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Meet the Stars of the 'Frozen' National Tour with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

The National Tour of the Broadway musical Frozen just launched in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre and we caught up with the show’s two stars – Caroline Bowman and Caroline Innerbichler – to learn more about them!

Both of the actresses have extensive theatre backgrounds and Disney even entrusted them with debuting a brand new song for the musical, which isn’t even part of the Broadway production yet. We have five fun facts on each star for a special edition of our 10 Fun Facts feature. Check it out:

Caroline Bowman (Elsa)

  • 1. I managed my dad’s wrestling team all four years of high school. My dad was the coach and he’s such a huge supporter of mine so it was always so nice to be around him in his element! Plus, I think it’s cool that I know how to score wrestling matches.
  • 2. Before I wanted to be an actor I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I found out you have to put animals to sleep and I couldn’t handle that. So I decided to be in a less heartbreaking business… lol.
  • 3. As I get older, I realize I have to serve my introvert more often. Even though I’m pretty outgoing, I really refuel when I’m alone and truly must have that time with myself to function well socially and in this industry.
  • 4. Playing Elsa and having Caroline Innerbichler as my sister is the probably the most profound and rewarding experience of my life. My big sister passed away when I was 3 years old and she was six. Getting to experience having a sister and loving her more than anything every day is the greatest gift and has opened up a door to my sister Meghan that I didn’t know I so badly needed.
  • 5. Every single birthday wish I can remember before November 22, 2011 was wishing to be on Broadway. My Broadway debut was in Wicked as the Elphaba understudy :)

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Get to Know Model & 'Painting Mirrors' Musician Ruben Pol With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Ruben Pol is already a familiar face on the fashion scene, and he’s becoming one of the Ones to Watch in the music world as well – and we want Just Jared readers to get to know him even better.

The 23-year-old Amsterdam-based multi-hyphenate has already walked in shows and collaborated with high fashion brands as a model for Dior, Gucci and Burberry, all while gaining increasing attention for his music, including his debut 2019 EP Infused Romance, which has since accumulated over 2 million streams.

Now, Ruben is sharing the music video for his song “Painting Mirrors,” the first new music to be released since his debut EP, on Tuesday (December 17).

“Love can be blinding and it can make you do crazy, sometimes reckless things. I myself am guilty of this too. The urge to be with someone can be so strong it damages the very thing that you are chasing, love itself,” he says of the track.

“I want people to feel and live the music. It’s incredibly special when I hear that a song of mine has helped someone overcome personal struggles, or touched them in some way. It is a very special form of connection to experience as a musician, especially since for most of my life I have been on the ‘listeners side’.”

Watch the music video for “Painting Mirrors,” and check out 10 Fun Facts about Ruben Pol inside…

  • 1. Ruben plays guitar, piano, drums and bass, but can’t read music. When he was younger he had keyboard lessons in a class of three. When they were told to play a piece of music one by one, Ruben usually asked to be last so he could secretly study the music by ear and pretend to read the notes when it was his turn.
  • 2. Ruben is convinced the McDonalds in his hometown tastes the best in the whole world.
  • 3. As well as being a musician, Ruben has a career as high fashion model. After being scouted on Instagram to become a model, Ruben’s first ever job was for Dior. As a world-wide exclusive he opened and closed their SS16 fashion show in Paris. That same designer, Kris Van Assche, dressed Ruben for his first headline show in Berluti.
  • 4. Despite being tough to combine with his modelling and music, Ruben is also studying International Business Administration at University in Amsterdam. He actually got caught once working in Ableton during a lecture, resulting in an interview for the University’s newspaper. He did receive an artist-programme to help make his schedule a little easier.
  • 5. Ruben likes scuba diving in the tropics but got his license in the cold and dark waters of The Netherlands. During one of his early lessons, his instructor made the mistake of not checking up on his air supply, resulting in Ruben running out of air underwater. Luckily, by that lesson he knew the drill and the hand signs, after which his instructor gave him his emergency inhaler.
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Get to Know 'Sistas' Actress Novi Brown with These 10 Fun Facts!

Novi Brown is a name you need to get to know!

Novi currently stars in Tyler Perry‘s Sistas and portrays the role of Sabrina Hollins. Novi landed the role just four days before filming began, and it happened to be her first ever audition for Tyler. She’s perfect in the role!

Sistas airs on Wednesday nights on BET. Be sure to catch an all-new episode tonight!

