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Christopher Meloni Talks About Bringing Elliot Stabler Back To Life For 'Law & Order' & His Reunion with Mariska Hargitay

Christopher Meloni is opening up about returning to the Law & Order franchise in a new spinoff series called Organized Crime.

Speaking to SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, the 59-year-old actor says that he still has yet to see a script for the show.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic production. You know, everything is just insane,” he said. “You get new edicts out of New York City and New York state, and for good reason. And then you get new rules and regulations coming out of Universal, and then from the unions. You have to service a lot of masters right now, just to make sure everybody is safe, right? What’s the new norm for shooting?”

Chris added, “that is the long way of saying the writers are breaking rocks, trying to figure out the arc of the story, who the characters are and how they interact, and I have yet to see a script.”

However, Chris is looking forward to stepping back in Stabler’s shoes and shared how Elliot has changed since his abrupt departure.

“I think it was his sense of injustice that just brought out the worst aspects of him. I think age, a mellowing, maybe not in his passions but in how he went about doing his job. I think he has evolved, I think he’s in a good place now with his family, I think he’s at a much better place with himself vis-à-vis the world,” he shared.

Just recently, Chris reunited with his former co-star Mariska Hargitay and shared the selfie to prove it, which L&O fans loved.

“She has some digs out in the country there, so I was out there visiting and doing other stuff and I thought, ‘Why not just drop by for a spot of tea?’” Chris says. “So that’s what we did. We broke bread, we had some laughs.”

He added, “We just pick up where we left off — just breaking each other’s chops and having our own language and reminiscing. It’s a good friend … and it’s a nice place to be with her.”

Recently, it was reported that the Law & Order franchise will address police brutality in the upcoming season.

Mariska Hargitay & Christopher Meloni Reunite Over The Weeknd & Snap Selfie For 'Law & Order' Fans

Benson and Stabler are back together again!

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni reunited over the weekend and snapped a pic for Law & Order fans.

Sharing the image on her Instagram, Mariska captioned the shot, “It’s on.”

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If you didn’t know, Christopher and Mariska are set to reunite again in the Law & Order: SVU season premiere coming this fall before he branches off into his own spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Just recently, Christopher spoke about Benson and Stabler being on screen together again, and addressing their relationship.

“I think there is truly and deeply a worthwhile, inherent drama in exploring that relationship and the complexity of how Stabler left — the unresolved emotions both characters feel and how the fans feel,” he shared.

Stay tuned for more information on his L&O spinoff!

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It’s on.

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Christopher Meloni Wants A Stabler & Benson Reunion Just As Much As Fans Do: 'They Are Inextricably Linked, Locked & Connected'

Christopher Meloni is opening up about returning to the role of Elliot Stabler in a Law & Order spinoff, titled Organized Crime.

Speaking in a new interview with New York Post, the 59-year-old actor revealed that one thing he, and many fans, want to see happen is a reunion between Stabler and his longtime partner, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

“Benson and Stabler are inextricably linked, locked and connected,” he shared. “I think there is truly and deeply a worthwhile, inherent drama in exploring that relationship and the complexity of how Stabler left — the unresolved emotions both characters feel and how the fans feel.”

Elliot Stabler was confirmed to appear in the SVU premiere.

Christopher decided not to renew his contract during the 12th season in 2011, and his exit was explained by Stabler retiring from the force.

“How my character left was really unsatisfying, I think,” he added. “It almost feels that we won’t do one or two [crossover] episodes and move on our merry way.”

He continued, “I just think there will always be possibilities there. People will always be hungry to see how we interact and how that dynamic has changed.”

Law & Order: Organized Crime will air Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

You can see what’s going to happen on Law & Order: SVU in the upcoming fall season here…

Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler Will Return To 'SVU' in Season 22 Premiere

Elliot Stabler will be popping up on the season opener of Law & Order: SVU.

Showrunner Warren Leight shared on the behind-the-scenes podcast for the long-running series that Christopher Meloni would be part of the premiere episode.

“It’s pretty clear that Elliot will be in the SVU season opener. I think that much I know,” he shared while talking about the future of the series.

Warren added that at this time it would just be Elliot: “Whether we’ll get to see his family as well remains to be seen.”

It’s unknown when filming for season 22 would take place given the shutdown because of coronavirus concerns.

It was announced in March that Chris would be returning to the network in an Elliot Stabler spinoff. Get all the details here!

Mariska Hargitay Reacts to News of the Elliot Stabler Spinoff for Christopher Meloni!

Mariska Hargitay is reacting to the news that her former Law & Order: SVU co-star Christopher Meloni is going to get his own spinoff series!

Christopher will be returning to NBC as his iconic character Elliot Stabler for a new crime drama series. The show will also be set in New York, centering on “the NYPD organized crime unit led by Stabler.”

The first season of the upcoming series already has a 13-episode order.

Mariska took to Instagram on Thursday (April 2) to wish Chris a happy 59th birthday and also to congratulate him on the new show.

“Congratulations and welcome home Elliot Stabler,” she wrote. In hashtag format she added, “It’s been a while” and “missed you.”

Make sure to check out the hot shirtless photo that Christopher Meloni shared last week!

Christopher Meloni Returns as 'SVU' Character Elliot Stabler for New Series

Christopher Meloni is bringing his beloved SVU character Elliot Stabler for a brand-new series!

The 58-year-old Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor will reprise his role as Elliot in the upcoming NBC crime drama series, Deadline reports.

The show hails from creator and executive producer of the Law & Order franchise Dick Wolf.

Like Law & Order: SVU, starring Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson, Christopher‘s series will also be set in New York, centering on “the NYPD organized crime unit led by Stabler (Meloni).”

The series, which has received a 13-episode order, is the first show to emerge from the huge new “five-year, nine-figure, multi-platform deal” that Dick recently signed with Universal Television.

If you missed it, Christopher Meloni recently went shirtless in his kilt while in quarantine!

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Christopher Meloni Goes Shirtless in His Kilt While in Quarantine

Christopher Meloni is letting the world know that he is just as hot as the other guys named “Chris” in Hollywood!

Most people just think about Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine, but now you might have Meloni on the mind too.

The 58-year-old Law & Order: SVU actor took to Twitter to share a photo of his ripped body while stuck in quarantine. He shared two photos of himself in a kilt and one of them was a shirtless shot!

“Quarantine Kilt. With glasses or without?” Chris captioned the post.

christopher meloni shirtless in kilt 01
christopher meloni shirtless in kilt 02