.com/ArticleList.aspx?DateFrom=17/07/2005&DateTo=24/07/2005

Me Again,

I'm not sure if this is the info you are looking for but Lola posted this previoulsy when the fanfic started:

Hey Everyone interested in erotic fanfic,
Everything Adult is a forum devoted exclusively to Brangelina fanfiction. If you would like to join go here and send a message to the Admin BluMistique.
Haters stay away for Blu has a quick trigger finger when it comes to BS.
Loving your fanfic by the way. Go BAMZ +1

Nice rica, luv your fan fics, keep it up. I was wondering are you sending the fan fics by e-mail?

no me again, it's must be someone else....actually, I have a sister that work for an entertaintment/fashion magazine, my sister's boss/editor is one of BP best friend...

Rica, I'm in the Show Me state.

Ran over to Lainey Gossip and read her three part Erotica,now this Rica if you remember is all we were saying,that physically they are very beautiful,and it's hard not to look at them and not have erotic thoughts,and I was crucified for it causing me to have my(hope to be soon forgotten)
meltdown. LOL

DolphinGirl I hope you feel better. For someone who travels a lot my geography is bad.Which one is the Show Me State?

Me Again! | March 1, 2006 04:52 PM

to answer your question if I may regarding if BP is really a nice person. Personally I don't know, but my sister think so...she have met him many times at her office, she said that he is very down to earth, never demand for anything, always joke around with the people in the office, very polite and nice....having said that, I also want to state that my sister is PB biggest fan.

Ange, missouri is the show me state. I'm think i'm just gonna wait for a new thread. The Maddox Judo one isn't very interesting.

Me again to answer your question . I wasn't going to say anymore about it but I guess it won't hurt. When one of you spend a lot of time out of town it slows the process of a relationship. It take time for you to realize how alienated you might be. Then you keep thinking things will change. Your mate keeps making excuses and you wait for things to change for them and for you.. You start living parrallel lives . When there are children there is a good reason to try to work things through , but when there aren't? It is always assumed that it is the man's fault when a marriage does work. But that is not true. In this case, it was Jennifer who chose not to make the marriage a priority . She is in a race with time. She only has a small window of time to make it before she is too old . Let's face it . If she had the talent she would have been in movies long long ago... a lot of starts started on tv and moved quickly to movies because of their talent and looks. Jennifer is not exceptional in either . Her marriage to Brad opened doors that only nepotism and talent open . Without talent, family or spouse. Even those closes to her say how ambitious she is....too the point of obsession.

Brad really thought he and Jen would start a family as soon as they got married. That is why he asked her. because she was so into the idea of having children with him . She is not the first woman to fool a man into marriage with a child; except she dangled it like a carrot and a starving rabbit. She was so focused on her needs that she stopped to consider Brad's needs. Brad was always doing for her . But she never noticed what he did only what he did not do....

The word someone said about her. Someone who was clueless who she was other than Brad's wife. was that she was not "genuine" and about having to watch one;s back around her.

I do hope you understand that I have never met her and this is from what people who have told me....

As I wrote before , I don't care one way or another who he is with as long as they make him happy. But I can't stand by and say nothing when people who only read tabloids and gossip and do not really know anything about him say such nasty and untruthful things about someone who does not deserve them. I do not know much about Angelina except what I have read here and there. But he looks happier than I have seen him in a long , long time. If Angelina is the reason why he has come back to life and is doing things like learning to fly , living in Paris , getting involved in world charity. then I for one am happy for him . I sure wish someone like that could come into my life. LOL (As I go outside to pick up the dog doo doo before mowing the grass.)

Ps. I am the one whose ex is a friend of the family.

rica....you're so good.....girl....you really need to put these fanfics together as a book...i am going to be one of your first buyer!!

Thanks anon 7:05pm for sharing.

Hey anonymous and nancy, I really appreciate the insights you've given in face of all the crazy gossip mill mostly machinated by apparently Jennifer's camp.

As I've told nancy, I understand how you have to respect the confidentiality with your sources, but I always appreciate the separation of fact from lies that are spewed out there.

A lot of what you both say back up the inside information that Lainey has gotten as well - though I trust you guys implicitly more than Lainey (you guys are here to respond back). But I must admit I have questions, which strangely enough escape me now. I won't ever try to be too intrusive.

I'd like to summarize and roundup Lainey's gossip for us to discuss. In so doing, we should be able to track where Lainey nailed it and where she missed a beat.

Or should we consider taking our insider discussion off-board, as with some kind of mailing list? Again, I don't want it to get be too intrusive into their privacy but more to clear the rumors.

Gawd, can you tell I've become a gossip hound? To imagine, Brad and Angelina didn't capture my attention until the pregnancy rumors arose sometime in the fall. Yes, I really didn't follow them even during the early stages of their romance.

Rica,you are the TOPS! LOVE your fanfic. Hope you will continue your fanfic on this thread esp now that the haters seem to have move on to other more recent thread.

rica, enjoy reading your fanfic, you're really sooooooooo good ! can't wait for the 2nd episode.

I was on Lainey.com last night basically starting from the beginning in 2004 now I'm up to 09/2005...I had to go to sleep....anyway I wonder if there any truth with JA and VV cheating prior to the 01/2005 separation? Reading Lainey...she did mentioned they had lunch 02/2005...I'm assuming to discuss "The Break-Up." If so, why? Is that normal for co-stars to do this or was it to get the scoop on BP/AJ during filming?

If all reports are true...this man (BP) truly loved his ex-wife to put up with the bs regarding career and family...he loved till he just looked stupid (not that he is) but come on at some point he had to know she was lying to him...don't you think?

Also, with reading (and again how true are these articles...me don't know but anyway) he would only get involve with hollywood people and he for the most part get involve with his leading ladies...look at the track record (found that one on Eonline). Could it be he doesn't trust outside that arena? Too afraid to expose himself to regular folks like us? I don't know just wondering.

I have a gut feeling that the cheating aspect really never occurred for the simple fact of how most written interviews talk about how the GP affair really hurt BP and with the divorce papers being private I'm thinking (of course I may be all together wrong on this but anyway) that they had a pre-nup that may have had something stating adultry...I may be wrong. As I mention in one my early post...that's just been killing me as to why their divorce paperwork is closed for eyes to see...maybe that's typical with hollywood divorces. This is the first one I've followed so closely.

Anyway...time for me to get the kids up and get myself ready for work (45min drive)...I'll log back on when I get to my job which well that's another story.

He won't you gals come to New Orleans and give my city some business...we surly could use it!!!

I wonder why Z doesn't get to go many places? She's always with the nanny...what's up with that. I can see AJ loves her kids, but it seems like this middle child is getting the short end of the stick...I don't mean to hate I just feel I'm saying something no one else wants to really say. It's always AJ and Mad, BP and Mad with an occasional Z here and there. Just look back at the photos we have seen...which they could be doing something in the apt together or maybe the paps didn't catch. But when my kids were her age we were at the library reading books even though they couldn't read, in the park in the walker, crawling in the grass, on the swing (you know the kind for babies), etc...they never do that with her. They have pap laws where they can't get so many feet in range of the stars...so why not do these "normal" things with your baby girl...I don't know maybe it's just me.

If the biological child is a girl...then heavens help her.

I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Off my soapbox...I think she or someone she knows reads this stuff...b/c remember how in the beginning ppl were talking about her LV bag and how out of style it was...blah, blah, blah...well she's sporting a new $920 LV bag...and it looks great.

Maybe Zahara is taking her nap and they don't want to disturb her with minor errands. It's easier to let the nanny watch her during her nap while Maddox is being picked up or Angelina is having her photoshoot done.

Maddox on the other hand may easily get cabin fever and likes to go everywhere.

Certain places may not be appropriate for 1 year olds, such as theatres, museums.

Keep in mind we see only a few hours of their day, so the rest they are all together.

Rica, I love the fanfic - you're very talented. I'm addicted to it. I live on the other side of the world to those of you in North America so I read your fanfic first thing in the morning.

Me again, just from experience with my kids... babies and little boys have different schedules. Babies are still taking more naps and are more sensitive to schedule changes. and over stimulation... Also you have to remember that Mad has a few years of getting used to the paps. I imagine it could be very scary for a little one.
I have read posts referring to the fact that Brad is not smiling in some photos. Any parent would be concerned and worried if they become surrounded that their child or family will get hurt.

After reading the hate comments on this blog from the Jennifer fanatics they should be concerned that one of them will try to hurt Angie or one of the kids.

I think she just got a bigger bag. That is a mom thing with kids...for the crayons, snacks , diaper etc. As the diapers get bigger so does the bag.

Good Morning Ladies! I received emails. I'll send you all mine if JJ hasn't given it to you already. I'll send it anyway.

Thanks Jared!!!! You're soooo cool!!! He's like our 'Charlie'

Dolphinegirl, I'm from Chicago! But I spent ummers in Arkansas with my grandparents. They retired there, bought 500 acres and decided to raise livestock and veggies...LOL!!! But We used to hang out in Thayer Mo a lot.

Oh 'Me Again' I was wrong...the reshoots took place in Late February and March. You know I think it's a matter of Z's age. We take the older children out because they are a bit more self-reliant. They don't need constant attention. You know? Where is the fun for the baby if she can't walk? She can't get down on the ground and wrestle, or run with Mad. Not to mention like someone mentioned. Z's only about 13 months, she's probably still taking 1-2 naps a day and they're usually not quick naps. I mean I doubt that they are just shoving her off on the nanny but a baby's schedule should stay the same.

Rica are you sending the fanfic by mail or you'll post it later?
I want to know because i'am a very big fan of your fanfic :)

Hiiii Dee :-)

I'm going to post it here. If you want me to send it to your email too, I can do that.

It should be up in a few minutes. I have a meeting in a bit and I want to get it up before I go in.

Thank you for great feedback!

add me to the list plz =)

wait how? i don't know in this system

Good Morning Rica. I'm in St. Louis. Looking forward to the fanfic :)

I agree with everyone who posted that Z probably has a stricter schedule being a baby. And also the attention they get is probably something she is still getting used to.

Well, off to work. I'll check back in with you all later tonight. Have a great day.



September 2004
Turning Points…

Dark sunglasses in place, Brad simply stared at Angelina, who stood sandwiched between him and the guardrail to the set stairs. He knew he was too close for their personal comfort, but not to too many onlookers. What was he doing? The more his marriage seemed to crumble, the more solace he found here…with her. They’d never so much as kissed outside of the script, yet just being here with her was just as satisfying. But he had marriage to work out. This Angel wasn’t meant for him.

Angelina didn’t need to see his eyes to know that he was watching her. She herself stared everywhere but his face. Coward! She knew she was. But what was she suppose to do? Throw herself at him? Suggest a hotel meeting? No, that’s not what she wanted…well…she did but not as an answer to the longing that seemed to consume her. He was a good man in a crumbling marriage, She’d been where he was now and she had to let him work that out for himself. He simply wasn’t available.

He would go home and live the life he chose, try to make it work. How could he, when what he wanted most in the world was represented here in this one woman. Without even trying she made him dream, she made him desire, she made him want…

She would go home and live the life she’d created for herself. She’d raise her son, continue her work as a humanitarian and make movies. But so much more was missing and it all seemed to be embodied with in this one man. He made her realize, he made her think, and he made her wish…


“I’ll get you mommy!” Maddox charged forward with his lightsaber in the air. “Arrrgghhh!!!”

Angelina pretended to fall, landing softly on her bottom. She began crawling backwards slowly, so that the toddler could keep the upper hand. “I’ll never let you take me alive!” She added in her best Darth Vader voice. “Mad-dox you are my son!”

The tiny boy couldn’t hold his laughter and fell into his mother’s arms in a fit of giggles. “I love you mommy.”

Wrapping him in her arms tightly, she kissed his forehead lightly before looking into his eyes. “I love you too my Madness.”

Angelina glanced up in time to catch Brad’s longing gaze, before he quickly turned away. He’d been so depressed lately but she couldn’t trespass on his privacy, She could give him no sage advice. All she could do was lend an ear and maybe add a little madness to his life. “Hey Mad.”

“Huh?” The boy looked up at his mother expectantly, snuggling closer into her warm body.

“Mommy has to go and see the makeup lady, so why don’t you take your saber and mine and go and challenge Brad to WAR! ARRRRGGGHHHH” She roughed the child up a bit and swung him in the air. Setting him down on his feet she helped him gather his toy sabers and watched him run over to Brad.

“Braddy!” Maddox’s small feet flew over the ground as he ran head long into Brad.

Smiling, Brad kneeled down to the child’s height. “Hey Mad! What’s up?”

Scrunching his face Mad responded. “Mommy has to go to the makeup lady. Can you play with me?”

His smile brighter. “I sure can! Which lightsaber is mine?” Brad hugged the little boy who’d become so important to him. He honestly didn’t know how he would deal with not seeing him after the shoot was over.

Maddox looked into Brad’s face, his eyes wide. “You know Star Wars?”

“Do I!”

“You can have mommy’s!” He handed Brad the saber.

“Okay, but lets move over here so we’re not in the crew’s way okay?” taking the small hand in his large one he walked the child over to the ‘safe’ area. Turning he saw Angelina watching him with a soft smile. He smiled back and returned his attention to the child. Holding his saber out he breathed. “You have learned much, young Padawan.”


October 2004


“Do you think he’s sleeping with her?” Jennifer asked her long time friend Courtney Cox-Arquette. “Angelina…do you think that he’s sleeping with her?”

“No I don’t. You know Brad wouldn’t cheat on you.” Courtney reassured her friend. But she wondered if Brad was keeping his vows. Angelina Jolie was a very provocative woman even her own husband had a thing for the ‘Tomb Raider’ beauty; calling her sex-a-licious. When Courtney had complained, David had laughed and waved her jealousy away. He told her that he’d met Angelina on the set of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ where his sister Rosanna had played Angelina’s mother. There was admiration, nothing else; God men could be so stupid! Angelina was like a black widow, both knowingly and unknowingly ensnaring men into her web –like arms. But she couldn’t…wouldn’t share those feelings with Jennifer. “Brad’s a good man.”

“A man no longer interested in our marriage.” Jennifer took a deep swallow of her spring water. “I don’t even think he finds me attractive anymore and it’s making me eat more and more.”

“Have you two talked about this? What about kids?” Courtney knew she was bringing up a very touchy subject. “I thought you planned to have a baby this year, ’04 is almost over. Friends is done, maybe now is the time to work on your marriage and start a family.”

Jennifer blushed a bit at Courtney’s words. “Well I was offered a couple of movie roles.”

Courtney looked up from her sushi plate. “What do you mean you were offered a couple movie roles? You never mentioned them to me.”

“Well they were just offered.” Jennifer shrugged. She hadn’t mentioned them because she knew that Courtney would have discussed it with her husband who would have said something to Brad. She hadn’t discussed any of the movie deals with Brad.

“Well it’s only two movies, that’s what three months of shooting per movie? So you will still be able to start your family…”

Jennifer corrected. “Well actually it’s six.”

“Six!” Looking around at the other dining patrons, Courtney lowered her voice. “Six?”


“Well what did Brad say?” Courtney watched Jennifer, push her salad across her plate, never really taking a bite. “Well?”

“I haven’t really told him yet.” Jennifer hedged.

“And what about a family…children? You know how badly he wants them.”

“Look my career is just starting to take off. I can’t afford to take the next year or so off to have babies. If I disappear for two years the world won’t remember who the hell I am. I need to move now while we’re hot off the success of ‘Friends’.” Jennifer pointed at Courtney. “Even you have a television series and that part in ‘The Longest Yard’. I have to strike now before I loose my chance.”

“Yeah and if you wait too long, you’ll sacrifice having a family. You know the trouble I went through.” Courtney shook her head. Jen was playing with fire. She knew that Brad would be so disappointed, couple that with the ‘Angelina’ factor and Jennifer was courting marital disaster. “You might want to discuss this with Brad before you sign anything.”

Jennifer didn’t bother to tell her that she’d already signed up for three.


Pitt home
Beverly Hills
November 2004

“So you want to wait two more years before starting a family?.” Brad was almost tired of the subject, but the time that he’d spent getting to know Maddox had only sharpened the desire for children. Jennifer had been promising year after year, only to have something come up every time. He was truly getting weary of the whole subject, where she was concerned. He was now considering other options. “Fine.”

“So you don’t even care?” Jennifer griped. Ever since Brad had begun shooting he’d seemed more and more distant with each passing day.

“I didn’t say that I didn’t care. I simply said fine Jen.” Brad sighed. He didn’t want to fight and she seemed to be revving up for one.

“Do even care why?”

“Why?” Brad asked completely devoid of all emotion. There was no excuse outside of illness that would help him understand, why she didn’t want to have his child.

“Well, you know how much I enjoy doing film and my career goals.” Jennifer walked over to the table and sat down opposite her husband.

“Un huh…You want a movie career and an Oscar, yeah I know.” Brad ran his fingers over his buzz cut. “What does this have to do wo=ith iur immediate family plans?”

“I was offer six roles and two were one on one costar, not an ensemble.” Jennifer forged ahead. “I signed the contracts for three last week.”

“WHAT?” Brad stood up suddenly. So let me get this straight. You don’t have time to start the family you’ve been promising me. Yet you do have time to sign up for and complete six movies. And you never even discussed it with me.” Brad stared at her as if she’d just grown two heads. “And you didn’t even discuss it with me first.


“THAT’S BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT!” Brad backed away from the table. “I have ALWAYS talked things over with you before signing ANY contract!”

“You have your career! You‘ve been nominated for an Oscar! That’s what I want! Why should I give up on my dreams to start a family when there’s still time for it later? I can’t afford to wait two years or more to start my movie career.” Jennifer watched Brad walk over to the window and stare out at the pool area. He had that far away look again as if he’d just left the building. “Hello! Are you listening to me?”

Brad turned his head to glance over his shoulder, his face devoid of all emotion. “Oh I hear you but you’re not saying anything that I want to hear at the moment.”

“What? I’m not allowed to have career?”

“I never said that. But you act as though it has to be one or the other.” He walked back over to her. “There are plenty of women who have careers and a family. Courtney was pregnant on ‘Friends’. Catherine has two kids now and she’s still working and raising her children. Julia had a difficult pregnancy like Courtney and she still worked while pregnant and now she’s doing Broadway. They are all married, Angelina is single and she raises Maddox alone. She brings him to the set everyday and she has a very successful career, Oscar and all. They all have Oscars and children. It can be done.” He was almost pleading, something he’d told himself he wouldn’t do again. But If this marriage was going to have chance, they were going to have to work out these issues.

Jennifer bristled at Angelina’s name. “Angelina…Angelina…Angelina! She’s just your idea of perfect isn’t she. Angie can do this! Angie can do that! WHAT THE HELL CAN’T SHE DO?”

Brad pointed his finger at Jennifer; his voice still and hard. “Stop it! Angelina has nothing to do with this. This is about you me and our family decisions. I mentioned her, Catherine, Julia and Courtney as examples. That’s all!”

Jennifer balked at Brad’s tone. “What? Did I hit a nerve talking about your precious Angie and what’s her kid’s name? Mad…he probably is mad with her as a mother.”

“I said STOP! His name is Maddox and leave them alone. They haven’t done a damn thing to you!“

“The hell they haven’t. It seems like every chance you get, you hold them up to me like they’re some kind of shining example of the perfect woman and child; as if I’m the failure for wanting to start my career without a big belly.”

“Your words not mine.” Brad muttered, shaking his head, he stared at her.

“Oh! Well since you have all the witty answers, how about answering this one. Are you sleeping with her?” Jennifer threw the question at him like a dart targeting the bull’s-eye.

“What?!” Brad shook his head. “You are a piece of work. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Are you sleeping with her?” Jennifer repeated, walking over to one of the side tables and grabbed a magazine, tossing it at Brad, who caught it with one hand. “These are all over!”

He glanced down at the tabloid in his hand and read the cover ‘Trouble in Paradise Is Pillow Lipped Angelina to Blame?’ Grimacing he tossed the magazine down. “Jennifer please, you know better than to read and believe this shit! They never tell the truth!”

“And yet somehow those rumors always manage to come true!” Jennifer watched Brad silently before asking again. “You still haven’t answered my question. Yes or no?”

“You are serious? You actually want me to answer that? Fine NO!” Brad yelled. “I have never slept with her!”

Jennifer had known this man for almost seven years and she had always been able to tell when he was telling the truth and she believed him now. But she still needed to know one thing. “Are you attracted to her?”

Brad looked the woman who’d shared his life for the last six and half years. In his mind he replayed every moment of that time and gave her the truth that he owed her. “Yes. I’m very attracted to her.


Rica, can you do that? Thanks
JJ post my email address to rica.


Rica,The One .org is calling on all Floridians to e-mail Senator Bill Nelson(FL) Senator for the Budget Comittee,He will decide how much assitance the US will give to the World's Poorest.
So all my Fellow Floridians,show your Love and admiration for this family,by jumping on the bandwagon to make poverty history. The Letter is already typed,all is required is for you to add your name. So come on Florida let your voices be heard!.

Again Brava Rica,also Rica I go back out to work
Mar 6th and will be flying back to back sequences.I will be away for awhile.I don't know how to reach you yet,so please e-mail the fanfic,so I can catch up when I get back. Thank you in advance.

Thanks Ange!
Were is the letter? I'll definitely sign it.

I'll send you my email along with the fic! That way we can keep in touch

Rica,the website is One.org,but I don't know how
how to find the letter there. It was actually e-mailed to me I signed up with them two years ago. as soon as I have your e-mail address I will forward it to you. We have three weeks to let our voices be heard.

I'm signed up with them as well, I buy the bands all the time, but I didn't get anything...

I'll contact them...Thank you Ange!!!

That was great rica, i want you to email me the fan pics, how do i get my email to you?

Hello everyone,Rica your fanfic was excellent.Last night I took some time to read Lineygossip.com and it was very interesting.Hopefully later today I will have free time and get time to corespond with all of you.Goodbye until then.Hopefully Jared will have new pictures by then.

WOW! Rica your good. Please please JJ email my address to Rica


Bravo! The reason why I visit this site every now and then is because of JJ, photos of the BAMZ, YOU and the rest of the BAMZ supporter.

If it is not too much to ask, I would appreciate if also if you would (please, pretty please with sugar on top) send me the fanfic by email.

Just Jared, would you please give my email to Rica if it's not to much to ask,


Great fanfic Rica!


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To all the haters/self-righteous wantabees;
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As for her past, who doesn’t have one? Good or bad she is a better person for it, in my opinion. Who among us can say the same? Loving anyone is hard. Leave it alone it is none of your business. The only fault I find in her is that she is too open about her life to the world. Obviously, she can’t trust the world to be as open and accepting. But, she still tries. This is something I admire in her. I know this is a dichotomy of an opinion. At the very least, she is not dull.

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I believe paradoxically this excessive scrutiny on Brad and Angelina will fuel them more to triumph over the negativity. I honestly don't know how long they will last as a couple but their chances are no worst than an average American. But they certainly seem in sync with each other in their interests and goals in life to sustain them for a long time. I certainly hope them the best.

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September 2004
Turning Points…

Jennifer half expected him to say yes, but now that the answer had been spoken into existence. What was she to do? Where did they go from here? “Okay…wow. How long have you been attracted to her?”

Brad watched Jennifer begin to pace. “Why does that matter?”

Almost as if in a reverie, Jen smiled. “hmmm…you know there was a time when you would have ended that question with, honey…sweetheart. You don’t even use those words anymore.”


“See…you can’t say it. Can you?” Jennifer sat down slowly. Staring up at Brad she continued. “So? How long?”

“Jen come on…we’re talking about Angelina Jolie. Most men find her attractive.”

“We’re not talking about most men Brad, we’re talking about you.” Jen wasn’t going to let this bone go. She wanted her answer.

Brad saw no reason to lie at this point. It would only make things worse if he did. They needed to get everything out in the open and move on from there. “Since March…April, I don’t know…sometime earlier this year.”

“So you were attracted to her while we were in Cannes? Were you thinking of her then too? Cause you’ve damn sure been thinking of her lately. You’re never here. Emotionally you’ve been somewhere else. Now I know why.”

“She was on my mind yes. But don’t you dare pin the state of our marriage on her, like some big bad scapegoat.” Brad answered quietly.

Jennifer watched him for a moment. “So enlighten me Bradley, what should I pin it on, if not your attraction to another woman? A woman who seems to be on your mind constantly!”

“What?!! You actually need me to tell you where it all went wrong? Why not start with our inability to stay in the same state for more than four weeks. Or how about the constant promises, broken time after goddamn time.“ Shaking his head he calmed down a bit, before continuing. To be fair I haven’t been working as hard as I could on this marriage. You’re right my mind has been on other things…children…family…producing more, acting less and yes I have been thinking of Angelina but I thought that if she could raise a son as a single parent and still have a fulfilling life, without sacrificing her career than you could too with me by your side.” Brad decided to tell her all of it. “And you know what I did think of her that way. She’s a gorgeous woman with an extremely potent sexuality but think of her is all I did. I have never slept with her…never even kissed her outside of the set.”

Jennifer watched him a full minute before standing and heading for the door. “You need to get her out of your mind if you hope to save our marriage.” Turning she left the room.

Brad stood silently, his mind a jumble of thoughts. ‘She hadn’t even owned up to her mistakes in the marriage. How could they solve their problems when only one was willing to take responsibility for the deterioration?

The one thought that kept fighting its way to the top. ‘Did he want to save his marriage?”

The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’

Private Promenade…

“You’re not funny Bradley! Stop.” Squealing, Angelina tried to pull away from Brad’s tickling fingertips but Brad refused to let her go. His fingers finding her most sensitive and ticklish spots. Bradley!”

Laughing Brad finally decided to stop his torture and let her up from his lap. “Who knew that the beautiful and dangerous Ms. Jolie would be so ticklish?”

“I thought that you were supposed to be a good guy?” At his shrug she punched him non-to-gently in the arm.

“Ouch!” Man, she threw a damn good punch. But he could take her. “Hey! I never claimed to be a good guy.” Brad’s mood, like quicksilver, changed from jovial to morose within seconds. “Yeah, I seem to be far from a ‘good guy’ at home these days.”

“Still bad huh?” Angelina sat down next to Brad. “I thought you two were making some kind of progress.” She knew that he and Jennifer were having serious problems and that they were currently seeing a marriage counselor. It didn’t seem to be helping. If anything, Brad seemed more and more depressed of late.

“Yeah just not in the right direction.” Standing, he held his hand out to her. “Walk with me.”

Without hesitation, Angelina stood gently placing her hand in his, she allowed him to draw her arm through his. They walked quietly for a moment, leaning into each other; simply enjoying the view. Brad didn’t release her arm and she was content to hold on to his. After what seemed like twenty minutes, Angelina decided to break the silence. “So, you want to talk?”

Without preamble, he spilled his thoughts; telling her all. “It’s just not working, the counseling. Even my parent’s advice doesn’t seem to be working. I’m trying to be understanding. I realize that Jennifer has a few issues to resolve within herself. I understand that but…” Brad’s voice trailed off as he stared out at the clear blue waters that caressed the coast. “She signed up for three movies and is considering three more and never once did she bother to discuss it with me.”

“I thought you two were working on starting a family.” Angelina kept her emotions regarding Jennifer’s perfidy to herself. From what Brad had told her the ‘baby’ issue had been going on for the last two years. He’d given her the two years she’d asked for at the beginning of their marriage and she’d been putting him off ever since. But Brad had hoped that with the end of Friends that Jennifer would be ready. Was the woman out of her mind? Who wouldn’t to create a family with this man? His wife, that’s who?

“Yeah, well she decided that I could wait another two years.” She caught the glint of tears in Brad’s eyes. “She’s never going to give me any children. I guess I should accept that. But I just hoped and wished she would. I even asked her about adoption, that was a resounding no!”

Angelina pulled her had hand free to rub Brad’s back. “Give her time to think about it. She’ll change her mind. As for adoption, everyone can’t adopt. Some people would prefer their on children. You can’t blame her for that. What may seem easy for some…just isn’t for others.”

Brad lowered his shaking head. “No…she won’t change her mind. All she wants now is a movie career and an Oscar.”

Angelina made a choking noise. Really? An Oscar…her?” Angelina decided to let it go. But inside she knew that it would be a long time before Jennifer Aniston the world’s best ‘Friend’ ever won an Oscar. “Well, she does have great hair.” Angelina grined.

Brad laughed at Angelina’s humor. “Yeah…an Oscar. I don’t think they give those for hair, do they? I think it’s a talent thing. Yeah I’m almost sure of it.”

The two laughed a bit longer before the mood once again became a sober one. Angelina stopped walking; turning to Brad she reached up to smooth his hair, ending the gesture by cupping Brad’s jaw. “If you want your marriage to work, you know what you have to do?”

“No, not anymore. I’m tired. I’m just tired. I had one more movie after this, then I decided to take some time off. Since we would both be off I thought that we could start our family. The best laid plans. The kicker is, she and I discussed this…we agreed.” His voice usually so placid and cheery was now simply put; weary. “I’m so tired of being the only one trying to infuse a bit of sincerity and romance into our marriage. If she wants a career then she can have it.”

Angelina shook her head. “No! No…she can have both. Hello! Actors do it all the time.”

Exasperated Brad sighed heavily. “Yeah but she doesn’t seem to know that or rather she sees only one way to do it! Her way!”

She could only think of one thing to say and so she did. “I’m so sorry Brad.”

Brad saw his own anguish reflected in her beautiful Hazel eyes. “Hey don’t worry, if my grandma Betty is to be believed; all things have a way of working out. This is no different.” Taking her hand again, he pulled her towards the open market. “Let’s look around. I know you like to shop. I saw those bags yesterday!”

She swung at him, but missed when he stepped out of the way. Brad laughed. “Hey watch that left!” Staring into her beautiful face, his voice quietly intimate, he asked. “Will you have dinner with me tonight?”

Her answer was a mere whisper but he heard it as if she’d shouted. “I love to Bradley.”


The evening was clear, the weather warm and enticing. They’d decided to have dinner on her patio. Here they could enjoy their meal without the paparazzi snapping endless photos that would somehow find their way to the highest bidding tabloid. They wanted privacy away from prying eyes and speculation.

“Here try this.” Angelina held out a forkful of her chocolate ravioli dessert for Brad to try. “Mmmm…I love Italian food.”

Brad’s mouth enveloped the fork and gently pulled the tender dessert pasta from it. :Mmmmm…very good.” He managed around the rich morsel. “Try this.” He held a spoonful of his vanilla bean confection out to her.

Leaning forward she opened her mouth to allow him to feed the morsel to her. Instead Brad traced her lips with the sweet and dabbed a bit on to her tongue before returning the uneaten piece to his own mouth.

“Hey! No fair, what about my taste? I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied with my lips huh?” Angelina’s tongue darted out, seeking and tasting the corners of her mouth. Before she could move any further, Brad stood and moved over to Angelina’s side of the table. Pulling her to her feet, he spoke. “You want a taste? Here/” He opened his mouth to show her the morsel still lying there on his tongue.

Angelina reacted to the intense feelings engulfing them. Too many nights alone… too many day wishing...wanting. Too many days trying to hide a desire that grew stronger each day. She wanted him so bad she could smell him. If nothing else she had to taste him, just once. Leaning in she met his mouth with her own, tasting and exploring until she captured the elusive piece of dessert. Her voice husky she murmured against his opened mouth. “Mmmmm…very good.”

Brad’s hands found their way into her hair. That glorious mane of hair, he’d secretly been itching to touch. Grasping a handful of the thick shiny locks, he pulled her head back roughly. Using his tongue he began to trace her full luscious lips. ‘God, he’d dreamed of those lips; their plump softness.’ The tastes he gotten while filming had been a simple tease. He nipped gently at the puffy lower lip, until she whimpered, giving him permission to move further. Sucking gently on the well teased lip, Brad allowed his hands to cup her face, holding her still for his oral invasion. He aggressively went after the prize, his tongue dueling and subduing hers. Nothing tasted so sweet. She reminded him of a ripe sweet orange with just a hint of tartness. Luscious!

Angelina deepened the kiss, allowing her own tongue to entice. Her hands began exploring his body; delicately running up his arms to well formed Biceps. ‘Oh his arms, He had the most wonderful arms. Thick and hard…made to carry a woman to bed, made to hold a woman down, made to protect. She continued her exploration, moving over his should blades and roaming downward toward that magnificent butt. ‘That ass could launch a thousand ships.’ Their kiss so demanding, that she was sure her lips were bruised. They were already tender and she knew; the more he took, the more she gave.

He wanted more. Allowing one hand to caress its way down into the succulent valley of her full breasts, he tested the weight of one perfect globe in his hand, squeezing the softness and teasing the already rigid nipple into a stiff pebble. Brad’s other hand glided slowly down her back to caress her curved bottom. Even through the thin material of her white cotton skirt, his fingers sought and found the crease that split her buttocks. Following the crease until both hands cupped her bottom. He needed more!

Never breaking the kiss, Brad carried her over to the balcony’s sofa, laying her there, he followed her down. Pushing her skirt up over her impossibly long legs slowly, he caressed every inch of supple flesh he uncovered. Using his knees to spread her legs, he settled into the hot moist apex of her thighs. His hands still searching, they found the softness of her naked buttocks. ‘Lord he did love a woman’s thong.’

Angie’s own hands were doing a bit of exploration themselves. ‘The man had the world’s greatest ass. There was no other like it. Her hands pushed and fought their way into the waste of his cotton summer pants, needing…wanting to touch flesh. When they finally found the warm flesh she sighed. When his hands caressed and molded the sinuous flesh of hers she moaned. “Braaaddd…”

Hot, hard and heavy. She needed more, he wanted more. Reaching between them he opened his pants. Leaving his fly open he once again reached up to hold her head still, while he captured her mouth in yet another bruising kiss. Grinding his groin into her as his tongue moved in and out of her mouth mimicking the rhythm of loves age old dance of lust, fulfillment and love.

Pulling her mouth away from his, Angelina had to catch her breath. She had to stop him, she had to stop herself. God this was a married man, what was she doing? “Brad…Brad!” Still fighting to catch her, she fought him as well, dodging his seeing lips. When he couldn’t capture her mouth again he settled on her throat, sucking and laving the pulse that beat at the base of her throat. She was dying and in mere minutes they would be past the point of no return and that was definitely not a journey they needed to take right now. “Brad, please…we have to stop…please.”

Her voice came to him through a haze of lust. However it wasn’t her voice or the words that stopped him. It was the panic in her eyes. He had to stop for the sake of his marriage and for Angelina’s sake. He couldn’t destroy the trust that he’d built with her over the last ten months. With one last caressing kiss, he pushed away from her and fastened his pants. Reaching over he helped her right her own cloths. “What do we do now?”

Angelina stared into his heavenly blue eyes and gave an answer that would end it. “We’re done shooting for now. So you go home to your wife and make it work. I’ll go home to my son. This can’t happen again Brad. I think it best if we stay away from each other.”

“Just like that?” Brad knew it was for the best. He knew she was right. But the decision just hurt so bad; it was an ache that went further than the massive arousal he’d be nursing tonight. It consumed him, just as the thought, feel and taste of her enslaved him.

