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Meet 'Genius' Star Samantha Colley with These 10 Fun Facts!

Samantha Colley will soon be starring in the upcoming National Geographic series Genius and we sat down with her to learn more about her!

This is Samantha‘s biggest on-screen role to date and she will be portraying Albert Einstein’s first wife Mileva Maric, whose story has never been told on TV before. There is evidence that she may have discovered Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Samantha is best known for her stage work at the Young Vic in London, where she played Abigail Williams in The Crucible back in 2014.

Here are 10 Fun Facts that Samantha shared:

  • 1. I collect old English sayings in a notebook. The more obscure the better.
  • 2. I love Dolly Parton. “The Grass is Blue” is one of my favourite songs.
  • 3. My mother gave me a framed script of The Desiderata when I was sixteen. It is perfect. I carry it with me as a blueprint for my life. I sometimes recite it to myself on the Tube.
  • 4. I have a feverish weakness for dogs. Especially Caviller King Charles Spaniels. I will drop to the floor when I clock one.
  • 5. I used to run competitively as a child.

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Meet Rising Actress Samantha Isler with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Samantha Isler is a rising actress you should keep an eye on and we met up with her to learn some facts you probably don’t know about her!

The 18-year-old actress broke out with her role in the Oscar-nominated movie Captain Fantastic and she was nominated for a SAG Award alongside the rest of the cast.

Now she is starring in the supernatural thriller Dig Two Graves, which is out in theaters and available on demand now. Read her 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. My favorite Disney princess are Ariel and Belle!
  • 2. I’m planning on majoring in Behavioral Sciences next year in college.
  • 3. I collect candles and magnets and try to get new ones every time I visit somewhere for the first time!
  • 4. I was a competitive gymnast for about eight years!
  • 5. I met Meryl Streep at the SAG Awards and basically professed my love for her. She was really sweet and gave me a big hug, and I think I died a little on the inside.

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Meet 'Power Rangers' Actor Ludi Lin with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

The new Power Rangers movie is in theaters now and we met up with star Ludi Lin to learn some things about him that you probably don’t know.

The 29-year-old actor plays Zack, the Black Ranger. This is his first big movie role, but it surely won’t be his last.

Get to know Ludi with these 10 Fun Facts:

  • 1. My mum said I didn’t cry when I was born so the doctor had to hold me upside down and spank me. The not crying was an issue with my lungs which lead to a heart defect. The spanking just hurt.
  • 2. In Mainland China it was fashionable at the time to have a flat head, so I was constrained to only sleeping on my back as a baby. Flat head achieved.
  • 3. My earliest memory is a dream of fireworks exploding in the sky the day before I moved to Hong Kong from mainland China with my mum when I was 4.
  • 4. I had the courage to kiss my first crush on the cheek in kindergarten. She took it as an attack and chased me around the room with plastic scissors. It’s been downhill ever since.
  • 5. I learned to speak Cantonese in 3 months mainly to have something to say back to the kids that teased me in Hong Kong.

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Meet Country Singer Ingrid Andress with These 10 Fun Facts

A rising star in the country music world that you should keep an eye on is Ingrid Andress and we sat down with her to learn some fun facts you probably don’t know about her!

The Denver-based singer was mentored by former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi and she was just featured as part of CMT’s New Artist Discovery initiative.

Ingrid‘s first single “The Stranger” is available now on iTunes and you can watch the music video here. Read her 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. I wrote my first song when I was 7 about getting the mail for my mom. Super catchy.
  • 2. I used to choreograph dance routines with my siblings and performed them for my parents. “Who Let the Dogs Out” was by far our best performance.
  • 3. My favorite item on my dresser right now is my lint roller.
  • 4. In middle school I played drums in a metal band, and we used to practice emo-screaming in my basement.
  • 5. When I really love a song, I play it on repeat the entire day. My roommate actually had to leave our house after hearing “B***h Better Have My Money” about 100 times.

Ingrid Andress – The Stranger [Official Music Video]

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Meet Broadway's Bright New Star Gideon Glick with These 10 Fun Facts!

Gideon Glick is one of Broadway’s brightest new stars and we caught up with him to learn some facts about him that his fans probably don’t know!

The 28-year-old actor is currently starring in the new play Significant Other, which just transferred to Broadway after rave reviews and a sold-out run off-Broadway. Gideon stars as Jordan Berman, a gay man aching for love in his twenties in New York City. The show is a dark comedy, a hilarious and heart-wrenching play chronicling his single life with his trio of close-knit girlfriends as singles’ nights turn into bachelorette parties, then weddings for everyone but him.

Gideon is known to Broadway fans for his work in Spring Awakening and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and you might recognize him from his guest roles in Devious Maids, The Good Wife, and Elementary. He will be seen in Ocean’s Eight next year!

Get to know Gideon with these 10 Fun Facts:

  • 1. The prospect of being late makes me unbearably anxious.
  • 2. My AOL Instant Messenger password was dogzareawesome.
  • 3. In middle school, I made a mixed CD that consisted of only female power ballads.
  • 4. I also may have had a Practical Magic and an Ever After poster on my wall.
  • 5. The sound of two pieces of paper rubbing together sends chills down my spine. Even thinking about it hurts.

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Get to Know Taylor John Smith with These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Taylor John Smith is a hot up-and-coming actor you should keep an eye on and we sat down with him to learn 10 things about him that you probably don’t know!

The 21-year-old actor stars in the new movie Wolves, in theaters and on demand now, in which he plays the seemingly perfect high school basketball star who doesn’t really have a perfect life at home with his family.

Taylor has some exciting projects ahead of him, including the upcoming thriller You Get Me with Bella Thorne and Halston Sage. Make sure to check out the hot shirtless beach photos from set!

Get to know Taylor with these 10 Fun Facts:

  • 1. My favorite smell in the world is campfire smoke that sticks on my clothes a few days after camping.
  • 2. I moved 9 times before I turned 13.
  • 3. Part of my house in Virginia caught on fire when I was 12 and I helped put it out with a garden hose.
  • 4. I’ve journaled without fail every day for the last 3 years, in hopes to give my future kids a deeper look at their dads life.
  • 5. My favorite time of the day is magic/golden hour right as the sun begins to set.

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The Arrangement's Autumn Reeser Shares 10 Fun Facts You Probably Don't Know About Her!

The new E! scripted series The Arrangement is premiering TONIGHT (March 5) and we caught up with star Autumn Reeser to learn some facts about her that you probably don’t know!

The 36-year-old actress rose to fame with her role on The O.C. and she has since appeared on Entourage, ABC’s superhero drama No Ordinary Family, and in the recent blockbuster pic Sully.

Here are 10 Fun Facts about Autumn that most people probably don’t know. Check it out:

  • 1. When I was a child, I spent an alarming amount of time pretending to be a dog.
  • 2. I got my start in theater when I was 6 and have known since that first time onstage that it is my life’s calling to be an actress and a storyteller.
  • 3. I have a label maker. And I know how to use it.
  • 4. I believe that the person who invented candy corn should be permanently banned from cooking.
  • 5. Sometimes I go to a Buddhist temple in my neighborhood to clear my head.

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