We got the chance to catch up with Novi and learned 10 Fun Facts about her. Check them out:

  • 1. I was born in Berlin, Germany. Not an army child, a lovechild. My mom traveled the world and met my dad, fell in love and had me. And, yes, I am fluent!
  • 2. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from CCNY with a Theatre Degree.
  • 3. I’ve been primarily plant-based for 5 years. I don’t think everyone needs to be vegan, just more health conscious.
  • 4. While pursuing this career, I let my lack of resources fuel me. I learned how to write scripts, direct, shoot (I love cameras) and even sew clothes. Don’t ever let anything come between you and your dreams.
  • 5. I love community building work. I am the Creative Director of Saving Our Daughters (, a non-profit organization that helps young girls in underfunded communities heal and thrive through the arts. It’s important to pass on the knowledge and to support our younger generation.

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Get to Know 'Lizard House' Queer Pop Duo TWINKIDS With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

TWINKIDS is one of the rising acts we’re excited about at Just Jared, and we want to give our readers a chance to know them even better!

The pop singer-songwriter duo, made up of Gene Fukui and Matt Young, first met at Oberlin College and the Conservatory of Music. Together, they craft music that unabashedly showcases the “anxieties of being young and queer.”

On Friday (November 22), TWINKIDS dropped their new collection, the Lizard House EP, featuring shimmering, nostalgic synth-pop tracks like “Psycho” and “Eighteen.”

“We recorded the songs in Gene‘s bedroom, in a little house in the outskirts of the city… there are parks in the area and there are lizards everywhere; in the backyard, around the house, and sometimes even in that very bedroom,” they explain of the EP’s origins.

“This EP is about exploring our past relationships, our gay experience, thinking about how people hurt and get hurt, and coming to terms with that.”

Listen to the Lizard House EP and learn 10 Fun Facts about TWINKIDS inside…

  • 1. TWINKIDS was formed after seeing a Lorde show in Detroit.
  • 2. We both had plans to go to grad school, but on the ride home we decided to give them up and move to LA. Our parents still hate us for it.
  • 3. We met in a college a cappella group and at the time genuinely thought that was cool.
  • 4. After that, the way we really became friends was that Matt‘s friend Maggie invited Gene on a spring break trip with them to Disney World. It later came out that Matt didn’t want Gene to be there at all. Gene is devastated about it to this day.
  • 5. Our first live show consisted of dueling keyboards and a string quartet.
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Get to Know 'Before We Begin' K-Pop Star Eric Nam With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Eric Nam is taking over with his brand new English-language album, and we want to give Just Jared readers a chance to know him even better!

The 30-year-old Korean-American singer-songwriter has already been successfully thriving in the Korean pop scene for years, from his debut EP Cloud 9 to hits like “I’m OK,” “Good For You” and “Can’t Help Myself.”

Following his latest EP, Honestly, which was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard World Charts, as well as a record-breaking solo tour of North America, Eric is now setting his sights on an even more global scale with his first-ever English language album Before We Begin, out on Thursday (November 14).

The album features collaborations with Mark E. Bassy (“Congratulations”) and Steve James (“Runaway”), and is available now.

Listen to Before We Begin, and check out 10 Fun Facts about Eric Nam and the “Congratulations” music video inside…

  • 1. I HATE RATS. NASTY AF. If you have a pet rat or an affinity to rodents, we can’t be friends.
  • 2. I once broke my eye socket skiing. Want me to teach you how to ski?
  • 3. I have a golden retriever nephew, his name is Rocky and his Instagram is @rockydagolden.
  • 4. I’m self-diagnosed lactose-intolerant, meaning I don’t know if I am actually 100% lactose intolerant, but I’m pretty sure I am, and stick by it when it’s convenient to me, except I like to eat cheese.
  • 5. I used to collect snails in elementary school, cause I was clearly a cool kid and that’s what cool kids did.

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Get to Know 'Let It Snow' Actor Matthew Noszka with These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

The new Netflix movie Let It Snow is streaming now and it features model Matthew Noszka‘s feature film debut!

The 27-year-old model-turned-actor was discovered on Instagram back in the summer of 2014 after a photo of him shirtless while doing construction went viral. Since then, Matthew has become a major success in the modeling world and now he’s focusing on acting as well.

Matthew starred in the limited series Tales and he’s a regular on the Fox series Star. In the holiday rom-com Let It Snow, he’s involved in a love triangle with Kiernan Shipka and Mitchell Hope!

We caught up with Matthew to learn more about him and you can check out the 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. I have three sisters.
  • 2. I played college basketball.
  • 3. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, P.A.
  • 4. Growing up I would ask my mother how much she loved me everyday before I left for school. Her response was always “I love you to the moon and back son.” She was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 11 years old. In honor of her I had this tattoo done in her handwriting and the L in Love is a breast cancer ribbon. She is now a 15 year survivor and continues to inspire me everyday.
  • 5. My grandfather played for the Boston Celtics.

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