“We don’t have another choice.” She bent over; the pain of arousal she could deal with, it was the pain of the soul she was having a problem with. How was she supposed to simply let this man go? But she had no choice, he belonged to another woman and she would never be a married man’s mistress. She’d almost broken her vow; no other man had ever made her test her vow.

“Will you see other men?”


“Fine. But know this Angel, one day I’ll be free and heaven help anyone who stands between me and you. Because I’m coming none stop.”

If they knew then what we all know now…
That it would be just a matter of months until Brad was a free man…


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So now we pick up from...

March 30th 2005

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The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’
October 2004

“Mommy…mommy” The little voice along with the incessantly patting hand finally penetrated the deep fog surrounding her dreams. “Mommy…mommy…wake up mommy.”

Angie rolled over and pushed the thick curtain of hair away from her face. She squinted at the sleep swollen face of her three year old son. “Hey sweetheart.” Sitting up, she reached over and pulled the toddler into bed with her. Cuddling him she cleared her fogged mind and focused on him. “What’s the matter baby? Did you have a bad dream?” Maddox shook his head no as he cuddled deeper into his mother’s arms.

“Okaaay…do you have to go potty?” Again the child shook his head. “Water?” Another shake. Settling back down with the child onto the pillows she snuggled him down under the covers with her. “So you tell me…”

“You had a bad dream mommy.” The child answered.

“What?” Angelina asked softly.

“You had a bad dream. You woke me up.” He began playing with his mother’s hand as he spoke. “You were making noises, so I came in hereto wake you up.”

Glad the child couldn’t see her face, Angelina kissed the soft hair that ran the center of his head in a punky Mohawk. “Well thank you for waking me up. Now I think that we should both go back to sleep. Huh?”

Looking up at his mother he asked. “Okay but can I sleep in here with you now?”

“Sure baby.”

“Goodnight mommy.” He rolled over in snuggled closer into the only embrace he knew… that had been his protection for most of his life.

“Goodnight baby.” She began rubbing his hair gently. If he only knew how much he meant to her. He’d saved her from herself…grounded her and she do or give up anything for him. “I love you my Madness.”

Already half asleep the toddler responded before giving in to slumber. “Love you too mommy.”

She held him for a moment longer, to make sure he was asleep before leaving the bed and walking out onto the balcony of her bedroom. The light fragrant wind wafted soothingly over her sensitive skin. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. She was afraid to close her eyes. Behind her lids there waited hell’s desire. A desire she had no hope of assuaging.

“Couldn’t sleep?” There it was; the voice that haunted her every conscious and subconscious moment.


He came awake, his taut body covered in sweat. “Now that was a wet dream.” He murmured to himself. Getting up he went into the bathroom to splash cold water on to his face.

Looking up he stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. If he had any hopes of salvaging his marriage, He had to get her out of his mind. He had to let her and Maddox go. Walking out onto his private balcony, he stood watching the Ocean waves roll lightly up onto the deserted beach below.

A small sound registered and warned him that he wasn’t alone. He knew before he even turned that it was her; the Angel that haunted his day and night dreams. Looking to his left he saw her, she wore a large black sleep shirt that stopped at the top of her thighs, leaving the length of her pale legs open to view. Her thick hair left unbound, fell in mussed waves down her back, ending just below her shoulders. Ahhh…his Angel, worth tens of millions of dollars and still she remained low maintenance. He spoke softly, “Couldn’t sleep?”

Angelina’s gaze jerked around until it found him. “Ye…umm…Mad woke me up.”

Brad stared at her for a moment before speaking. “Hmmm…is he sleeping now?”

“Yes.” She smiled softly. “He wanted to cuddle I think. So why aren’t you sleeping? Bad dream?”

“Not bad, just intense and forbidden.” The heat suffusing his eyes was almost visible or maybe it was his intense stare that warmed.

“Mad said that I was moaning…or rather he said that I was making noises.” She admitted. “Dreams…”

“What were you dreaming about?” He prompted quietly

“You.” A simple answer. Her eyes roamed over his body noticing that he slept in a pair of lthin cotton pajama pants and no shirt. Hmmm…he was addictive/

“Then I wasn’t alone.” Sighing heavily he ran his hand over his bare chest “What do we do?”

“Nothing. You go home and work on your marriage and Mad and I go home and live our lives.”

“Fine. But know this Angel, one day I’ll be free and heaven help anyone who stands between me and you.”

He echoed the exact words spoken in her dream. “You’re suppose to have Jennifer on your mind.”

“And I will just as soon as you and Mad get the hell out of it. Good night Angel.” He turned and walked back into his bedroom, leaving Angelina standing there wondering what to do next.

“Goodnight Bradley.” She whispered.

She and Mad left for England the next day. She was due to make a UNHCR visit to Darfur in a week and needed to get her mind back in order.

The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’ Cont…


The lighting in the hotel lounge was muted enough to conceal both Val Kilmer and his table companion, Angelina Jolie from the prying eyes of fans. The two shared a small table.

“So…?” Val persisted. He’d along with a few others had noticed Angelina’s sadness. Her mind seemed a million miles away from the premiers. He’d finally managed to get her away from the rest of the cast.

“So…what?” Angelina absolutely adored Val. He’d become a very good friend over the last few years.

“You know what. What’s going on with you?” Val continued. “You haven’t been yourself since you arrived here for the premiere.” Leaning across the table he whispered. “What happened in Italy Angie? Why are your eyes so sad? They don’t have that spark that I’m used to seeing.”

What did she tell him? That she pined for a man who could never be hers; a married man? That she’d almost given in to the desire of her body, heart and soul? How did she explain how weary and disappointed she was after her trip to Darfur. How did she put in words, the suffering that she’d witnessed, of the refugees of Darfur? What would make sense to him? Her answer, nothing. “Nothing, I’m just tired. That’s all.”

“Bull!” Val took a sip of his drink. “I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me.”


“Does this have anything to do with all the ‘Brad’ noise that I have been hearing about?” Val asked. He and Angie had always been upfront with one another, why change now?


“Don’t.” Val held his hand up to stop her. “Before you go to the trouble; I know you. I’ve heard the rumors and you and I both know that no matter how scattered or twisted there usually is usually a modicum of truth in there somewhere. So which is it in this case?”

“We haven’t slept together if that’s what you mean?” Angelina’s voice a bit on the defensive side.

“That’s not what I said.” Deciding to try a different approach, Val reached across the table to capture Angelina’s hand. “Angie…baby I know you didn’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to one another. Hell, look at Colin, he’s half in love with you and you wouldn’t give him the time of day.”

Angie suddenly felt the need to just release it all. Unload it on Val and let him deal with it. Maybe he could make sense of it all. “I never…Brad is.” She stopped and started over. “He’s so down to earth. He was kind sweet, and a little goofy. I never expected to feel this way. While we were in Italy we talked about his marriage, my life and his.

“But?” Val prompted.

Angelina’s lips quirked into a quick smile. “Huh…there’s always a but, isn’t there?” She sipped her drink and continued. “But…things just got a little to tight…too close, so when we parted I suggested that we not see each other anymore and I sent him home to work on his life. So he went back home to California and I went on to Darfur. None of it worked…the distance…the other responsibilities…other people. I sat there in that refugee camp watching the people…their suffering and while I did my job, my mind was on him. So what do I do? What can I do? Nothing…he’s married.”

Val read the confusion and longing on her face. “Baby, I don’t know have an answer for to that. You did the best you could. We can’t help who our heart yearns for. You did the right thing. It may hurt but it was morally right. He’s back in the states with his wife. That’s where he should be at least for now, trying to work everything out.”

Her voice a strained whispered floated across the space between them. “He calls me almost everyday. At first I didn’t answer or returned any of his calls, but he kept calling and I…I couldn’t…couldn’t” Her voice broke. “Then there’s Maddox, he’s constantly asking for Brad. I tell him that Brad had to go home, but he doesn’t understand. I started to letting Brad talk to him when he calls. It’s the only way Mad will sleep. And now we’re all in deep.” Dropping her head into her hands she moaned through her palms. “Awwww….what was I thinking. I guess I just needed to hear his voice…I needed…I don’t know.”

Reaching for hands, he drew them away fro her face, Such a beautiful face. “Shhh…It’s okay. Trust me I understand.” Val knew she wasn’t ready for the ‘L’ word but he had a feeling that was where she was headed. It wouldn’t be quick, knowing Angie. She had Mad to think of so ever cautious, this was liable to drag out. Maybe he should try to feel Brad out to see were his head was at.

Angie tried to cleared her throat but the lump was still there. “I’m starting to to feel discombobulated.” Shaking her head she stared almost frantically into Val’s eyes. “I don’t want another ‘Billy’ episode.”

“Baby there is nothing remotely psychotic about this situation with Brad. Billy Bob? Now…that was just strange. I love Billy, don’t get me wrong, but he was just a dirty old man.” Laughing he continued. “Hell! Half the population of 40 something year old men wanted you…like I said dirty old men.”

Angelina’s laughter tinkled through the quiet lounge. “Thank you…”

“For what?”

“For just listening to me.”

“Always my pleasure Angel.” He gave her hand a gentle squeeze.


DECEMBER 9, 2004
Pre- Ocean’s Twelve-Premiere

“Is Jen coming to the Premiere tomorrow night?” George had been having a one-sided conversation with himself, since the yacht had disembarked. Now almost two hours later, he realized he wasn’t really into the ‘alone thing’.

He tried again. “April asked about you?” George tried teasing his long time friend. But he seemed to be preoccupied, just as he had been for the last two months. “Brad! Did you hear me?”

Brad snapped out of his reverie. “What?”

“I said that April…April Florio asked about you/” George looked out over the Pacific Ocean, visible from the yacht that they were sailing.

“Oh yeah? What does she want?” Brad barely remembered who she was and was not particularly interested in anything she had to say.

“She just asked me how you were.” George smirked. “Wanted to know if you wanted to get together.”

“What did you say?” Brad asked.


Brad’s attention was on full alert now. “George!”

George laughed and handed Brad another beer. “Just kidding man! I told her that you weren’t interested.”

“Thank you.” Brad took a swig from his bottle. “For a minute there, I thought that I was going to have to kill you and throw your body overboard.”

“And here I thought we were good friends…best buds!” George swallowed his own beer.

“Yeah, best buds don’t set there buddy up with a stalker.” No problem though if you ahd told her yes. We would have just double dated with you.”

“Me and who?”

“The love of your life. “Juliana Dipandi”

“Oh…Ha…ha…ha!” George grimaced at the name. Juliana was a nice woman but a bit stalk-er-ish. She actually scared him. “Yeah…she scares me.”

Brad grinned. “That’s just wrong.”

George chose his next words carefully. “So now that I have your attention, you wanna tell me what’s been going on with you?”


“You heard me. What’s going on. You haven’t been the same since you returned from Italy. What went on there?”


“Ahhh…” George had heard the rumors, but he also knew his friend. But he’d gotten a good look at Ms. Jolie and if beauty and sensuality needed a name, it needed only to knock on her door. The woman seemed to positively ooze sex. He yet to meet her but depending on how this whole situation worked out, she was definitely on his ‘look up’ list.

“No ahhh.” Brad mimicked. “We didn’t do anything.”

“I know you didn’t Brad.” Shrugging he continued. “I can also see that something’s bothering you, so talk to me.”

“She’s not what people think. I remember thinking that she was more than a little weird. I was wrong…completely. She’s got to be the most misjudged person, I’ve ever met. She’s down to earth, compassionate and loving. She enjoys a successful career but yet motherhood is her number one priority. I can’t get Jennifer to so much as think about having a baby and here Angelina is adopting them from orphanages around the world. Do you know where she is right now? She’s in Lebanon for the UN. She’s so selfless…why couldn’t…” He simply broke off his words.

“Why couldn’t, what? Jen be more like her..or is there something else?” George asked. “Finish what you were going to say.”

Frowning at George had no affect, so he was forced to continue. “Why couldn’t I have met her in 2000?” Did he even know what he was saying these days?

Shaking his head George set his beer down. “Because, she was married to Billy Bob and you were busy shaking off Bradley and morphing into ‘Brad Pitt; Golden Boy’. She was too wild and you were too superficial. You ended up married to the right woman at the time.”

“So I should work on my marriage and forget about Angie?” He asked.

“I said that you had married the right woman at the time. Now four years later, you two are moving in separate directions. If one of you is willing to compromise and walk the others path then yes.” Chuckling he finished. “Do you know why I’ve vowed not to marry again? Because I’m not good at it, but you Brad…you are. You enjoy being with someone and creating a family. And in the right setting I think you’ll flourish.”

“Yeah but which setting? Exotic or domestic?” Rolling his eyes heaven word, he twisted his lips. “I’ve tried walking her path for almost seven years. I just don’t know how much longer I can keep doing it.” Shaking his head in defeat Brad stood and moved over to the yacht’s railing. “I’m just so tired of being the only one in this marriage who’s compromising, and sacrificing.

“Then you have your answer.”

He had an answer but what was it? Jennifer was in London. He would go and spend time with her. Maybe they’d celebrate his birthday together.

If he wanted this marriage to work, he would have to let Angelina’s and Maddox’s memories rest. “Yeah, I have my answer. “

That was much easier said than done…

Especially when one’s heart became involved…


loved the fanfic rica. you need to get published girl its that dang on good. The story just keeps getting better! I am now a huge fan of your work. Cant wait to read the next one.

RICA, Girl your something else thank you, thank you, Raqchel is right you should get published, but don't pull her J.A. and forget about the little people that first fell in love with you. Thank you for my fix today, that was a close one!

I have only one thing to say to Rica I LOVE YOUR FANFIC. Great imagination girl.
Keep up the good work and Raqchel and Shut-UP are right you should published this fanfic.
kiss to all BAMZ+1 fans


Nice Rica, very nice. The more I read the deeper i fall (sigh). One question....Juliana Dipandi is that the girl from E!News? So funny, she does have some stalkerish tendencies. Do you see how she is with Jason Bateman of Arrested Development?

Thanks ladies!!!

Yeah Afircan Girl: That's the chick from E. She is always stalking George. Sometimes he looks like he wants to runaway! Poor guy!!!

I think that girl needs to get laid!!!

LMAO. Thanx for responding so quickly. Asked the same question on the Brad and maddox thread. You can just ignore it.

RICA....THANKS SO MUCH!!! I missed you and your fanfics....welcome back!!

WHOOOOOOOOOO! Man, that was a great FANFIC. Kept me glued to the computer screen for the longest time. Loved reading it. Keep 'em coming. Love BAMZ+1!!!!

You've done it again rica, keep then coming girl!

This is my absolute favorite part of the entire fanfic:

“Do you know why I’ve vowed not to marry again? Because I’m not good at it, but you Brad…you are. You enjoy being with someone and creating a family. And in the right setting I think you’ll flourish.”

Girl, you know how to write your ass off and I've been sharing your work at Everything Adult and the ladies are so appreciative of your story. What do we have to do to get you to join? Again, you are amazing!

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How can we join that site. Are you the same person who emailed the fanfic distribution list this morning?

Let me know, I emailed the suggested email and I haven't received a response as of yet. If you are the same person...email us again.


Rica, Rica, Rica.

Woooohooooo! You did it again woman! You know you should make a book...any kind of book and let us know. I will buy it for sure and please when you do...sign your autograph too, would yah!


Still and will always be addicted to BAMZ+1 :)

Rica, shit this is soooooooooo, good!!! I know this is a fanfic, but so compelling!!!! Can't wait for the next entry!!!!

Rica, shit this is soooooooooo, good!!! I know this is a fanfic, but so compelling!!!! Can't wait for the next entry!!!!

393 | Lola | March 7, 2006 01:31 PM

Thank you ma'am I'm glad you and the ladies over at 'Everything Adult ' like.

Sure I would love to join just let me know how?

Hey 'Me Again' Wasssupppp woman!!!

RICA! OMG! You´re the most talented writer I had the honor and the PLEASURE to read!

Good greacious! You have a gem, you should assure its copyrights!

Rica, love the Fanfic. Keep going.

Rica...check your email

Rica and MeAgain,
The admins at Everything Adult would love for you to join (and probably anyone else who also wants to join). I just sent them personal messages to open registration. Rica, I can't wait for you to read all of the nice things the members have written in response to your fanfic. You're a big hit. LOL I'll keep you posted as to when registration is once again open. I hope to have the info in a couple of hours.

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Rica, well done - again. Getting up and reading your fanfic has become a habit. Great way to start the day!

To the person who e-mailed the Everything Adult info, I also sent a message re registartion.

Rica thanks so much!!! Great read!

i won't lie...i am a romance reader when i'm not working the day job or writing my research papers....so i can say that i love Rica's chapters...i need another one..rica, I know you must work, but i'm hurting for another chapter...LOL

Lady's I send you a email with the email address from Everything Adult admin .Please write her

Rica: Thanks so much! You get the dialogue so right...it's like you were there. ( Rica, are you actually Angelina? Just checking)... I think Jared should sell pins with pictures or something symbolic of BAMZ on them, so fans could recognize one another when out in the world. He could donate the proceeds to Angelina's charities?

AddictedtoBAMZ+1. I am now begining to think that we really, really need that 12 step program. Pins with pictures?LOL. Don't u think that would make us easy targets for the you know whos but hey, i'd wear it proudly anyday. Pins with Pictures...LMAO

Sorry, forgot what I was here for (your fault AddictedtoBAMZ+1). Rica I want to be put on your email/fan list. Don't know if you got my email but i will send another one to Jared.

Jared don't you think it would be a good idea for Rica to have a small space to post her fanfic's. Then we wouldn't have to search for the fic just go directly to the space provided.

I more than sure this won't take away from the praise we give you just add a little flavor.

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Me Again, I don't think so, It would just attract all the haters. I am enjoying reading Rica stories and all the postive feedback without all the bullshits from the Haters. Besides it make me feel like I am in some kind of secret club for BAMZ+1 Lovers :) Yes I know I need a life!

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Sorry guys, this is just a post through...
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click on link, registered is closed :(

Ignore that. Click on the register button anyway.
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Thanks for the hook-up. The fanfics on this site are...well how can I say it...

Hot. Now I know I'm not going to be able to get any work done. I'm trying to read all and catch up.

Rica this doesn't mean you need to stop...just do it when you have the time girl..


I tried Lola, but it still said registered close...I click on "register" at least 3 times.... :((...Thank you for your help.

Estelle, please try again.

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Yeahh...thanks Lola...it's work...still wait for reply.

I also just registered on the Everything Adult site but will still look forward to coming here to read your fanfic, Rica. Looking forward to the next installment when you have time.

Rica, can i join the fanfic club? how can i send my info to you?





hey rica, missed you girl!!! will the next entry be on this thread?

Hey Rica welcome back!
Will you post the next chapter this morning?
Rica you rock


GIA, send an email to Jared and he'll forward it to Rica.

I was just about to go to bed (I'm about 12 - 15 hours ahead of N America) until I read your message about posting early today. Now I just have to stay up until it arrives. Can't wait!




The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’ Cont…

DECEMBER 17, 2004
The Dorchester Hotel
London England

“Brad are you coming to visit me and mommy?” The little voice spoke into the phone. What did he say? Sighing he gave it his best shot. “Well Mad remember what me and mommy told you? Remember? That when the movie was over we had to all go home? You and mommy live really far from me sweetie. But you know you can always call me, okay?”

The little voice that answered was sadder somehow. “Kay…but…I know… you can do another movie with mommy and we can see you.”

“Ahhhh…Mad, you know…I don’t think so buddy. Mommy has another movie and so do I.” It was breaking his heart, this conversation.

“After that…maybe?” Maddox wasn’t quite prepared to give up. He wanted to see Brad. Maybe if he cried, mommy would take him to see his Braddy.

“I’m sorry sweetie. I won’t be able to.” Once upon a time he would have said, ‘what he wouldn’t give for a son like Maddox. Now his thoughts were ‘what he wouldn’t give to be a father to Maddox.

“Don’t you like me and mommy anymore?” Maddox asked, his little voice, wobbly with tears. He stamped his little foot. No! He wasn’t supposed to cry now! He had to wait for mommy to see, but he was sad now.

The sound of tears in Maddox voice, broke his heart and he felt a lump form in his own throat. “Hey…come on you’re my big boy, remember? You have to be strong for mommy. You’re the man in the house. But you’re still my best buddy right?”

“Ummm…hmmm.” Maddox responded, wiping his eyes with the back of his little hand. He still wanted Brad. But he had to be a big boy. Being a big boy sucked!

Brad sat back on the sofa, making himself more comfortable. “Okay, so where did we leave off?”

“They saw the white whale!” In true primary fashion, Mad’s mind was now on the childlike version of Moby Dick. The story Brad had been telling him over the last week.

“That’s right. So there they were, in the middle of the ocean and..”


December, 16 2004
Angelina’s Country Estate
Fulmer, England

“Who’s he talking to?” Colin Ferrell asked watching Angelina’s three year old son Maddox speak in high animated tones into the cordless telephone.

Angelina looked up from her salad. She glanced over at her son, a smile lightening her face when she caught his excited words. Moby Dick…figured. Men and their never ending conquest to conquer nature, their need to force their will on any and all living things was amazing. “Brad.” A simple answer full of so much meaning.

“I thought you two weren’t speaking.” Colin put his fork down and waited patiently for Angelina to respond. When she didn’t immediately, he continued. “Come on Angie, you were a mess when we met at the Premiere. What the hell are you doing?”

Angelina quickly shushed him. “Hey! Watch your mouth around my kid. He may be on the phone, but trust me the boy has supersonic hearing.”

Holding his hands up in surrender “Okay, fine swearing is out. Now answer the question. What are you doing?” Colin asked.

“Nothing is going on. Brad doesn’t talk to me. He just calls to speak to Mad. When shooting was doe, Mad didn’t like saying good bye and couldn’t understand why Brad didn’t come see him. He experienced ‘separation anxiety’. So we decided to wean him a bit slower. Brad calls him and they talk. Sometimes they tell each other stories.” Angelina sipped her white wine, keeping an eye on her son, who sat on his little patio lounge chair, listening intently to Brad’s story.

“He calls everyday now?” Colin had a bit of trouble holding the sudden streak of jealousy he felt at bay. He’d spent three and half months with this woman and she hadn’t so much as batted an eyelash in his general direction. She kept calling him her brother, as if. The longer he worked with her, the more he admired her. She was completely opposite of the opinion the public had of her. She’d given so much of herself, her time and her money for a cause that most ignored. She worked as hard at being a good mother as she did at being an award wining actress. Everything about her was sexual, maternal and compassionate and she would never be his.

Angelina answered, without turning away from her son. “Everyday? No, every two or three days.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Colin warned. He could see she was heading for pain. He’d do all he could to stop her.

Angelina turned back to face Colin. “I know and soon there won’t be any more. It’s just that Mad gets a bit anxious when he doesn’t hear from Brad.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” She saw him as a brother, then brother he’d be. “He’s in London sweetheart, minding his wife.”

Angelina’s face paled with Colin’s words. Why was he being so hateful? “I know where he is and I dam…don’t need you to remind me of it.”

“You know where he is and you know what he’s doing, or is that who he’s doin…” Colin didn’t finish his sentence, Angelina interrupted him.

“Don’t…Colin!” She brought her voice down again, realizing Mad do was looking at them both now. “So help me…”

Reaching across the table, Colin pushed a stray curl from Angelina’s face. “Shhhh…I’m sorry baby. You know me. Just getting a rise.” Turning his cheek forward. “Go ahead give me that hot left hook of yours.”

Angelina shrugged it off. “It’s okay. I think that I’m just a bit too sensitive these days.” Nodding at his cheek, she muttered. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Mommy…” Maddox ran over to the table.

Angelina wrapped an arm around the child, drawing him close. “Yeah baby?”

“Braddy wants to talk to you!” Handing her the phone, the little boy ran over to Colin and climb into his lap. “Hi!”

“Hi yourself!” Colin hugged the little boy. Maddox was such a sweet, happy little boy. Angie was doing a hell of a job with this kid. Colin hated to see either one of them get hurt. Perhaps he should pay Brad a visit and find out just what the hell was really going on. He didn’t blame the man for his obsession. Hell! He’d worked with her almost a year ago and he was still obsessed.

There was something about Angie…how did Val put it? She made a man ‘feel’ things. Lord only knew what she’d made Brad feel. But the difference between he and Brad was a wedding band and he’d be damned if he were going to sit by and let this man destroy Angie’s hard earned happiness and stability. No one really knew how bad a job Billy Bob had done on her. Part of her was still afraid of commitment and being chased by a married man damn sure wasn’t helping. ‘Yeah.’ Colin thought. ‘He’d pay Bradley a little visit once they were stateside.’

Watching Maddox draw Colin’s attention, Angelina rose from the table and moved out of ear shot of both man and child, before speaking. “Hi.” She breathed into the phone.

Waiting for the sound of that voice. The voice she knew in her heart she was born to recognize.


DECEMBER 17, 2004
The Dorchester Hotel
London England

“Hi.” What was he doing? He was in London to talk to Jennifer and here he was pining for just a whisper of her voice.

“I thought we agreed you would only call for Maddox.” Angelina needed to keep them on track. Someone had to. “Why?”

She didn’t need to finish. He knew what she was asking but he had his own question that needed to be answered. “Why is Colin there?”


“Answer me. Why is he there?” Brad barked into the phone. He couldn’t begin to explain the searing jealousy that had raced through him at the sound of Colin’s name on her lips. Why was the man there, poaching on his territory?

“He’s a friend and he came over for a visit, that’s all.”

“I don’t like it.” Brad’s voice held all the abstinence of a stubborn child when told to eat his vegetables.

“And I don’t like the fact that you’re married. But I don’t have choice, do I? I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night aching. But how do I stop my unconscious mind from dreaming of something that can never be?”

Brad’s voice raised an octave. “You think I don’t have the same dreams? Do you know how much it’s taking me to sit her and simply talk to you when what I really want to do is get to you anyway I can? Do you!?”

Jumping, Angelina reacted to the sharpness in Brad’s voice. “Brad…this…this is not helping either one us and it damn sure isn’t helping Maddox.” Taking a deep shaky breath she continued. “You don’t need to tell me how hard it is for you…I feel it…everyday…every moment…I feel it too! So don’t tell me how hard it is for you right now.”

Brad heard the anguish in Angelina’s voice. An anguish that was mirrored in his own soul. “Angel…”

“Don’t. You’re here to work out things with your wife. This has to stop. There’s no place for it to go.”

He couldn’t accept that. “Ang…”

“No…no more and you know I’m right.” She made her decision in that moment. “I don’t want you to call Mad anymore.”

“Listen…” She interrupted again.

She didn’t dare give him a chance to wear her down and change her mind. She had to do this for him…Mad…herself. “I said no more Brad.”

“What about Maddox?” He knew that he was hitting below the belt, but he didn’t care. Maybe he was being selfish. But he couldn’t just let her disappear from his life. Mad…Mad, it would likely kill him to let that child go But she was right, he was in London to work thing out with Jen. But did he really want that?

“Maddox will be fine.” She answered quietly. There was only one thing to say. “Go work out your marriage. We’ll be fine.” She didn’t bother to say good bye. She simply hung up the phone.

Brad didn’t call back. Instead he prepared himself to make one of the most important decisions of his life.


Angelina walked back over to where her son rough-housed with Colin. Mad glanced up at his mother. “Is Brad gone?”

Angelina held her arms out to the child, who glad ran into them. Picking him up, she let him straddled her hip. “Soooo…are you ready for another adventure?”

Clapping excitedly, the toddler asked. “Where? Where mommy?”

“Well we are going to visit some of mommy’s friends in Moscow and then back to Lebanon.”

“I can see my friends.” Maddox referred to the children who’d befriended him back in August when they’d paid their first visit to the refugee camps and hospitals.

Angelina was happy. The trip would help her keep Maddox’s mind off of Brad.

To bad there’s wasn’t a trip that would do the same for her.



Where are you Deb?

Australia? New Zealand

Wow, Rica. I thoroughly enjoyed your fanfic. You are a real writer, as if you were there to witness everything between AJ and Brad! Sounds real. :)
Jared, please give my email address to Rica. Please...please...

OMG !!! Rica
Thank you, I love it!!!

Rica, I think I can speak for everyone in your fancfic club...WE NEED TO GET YOU PUBLISHED!!!. You pulled my heart strings..It's been a while a book did that.
All Rica Fanfic lovers, this is your assignment if you choose to take, let's find a way to get our girl published. She needs a wider audience.

Rica,your fancfic is so addictive.I can't wait untill the next.You really should look into writing professionally,seriously.

# 438 | African Girl | March 9, 2006 10:04 AM
Rica, I think I can speak for everyone in your fancfic club...WE NEED TO GET YOU PUBLISHED!!!. You pulled my heart strings..It's been a while a book did that.
All Rica Fanfic lovers, this is your assignment if you choose to take, let's find a way to get our girl published. She needs a wider audience.

I agree. Couldn't say better.
I'll be the first to buy it.
Rica Rules


Ahhh... now I can go to bed. Wonderful stuff.

Will put on my thinking cap re publishing. All the romance publishers have guidelines for their books. Though a lot will only accept submissions from an agent, many still don't require that you have an agent.

Actually, I live in Thailand, Rica.


Rica you did it again. It was great! Wow ! bring on the next fanfic, ASAP.

Where can i find Rica's story from the beginning? Thanks.


A word to describe just a simple "Thank You" may not be enough...but THANK YOU, RICA.
My heart is pounding sometimes when I read your FANFIC. I am not much of a Book reader or Romance boo reader, but your FanFic is so excellent, you have a way with words, the little details. I don't know, I just love your FANFIC that's it.

To Ms. African Girl:

Count me in, Where do I sign?

what can I say rica, you did it again!!!!!! i know this is fiction, but this last entry, i had a tear in my eye!!!!!! i know, i'm a looser.!!!! this is so compelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh Rica:

I could feel their pain as I read your words......(and I have already read them at least ten times, since you posted) girl you are the best.....no romance novel have ever made me feel so much for the characters......YES GIRLS, WE MUST GET HER PUBLISHED.....
Keep it coming Rica....you have truely enslaved us with your words....

Thank you!!! :-)
You guys are great! So who wants to be my agent???? 20%

# 443 | Rica Fan | March 9, 2006 11:14 AM

Ctrl + Home and scroll down slowly it starts at :
# 229 | Anonymous | February 28, 2006 09:00 AM

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

rica...you're such a tease..in a NICE WAY!! now i can't concentrate on my work or class tonight...lordy lordy..now i am fantazising/imagining.....woooowwwweee!!

rica, you're the best!!

bamz+1 rocks!!

Sorry guys I did notice (too late for post of course) That the dates are off.

This conversation takes place on the 16th of December not the 17th as it says in the beginning I forgot to correct that.

Hi Rica,
Thank you so much for sharing your fanfics with us. You really need to publish this because this is better than many of the romance books I've read. You really captured the right tone for Brad and Angie. And threading in "factual" info into the story just makes it more exciting- as if this is really what happened between them. I am as addicted to your fanfics as I am to the BAMZ+1 family. Thanks

Hay Rica!!!
wow,wow,wow it sounds so real . Thanks ,Thanks.
I read so much fanfic stories about B&A but this is the best ever.


Your Fanfic is just wonderful. I'm just about in tears at the ending you left us with! Are you a writer or just inspired by the love story? Please, continue to post it here at JJ. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't write worth a darn, so not acceptable to the Adult site. Long may you type, and thank you!

# 447 | Rica | March 9, 2006 12:45 PM



I think you promised me that 20% Missy. Just because I've been on that other site all day today doesn't mean I have forgotten about your fanfics...

I don't even have to read your fanfic to know it's going to be good.

Just like famous people to start turning on you as soon as they make it BIG!!!

LOL Me Again. Rica won't forget u, we won't let her forget you. Do we also get a cut of your 20%?

Me Again- I have much bigger plans for you. How about personal assistant. More money and a travel package!!! LOL!!!

Rica - can you give us a clue when we can expect our next chapter? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeesase. I'll be your PA for free.......I drive a 350Z Nissan so you'd be hauled around in style.

Okay...I'm nothing like Holly...I have two kids of my own.

I'd love to know where all you Rica Fans live - as in what city? Mine is Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Thanks African Girl. I've emailed jared as you instructed. Rica, what's next?

Love Chapter 9, you are so good Rica...thank you.
I live in Southern California, USA

Rica, If you're interested you may want to browse Ellora's Cave, my favorite e-book site, and take a look at their requirements for publishing. Now they're pretty hot ladies so don't faint when you view their site. But, they do have a sister-publishing company, Cerridwen Press, if you'd prefer to take it down a notch on the erotism. Here it is: http://ellorascave.com/ or http://www.cerridwenpress.com/

Keep up the good work RICA you're awesome!

I'm in southern california....love the fanfic!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read how angie tells brad she's pregnant!!!!!!!!

Since no one listens to me...I live in Slidell, LA...35 mins from New Orleans. I asked you guys to come down and give the "Big Easy" some business a couple of weeks ago...then we were suppose to go on a trip to France on my company expense...you ladies are losing the memory...8-)

Kercy...I can't wait when BP tells JA it's over pack up her shit and leave his house he's in love with a real women...now that one is going to be good...but of course he will have to give JA a little nooky before she walks out the door so she'll know..."MAN I MESSED UP...BIG TIME"

Rica...you might have to post that one on the Everything Adult website...you got to get down and dirty with that one...ya know

Also, I emailed your list back to you as requested.

Oh...and to Rica Fan...let's not start a cat fight now...if I'm the PA...then I'm the PA. That's my career anyway...

Lot's of luv to all the BAMZ+1 FANS...thanks Jared for bringing us together...

Rica that's superb!!! Keep it coming!!!!

Honestly Me Again you crack me up. I am all for the trip to france but I have one question. What happens to us, if right in the middle of our fun trip, your company finds out and the cut off the expense account....you know what, I'd just have my American Express just in case. LOL

And since there is an issue about who gets to be Rica's PA, I nominate myself as the person who casts the deciding vote. (Let the sucking up begin!)

Rica, I also sent my list back. Liked the personal touch you added. And I am in the Windy City (Chi-Town Baby, Don't know for how long though, making plans to move to Boston soon)

i live in northern ca...near san francisco/east bay

btw....the last scenes of MAMS were done the last few days of the shoot..........if you watch the dvd/special features/directors commentary talks about this. the first scenes, the first day of shooting......excuse my french, but, brad, must of had a walking hard on for over a year..............not any more!!!!! rica, absolutely loving your story....

Rica!!!! Amazing fanfic! So happy i finally located this thread, i was worried there for a while, but i finally tracked it down. Great stories, a wonderul read. Can't wait for more!!!

hey hey african girl, i live in chicago too!

I love the last scene of MAMS, when they were at the therapist....they seems to be so comfortable, relax and fun....it was like no acting involved...just being themselves....I love her shoes...from the famous christian louboutin with his bottom red shoe trademark. I hope she gets to keep all those shoes.

Thanks Rica, nice job. Love the story. Keep them coming. I live in Tampa, Florida.

Everyone go to FHM to vote for the 2006 sexiest woman alive. AJ is leading right now.

thanks a bunch rica! *muah* Hmm from san diego right here.

I live in asia , I had to stay awake all night just for the latest sequel of rica fanfic. great imagination yet so real. can't wait for the next episode. more power to rica !

i voted! yeah

Love your Fanfic! Can't wait for the next installment.

From Northern California her, Stockton CA.

Hi everybody!! I have been working doubles for the past few days. I'm am so worn out and totally BAMZ detoxing on top of it!! No bueno!!

I live in St. Louis, MO USA. I am single but dating a guy I met in Vegas who lives in Chicago. Maybe I will end up in the Windy City. You never know :)

I hope to get caught back up with everyone on the back end of this week as I only have one double left to go on Saturday. Doesn't leave much time for my long distance love :(

But I have you guys so that's cool :)

Just got home from work ... Rica your story was just what the doctor ordered at the end of long and difficult day...

Estelle, what is FHM? Me again. I love New Orleans . I grew up going to New Orleans every year for Easter. Until 2 years ago when one of us died , I used to go on a yearly girls trip with a few of my college friends. Tess, what part of Asia?

Lola, I register on the site you were kind enough to tell us about . Now ....What is it all about? I generally don't go on blind faith but I knew that you would not lead me astray.

Rica , I have made contact her in Dallas with Mary, another woman of substance. She wants to be put on the list so I will be sending you her e-mail address.

I was channel surfing and ended up on what looks to be a scene from a first season "Friends" ...

I hardly ever watched it so most that I see now are for the first time. As always I like Phoebe, As always I find it boring and over acted. But I was noticing that Jen lookdifferent but really cute. Her hair curly and there is a roundness to her face that is very attractive. I am not trying to be offensive but did she get cheek implants?I am watching the episode where Phoebe's bank gives her money and in this show, Jen's cheeck are round and cheekbones are not visible. If that is just extra pounds then they look good on her. Sne definitely should consider curl in her hair...It would softern her features.

Elena, FHM is For Him Magazine. Here is the link to vote for Angelina:



Hey ladies...I think this party is coming to an end. BP/AJ are really staying out of site...not too much buzz for the couple which is good for them ya know. I just miss seeing them in he news everyday. I would rush home get some homework out with the kids and start dinner quick so I could see the next big news event regarding them...now...nothing.

It was great while it lasted. I guess we will have to wait until the baby is born...but then again we have Rica's fanfics to help us out.

I guess if Rica is too busy, maybe ange could step in. Has anyone seen a comment from Ange? Has she gone back to NYC?

Times like these I wish I knew how to write an interesting storyline/fanfic. Cuz if I did...boy you ladies would be falling out right about now...but boring me...I'll leave it all up to Rica...

As you can see...I'm a good actress...might get that role with BP one day and babe you never know what might happen...hey I have two kids!!

#480 dolphingirl...thanks for the infor...i've voted for angie and put her name on all the numbers, from one to ten....she is the only sexiest woman alive as far as i am concern....preggers or not :) :)

so bamz+1 lovers, please go to the link dolphingirl suggested and vote angie as the sexiest chickie babe alive!!!

bamz+1 rocks!!

#481 | Me Again!

i just saw a video of the bamz family at www.tmz.com....with mad dancing inside the restaurant.... i think they get tired of being photographed every time they go out...which is bad for us bamz+1 addicts/peeps ....besides mickey (short white haired guy), they hired big guys as additional bodyguards, maybe while they are in berlin.... in the video, one of the guys is so tall and huge that it's nearly hard to see angie and brad....well, we can still enjoy bamz+1 by always coming back to jared site and hopes that jared has new pics of bamz and to share our love with this family....and MOST IMPORTANTLY to wait BREATHELESSLY for the next episode of rica's fanfic...

rica is the best fanfic writer...with her imagination, some real facts and eloquent story telling!!

I live in Connecticut, and thank you, Rica. I swear you actually know these people... I'll bet Colin speaks exactly this way. You should consider writing a screenplay, although who could do them justice? Did you ever hear from Nancy? She said she had some inside stuff for your stories. One question, though..doesn't Angelina drinks red wine?

Sawasdee Deb,
I live in Thailand too. Are you in Bangkok?


You guys are absolutely nutts!!!! But I love it!
PA???? Hmmmm To be fair 'Me Again' didput her services...er...name out there. So we have to think of more titles. All well paid of course!!!

Hey Me Again' I didn't forget the Big Easy offer. I was just waiting for the BAMZ bus. Sooo...are we still going?

I figure if they cut the card off we'll all just be the resourceful women we are and figure something out. But whatever we do it will be fun!

African girl' and Alicia I'm from Chicago Born adn raised there. Stayed there until I was 31 and moved to Orlando, FL and will be relocating to Las Vegas in May for the next two years and then on to bigger brighter more International things.

I did vote and I have TWO questions:
"Who actually...I mean really...who finds The Olsen Twins sexy (other than Pederasts...taht is)?

And Reese Witherspoon? UUUGGHH...the girl is NOT sexy. It's like judging your baby sister. EEEIIIWWW. How do you put her in the same competition with Angelina and say...Monica Bellucci. Oh good grief.

Addicted to BAMZ+1 I did talk to Nancy and she gave me some good info. Ange is in New York and I myself will be flying out in about 2 hours (very long flight...uggh...leg cramps), So I must apologize but I didn't apologize really have time to finish the next installment. I'll have to add it to Monday's.


I'm sorry guys I am working on 3 hours sleep and I'm rushing around trying to get everything together. My flight leaves in (looks at her watch) less than 2 hours and it is a 19 hour flight. I am NOT looking forward to it!

I meant to type:

I did speak to Nancy and she passed on some great info

Ange is in NYC, I spoke to her before she left.

And because I was up brainsorming and putting the finishing touches on this darn propasal I didn't finish today's installment. I will add it to Monday's post.

Sorry girls.

Awwwww, well we understand Rica (sigh). I am sure we can wait till monday, it would be hard, but we will try.

Thanks for all the hardwork. Have a nice and safe flight. We'll be here waiting for you.

BTW CHICAGO RULZ (had to add that)

have a good trip rica! we'll all be looking forward to monday. i can actually get some homework done!!!

thanks rica...take care and we'll wait eagerly for the next fanfic...have a safe trip!!

Hey y'all, I'm living in Boston, MA but hope to branch out into the world in a year or two. I'm giving some serious thought to living abroad. Why? Why not.

Elena, I'm glad that you joined Everything Adult (EA). Its a fairly new forum for aspiring romance/erotic authors and those who like to read good stories. I'm not part of the admin - just a fellow member (willow) who just loves Rica's stories so much that I just had to share them with everyone at EA. The members are fun and cool and without attitude and are in love with Brangelina.

Monday can't come fast enough because I'm jonesin for an update. Can't wait till Colin and Brad have a little talk. ;)

Rica, have a safe trip, can't wait to have you back! Also, on the FHM sexiest woman site did anyone else find it funny that not only were the olsen twins listed, but they occupied the same spot? I mean they don't even get individual ranking!

I'll try to wait until monday (I guess everyone will). I'll do my best cause damn this fanfic its very good.
Have a safe trip.


Have a safe trip Rica! Youu and Jared are the reson why I started coming here.

Oh, forgot to say: I sent you the email with my name there (the role call) If I understood correctly you are going to update one list only with all our names and emails and send it to each of us, right? That´s great!

Have only now had a chance to read your fanfic and I am crazy in love wih it. Thank you Rica! Jared, please give her my email address too so I can receive this fantastic fanfic! Thank you both so very much! This really is my 'secret delight!'


I have to confess I haven't been following your fanfic because (a) I've never been into romance novels and (b) I don't want to distract the facts from fiction. I know with your great imagination you could easily do that for me. But I don't doubt you have the goods in your talent. Just look at the fans you've gained. As I mentioned before, job well done!!

Alas, nancy threw a bone that's too tempting to pass up. So, could you do this non-fan of romance novels a favor in putting winks ;) where you incorporating the spilled beans. I'll take those beans wherever I can get them!

Have a nice and safe trip. Should you ever get a publishing deal, please be sure to share the good news with us so we can give you proper congratulations and a cyber party.

;) Cindy2, asks Rica to e-mail you the bean if she wish, it's her beans now...you deserve it....but keep the bean to yourself. Thank You.

Rica I got your email thanks! I Live in connecticut. Voted for the FHM! Angie's gonna win!

rica, please ask jared for my email address. is that how it's done? i would love to be on the fanfic email list........

# 500 | kerchy

Do this way instead: email jared and ask him to forward it to Rica. That´s how I did it.

I come to JJ to see the pictures and never read the comments on Brad and Angie because they turn into a hate match. By mistake I hit onto the end of these postings and had to start reading. I have been sitting here for over an hour (when I should be washing my clothes) Thanks for the great read. I so behind.
And to the other people who write nice about BAMZ thanks. I needed to see I wasn't the only one that likes them.

Rica, Keep up the good work. I'm loving the fanfic.

NANCY!!! I'm so glad you spilled some bean for Rica...I agree, hope she is able to let us know when she has incorporated your contributions into the story. 'Til Monday...

# 502 | Alero

I very much understand you Alero. From now on, I´ll do the same, only come here to read Rica´s fics.

Good Morning Ladies!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Weekend. I am about to hit the hay! God only knows what time it is here but sleep calls me...so before I sign out I'm posting as promised.

Talk to you all later...have fun!!!!




The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’ Cont…

DECEMBER 16, 2004
The Naked Chef, Jaime Oliver’s Restaurant
London England

“I really love this restaurant.” Jennifer spoke softly; smiling at the passing patrons as they recognized her and Brad.

Brad smiled and waved as well, though his mind was hundreds of miles away. “Yeah, Jaime’s a great chef.” Though the opposite seemed obvious by the full plate of food that sat in front of him.

Jen noticed the plate as well. “You wouldn’t know it. Look at your plate. You’ve hardly touched a thing.” Though for some reason her appetite was healthy.

Shaking his head in distraction he half answered. “Not that hungry.”

“Bullocks! You usually have the appetite of a horse.” Jaime Oliver’s East End accent broke into their quiet conversation.

Brad stood up to greet his friend. “Jamie! How are you man?” Brad returned to his seat, watching Jaime greet his wife. “Join us for a bit.”

“Well just for a bit.” Jaime seated himself and gestured to one of the waiters, requested a glass of wine.

“We were just talking about the wonderful meal. This is truly a wonderful restaurant.” Jennifer reached for her glass of wine.

“So I heard.” Jamie responded.

“How did you know we were here?” Jennifer asked

“I just followed the den of excitement. As if the great Brad Pitt could move about without a furor starting.”

Jennifer, a bit peeved that Jaime seemed to forget that she was there with Brad, added her own thoughts. “I know they’ve been interrupting ‘us’ all evening.”

Jaime corrected his snafu and amended all by including Jennifer in the assessment. “Well you two are the ‘Golden Couple’ after all. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

Brad’s annoyed gaze found Jennifer. “Jennifer?” He waved off Jaime’s apology. “No apology needed. The patrons haven’t been interrupting, they were simply greeting us. Jen is just a bit sensitive that’s all.”

“Well just the same, I’ll have the word put out that you two are to be left alone, while you are here.” Jaime was happy to let the matter drop. Snapping his fingers loudly, Jaime proclaimed. “Yeah now…wait. If memory serves me…you’re another year older in a day or two, eh mate?”

Laughing Brad nodded. “Yeah, don’t remind me!” Jaime’s presence seemed to lighten his mood considerably. Why couldn’t he be this happy without additional company…when it was just he and Jennifer? There was a time when they laughed…now they just seemed so distant.

“So you have any request for your birthday?” Jaime asked, assuming that his friends would be eating at the restaurant.

Jennifer took charge of the conversation. “Well, we were thinking…”


DECEMBER 17, 2004
The Dorchester Hotel
London England

“I’m glad we decided to spend your birthday here alone. We haven’t been spending enough time together.” Jennifer glided up behind Brad wrapping her arms around his waist. “I’ve missed you.”

He’d made the decision to work this marriage out. He’d made the decision to let Angelina and Maddox rest reverently in his mind and heart but never in his life. His life was here now, with this woman whom he’d pledged his love and soul to. He remembered that day and his feelings, and he as he stood here now he knew that his feelings were no longer the same. But he had made his decision and here he’d stay.

Turning towards Jennifer he cupped her face between his large, strong…capable hands. He had to try and make this work. ‘Get her out of his mind’. “I missed you to sweetheart.” Raising her face to his he captured her lips in a soft, soulful kiss. Trying not to think of another pair of lips, so bountiful a man could feast for an eternity. As his hand began their caressing descent from Jennifer’s smooth face to her slim healthy body, he tried not to remember the curves of another body…curves that would tempt a man to kill. ‘STOP!’ his mind yelled bringing him back to the reality that lay before him; his wife.

At that moment Jennifer knew that this was her chance to gain the upper hand. He was willing to work on their marriage and tonight they would rekindle their sex life. It had been so long sine she’d lain in his arms and that was about to change. She would be damned if she lost him to some puffy lipped psycho, who’s reputation as a man stealing, sexual deviant was legendary. Well Angelina wasn’t getting this one, not if she could help it.

Returning his kiss, Jennifer unbuttoned Brad’s silk shirt. Her fingers moving lightly over the soft silk that covered a chest so well chiseled it made her want to weep. Freeing his chest from the material, Jennifer pulled her mouth from his, trailing her moist lips from his mouth to the pulse beat at the base of his throat, sucking forcefully.

Every pull of her warm wet mouth caused his shaft to stir. The rhythm, hot suction and moist heat were all that he needed. His mind blank to all but the woman he held in his arms, Brad began walking her slowly backwards into the bedroom, stopping at the foot of the bed. Grabbing a handful of Jennifer’s soft straight hair brad again pulled her mouth up to his; his tongue demanding and finding easy access to the soft dark recesses hidden within her hot mouth, encompassing her tongue with his own, he drew it into a lover’s tango.

Leaving her mouth wanting, he wound a path of moist kisses up the column of her throat to nibble her ear. She shivered and tingled with his assault. When she tried to move away, Brad captured a handful of soft strands, holding her steady. His tongue traveled a remembered path into the delicate shell of her ear, Jennifer moaned, as he traced the pattern of her ear and delved into its crevice, she felt an uncoiling deep within her belly. Squeezing his eyes shut, she tried to control the sensations, only serving to heighten them.

So caught in the sensual inferno Brad was building within her, she didn’t notice that he had almost completely disrobed her until the faint chill of the room hit the bare hot flesh of her full breast arousing their rosy nipples. She gasped loudly when he seared a path back down her neck, placing tantalizing kisses at the base of her throat repeating her own earlier actions. Brad released his hold on her hair to let his hand roam down her back, cupping her buttocks through her thin skirt, bringing her lower body tightly against his bulging erection. With a gentle push from Brad, Jennifer found herself sprawled across their bed, staring up at him. Staring into her eyes, Brad grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled slowly on the thin fabric of her skirt, pulling it completely off, within seconds. Her nylons and thong followed in quick order. Brad managed to rid himself of the remainder of his own clothing.

Standing there at the foot of the bed, Brad stared down at the woman who was his wife. And in an instance, for no more than a few seconds Jennifer’s visage and body changed and he found him self staring down into the face that haunted his every waking moment. Those eyes…lips…breast and never ending legs. He desired them and here they were…

“Brad, baby…?” Jennifer’s voice brought him back. If she only knew who had joined them in this…their marriage bed. Shaking himself free of all distraction, he kneeled upon the bed, griping the back of her calves as he pressed moist kisses along her soft thighs, finally burying his face and tongue in the thin honey curls that guarded the treasure he sought. He inhaled the scent of her, feasting hungrily at the delicate flesh.

Jennifer moaned, her nerves vibrating under the sensations coursing through her lower body. Brad’s tongue left no fold unattended. He was definitely well versed in the art of oral pleasure. A gift Jennifer definitely appreciated. Leaving her moist core, Brad trailed his wet tongue up the path of her navel, taking a moment to pay it special homage. Jennifer almost screamed as the hot streaks raced from her navel to her toes. Brad continued his hot trail upwards where he buried his face in the soft valley of her breast. He leisurely circled one pale rose colored nipple with the tip of his tongue. He closed his mouth over an aching peak. Jennifer whimpered clutching at his shoulders, as hot painful pleasure snaked its way from her breast to her stomach, finally settling in the moist pool between her legs. She arched her back, groaning deeply, her breath coming in ragged pants.

He raised her hips once more, penetrating the swollen, moist haven. He moved slowly forward until he was seated as deep as her body would allow. Brad shuddered. He began moving in deep fluid strokes, pushing deeply, with draw almost completely, only to thrust home again. Jennifer arched her body to meet each thrust, wrapping her legs around his waist; he drew him even deeper. Brad's thrusts became quicker, harder with an urgency born of pure ecstasy. He felt Jennifer’s nails leaving their burning mark on his shoulders and back as her body rippled in convulsions. She cried out her tension giving way to the tumultuous climax. Brad found his own blissful release, flooding her with his seed, wasting his life’s essence.

They lay quietly in the aftermath, snuggled in each other’s arms. Jennifer kissed Brad’s shoulder and chest. Smiling to herself she felt triumphant. He was here in her bed. She’d won him back and on her terms. She had to thank him for understanding. “Thank you.”

Brad was almost asleep, but woke at her words. “Thank you for what?”

“For tonight, for understanding and agreeing with me.” Jennifer felt the tension in Brad’s body, long before she heard it in his voice.

Brad glanced down at Jennifer. “What do you mean agreeing? Agreeing on what?”

“You know…about waiting a few more years before starting a family. I thought that was what this was about.” Jennifer referred to their lovemaking. “That...you had decided to come and work things out.”

Sitting up, Brad pulled away from his wife so that he could see her face. “You thought that because we made love that I agreed to wait a few more years to have children?” Shaking his head in disbelief, he left the bed. Grabbing his pants and shirt he left the room.

By the time Jennifer found a robe and joined Brad in the suite’s living room, he was dressed his pants in place and his shirt on but left hanging open, baring his well sculpted chest and abs. “Brad what just happened?”

“You…you just happened.” Brad’s index and middle finger stabbed the air in Jennifer’s direction before settling on his lips as if to stay the tide of words that could not…would not be contained.

“Me? You said that you wanted to work things out.” Pacing back and forth Jennifer continued. “We had a beautiful dinner and came back to our suite and had amazing sex. If that isn’t working things out then what was it?”

“Jennifer that was dinner and sex; that was not us talking about our future plans.” Brad stared at Jennifer for a moment before moving on. “You need to actually talk.”

“So let’s talk…work this out.” Jennifer moved to face Brad.

“Yeah and where do we start?” Brad stared into Jennifer’s eyes. “Do we start at our lack of communication, or our goals? Where? Where would you like to start?”

“Well…let’s start with are you willing to wait a few more years before we start a family?”

The disbelief returned to his eyes. “A few years? Exactly what do a few years equate to Jennifer? WHAT!!!”

Jennifer jumped, startled at the sharpness and anger in Brad’s voice. “I just want to finish the movies and then we can start…two…three years at the most.”

Snorting Brad shook his head. “You are truly a piece a work. You know that?”

Jennifer went on the defensive, how dare he. “Why? Because I want what you have…a successful movie career? Because I don’t want to be bogged down with a pregnancy or a kid right now? Or because I finally have the chance to walk outside of your goddamn shadow for once.”

“What!!! My shadow? My shadow…amazing…fucking amazing!” Brad’s lips pressed in and out as he glanced up towards the ceiling and back at his wife. He began to speak in a lilting feminine voice. “How do I look? Are you sure this is good enough? No maybe I should change. I can do it if you come with me. How does my nose look? Do you think I should have plastic surgery? Should I take the role? Do you think I can pull it off?” He stopped suddenly and brought his voice back to its normal tone. “I never asked or insisted that you be my shadow, as you call it. You’re the one who has the need to walk there. I never relegated you to the position of my shadow, I wanted a wife! One who would walk beside me…not two steps behind.”

“You seemed to be content to keep me there!”

“Keep you there, you took up permanent residency there all on your own sweetheart. So don’t lay that at my feet!” Walking over to the fully stocked bar, Brad poured himself a drink. “You know…this is a prime example of our communication problem. If you felt like this why didn’t you say something to me before? Why now…after almost seven years?”

“Did you even want to hear it?” Jennifer yelled. “You were so busy being ‘The Brad Pitt’, when did I have time to tell you? We never talked. It was one party, movie or family function after another!”

Brad finished his drink and poured himself another shot, swallowing it in one gulp. Pouring himself a double shot again before turning back to Jennifer. One thing for sure he’d either work it out or end up drunk. “You didn’t complain about being ‘The Brad Pitt’s’ wife. In fact you didn’t complain at all when we attended those many parties and you sure as hell didn’t have a problem walking that red carpet. Or how about the special treatment being ‘Mr. Brad Pitt’ afforded you? Didn’t complain about that. As far as my family functions were concerned, you barely went to any…we barely went to any. So don’t throw that in face. I WILL NOT apologize for being Brad Pitt.”

Jennifer had no real words, he was right. But she had to try. “I’m not asking you to apologize for being Brad Pitt. I’m just saying that we have been on this whirlwind of your career and now it’s my turn. I want that same success.”

“Oh I’m sorry, excuse our marriage for getting in the way. Say what you want to Jennifer but I never put my job above our marriage. When you needed me I was there. Name one time..ONE, when you called for me and I didn’t come. Just one. Name one time when you needed me there for your Premieres, your television show or your family and I didn’t come through for you. Cause you know what I can name plenty of times when all I wanted was you to be there with me and you couldn’t be bothered. You were busy…”

“I HAD TO WORK!” Jennifer yelled.

“I HAD TO WORK TOO! But I always had time for you. Ocean’s Eleven…remember you needed me I left in the middle of taping to come to you. Troy…I left Mexico to come to you . Why? Because you needed me. I never questioned, I just came. You could never do that for me, but I accepted that. You never confided in me…but oh you did with Courtney. It was always ‘Courtney says this’…’Courtney suggested that’…or ‘Courtney thinks’. I thought maybe once we had children things would level out. I would cut back on working take a year or so off, your show would be over and we could concentrate on our family. That you’d begin confiding in me, but you never wanted that did you? Oh, you enjoyed being the wife of ‘Brad Pitt’’…a part of the famous ‘Golden couple’ but it was being William Bradley Pitt’s wife, that you seem to have a problem with.”

“I didn’t say that! Why are you making this so hard?I just asked for a few more years. Then we…” Brad’s soft laughter cut her off.

“A few years…hmmm…yeah and you’ll be what thirty seven…thirty-eight? Maybe you even thought to wait until forty. The only problem is, that’s not what we agreed to.”

“Things change Brad.” Jennifer wasn’t backing down.

“Yep they sure do and in your case they change constantly. The only problem is you don’t admit it. We dated for what two years before getting married? Neither of us was ready for a family then but we discussed it. When we were married you asked me to give you two more years and I did gladly, because I knew you weren’t ready. After the two years, you asked me to wait until ‘Friends’ ended I agreed. I couldn’t understand why…I mean your character was pregnant that would have been the best time. You said no, not yet. I agreed to wait. ‘Friends’ ends and I find out that you have gone behind my back and agreed to do three movies, with another what two…three in the works. You didn’t even have enough respect for our marriage to discuss it with me.” He stared down into the amber liquid that filled his glass. “You never planned to have children did you Jen? It was all a lie.”

“It’s not a lie, I do want children! I just want to get my movie career situated. I can’t afford to take what…one or two years off to have your baby right now!” Why couldn’t he see that she just wanted a little piece of what he had.

Brad only heard one thing at that point. “My baby. Interesting choice of words, not our baby…just mine huh?”

“That’s not what I meant. You’re not hearing my words.”

“Oh I think that I’m hearing them fine, or rather the meaning behind them.” Brad answered. “You want success. You had success on ‘Friends’. You want a successful movie career. What if you never rake in the big box office hits? You want an Oscar? What if you never achieve that award? I’ve been in this business for over fifteen years and I don’t have one.”

“Yes but you do have the prestige of an Oscar Nomination. It’s a matter of time for you. Time I don’t have.” Jennifer walked over to the window and glanced out at the early morning traffic of London.

Brad watched his wife, wondering if he ever really knew this woman. “And whose fault is that Jennifer? Mine? Four years ago you asked me if I thought you should continue on with ‘Friends’, I told you then that if you wanted to branch off completely into movies that you should move on. You decided to stay safe and finished out the run. Now you’re known as two things “Rachel’ and Brad Pitt’s wife and you’re blaming me for your choices.”

Glaring at his reflection in the window, she yelled. “I NEVER SAID THAT!” After a few seconds she turned back to Brad. “I’m not blaming you…”

NO! You’re just using them as an excuse to go back on your word. You want me to wait indefinitely for children while you hash out some kind of movie career you’re about fifteen years late in starting.” Brad knew that he was being cruel, but he’d had it. He was done coddling her. If she didn’t give a damn about his wishes, he was damn sure done taking hers into consideration. “You had a chance to continue on in your movie career, before ‘Friends’ but you played it safe. You know what happens when you play it safe? The industry type casts you. You dug your own hole and six movies aren’t enough to change public preference and to them you are ‘Rachel’. It will take at least a minimum of five years doing hard…solid and diverse characters to change that. So going on that timetable you’ll be forty and I’ll be forty-six before you will even consider keeping your word and having children.”

Jennifer watched Brad and in that moment knew that her marriage was over. She’d gambled and lost. She’d control the ‘starting a family’ situation for so long she’d assumed that she could for a while longer…she was wrong. “Brad…”

“Why don’t you just admit that you don’t want children that you’ll never be ready for them or the demands that they will make on your life. Admit that and then explain to me why you lied all this time. Why you didn’t just tell me this when we were dating. I’ve always been up front with you. I’ve always discussed business, script choices with you. Always invited you on location with me.” Sadness began to infuse Brad’s tone. “You never did any of that with me unless you were unsure or afraid. For me it was simple marital respect. I wanted you to know that we were partners. But it takes two to form a partnership and sweetheart; I’m just plain tired of being a solo partner.”

Jen couldn’t believe her ears. “What are you saying Brad?”

“I’m saying it’s over.” A sad smile formed on Brad’s lips. “I think it’s time we called it quits. We have nothing left to offer each other. Counseling hasn’t worked and we are at an impasse that neither of us seems interested in over coming.”

Jennifer tried to swallow the bitterness that was welling up in her throat, how dare he! “You’re leaving me?” Jennifer grabbed a pillow from the chair nearest her and threw it at Brad. “You bastard! You don’t get to just walk out on me! Let me guess…it’s her isn’t it? This...” Waving her hands over the suite. “This suite…dinner and the sex, you were planning to leave me all along and this was all just a lie! What was that in the bedroom Brad? A sympathy fuck? You haven’t touched me in God knows how long, but I bet you’ve touched her plenty. How many times did you fuck her? Is it…”

“Jennifer! Quiet!” Brad bark out.

Jennifer went on as if Brad hadn’t spoken. “Is it true what they say about her? That she’ll fuck anything…anywhere? They say she’s a slut, You know I believe it! Look at her, no woman looks like that and doesn’t enjoy fucking anything with a di…”

“Shut your mouth!”

“Oh but wait she swings both ways right? She admitted to that. Maybe that’s what turns you on, the taste of another woman’s cunt on her lips.”

Brad rushed towards Jennifer grabbing her by the shoulders and began shaking her. “Shut the hell up! What is wrong with you? This is between me and you? Not Angelina or any other outside influences.”

“What the hell is wrong with me? You…you’re what’s wrong with me. You and that slut! You think I haven’t heard about you two? About Italy…is she pregnant? She is, isn’t she? That’s why you want out of the marriage isn’t it?”

“She’s not pregnant! And what about Italy? Nothing happened and you know that. I never slept with her!” Brad yelled into Jennifer’s face, before shoving her away from him in disgust. “I heard…I heard…that’s your goddamn problem Jen. You listen to gossip instead of dealing in the truth! I would never believe someone else’s word over yours. One more time…the last time I’ll tell you, leave Angelina out of this.” His voice so quiet now, it was almost a whisper. “I don’t want to hear her name on your lips again.”

Jennifer knew she’d gone too far. Reaching for him she tried to apologize. “Brad, I’m sorry, I just flipped out. Maybe we could…”

Again a quiet voice. “No.” Brad walked away from Jennifer locating his coat he searched the pocket, until he found his cell phone. Dialing he spoke into the phone, his eyes remained on Jennifer’s face. “Hey it’s Brad. I need to get to the states ASAP. How soon can you make it happen? Okay I’ll be waiting at Luton. Thanks” He hung up the phone. Walking over to Jennifer he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Caressing her face he lifted her face up to his, kissed her on the lips and whispered. “It’s over. I want a divorce. I’ll have my stuff moved out of the house by the time you get back.”

Jennifer watched Brad gather his things and salute her at the door before leaving. The door shut with a finality that seemed to mark the end of her marriage to ‘Golden Boy Brad Pitt’.


The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’ Cont…

DECEMBER 18, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
Chateau Marmont
Bungalow 3

Brad grabbed the ringing phone. “Hello?”

“Happy birthday son.” William Sr.’s voice spoke over the line, joined by his wife Jane. “Happy birthday sweetie.”

“Mom…Dad!” Brad was happy to hear the familiar voices of his parents; they made him feel safe again. He’d answered no calls since returning from London. He’d wasted no time moving his immediate things from the house and had checked into the Chateau Marmont within hours of his arrival. “How are you? How’s everybody?”

“We’re all fine. We called to wish you a happy birthday.” Jane spoke. She missed her oldest child, he rarely came to visit these days an when he and Jennifer did, they didn’t seem as close as they had been. “So what do you and Jennifer have planned for tonight? Some lavish party?”

Brad had never lied to his parents and he wasn’t going to start now, but he didn’t want to worry them to much. “Nothing today, Jen’s still in London and I had to return home. We’ll see each other later.”

Bill heard the strained tone in his son’s voice. He’d talk to the boy later, once Jane hung up. So he was content to listen on as Jane and Brad spoke to each other.

Jane continued her maternal twenty questions. “So are you and George going out…hanging with friends?”

“No mom, I just want a quiet birthday…maybe have dinner, but I really don’t feel like partying. Maybe I’m just getting old.”

“Well I can’t say that I’m not happy with that decision, I think that you party a bit too much, but I still think that Jennifer should have at least been with you for your birthday.” Jane passed on her motherly advice. She didn’t like the idea of him spending his birthday alone…he never had before. She spoke a bit more before saying good bye and leaving William on the phone with his son.

Bill spoke quietly into the phone. “What’s the matter son?”

“Nothing, just tired…” brad half answered, dragging a hand across his eyes.

“There’s more, what is it? And before you say nothing again, I can hear it in your voice.” Bill waited patiently for his son’s words. But he wasn’t prepared for what came.

“Jen and I had an argument and I left London and came home alone.” Brad answered. It felt good to be able to talk to his father.

“How bad an argument?” Bill knew that his son and daughter-in-law had been going to counseling but he’d hoped that it would help them.

“Well, I moved out of the house.” Brad got up from the couch and wandered over to the bar and mixed himself a drink; vodka and orange juice. “I told her that I wanted a divorce.”

“Brad…maybe you’re rushing this. Why don’t you two try a separation?” Bill hated to see his son’s marriage crumble and end. He and Jane worked hard to keep their marriage a happy one and he hated to see his son give up.

“No dad, we have been heading in this direction for quite sometime.” Brad responded. He knew his father saw things from the vantage point of a successful marriage and family. Brad didn’t have that luxury. “Besides we’ve spent the last year separated.”

“That was due to work. I’m talking about a true separation, to try and think things through.” Bill answered. He didn’t agree with separation but he would take that over divorce.


“No son, I want you to really think about this.” Pausing, Bill chose his next words carefully, not wanting to offend his son. “Brad I know you haven’t broken your vows, but does this girl Angelina have anything to do with this?”

“It’s not like that dad. I didn’t cheat with her. She just made me aware of what was missing in my life. Angelina is nothing like I was led to believe. Dad she’s a genuinely good person. I know people think she’s wild and a bit dark and crazy, but she is as far from that as I am. She gives more of herself, her time and money to the poor than most of Hollywood put together. Her devotion to her adopted son Maddox is unconditional. She made time for him everyday of filming. She’s honest…tells you like it is. How could I not be affected by her?”

Bill heard a tone in his son’s voice he hadn’t heard since Brad’s days with Gwyneth. “Brad what’s going on? It sounds like something more than simple admiration. Are you falling for this girl?”

“I already fell dad, hard.”

“Love?” Did he really want to know?

“No…Not love…not yet but utter and complete distraction, bordering on obsession.” Brad swallowed the rest of his drink.

“How does she feel?”

“She’s fighting her own attraction.”

Sighing Bill asked the question that hung between them. “Did she tell you to divorce your wife? Hint that you and she would be together if you left Jennifer?”

“It’s funny Jennifer said almost the same thing. Asked me if I was leaving her for Angelina. I should have told her what I’m telling you.”

“And what’s that son?” Bill’s hand clutched the phone so tightly that his knuckles were burning.

“That Angelina is the one that sent me back to my wife. She never asked me to leave Jennifer, on the contrary she told me to go and work things out. You see, that’s the kind of woman she truly is.”


The beep of his cell phone roused Brad from his late afternoon nap. He found his phone, ready to answer it he realized that it was a text message, reading it, he check the sender information attached, he smiled. ‘She’d remembered…his Angel’



Thank you for reading,

About the Spilled Beans. Sorry but I can't let you know when they are there.. For a few reasons:

One) I have given my word that I won't to Nancy. (Ask her for the info...sorry )

Two) I also have another source and to tell you which parts are fact would betray not only that source but B & A as well.


Three) It's just more fun this way...don't ya think?

LOL! ;-)


Girl, you can't stop now!!! I've been waiting all night long for this (I work nights so I'm not being weird, just bored at work). Just add a little more re Brad's birthday with Angelina in it. Enjoyed reading this latest fanfic, but I don't get a rise between Brad and Jen's interaction, not like when it was with Brad and Angie.
But, good job, girl!!! Definitely worth waiting for! Hope there's lots more to come.

Rica you're back. Thank God!!!
It's awesome, but please update soon because its mean leave us hanging here...
Rica you rock girl!!


I just stopped by in case you had posted early and what a reward. Well done - yet again. In some ways, it's better not to know what is truth and what is fiction - at least for me. I'm just happy to treat it all as fiction and enjoy it. Night ...

Rica,I can't wait untill the next one.This has me sitting on the edge of my seat.The spilled beans,so you are saying that some of the fanfic is actually true?


Woman, You did it again! I actually got up early this morning, so I can just read your WONDERFUL fanfic. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the next installment.

Jared, thanks for all the wonderful pictures of the BAMZ.

Have a great day everybody, especially to ALL the BAMZ+1 FANS.

OMG!!!!! RICA THAT CHAPTER... wow. I dont know what else to say.. Just Wow. you MUST post it at the EA.. I hardly read the comments on JustJared but i thought, I'd catch up on all of your great stories and since I didn't see you post on EA.. i figured you'd probably post here and I'm so glad that I did. Wow.

Please post again... I'm eagerly awaiting your next chapter :D

bravo bravo

FUCK!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! rica, you can't leave us hanging!!!!!!!!! hope your trip went well, and thank you!!!!

Rica, welcome back. It was worth the wait but you have to stop toying with us like this. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase give us something. Please, please, please.

Men! Figures I'll be at work when this comes in. How am I suppose to function for the rest of the day?

Very good Rica. Great as always. When are you coming out with book already. Hey does anybody know why aj and bp are in St. Tropez? because i just saw pics of them flying into the area seperatley.


I LOVED all of it!!!!

I'm getting soooo wraped up I don't know what's fic or reality...this stuff is good.

Keep it up...doing a GREAT JOB. You need to post on "Everything Adult" when ready for smut!! 8-)

Yes Rica... please please please, post it over at EA

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RICA! Welcome back! I love it, love it, love it! Where do you get all the info! OMG you rock!

Come on Rica post in EA, I see you haven´t done yet! People there are eagerly waiting!

ME Again
Theres a link i saw it about an hour a ago. There are also some more pics at bradnews at livejournal. i really havent been keeping up with whats going on but thought they were in berline damn, these people get around.

Holly Shit! Girl it sounds like you were in the same room with them. Great Work allways looking forward to the next chaper. Thax for by BAMZ+1 fix! and ya, please post in EA. with a little more intense sex scene at least when it have to do with B & AJ.

from the look of the pix, it looked like, brad was having a flying lesson, flying to st. tropez. i may be wrong.....

Thanks Rica ;))...and thank you for the lovely fanfic....I can not wait for the next chapter... until tomorrow...be safe and be well....Goodnight.

rica....you're so brilliant....e hve been waiting for this chapter and you know what...as one of the poster said, i didn't get shivers reading the sex scene between brad and ja....there's no excitement on there unlike brad and aj's scene....woooowwweee that scene is so HOT!!



Thank you for posting the entire fic on EA RICA!

Rica, welcome back!!!

What can I say. Great as always!!!!

BRAVA!!!! I kept checking all weekend in case you posted sooner than today. lol It was so worth the wait! You are such a tease though - I'm dying for AJ and BP to commit to each other! lol

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Some of you may know that Michael Douglas has said some pretty ignorant statements about Brad & Angie's relationship. His comments will be printed in the April 2006 issue of GQ magazine.

“I don't know about Brad Pitt, leaving that beautiful woman (Aniston) to go hold orphans for Angelina."

Dear Brangelina supporters,

If you took the time to write a comment on this thread please write to the UN and voice your displeasure/anger/hate regarding the comments made by Michael Douglas. He has a right to his opinion but it amazes me that the UN would want a person who holds orphans in such little regard, as one of their UN Ambassadors of Peace.


If Michael D. was some anonymous hater than I would say that we should just let his comments slide. Unfortunately, he is a man with some power in Hollywood. Enough power to have his hateful comments in GQ, on the evening news, entertainment shows, and if you google either Brad or Angelina, his comments appear within the first few links.

Please take the time to write.

Dear Rica, I'm starting to look forward to your chapters more than new pictures...maybe you are the Papparazzi antidote? Big demand for your stories = less tabloid sales? It is so much fun, such a guilty pleasure... and yes, I believe every word! Get this in print. If you don't, Jackie Collins will any day now. Thank you for being such a good sport and creating Monday Frenzy for Jared's Brangelina fans.

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You have outdone yourself yet again. I'm only just now reading your fanfic because I've been so upset over the whole Michael D. comment. You have been able to bring my blood pressure down to a more healthy level.

One thing though. I found it incredibly hard to read Brad & Jen's sex scene (I refuse to call it making love). It was as if he was cheating on Angie. Please no more of that, ok? LOL

Thanks again Rica.

# 498 | nancy | March 11, 2006 03:32 PM
Hey nancy, that was rather easy. I thought I would have to pull teeth to get the goods.

I had this prepared message to post to your #70 message where you first offered to email Rica some beans, but I withheld posting it then as not to look so gossipy (but I'm here, aren't I?):

[Not fair! Now girl, you're killing me. I've been chewing that last bone of yours to its marrow. Now, I'm surviving on biscuits. Have a heart.

I haven't been following Rica's fan fic because romance novels aren't my cup of tea (though I don't doubt Rica's talent!). I like reading real-life love stories, and I don't want fiction to distract what I know to be facts. Life may be stranger than fiction, but I thrive on the real thing, sad to say.

With that groveling, how can I get on that mailing list? Do I need to offer to help Rica write installments for her fanfic? Romance novels may not be my thing, but I can fake it! I'll turn those essay-length words of mine into Harlequin easily. Well, maybe not as easily as Rica. Jackie Collins? Danielle Steel? You name it, I'll imitate it.

Now, I'm half-kidding there and half not. I'll do anything to get on that spill-the-bean loop. I know, I know, I may need a fix that only Lainey could cure.]

I have to note since I had first drafted that reply, my insane curiosity has been tempered from transferrence to another celebrity couple in the making. But I won't lie that I'd still rather read the inside scoop than say, the fabricated rumors from the rags.

So with that said, WHEW! With your suggestion, I guess I won't have to fake it as a romance novelist.

Yes, I promise my lips are sealed. I'm very reliable in keeping secrets even ones from among friends and even family.

# 508 | Rica | March 13, 2006 08:55 AM

Can't quite agree with #3 as I like non-fiction more than fiction. Please don't take any offense as I was the one who encouraged the continuation of the fanfics in this thread and suggested the fanfic disclaimer as a resolution to the :

# 192 | Cindy2 | February 23, 2006 12:40 AM
# 227 | Cindy2 | February 23, 2006 11:22 AM

I completely understand your points #1 & #2. I didn't mean to lull you into betraying Nancy. The way I figured it was with all the embellishing with the facts, it wouldn't be that apparent anyway which was the fact from the fiction. I mean, I have a habit of embellishing real life anecdotes for the sake of a joke that years later, even I forget where the distortion stray from the real event.

In any event, I respect your decision. Sooo, that leaves me back to Nancy.

I'll tell you what, I'm leaving my temporary email address for either of you or Nancy to email me should you feel up to it (as nancy gave the okay). For that matter, I'd welcome emails from any of the ladies I've made acquaintances as well. And it doesn't have to be about gossip. Without further ado, here's my addy:


I'm looking forward to hearing from either of you or any of the ladies I've had the pleasure of having conversations on this forum.

Hi, not being a long time follower of Brad nor Angie, I´d like to hear some of your suggestions of where can I search for tidbits scoop, dates about Brad and Angie hook up, specially prior to August 2005. which means basically since they started shooting MAMS which marked their acquaintance until the aforementioned dte. any suggestions? I´m also rying to write a piece of my own annd would be great if some of you could share the sources. Unfortunately I cannot appeal to my memory, lol!


rica, good morning! will you be posting the next entry today?

Hey everyone!!!
Hey Rica I hopoe you post the new chaper today because...c'mon we can't wait for the new installement.


Rica - just a comment.
The scene with BP and AJ - i just really don't think that they would have had that much passion. I think their lack of this had a fair amount to do with their demise. If the sex was that good don't you think they would have spent more time together?
What do you think.
I love you Rica!!

OOPs - I meant BP & JA.

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This is for Di who was looking for news and tidbits about B and AJ prior to 8/2005. I went through the same experience about 2 weeks ago during the initial phase of my BAMZ obsession. I found laineygossip.com to be one of the most informative. Just do a search or either AJ or BP and read her news chronologically from 2004 onwards. Ted from eonline also had a lot of information about the state of JA and BP's marriage prior and after the separation and divorce. And I combed through the magazine scans that were freely available in Souliejolie.com, joliesdragon.com, simplybrad and other BP and Aj websites. And I also checked out this brad Pitt site for news and entries on 2004-2005 http://community.livejournal.com/brad_news/2005/04/10/
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©2006 RAMEY PHOTO 310-828-3445 US AUS SAF ONLY Vacations are off for the 'Brangelina family'... Brad Pitt, Angelina jolie and their two adopted children Maddox and Zahara take a plane at Nice Airport, France, on March 15, 2006. The four of them spent almost a week relaxing in the South of France. ABA

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**************FAN FICTION************



****I apologize ahead of time for the rough state of the fic. I haven’t had the time this week to really go over it. I also must tell you that it is probably one of the least exciting chapters so far, but it has to take place…sorry.*****

The Demise of the ‘Golden Couple’ Cont…

December 2004
Diane Sawyer & The cast of ‘Ocean’s Twelve’.

(Though this actually took place before the Premiere I decided to use some creative licensing and added it after the London fight.)

"God, I'm going to say it," Looking down away from the camera, his voice full of emotion, Brad paused briefly before continuing. "Kids…family, I'm thinking family. Yeah, I got family on the mind.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones sent her friend a gaze full of sympathy. She, like everyone else on the cast knew and understood Brad’s longing for children. She’d seen him with her own and knew he’d make a wonderful father. She couldn’t understand why Jennifer refused after so many years to have a child. For seven years Brad had waited patiently standing by Jennifer while she over came her personal issues and tried to pave a road through Hollywood. In Catherine’s opinion, neither venture had been successful. Catherine shook her head Brad was good man and deserved a family of his own and sooner or later he’d be blessed with one. Whether Jennifer would be part of that family was up to her.

Uncomfortable with the deafening silence behind Brad’s statement, Andy Garcia simply looked down at his hands. He’d met Brad when they’d both signed on to do ‘Ocean’s Eleven’. He’d met Jennifer as well and thought her to be a nice woman but a bit disconnected. She seemed to be unaware or uncaring of the pain her decision to not start a family caused her husband. His heart went out to Brad; he couldn’t imagine life without his own children. Fatherhood was a joy that he wished whole heartedly on Brad.

Don Cheadle stared at nothing, he was aware of Brad’s desire to become a father and couldn’t help but empathize with his friend’s plight. Jennifer was lucky to have a man that actually yearned for the title of ‘father’. There were many men out there who didn’t want to be a father and completely ignored their responsibilities. His family was the most important thing in his life and he wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world. Don knew that given the chance, Brad would cherish his children just as much he himself cherished his.

George was the only one to watch his best friend’s face as he answered Diane’s question of future goals. George alone knew the fight that was warring within Brad. He knew like everyone else how badly Brad wanted children. But unlike the others he knew that Brad’s hunger for fatherhood had only increased during the past year. Brad had become almost obsessed with Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox. Angelina had been another bit of proof that career and motherhood could be a balance and not a win or loose decision. Angelina’s tireless devotion to her adopted child had inspired Brad in more ways than he could count. George wanted what was best for his friend…brother and he just wasn’t so sure Jennifer was it.

Matt Damon had no words for his friend. As long as he’d known Brad, being a father had always been at the top of his list. Matt himself planned to start a family one day and he hoped to find a woman who knew the importance of family and was willing to help him raise one. He only hoped that Brad would have that same chance. Jennifer was a decent enough woman. She wanted a career and Matt could understand that but if that was her goal from the beginning, why didn’t she just tell Brad that instead of putting him off time and time again. After Ocean’s Eleven, Brad had become a bit depressed. He’d lost his sense of humor and Matt remarked upon it to George. George had told him in confidence that Brad and Jennifer had been having marital problems, some stemming from Jennifer’s indecisiveness regarding children. He wondered how long Brad would stay in the marriage. He also wondered how much of the rumors regarding Angelina were true. If any were true, having met Angelina a few years back himself, Matt knew Brad wouldn’t be in the marriage for long at all. Angelina was quite a woman and worth the time it took to really get to know her. Whatever the outcome, he would stand by his friend.


Pitt home
Beverly Hills
December 2004

“Why must you constantly make me out to be the bad one in this marriage?” Jennifer snapped. She just watched the Diane Sawyer special.

“I don’t make you out to be the bad one in the marriage. Diane simply asked about future goals. She asked everyone. My wanting children is no secret. You’ve known since day one that I wanted them.” Brad almost seemed bored with Jennifer’s argument. “Look Jen, I came for the rest of my things…not to get into a verbal slug match about babies with you.” Brad finished his drink, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door.

“That’s all you ever seem to talk about these days…babies.” Stabbing and index finger into her chest. “what about me…my wishes? Do you ever think about them?””

“Baby I thought about you and your wishes for seven years. All done now!” Brad watched his wife, his emotions indifferent.” Oh and don’t worry I’m done begging you for children.” Stopping at the door, he turned to her, his expression one of complete seriousness. “If you don’t want to have my children, I’ll find someone who will.”

“Let me guess, your new friend and playmate Angelina?” Jennifer snarled, she wanted to throw something…anything but knew that would have no affect on him at this point. “Gonna play daddy to her little Cambodian baby?

The slight smile that curved Brad’s shapely lips, didn’t quite reach his eyes. “That Cambodian baby has a name, it’s Maddox. And I’ll gladly be his father. He’s a wonderful little boy.” Pulling the door open Brad finished. “As to Angelina having my baby, Why not? She’s young, gorgeous, talented…” He snapped his fingers as if he’d forgotten something. “Oh and she already has an Oscar, so that won’t be a problem.”

“Fuck you!” Jennifer hated him in that moment, more than she ever thought possible. How could he bring up her insecurities in such a callous way?

“I wish she would.” Holding up his hands in surrender. “Look, Since we planned this stupid Holiday, we might as well see it through. I’ll call you with travel arrangements.” He left without another word, leaving Jennifer near tears.


JANUARY 6 , 2005
Shoal Bay West, Anguilla
Altamer Resort - Brazillian Emerald Villa

“Are you two sure that this is the only way?” Courtney’s sad gaze traveled between both Brad and Jennifer.

Jennifer nodded at her long time friend. “We decided that this is for the best.”

“Brad?” Courtney looked to Brad for a better answer but found none.

“Jen’s right, this is for the best. We wanted to tell you two and our family before going public. We feel that a separation is in the best interest of our relationship.”

David spoke for the first time since the discussion had started. “When did you decide this?”

“It wasn’t just decided, we’ve been leading up to this for years and you guys know it.” Brad answered. While he considered David and Courtney good friends, he didn’t appreciate having to defend their decisions. “We need some time apart.”

“Yeah, it’s just for a few months while we decide were to go with our marriage.” Jennifer joined in. she could tell by the set of Brad’s shoulders, that he was not going to answer too many more questions. “We just seemed to have drifted apart, and we believe that this will help us get back on track.”

“So this isn’t permanent?” Courtney asked, she had been aware of their problems and though she acted surprise, she couldn’t say that she really was. Jennifer as right, they had been growing more and more distant with each other and it had begun long before the whole ‘Angelina factor’.

Brad had nothing more to say. He allowed Jennifer to answer the rest. Walking over to the bar he poured himself a drink. “Hey Dave you want something?”

“Yeah…uh…give me a shot of JD no ice.” Dave asked, getting up to wander over to the bar. He felt for his friend but he knew that this was for the best. While he didn’t dislike Jennifer, she was not his favorite person and damn sure didn’t believe that she was right for Brad. Brad hadn’t been happy for the last two years and while it wasn’t all Jennifer’s fault, iher attitude towards his desires for their marriage had played a pretty hefty part. He almost wished Brad had gotten a piece of Angelina, it would have put a smile on his buddies face. Angie was all woman…she always had been. He’d met her when she was just nineteen and even then she’d been wild and untamable. She hit hard, ran faster, played longer than most guys. Dave had watched guys fall all over her and Angie had moved through them treating them like brothers. Brad never had a chance. “Thanks.” He took the drink Brad offered him. “A few monts huh?”

Brad sipped his on drink. Looking Dave in the eye. “Yeah.”

“Somehow I don’t think it’s a trial separation. You two are heading for divorce, I can smell it.” Dave waited for Brad to answer.

“Listen to your nose.” Brad saluted Dave and finished his drink.


They walked arm in arm. “Smile the photogs are out with a passion.” Brad leaned into Jennifer as they walked the beach.

“Thank you for keeping the vacation plans. After London I didn’t think that you would. I mean you wouldn’t even take my calls. I tried to call you on your birthday.” Jennifer laid her head on Brad’s shoulder as they walked.

“I know, I got your message. Sorry…I just wasn’t ready to talk. “Brad glanced up at a photographer in the distance. They would never leave him alone. He realized that they were a necessary evil but damn, a moment…just one moment of privacy Is all he asked and they wouldn’t even give him that.

“I’m sorry for the things I said, I was just so angry. I felt as though you were just leaving me another woman.”

“I told you Angelina has nothing to do with my decision.” Brad responded, why did everyone keep throwing Angelina’s name into the mix, as if his marriage had been perfect. They were wrong, his marriage had been far from perfect and now it was simply time to end it. “Why did you tell them it was only a separation?”

“Well I just don’t think that they are ready to hear it.” Jennifer hedged.

“They will find out soon enough when the divorce is filed.” Brad hugged Jennifer close. We need to tell my parents and your father, before we go public.”

“I know, This is going to a true wild ride. Do you think the public and the paparazzi will leave us alone?” She knew answer even before she asked the question.

“Not a chance. Get ready…they’ll be ruthless.” Brad answered, watching the paparazzi scramble to take more pictures. God, how many pictures of the same pose did they need?

Jennifer was right this was going to be a wild ride. It was going to get even wilder when he went after Angelina. Three months and the chase was on, He’d waited for almost a year and now it was his turned at satiated happiness and Angelina,,,she would find out what it meant to be hunted, captured and conquered by a true man.

Brad smiled to himself…he could just taste her and soon it would be more than a dream.


JANUARY 7, 2005
Access Hollywood

(((((((BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!)))))))

“For months it was a mere rumor! But now the unbelievable truth has come out! The Golden Couple is calling it quits. That’s right Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston are calling it quits after nearly five years of marriage. The couple released the following statement”:

“We would like to announce that after seven years together, we have decided to formally separate. For those who follow these sorts of things, we would like to explain that our separation is not the result of any speculation reported by the tabloid media. This decision is the result of much thoughtful consideration.”

“The Golden Couple was no more.”



An Indecisive Limbo
February 2005
Final Reshoots for
‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith

“Cut!” Doug Liman barked. “Let’s wrap up for lunch. I want everyone back here by Two thirty…that’s two hours!” Turning in a half circle, he located his quarry. “Two Vince! No more!”

Vince tossed out his usual amusing quip. “Two hours my time?”

“No my time, thank you” Doug answered back.

“Well...Doug, you know…I…I’ve got an appointment with Krystal the local hooch. It might go a little longer than two hours…a hundred and twenty minutes…ya know what I’m sayin?” Vince joked.

Simon was only slightly amused. His nerves on edge “Vince!”

“Just kidding…take a joke man!” Vince laughed, throwing a laughing Brad and Angelina a wink, he sauntered off the set.

Moving to stand directly behind Angelina, Brad leaned in enough to smell her hair but not enough to actually touch her. He moved a bit closer and whispered into her ear. “Have lunch with me.”

She had put him off for the past six weeks, ever since ‘the announcement’ and she simply had no more excuses to give him. Without turning around Angelina’s answer was a simple one. “Okay. Let me change first”

“Okay.” Brad watched Angelina walk away and enter her trailer, before returning to his own and changing cloths.


Putting his fork down, Brad decided it was time to ask the questions that had been hanging between them for the past six weeks. “What did I do?”

Angelina finished chewing before answering. “Nothing…why?”

Brad shook his head slowly, a half smile on his lips. “Don’t…you know what I mean and you know why I asked.”

“You haven’t done a thing Brad.”

“Then why have you been ignoring me and pushing me away?” Brad sipped his wine; taking no notice of the over attentive wait staff and diners. “Since the reshoots started, you’ve gone out of your way to keep Maddox away from the set. You won’t stay in the same room with me if we’re alone and you still won’t answer my calls. So now I ask you again, what have I done to make you close me out this way?”

Sighing Angelina chose her words carefully. “You haven’t done anything. But from the moment you decided…you and Jennifer decided to separate, all eyes turned in my direction and haven’t looked away yet. Whispers, evil looks, nasty words and name calling. It’s at a minimum now but the last thing either of us needs is negative press. It can only hurt the movie.”

“So that’s where you’re laying all this.”

“I’m not laying it anywhere; this is just how it is.” Angelina defended. “Akiva is going mad with the press surrounding you two. Throw me and the mix and this movie won’t stand a chance at the box office.” Pointing down at the table she continued. “This lunch shouldn’t have happened. The best thing that we can do is to just stay away from each other outside of the movie. So this…this can’t happen again. I only came this time because I couldn’t think of an excuse that would stick.”


Brad’s reply came so quietly, that Angelina almost missed it. “What?”

“I said no…I don’t accept that.” Brad answered calmly. Leaning forward his words intense. “I finally see my hearts dream in the near distance and I’ll be damned if I stop traveling the path to it, because the public can’t get past my separation from Jennifer.”

“Fine, travel the path to your hearts dream, but understand that I simply can’t afford to travel it with you. I have to keep Maddox safe. He’s my life.” Angelina implored. She needed him to understand that she just wasn’t ready to take a chance. What would happen if she decided to embark on a relationship with him and he decided later on to go back to Jennifer, where would that leave her and Maddox? No she simply couldn’t afford to chance both her heart and Maddox’s. The child was just starting to get over his infatuation with Brad.

Chuckling, Brad sat back in his seat. “You just don’t get it do you?” Capturing Angelina’s gaze he spoke quietly and left Angelina with no doubt to his meaning. “You and Maddox are my heart’s dream and I mean to turn this dream into reality.”

For the first time in her life Angelina felt like the hunted instead of the huntress.

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In the meantime, I can share the timeline I compiled when I was getting my arguments in order against the haters at another unmentionable site. I'll begin with 2004 when shooting of the MAMS began (though I've come across reports that production actually started in November 2003).

January, 2004:
MAMS begin shoot
May 3, 2004:
US Weekly rumors of "growing intimacy"
April 2004 -
Brad quit smoking for Troy
May 10, 2004 -
Brad and Jen at NY Troy premiere
May 15, 2004 -
Angie at Cannes for Shark Tale premiere
May 24, 2004 -
Brad and Jen arrive in Paris
May, 2004 -
Brad and Jennifer at Cannes, where they walked out early from movie
June, 2004 -
Jennifer in Europe (6/17) with Brad as he shot Ocean's 12
November, 2004 -
Brad in Africa without Jen
January 7, 2005 -
March 11, 2005-
reshoot MAMS; warehouse shootout
March 17, 2005
ShoWest appearances
March 25, 2005 -
divorce filed
April 19, 2005 -
Kenyan vacation
April, 2005 -
Brad does Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer in Africa. He's wearing ring? Brad Pitt fan said Brad got it at photo shoot, leading to W photo shoot.
April 22, 2005 -
Photographed in Africa with anti-ring
April 30, 2005 -
Brad and Angie dine in hotel in Morocco
June 6, 2005 -
blond do at press junket
June 7, 2005 -
LA MAMS premiere
June 8, 2005 -
premiere in Mexico

[There you can see my trying to figure when he began wearing the anti-ring]

I'll come back with more of the timeline to complete 2005.

I see that you're still in 2004 so I can suggest something an Angie fan on Soulie Jolie had noticed in the pictures of Angie at the LA premiere, which you can add to your erotica. Angie had a scratch on her back as can be seen in this picture.


Click on the picture for a larger view to see the scratch.

Now why is the scratch interesting? Keep the scratch in mind as you read these comments from her interview in Allure, November 2004:

"People speculate about my fascination with violence or S&M sex. But mostly it was about trying to connect. A lot of my relationships just weren't honest enough. So I took them down different paths toward violence or wildness or whatever you want to call it to try to find somebody to hold me down and make me feel.

S& M sex can be misinterpreted as violence. It's really about trust. I like to push boundaries, both emotional and sexual, with another person. That's when I've felt the sexiest. I've been in both submissive and dominant roles because I want more. I was always the top until I read somewhere that the bottom controls the top so I thought, 'Wait a minute, that's right. I'm doing all the work!' I've never been tied up though. I have a feeling the person that does it will be The One. I think that's what I'd like."

More interesting comments:

"I go for more the person than the physical appearance. To me, a guy in a suit that's all wrinkled, and he's been up for two days working and is all messy and is maybe holding a child--that would send me over the moon. A man holding a dirty baby diaper and dressed in a suit--over the moon."

"A man who can be a great father means the world to me," she says softly.

It's taken me longer than I wanted in just finding that article so I'll have to post up the rest of the timeline for you on Monday - if you haven't compiled it already.

# 606 | cindy2 | March 18, 2006 04:30 AM

Cindy2, thanks so much for the timeline. I have the Allure interview, and it's one of my fav's of AJ. Regarding the scratch, I personally don't see it as anymore than that, a scratch, and I hope that's cool. Maybe it's more, means more, but I just don't believe it to be. Again thanks for the info.



I thought you only posted on Mondays! Haven't been back here since the last fanfic and just came back today to see if anyone was doing what I was doing... looking for any pre-fanfic posts. What a surprise to find the most recent chapter! I enjoyed this immensely because you so skillfully wove your dialogue into the actual events we watched unfold in the press. The most frequently mentioned and most valid criticism of BAMZ fans is that we "Actually think we know them." Well, it's your fault! You allow us to believe we almost do! Looking forward to Monday....

# 606 | cindy2 | March 18, 2006 04:30 AM

May I ask you to post your interesting findings at the new forum (Tam´s =dolphingirl), if you are a member there? It would be greatly appreciated if we can discuss these things there.

Diana...Although Cindy2 is not interested in the fanfics she did post an address so I did contact her and let her know about the private forum. She is on there but is away for the weekend. She'll catch up on all the new posts tomorrow.

Question about the timeline.

How can he stop smoking for Troy in 2004 and beging shooting for MAMS before that time. Brad was really buff for Troy and in MAMS it looks like he was his normal weight and without the long hair. I know he had some extentions but come on...buzz cut to long hair...To me it doesn't add up.

Please explain more...maybe I'm missing something.

OTR...Willow if you're on here tonight...waiting for an update...loving your story on EA.

one more thing...the reshoots are they of the shootout scene, Bogota, or the house fight?

I thought it was the Bogota...they seem more relaxed with each other there...I don't know just wondering...

Also, just catching up on my p.emails...is it too late to register on the private forum or not?

Thanks ladies

Rica, take care of yourself ...hopefully you have someone who can spoil you for a few days. We will patiently wait for another chapter of your wonderful writing... The anticiapation will make it that much more pleasurable.

Cindy 2 - I would like the same as Diana to discuss your #606 POST on the forum.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is called commonly called S& M but a better terminology ie submission and domination. I really do not like the word " violence" used in association as it is not an accurate or fair description of what is shared in a true B& D relationship. It is all about total trust, commitment and communication between two people... No, it is not my lifestyle but I have friends who have such a relationship and of course I have studied it as part of my training/education.

As to the kind of man she was looking for...Boy, it is something that I and many of us can relate to...

The Invitation

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for
and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool
for love
for your dream
for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon...
I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow
if you have been opened by life’s betrayals
or have become shrivelled and closed
from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain
mine or your own
without moving to hide it
or fade it
or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy
mine or your own
if you can dance with wildness
and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes
without cautioning us to
be careful
be realistic
remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me
is true.
I want to know if you can
disappoint another
to be true to yourself.
If you can bear the accusation of betrayal
and not betray your own soul.
If you can be faithful
and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty
even when it is not pretty
every day.
And if you can source your own life
from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure
yours and mine
and still stand at the edge of the lake
and shout to the silver of the full moon,

It doesn’t interest me
to know where you live or how much money you have.
I want to know if you can get up
after the night of grief and despair
weary and bruised to the bone
and do what needs to be done
to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you know
or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand
in the centre of the fire
with me
and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom
you have studied.
I want to know what sustains you
from the inside
when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone
with yourself
and if you truly like the company you keep
in the empty moments.

Me Again!...I e-mailed you, you're good to go on the forum. See you there.

Elena...That poem is awesome. To who is it attributed??

The author is Oriah Mountain Dreamer... She is like most of us, a woman of great depth. I change one of the lines when I share with others as it more of a truism from my point of view,

# 613 | Elena | March 19, 2006 10:05 PM

Elana, you just don't know how much I needed "The Invitation" right now. You have no idea, and I think you for posting.


omg i was out of town for 4 days w/o net..did i miss anything?

LOL, Oh Angelah you have no idea. Go to the Brad Flying thread, that'll catch you up.

Welcome Back.

# 610 | dolphingirl

Thank you dolphingirl! I´m looking forward to see her there! :)

# 613 | Elena

The poem is so beautiful! And baout the D&S issue, I agree with you! Have you seen the movie "The secretary"? It´s one of the most beautiful love stories and a misconceived movie about D&S. I confess I´m not in D&S as well, it´s just after seeing that movie I realized that people sometimes have wrong ideas about many things.

just curious, what is D& S and S&M stands for? What does it mean?

621 | Joy |


**************FAN FICTION************



**Thank you ladies for all your well wishes. I really appreciated it!**

An Indecisive Limbo
February 2005

Paddy Maguire’s Pub…

Glancing around the pub, he located the person he’d come to see. Walking slowly to where the man stood at the bar watching the rowdy game of pool going on. “Brad!”

Brad turned at the sound of his name. “Colin!” He turn to greet the actor, slapping Colin on the shoulders in greeting. While his greeting was congenial, his thoughts hadn’t quite made it to that lofty state. He was still caring quite the grudge against Colin, who seemed to always be around Angelina. Though Colin was a cool guy, Brad was simply put; sick of him and his closeness with Angelina.

Grabbing a couple of beers, the two men snagged an empty table. Brad was the first to speak. “So? Why the visit? Alexander II?”

Colin didn’t bother beating around the proverbial bush. “Angelina.”

Shaking his head and setting his features Brad shut the conversation down. “Choose another topic. That one is closed.”

Colin stared for a moment before moving on as if Brad’s words meant nothing. “Well we’ll just have to open it up again.”

Brad realized that Colin wasn’t going to let it drop. Damn the man was irritating. Why was he even involved? “Fine. What about her?” Brad raised the bottle to his lips.

Colin wasted no words or effort getting his point across. “Why are you going after her? You can’t offer her a fuckin’ thing.”

“But you can, right?” Brad leaned forward a bit so that his words were clearly audible. “God knows you’re tryin’. It would seem that every time I try to see her, I trip over you. But I don’t need to ask what you want; I already know exactly what you’re after.”

“When it comes to me, you don’t know a fuckin’ thing.” Colin answered, his voice a bit amused.

Brad sat back in his chair, a cynical smirk on his lips. “Right so you don’t wanna fuck her?” Raising his hand, he stilled Colin’s words. “Don’t bother. I can smell it on you. It’s a familiar scent, most men who’ve been in her company for more than five minutes wear it like Lagerfeld. You’ve wanted her since day one. How do I know, easy every man wants her. You, me, Nicholas, Keifer, Jude, Olivier, Ethan…shit Val, Antonio and Denzel probably thought about it for a second or two. They are happily married. She just has that affect on men…women too I imagine.” Leaning forward he let his voice drop to a dead whisper. “Why am I going after her?” Holding up two fingers he continued. “Two reasons; one, she’s in my head, day and night. Eyes open…eyes closed, there she is. She’s like a fever in my blood. Two…two I can’t even wrap my own head around it. But even if I could, reason two is damn sure not something I would actually share with you.”

Fuck! This ass was staring to piss him off and he truly liked Brad. Colin hoped this wouldn’t turn into a punch throwing match, he hadn’t heard much about Brad’s fighting but one quick glance at the man’s well cut biceps, was enough to tell Colin it would hurt if Brad landed a punch. “Angelina and I are only friends. But I do care about what happens to her and Maddox.”

“So what are we now? Two Peacocks strutting for the same female? Do me a favor Colin and let me and Angelina handle our relationship.”

Colin cut his eyes to the side, before returning their gaze to Brad. “News flash, you and Angie don’t have a relationship. She wants you to leave her alone and she’s not the only one.” Colin finished his beer. “Quit now before things get really ugly. I won’t let you hurt her or that boy. You’ve got a wife and a marriage that could use some attention.”

Brad’s eyes narrowed. “Is that a threat?”

Colin could feel the heat of angry radiating from Brad’s direction. “Call it a promise…a premonition…a prediction. Hell! Call it a goddamn bit of friendly advice, but whatever you call it. I suggest you heed it.”

“I’ll take it as you intended it and hand out one of my own.” Brad threw a large bill on the table. “I understand that you are trying to look out for Angelina and Maddox but if you get my way I will go through you. And trust me; you do not want that to happen. Brawler or not…taking me on is not something you want to do friend.”

Standing, Colin wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, his accent even more prominent. “The woman I saw two days ago is not the woman who worked with me two years ago. Ever since you entered her life she’s been completely unraveled. So again I ask you, what are you after? Or do you even know? Or is it a game you won’t be happy with until you’ve won; leaving Angie and Mad broken hearted and damaged?”

Brad’s words stilled for a moment. He’d never meant to stress Angelina. “I have no intentions of hurting them. Angel means the world to me and I would kill to keep Maddox from harm. Let it go Colin…just stay out of it. I don’t want you lending Angel a shoulder or whispering words of confidence in her ear. Just stay away from her and Maddox.”

“Fine, but if you hurt them, its not you going through me, it’s the other way around.” Colin left the bar without saying another word. He wondered if Brad had realized that he’d called Angelina, Angel. It was a very telling Freudian. It seemed Bradley viewed Angie as his Angel…his salvation. Even if he didn’t recognize it himself, Colin saw it clearly. Brad was in love with Angelina. Shaking his head he moved pass the paparazzi trying snap a few photos. This was going to be one hell of a year.

Colin was right, did he even know? One thing he was sure of…his life was in limbo and he needed Angel and Maddox to bring him out of it. Brad finished his beer and left the bar. Pulling his cell phone out he dialed by memory, He wasn’t prepared for the message he received.

“The number you have reached is not in service. Please check the number and dial again, If you feel you have…”

He disconnected the line. “Shit!” Brad brushed past the ever present paparazzi trying to get a picture of him. He’d pushed too hard and she’d ran. Question was, did he let her run or did he go after her? And what would he do when he caught her? “Shit!”


LA Charity Event for Underprivileged Children
February 21, 2005

“Smile Brad!” Brad turned to the photographer. Smiling he waved at the camera. Anyone looking close enough would have seen that the smile never quite reached his crystal blue eyes. He almost seemed to remain untouched by the commotion and excitement going on around him. His mind wrapped up in other more pressing issues.

“Brad…Brad” He felt a small tug on his pant leg. Looking down he stared into the face of sweet six year old girl. Finally the smile reached his eyes. Stooping down so that he was on the child’s level he began talking as though he had no problems at all. “Hi sweetheart. How are you?”

The little girl smiled back. “Fine.” Looking back over her shoulder, she saw that both adults and children were gathering into a large circle. Glancing back at Brad she asked. “Will you be my partner for story time?”

Looking onto the child’s dark brown eyes, Brad felt his heart melt. Ahhh…little girls could always twist him around their little finger. Pickling the child up as he stood, he began moving over to the reading circle. “Sure honey, let’s go.” Hugging the six year old, Brad laid a kiss on her smooth brown forehead. She was such a sweet child. Her eyes reminded him of Maddox. God he missed that boy so much that it was a slow burning ache that never seemed to go away. Settling down with the child, Brad half listen to the stories that were read.

An hour later the stories over, Brad’s little companion left her champion for the company of her little peers. Brad stood alone watching the children run around playing tag. “I Heard you wrote quite a check for this event…seventy-five thousand dollars, plus a complete overhaul. Nice!”

Brad turned to find Julia Roberts smiling at him. Hugging the new mother, he smiled back. “I didn’t know you were going to be here. How are the babies?” He watched her eyes light up as she talked about the latest wonder of new parenthood. Brad tried to clamp down on the spark of envy that flared through him. He suddenly felt as though he would never become a father. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be for him.

Julie suddenly stopped talking, grabbing Brad’s hand, she tugged him outside to the pool terrace. “A separation Brad? Is it a separation leading to a divorce? Or are you two just taking a breather?”

Brad laughed, other than George and his family, Julia could always read his actions better than anyone else. “Divorce, she’ll file next month…hopefully.”

“And if she doesn’t? Will you?”

“Yeah.” Brad breathed.

“So where does Angelina fit in?” Julia watched Brad’s face closely at the mention of Angelina. She saw a hint of a spark in his eyes. George had been right. He’d told her that he believed that Brad was falling in love with Angelina. Julia knew Brad hadn’t broken his vows, but part of her wished that he had. He definitely had more in common with Angie, then Jennifer. She’d met Angelina at a few red carpet events and charity functions and she liked the girl. She was wild, open and refreshingly honest to the point of bluntness at times. “I’ve heard all kinds of crap, now you tell me what’s really going on.”

“She has nothing to do with the separation or the divorce. I just finally realized that Jennifer and I had grown too far apart to remain together. We wanted different things. It was just time to end it, before we became bitter and trapped. Angelina didn’t figure into it.” Brad didn’t want to say too much, but he’d always been able to talk to Julia.

“Really? George mentioned that you two were becoming close. That you were attached to her son Maddox.” Staring directly into Brad’s eyes, she spoke quietly. “Brad are you into her because of the child?”

Brad shook his head. “No…no I want Maddox as much as I want his mother. Jules…I can’t describe how she makes me feel.”

Smiling, Julia teased him a bit. “Sexual?”

“No…well yeah…my god look at her. But it’s not all sexual. She makes me think of babies…making them…having them…raising them. She makes me think of family picnics…vacations, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and reunions.” Brad shook his as if to clear it. “I don’t know…sometimes I think I’m loosing my mind.”

Julia’s wide mouth lit into a bright smile. “You’re gone.” Leaning in Julia kissed Brad on the cheek. “I hope that it works out for you…the three of you. You deserve all those things Angelina deserves a man who will cherish her and Maddox deserves a father who knows what’s important and can look past his adoption and race.”

Returning her smile and her kiss, Brad felt like someone was on his side for once. “Thank you.”

“Sooo…are you and Angie working towards that family goal?”

“Huh…Jules, I don’t even know where she is. I tried too much…too soon and she cut and ran.” Brad whispered.

“What?” Julia shook her head in disbelief. “Why would she run, unless…maybe you just got to close. I’ve never known Angelina to run away from anything. This must be something she can’t control.”

Brad ran his fingers through his hair. “Neither of us can control it. But I can’t let that stop me. From going after what I want…need.”

“What do you want Brad?” A simple question.

“Happiness.” A simple answer.

“And that equates to?” Julia was leading Brad to his answer.

“Angelina and Maddox.” Brad answered quietly, his voice full of emotion.

“So now you know what you want. Don’t let anyone or thing stop you from getting it.” Julia hugged Brad; she’d missed their talks while working on .Ocean’s Twelve’. She and George had been privy to Brad and Jen’s marital problems for the last two years. While she thought Jennifer was an okay person, Julia didn’t believe that Jennifer was right for Brad. Hopefully this new path would lead Brad to the family he craved.



Vanity Fair Interview
February 26 2005
The Ritz Hotel – Paris, France

(The interview comes from Vanity Fair’s June 2005 issue)

Nancy Jo Sales shared an overstuffed couch with Angelina, who sat cross-legged beside her. Nancy was interviewing Angelina for the June issue of Vanity Fair. “Very nice top.” She complimented the silky tunic with a pattern of naked women on it.

Angelina glanced down at the smooth top, she wore. “Thank you, I bought it at Coco de Mer.”

“The London sex shop?”

Sipping her wine she answered. “Un hun…It makes your ass look nice.” She pulled the black shawl back up to cover her bare left shoulder.

“So tell me about Maddox.” Nancy felt as though the interview would have been quite exciting had they continued on discussing Angelina’s sex life but there were other subjects she needed to touch on.

“He’s made me woman!” she replied. “He’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to my life and I’m just so amazed because he’s adopted, that life led me to him, led me to his country and led us to each other and thank God because our lives would e completely different if that didn’t happen.”

“Has your bar for a future husband changed any? Are you interested in finding a new husband?” Nancy asked as she watched their waiter Charlie place a large silver tray of Swiss chocolates

Angelina smiled at Charlie. “You always do this and I love you for it!”

Charlie smiled back, a bit star struck and in awe of Angelina’s potent beauty. “It’s so healthy…this is healthy Swiss chocolates.

“Thank you very much. I feel better about it already.” Angie replied. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say your were trying to fatten me up Charlie boy.” She laughed as he walked back to the bar, then turning back to Nancy she continued. “Men don’t really like skinny women do they?” She asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. “Ever since I dated a woman, I know what it is to grab a curve on a woman’s body. Skinny’s not fine when the lights are low.” She rearranged the slim gold bangles that circled her delicate wrist.

“Most of the time we woman are trying to loose that last five pounds in an effort to attract the perfect man.” Nancy was trying to steer the conversation back to her original question about any future husbands Angie might have in mind.

Angie veered back on topic. “I’m so busy these days not to mention, that I’m just horrible at relationships that all I have time for is the occasional hotel meet every three to for months and that’s being kind. Sometimes its longer. But I just don’t want them around my son”

“Looking for father material?” Nancy hedged.

“Not really, I’ve raised the bar so high in that regard that I doubt that there is a man out there who can met it, but I know that if I ever saw a man be great with my child, then that would be it for me…I actually know that. Angelina mused.


March 2005
Wrap Party
‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith

He watched her float around the room as though on a cloud. She tempted every man in the room, her perfectly honed and curvaceous body sheathed in a wine red gown. He noticed that the color on her luscious lips was a perfect match for the red of her gown. He wanted to taste those lips. He wanted to feel those endless legs wrapped around his body as he pounded into her mercilessly. He had to see her. It was time to move forward.

Moving smoothly through the crowded room, Brad finally came to a halt directly behind Angelina. “Are you going to continue to ignore me?” Brad whispered into Angelina’s ear.

Angelina turned so sharply that she nearly spilled her drink all over Brad’s Armani clad chest. “Bra…Brad. I…” What did she say? She had managed to elude Brad through the last nine days of the final March reshoots earlier. She’d moved into her mother’s suite at the Raffles L’Ermitage and had changed her cell phone number. During the shoots she’d ignored him when the cameras weren’t running. She’d kept Maddox away from the set and fielded all his ‘Brad’ inquiries into toy store adventures. Now she was simply too tired to push him away anymore, especially when it wasn’t what she truly wanted.

Shaking his head he pressed a finger to his lips. “Shhh…not here, the media’s all over this party. I want to see you alone. We need to talk. No more cold shoulder Angel. I mean it.”

Angelina nodded. “Okay…where?”

Brad pressed a small piece of paper into Angelina’s free hand. “Meet me here tomorrow…seven pm.” He turned and walked away before their conversation became fodder for the media.

Angelina glanced down at the paper in her hand. Opening it she read the message and recognized the Chateau Marmont’s address. Ripping the paper up she tossed the tiny shreds of paper in the waiting trash. She should have felt a sense of apprehension but all she felt was relief. What she would say or do she didn’t know, but she was happy to have the chance to figure it out.

To be continued…


“Our Wildest Dreams”
Copyright © 2005 all rights reserved by ‘Rica’

Diana: Thanks for the definitions. All this time most people talked about S&M and didn't know about it. Greatly appreciated.

I wonder when is Rica going to post the next installment?

What can I say?
Rica you rock


Welcome back! Been waiting all weekend for this next installment. Still so good, girl. Now am waiting for the next drop on Thursday. Please don't make it too long. Glad to see you also copyrighted it.

I meant don't make the wait too long. If you can post before Thursday, even better! Rica, you rock, girl!


WOW! It's worth the wait.
Thank you so much and can't wait for another one. Hope you're feeling better now.

"You Rock!"

I hope I am not offending anyone , I only brought this up as a comment about Angie and what she has said about her relationships.

The four labels that Diana spelled out are a part of what is called "beyond vanilla" or an alternative relationship.

A very dear friend has a theory that a woman with a dominant charisma can't not flourish with a man who is also dominant. The same goes with a submissive woman and a submissive man.

Of course , there is a misconception about the definition of the terminology. Domination and submission has nothing to do with being weak. A strong woman wants some one worthy of her as does a man who is on top of his game but wants to be with a woman worthy of his submission or domination. It is all about a transfer of power. But what is necessary for that kind of relationship to exist and flourish are the same things as in any relationship...Trust, Commitment, Communication, compassion , love and lust. The stereo typical perception of the dominatrix and pain is just about the sexual fantasies of some men and not a fair or true picture of the true D&S relationship. That is where sadism or masochism comes in. For some it is not the relation with the individual as much as the actions that are the stimulation . There are some who get pleasure from inflicting pain on anyone or vice versa. Those are defintely people with issues Because it is all about how they feel or want to feel and nothing to do with the relationship or who is their partner and what he/she wants and needs.

My friend told me that he thought I was a woman with a dominant charisma. But I do think some men mistake strength with domination. I am a strong, independent woman who is dominat by necessity and not by choice. I see myself to be of the same cloth as women like Angelina and J-Lo. We are strong because we have to be... but that does not mean that we are wanting to always be in charge ... What sees is nothing like who we really are inside... It means that we are in charge in our lives or relationships not because we want to be but because we have to be. But it does not mean that we want a man who is as strong or stronger than we are and who we know will watch our back... letting let go of the pressure of alway having to be in charge or in control in control. I think that we all to some extent, some more and some less, want to find a man who looks at us with his heart and not only his eyes. I am sure that was part of why J-lo is with Mark Anthony and Angie is with Brad.

I read an article where Angie and Brad were gifted with a mask by Marilyn Mason and his wife. They supposedly made a comment about the sparks flying between Angie and Brad as they discussed who would wear it. There is no doubt in my mind that they both wore it.

How sad that so many men do not understand that the biggest sex organ on a woman is her mind... Touch my mind to feed my soul; and will burn this candle bright . And if sweet love is meant to be, my fire will light your night.... Kahil Gibran.

Lunch break over... Back to work.... Hope your day is everything you want it to be!

M. Elena

ps. for the record I was raised in a very traditional Catholic house... My husband was my first ... So I hope I did not give you the impression that I have a collection of whips! LOL

Rica, glad you are feeling better. Thanks again, I don't know how you do it but it just keeps getting better. Very poignant. Is it crazy that even though I know do get together, I still keep my fingers cross? Someone please tell me I am not alone before I go commit myself in the nut house. (That's how good you are Rica)

Can't wait for the next chapter.

You are not alone, african girl. I do know they wind up together and yet I spent all this morning Monday waiting for Rica's fanfic just to find out what's next. Rica's really got talent for fleshing out this unusual love story.

Rica, glad you're back and feeling better.....and writing again!

New Brad pic's........


# 629 | Elena

Elena, as usual a wonderful post! All I can say is that you summed it all there. I wished we could talk more about this in the private forum. I think talking about this, doesn´t make you a weirdo or a ninfomaniac, I just think that discussion od all topics should be welcomed as long as respecting people takes part on it. I believe all of you ladies fit that description (the respecting one, lol!)

BTW, I almost forgot! RICA! Wonderful! Loved the Colin-Brad convo there!

629 | Elena

You know, the reason why, I come here and post once in a while...is because of people like you and the rest of the BAMZ and the negative side too. Having said that, it's a pleasure to read your post and at the same time learning from it too. Thanks and keep posting please.

Thank you Rica for the wonderful fanfic. How are you feeling? better I hope. Please do take care of your health. Until next chapter. Be well Rica.

Ah Rica, you'dve done it again! What you ask? Left me breathless and wanting more! I never knew how people who read serials felt until now. I was so sure you'd get them together at last today! lol

Looking forward with baited breath to Thursday's post. Until then, I will read and re-read this one!

Thank you

thanks rica....like everyone said you're so good and hope that you're feeling better....i am glad that you're back...i missed you and your fanfics....i keep coming back to this thread to look for it and voila...you make my boring rainy monday looks better...thanks!!

Alright, I have a confession to make. Diana and Elena, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Beyound Vanilla? I'd like to find out more, I can do the research on my own, tell me where to start, please?

I guess I am more out of "it" than I thot. I was going to carry on like I knew what the heck it was all about (Lol) but the more I read Elena's post, the more interesting it got. So gimme gimme gimme more info please....

Elena, thanks for sharing the info. I love to talk about all things even if they aren't in my own personal collection of experiences. It helps me grow and I think rounds me out as a person.

Hey Dolphine Girl is there a new forum, could someone email the address to me. Thax. I swear you blink and you miss something major!

on the time line that Cindy2 gave you, did she mentioned about the birthday party that Brad gave to JA in March 2005 and the W photo shoot the same week-end that JA filed the divorce paper?, hope you will have all that in your next chapter...oh, I can not wait.

You guys should post on the roll-call website...gdgossip

I have tears in my eyes! Rica you've done it again!! Hope your feeling better! THIS IS SO GOOD!! Until Thursday....Back to studying for me! Who cares about a wedding. I can't wait for the birth of "PLUS ONE"!!! RICA ,YOU ROCK!!

I have tears in my eyes! Rica you've done it again!! Hope your feeling better! THIS IS SO GOOD!! Until Thursday....Back to studying for me! Who cares about a wedding. I can't wait for the birth of "PLUS ONE"!!! RICA ,YOU ROCK!!

sorry about the double posts.......i saw the new pix of brad on popsugar.com. i never been a smoker so i don't know how hard it is to give it up. I just hope he is not smoking around angie and the kids..........just MO....ROCK ON BAMZt1!!!

Rica; I almost tripped over my own feet to access computer after LONG weekend. So worthwhile, fingerlicking good, hmmmm..... I want more!, But before all; glad you are feeling better. Saludos.

Rica, You CANNOT forget about SHOWEST. Those tension filled vids are shown repeatedly on entertainment shows. Here's a pic:


and a vid to download:


The distance between them is telling and Brad seems especially nervous trying not to look at Angelina in the video.

I believe they were on March 17, 2005. And Jennifer accepted an award that evening. On March 28th she filed for Divorce.

All the time that they were doing promos for M&MS, they have made it a point to stay away from each other. At that time in Vegas, during Showest, I read that they came together on a private jet, but were in separate SUV's going to the event. They left together and flew back to LA on that same jet.

Somebody noted that there were signs of them being really aware of where the other one was but trying to act as if they were ignoring each other. It didn't fool the observer who knew that they would always hook up after each promo appearance.

But this was more like in June already. Aniston was already playing around with VV.

Rica,your fanfic was wonderful,loved the colin twist.Hope that you feel better,can't wait till the next one.

wow great job rica as always. I agree Kerchy, I, too, had (little) tears when bp and jr were talking. Thanks again rica =)

Thanks Rica! Loved the Colin/Brad talk. Looking forward to thursday's read - do we HAVE to wait till thursday! AWWW!!!!

# 640 | African Girl

I guess Elena will be the most suitable one to explain you what´s that about! I´m a newbie there myself but I will recomend you a movie: "The Secretary" with Maggy Gillenhal (not sure if this is her surname, Jake´s sister) and James Spader. It shows a new perspective about the roles of dominance and submission in a relationship. It also shows, IMO, in a very human and sensitive POV, how some people need to feel pain to feel alive. It´s very beautiful and a bit misunderstood by the public. It´s not a mainstream or a big Studio movie, so it went quite unnoticed.

Hey guys, I've just discovered this Rica fanfic and am addicted. On another site an additional entry was numbered 668. Does anyone know how I can find it? Doesn't seem to be here.

Rica thanks. Glad you are feeling better.
Does anyone know when EA will be open again for new people.

Rica can you please send this to me? I love this story!!! Hell, this isn't a story this is a novel!!! I am not a member here but could you please send it to me? Rica please respond to this so i know you got it, when you answer i'll give you my e-mail address. Please,Please,Please!!! I will love you 4-ever!!! Love Krista

# 655 | JLS

If you´re talking about Pittwatch, the entry is 568! ;) If not, forgive me for being nosey! *blushes*

Rica thank you for the fanfic I've discovered it yesterday and it was a pleasure to read it .I love if you can sand it to me to! (sorry for my english i'm french and its the first time i right in english even if i read it always)...a fan in Quebec Canada!

# 655 | JLS | March 20, 2006 07:58 PM

some of the fanfics are in the thread where angie is wearing a long beige sweater with a newspaper on her hand....they are in Brad: No Jen split deal thread

BluMystique - I would love to sign up for the site, but it is closed now. Let me know if you accept any more. Thanks

bonjour Maude!

# 607 | Original jpf -
Yes, the Allure interview was a good read. Then again, Angie always has something interesting to say. My only reservation about that article is that its intro parrots quotes that Angie disowned about her being a shoulder to cry on for Brad.

On the scratch, I'm not seriously making any conclusions about how she got the scratch or terribly curious. Rather, I thought it would be interesting for Rica to have fun with Angie's S&M views to Brad as the man who did it.

# 609 | Diana | March 19, 2006 08:37 PM
No problem. I'll carry it forward to Tam's new forum. Give me time though since it takes me awhile to catch up and reply a bit here.

# 611 | Me Again! | March 19, 2006 09:33 PM
Sorry Me Again, my timeline may not be exact. You're right that April 04, Brad was done with Troy. I might have got that date from some promotion interview, which the date when the interview took place isn't apparent. We know he did quit in prep for Troy but quickly resumed after.

# 629 | Elena | March 20, 2006 02:19 PM
Elena, so you're not one of those stuffy Catholics, eh?

Not that I'm speaking from personal experience either, but my understanding of S&M is also that it's not necessarily the infliction of pain for sexual pleasure but control. I heard that many patrons of S&M parlors are white-collar men in positions of power in their work life. S&M provides that outlet to be controlled and dominated.

I think trust has to play a big part in the S&M sexual games to be arousing and gratifying.

Anyway, we can discuss more at length at the girls lounge. Ahem.

I'll post up a revised timeline that includes 2004. I know Rica is now into 2005. But in case, you are considering revisiting and adding more back-chapters to your fanfic, the timeline may be helpful.

Rica has her own blog and she post the whole fanfic story from the 1st chapter to chapter 13, if anyone wants to read all without search for them here.


Diana , African Girl and Joy, I was trying to think of a subject line for a new thread on the discussion board on what was mentioned earlier. Any suggestions?

I have have never seen nor heard of the movie you mentioned. I will have to look for it next time I rent a movie.

A couple of weeks ago I found a movie copy of the Lena Wertmuller version of "Swept Away" at a garage sale. I had only seen it once; when I was a freshman in college many, many years ago. Well, I had a different understanding of the subject matter the second than I did the first time. (It is a very sensual and provacative movie. Great for a date.)

There was a lot about the movie that because I could relate , I missed completely. Like the scene where Giancarlo slaps the woman and she cries out "Why?" His response is that to appreciate pleasure one has to also know pain. " I must say that statement gave me food for thought and was a topic of conversation for my friends who borrowed the tape and me.

Cindy2- Yes, I must admit. I am a recovering Catholic , lol
A very dear friend lives part time in Tiburon, across the bay from San Francisco. It is a part of the country that is very open to alternative livestyles. He and his wife have been very open with information ...

Yes, we need to pick up on the forum... Night you all, it has been a very long day.

Hey Ladies!!!

How are you??? Fine and gorgeous as ever I hope!

Thank you so much for the well wishes. I feel better having taken the usual round of antibiotics but I am doomed to cough (asthma) for the rest of my life unless I give in and take steroids, which I am not a fan of.

Sorry but Mondays and Thursdays are the post dates. It allows me take my time with the writing.

Bonjour Maud cava?

I may be able to send the entire fic to you in French if you like. But it will be after the weekend, because I will have to translate it with out loosing the tone. If not I can just send the English version.

Krista #657:

Just give Jared your email address and he will pass it on to me, or you can go to:

and print it out.

Thank you guys for all the time lines. I have them as well as a few bits that you guys didn't mention. ( The Charity event was actually a true event not fiction)see...I won't forget a thing.

Though you may not be able to figure them all out, there are a few unidentifiable truths through out the entire piece. SHHHHH...don't tell.


Hey did anyone read this?

I find it very interesting that now she's blaming the bad outcome on 'poor press' and bad writing. Why is always someone else's fault? I had an aunt who went through life with that attitude. It didn't do her well.


JENNIFER ANISTON has slammed her critically mauled movie RUMOR HAS IT as "the worst experience of my life", insisting personal problems and a poor script left her "unmotivated" and miserable on set. Her first foray into acting since her break-up with husband BRAD PITT, the film only grossed $43 million (GBP25 million) at the box office and left Aniston wishing she had never signed up. The movie pits the former FRIENDS star as a woman who discovers her family inspired THE GRADUATE - CHARLES WEBB's hit novel which subsequently became a movie classic. But despite being intrigued by the concept, Aniston was left bitterly disappointed with the end result and poor press. She says, "The worst experience of my life, the worst experience; the worst film. "It sounded like a great idea, an interesting backdrop for a romantic comedy. But it was never fleshed out, never fully realised. "And for me personally, I was going through a horrible time. "I wasn't at my best as an actor. I was unmotivated by it. Why talk about it? We can let that little train go by."

21/03/2006 13:50

# 665 | Elena

The movie you mentioned sounds very interesting Elena! I will take note of it for future envision. ;)

RICA! Nice to see you where and that you´re feeling better! Take good care of you. We´ll eagerly wait by Thursday update! ;)
And thank you also for the Charity bit! I had no idea it was true.

About JA, oh well I´ve read her Vogue interview and the only word that comes to my mind to describe her speech is "LAME"...

man ja never stops huh? i wonder when her duracell battery's going to die down..yakkaty yak


This Week
Last Week
2 Weeks
Old Smut

The Aniston Breasts: a gossip history
Sing it with me people...

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA

(Can you hear Bill Kurtis's deep voice?) In 1994, Monica, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and Rachel came into our living rooms every Thursday evening and changed our lives forever. The Central Perk became everyone’s favourite place to hang. Phoebe’s bad singing, Monica’s neurotic obsession with cleaning, Joey’s famous pick up line, and Chandler’s witty sarcasm entertained week in and week out. Those were the golden days, non? And then there were the nipples. RayRay’s permanently hard cherry nubbins on full display in every episode, no matter what she was wearing. Like a beacon in the night they called to us, mesmerized us, fascinated us, begging us to return to NBC at 8pm 24 times a year for 10 years. Coincidence or Conspiracy???

Fast forward to the year 2000. Same year she got married and lobbying for a role in Mark Wahlberg’s Rock Star in Phase 2 of the “I want to be a real actress in movies” Plan. Some photographers happen to get shots of her sunbathing topless (sound familiar?) in her backyard. She sues, she wins, the photos get locked away, but not before everyone started thinking about her titties. She got the part in the movie, by the way. Coincidence or Conspiracy???

And then there was Vanity Fair, circa 2001/2. Jennifer Aniston soaking wet in some flimsy shirt, nekked, but not really, every inch and contour of those gorgeous jubblies taunting us, inviting us, teasing us, campaigning for The Good Girl and Bruce Almighty. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Flash to 2005. Jen is single, tired of being pigeon holed as a cry baby post divorce, eager to reinvent herself on the cover of GQ, wearing nothing but a denim skirt. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Finally… Derailed flops at the box office. Her new movie, Rumour Has It, is in danger of getting stomped on by King Kong. Lo and behold, a photographer catches her flaunting those assets at her beach house – because Malibu is the most inconspicuous of all celebrity neighbourhoods. And once again, the international consciousness is riveted by the delectable prospect of her jubblies. Coincidence or Conspiracy???

This, my friends, has been a Lainey Gossip Breast Chronology. I hope you enjoyed it.

More Jen PR strategy
To those of you who are always saying you don't buy the Hollywood conspiracy theories: I do envy your naivete. Sadly for you, this is another one of those reports. So if you still want to believe that Jennifer Aniston is actually a much cooler, much more down to earth Rachel Green who would be your best friend in a heartbeat - skip this paragraph. It's not for you. A few weeks ago, the trailer for Rumour Has It - Jennifer's much delayed comedy starring Shirley MacLaine and Kevin Costner - was released on the internet to lukewarm reaction. No one wants anything to do with this picture. And it served as yet another piece of evidence that Jen minus Brad is probably not going to translate in to much box office success. At that time, Team Aniston regrouped for yet another strategy session, banking more of their efforts behind Derailed (co-starring Clive Owen) and accelerating their search for the new Ashton-esque beau. (For those of you who care, I'm told Carson Daly is still in the lead.) And then, another bomb dropped. While early screenings of Derailed have returned some pretty positive reviews, it has been widely acknowledged by most audience members that Aniston is the weak link, barely believable in her role as a wife and mother who's about to stray. Cue another defensive huddle that ended with the current Vanity Fair game plan. Leak the interview bits and use the Angelina/Brad momentum to portray Jen as the sad, jilted little wife whose husband was stolen away by Angelina's wicked lips and poisonous vagina. It's a decent strategy and it will certainly work for everyone who wants to believe that Brad & Angie were mashing their heavenly bodies together behind Jen's back. But at the end of the day, do we really need to be reminded of how weak and pathetic she is? For someone who wants to usurp the Julia Roberts throne, this isn't exactly the best image to be taking on. Now you all know how I feel about that ol' horse mouth but even I can't deny that Julia is who she is because she has never been a victim. In other words, the woe-is-me song and dance does not bode well for poor Jen's rather ambitious goals. It's all downhill from here folks. You hear that??? It's my evil cackle. This broad is obviously dumber than we thought.

Reported On 01/08/2005

Rica, you go on with your bad self. LOVE THE BLOG! How many chapters will the fanfic have? Will it cover everything up to now? CAN't WAIT TO READ WHEN SHE TELLS HIM THAT SHE IS PREGNANT! Very curious to read when they decided to make one of their own.....Oh Rica, see ya thursday!!

Adding to Rica's Post -


JENNIFER ANISTON has slammed her critically mauled movie RUMOR HAS IT as "the worst experience of my life", insisting personal problems and a poor script left her "unmotivated" and miserable on set. Her first foray into acting since her break-up with husband BRAD PITT, the film only grossed $43 million (GBP25 million) at the box office and left Aniston wishing she had never signed up. The movie pits the former FRIENDS star as a woman who discovers her family inspired THE GRADUATE - CHARLES WEBB's hit novel which subsequently became a movie classic. But despite being intrigued by the concept, Aniston was left bitterly disappointed with the end result and poor press. She says, "The worst experience of my life, the worst experience; the worst film. "It sounded like a great idea, an interesting backdrop for a romantic comedy. But it was never fleshed out, never fully realised. "And for me personally, I was going through a horrible time. "I wasn't at my best as an actor. I was unmotivated by it. Why talk about it? We can let that little train go by."

21/03/2006 13:50


Mrs. Pitt is currently filming an as of yet untitled film based on the classic movie The Graduate, written by Oceans 11 screenscribe, Ted Griffin. Ted was also tapped to direct the project...but after only a week of shooting...he's been fired. A move engineered by none other than Miss Congeniality Jennifer Aniston herself. Apparently, Jen didn't appreciate the fact that her director was more concerned with camera angles and cinematography than ensuring she had the best lighting. You know how important that can be right? After all...our girl is a sunworshipper and also just turned 36. Bad lighting can bring out the most obscure laughline, the tiniest of crows feet...and for vanity-obsessed Jennifer, that is just unacceptable. Oh, and apparently she also had issues with the 'comedic tone' behind Griffin's work... as if acting like a ditz on a sitcom for 10 years suddenly makes her Jerry Seinfeld. So to sum up, Aniston gets a new director - Rob Reiner - and Ted Griffin's out of the chair...for his own film! oF COURSE WHO SMOOTHED IT ALL OUT FOR HER WHEN SHE SCREWED THINGS UP---YEP BRAD!

Hey Kerchy!


the story will go on until the baby's birth most likely. Hopefully you guys will stay interested that long...if not I'll still finish it.

bonjour angelah!i always read everithyng on that site but i'm always to shy to post because of my bad english...

Well there's nothing luckier than to stumble into a goldmine of treasures. Truly appears to be an incredibly sophisticated group of enlightened women. Greetings. I just spent 2 hours reading this blog and I think I love you all! Well most of you. I feel pity too for the lot of them that are so shallow and easily manipulated. I don't think any of them knew JA..only Rachel.

I have been a Brad Pitt fan since Thelma & Louise. Loyal to the core. As I have been with Angie since Foxfire ........never in my 'Wildest dreams" (You are great Rica) thought they would hook up.
But now that they have I am addicted to their story and RICA
you rock girl !What can I say everyone here already hasn't?
I am a midwife.... so if you get to the pregnancy and soon to come +1 delivery pieces and need some official info, just let me know where to find ya. I haven't delivered babies in Africa (but have midwife sistahs who have) but have caught babies in Jamaica, Mexico, the Carribean, as well as all over the USA.
Hospital, clinics, home, cars , beaches....Native American res's.
Love my job.

Anyway....... Like all of you BAMZ+1 fans I am spellbound and
anticipating Thursday. Thanks Rica for you time and talent here brining SO MUCH JOY to my imagination.
What's the forum?
Many Thanks! Nice to meet you all.

bonjour rica!thank you but i'm gonna be ok with the english version!less work for you and better practice for me but thats very sweet ! seriously i relly loved it!

Oh, we'll be interested!! YOU ROCK!!

# 678 | Katrina ...a big Welcome to you. Nice to meet you too and glad that you are here.

Thank you so much Rica!!! I decided to go to you website so i can always see if there are any new updates. I can't wait for thursday's chapter. You are an amazing writer and i appreciate you giving us some kind of idea of what went on between them. And everything you write sounds so much like what Brad or Angelina would really say! It's amazing! Your blog is now on my favorites list! I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you for responding to my post, Love Krissy (Krista) =)

# 678 | Katrina

Let me second # 681 | Estelle´s greetings above! Welcome and glad you jumped on aboard! :)

# 672 | Aniston breast Chronology ...LMHO....thank you the info. or I should say thanks to Lainey?. Now everytime I look at JA, I will have to think about her breast as well?...what is her intention today?? hummm....goodness....too much work...I think I will leave it to Lainey.

Gosh Rica, you are SO TALENTED! I just spent all evening reading your NOVEL, while my kids made a huge mess all over the house :)

What's next, African beach? Kenyan hotel wild night? I can hardly wait! I am also wondering how would one describe the state of JA at this point. Now she is slamming the very people who supported her in Rumor Has It--wonder how MacLaine and Kostner feel about this very ungrateful, undeserving woman.

# 675 | Rumors and truth | March 21, 2006 12:13 PM

Wow! I'm actually speechless here lol. Dayum! Ok, you weren't happy with your movie, but since you're calling card now lives across the pond with someone else, should you really be ragging on how the script sucked (didn't you read it beFORE?!) and most interesting of all...."it was the worst experience of my life".....????? HUH?!
Forgive me, but I could have sworn getting a divorce from Brad Pitt would have been the worst experience in your life."

Foolish me.


I also wonder what the forum is?

Hi, Hello from Mexico. I love BAMZ+1 and since last year a came to JJ to see the pictures but I just discovered this forum and I loved it. I spend all my day reading Rica´s fanfic and it was amazing i cant wait until the next chapter. I was reading about another forum Everything Adult but can somebody tell me how can i register because i know that registration is closed right now.
I really hope somebody can help me because since last year i was looking for fanfic about brangelina and rica´s fanfic is the first one that i find it.

P.D. Sorry for my bad english.

Mexican Fan and Maude, First off welcome to the site. You are going to enjoy it here. And second, please never apologize for your bad english. People get that english is not everyone's first language. So, don't worry about it.

Maude, if you need a translator (which i don't think you do) looking no further. I'm at your service.

Mexican -Fan unfortunately, I am not fluent in spanish but I am sure if you have any problems, you'd find someone willing to help.

We are all learning, expanding our horizons and luckily for us we have s ome really good people here.

About the Everything Adult Website, I think you should address your post to blumystique, she knows more about it.

I'm glad you guys have joined us. No one here stands on ceremony, so please never feel embarassed about anything.

Enjoy the site it's refreshing (even the negative vibes sometimes add a bit of spice)

Ohayo gozaimasu!

I decided to post today instead of tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to post again on Friday. I had a little time on my hands!

I hope you guys enjoy...

We haven't gotten to Diani yet ladies...still have a couple of interviews, a photo shoot, a new round of rumors, a talk with parents and siblings and a divorce before we get there. But it's coming!

[b]**************FAN FICTION************

If you see strange html ([b][/b]) signs…ignore them, I’m testing something. I hope it doesn’t distract you too much. Sorry!

[b]Chateau Marmont
Bungalow 3
Next Evening
March 13, 2005[/b]

She didn’t know what to expect, but Brad in a cream colored crew neck sweater and a pair of ass hugging jeans wasn’t it. The man was just delicious. Brad in the flesh was mind numbing. “Hi.” She whispered; her voice refusing to cooperate.

He opened the door to find the Angel -that had floated in and out of his every conscious and unconscious moment- standing there. She was dressed in her trademark black…black leather jacket, black turtle neck, jeans and black stiletto heeled boots. She was simply magnificent. Her voice like much needed sustenance came to him in sultry whisper and molded itself against his starving skin. “Hi yourself.” He breathed, stepping back he let her enter. Shutting the door he took her jacket and purse and laid them across a vacant chair. Taking her hand he led her into the bungalow’s living room.

Looking around the beautifully decorated living room, she noticed a fire burning in the marble fireplace. Angelina remarked “Very nice. Especially if one must live like a hermit. You’re doing pretty well.” She watched Brad pour to glasses of wine and hand her one. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Brad moved to the couch, gesturing to Angelina as he did. “Come here…sit with me.”

Moving to the couch, Angelina sat down and placed her glass on the coffee table next to Brad’s. “I’m glad you invited me here tonight.”

Brad sipped his wine, choosing his words carefully. “I think that it’s that we faced what’s going on between us. Don’t you?”

Nodding, Angelina reached for her drink. “Yes.” What more could she say? He was right there was definitely something there and it was becoming a monster to bear.

Brad continued on. “I was jealous when Colin became your shadow; I was angry when you changed your number; I was hurt when you decided to keep Maddox away and pissed when you pushed me away.”

“Brad I’m sor…”

Brad stopped her. “No…I’m sorry. I pushed and you had no choice but to survive the best way you knew how. You had to make sure that Maddox was protected.” Brad held his hands out palms up. “What did I really have to offer you?”

Shaking her head, her fingers moving lightly across his palms; the touch as light as butterfly wings. He had the most amazing hands. So masculine and capable; they wore the mark of sensuality in each line and protection in each crease. Bowing her head, the thick curtain of her hair hiding her features; But still… ‘You have nothing to offer me now.”

Brad watch the burnish highlights in her hair reflect the vibrant flames thriving in the rooms fireplace. “Me…I offer you me,” He closed his hands around her fingers capturing them in a caressing hold.

“You can’t offer me what you don’t have.” Reluctantly pulling her finger free of his, she bowed her head even more, whispering. “You have a wife.”

“No my marriage is over, Angel” Grasping her chin gently, Brad raised her face, his crystal blue gaze capturing her feline-like hazel stare. Trying not to frighten her away or to break the hypnotic hold he seemed to have on her, he raised his free hand slowly to push the soft thick strands of hair from her face. Baring the perfect face that had graced more than three hundred magazine covers and had held his dreams captive for almost two years, he guided her lips towards his.

Brad had done more than forty movies through out his entire career and no pen could have scripted this moment. So soft, he gently ran his tongue over the sensitive flesh of her lower lip. He’d dreamed of this luscious mouth. His tongue teased, he nursed at her lips as though he were a baby seeking nourishment, the gentle suction becoming a determined demand for more. Every pull at her lips a painfully arousing streak of desire gripping her womb in torturous contractions. At his insistence, she allowed him the entry he so tenaciously sought, his tongue caressing and circling hers, trapping it in a wet dance of desire.

Angelina couldn’t stop the moan that escape her throat as Brad’s hold on her face tighten, she couldn’t pull away if she wanted to. He wouldn’t allow it. His tongue set her free, but her mouth he still held captive, his tongue pressing further, deeper into her mouth, nearly touching the back of her throat. Held captive by those capable hands, Angelina allowed herself to be dominated; giving into a kiss that soon became much more.

Freeing Angelina’s mouth, Brad traced his way along her chin, finding the deep shell of her ear, he traced the ridge, coming to the delicate lobe, decorated with a single diamond stud. Enveloping the entire lobe; earring and all, Brad closed his lips over the velvety soft skin, tasting gently. His seductive ministrations, inciting riotous flames of need in Angelina, her hands once at her sides, moved slowly up his hard back, caressing every muscle, encircling his neck, shaping his face before coming to rest in his short soft hair. Brads lips, moved on to the side of Angelina’s soft neck, tasting nipping at the hot flesh. Her pulse calling him with every beat, her throat vibrating with every moan lured him into depths of a desire so hot it seared his soul. If he were a vampire he would have taken her sweet hot blood, enslaving her for all time. He moved away before he gave into his sadistic thoughts, returning to her swollen lips. He needed…wanted more. Releasing her face, his hands sought out the soft full bounty of her breast; outlined to perfection in her form fitting turtleneck, the aroused nipples pushing against the material. He could feel them seeking out his hand.

The contact with her face broken, Angelina was freed from the sexual spell that Brad held over her and was once again in control of her thoughts. Reality was not kind. In his mind and heart he was free but…still he had a wife. No matter what he said…separation…divorcing soon… right now, this moment…he still had a wife. Pushing against his chest and pulling her mouth away she broke all contact. “This is all you can offer me and lord knows I want it…Brad I do…but you’re married.”

Shaking his head, Brad refused to accept her words. “No I’m separated and heading for a divorce.”

“Yes but the law says you’re married.” Angelina paced back in forth trying to bring her breathing back down to normal. Coming to a halt in front of the fire and folding her arms across her throbbing chest, she stared into the flames, speaking to herself as well as Brad. “The world says you’re part of ‘The Golden Couple’… married.”

Standing, Brad made his way over to stand behind Angelina. He had to make her understand, that his past was done…her past was done and ‘their’ time was starting. “No the law says that I’m legally separated.” Wrapping his arms around her crossed ones, he dropped his face into her hair and whispered hoarsely into the fragrant mound. “Stay with me tonight Angel…please.”

“No…please don’t make me.” Knowing that if he pressed a little harder she would give in.

Brad refused to let her go, his arms tightening, separating so that one arm still held hers loosely and the other was wrapped securely around her shoulders. “No? I can’t…won’t let you go Angel not now.”

Angelina managed to free one arm. Bring her hand up to run smoothly along Brad’s arm, before gripping it. “I can’t give you what you want not tonight.”

“You have no idea what I truly want do you Angel? Yes I would love above all else to take you right here in front of the fire and spend the entire night making love to you, but that’s not all I want.” Nuzzling her hair, lovingly he continued. “We need time together, not working, not fending off the paparazzi, not giving interviews or working the publicity junket for the movie. We need time alone. Sex is not all…or even the most important thing. I want to get to know more about you…what makes you smile…your favorite color, foods, movies. I want to get to know you not what you’ve allowed the world to know. I want the real you and I’ll give you the real me.”

“Brad…I don’t think…I have Maddox to think about. I can’t just begin a relationship, especially with a married man…I can’t.” Shaking her head she finished. “I won’t, I’m sorry.” Pulling free she walked to the couch to grab her black leather jacket and purse.

Rubbing his lips with one finger, Brad reached out and snagged Angelina’s hand pulling her smoothly back into his embrace. Holding up his left hand, he showed her his bare ring finger. “No ring Angel.”

“I have to look out for my son…for me.” Angelina tried to pull away. “Ring or no ring…it doesn’t matter. You still have a w…”

“It does matter! It’s over…please, stay and talk to me. No sex…I promise, I just want to hold you and hear your voice…please” He would beg all night if he had to, but he had no intentions of letting her just walk away, not this time. “Maddox is your call, I don’t meet him again until you think its okay. Stop throwing up road blocks Angel let this happen”

Whether it was the pleading in his voice, the desperate hope in his eyes or her own desire for the happiness and security he promised in his every word or touch, she would never know, but in that moment she gave herself up to possibilities. “Okay, but no sex…you promise.”

Brad realized just how vulnerable this beautiful woman was. He was on the road to gaining her trust. It was a start. “Ahhh Angel.” He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Pulling back to look into his eyes, she asked. “I know I said not to call me Angelina, but why do you call me Angel instead of Angie?”

“Outside in the public I’ll call you Angie…Angelina, whatever you want, but in private…when we’re alone, your Angel…my Angel.” Reaching out he captured a tendril of hair and twirled it around his finger. “Do you mind?”

Shaking her head she smiled softly. “No.” Glancing at her watch, she pulled away from Brad when she noticed the time. “I have to call and check up on Maddox, say good night.”

“Okay. Did you have a chance to eat yet?” Brad asked, he was a happy man at this moment.

“No…not yet.”

“How about Chinese?” At her nod her grabbed his cell phone and ordered an array of dishes. Hanging up he caught the end of her conversation with Maddox. She reminded him of his mother, when he’d been a young boy. His mother had always made sure that hers was the last voice he heard before drifting off to sleep. Angelina invoked memories of childhood, she made him feel secure…safe as though even an actor could have a family in this day and age. He almost felt as though he was daddy listening to mommy put their son to bed. So he did what most fathers would do he got involved. “How is he?”

Angelina looked up from her cell phone and smiled. “He’s fine, about to go to bed. I hate not tucking him in.”

“You’re a very good mother Angel.” Brad walked over to her and taking her hand he pulled her down onto the couch with him. Swinging his legs up onto the couch, he settled Angelina between them comfortably, her back braced against his chest. Grabbing the remote he turned the flat screen television on, turning to the AMC channel. “The food will be here in forty-five minutes. ‘Barefoot in the Park’ with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda is coming on in about an hour.”

Smiling Angelina looked up at Brad. “I love that movie, it’s hilarious. I didn’t know you like old movies.”

“I love them.” He turned the sound down on the television. “Since we have forty-five minutes of free time, why don’t you tell me all about Angelina.”

“Well…I guess I should start at the beginning. How much do you know about my parents’ relationship?”

It was a start…

To be continued…

As always thanks so much for reading ladies!

[b][i]“Our Wildest Dreams”
Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved by ‘Rica’[/i][/b]

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Rica, I have printed them all out and am saving it for Calgon evening... Did cheat a bit and skimmed the last couple of installments... I can't wait to read it all.

I am glad to see that you have a copyright . That mention of Barefoot in the Park caught my attention. ...You know that would be a good movie for Brad and Angie to do together as it does require a certain chemistry between the two characters. I think it would be better than the chemistry between Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.

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Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you
for I can't help falling in love with you

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Heaven is Here - Sarah Brightman

Good times and bad times
There's noting i forget
Sun shines on our lifelines
There's noting i'll regret

Hold me and feel me
And wrap your arms around
Coz when you love me i'm quite clear
That heaven is here

Hear my confession
We're meant to be as one
Leave me to the mystery
Of happiness to come

Touch me i'll give
My blessings and desire
Coz when you feel eternal fire
Then heaven is here

Bad times and street crimes
No matter where you go
Some secrets preach and some fools teach
They're giving us some show

So send me an angel
And wrap your arms around
Coz when it all comes down you'll know
That heaven is here

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The last section happens not a Brad's Malibu home. It transpires 4 days prior to ShoWest at :

Chateau Marmont
Bungalow 3
March 13, 2005

Where he was staying before he moved in to his Malibu home completely. This bungalow apparentaly offered him more privacy, he said.

He moves in to the Malibu home after ShoWest.

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***I'll let you guys in on something. Music is my muse...always has been when I write. For Brad and Angie The Theme Song from 'Wild Orchid' is my favorite. They are both such wildly beautiful and untamable people that Brazilian music always seems appropriate for them.

Chapter Fourteen
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Publicity Junket:
Las Vegas, NV
March 17, 2005

They arrived separately. Angelina with Maddox in tow; Brad by car, alone. Knowing all eyes were watching, ready to latch on to even the smallest bit of proof that Brad and Angelina were in fact more than just friends. But they would find nothing today. The two waited off stage, while Maddox waited in the actor’s lounge with an assistant. They never said more than the casual ‘hello’ to one another.

“Ladies and Gentleman, I hope that you have been enjoying your time here at ShoWest. We’ve seen quite a bit already and still there is more to come. So let’s keep the show going by bringing out two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. They stop by to give us a taste of their upcoming film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiering June 7. Ladies and gentleman, please help me welcome the sexiest man and woman alive Mr. Brad Pitt and his co-star Ms. Angelina Jolie!”

Brad allowed Angelina to precede him up the steps to the stage. He cast a quick glance at the silky multicolored dress she wore. His gaze inched down to watch the gentle sway of her hips…hips that he’d caressed just last night. They were still at the ‘talk’ stage of their relationship but those talks usually ended with Angelina asleep in his arms his body spooning hers on his over-stuffed couch. He wanted to hold her now…touch her silky skin…finger her thick healthy hair…taste those succulent lips…all his now, but he knew that would be suicide.

Stopping at center stage, the two stood three feet apart. They never touched and barely glanced at one another. They stood for five minutes, smiling on queue for the photographers before moving onto the podium. Brad again allowing Angelina to precede him, waited until the raucous applause had subsided a bit before speaking. “Hello! Glad you guys could all make it out.” Brad shot a quick glance at Angelina, who caught it and quickly sent him a shy bashful smile in return.

Pushing her hair back from her face Angelina acknowledged the crowd. “Thank you for coming! We brought you guys a little something.”

“Yeah, we hope you like it. We spent a few months working on it.” Brad signaled the film technician to begin the trailer. As the lights dimmed Brad moved imperceptible inch towards Angelina who managed to follow suit. Sending him another bashful smile when his elbow ‘accidentally’ bumped her.

The trailer ended and the lights returned. Brad and Angelina resumed their original positions and went through the Q and A portion of the show.


Entering the Actors Lounge they found Maddox being entertained by the assistant assigned to both Brad and Angelina, Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon, who were there promoting their new film ‘Fever Pitch’. The assistant left, leaving the four adults and toddler alone.

“Mommy!” Maddox ran headlong into his mother, who crouched down and caught him in an embrace.

“Madness!” Angelina stood, lifting her small son in her arms as she straightened. “Did you have fun?”

“Un..hun! Drew showed me how to make a paper airplane.” The four year old pulled a crumpled paper airplane from his jacket pocket. “See!”

Hugging him close, she took the airplane and tossed it at Brad.

Following the airplanes path Maddox’s dark gaze lit upon Brad. Scrambling down from Angelina’s hold, the child ran to his friend…his Brad. “Braddy!”

“Mad!” Brad bent down to catch the child up into a strong bear hug. “Hey little man, how are you?”

“Fine.” Mad placed his little hands on Brad’s cheeks, “Why don’t you call me anymore?” The innocent question spoke volumes to the true closeness that existed between Brad and Maddox and presumably Brad and Angelina.

The silence in the room was almost deafening. Drew and Jimmy glanced at each other. Drew broke the uncomfortable moment. Brad! Angie! How are you?” She hugged both stars and drew them into a pleasant conversation with Jimmy. The group enjoyed a light conversation until Drew and Jimmy were called out onto the stage. Saying goodbye they left the lounge leaving Brad and Angelina alone.

Brad waited a mere five seconds before pulling Angelina into his arms. Maddox’s squeal stopped his lips from capturing hers. “Owww…you’re squishing me mommy!

Pulling away she smiled up at Brad, her eyes never straying from his, she Answered Maddox. “I’m sorry baby. Mommy didn’t mean to squish you.”

Brad watched her move away. He wanted her so bad his groin ache constantly. She was always in his mind. No matter what…whether he slept, ate, bathed or worked, she was always with him. He wanted to taste her…all of her, but right now Maddox was more important. She was allowing him time with the child. This was an important step and he was ready to take it. Carrying the child over to a large floor to ceiling Cocoa Cola display Brad began telling him a story.

Angelina sat perched on the couch watching Brad with her son, laughing and smiling at their antics. Watching the man and child wrestling on the floor, Brad uncaring that his suit was becoming a mess and Maddox in the height of hero worship; Angelina felt a warmth wash over her. At the soft knock Angelina rose and opened the door.

The assistant assigned to them was there with a pad in her hand. “Would you like something for lunch?”

Angelina looked over at her boys finding them completely engrossed in play, she decided to order for them. “Let’s see, is peanut butter and jelly possible?”

The assistant smiled, nodding her head. “It sure is.”

“Okay, I’ll have one peanut butter and jelly sandwich and applesauce. Two turkey sandwiches, one with Provolone and the other with Swiss…oh and chips…he likes Doritos” She jerked her head in Brad’s direction.

“Drinks?” The assistant asked. She was more than a bit star struck and more than a bit enamored of Brad and completely awed by Angelina.

“Oh yeah…ummm…milk for Mad and bottled water for me. “ She turned to Brad. “Brad…What do you want to drink?” Brad so deep in play didn’t hear her. Turning back to the assistant with an indulgent smile. “Make that two bottled waters and a pepsi. He’ll drink it.”

Shutting the door behind the assistant, Angelina leaned against it. She continued to watch Maddox, rolling over Brad in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Her smile turned into laughter as she went to join her men on the floor; unmindful of her dress.


Using one of the plastic knives that were added to the trays of food, Angelina cut the crust off of Maddox’s sandwich, before cutting it into four small squares. She added a small handful of chips to his plate and a spoon for his applesauce. Adding Doritos to Brad’s plate, she snagged one before calling them over to the table. “Boys! Come and eat.”

Brad stood, flipped Maddox up onto his shoulders and headed for the bathroom that was attached to the lounge. “We’ll be right back mom! Have to wash our hands.”

Maddox giggled and repeated Brad’s words. “Yeah, we have to wash our hands.”

Angelina listened to the child’s chatter. Maddox was so happy to see Brad. He’d never bonded with anyone else. She felt as though she should be jealous but she wasn’t. She actually felt comfortable…safe. “Come on guys, we have to leave for the airport after lunch.”


“Mr. Pitt, your car will be here in five minutes.” Turning to Angelina. “Ms. Jolie, would you like me to call for your car now?” The trusty assistant peeked around the door.

“No, we’ll go in Mr. Pitt’s car. Thank you…for everything.” Angelina was in the process of putting a very sleepy Maddox’s jacket back on.

“My pleasure, Thank you for coming out to ShoWest…hope to see you again!”

“Brad smiled at the young woman. ‘Thanks for having us.”

Brad’s black SUV arrived and the trio made their way surrounded by bodyguards, to the waiting vehicle. Angelina carried an already sleeping Maddox.

Brad held Maddox as Angelina entered the truck. Once she was seated, Brad handed the sleeping toddler to his mother who strapped him into the car seat. Turning back to Brad in wonder, she asked. “How did you know that we’d be going with you?”

Brad entered the SUV, fastening his seatbelt he waited until the car began moving before answering. “I didn’t…a man can only hope.” Reaching over he cupped her face drawing her lips to his. He captured them…drinking their essence as If he were a parched man wandering the desert and she the only fountain within miles. His mouth ravished hers, drawing a tiny moan from her. Pulling away before the kiss got out of hand, his words quiet. “I missed you…I missed this and after today, I realize just how much I missed Mad. I can’t go back Angel. I want it all, you, Maddox…us.”

“I can’t go back and I won’t take Maddox back either, but we have to go slow with him Brad.” Angelina caressed Brad’s smooth cheek.

“Shhh…” cupping her cheek, he ran his thumb over her lips. Moving in he suck the bottom lip for a moment, teasing…tormenting. Dropping his hand he cupped her breast lightly before dropping his hand. Maddox’s presence was definitely a conscience minder. I would rather die by own hand than to ever hurt Maddox…or you.”

Angelina stared into Brad’s eyes for a moment before answering. ‘I know…I just have to be sure. This is a big step for both me and Mad.”

“It’s a big step for me too Angel…for me too. Fly home with me. Why should we use two planes, when we are going to the same place. Fly home with me.”

The answer was an easy one. ”Okay.” She was fast coming to the point where she would follow this man anywhere.


Holding the little body close to his protectively, Brad carried a sleeping Maddox up the plane’s steps. Walking through the main cabin, Brad entered one of the Plane’s two bedrooms. Laying the small child on the bed, Brad removed his jacket and shoes before taking Angelina’s hand and leading her to the other Bedroom.

Angelina stood quietly, her breath coming in labored pants, as Brad wrapped his arms around her, and began nuzzling the sensitive skin of her neck. Grasping his hands she guided them from her waste to her breast. Moaning as cupped and massaged their heavy weight. She gasped as he flicked the turgid nipples pressing against the silk of her dress. She needed to feel his strong hands on her. Being with him, she felt safe…desired…cherished.

Brad molded the soft full globes, his mouth working the sensitive spot behind her right ear. He pinched the bold nubs painfully, causing Angelina’s knees to buckle. Sweeping her up into his arms before she hit the floor, Brad deposited Angelina on the bed, following her down and removing his jacket and her shoes in the process.

Angelina couldn’t stop her hands from exploring his body. She raised her hips allowing him to push her skirt higher so that he could settle between her silky thighs. He knew that there would be no sex, but he needed to be close to her. He needed to be here with her at this moment. Grasping her wrist he held them above her head as his lips took possession of her mouth and his hips ground rhythmically into hers.

His lips traced a heated moist path from her mouth, to the hollow at the base of her throat. Her skin was so delicate that he could almost see the throbbing blue vein there. Catching the thin skin between his teeth, he worried it until a red bruise appeared. Sucking the tortured flesh he erased the pain. His lower body still grinding into hers, He moved his lips further down, searching out the silk covered buds that begged for his attention. She almost fainted when his lips closed over her nipple…silk dress and all. Sucking and nibbling, his lower body still grinding rhythmically into hers. Brad tightened his hold on her wrists, he knew she would have bruises and the Alpha male in him glorified in the idea…his marks on his woman. Biting down on the nipple he growled when she tried to jerk away.

Angelina whimpered as his mouth pulled strongly on her oversensitive nipple. Her whimpers becoming breathless moans. Brad released one of her wrists, his lips still working at her nipple. Tracing her cheekbones he lowered his index finger to her lips, pushing the digit in and out of her wet mouth, matching the rhythm of his hips. Adding a second finger her released his seductively torturous hold on her nipple. Growling into her ear. “You can’t scream…you’ll wake Mad and the attendant will feel compelled to burst in and help you. Use my fingers, Angel.” He returned to her breast, focusing his attention on the other nipple as yet un molested but just as aroused. He could feel the heat coming from her dark core. It was all he could do not to break his word. He might not be able to consummate his relationship, but it was definitely time for his Angel to fly.

Angelina’s lips closed over his fingers, her tongue caressing and teasing. The warmth having a the same affect on Brad as his mouth was having on her. Brad felt the pull at his groin with every pull of her lips on his fingers. He felt her lower body moving in unison with his. ‘Just a little more.’ He released her other hand, which plunged into his hair, grabbing at the short soft strands; her moans coming quicker, her panting heavier. His swollen linen covered shaft grinding against her wet center, Fingers of one hand invading her mouth, fingers of another torturing one nipple, his lips and teeth nursing the other, She felt helpless to all but release and like a willing slave she gave into the waves of passion that burst upon her like a wave mercurial heat, touching every nerve ending in her body. She nearly passed out from the intensity. What should have been bliss was only a sign of things to come. She wasn’t sated…she was hungry and she wanted more and the only man who could satisfy her lay above her fully clothed and rock hard. Keeping his word…

Yes, she wanted more…needed it…needed him inside her, on her, around her, behind her, under her...however she could get him. Damn him and his word! Damn her for insisting he keep it!

Like a game of chess she’d maneuvered herself into this inescapable position.


To be continued…


Thank you ladies!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’

Two drops this week when I was expecting only one! Thank you thank you thank you! You are the greatest! Have a good weekend! Rest well for your next drop!

Thanks Rica, You have no idea what this has done for me. I just spent the last ten minutes responding to the nastiest post ever.
This has washed the bad taste out of my mouth. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. can't wait for the next chapter.
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thanks Rica! i can't wait for the rest. Like genggeng wrote have a good weekend. =)

Great Read Rica. June 6th, 2006.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD.

Comes out June 6 its own amazon.com

I hope I was not the first to wish Jared HAPPY BIRTHDAY today,,,,,
Rica another classic. THANKS, I am limited on time to be on lately so I save it to read your posts... It makes up for what little I have read on the other thread... so much ugliness and hateful posts... Reading your story is a nice way to wash all that out of our system and allow us to get back to their defense.

# 775 | Raqchel
is that for real? oh my I'm going to mark my calendar now..lol. I'm so excited.

Rica,you are a genius.I can't wait to read the the next fanfic.Keep it coming girl.Have a wonderful weekend.

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Okay, I've had my excitement for the day. These men will think that I have lost my mind. I'm in the middle of a meeting...shhhhh!!!!!!

779 | Rica | March 24, 2006 11:14 AM

Okay, I've had my excitement for the day. These men will think that I have lost my mind. I'm in the middle of a meeting...shhhhh!!!!!!

No thank you! for the kick ass fanfics.

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WONDERFUL!!! Rica, When is the W photo shoot? Before or after Kenya? And the story about Brad's ring? YOU SO ROCK!!!!!


Oh that was just wonderful. Reading your new chapter is the perfect way to start the week-end. I am planning to read the fanfic from start to finish again.
Thanks for the info about the MAMS unrated DVD. It seems they have timed it with the arrival of the baby. Now I have two things to look forward to.

WONDERFUL RICA!!! thank you for another awsome fanfic chapter, I love it, love it..and thank you Raqchell for the DVD info.... YEAHHH!...ok shuut...I have to close my office door....:)))), I have 2 MAMS DVDS, ( wide screen and full screen)...ok..I can not decided which one to buy, so I got both...crazy me, I know....now another one? or two? ( full or wide?)..oyeeeh

Could you please, please email my adddress to Dolphingirl

I've been trying to stay away from the negative post lately. I find myself getting worked up over what...people I don't even know...but as always come here to get my chapters. Every once and awhile I'll read the entire thing just to feel good about something.

Now that I know about June 6...can't wait. Hey did the Producers or the powers that be try to release around the same time as "TBU" or TomKat's baby? I believe VV move the dates back as reported earlier this year

wooowwweee...thanks very much rica...you are great....now i am also panting (pervs in a nice way...lol) for the next chapter...

you know i was cheated on my MAMS DVD...i thought they included all the other deleted scenes but they are not there.....i watch it several times but i can't find them now i know that there's another version coming out this june....thanks for the info.....those producers are clever....they know that people will also going to buy the other version...

do any of you know where the bamz+1 family really went to??? are they really coming home here in california? or are they going to go to brad's hometown??? i wish they will go there because at least the people will protect their privacy...in ca...will they will be mob by the paps unless they have bodyguards or entourage...which i don't think will happen as they don't want many people surrounding them just them as the family, their guard (white guy) and holly and maybe some of brad's assistant...it will be a bit chaotic for them especially for angie...with all the commotion.....bless the whole family!!

have a very nice weekend rica and to all the bamz+1 fans....cheers to rica's fanfics and to the safety of the bamz+1 family, to our own loved ones....to all our family take care and see you around at jj's, ea's and to rica's blog site!

bamz+1 rocks!!


OH! This is where all the normal people went. I normally don't post because all of you usually say what I am already thinking. I have got to tell you, that other thread has gotten really nasty. What a relief to come over here. Very excited about this unrated dvd coming out. Love your writing Rica!

They are right now in the south of France, new pic. of BP prepare for his flying lesson on Rameypix.com.

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There is also a great Barry White song, but I will have to find the lyrics. Love Rica's work!

Rica! Incredible!
I have a question: so in your theory they 'did it' before Kenyan beach, and the 'animal sound' coming out of the hotel? :) Indeed they had a lot of opportunity in private.

rica! again, this was GREAT! i just came home from caliraya (its a man made lake here, in the philippines) and i am sooo tired frm wakeboarding.. but i just had to check the thread for an update.. and when i saw that there was one.. ahh i felt so much better! i love your fics! they are the BEST!!


rica! again, this was GREAT! i just came home from caliraya (its a man made lake here, in the philippines) and i am sooo tired frm wakeboarding.. but i just had to check the thread for an update.. and when i saw that there was one.. ahh i felt so much better! i love your fics! they are the BEST!!


rica! again, this was GREAT! i just came home from caliraya (its a man made lake here, in the philippines) and i am sooo tired frm wakeboarding.. but i just had to check the thread for an update.. and when i saw that there was one.. ahh i felt so much better! i love your fics! they are the BEST!! you rock! ;)


# 783 | kerchy and Rica,
My little theory about Brad's 'anti-ring' is that it is not really from Angie, but as he said on Primetime Live with Sawyer interview, from "a photo shoot, a free bee". I didn't see all the W mag photos, so I don't know if he is wearing it in there. Have any of you got the magazine? IF it is indeed in W mag, my theory is that Brad kept it, but as kind of a symbol of "Domestic Bliss", the title of that issue, although his artistic aim was to portray an "unhappy marriage" which he was just getting out from. Very telling. Smart guy.

Ever since he split with Aniston I am more and more interested in him as a person and actor. I hope really that he continues to act and take serious charactor roles. I feel he has always been a great character actor, trapped in a very handsome 'pretty boy' body. Coupling with all-body -image woman for 7 years didn't help that. Brad, now it's your true self to shine! Well done!!

# 804 | Be sane | March 25, 2006 03:10 PM
Brad was indeed wearing a ring but not like the one he has on now.


Brad is pictured wearing the 'anti-ring' in the June 2005 issue of GQ.


# 807 | ma

Exactly. You hit the nail head there ma. The ring is not from the W mag. But again he´s still usinga freebie, why? Go red the interview guys! ;)

He makes the things he want to happen!

# 807 | ma

You hit the nail head ma. the ting is not from the W mag photoshoot. But then again why is he still using a frebie? Go read the interview guys!;)

He makes the things he wants to happen!

The ring is in his right hand:


Thanks guys for the pics and ring info :)
Is it only me, despite haters saying Brad looks awful and tired, I rather think he looks more and more masculine and handsome in a rugged way. Redford never shook his 'pretty boy' and couldn't really expand his roles in my opinion.

I think Brad was a bit too beautiful for Troy. He needed Russel Crow-like toughness for that.... I think he is getting that quality now. Although, I did like Troy! For one thing after watching Brad's body he got my husband back into the gym--I thank him for that :)


I got this at Pittwatch.com and the author seems to have an interesting view of the whole BAMZ phenom. I would like to hear about what you guys think about this, esp Elena, who I believe is a therapist (?) and whose posts I find very enlightening. Thanks

Angelina and Brad are Married Copyright 2006-03-19 By Dr.Grace VanBaden (pseudo-name in order to keep confidentiality rights of patients), Therapist to the Stars, Los Angeles, California

Yes, they are – at least in their minds. They wear rings, travel together, have 3 children and try to live a “normal” life, so why are we as a society so obsessed at witnessing their life? Maybe because in some strange, distorted way, they want us to? It’s called “Celebrity Exhibitionism” in professional lingo. Let’s be honest – if they really wanted to live a “normal” life (and what that means exactly nobody knows), all they had to do is take off their sunglasses in the dark, use a regular rented car rather than a limo, live in deluxe hotels where there are no paparazzi hang-outs, or just go somewhere where nobody would know them – and yes, there are places like that (call me if you need directions!). Celebrities enjoy that attention in some way, otherwise they would have not chosen that profession in the first place. And those who really want to live a “normal” life, can always move to Montana (Demi Moore) or Australia (Mel Gibson). But most of them, if not all, come back after a few years – must be getting lonely, living that “normal” life……..

Why are some of us pitying Jennifer Anniston? She is a beautiful woman, has millions in her bank account, all the time in the world to spoil herself? Maybe because many of the women identify with her? How many women are left behind every year for a younger woman? How many are being cheated on at work? How many get divorced and then 5 minutes later, their ex marries another? It happens to a high percentage of all marriages….divorce for all kinds of reasons. But maybe Norman, Jennifer’s dog, was right all along when he was taking a dump almost daily in Brad’s closet? Maybe he had a sixth sense about this relationship? Trust your dog’s instincts! But please don’t pity Jennifer – there are so many women who do not have the opportunities like she does….not to mention all the wives who get left behind with children to cake care of and never see their exes again. She gets to see hers every day in the news!

Brad, you are the morphing king – he now has dark hair and sideburns like Billy Bob, wears nothing but dark clothes and a black cap…Brad always manages to start looking like his girlfriends – a narcissistic, perfectionist trait or rather a part of an actor’s personality?

Angelina has found a man she can control – perfect for her therapy with getting over disappointments with men, starting with her own father. Brad follows her around like a happy puppy dog to all her UN assignments, stops smoking for her, takes care of her children, and leaves his wife…it’s a great example for all men to live a healthy life with their girlfriends. It was nice that Brad waited for the divorce to be final, before announcing and for the world found out that the women he claimed “was only a great friend”, carried his child.

Angelina is a strong independent woman who does a lot of good work with her celebrity status. No doubt about it. And just because she had an affair with a lesbian woman when she was younger (didn’t we all?), does not make her bi-sexual. It’s called experimenting with you sexuality. However, it is to hope that it does not develop into a fetish, her love for Asians (Maddox does look like her lesbian lover a bit?). Kissing your brother publicly is also not a crime, but much more a typical provocation act by Angelina to break the rules….and get attention? Isn’t it part of an actress duty to live out their personal life as public? You cannot just become famous, make millions, and then want to keep your life private. It would have been nice if celebrities, politicians, actors and other public figures would use that power for good things more often than bad ones. So, I vote for charity work being a better choice than corruption and drug scandals.

And now, let’s talk about Michael Douglas – he has a nerve talking. Having marital problems for years with his ex-wife (does sex anonymous ring a bell?) and then marrying a much younger woman himself….don’t throw with stones when you live in a glasshouse yourself. And carrying adopted children around, as he says, should be an honour to anybody. I wish more single mothers (and couples of course) would have the opportunity to adopt children, but it seems to be a privilege reserved to jet-setting celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan, and Sharon Stone. And please, all your single celeb moms with adopted children – don’t just be selfish - help other single moms to being able to adopt as well by establishing a charity or foundation and by changing the laws about this. It is a disappointment to some degree that Angelina let Brad adopt them so quickly, just because she has had bad luck with men according to her and she was such a poster child for single moms being able to do a great job alone. In a case of a divorce, she would have to fight over custody, even though she was the one adopting these children in the first place….but as independent as Angelina is, she might have provided for some secret legal clause to cover that issue hopefully.

Back to Brad and Angelina – a little over-the-counter advice - if they really want to give their lovely children a rather normal life, then let them stay in one place to develop healthy relationships with other children – its called socializing. Travelling from place to place, even in style, is still not the same as having play dates with regular friends and going to pre-school. No “normal” kids can approach them when they are constantly surrounded by bodyguards. No parent love can make up for the needs of learning how to play well with others.


This thing just made laugh once again.It's obsolutly not worthing reading or analising.I bet the one who wrote it is one more Team Aniston Phsyco!

The fact that she would not give her name says alot(Lots of Therapist write articles and give their name) The question at the beginnin was why are WE are interested in BAMZ and this Therapist blames this on Brad and Angie not hiding away. A good therapist would never blame others for our decisions. I think this article is against BAMZ in a sly way.
The only thing I agree with is that they need a home bash for the kids to grow up in. But I don't think traveling is bad. I was an Army brat and moved almost every two year for about 6 years straight. You learn to deal with new situations.

Yes, the writer is anti-BAMZ. She says "Brad is a morphing king" and "Angie found a man she can control"; both BS.

Obviously this writer is not a Therapist , No Therapist will write such a skewed assessment Pro JA and anti BA. It seems that this Pseudo Therapist is just one of the anti BA pro JA fan assuming one of the many identities posting at BA fan site.

Writing as a woman myself, I would feel extreme ashamed to be associated with such a weakling like JA , who has for the past year failed to even willing to share responsibilty for the breakdown of this marriage. She definitely have a big issue with assuming responsibilty , love to appear as the "good guy" and would at all cost push blame to other people except herself. All JA interviews done to the dozen of mag are incoherent . She doesn't even know what point of view to put forth consistently resulting in all this backfire. This goes to show that when someone without substance talk ... it shows. People are not blind to the truth. Majority of the educated rational masses have no qualms understanding Jolie and appreciating her work and life.

"Angie found a man she can control" ? Brad is a strong person , he can not be easily control. but this is a guy who fall hard when he love,

# 804 | Be sane | March 25, 2006 03:10 PM

"Ever since he split with Aniston I am more and more interested in him as a person and actor. I hope really that he continues to act and take serious charactor roles. I feel he has always been a great character actor, trapped in a very handsome 'pretty boy' body. Coupling with all-body -image woman for 7 years didn't help that. Brad, now it's your true self to shine! Well done!!"

This exactly how I feel! I'm more interested in him as an actor now more than I ever used to be, and I can't wait to see what he brings. He's insinutated that he's really ready to step more into the role of producer, and on the acting side, more interesting roles in projects out of the mainstream. I think he's finally in a place personally, and professionally that I'm not sure he thought he'd be.


"Angie found a man she can control"

The fake therapist needs to do some more research. Lainygossip.com for instance. Lainey tells how Brad shares equally the decisions for Maddox & Zahara, and also, when they travel, he's the one who makes the arrangements. If they need something, he's the one who get's it done. It's obviously that he's not some pantywaist lap dog, and if he were, Angelina wouldn't even be waisting her time since she's obviously a woman who did just fine on her own. Brad is from all accounts a man who takes care of business, and his family.


RE: The "Article" submitted by a BAMZ + 1 fan: Dr. Grace VanBaden, Therapist to the Stars, aren't you actually the famous Dr. Grace VanAniston, Public Relations Doctor for the Stars? This is as real as The Easter Bunny. Stop, Jennifer! Stop now! Stop your people from planting things like this here! Two can play this game...we've got Anonie mouse on our side!

hello girls! Rica i just read the fanfic and want to sais thanks!That was awesome, it make my day! For all the other girls i find you very nice to take the time to answer all the bad comment that i can see anyware on this site. You all rock!

Isn't it funny how this couple has captured everyones attention. Before they got together, I was never even interested in either of them. But now, I can't seem to get enough of reading about them. Now I've done something I thought I would never do, and that is post a comment on the internet. I have gone BAMZ crazy.
Anyway, finally I thought I would put my two cents in and express my unsolicited opinion on this whole saga.
I think they are all finally happy. Brad has the family he has longed for. Angelina has probably found the stability and love that she longed for. And Jennifer has the Hollywood career and recognition and less domestic lifestyle that she probably has wanted.
But as much as I would love to say everyone should move on (I mean us obsessed people, because I'm sure they have already). If we finally do, what tantalising read can we look forward to.

#813 Bamz+1

Re: Dr.Grace VanBaden (pseudo-name in order to keep confidentiality rights of patients), Therapist to the Stars, Los Angeles, California and her article.

Please, I guess now we know why there are so many "stars" who are either delusional or have flaming borderline personality disorders and self medicate with drugs, alcohol etc... Please do remember that the therapist that Jennifer went to for years, somehow neglected to instill in Ms. Aniston the importance of assuming responsibility /accountability in the process of healing oneself. That is the first life skill that a good therapist/life coach will communicate with a patient with relationship problems.

Her comment of " if they really wanted to live a “normal life and what that means exactly nobody knows), all they had to do is take off their sunglasses in the dark, use a regular rented car rather than a limo." etc and the choices made by fading movie stars is unrealistic and of course not fair. Let me remind everyone of Africa. As remote and as private as the location is, they were still hunted. What this supposed therapist is not getting is that it has nothing to do with what they are doing but who they are. Right now , they are the people that has caught our interest and imagination. It does help that in the PR tennis game of "I am healing from what those bad people did to me" for personal publicity forces the Pitt-Jolie PR camp to respond by being physically visible and interacting as a family. What This "Bermuda( please does Jennifer even know what it means?) have in common is that Jennifer wants a career as a movie star and Brad and Angie want theirs to continue flourishing and to be damaged because of Jen's negative use of something that should have been kept between them. None of the stars mentioned made their moves while they were at the height of their popularity and had the same dynamic. Apples can never be oranges. Compare them to Eddie Fisher/Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds yes . But there has not been any other such triangle in Hollywood since then. And the Internet added something that did not exist with the Fisher/Taylor/Reynolds.

As to Norman dumping in Brad's closet.....I started wanting to be a vet . I quit vet school because my husband's job required constant moving and travel. And I wanted to be home when my kids came. So I do have some knowledge about this. If a dog is not able to go outside to relieve himself . He will choose either a place by a doorway or if he is cocontainedehind a closed door in a smaller area i.e. the bedroom suite he will go where there is the least traffic or is out of the way. He will also look for the scent of where he or another dog has had an "accident". Even if the area is cleaned , if the urine or feces have not been treated with an enzyme that neutralizes the acids found in waste , the dog will still be able to smell the spot and relieve himself on that spot or area. If it is true that Norman took a dump in the same place in his closet every day that says something about the animal not being provided access to the outside on a regular basis or to poor cleaning . Of course my question is why wasn't the door to his closet/dressing room kept closed if it was a problem??? I do not believe this one.

Now about the morphing... I would venture to guess that Brad has used whoever comes to do or does the hair of who he is with. My husband always used whoever I did. Most men no longer go to barbers ; they go to the same people we women do. Most married man go to the same person who does their wife as she is also the one who usually keeps track of the appointment; So, look to the hairdresser. They all lean towards a style . I am sure that most of us , once we trust who does our hair just let them do what they might suggest. Highlighting is high maintenance just as GwynGwyneth Jen are . One also has consider the movies/roles that Brad was filling and the look that each required. Brad is not a clotheshorse by nature he has pretty much let the woman in his life dress him because they have cared about what he wore more than than he does. In that situation a woman chooses clothes that she likes to see the man wearing. I did that with the clothes I bought for my ex- husband and the clothing items that I have bought for my sons . They buy what they want to wear. I buy what I want to see them wearing. Brad and Angie are alike ... they both dress for comfort and not for show. They are beautiful without having to put designer clothes. They have no need for work clothes as that is provided with each different role.They are also busy hands on parents of two young children.

Now for the part of "Angie has found a man she can control"... What Angie has found is someone she with who there is no need to control or be controlled. They are both equals different but with the same values and life destination . She does seem to be the kind of woman who will suffer fools or weak men. When you are a strong woman there are some weak men who attracted to you . But it is only because they want to be taken care or told what to do...like a child. That gets tiring and boring quickly. A strong woman would rather be alone than hoop up with someone who is not as strong as she is. It takes a strong man of character to recognize and celebrate her strengths because his ego is not threatened by her. It is only to someone who is her equal that a woman such as Angie or a strong woman in general that she will expose her vulnerabilities to a=. For she knows that he will not use them against her or let others do the same. The same goes for Brad from Angie. I think Jennifer took advantage of his vulnerabilities for her own agenda. That is part of passive aggressive behavior patterns. I don't see that between Brad and Angie. I think they both share a need for both being on top and on the bottom. From what I know about them I would say that they complement each other. One is strong were the other is weak and vice versa,

As for the comments on adoption... I dispute them as well. I have to wonder how old this woman is and what her credentials really are. California is the state of fruits and nuts so they call it.. She is basing her advice or comments on adoption like eveverythinglse in the article through her filters and not Angie's. I am sure that adoption by Brad was something that was talked about and considered for a long time. I would say that her decision came from the Mother's love and concern that she has for Mad and Z and the love that she saw reflected in Brad's heart for these children. As a mother , one does worry about the "what if" in life. What if something happened to her ? What would happen to the children?. Her mother wil die soon, her brother's lifestyle probably does not support raising children . And her father... no way. Even if married to Brad, without legal adoption, her father would more of a right to legal custody than Brad. So adoption protects not only the children but Brad's legal right to them. It also works toward the melding of all these people into one family with a single mutuality. The good of the family benefits everyone. Adoption before the birth of their biological child is important to Mad and Z, sense of belonging and being wanted children of both and on equal footing with the new biological child. Mad knows that Brad will always be his dad regardless of Angie being in the picture or not. It is something that children should never doubt as it is the source of their security. That mom and dad will always be there for you and will not abandon them. ( As Jon Voight and many divorced fathers do unfortunately.)

I agree about socialization but there is plenty of time for that . Specially since part of that when that young has to do with the concept of sharing and playing well with others. Mad is not an only child so that is not an issue for right now. Besides right now they are all bonding . With the new baby Mad and Z are going to want attention from Mom and Dad and not other children. To make him go to someones house at this point will only confuse him. Having them participate and engage with each other and the baby weaves these children to each other and to their parents. What they are absorbing and learning with all the traveling etc. will made them ahead of others not only in learning readiness but adjusting to the many different situations they will find themselves in. They are far ahead of most children their age as they already have sense that the world is far larger than the sandbox and the playground of their school. I am at a loss to think of what her definition of normal is. I would say that if one is to compare children of the stars and children in suburbia USA. The children that she is describing as normal, thechildren of Hollywood are as far from living a normal life as possible. If anything Mad and Z have as normal a family life as possible for children of movie stars. There is no nanny , traveling makes a lot of toys and things something that is kept at minimum. These two have had more quality time with their parents than probably Michael Douglas's children have had with him and their mother in the past year or more.

I hope this woman he judgmental and personally biased opinion to herself and hopefully allows her patients to heal themselves without depending on her for too much guidance.

Good to see friendly names and read your posts.
Reading some of the things that people have posted on the other thread is like going to a horro movie. Once you leave you start believing in monstors under the bed and in the closet... Reading some of the stuff makes one start wondering about the kind of people who would think or say such things. And where they hide.

Thanks Elena and the others for your insights. I really didn't buy into the article but then again I am biased for BAMZ+1.

I am excited about the "race" to get to 1000 posts in this and the other thread. Its amazing how much of what is happening with BA and AJ resonates to so many people. I am glad this thread is "secluded" from the BAMZ haters. I come back to this thread to read all your posts whenever I get fed up with the BAMZ haters from the other thread.

I hope Rica posts another chapter soon.

Your so right Elena! There hasn't been a triangle this good, since Liz/Eddie/Debbie. Let's hope this one has a better ending.........

# 824 | Elena | March 26, 2006 08:03 PM

Excellent well thought post, and if there's but one thing I'd disagree with, it would be the assumption that Marcheline Bertrand is dying soon.

Of course tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, but I have to assume that you're basing her "impending" demise on the cancer rumors when maybe we should realize that not one reputable media outlet has reported that the woman was on her deathbed, and the last time one did, it reported that she was in remission, and had been for years.

It's really become a very sore spot with me because we know how close Angelina is to her mother, and one would, or should only have to look at that fact to know that if her mom were as ill as the tabloids assert, Angelina would either be in the states, or her mother would be with her in Europe. I can't imagine them not spending as much time together if there if Ms Bertrand were indeed on her deathbed.


# 813 | BAMZ + 1 fan

I don´t know if you post on PW, but maybe you should read some of the comments there regarding this Pseudo therapist". We came to the conclusion that´s probably some JA fan who´s havinga good laugh at our expenses. since we´re giving this FRAUD so much attention.

# 826 | kerchy | March 26, 2006 11:02 PM

Please under no circumstances equate that 50yrld mess with Jolie-Pitt lol. Eddie & Liz & Debbie were all friends.........Jolie-Pitt-Aniston, not.

Eddie & Debbie were very much married, and Liz was the definite reason for the split. Brad & Jen's marriage was breaking up, then broke up, and all without the help of Angelina Jolie.

There is no triangle, there never was a triangle "except for the Bermuda triangle JA convienantly refers to them now as being" (a year and a half later).

About the ending? There has been a better ending. Jolie-Pitt have moved on with their lives, and not looking back. They have two beautiful children already, waiting for the new one to be born, have a new home (so far, that story is authentic). This is not Eddie/Liz/Debbie by any stretch of the imagination....thank goodness! lol.


rica! when will you be back? im craving for an update!! im sure everyone here is too!! :D


# 828 | Diana | March 27, 2006 08:21 AM

This person has basically taken pretty much every anti Jolie-Pitt this & that on the web, and strung them together into one long piece of biased crap. She/he is really a plagerist, and a bad one at that lol.


to # 824 | Elena | March 26, 2006 08:03 PM
I agree with you couldn't say better.
I truthfully hope that Angie's mother get well soon. I read somewhere that her cancer was in remession.


Just wanted to say Elena that was an awesome post. Well thought out and presented - with the noted exception that as far as we know, Angelina's mom is fine.

(((((((FANFICTION ALERT))))))))))
((((((((NC-17 OR R FOR PURE SMUT))))))))
Disclaimer: The fiction was written around the tabloid articles regarding "SUPPOSED" incidents.

Heart’s Desire
March 19, 2005
Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer smiled up at Brad as they walked slowly through a near deserted park. It was early afternoon, midweek and the park was oddly empty. It helped that they were half a city away from the usual Tinsel town hot spots. “Thank you for the movie.” For all their harsh words over the past few weeks, things seemed to have calmed down. They were now able to spend a few moments together without going for the jugular. “This was a surprise. Especially since you left before I arrived at ShoWest. I thought that you would at least stick around to see me accept my award.”

Brad glanced down at his estranged wife. He wasn’t really in the mood for small talk and he didn’t want to lead her down that path. But he also had her feelings to consider. They had always been friends and he didn’t want to destroy that. “Well, in light of everything that has been going on, I thought that it would be better if our paths didn’t cross.” he stopped walking and led Jennifer over to an available park bench.

“Hmm…probably didn’t help that you were with her…”

The warning came quickly “Jen…”

“I know…I’m not trying to start anything. I’m just saying that it would have…probably been real uncomfortable, that’s all.” Jennifer gave Brad her best ‘girl next door’ smile, her lawyer who had no desire to go up against Brad and his legal powerhouse had warned her against antagonizing Brad. “So what do you really want, Brad?”

He stared at the woman who had been part of his life for the last seven years and wondered how they had come to this moment. As he stared at Jennifer he waited for the rush of regret and old feelings to arise, but he felt only relief at what he was about to ask. Waiting no longer he spoke slowly and clearly. “I want you to file for a divorce.”

The request gave Jennifer pause. She’d known they were coming to this but it still took her breath away. “I know…we discussed this already.”

Brad shook his head. “No. I want you…I need you to file now, not summer.”

“Oh.” She felt as though her world was beginning to sink. He was…had been her life preserver. Who would help her now? “May I ask why?”

“I just don’t think that anything can be served by dragging this out. We both agreed to this last year.” Brad answered softly. He was still waiting for the flood of overwhelming emotion…still nothing.

“That’s all? Nothing to do with…” She deserved the truth.

He knew she deserved the truth, but what was the truth? “If I say yes, does that change anything? If I say no what will the outcome be? The truth is whether or not Angelina is involved; we need to end this chapter. There’s simply nothing else to write.”

Jennifer’s laughed was a forced one. What could she say? “So seven years together is reduced to a book analogy? That’s so like you.”

“Jennifer, I don’t want to fight with you.” Brad stood up from the bench, glancing around to make sure that they were still relatively alone. “No, better yet, I’m not going to fight with you. I’m giving you the chance to file first. Appearances will be in your favor.”

“And if I decide not to, what then?” Jennifer stared up at him, waiting.

“Then to hell with appearances…that was for your benefit. I’ll file on my own.” He smiled down at her sadly, realizing that this was their final good bye. “Please, lets keep this friendly…please.”

That was it…they were over…he wanted her to file. So she would. “Fine I’ll file.”

”When?” He hated to push but he needed closure and so did she.

“I don’t know Brad! I do have a schedule to keep. I’ll be heading to Chicago to begin shooting my new movie.” She ran her fingers through her newly cut hair. “Don’t you have a schedule to keep these days?”

You’re right, I’m sorry. I’ll be at the Parker Palm Springs for the W shoot, this weekend.” He apologized.

“Okay.” She vaguely remembered him speaking about it last spring but she hadn’t really paid close attention to the details or his excitement about the project. Now it was here to slap her dead in the face. Him posing as a family man with ‘her’; that she did remember. “I’ll let you know.”

“Okay, I’ll call my family and give them a heads up. Good bye Jen.” He turned slowly and walked away. Two steps and it blind sided him. A very important time of his life was coming to a close. He would miss her. Brad blinked several times, but still the wetness found its way to his cheek. Swiping at the trail he pushed his sunglasses back into place and kept walking.

Jennifer watched him walk away, realizing that he wasn’t coming back. They were going in separate directions now…no longer walking the same path. Had they ever? She stood and walked in the opposite direction widening the already he void between them. Casting one last glance over her shoulder, she whispered. “Goodbye Brad.” Lifting her head proudly, she moved on.


March 21, 2006
Malibu, CA
Brad’s new Beachfront Estate

Brad listened to his mother’s voice on the other line as he watched the waves roll onto the sands of the private beach below. He loved his new home; it offered him the privacy that he wanted. “Mom, this is our decision. We talked it out. There is no working through it anymore. The decision is final.”

Jane didn’t know what to say. She felt as though her son was giving up without a fight. “Divorce isn’t always the answer Bradley.”

“Mom, it is for us. You guys are going to have to accept that Jennifer and I are not you and dad; that this is not a happily ever after story ending.”

Hearing the stubbornness in her firstborn’s voice, Jane stopped pushing. “Okay. I love very much Brad but I would be lying if I didn’t say just how disappointed I am in you and Jennifer. It’s your life, so I have to let you live it.”

“I know mom. I love you, tell dad and grandma I love them.” Brad ended the conversation and sat staring at the ocean. Why? Why couldn’t his parents just face the fact that he and Jennifer weren’t happy together, that they weren’t traveling the same path? His parents knew about the children issue and had tried to intervene but Jen had only gotten upset with him and the family. That should have been a hint for them. But his parents believed that all marriages were ‘death do you part’.


March 25, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Parker Palm Springs Hotel

To readers: A funny bit of coincidence: I wrote this between March 25-26, 2006 exactly one year from the date of the photo shoot and Jennifer’s filing for divorce.

Steven Klein, shouted instructions over the set commotion. He called for touch ups on both his stars and decided to walk through the next series of shots. “Okay Brad…Angie, the next series of shots are progressive. Brad, Angie has just made a remark that you don’t like. You’re pissed. Throw down the shirt you’re packing and confront her. Angie you argue back until you realize that you’ve gone too far. I want you to turn and crawl across the bed away from Brad. Brad you stop her, grab her skirt…ankle, whatever just stop her. Angie, when he grabs you I want you to give him a look, fear…anger…lust all in one! Pull her towards you, flip her over…Angie, you’re still fighting him at this point. Brad you need to subdue her. Hold her down with one hand; I want you to dominate her. Let the domination turn into lust, still holding her with one hand allow the other to express how much you want her at that point.” He watch them take in his instructions/ “Got it?”

Both stars nodded and returned to the bedroom set.

Steven Klein couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Brad’s idea for a ‘perfect on the outside, collapsing on the inside marriage’ pictorial was a brilliant one. Steven didn’t think that Brad could have chosen his wife better. Angelina Jolie was a gem; she remained in character throughout the entire day. Steven really believed that the two were married and that Angelina was truly a disillusioned housewife. Steven knew about the Brad’s marital woes and was impressed that despite the tabloid frenzy the actor had decided to complete the project. Looking at his watch he read the time; two-thirty “Alright let’s call it a day. I’ll see everyone back here tomorrow morning.”

Brad turned to Angelina; he was still feeling the effects of the last shoot. A man could only act so much. “So how do you think this is going to come out?”

Angelina smiled up at Brad, still trying to bring her breathing back to normal, the last series of shoots having taken their toll on her. “I think that I’m glad that I said yes. This was definitely a stroke of genius.”

“So how are you planning on spending the rest of the day? We still have a few hours of daylight left.” Brad walked with Angelina to the waiting cars, that would transport them back to the hotel.

“Well, I thought since Mad is spending this weekend with my mom, I might relax a bit…get some sun.”

Nodding Brad offered. “Maybe I’ll grab some rays myself.” Wiggling his perfect brows, he asked. “So could you use a little help with your suntan lotion?”

Giggling at the crazy expression, Angie agreed. “Sure, see you at the pool in half-hour…forty-five minutes.”

“You’re on.”


“Here let me.” Brad took the suntan lotion from Angelina, poured a small amount in the palm of his hand and applied it to her back. Her skin was so soft and warm. He knew that they were on center stage so he kept it as platonic as he could. But he still took his time massaging the lotion into her skin. Soon he would be free to massage her head to foot. Soon every inch of her would belong to him.

Angelina moaned as Brad’s strong hands worked the now warm lotion into her muscles. The man had wonderful hands…so capable. She always felt so safe when he was around. She knew she could count on him. Turning around she faced him, pouring a bit of lotion she began applying it to his bare chest, paying close attention to his famous six pack. She knew men twenty years younger whose bodies couldn’t touch Brad’s. He was a work of art and she couldn’t help but feel a bit territorial even though she wasn’t sure she had a right to be.


March 30-31, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Chateau Marmont
Bungalow 3

GQ interview:
(Excerpts taken from June 2005 issue of GQ)

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Brad Pitt is on his own again. (Doing just fine, thanks.) Yet as the eternally underestimated superstar confides to Lucy Kaylin, nothing-most of all, him- is ever what it seems.

Lucy seated herself on the couch facing a lit fireplace. She watched Brad move casually around the room, her eyes lighting upon his well manicured hands. His wedding band gone, but on the middle finger of his right hand was a large silver ring with a curious space where a gem would normally be – “the anti-ring ring. “Was that a gift?” Lucy nodded toward the ring.

“This one? Yes…from a friend actually.” Moving over to wrestle with a standing lamp, Brad effectively ended that avenue of questioning.

What friend Lucy wondered, but knew she’d get no more answers about it. It would remain a mystery. She decided to move on.“Have you talked to your family about the divorce?”

“Yeah, I have had the usual phone calls from my mother and grandmother. “ His voice raised an octave. “Son I’m disappointed in you. I’m angry with you, but whatever you do I’ll always love you.” He quoted his mother, thoroughly enjoying himself. “All my bitches are mad at me right now” He laughed not bothering to elaborate.

“There are a lot of rumors going around regarding the divorce.” Lucy paused before reeling off the rumors. “One rumor is that you wanted children and Jennifer did not.”

Brad shook his head. “That’s total bullshit.”

“There is also the Angelina Jolie factor.” Lucy offered up another rumor.

“And it’s pretty much still going that way, I hear.” Brad answered, unperturbed by the mention of that radioactive name.

Lucy laughs, glancing around she noticed a pile cash on the table that Pitt pulls from when delivery guys show up, usually bearing booze and food, like the platter of cheeses and prissily cut fruit now sitting next to the money. Over by the couch, there’s an open bag of jelly beans; by the door, a red motorcycle helmet. “Marriage can be a hard business.”

“But it’s fantastic,” Brad whispered, his eyes wide with delectation.

“Yeah but it can be a beast…”

“Anything worth anything is a beast,” he responded. “The thing I don’t understand is looking at this as a failure. It’s talked about like it failed, I guess because it wasn’t flawless. Me, I embrace the messiness of life. I find it so beautiful actually.”

“What about acting? Do you think that you’ll ever give up acting?” Lucy asked, her gaze memorizing every perfect angle of the only man to be voted ‘Sexiest man alive’ twice.

“I don’t think I’ll do it forever,” he rubbed his hands over his short buzz cut. “It’s a younger man’s game. I’ve got a few years left of a good run. And truthfully, I’m interested in other things now. Like family.”

“So we’ve heard. So what kind of father do you think you’ll make?”

Brad’s lips lifted into a whimsical smile. “I’ll be able to figure it out when I get there. I have great faith in that. I’m just really aware of the responsibility of putting your life second, and your job is to show this little one around the world.”

Lucy offered her own brand of reassurance. “I’m sure that you’ll have that family one day.”

“Oh I’m not worry that it’s not gonna happen. I’ll make it happen. You go make the things that you want.” Brad assured her.

“Would you consider adopting?”

“I don’t know how I can’t now, seeing what I have seen these past months. Yeah-it makes all the sense in the world to me. I’m going back in a couple of weeks. There are some kids I want to visit; it’s as much for me as for them.” Brad answered, his voice hushed and humbled. He was remembering two young girls he’d met last November on his first visit to South Africa.

“Was Angelina influential in getting you involved with this?” Lucy mentioned Angelina’s name once more.

“Ummm,” Brad started, his words almost guarded, “I certainly respect what she has done, but many people have been. Bono especially…and yeah her as well. She contributes staggering amounts of money…staggering amounts. In fact, she probably makes money so she can give it away. That seems to be more her concern than films.” He answered, a hint of pride warming his smooth voice.

“She’s certainly setting an A-list trend.” Lucy remarked. “She’s on top as are you. That’s got to be exciting. Do you hope to garner an Oscar before you retire?”

Shaking his head, Brad laughed. “No…you know I like my place. I don’t want to be first: I don’t even want to be second. I just like being in the game.”


April 3, 2006
Malibu, Ca
Brad’s new Beachfront Estate

Brad read the divorce papers and settlement agreement before him. His lawyer sat waiting patiently. “Are you sure that this is what you want?”

Brad glanced up, his expression one of calm. “Oh yes, I’m sure.” Grabbing the pen he signed.

“The standard processing time is six months. Though technically the divorce won’t be final until October 3, 2006, you marriage is for all intents and purposes over. However, if you decide to embark on a relationship, be careful what you admit to. Take a page from my book…admit nothing. Don’t say yes…don’t sya no…say nothing.”

“Understood, thank you.” Smiling Brad shook his attorney’s hand and almost danced out of the office. Leaving the lawyer in a state of bemusement. “Well, I guess I’d dance to if Angelina Jolie was on my to do list.”


April 8, 2006
Fulmer, England
Angelina’s Estate

Angelina grabbed her 3 year old son Maddox and wrapped his wiggling body in a pool towel. She was in the middle of tickling the boy silly when the phone rang. She sat Maddox down on the lounge chair beside her. Pointing she chirped out a quick command to the precocious toddler. “Don’t you move young man!” picking up the phone she spoke into the handset. “Hello?” Her heart skipping at the sound of the voice on the line.

“It’s over. She filed.” He didn’t need to finish. They both knew what was filed and who ‘she’ was. “I want to see you. I’ve missed you and Mad.”

“I’ve missed you too. Mad has been asking for you. But, I have some UN work in Africa, next week. Then Mad and I are going to take a break. I thought you were working on ‘Babel’?” Angelina was still wrapping her mind around the fact that he was free. Drying her son, her son she put his pullover on and let him go play in the sand box.

“That doesn’t start for a couple of weeks yet.” He repeated himself. “I want to see you…I want you…now!” Brad calmed himself a bit before continuing. “I went along with you going back to England because I thought that it would be for the better, but if this is what it led to then…maybe I shouldn’t have.”

“Brad…you didn’t let me do anything. We both agreed that since we had separate interviews it would be better if we gave ourselves some time apart.” She couldn’t deny her leaping pulse or her spiking emotions. They finally had a chance to move forward. So why did she also feel a sliver of reticence. Perhaps they should slow down a bit. That encounter on the plane was still scratching its way in and out of her consciousness. What if that was all he really wanted? “Brad, we…our schedules are so crazy I have…”

He never let her finish. “Okay we’ll do it this way. After your UN work where will you be?”

“Kenya on the 19th, I’ve booked a hotel there…”

“Cancel it…I’ll book a villa in Diani. I’m in Morocco for ‘Babel, so I’ll just meet you there.”

“Brad…”She wanted this. So why was she so frighten ed of the outcome?

“Oh no…babe, you and I have danced around each other for a year and I’m tired of dancing. Don’t run now…I’ll just chase you down. I’ll see you on the 19th.”


Diani Beach. Kenya
Alfajiri Villas
April 19th

Angelina opened the villa door to find Brad standing there, a large overnight bag on his shoulder. A very soft “Hi” was all she could muster, before Brad enter the villa.

Brad dropped his bag halfway through the door before roughly grabbing Angelina’s face with both hands, using the momentum to shove her non too gently against the opposite wall. Lifting her face up toward his, he nuzzled her before seeking out and finding her lips. Biting and teasing them, he growled “Open!” When she complied he tongue began its pillaging; sweeping over, under and around. Angelina whimper as he captured her tongue began sucking it rhythmically. He held her up as her knees gave way. Using his knee to forced her legs apart and her lower body to cradle his he began grinding in rhythm to his tongue’s movement.
Those lips, he’d dreamed of. Lips that had him waking up stiff and sweaty at all hours of the night. He couldn’t even play ball anymore, because just a quick mental picture of her left him painfully aroused. Damn her! He wanted her so bad he would kill to have her at this moment and nothing would stop him nothing except…

“Mommy? Mommy are you and Braddy doing another movie?”

Yeah nothing but a sleepy 3 year old! Stooping down groaning as his arousal brushed painfully against his jeans. “Hey Mad. How are you buddy. He pick the toddler up and headed toward the living room but not before his gaze found a very flustered and aroused Angie. Good let her have a taste of his torture. “We’re not finished…not by a long shot.”


Pointing at a flock of birds flying overhead Brad caught the toddler’s attention. “Hey Mad, look at the seagulls! See!” He laughed as the child jumped up in down. Walking slowly over to Angelina, who stood a few feet away, Brad spoke quietly. “What are you thinking about?”

Angelina looked up as if surprised. “Huh…you.” She glanced over to make sure Maddox was okay.

“What about me?” He asked softly, following her gaze.

“I was remembering the first time I saw you.” She smiled tenderly. “You were sitting next to me and Billy, trying not to notice us practically having sex right next to you…yeah small chairs.”

Laughing, Brad shook his head. “Hey I was trying to play it cool. You two were all over each other. I was jealous as hell of Billy. All I could see was lips and legs. Damn you were hot. You walked in like you owned the world.”

“You played cool, well.”

“You liked that huh?” Brad moved closer.

Angie swiped an insect from her bare shoulder, “Yeah, I liked that. I was so into Billy but I glanced up and you glanced over. I can still see your expression.” She closed her eyes for a moment. “Billy’s mouth on my neck; your eyes on my lips. Oh I remember. I kept wondering what Billy would have done had you joined us?”

“Killed me. I would have.” He ran his fingertips up her arm, dragging the nails lightly. He smiled dangerously at her shiver.

“Don’t. Not here.” Angie whispered,

“Why? It’s deserted beach.” Brad groused.

“You know the paparazzi are always sneaking around. They’ll make a mountain out of the simplest touch. People are already calling me a home wrecker, not that I care what they say about and to me but I don’t Maddox hurt by any of it. Please just…let’s just play with Maddox…no touching out here.” Angie pleaded for understanding.

Brad understood, the ink was still wet on his divorce papers and he too wanted to protect Maddox. He was falling hard for both mother and son. He didn’t want to see either one hurt. “Okay. No touching in public, at least for now.”

Angelina smiled. “Thank you.” Wanting to reward him, she continued. “Holly is going to take Maddox on a little trip this evening. They’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.”
Brad’s smiled widen. “Where?”

“A colleague from the UNHCR is having a birthday party slash sleep over for her four year old son. He and Maddox have become little buddies.” Angelina explained sliding her hand down the back of her right leg.

“Hmmm…I do love sleepovers.” Turning he grabbed a fallen bucket and headed back to Maddox. “Hey Mad lets make some more sandcastles.”


April 20th
Alfajari Villas-12am

Angelina leaned back against Brad’s wet chest, sighing when he ran a soapy hand over her full breasts. A moan escaped her lips as he cupped the weight of each breast, massaging them, squeezing roughly, then gently; barely touching the nipples which rose erotically in anticipation.

Angelina closed her eyes as sensations rippled through her, leaving her breathless. She growled softly as Brad’s hands slid down her flat stomach, stopping to tease the tiny hollow of her navel. “Tell me what you want Angel. Do you want me here?” He asked as he drew a single finger down the invisible line that ran from her navel to her dark sheath, sliding one then a second finger into her deeply before pulling out. He continued teasing until her breathless moans began to fill the quiet bathroom, he whispered in her ear. “You like that? More?”

“Yes, Please.” Angelina raised her arms and wrapped them around Brad’s neck, her hips moving against the push of his fingers. Her body on fire, her moans and sloshing water the only sounds. Brad leaned forward and bit down gently on Angelina’s ear lobe. The tiny pain sent her over the edge. Her moan becoming a load drawn out growl of completion as orgasmic pleasure took over.

Brad pulled his fingers out and stood up, the water flowing down his rippling chest, accentuating that world famous six pack and a few things the world wasn’t aware of. He lifted Angelina’s limp form into his arms and stepped from the tub. Neither cared that they were dripping water every where, it would dry. Brad carried her into the adjacent bedroom and laid her on the bed. Leaning over her he caressed her lips with his. “Now it’s my turn.” He moved onto the bed with fluid grace, slid over her in a ripple of muscle and sinew and gently lowered himself between her legs. Resting there he began his sweet torture. He’d waited almost a year for this, four if you counted his secret desire after their first meeting. She was his now and he no intentions of ever letting her go.

Leaning forward, Brad’s lips ravaged her mouth, his tongue dueling with hers; not just a taste of paradise, it was heaven. Leaving her mouth, his lips blazed a damp trail of heat down her breast. His tongue swirled over nipples, leaving them burning for more. His teeth scraped longingly along the contour of the creamy swells, following the path into the valley that cradled her heart. "God you taste good." His mouth continued down the plain of her torso, feeding from the hidden pool of her navel. He smiled against the twitching muscles of her stomach. Brad’s hand cupped the near bare pink flesh at the apex of her thighs that was adorned with a thin strip of hair that enhanced the heated sheath he sought. Thank god for the signature wax. Uncovering the moist treasure, he moved in for a taste. "God help me but I could die from the pleasure of you.”

Angelina’s mind was engulfed in flames; her only answer a groan that grew in volume as well as intensity. Her hips moved against the rhythm of his tongue. Her mind and body complete in their desire for erotic oblivion. Paparazzi, Jennifer, Maddox and her father could have all converged on them at once and she wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. John's mouth replaced his fingers in an instant. Brad’s tongue felt like fire to Angelina’s over heated and sensitive body. "AHHHH!!!!!" She grabbed a fistful of his hair tightly.

"Shhh...let me taste." Brad breathed against her flaming core. Spearing her with his tongue, he mimicked the ancient erotic rhythm of love. Her hips continued of their own volition, matching the mating rhythm. Brad needed…wanted more. He pulled away lapping at damp salty skin of her thighs, moving back up toward her mouth. Grabbing her legs he positioned them on each of his shoulders. He thrust his hard thick shaft into her invading her body in the most intimate of ways. She was slippery wet, hot, sleek and deliciously tight. The friction so sharp, they both felt the penetration, his every movement now a goal, procreation. Possession was paramount, this woman beneath him, his woman, the answer to his beating heart and hopefully the mother of his child. She’d said several times that she didn’t want to give birth to her children, but he knew better. She just needed to find that one man that touched her soul and he was that man, just as she was that woman for him.

She clung to him, every heated cell in her body welcoming him, every pulsing bit of flesh that came into contact with his experiencing a degree of enchantment she’d never before felt. He was huge and growing larger with each thrust. “Please…oh…pleeeeaaasssee…Ahhhhh! Her screams once whispers were intensifying.
Brad felt an almost savage veil come over him. Even as he took her, he wanted her more; the desire to cause pain almost over taking him. Bracing himself on his knees he caressed her long delicate neck. Not realizing his actions, his large hand gripped her throat in a punishing grip tightening with each powerful thrust. His hold was enough to be erotic yet not enough to kill and she loved every minute of it. Finally a man who knew how to make her scream!

Withdrawing from her body completely, Brad flipped Angelina onto her stomach, shoving her face down into the pillows as she tried to rise up. Lifting her bottom and using his leg to once again separate hers, Brad rammed his thick shaft into her wet burning sheath once again. Covering her like a stallion on his mare, he withdrew and plunged forward forcefully. Grabbing fists full of Angelina’s thick raven tresses, punctuating each word with a hard thrust, he whispered in her ear. “Scream…for…me…babe.”

As wave after erotic wave of orgasmic bliss coursed through her body, Angelina’s animalistic screams filled the air inside and outside of the villa. Her body convulsively clutching his and milking him as his thrust pounded into her body, seeking his own completion. Their movements uninhibited and wild, her hot sheath clench his hard, swollen shaft as he released his seed, milking every drop of his essence that flowed from it in orgasmic euphoria; his growls joining her screams. Brad had never come so hard or long in his life. He almost lost consciousness as wave after wave of tumultuous pleasure washed through his body. His body still pumping into hers in tiny convulsive spurts caused her to continue to whimper and scream. Angelina now lay flat on her stomach with Brad’s full weight holding her down. He was a nice heavy and she like the feeling of being held down.

Both were jolted from their sated calm by the sound of pounding on the door. Brad withdrew from Angelina’s body. “Stay here, honey.” Grabbing a robe from the settee he shrugged it onto his damp body.

The Shouting and pounding continued. “Mademoiselle Jolie!”

“Are you okay?“

“Please open the door!!!!”

Brad reached the door yelling through without opening. “Everything’s cool guys! You can leave - we’re okay.” Brad glanced back toward the bedroom to find Angelina standing naked in the doorway. Turning back to the door, he continued. “We just got a bit carried away. But we’re fine! Good night and sorry about the disturbance.

They should have known that the paparazzi would get their hands on the disturbance logs.

“Disturbance reported April 20th”

Quote from Alfajari’s security:

“People here have great respect for men with sexual prowess who keep their women pleased.”

Onlooker quote:

“Miss Jolie got so excited, the guards thought maybe Mr. Pitt was taking juju herbs to give him the strength of a lion.”

To be continued…


Thank you ladies!!!

Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’

Thanks for making my Monday. Even though I've already read the Diani part on an earlier thread, reading the Brad and Angelina love affair in chronological order was thrilling and so much more exciting. Sigh. Now I've gotta go and run errands. But my day is now made!!! Muchas gracias again. Luv your fanfics. MORE MORE MORE!!!

YEAH! Rica, I love you, you are the greatest!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you for another chapter....last night, I was printing out all of the chapters, but my brother's printer ran out of ink...smuck!...any how, I have to go and get some more papers and inks today...I will post the list of song matching with the list of chapters soon...Did you have a chance to check the 1000th mark thread?...crazy huh?...I think it's still going...

Great story rica, ya know ya got to post this on EA .

shoot! Its so long Rica, and class is almost over!! Will have to finish reading later, looking forward to it :)

Thank you Rica, these stories are beautiful.

Now, How am I suppose to study? ! Rica, you so rock! Will you post on EA? So looking forward to when, they decide to get pregnant, and when she tells him that she is having his baby!

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Rica you update. Thank you. I mlove your fanfic

BAMZ+1 RULES and so does Rica

There's a slight mistake during the Attorney bit. He is actually at the lawyer's office not his home...

What 100th mark thread?

Rica goes to the BYE BYE BAMz thread...over 1075 post...amazing..

The votes are all in...our AJ has slipped down a notch...but still on the top 10....YEAH!

tops a lovely list of the "100 Sexiest Women in the World," in a poll of readers by FHM magazine.

Scarlett Johansson is No. 1.
Angelina Jolie is No. 2 on the list, followed by Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Jenny McCarthy, Maria Sharapova, Carmen Electra and Teri Hatcher.

Johansson ranked ninth on last year's list. Jolie was No. 1.
( Well, I think we need a recount....Scarlett?...I don't know...)


The new installment was exceptional. I really enjoyed how you interweaved all these tidbits of "facts" and fiction in the story. I remember Lainey saying how her story is the "gossip truth" and I can say that your version is like the "gossip truth" as well and a much more enjoyable one. Thank you for starting my week right.

thanks a bunch Rica...ah diani beach incident= so hot! lol

Rica..as always beautiful...the story is unfolding very nicely.

Whew! I need a cigarette after that chapter! Rica, you are unbelievable! I honestly don't think I could have imagined it any better. I also liked the meeting between BP and JA - a final, private goodbye. I hope they had that.

I can't think how you will top yourself, but I know you will!

Thank you.

Rica Gurl you are talented, you have the most beautiful way of putting things, as always great job
I can't wait for you next chapter!
..............waiting in anticipation
...............still waiting

Rica, I haven't been able to get on here for about a week and so I've had a few installments to catch up on. The Fulmer and Dani sections are much more enjoyable to read the second time around. As usual, well done. Now I can start my day. Looking forward to the next installment already.

Hey Rica, something to add to the story, not sure if u have this....

Brad and Angelina's Latest Getaway

Wednesday May 4, 2005

Less than a week after their sojourn to Kenya, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie jumped coasts for another hush-hush rendezvous, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

The new celebrity couple was in Morocco, where Pitt was stationed for the six-week shoot of the upcoming drama Babel, in which he stars opposite Cate Blanchett. Following a trip to Kenya's luxe Alfajiri Villas (in which Jolie brought along her 3-year-old son, Maddox), the couple met up in London on April 30 and then proceeded by private jet to Morocco.

Pitt reportedly made a brief appearance at a cast and crew party that evening, but quietly slipped away before 10 p.m., returning to his room to spend time with Jolie. "Brad is very discreet," a source told PEOPLE. "But he wanted to make an appearance so the crew would know he was there."

The pair's reunion was short-lived, however, as Jolie left the next morning. Pitt remained in his suite, preparing for the shoot that began on Monday.

"He was nice, but very serious," a source at Pitt's hotel said. "You can tell he is here to work."


rica, rica, bless your heart...i've been in fanfics withdrawal and it is so depressing especially that it is raining here in bay area, ca....my....i love it i love it...muchas gracias rica...fantastico...lol

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Rica, the bedroom scene is ULTRA HOT , you 're incredibly talented. Luv it Luv it Luv it

Rica...you MUST incorporate

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comments in the next chapter. A little quicky never hurt anybody!!!

heLLo to all BAMZ+1 fans! Well i just want to write here cuz the recent thread is being bombarded by shallow responses, not even want to waste my time and stoop to their levels. I miss the regular peeps giving their insightful thoughts. Ok i'll stop ranting for now.

Rica love the story but one thing...I think the year in the dates should be 2005 not 2006.

rica, again this was GREAT! i love ur writing style! im excited to read you next chapter!


# 855 | Me Again! |

YThe reunion was short-lived as it says in the People article, but it doesn´t mean it had to be a quicky! Lol!

oh diana lmao

I am surprised to see the fanfic thread still below 1000 posts, even though it is weeks old. With everyone flocking to read Rica's chapters it would seem very possible to go beyond that. Perhaps her next chapter will be the one to do it.
I have a thought to share regarding Brad's appearance. So many have mentioned how old he looks, how different, how tired, and so on. To those people I say, how soon you forget! Do you realize it hasn't even been a year since he was photograhed for W magazine? Could anyone dispute the fact that he looks absolutely gorgeous in every shot, just like he always does? Well, ...humans do not change drastically in a matter of months. Nothing short of a large weight gain could alter anyone's appearance in any measureable way in such a brief period of time. It is all about lighting and the quality of the photograph. So forget such thoughts, and let's go to #1000 here as well....Go BAMZ+1.

# 861 | AddictedtoBAMZ+1
" So many have mentioned how old he looks, how different, how tired, and so on. "

I think these comments are made by desperate delusional JA fans, who need to believe Brad is miserable leaving JA. When would they get into their head that 'Golden Couple' is over? It's beyond me. But eventually, the nostalgia will be replaced by appreciation of this beautiful growing family.

Rica...where are you?

Today is Thursday...and we are still waiting...

waiting girl...come on...waiting.

# 861 | AddictedtoBAMZ+1-He looks fine to me too...I saw a show, I think is Entertainment nighly or something, showed celebrity before and after...wow, most looks pretty scary...but, BP and AJ look great with or without all the touch up...you will see, when they have to promote theirs movie this year, they will look fabulous...as if they are not now....ok...more fabulous..LOL

Good morning to all fellow BAMZ fans!

I am also sitting here patiently for Rica's fanfics. It's sort of like a ritual now. Monday and Thursday can't wait for her AMAZING fanfic.

Btw, Brad and AJ, looks fine to me too, even without the makeup they still look fabulous. Of course, by the time they'll promote their respected movies, we will see the big difference, at least AJ looks gorgeous as always.

He looks like shit. Actually he looks like white trash. Never saw a guy go from a 10 to a 0 in less than a year. WHOA.

He looks like shit. Actually he looks like white trash. Never saw a guy go from a 10 to a 0 in less than a year. WHOA.

When did the word "tired" come to describe Brad. It was when he dyed his hair black. Even if you go back to when he first dyed his hair black you will read comments that Brad looks old and tired. When he had the bright blond hair nothing like that was said. (IMO he looks better w/ the dark hair than the bright blond). I think that Brad does not give a damn what he looks like at this time. He has more important things right now .Neither he nor Angie are worrying about how they look for the paps. This is his time off and he does not need to look like a movie star now. When it is time for him to work he will be back. I have no worry of that. Then will see what the haters say . By the way look at the photos at the Japanese opening of MAMS. Even wit the dark hair he looks great.

To put in my 2 cents on that, I don't really think Brad has ever cared how he looks when he's in public. When it's time for a photoshoot, he ALWAYS looks great. When he needs to look good in his movies, he always does. Ocean's 11, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Troy. These were all very recent. And, as AddictedtoBAMZ+1 mentioned, the W shoot. But what about all his scrubiness when he goes out? What about that scruffy beard he wore to that awards premier? (I forget which one) He's been trying to get away from the "Golden Boy" image for a LONG time. 12 Monkeys, anyone? Brad is hot. He looks great when he HAS to. But he's not vain and he doesn't have the need to spend 3 hours looking in the mirror every morning to touch himself up. He has more important things to do.

Hello all Bamz+1 fans...this is my first post and I just thought I would help bring the total number of post to 1000. I have enjoyed reading the fanfic and everyones comments both good and bad. I would like to state I am a huge fan of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Also, I still think he is beautiful. There is something very sexy about a man who is confident when holding a child.

You'd think a lot of this would've died down. The divorce was what -- six months ago? Anyway, here's my contribution towards 1000 posts. Go BAMZ!!

hey rica,

what's up? i keep checking this thread to see if you have new posting. already miss your fanfic. hope you WILL post soon :) you're great, you wrote those chapters as if it was how it really happened. i'll wait for your post.

thank you.

btw, never been a great fan of these two but since they became a couple i became interested not only on the two of them but in their individual works. i got to see angelina's work in other countries in un site and i was awed at how much she has done and continue to do. it's not just a 'i want to save the world' thing. it's very sincere. even her diaries, i almost cried reading one of her entries. damn, brad never look so good in his life. those golden years they say i really don't like it. they're right he looked plastic, so shallow. but now he's all essence and he moves with purpose. and u can actually see that! wow!

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ditto....i've been checking this thread for new fics but alas no new update...maybe rica will post it tomorrow,,,rica we miss the fanfics, please post soon...thanks!!

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hi my friend, sorry to missed your post...yes, we can certainly do that here..to post 1000+ since we are almost at 900 postings....you know, i feel bad for that jen's fan...she's so pathetic that she started begging others to post on jen's thread to beat the bamz+1 fans...i didn't go to that thread...i just saw the numbers as i browse jj's...i also read her posts as they were copied and pasted by some bamz fans to the bamz thread...some of the bamz+1 fans were so naughty...lol...however, i feel bad for that lone ranger fan of jen's...she's so pathetic and lame begging others...i cringed when i read that…my… to be so desperate…that’s why jen said that her fans make her skin crawls…lol….too bad for that gal!!

I missed rica!! Where are you our resident romantic?? Please, we need the fanfics…lol!!!

I couldn't sleep all this morning waiting for your fanfic (it IS Thursday, isn't it?). Now I am at my night shift work, and still no update to your wonderful fanfic. UPDATE, PLEASE????
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#872 Shane : I'm a fan of AJ and would love to read more about her UN work - which website should I go to?

Hey 81,

just google her AJ un and u will get a lot of link from there so is her diary. try to see the interview she had with NatGeo when she started her humanitarian work. very touching.

glad could help. lets make it a 1000+!

I'm putting my share of the quest for 1000+ posts...

Just reading a couple of pages from Notes from my Travels, you have to be made of stone not to be moved and empathyzed w/ what those displaced men, women and children in war torn countries are going thru. It certainly makes you think about how fortunate you are that you can eat regularly and live a more comfortable life. Its a life changing experience.

Its 5:38PM in my part of the world.

872 | shane
Ditto! The only difference is I have been a fan of Angelina since Tomb Raider started. With Brad, didn't really find him that attractive when he was with (you know who) but now that he is with Angelina...all of a sudden he's REAL, not just the Ken doll. Now I find him with substance.

Anyways, somebody was asking for the UNHCR link..(there's a search engine on the right side, just type in Angelina Jolie and it will take you to a lot of her travels as UNHCR)

Hi Rica,
Awaiting the next chapter--love your story!!

(((((((FANFICTION ALERT))))))))))
((((((((NC-17 OR R FOR PURE SMUT))))))))
Disclaimer: The fiction was written around the tabloid articles regarding "SUPPOSED" incidents.

Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri Villas
April 20, 2005


Brad smiled dreamily as a moist heat traveled slowly across his chest encircling each nipple. The moist heat became a strong, hot suction. His nipple; each engulfed in an erotic moist heat, Brad moaned loudly. “Mmmm…yeeesss.” The seemingly disembodied heat moved its way south, leaving a trail of melting destruction in its wake. Brad nearly fell from the bed as the hot wet cavern engulfed him. Throwing his head back into the pillows, Brad felt every muscle in his body tense. Opening his eyes slowly, he stared down at the dark strands of silky soft hair that covered his lower abdomen and groin. “God you are beautiful.”

Touching her tongue to the delicate tip of his thick shaft, she teased the tiny opening before drawing it to the back of her throat. Her mouth worked him, lips moving in time with the hand that cupped and massaged his sack. Every tug of those luscious lips sent streaks of pleasurable pain coursing through each leg and moving steadily down to his toes. He wanted to scream, Lord she was talented. Reaching down he grabbed a handful of her hair, using the leverage he had on her head to guide her movements. As her tongue and lips worked aggressively, Brad’s hands pushed demandingly against her head.

Opening her mouth wider and relaxing her throat and tongue, she drew him deeper into her mouth, further down her throat. She’d never enjoyed the taste of a man so much, as a rule she rarely went in for oral sex unless the mood was there. But Brad…Brad had looked so damn sexy in his sleep, she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to taste him…all of him. Releasing his shaft and forcing his hands to release their hold on her hair, she trailed her tongue down the side until it joined her massaging fingers at his sac. Opening her mouth wide, she teased and sucked until Brad’s breathing became shallow and erratic. Moving back up toward the large rigid shaft, she’d been deliciously torturing, she once again paid oral homage to the appendage that was now her new morning toy. Sucking and grazing her lips moved faster and tighten just a bit until Brad felt as though he were caught in a hot, wet vise grip. His hips jerking harder and harder, his hands once again guiding Angelina’s head, the room once quiet now filled with the sounds of Brad’s moans and Angelina’s oral ministrations became their sole world. Nothing else mattered nothing but the bliss that Angelina’s mouth promise. The orgasmic flood of ecstasy that washed over Brad brought him to a near faint. DAMN she was good!!!!

Watching her sit back on her heels, a lazy smile creasing his lips, he murmured, “Baby you do know how to start a man’s day out right. Wow!”

Smiling she licked her lips and quirked one eyebrow. “Baby for you, I’ll be happy to start all your mornings this way.” Leaning forward she tongued a tiny drop of his essence from the tip of his shaft. Tonguing her way up to his belly button, she purred, glancing up at him through her tangled hair. “Better than a banana milkshake, don’t you think?”

“A banana what?” Smiling he fingered a stand of her long hair. “Most definitely better.”


Kenya Wild Life and Plant National Park
April 20, 2005


“Brad Look… monkeys...see!” Maddox shouted, jumping up in down pointing at family of Sykes monkeys, playing around in a large tree.

Brad reached down and picked the three year old up so that he could get an even better view. He was enjoying this special time with Angelina and Maddox. As he periodically pointed out the crowned eagle and mountain buzzard soaring over head, the elephants, rhinoceroses, forest hogs, that also lived in the dense forest areas and helped Maddox take pictures of the lions lying so deceptively lazy out on the grassy plains; he remembered his own words spoken not long ago. ‘I’m just really aware of the responsibility of putting your life second, and your job is to show this little one around the world’

Glancing over at Angelina he found her smiling gently, her eyes a bit misty. Reaching over Brad brushed her hair from her face. “What’s the matter baby?”

Intertwining her fingers with his, she brought his hand to her cheek and then to her lips. “He’s so happy. He loves being with you.” She nodded to her son, who was busy talking to the guide. Here in the dense bush and spacious planes she, Brad and Mad were allowed to experience their time together without the intrusion of the media or the public. She was free to lean on him, free to hold his hand, Free to kiss and be kissed, free to allow him to hold her, free to allow him to hold and enjoy time with Maddox, Maddox was free to hug and bond with Brad and they were all free to express their true feelings.

“I hope the same applies to his beautiful mother.” Brad smiled; he didn’t bother to hide his emotions. He was falling hard and knew that he couldn’t let her go, couldn’t let Maddox go. He just couldn’t. Pulling Angelina over to sit in the crook of his arms he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Maddox moved over to crawl onto his mother’s lap, his need for a little ‘mommy cuddling’ over coming his curiosity. “Are you having fun Mad?”

Nodding the toddler smiled up at his mother and Brad. “Un hun.” Scooting back into his mother’s lap he leaned his head back against her breast.

Brad returned the boy’s smiled and placed his arm around Angelina. He felt at home…at peace. He felt as though this was the start of his life. Sighing happily he sat back and enjoyed the rest of the tour.


Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri Villas
April 20, 2005


Leaving a sleeping Maddox in his room after a long story, Brad decided to have a shower. Taking complete pleasure in the tepid water sluicing over his well chiseled body, Brad soaped his body slowly, paying close attention to his world famous torso and fantasy driven behind. Returning to the waterfall, he allowed the water to massage his over excited muscles while his mind drifted over the past two days. He was in the middle of making a movie and all he’d been able to think of was Angel and Mad, and now he would have more thoughts filling his head and deeper desires filling everything else. DAMN!

Washing his hair, Brad finished his shower. Turning off the water and stepping out of the large shower; he grabbed a towel and dries himself off. Wrapping the towel low around his hips, he towel dried his hair. His mind still on Angelina he went into the bedroom that they shared. He saw her immediately. She lay facing away from him towards the view of the water. Her body still, covered in a short red sarong that stopped at mid thigh, red was definitely her color. Dropping his towel, he joined her quietly, trying not startle her awake, He had his own idea on how to wake her. Spooning her body he ran his fingers along her thigh, pushing the thin cotton material away, from the treasures he sought. Thank god for sarongs that came unraveled with the smallest tug.

Kissing the back of her neck, Brad traced a path from her nape to the pulse that beat slowly below her ear. Cupping an exposed breast, Brad massaged the smooth, full globe; flicking the nipple, pinching gently before soothing the aroused bud with the pad of his thumb. He knew the moment his attentions had seeped into her subconscious. Her thighs parted gently and she pushed her hips back into Brad’s groin. Fingers seeking, probing and finding the secret opening that had given him immense pleasure, Brad toyed with the sensitive nub hidden among the tender pink lips. He could feel her body beginning to almost vibrate under his titillation. Her flesh was simply delicious to touch, warm and wet…becoming wetter with ever stroke of his large fingers. His fingers coated with her body’s pearly wetness, Brad knew she was ready. He could hear it in her quickening breaths.

Lifting Angelina’s leg, Brad exposed his target. Thrusting just the tip of his shaft into her deep passage, he held himself still allowing her thrusting hips to pull him completely into her incredible warmth. Brad began thrusting, his penetration deep. Her heard her gasp and knew she’d awoken. Her moans began filling the quiet room. Grabbing a handful of her thick hair, Brad pulled her head back against his shoulder, capturing her lips as she turned her head towards him.

Tongues dueling and hips pumping, orgasm became the focal point. Angelina met each thrust with a backwards push of her hips. Pulling her lips away from his, her voice breathless. “Please…oh please…”

“Shhh…Mad will hear you. You don’t want him to call out do you? Then I’ll have to stop.” His hips stopped pumping and he pulled out of her clenching sheath.

“No…please.” Reaching behind her she grasped his buttock and pulled him forward, demanding he finish what he started. Brad was happy to oblige. Surging forward hard and deep, his rhythm quickening he pushed her over the edge and followed close behind.

Her breathing erratic, Angelina gripped the arms he now held her with and whispered, “I don’t know if I will be able to let you leave.”

“Baby I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave.”


Diani Beach, Kenya
Alfajiri Villas
April 20, 2005

“Come on Mad…you have to eat the spinach.” Brad watched the toddler shake his head vehemently. “Come on buddy; remember…if I ate mine you said you would eat yours?” Pointing down at his plate. “See, my spinach is all gone.”

Maddox looked over at Brad’s plate then back at his own. He really didn’t want his spinach and if it were just him and mommy, he would have eaten it by now. Mommy never joked about vegetables. But Brad was here and Maddox thought that he might get away with not eating the spinach. But Brad was just like mommy! “Yuck!”

“Maddox” Angelina called quietly. “Eat your spinach, it’s only a spoonful Khmer…please.” She’d watched the byplay between Brad and Maddox. It had been quite entertaining but it was almost time for Maddox to go to bed and Brad had promised Maddox a walk on the beach and a story before bed.

“Okay.” Maddox stuffed the spoonful of spinach into his mouth, smiling at his mother’s expression. Chewing the food, he swallowed and made a face. Sticking out his tongue, he showed an empty mouth. “See…AHHHHH…all gone!”

Brad smiled, shaking his head. “So does that mean you’re ready for a walk on the beach?”

“Un…huh!” Climbing down from his chair he moved as fast as his little legs would carry him. “Come on mommy! We’re going to walk down to the beach.”

“First you have to wash your hands little boy.” Angelina laughed at her son’s excitement.

“Awwww mommy.” Frowning, Maddox looked up at Brad for help. “I can wash them in the water by the beach, right Brad?”

Brad laughed and turned to find Angelina staring at him. She was not smiling. “Uh…well Mad I think that it would be better if we all washed our hands first then went down to the beach. How about that?” He reached down to grab Maddox under the arms and flip him up onto his shoulders. “Here we go!”

Angelina followed Brad and Maddox to the villa’s kitchen, The three spent an unusually long time washing their hands as the washing up became a water fight, which ended in all three changing cloths before setting off down the beach, the sun setting as Brad and Angelina walked slowly with Maddox swinging between them. No paparazzi…no fans, just them and a few people who saw them as a husband, wife and child…a family.

To be continued…


Thank you ladies!!!

Copyright © 2006 all rights reserved By ‘Rica’

Hey guys sorry about yesterday. I spent most of the day out of the office and away from my computer.

I'm also sorry it's a bit short. Next week is a 'no post' week. I have a wedding to attend and a lot of traveling to get there, so I won't have much time for writing and posting, but I promise an extra long post when i return the following Monday.

And as always thank you so mucha nd have a wonderful weekend.


Rica! Thanks for making this a great weekend!!

Hey Rica
Thank you so much and as mum says,"Half bread is better than none". This will keep us until your next post.
Thanks again, don't work too hard and have fun at the wedding.

Oh, the part where she says "I don't want you to leave" and he goes "I don't know if I can leave" reminds of this lovely song "Sweetest Goodbye. I'll find the lyrics.

I was waiting for this all day yesterday. And it was worth the wait. So sweet, loving and tender and still erotic enough to keep us interested. Love love love your fanfics!!!


Love, love, love your FANFICS! You do have a way with words. Thank you so much! As I am sure, most of my fellow BAMZ greatly appreciate your FANFIC.

Rica, thank you so much. Relax and have a nice weekend and have tons of fun at the wedding.

Lyrics To Sweetest Goodbye

Where you are seems to be
As far as an eternity
Outstretched arms open hearts
And if it never ends then when do we start?
I'll never leave you behind
Or treat you unkind
I know you understand
And with a tear in my eye
Give me the sweetest goodbye
That I ever did receive

Pushing forward and arching back
Bring me closer to heart attack
Say goodbye and just fly away
When you comeback
I have some things to say

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone
When you get home
There must be someplace here that only you and I could go
So I can show you how I
Dream away everyday
Try so hard to disregard
The rhythm of the rain that drops
And coincides with the beating of my heart

I'll never leave you behind
Or treat you unkind
I know you understand
And with a tear in my eye
Give me the sweetest goodbye
That I ever did receive

Pushing forward and arching back
Bring me closer to heart attack
Say goodbye and just fly away
When you comeback
I have some things to say

How does it feel to know you never have to be alone
When you get home
There must be someplace here that only you and I could go
So I can show you how I feel

Alright, I know I am going overboard but I'll blame it on Rica(lol) she writes so well, that I can't help the images that it brings. So here is another song that I think decribes a chapter in Rica's fan Fic. It's called WOMAN.

If I be so inclined to climb up beside you,
Would you tell me that the time just isnt right?
And if I ever find the key you hide so well,
Will you tell me that I can spend the night?

Leavin your smell on my coat, leavin your taste on my shoulder.
I still fail to understand what it is about this woman.

If I could bottle up the chills that you give me
I would keep them in a jar next to my bed.
And If I should ever draw a picture of a woman
It is you that would come flowing from my pen

Leavin your clothes on the floor, Making me walk out the door
And I still fail to understand what it is about this woman.

Helplessly melting as I stand next to the sun.
As she burns me, I am screaming out for more
Drink every drop of liquid heat that I've become.
Pop me open, spoon me out on to the floor.

Leavin your smell on my coat, leavin your taste on my shoulder,
I still fail to understand, fail to understand
Leavin your smell on my coat, leavin your taste on my shoulder.
I still fail to understand what it is about this woman.

Alright LAST SONG EVER. I promise but I just have to put this. It's for chapter where Brad realizes it's never work with Jen it called
Not Coming Home

When you refuse me
You confuse me
What makes you think I'll let you in again
Think again my friend
Go on misuse me and abuse me
I'll come out stronger in the end

And does it make you sad
To find yourself alone
And does it make you mad
To find that I have grown
I'll bet it hurts so bad
To see the strength that I have shown

When you answer the door pick up the phone
You wont find me cause I'm not coming home

You do not know how much this hurts me
To say these things that I don't want to say
But have to say them anyway
I would do anything to end your suffering
But you would rather walk away

And does it make you sad
To find yourself alone
And does it make you mad
To find that I have grown
I'll bet it hurts so bad
To see the strength that I have shown
When you answer the door pick up the phone
You wont find me cause I'm not coming home

When you answer the door pick up the phone
You wont find me cause I'm not coming home

I APOLOGIZE, Please don't hate me!!!!

Thank you Rica for the update!
Monday it is!
Have a nice weekend and enjoy the wedding.

BAMZ+1 RULES and so does Rica
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African girl:

No need for apologies :)
Thanks for posting the lyrics, the inquiry mind just want to know who are the singers for...

The sweetest thing
Not coming home
A woman

I like the contents of the lyrics.
(my contribution for 1000 post)

Rica, Thank you once again for another chapter of LLLOOOOVVVEEEE. Woman all over the world will be walking around today with a far-off, dreamy look on their faces, and they will be your readers. I will be one of them...

African Girl...I heard a song all the time last summer while I would be out and about, and never could catch the title. I thought it sounded like Madonna, and I am pretty sure it was. Very haunting, about being alone but being strong. Do you know the song I mean? Can you identify iit?

Joy, sorry I forgot to post the name. There actually from one album. MAROON 5. The album is called "Songs About Jane". I am not a music person but this album touched a chord in me. The lead singer, Adam Levine, wrote all the songs, imo he is a genius...like our Rica here. Do you know I actually spend more time reading the words than I do listening to the music. Lol

AddictedtoBamz, if you know a line or two from the song, I prolly can help you. My brother is really good with music...he'd find anything no matter how obscure.

Rica, thank you! You have a special gift to create prose. It is simply beautiful to read this love story unfold.

Whooo!!!! tHANKs for the update rica! It's quite short but who cares, i still love reading them...lol. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the wedding party. I luv bamz+1...lalalalalala

# 898 | African Girl
just wanted to say that I love adam's [singing] voice.hehe

African girl, why didn't you guys let me know you are so close to 1000. I'll be here to help out, first I have to read the previous comments. I have been busy at the Maddox posting, we are almost to 700. I'll post some links from different sites next. Stay tuned. Good luck BAMZ+1 folks.

OK, here is one that got posted today with our gorgeous BP with a tattoo on his back. I'll be honest, I am so skeptical with the paps and the rags it could be a montage, so take it with a grain of salt.


Rica, the fanfics is beautiful as always!
thank you! have a nice weekend
hello to my fellow bamz fans

Rica,Once again you truly outdone yourself!! Thanks again! Enjoy the wedding! Will you post on EA?

Guess I better come to this site and start stalking people.

MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH. We only need 94! Where is that Looney Jen Fan! Have not seen her all day today. They must have brought out the white jacket for her.

Lets March to 1000 People.

Hi BAMZ+1 folks, check out Jared's new JA/VV pics. The poor guy is carrying all 4 bags while she is busy waving at eveyone, now who is the WUSS?? Hey guys you are so close, we will have hopefully 2 postings closing at over 1000 by midnight. Fortunately, we all do have a life and I'll be back after our family dinner. Cheers!

Rica & African girl, you guys are so funny and good you should start writing romance books :-) We sure don't have future novel writers in our group but we are holding our own, so let's go folks on both postings.

RICA! Thank God have EA to read your fics! As usual great chapter. Have a nice week!

Thank you Rica. What a lovely image to last us during the week you are away. I hope their sex lives are at least 1/2 as good as you imagine! Please, don't apologize for the shortness of the story. I just loved it. I think that may have been one of the few times they have really had in private before all the madness started!

Have a wonderful time at the wedding, and thank you so much for writing this story. - it's just SO romantic!

Rica love your latest fanfic
you're a gifted writer, have a good weekend and have fun at the wedding.

Almost to 1000


We have lost sight of the 1000 posts people. Yes Angie looks beautiful in that dress. But 1000 post would look even better. (if only for a minute)

Ill march with you Get Real


How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

You almost got me in trouble at work. I was reading your posts...lets just say I was mighty flushed. You are a verty talented writer. When is your novel coming out on these two. I would be the first in line for the autograph! Keep up the good work.

I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever.

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

hahaha! I'm going to throw in a march for you get real.


I guess thats how it's done.

If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough.

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
Love is a choice you make from moment to moment.

Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.

Thank you Kylie and Brad Fan.

Whoever is writing the short pieces. Very beautiful. Keep it up. Short and Sweet.

Hey folks, I am ready to help out, we are getting close to 800 on the Maddox posting. But, the AJ/Mad pics with AJ wearing a dress and Mad with baloons are drawing everyone there. I agree, it is Friday, so let us wrap up your 1000, then,
come on and help us out at the Maddox posting. Can you imagine 2 postings hitting 1000 in one night. However, i'll be honest, I am switching to AJ with sandals posting in between, the pics are so darn cute. We are all trying to figure out if the lady in the green dress is AJ's Mom, her face looks like it but she seems so much slimmer and smaller (no, I am not talking about the rumors of her being sick). I learned not to believe anything that comes from the paps or the rags, as far as we know she will and hope lthat she will live to be great grandmom for all these kids. OK, I am hopping over to the next posting. I'll be back, not that anyone is waiting for me to come back, but heck every posting counts right!!!

Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

Thanx guli

I wanna go over there too, but we are so close over here. Id like to wrap this one up. Poor Brad. His beauty comes on with his son and he gets forgotten.

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Good god, how pathetic am I? I just read all the posts in that tread. So, I guess, according to some people, I’m just a moron who doesn’t have anything else to do. But, I don’t feel that I’m wasting my time at all. Yes, I’ve read all the posts on BP and AJ and I believe they are all valuable: from haters, lovers, indifferents and so on (except the few that are picking up at the kids, which are just to low for me to bother).

People are entitle to their own opinions. Some posts make me smile, laugh, some are just cracking me up and some are freaking instructive. Yes, I learnt a lot by reading some posts and I’m learning a lot on different subject: BP, AJ, UN, refugees, adoption... I know, I could google-search on all these subjects, but it’s just great when you’re learning while you’re laughing.

I think it’s so great that so many different persons, who probably will never have hooked up in real life, are exchanging posts, laughs, and knowledge. Through the posts, I’ve noticed that we have different background, from different race (not that it matters because we are all from the HUMAN RACE), some of you are moms, grandmas, girls, women, men, some go to school, college or university, some work in offices, I’m in grad school, etc…. Somehow, we have only this little thing in common: we are addicted to BAMZ + 1 (yes, even the haters).

I missed the last 1000-post for Jared’s birthday, so I wanted to contribute to this one. (OK, it’s long and I could probably cut it in 10, but we, BAMZ + 1 fans, don’t need to do that).

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.

Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil."

I keep my friends as misers do their treasure, because, of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better than friendship."

thanks much rica...wheeeww!! that is hot hot hot!! have a good time at the wedding!!


Never forget, BAMZ fans are never pathetic. We have lots of love!

"We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over."

can i be the #1000 pleeeaaaasssee???

i got #600 at the other thread but i really want the #1000....lol

I've been dying to read your fan fic my computer's been acting up so I've just been able to read it. It was worth the wait because that was terrific, I'll miss you next week, what am i going to do without your fan fics. hopefully you'll be back with even better writing. Until then I'll be waiting.......

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."


How many letters are in the alphabet?

A man walks up to you and says - "everything I say to you is a lie."
Is he telling you the truth or is he lying?

A woman has 7 children, half of them are boys.
How can this be possible?

Does anyone know why EA board is down?

I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?

We are almost there. Lets keep it up!

I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?

girl have you been on here all day??? Mimi and Paul are going to fire your ass! What are they in Texas visiting lil Richard? I see you are trying to get this post to 1000. I knew I would find you on one of these.

The psychology instructor had just finished a lecture on mental health and was giving an oral test.

Speaking specifically about manic depression, she asked, "How would you diagnose a patient who walks back and forth screaming at the top of his lungs one minute, then sits in a chair weeping uncontrollably the next?"

A young man in the rear raised his hand and answered, "A basketball coach?"

Hey Phatz. I see you found me. No they were in the office. In the back having meetings all day. I switched to Carolanns computer so they wouldnt see what I was doing. And of course I played all day. Fridays are always slow. Everybody takes off. How was your date with Dat?

The woman seated herself in the psychiatrists office. "What seems to be the problem?" the doctor asked.

"Well, I, uh," she stammered. "I think I, uh, might be a nymphomaniac."

"I see," he said. "I can help you, but I must advise you that my fee is $80 an hour."

"That's not bad," she replied. "How much for all night?"

That is another day. I will call you later. I dont get off until 8 2nite. We went down to New Orleans. I was going to come and visit ya but...Ill explain all that later.

Sorry. I am Wiped!!!

I much prefer brad with his m&m smith hairdo. this one is ok. i like the natural look on him. that blonde due he had for a while was weird. i remember jen saying that billy idol called and he wanted his hair back. that was actually kinda funny. i cant believe we are almost to 1000. we bamz fans are the best.

Thanx for the update--just pure bliss.

he is still a very handsome man.

oh my almost a thousand now?keep posting bamz.

#929-get real- I agree let us wrap this one out before we tackle the other post. You know, I am a working mother with 3 kids and the haters keep on telling me I have no life. Why don't they understand that this is our pass time, fun time, I could be eating bon-bons and watching Oprah or soap operas, I prefer this, so live with it. If they think we are too involved with this family on JJ's site, how do they know? Because thay are here everyday as well. OK, time to pick my daughter up from basketball, Ohhh I forgot I don't have a life :-)

I agree with you Kylie. I think the Mr. and Mrs. Smith cut was the best and then I liked the 1st Oceans 12 cut on him. Do you remember that Grizzly Adams looking cut he had with the long ugly beard? Wonder what that was about.

If jolie gets any more beautiful than she is the JA fans are going to kill themselves-one of these things is not like the other-African girl-Elena-Rica-Cndy2-All BAMZies you rock!

#958 l guli l

dont worry about those haters. lil secret, they are just jealous cause their post of jenny only gets to 600 in a week and has never made it to 1000. we are going to have 1000 on two different posts this weekend. We Rule!